11th May 2010 – We don’t need the new UK Government – but ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of driving a FANTASTIC car with still some danger Dreaming of driving a FANTASTIC car and “some danger”, Sanna not listening, God will teach me to “paint cars all over the world”, unreasonable behaviour, the example of the STIFF Danish employment system is ONLY an example of similar systems all over the world killing efficiency and human rights and a Council member fighting me because of his decision not to do what it takes to understand me.
Almost finishing the second edit of my book of April Today I did several updates and add on’s to my script of yesterday, I wrote the beginning of the script today and did the second edit of 55 pages of my book of April – not knowing if I could do it and being EXHAUSTED all day long but I did it.
We don’t need the new UK Government – but ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT The new UK Government was appointed after the Liberal-Democrats have “bargained” with both the Conservatives and the Labour Party trying to get the best payment. This is the same as receiving bribes and I DON’T LIKE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS and in this respect the UK Government is also local – in the future there will be ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT securing the same life opportunities for all of us.


Dreaming of driving a FANTASTIC car with still some danger

Today I was hoping to start doing the 2nd edit of the scripts from the 12th-30th April – a total of approx. 80 pages – and I was hoping from the morning to do 50 pages in five hours after I have written the dreams of today, which I have started to receive more of TO STRESS ME and yes also after writing the rest of the script of yesterday including all of the suggestions I “approved” to include – and do I need to tell you that I am AS TIRED TODAY AS FOR A LONG TIME?

Here are the dreams and I might not bring all of them, because some of the dreams were really not very important:

  • I am driving a two person Mazda sport scar – it is a fantastic car, but due to space limits it is not possible to sit normally with your legs at the passenger seat to the right of the driver – you must change position by 90 degrees, which makes it uncomfortable. The driver tries to change the position of the seat while driving, which makes it a little bit dangerous. However I notice that it is possible to pull the luggage room into a secret position giving more space in the car, which makes it possible to sit normally at the front seat. This is a tip you must receive from the previous owner of the car, who must like you and have not used the option himself.
  • Just an update of where we are doing the rest of my work and yes including relations with people and yes really all which is included in the “formula” I have mentioned earlier and STILL PROGRESSING WE ARE and yes there is NO danger when I just do what I decide to do. And I do believe there are TOO MANY CONDITIONS in this dream and yes this is normally what the Devil will do.
  • I am driving in a car together with Sanna. She says that it was nice of Kirsten – my father’s wife – to prepare my favourite dish duck. I speak but become annoyed when Sanna does not listen, I see that she throws CD’s out from the car, I start collecting them, but she comes herself to pick them up. Helene – Hans’ late mother – has given me a “bag of cigarettes, which she has cut her self” and I think well ok I will start smoking again. There is one hour left for the performance.
    • I have not yet been to the dinner, which Sanna talks about and the rest of the dreams is more or less self explanatory – old symbols you know and just a small threat it is and NO I will not start smoking again.
  • Almost sleeping I heard God saying to me that at the big workshop he will teach me to paint cars all over the world, that Mazda has workshops all over the world and the best paintings.
    • There will be a new “car” for each person changing attitude according to my books and basic rules.
  • Lisbeth is at the hospital, she thought she had cancer but the survey shows that she has not. Lisbeth decides to sue the hospital on basis of xrays, and the head doctor could only avoid the case and herewith the penalty by declaring himself crazy and to do an operation making him unconscious even though he is perfectly alright. I find Lisbeth “outside” shocked, I offer to drive her home in a small bus I have, which she accepts and when she enters the bus, a man inside the car says that it stresses her to be a passenger and not a driver and I tell him that this is not what she has just told me.
    • An example of unreasonable behaviour of people and what they have forced me to be in their own minds: CRAZY – and the rest of the dream may be a special woman having special feelings for me, Lisbeth or should I say Lizzy?
    • And don’t say different versions of a story to different people – this is really not very good to do and yes YOU WILL BE CAUGHT IN THE END BECAUSE IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO REMEMBER WHO YOU HAVE TOLD WHICH LIES TO – thank you Kim S. and Jørgen.
  • I see a next of kin calling a hospital to hear how one relative is doing and when the phone is taken I see that the doctor has not yet set a diagnosis due to inefficiency.
    • I have written about the inflexibility of the Danish STIFF employment system and this is of course only an example of what you will find in other sectors not only in Denmark but all over the world where SYSTEMS and BUREAUCRAZY (!) is established taking over power from efficiency and sometimes also human rights!
  • I see Fuggi on goal and that Messi is scoring again – we win the game by 10-0 and someone tells me that I looked like vanilla ice gliding and more which I did not understand and therefore I asked him to speak clear and directly.
    • Just an example of Fuggi – a Council member – who due to his decision NOT to read as carefully in order to understand me has played on the team of the Devil and yes as ALL Council members (!) but still Messi – on my team – has won the game superiorly and yes each Council member has had the power to KILL me because of the power they have performing spiritually as the Devil on basis of the decisions made by the physical beings.

    And yes I decided not to bring two dreams – which I did not find suited to place in.

    Almost finishing the second edit of my book of April

    This morning I went directly to the Jobcentre to do the updates of the script from yesterday and to publish the scripts of the 8th-10th May and yes which is a contributing factor to KILLING the Devil inside of me and yes THE WORLD too for that matter.

    At 10.30 I was at the library starting to write the beginning of the script today and after approx. 15 minutes – just before I would save my work, which I do all of the time – several computers went down at the same time, but not all of them (!) and I was hoping that Word would recreate what I had just written but no because I had to restart my computer – and just when I pushed the button, the other computers worked again without restarting (!) – I lost 15 minutes of work and yes THIS IS NOT VERY NICE TO EXPERIENCE WHEN YOU ARE VERY TIRED and yes USING ALL OF YOUR WILL POWER DECIDING TO CONTINUE WORK NO MATTER WHAT even though all I want to do is to lay down and sleep/relax and yes I had to do this work again and this is exactly why I was given this extra example to show the world that it is not very nice to do work which you have already done. The truth is that I did not know if I would be able to do another new change of work and to start reading and editing many pages as I did in Kenya – with all of the concentration needed for this job, but I decided to start and to continue doing it no matter what.

    At 13.20 I had done the second edit including the 16th April and it was first at this stage that I started coming into some kind of rhythm to do this work which requires ALL OF THE PATIENCE I have to do and from here I knew that I would be able to continue working, which I did not feel sure of until this hour.

    To follow up on the story from page 62 about my laptop I have not followed up on transferring files to another computer or to try to find an external plug and play screen because when I tried to connect my mobile phone to the laptop, there was NO connection making me think that the laptop has not opened up “correctly”, which I cannot see because of the black screen.

    I kept on working concentrated until 17.03 when I had done the second edit of all scripts including the 24th April meaning that I did 55 pages in five hours and 18 minutes from the moment when I started – and I also found out that the scripts did not need many corrections because the quality of it was quite good as I had expected and yes even though I have written them in times of difficulties and yes THIS MAKES MY DAY TOO and yes we know the man lying on the ground looking up on Dirty Harry and yes so it goes.

    We don’t need the new UK Government – but ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT

    Today the PM of UK Gordon Brown said goodbye and a new Government headed by the Conservative leader David Cameron supported by the Liberal-democrats and its leader Nick Clegg and what the whole world now have seen for some days is exactly the same as I wrote about at the local elections in Denmark last year where people will try to “make the best deal” where the one giving the best conditions will win and yes here Nick Clegg was appointed by ME – still God speaking ! – to first meet the Conservatives and yes the Labour and yes he had the power to throw down Gordon Brown during these talks and yes he pointed at the Conservative and yes because the Conservative was “wise” enough to appoint Nick to the Deputy PM and yes an office which has not existed for most of British political history and furthermore his party was “paid” with five ministers and a referendum about the British future political system and what you saw here was really “an auction” between selfish people running a country trying to get as much as possible for themselves and the party and as you will know from previous stories of my book, I don’t like local politicians and Governments BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT NEEDED and in this respect it does not matter if the name of the local Government is Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune, the Kingdom of Denmark or United Kingdom – there is only a need for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT in the future GIVING ALL OF US THE SAME LIFE OPPORTUNITIES.

    The work I did today was good in relation to the Devil, who most of the evening was only approx. 10 percent active compared to his highest point the last couple of weeks. This is in fact the first evening, which starts to feel normal for years. If you imagine that you get rid of an amplifier inside of your head with “OTHER VOICES” speaking negatively and constantly, this is the feeling I had at least sometimes this evening – and all of these DREADFULL voices and the VERY HIGH VOLUME they have been played with are simply the negative voices of all of my family and “friends” and yes from Facebook etc. and yes including “my network” and yes when people have been “kind” to speak GOSSIP negatively behind my back and yes including the Commune etc. All of you let me down, none of you supported me almost bringing all of us down.


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    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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