2nd May 2010 – The Council is sad to act as the Devil – they have lived millions of years in fear of the present times

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of the Council being sad to act as the Devil I had a DISGUSTING time trying to fall a sleep yesterday with the Devil giving me terrible stab of pains in my heart, dreaming of almost being killed in the prison, the Council is sad to be actors of the Devil and they have lived in fear because of the times we go through now, Elijah was picked 50 million years ago to do the mission he will do to speak about the plans of God, my football game is finalising and instead I will “go out in the world with peace” and driving in my best car with my mother and sister to the land of happiness despite nervousness and resistance.
Starting to write my answer to the Commune feeling beaten black and blue I went to Copenhagen feeling beaten black and blue to start writing my answer to the Commune at an internet café – but after one hour I decided to stop because of the expenses and to finish the answer tomorrow or to postpone the deadline given by Helle.


Dreaming of the Council being sad to act as the Devil

Yesterday evening it was ALMOST impossible to sleep – I took a nap yesterday afternoon which YOU used to make it impossible for me to fall asleep in the evening – which you have done so many times over the last years – and instead the Devil started giving me direct STABS OF PAIN in my heart which was among the most painful and unpleasant he has given me since he started doing this in 1998 (!), it made me scared and the name of the game is not to be scared so I had to control my feelings and to convince myself that I was not scared, which I managed to, which made the pain stop again and here it is connected to the fact that the DEVIL hates when I write and communicate and he wanted to make it as DIFFICULT as possible for me to get up this morning to write – because I had decided to go to Copenhagen to find an Internet café to start writing my email to the leading civil servants and politicians of the Commune.

It took me several hours to fall a sleep, I slept poorly and still I stood up at approx. 8.00 because I wanted to get an early start of the day also thinking about the opportunity to visit another museum in Copenhagen I was. THIS EXPERIENCE OF TRYING TO SLEEP WAS SO DISGUSTING AS IT ALMOST GETS and yes still thinking I am that IF I HAD NOT DEFEATED ALL OF YOU AND THE DEVIL WOULD START TORMENTING ME WITH WHAT IS EVEN WORSE – SPIRITUALLY CUTTING OFF MY LIMBS AND STARTING THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF MY LIFE YOU KNOW – I BELIEVE I WOULD STILL HAVE TAKEN MY OWN LIFE AND ALL OF MANKIND WITH ME TO THE ETERNAL GRAVE but of course this is “difficult” for my family and “friends” to believe in today and yes much easier to believe that I am still CRAZY and yes ONE DAY MY DEAR FAMILY AND FRIENDS YOU WILL KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE WITNESSED DURING THIS TIME AND YOU WOULD HAVE WISHED WITH YOUR LIVES THAT YOU HAD SUPPORTED ME INSTEAD OF ALMOST KILLING ME AND ALL MANKIND.

Dreams from the night – and now again I am using my mobile phone to take notes, so hopefully I am able to read these better than my paper notes, so let us see how it goes:

  • I am at a prison cell, no. 212 is occupied by “death itself”, I am sitting next to it and I am about to be killed by the prisoners committing violations – they say “get lost old boy”.
  • This must be a dream of the Devil because the TRUTH is THAT I AM FREE FROM THE PRISON OF THE COMMUNE so this is all I have to say and yes my dear Devil friend would you like to give a comment and yes not very often I invite you directly to comment but here you are: THANK YOU MY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE ENTIRE WORLD – I SEE HE IS NERVOUS NOW – and yes I AM NOT USED TO DOING THIS HE WHISPERS and yes HE WOULD MUCH RATHER NOT SAY ANYTHING and yes TO WORK INSIDE OF PEOPLE INSTEAD TO MAKE THEIR LIVES ROT and yes HE IS LAUGHING and yes BUT NO STIG NO COMMENT TO THE DREAM and yes THIS WAS OF COURSE A SMALL PLAY and this is how it goes when WE ARE FORCED TO DO WHAT WE HATE MORE THAN ANYTHING: TO TORMENT PEOPLE BECAUSE PEOPLE TORMENT US.
  • I see a 50 year birthday interview with Ove Sprogø – the famous late Danish actor from Olsen-Banden etc. – he is asked why he became an actor and he answers that it has been inside of him always and something about “being sad, which we have always known”.
    • My first thought is that this is a fantastic actor in A SYMBOLIC SERIES OF OLSEN-BANDEN and yes MAKING ME LAUGH ALL OF MY CHILDHOOD and yes when I was “almost” living a “normal life” but this is also about ONE OF THE ACTORS STANDING FORWARD HERE and first I was shown my father – his spiritual self – acting as the Devil and after this Joan of Arc and THEY ARE ALMOST FIGHTING TO GET A PLACE and ACTORS they are, sad they are too and yes WE HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN THAT THIS TIME WAS COMING and WITH FEAR we might add.
  • I am at a presentation, I take out something, my friend picks me and a woman from the ceiling. He wants to show paintings of how a man with a beard wanted to be painted, how he wanted mankind to develop and how things look like today. There is a nice temperature at the ceiling but the man is always afraid of walking there like it was the first time – this man is Elijah, in the dream called Mahapou and a book was written about him 50 million years ago. It takes 50 million years from taking the decision to remove all evil until it happens.
    • So ELIJAH IT HAS TAKEN A LOT OF TIME TO DEVELOP YOU TO WHOME YOU ARE TODAY and THE MAN YOU WILL BECOME IN THE NEAR FUTURE WHEN YOU WILL START TO REALISE THIS OLD PLAN OF TELLING THE WORLD ABOUT THE PLANS OF GOD (the man with the beard) AND MANKIND and yes WHAT IS THE CEILING, who is the woman and why is he afraid walking there and the CEILING is ABOVE YOUR HEAD isn’t it and here POLLE is acting and yes even though he shows himself in light and yes I AM THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE when I show myself like this and the ceiling is on top of the house and we know I cannot tell you more about the meaning of this dream because I DON’T KNOW and I DON’T RECEIVE HELP HERE.
  • I see my old class mate Tine and I hear a laughing horse – Tine is also going to talk about the desired development.
  • I see a football judge collecting cards etc. – the football game is finished – and he says: “Go out in the world with peace”.
    • This is what is happening at the moment – finalising the football game and my new mission to meet all of you my dear people with peace.
  • I am together with my mother and Sanna in my old white Mercedes. We are on our way to Sweden, my mother is driving and I am sitting on the back seat together with Sanna, my old dog Don is sitting on my seat, the other dog Cas is also there and I sit very uncomfortable. Sanna speaks to me but she is playing so loud music that I cannot hear what she says. My mother drives without conviction first to Helsingør to have a look, where she and my sister ask when we can get going and I say that I need to get home first to write approx. 1 hour. Hans will join us later. My mother and Sanna say that they don’t know if they will be able to find the cottage house in Sweden and I reply that maybe I can remember where it is.
    • This is the best car I have had, this is my car I am driving forward with my family too still going to the land of joy and happiness we are even though you see that my mother is nervous and that Sanna speaks loudly about me -and her resistance making communication impossible – which is what the loud music symbolises – but still we are all heading to the house of God, which the cottage in Sweden is a symbol of too.

    Starting to write my answer to the Commune feeling beaten black and blue

    At 9.20 this morning I started my small journey to go to Copenhagen. I was feeling beaten black and blue, but this is what I had decided to do.

    I went to Axeltorv and paid 30 DKK to use one computer one hour and I was given a computer on a very high table making my sitting position very uncomfortable. This is how I started writing my email to the Commune – which I finished the 3rd May, see the script of tomorrow – and of course it was SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND THE START, MIDDLE AND ENDING OF THIS EMAIL so what I did was really just to start writing something and yes to include some headlines, and yes start writing some of my paper notes into these headlines and yes just putting on my “auto-pilot” because even when this work is impossible to do it is still possible to do it when you know how to do it and yes the structure and when you have will power.

    So after one hour I thought if I was going to buy one more hour and I thought that one hour could quickly become five hours and I did not want to pay the fee of 30 DKK per hour and I thought that I would probably be able to extent the UNHEARD OF DEADLINE of tomorrow SET BY HELLE if needed and that I would probably also be able to finalise my letter tomorrow if needed.

    Because of this I decided to stop working today and I went for a walk instead without using any money – and I though of visiting the geological museum of Copenhagen, where I have never been, but I found out that it first opens at 13.00, so BAD LUCK and yes I thought of going to Rosenborg instead but this is NOT FREE and yes WENT THERE WITH HENRIETTE I BELIEVE YEARS AGO and BAD LUCK is NOT THE WORD and yes and yes and yes WHICH THE DEVIL SAYS: I AM FORCED TO LET YOU KNOW THAT IT WAS BAD LUCK FOR BOTH YOU AND HENRIETTE GIVEN BY ME and yes FOR YOU TO MEET and for you to believe at least some time in the opportunity to build a family and yes we both had the feeling that it was “ALL OR NOTHING” and yes for us IT BECAME NOTHING and yes Henriette THIS IS A SYMBOL OF WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH STILL AT THE MOMENT: IT WILL BE ALL OR NOTHING FOR THE WORLD DEPENDING ON MY DECISIONS AT THE MOMENT – if I till tango with the Devil or with the King and yes and yes and yes THIS IS “ALL FOR LOVE”, which is what I think of here and leading back to the movie THE THREE MUSKETEERS and yes D’artagnan as another symbol of STIG and yes ME TOO.

    From here I went home, I took a nap and afterwards Yoga – which again was needed – and still I did not feel strong enough to run.

    The Devil was still with me today as usual and still he is ignited when I see beautiful women on television in a fraction of a second – if any, lust and unfaithfulness is WHAT IS THE BIGGEST SIN OF MANKIND TOWARDS US – and this evening the Devil now started to ask for a rematch but NO YOU WILL HAVE NO REMATCH AND NO I WILL NOT SHOW YOU ANY MERCY – YOU WILL BE KILLED INSIDE OF ME AND PUT IN A SPECIAL PLACE – AS A RESERVE WHICH I WILL USE WHEN NEEDED to teach mankind.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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