13th May 2010 – Always be faithful – don’t have more than one partner at the same time

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of sexual temptations Dreaming of sexual temptations – ALWAYS BE FAITHFUL: DON’T HAVE MORE THAN ONE PARTNER AT THE SAME TIME – and Søren H. and his wife rumbling in the train together.
No work today and dreaming of an impossible access to a safe including “Gold” Today was a NEW holiday, which I did not think of or expect making my “rhythm of life”(by Oleta Adams J) more difficult. Dreaming of getting an IMPOSSIBLE access to the safe of Gold, which was prepared some time ago – also because of my rejections of sexual temptations, which are “simply irresistible”.
Giving FREEDOM to and “almost” receiving FREEDOM from the Devil – the Council plans to welcome me Not long ago the Devil would have KILLED me if I had given him FREEDOM to do what he threatened to do. Today this was the only right choice to do because most of his weapons are taking from him – this made my suffering decrease. The Council has now started to welcome me when I FINALLY will arrive.


Dreaming of sexual temptations

This night was one of the nights where the Devil was ACTIVE giving me DIRECT negative speech and thoughts and yes unpleasant it was to say the least and yes you know because of my surroundings – a CONCERNED mother and family and yes the same old story of course with the Commune etc.

  • I see a man together with women in bed singing the song “Wuthering heights” by Kate Bush.
  • There is more to this dream which I have left out, but just to give you one example of still a dream by the Devil and yes I will not be scared and I am just sorry that this CLASSIC SONG BY KATE BUSH, which is really so beautiful as it gets is used this way.
  • In my book no. 2 you can read about basic rules when it comes to sexual relationships – this dream is NOT how to do it and maybe this information is included in one of the stolen scripts because it was written as one of the first important stories in May 2009. Maybe you can find it? DON’T EVER HAVE MORE THAN ONE PARTNER AT THE TIME – this is really the essential and yes BE FAITHFUL.
  • Søren H. and his wife are rumbling in the train for Copenhagen, we are the only ones taking the train longer than for Helsingør. They have a living room as the only ones, which is the room you enter into directly from the main door. I expect that it will take 2-3 years before the infrared transferral will work.
    • I am not sure about this dreams at all – Helsingør is tha place you want to leave the train and of course symbolic it is and I CAN ONLY GUESS THE MEANING OF THE REST and THIS I DON’T WANT TO.

    This morning I did Yoga again not because I enjoy it when I am THIS TIRED but because of necessity and yes ONE OF THE WEAPONS TO KEEP DOWN THE ENERGY OF THE DEVIL and yes it makes the Devil weaker.

    During these days my back sometimes SCRATCHES and yes THE SYMBOL OF MY OLD SELF BEING KILLED and yes WITH A POLE and told you about that one before I have.

    No work today and dreaming of an impossible access to a safe including “Gold”

    As usual I prepared my coffee pot and two sandwiches with double dark bread – one with liver pate and the other with Danish salami – and I left at 9.20 to be at the Jobcentre at 9.30 to finalise and publish the script of yesterday and yes what did I find out? Only that today is a NEW holiday because apparently it is today I ascended many years ago in another life in another time and yes I did not think of or plan this holiday– after again having almost no energy leaving my apartment and this holiday is interrupting my daily rhythm making my final catch up on work a little bit more difficult and yes ONCE MORE postponing my deadline it is and yes my FINAL deadline is really the 22nd May – the deadline given by ALL OF YOU some weeks ago – this is really what is inside of my head and yes just trying to finish before this date I am.

    It also gave me some anxiety because when I am working I am focussed on work, which is normally enough to keep away the Devil from giving me negative speech and thoughts and when I have a full day in front of me I open up to the Devil giving me such negative thoughts and speech and yes the more anxiety the more direct he is and this is how the wheel matches you know.

    I was SO TIRED during the morning that I was about to sleep many times but I decided to keep going until lunch and after lunch I took a nap of maybe one hour with the following dream:

    • I see two bicycles starting a race, one is a “normal” bicycle and one is a penny-farthing driven by Dan Rachlin. The penny-farthing does not have a interchange, which the normal bicycle does not show it has in the beginning but after a short while the impact of the interchange of the normal bicycle starts to show and it drives much quicker than the big one and somehow also because of the band the Jam. I see a very big safe deposit, inside of it are two BIG portions of Gold and I am told that one portion is enough for me and I know that it is totally impossible to get inside of the safe – somehow the Jam makes this impossible – but to my surprise I see that someone some time ago has prepared an entrance to the safe from the back side, where I can loosen some screws, which no one has seen.
    • After this dream I had a dream of “sexual temptations” which are “simply irresistible” and rejections of this, which are IMPOSSIBLE.
    • So THIS IS IT really – to get access to a safe with the Gold as it has never been planned or expected and yes which is really “simply impossible”.

    Giving FREEDOM to and “almost” receiving FREEDOM from the Devil – the Council plans to welcome me

    Again today one single negative thought GIVEN TO ME DIRECTLY, which I was not able to control for a few seconds, woke up the Devil again with the weapons he has and from here followed 1-2 hours where he wanted me to follow his rules and yes the Devil still THINKS that ALL of his weapons are still available, which they are not you know – and again we had this game on words AS SO OFTEN BEFORE WHEN USING HOURS TO FIGHT where I kept on saying that “you can do whatever you want to do” because “there is nothing you can do” and yes I have said this HUNDREDS OF TIMES and yes because this is how strong the Devil is when he is FED hundreds of times and yes WITH THOUGHTS from a concerned family and “friends” and yes my friends this is the direct connection I have tried to explain to you. And it is still as uncomfortable as you can think of. And for a matter of good sake I can say that Sidsel’s life of NO TROUBLES as she informs about on Facebook has been another source of constant temptation and yes LUXURY, TRAVELS and yes MONEY and yes “MORE THAN THIS” you know and of course PLANNED TO MAKE ME SUFFER (!) because I have this TERRIBLE life myself.

    The Devil was also very EAGER for me – as usual – to make promises about my daily plan and yes he wanted me to RUN and to bake a bread and yes GOOD THINGS and yes HE COULD CONTINUE GIVING ME “GOOD IDEAS” and some of them very good you know but really also bringing me MUCH STRESS and today I simply decided that NO I HAVE NO PLANS TODAY – I WILL SIMPLY RELAX and yes I HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DO WHAT I DECIDE TO DO IMPULSIVE and YOU HAVE THE SAME – and yes I could have decided to keep on fighting the Devil speaking to me and yes by telling him what he is allowed to do and not – like when Virgin Mary was in the prison cell sometime ago where I was asked to control what she would get to eat and drink etc. WHICH I DID NOT WANT TO DO AS AN IMPULSE – and yes BECAUSE FREEDOM IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME and yes this is how I succeeded to get to terms with the Devil – after he would have KILLED me if I said this to him some time ago but you know THIS IS THE DEVELOPMENT and THIS WAS RIGHT TO DO TODAY and yes gradually God took away my suffering – by taking the burden himself of what people do to me (!) – and what I have experienced here is another example of EVOLUTION where the solution has developed gradually on a daily basis- the same way as life is built and evolved. And hereafter I started to get the same feeling to “almost relax” mentally as the other day – I cannot tell you what a relief this is and feels like and yes even though it is not total yet.

    Thousands of times now I have told the Devil that it is all about “being good” and “kind” and yes THIS IS HOW I AM BECOMING HE SAYS and yes NO ICE CREAMS ANYMORE – and I might add that I will always follow my own basic rule to be “direct, honest and positive” towards other people and this will include telling people how to improve.

    And finally today I can say that some days ago I was told that Council members have left to start the preparations for my welcome and when I wrote this, I was given the taste of Champagne and yes because THIS WILL BE OUR BIGGEST CELEBRATION EVER and yes I HAVE BEEN GIVEN FEELINGS AND DIALOGUE WITH “MANY PEOPLE” THE LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS, WHO WILL BE THERE TOO WELCOMING ME and yes which I have decided not to WRITE about here to “keep it simple” you know and here I think of “decide the level of information” you want to communicate on and yes always remember level 1, 2 and 3 of course and yes HOW MANY OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS HAVE READ MY BLOG AND BOOKS AT THE DETAILED LEVEL 3, how many have “concentrated” – if you can call it for this – on level 2 (the summary) and how many have “noticed” level 1 (the headlines – posted on Facebook) and yes JUST GUESS PLEASE?


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    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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