4th May 2010 – As Stig I am only human, as part of the Trinity I will become God on Earth

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of difficult relations to my family and “special friends” Dreaming of Karen and Denis happy together but I cannot and will not change the destiny God has put forward for us, my father does not believe in me and my origin, giving George Michael a new song, difficulties giving love to my family, the toolbox of God is open meaning that the world will see God as he is meant to be seen.
Continuing working and receiving the most severe pains of my life while climbing the last step on the ladder I finished two scripts today despite still being “broken down”, the Devil gave me some of the worst stabs of pain in my life, the same pain which FIRE gives when people BURN. This is the last difficult step on the ladder I am climbing and God showed me the symbol of the final goal for the first time in approx. five years.
The spiritual world is depending on the development of the physical world and vice versa All people on earth are born with the power of “God outside the Universe”, which will be revealed to mankind later. I am still fighting the Devil, which is the reason why the Devil still unleashes his power for example with the meltdown of the economy of Greece (because debts are not yet cancelled) and the oil disaster of USA. Also an example of the Trinity speaking including the Council on the same “channel” – alone I am “only me”, through the Trinity I will become God on Earth.


Dreaming of difficult relations to my family and “special friends”

Yet another day, where I believe I am “almost alright” when I wake up but when I start working I find out JUST HOW TIRED I am only wishing that this TIREDNESS would stop, so I could start LIVING A LIFE again.


  • No drivers license to his mother, am sure that he needs to take the bus home. Karen and Denis are neighbours to where I am, they are on their way to Italy to have dinner, I hope she will invite me, but she is angry with me. I am sitting at Sanna’s room, I am looking at www.dba.dk, I want to continue working even though it is late, she enters the room, something about she cannot see, the door is open to the hall of the apartment building, I hear Karen and Denis speaking outside on their way to dinner.
  • According to this dream Denis and Karen are “happy together” – happiness is Italy, dinner is money and normal life BUT I CANNOT AND WILL NOT CHANGE THE DESTINY GOD HAS PUT FORWARD FOR US so “it’s going to happen”, Karen and Denis – the song is by UNDERTONES, which really should be on my top 100 list but they are not (they should have made even MORE good songs in my ear to “qualify” even though 5-10 songs of theirs are SIMPLY AMAZING) and this song is AMONG THE FINEST OF ALL if you ask me and yes also if you ask Jack and yes this is when I show “a good heart” you know and yes I will “never, never” give up!
  • I am at a party where my father does not want to drink a wine, which is not mature yet, I ask him if he would like to receive inside knowledge from someone who knows, “Tuscany’s of both 35 and 10 years old are without problems” and “I thought you said patience was a virtue” and I was about to tell him about the wine he has decided to give up on but instead he starts speaking about his bad back.
    • Just a dream about a father who does not believe in me, my origin and has given up on his son, yes sad about that we are when he is to blame himself for not understanding.
  • I am hanging out with George Michael all afternoon, we watch a DVD from the setup of his concert show. I am going to write a song for him – I also see other artists as well.
  • I am having a party, my family is present. I need cake bottoms, berries, cream, two dishes, possibly cocoa and whipped cream but most of the ingredients are missing – but I notice that the cupboard includes the most delicious cookies.
    • To me this symbolises that I try to give love (the cake) to all of my family but I am unable to come through because they don’t understand but in the cupboard – the symbol of the tools of God – there are already delicious cakes, so just maybe with the help of my inner self WE WILL MANAGE TO COME THROUGH TO MY FAMILY AND TO THE WORLD.
  • I leave the Fitness Centre and remember that my lock is still at the closet, and I go back but cannot find it but when I look into the closet, I see a Kenzo jersey, which I had also forgotten.
    • This is also a CLOSET – and when I wrote down the dreams I noticed these two dreams having the symbols of the toolbox of God in them and the lock to me represents to BE LOCKED and yes BUT THE CLOSET IS OPEN WITHOUT A LOCK so this may just be what is waiting on me and the whole world TO SEE GOD AS HE IS MEANT TO BE SEEN – and yes I do need some more close and yes I do like KENZO a lot and yes ALL PEOPLE INCLUDING ME CAN OF COURSE DECIDE FREELY HOW YOU WANT TO SPENT YOUR INCOME – IF YOU PRIORITISE CLOTHES, WINE AND GOLF AS I DO – typical “rich” symbols – or if you prefer expensive holidays which I have never done SO IT IS REALLY UP TO YOU MY SON.
    • I hear the song “Sky is the limit” by Fleetwood Mac – it was played several times throughout this night and one of the songs YOU REALLY LIKE UP THERE J.

    Continuing working and receiving the most severe pains of my life while climbing the last step on the ladder

    Today I was working at the library again on my scripts feeling very tired and broken down and when I had finished the first two of the 29th and 30th April I went to the Jobcentre to publish them, but because the ONLY computer I can use was busy and because I did not want to ask if she would use the neighbour computer instead, I decided to write this message on Facebook to inform people of my delay:

    “I have been delayed with my scripts due to bank holidays without a computer, much work yesterday and because the only computer I can use to upload the two finished scripts, which are ready now, is BUSY right now. I will try to upload scripts tomorrow instead”.

    At the Jobcentre again I met Jens Erik and Susanne from the Job workshop and as usual it was with smiles and hello. I heard Arnaud approaching too, he was speaking on the phone and I could have decided to be “afraid” of his reaction and the reaction of others as well because of my very DIRECT email from yesterday, but I have decided that I am not and that I will continue having fine relations also with most people of the Jobcentre and yes Helle – you could really have asked the first 5-6 of your colleagues about me to find out that I have perfectly good and “normal” relations with people BUT APPARENTLY YOU DID NOT – you focused ENTIRELY on the negative thoughts you received from you know whom and yes BECAUSE I MUST BE A NEGATIVE MAN BECAUSE OF THE REACTIONS FROM A FEW PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTANDING MY BOOK – but again you were WRONG!

    So I went back to the library to continue working and I could have decided to continue until closing hours at 19.00, but I thought that I wanted to go home to try to get some sleep of 1-1½ hours so I could hopefully get enough energy to run again, but NO the Devil is SO strong at the moment that this has also been taken away from me, I was not allowed to sleep and therefore I did not run EVEN THOUGH I COULD HAVE IF I FORCED MYSELF but I have decided that I will not run until I at least come up to the next level getting just a little bit more sleep and energy – and I still do Yoga at home approx. 30 minutes every second day at the moment because this is RIGHT and NEEDED to do (today I became VERY DIZZY indeed just showing all of the resistance around me and yes from the Commune and yes SADLY also from my own mother, this is the effect of your not understanding – you are the one coming the closest of killing me!), not because I feel very happy doing it having no energy. And the nature of a Devil is that when he finds out that he was WRONG when he thought he was right, there is no limit of his negative energy and he will often start coming with poor excuses and yes bad explanations and yes even try to lie about what he did and why he did as he did and yes HELLE I AM THINKING OF YOU and the process you will now start going through and yes of course all of your negativity and resistance are coming directly to me and enhanced by the Devil it is my friend, which I am told here.

    This evening the Devil gave me more heart pains, which as usual WAS NOT VERY NICE (!!!) and he started showing himself as the light trying to fool me to receive my acceptance of some of his plans but you know HE REVEALED HIMSELF AGAIN AND AGAIN – he could not keep his disguise neither in visions or speech and I also received the smell of gunpowder – so therefore I could only give him my 1st, 2nd and 3rd rule again: NO NO AND NO to ALL of your suggestions and when this was going on, I heard the song “we are living on the edge” by Aerosmith because this is really what we do “right now” and yes A VERY SPECIAL SONG BY THE CREATURES and yes LOVE THAT ONE TOO or “ONE TWO” as I was about to write and yes HOW ARE YOU DOING “BILLY BOY” (?) – do you still remember me and yes THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE and this has a double meaning because it also means that I ONLY KNOW ONE PERSON BY THE NAME OF BILLY and yes met you at Stansted I did.

    During the evening the Devil started giving me WHAT MAY BE THE MOST PAINFUL AND DISGUSTING PHYSICAL PAIN I HAVE EVER RECEIVED WHEN HE STARTED GIVING ME STAB OF PAINS JUST ABOVE MY RIGHT ANKLE going through my entire body – which was so painful so I could only think that this is the pain FIRE gives and yes THIS COULD BE THE START OF BURNING UP – a frightful way of dying – and yes ALSO BECAUSE OF THE REACTIONS FROM THE COMMUNE TO MY EMAIL and yes Helle I have tried to explain to you THAT THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU COULD HAVE WANTED BUT NO YOU DID NOT WANT TO LISTEN SO YOU HAVE ONLY YOUR SELF TO BLAME. And as often before the last couple of months – rarely mentioned here – I was shown the Devil trying to cut off my limbs BUT NO I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU – NO PEOPLE CAN HURT ME SO MUCH THROUGH YOU BECAUSE I AM STRONGER AS ONE COMPLETELY NORMAL PERSON THAN ALL OF THE PEOPLE AND DEVILS COMBINED I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING – this is the meaning of it.

    I received this pain maybe 5-10 times and yes hoping that it would disappear because YOU WILL DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO ESCAPE a pain like this and yes IF YOU HAD STARTED GIVING ME SEVERE PAINS “SPIRITUALLY” CUTTING OFF MY LIMBS I still only have one answer: THEN I WOULD HAVE KIILED MYSELF AND TAKEN ALL OF THE WORLD WITH ME.

    Afterwards I was told that this is the LAST DIFFICULT STEP on the ladder to climb and I have decided that NO RULES OF MINE FIGHTING THE DEVIL INSIDE OF ME (!) – as written here and there and everywhere in book no. 2 and 3 and maybe even no 1 – which I have learned myself since 2006 WILL BE CHANGED – it is only the battle on this the last impossible step, which apparently have developed into more severe consequences but you know I have decided that no matter what happens, the threats of the Devil is only threats of the Devil because I have asked the same to protect me JUST IN CASE.

    I was also shown God dressed in white shooting with his bow and arrow to the target SLICE on the tree, which is a symbol he gave me many times in 2004 or 2005 (see book no. 1), which I have not seen since and yes before now when the final goal is approaching, this is what it stands for.

    The spiritual world is depending on the development of the physical world and vice versa

    When I was doing Yoga earlier today and when I did the opposite V God showed me himself all around me as God outside of the Universe and all of the inside of my opposite V as the Universe and I was told that all people are born with the power of God including this “mysterious” – at least so far – power of God outside of the Universe but that it is too early for mankind to understand this power.

    Some days ago I was recommended to write that the spiritual world is depending on the development of the physical world and yes I know the other way around that what I am doing is helping the physical world directly with ALL OF THE ACTIONS YOU DO TO AVOID THE WORLD FROM RECEIVING EVEN MORE NATURAL CATASTROPHES, HELP THE ECONOMY and yes HELPING OBAMA TO DO WHAT I DO, which is NEVER TO GIVE UP etc. and yes but STILL YOU SEE THE SEVERE OIL DISASTER IN THE MOST FRAGILE AREAS OF THE COAST OF USA and yes YOU SEE THE ECONOMICAL BREAKDOWN OF GREECE (please follow my instructions to CANCEL ALL DEBTS) – and on top of this sadly violence and no acceptance from people of Greece demonstrating using NEGATIVE feelings – and yes because I AM STILL FIGHTING THE DEVIL and as long as I do this THE DEVIL IS ALSO ALLOWED TO INFLUENCE THE WORLD DIRECTLY, this is what this means.

    But when it comes to the other way around that what I do as an example is also having an impact of the spiritual world I can only say Stig that YOU ALSO MADE IT SO FAR AS THIS and yes YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE and YOU ARE ONLY WAITING FOR US TO HELP YOU BY GIVING YOU THE WORDS SO WHAT WE WILL TELL TODAY IS ONLY THIS: NEW YEAR IS COMING and yes HAVE YOU ORDERED THE MARZINPAN RING CAKE AND THE CHAMPAGNE AND YES TO BE CONSUMED NOT TOGETHER BECAUSE WHO IN THE WORLD COULD EVER IMAGINE TO DRINK A SWEET CHAMPAGNE (a BRUT is really the only thing to drink – if you ask me J) WHICH IS THE ONLY CHOICE WHEN HAVING A SWEET CAKE and yes so it goes and so it is and when this is not the case then this table is sold to that gentleman on the third row and yes he is not flying is he, then who is he, is it Superman, is it Superwoman, no because she don’t know how to … , and yes THIS IS ALL FOR TODAY MY DEAR AUDIENCE and yes bowing we are, clapping they are the two spectators watching and yes ONE IS YOU AND THE OTHER IS ME AND TOGETHER WITH YOU THE THIRD ONE WE ARE WHAT IS CALLED THE TRINITY and yes STIG YOU ARE NOT GOD WHEN YOU ARE “ONLY YOU”, BUT WHEN YOU ARE WITH US, THEN YOU ARE EVERYTHING AND YES THIS IS HOW IT GOES: WE LOVE YOU and I heard here ALL OF THE COUNCIL MEMBERS SAYING THIS BECAUSE THE COUNCIL MEMBERS ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE OF EARTH WHO ARE ALLOWED TO LISTEN TO THIS CHANNEL and yes WHICH WE WILL SOON OPEN FOR ALL IN ORDER TO HELP ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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