9th May 2010 – Finishing my school of writing, improving and suffering and receiving the three golden keys of the Trinity

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of having finished my school of writing and suffering Dreaming of having finished my lessons at school – this book including improving/suffering – the word of me spreading in the Danish insurance industry, managers giving promises which their employees/system cannot keep (not good!), Kim Larsen being inspired by my inner self directly and his BEAUTIFUL song “Kom igen” as a symbol of the King returning and “too much money will kill you in the end”.
Dreaming of receiving the three golden keys of the Trinity During a short nap I received a dream of Olsen-Banden committing its BIGGEST COUP ever – and this time they will succeed (!) – which will secure NORMAL LIFE for the world and I am given the THREE GOLDEN KEYS as a symbol of the Trinity and the train, which all people will have to go on to meet God. Untimely death and sicknesses will disappear already before the Judgment for people believing in me.
God will take the burden of the Devil directly When running today I was shown Virgin Mary leaving the room of the Devil and I was told that the way the burden of the Devil will be taken from me and the members of the Council will be when “God above us” takes on this burden. I am NOT afraid of the empty threats of the Devil, he is running out of weapons, and I am not afraid of what other people may decide to do to stop me – this is my road leading me to Eden.
Denmark won against Finland in the world cup in Icehockey – a result which is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE Today the Danish Icehockey national team defeated Finland, which is one of the most surprising results in history – which JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN (!) – but it did with the help of ALL OF US symbolising how I have won my fight against the Devil.


Dreaming of having finished my school of writing and suffering

Another night where I am just as tired in the morning even though the number of dreams are less.

  • I am at Espergærde Ungdomsskole (my old youth school), Pia from Hørsholm is the new chairman of the school, I tell her that this place will become world famous and that it is her job to show it to the world, the caretaker leads me through corridors I have not been to since I was a boy, we reach the room of the teachers and I ask if I am allowed to take some paper and a calendar from the room and this is accepted even though the answer is normally no. I don’t go to classes myself, I don’t have the time, in stead I go to the canteen, where all kind of food if on sale – and I smile thinking that you could more or less only buy muffins and toasts here when I was a boy – and I see that the dish of the day is 20.50 DKK but instead I order four miniature white breads (REALLY small!) of 1.75 DKK each and I walk out in front of the school where I see the ice starting to melt and it is at this time that Pia and the world will know who I am.
  • This is a favourite school of mine, this is the school including suffering which I have attended to write my books and to become a better man (!), this is the school the world will go through too, my classes will stop now, I will get normal life myself and bring it to the world (the canteen), my present suffering (the ice) will decrease (the melting) and yes WHEN I WILL WAKE UP – and I SEE HOLGER DANSKE HERE WAKENING – this is WHEN PIA AS AN EXAMPLE OF A SERVANT and the world WILL UNDERSTAND WHO I AM.
  • I meet the Danish “folk singer” Kim Larsen, he reveals to me what he knows of insurance and “tricks” among others about one leading employee from Willis and the promises which the management with pride tell publicly about – what they inform private customers about when they do professional counselling – but which I have seen in real life that they don’t follow. I tell Kim that he can ask “the road” – which is the insurance industry – who knows that I as a customer of the system know that the management of Wills has a concept, which does not work and which they don’t know that their employees do not keep. I see that a man has been singing together with Kim at concerts since the eighties, which has brought Kim into the media, I have been to these concerts at night at the same time as I have been suffering.
    • This is a mixture of what the insurance business in Denmark “knows” about me – the word spreads you know – and the Willis story is covering the story of the Danish political system of employment policies, what managers tell the world they are doing WHICH THE SYSTEM DON’T DELIVER (always DO what you PROMISE) as you will know from my book. And Kim Larsen YOU ARE INSPIRED BY MY INNER SELF DIRECTLY WHEN YOU WORK – this is what it is about and yes “MY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN” which is the title of his/my new album and yes FOR A LONG TIME WHEN I HAVE WRITTEN “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN” IN THIS BOOK I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THE BEST OF ALBUM BY GEORGE MICHAEL and yes BUT IT IS ALSO AND PRIMARILY ABOUT THIS NEW ALBUM BY KIM and I have not heard it yet other than the MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG YOU CAN “IMAGINE” WHICH IS “KOM IGEN” (“come again”), which he also played in front OF THE QUEEN AT HER BIRTHDAY AND YES KIM THE WHOLE WORLD, WHO WILL SEE AND LISTEN TO THIS SHOW – and “YOUR SONG” TO ME IS ABOUT THE RETURN OF THE KING and yes FEELING TEARS I AM WHEN THIS IS WRITTEN BECAUSE OF THE BEAUTY OF THIS SONG and because the COUNCIL IS SAYING THAT YES YOU HAVE NOW OVERCOME THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF YOUR ROAD TO MEET GOD.
  • Steen from Skinnerup Consulting offers me to become a partner of the company, Kim is resigning, I hear the music of Gorillaz and I tell Steen that I have reservations because the district I am offered have received the most of its income from the church (existing business) and only little from new business. I don’t know if I will be able to get a bank loan to pay for the deposit and I wonder why my deposit has to be paid to Kim leaving as a partner because it takes out the working capital of the company. Steen tells me that people are on my side and I tell him that the truth is that I am “bombed” (of tiredness) but that people cannot see it. I see Kim S. playing lovely music from a CD which is connected to the television, but the sound quality is too poor to my liking.
    • This is about what happens when people have TOO MUCH MONEY – many will become LAZY and yes NOT DO WHAT THEY WOULD NORMALLY DO, to continue WORKING and CREATING and yes FINN NØRBYGAARD as another example this is ALSO why YOU LOST YOUR MONEY RECENTLY and yes if you did not YOU WOULD NOT HAVE STARTED TO MAKE THE WORLD HAPPY WITH YOUR HUMOUROUS SHOWS – and Kim S. nice music is about good relations and yes TELEVISION my friend is a symbol of the Devil BUT IT IS NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU TO CONVERT TO GOD you know and yes TO WORK FOR GOD, which is what is waiting for you and “soon to come”.
  • I see Hans and Niklas, they have upgraded parts of their stereo system including new speakers, which sound MUCH better than the old equipment.
    • Looking forward to seeing you again I am – and yes WITH GOOD RELATIONS and nice music.

    Dreaming of receiving the three golden keys of the Trinity

    This morning after bathing and breakfast I was SO TIRED that I almost laid down on my couch to start sleeping again, but I had decided that I wanted to clean up, to wash and hereafter to take a nap and if I was allowed to sleep to run and also to do Yoga, and it was a very big exertion to get started at all but I started to open my windows because I thought the cold win would help me becoming fresher, and I succeeded to follow my plan cleaning, vacuuming, having lunch and a “short” nap, where I was given the following dream:

    • I am part of the Olsen-Banden (the Olsen gang), we stand outside a post train wagon, we open the shutters, look in and we tell a woman inside that we will now look after it and we ask her when the wagon is normally emptied for money and she says that it was at Skælskør Station, which makes us enthusiastic because we did a rubbery just before Skælskør Station which makes us think that we succeeded getting ALL OF THE MONEY before it was emptied. The post wagon is the most fine-looking wagon imaginable, I see Kjeld from the gang bringing in a GIANT roast pork (“flæskesteg”) and he puts it to dry. Outside the wagon the CEO of the Danish Rail Ways shows Egon the three golden keys, which are hidden behind shutters of the wagon and he tells that these are the keys for the department, I see a woman standing outside very happy and inside the wagon I see a plastic bag and inside of it I find a carton of Cecil cigarettes and a receipt with the name of “Børge” on it – the idea is to refund the money he has paid.
    • This is ONE OF THE MORE IMPORTANT DREAMS saying that WE HAVE DONE WHAT IS THE ULTIMATELY BEST TO SECURE NORMAL LIFE FOR PEOPLE (money and the roasted pork as symbols) and that the three golden keys are now handed over to me symbolising the TRINITY and THE OWNERSHIP OF THE TRAIN, which is what people will use to get back to God.
    • This dream AGAIN – not written much about it – gave me the STRONG feeling that the people acting in my dream ARE THE REAL SPIRITUAL PEOPLE SHOWING THEMSELVES so Poul and Over from the dream acting as Kjeld and Egon THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THIS DREAM AND FOR BEING WITH ME.
    • And the plastic bag of Børge has two meanings. First it is GREETINGS from my father’s mother’s husband Børge, who died in the eighties I believe – THANK YOU – and secondly it is about Kjeld’s son Børge in the Olsen-Banden movies, who almost died because of his addiction to drugs and yes SMOKING IS ALSO A DRUG and yes THIS IS PART OF THE RULES FOR YOU TO ENTER MY COMING KINGDOM and yes WHEN I STOPPED LAST YEAR SMOKING THE STRENGTH WAS THE SAME AS WHEN A HEROIN ADDICTED STOPS and yes THIS WAS HERE I STARTED KILLING THE DEVIL SO MUCH SO HE WILL NOW LEAVE US ALL ALSO MEANING THAT UNTIMELY DEATH AND SICKNESSES WILL DISAPPEAR ALREADY BEFORE JUDGMENT DAY and yes FOR ALL PEOPLE BELIEVING IN ME THAT IS.

    My CD-player has not worked for almost two months I believe and you have kept showing me my CD-player and yes DIRECTING MY SIGHT TO IT and yes almost impossible to let you know how this works but this is how it is and yes I was told that my CD-player has survived the tour going through Hell.

    God will take the burden of the Devil directly

    After the SHORT nap of maybe 30-45 minutes – which I could have hoped for would last longer because of my tiredness, I decided to run even though I really did not feel motivated, and I was not able to time it because the battery of my watch have stopped working and it has not been a priority of mine to spend money buying a new one – I can follow the time on my mobile phone, which I decided NOT to bring here – and immediately when I came out of the door I was given a strong heartburn, which was so unpleasant that I for minutes afterwards coughed slightly but I decided to run after all and I did almost as well as one week ago and run a total of what I believe is approx. 35 minutes.

    When I was running I was shown Virgin Mary being liberated from the room of the Devil and I was told that the way it will work to have the Devil in “reserve” and yes to “kill the Devil” inside of me and the Council members too will be to let “GOD ABOVE US” take the burden of WHAT MANKIND IS DOING TO HURT US and THANK YOU MY GRAND OLD MAN FOR DOING THIS and yes FOR LETTING US GETTING STARTED TO LIVE A LIFE WITHOUT THIS TREMENDOUS HURTING – which I am sure the Council members will appreciate when they find out how their life COULD have been if they were to bear some of MY BURDEN TOO as physical beings as I how now done for years myself and yes thinking if I really was able to continue doing this until the Judgment Day and yes IN TWO YEARS FROM NOW!!!

    During the rest of the afternoon and early evening the Devil was still with me “slightly” burning my skin here and there – not a nice feeling because the PAIN is severe (!) – the same way as he is still “slightly” giving me unpleasant dreams not included here and now it is more a feeling when sleeping than actually dreams (!) and he still tries HUNDREDS of times to put his NEGATIVE WORDS TO CHANGE THE GAME IN MY MOUTH – which I reject and which the Council members also a few times HELPED me to reject in “an unguarded moment” making “the insurance” work – and even though this is NOT the worst he has done the feeling of having him around is still as disgusting as ever because what I am put through is the same as attempts to kill me and yes THIS IS NOT A NICE FEELING WHEN THE ATTEMPTS ARE CARRIED OUT AS DIRECTLY AND PHYSICALLY AS THEY HAVE BEEN!

    Later in the evening I was INSPIRED to tell the Devil that I will not take you seriously (!) because your threats and negative words are only empty threats and yes because MOST OF THE WEAPONS OF THE DEVIL HAVE NOW BEEN THROWN OUT – making him unable to attack me (!) – INCLUDING THE SEXUAL TEMPTATION OF MICHELLA which the Devil could have used spiritually as real ad reality (!) as a decoy to afterwards START the nightmare of my life (this has also been part of the game and yes MANY nice ladies the Devil has used but NO, NO AND NO!) – I have only given you examples of some of his weapons – so therefore I could only tell you that what you are talking about is the same as a “fata morgana” – you think it is there but it is really not there and I was also thinking of the movie Sphere, where the crew at a work station underneath the surface of the sea experience all kinds of the worst tragedies, which are solely based on the fear of the crew members themselves and yes “almost” as I have discovered about myself – my fear of people stopping my website, my library, hospitalising me etc. – and yes THIS FEAR COULD HAVE BROUGHT ME DOWN BECAUSE WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING OF THIS, THIS IS WHAT I AS THE DEVIL HAVE GIVEN THOUGHTS OF TO OTHER PEOPLE and yes THIS IS REALLY WHAT THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT YOU KNOW and yes INCLUDING A SPACE CRAFT ON THE SEA BOTTOM AS WELL and yes BUT WATCH THE MOVIE and yes JERRY IS ME BY THE WAY and yes IS THIS GOD OR THE DEVIL SPEAKING and yes we know IT IS NOT GOD and IT IS NOT THE DEVIL, IT IS MYSELF and yes a mystery to me and we know thinking of Karen’s thoughts about me, also thinking of the beautiful song of Roy Orbison and yes which is written by U2 and yes leading me to what is really the message – this is how some GOOD clairvoyants work – CONGRATULATIONS BONO ON YOUR 50th BIRTHDAY TODAY and yes my first thought when I heard of your birthday on the radio this morning was to calculate that you were only 27 years old when you and your band DID one of your TRUE GEMS namely the Joshua Tree album, amazing it is.


    As an example today again I saw very briefly – maybe 1/10 of a second – a beautiful lady on television not hiding much and a few days ago it would have costs me maybe hours of direct torments, but today nothing happened. The Devil is loosing.

    One of the visions I was shown today was Neo at the station of the machines asking to end the war – this is where we are now. ENDING THE WAR and yes the fight between God and the Devil and yes AS DIRECT AS YOU GET IT when I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING THROUGH OTHER PEOPLE AS BOTH GOD AND THE DEVIL and yes WHO DID YOU SEE THE MOST – GOD OR THE DEVIL and yes of course PEOPLE WILL DECIDE and what you have seen is a FAITHLESS COMMUNITY and yes IN GENERAL IT IS.

    Denmark won against Finland in the world cup in Icehockey – a result which is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE

    Today was also the day where Denmark was playing its first game against Finland in the World Cup of Icehockey and yes I was in Brøndby-hallen in the eighties when Denmark was playing in Group C and yes won against Romania by 8-2 according to my recollection – which may be wrong (!) – and yes SINCE THEN THE DANISH TEAM HAS CONTIONOULSY IMPROVED and yes until TODAY where they did what is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO because when Denmark plays against the TOP ICEHOCKEY NATIONS OF THE WORLD they will normally lose by 5-10 goals and yes UNLESS GOD MAKES A MIRACLE as he did some years ago when playing against USA and Canada and yes since then we have been “prügelknabe” – for example a few days ago when meeting Sweden and loosing by 10-3 – but now again today we played a FANTASTIC match and yes DENMARK SUCCEEDED WINNING 4-1 and yes THIS IS A SYMBOL OF MY OWN GAME AGAINST THE DEVIL – I DID WHAT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO WINNING THE WAY I DECIDED TO WIN.

    Listen to the commentators speaking about “victory” and “synergy” – this is what my victory will mean to the world and as the commentator said after the game “This is completely unreal, you think it is a lie, it is WILD” and these are the words for a team which has always been the UNDERDOG.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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