14th May 2010 – An Icehockey game as a symbol of God saying: “I am not lying – I am telling you the truth”

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of playing a Golf Major very well – with difficulties Dreaming of playing one of the golf MAJOR’s very well but with difficulties and undesirable double roles.
Finishing editing of my email to media etc. about the forthcoming disaster Today I could not publish more scripts – the Jobcentre was closed again (!) – but I wrote all missing scripts and I also succeeded AGAIN to edit my email about the forthcoming disaster to my email publishing list so PLEASE GO AHEAD I AM READY FOR YOU TO CARRY OUT THE DISASTER TO BRING THE ATTENTION OF THE WORLD.
Stop domestic violence and all wrong doings to women and children IMMEDIATELY! I bring a very STRONG message from my friend Jenipher in Kenya about domestic violence and WRONG doings of men – making me appeal to the world to STOP ALL WRONG DOING TO WOMEN AND CHILDREN IMMEDIATELY!
“I am not lying – I am telling you the truth” – Denmark did the MOST IMPOSSIBLE in Icehockey as a symbol of what I did Today Denmark did it again: Defeated one of the top seven nations in Icehockey – this time Slovakia – with the tennis digits 6-0 symbolising “an egg”, which is about LIFE and SURVIVAL and “not losing a set” to the Devil making it possible to SAVE ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. It was “RAVING MAD” what happened, it was GOD HELPING DENMARK when Denmark had decided TO GIVE ALL THEY HAD TO WIN – and it was a symbol of what people think the first time they hear this Icehockey result: IT SIMPLY CANNOT BE TRUE – the same as when they hear about me being the Son of God – BUT BOTH STORIES ARE “TRUE”.
My decision to go through extreme sufferings working etc. has replaced what else was my “destiny” The road I choose the 16th April – to fight the Devil at a new high level – including continuing working my best being as TIRED as I am and “keeping all of my rules” has kept me from the alternative sufferings, which would have been to give birth to the Devil and to make me suffer sexually and possibly physically too, which I really don’t know if I would had been able to bear or if I would kill myself and mankind!


Dreaming of playing a Golf Major very well – with difficulties

No changes to how I feel this morning having these dreams:

  • Peter A. is going to play golf with Jack a late evening; I am surprised that I am not invited.
  • I am playing one of the major tournaments of Golf, I play very well – however I see my ball at the basement of John – Camilla’s father – I have to remove things around the ball and I chip the ball fine but I notice that it is a little bit too long.
  • I like to play well in Golf and yes to make the ball fall into hole so maybe just a symbol of my DIFFICULTIES finishing all of my work but where there is a will, there is a power and yes THIS IS ALSO HOW IT GOES – doing my final work here is NOT the easiest thing I have done in my life BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE and yes therefore!

I had a couple of more dreams than this, which I decided not to include because the lessons of these dreams are really not very important – the same as some days ago – and yes in one of them – to give you an example – I represented a company which was going to give a detailed offer based on tender documents, which the issuing company ALSO invited me to have influence on because of my “know how” and yes a head hunter was included in this dream and this is how it goes when you have a double role, and the message is really only that we don’t like this and yes you will probably find out how to avoid situations like this in the future simply by using good behaviour.

Finishing editing of my email to media etc. about the forthcoming disater

Again this morning I left at 9.20 with my coffee and sandwiches to the Jobcentre – with the same task as yesterday (!) – but AGAIN the Jobcentre was closed and today it just included a sign on the door saying that the whole Commune was closed the day after “the ascension of the Christ” and yes maybe you thought that I have ascended in this life too but NO I AM STILL HERE and yes I think of the picture of ELO pressing their faces onto a façade of glass on the album “Face the music” and yes my dear Commune WILL YOU FACE THE MUSIC of my book and yes WILL YOU ADMIT TO COMMITTING THE “CRIMES” I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT or will you in the beginning do as what most Devils do: TRY TO PROTECT YOURSELF and yes DECLARE THAT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE IS ACCORDING TO RULES AND YES THE LAW, and René maybe you will try to THINK if what you “offer” me is helping me to “develop or uncover my professional, social or verbal competences with the aim of up-qualifying me to the work market” – I have tried as clearly as possible to make you understand that you do not at all BUT NONE OF YOU HAVE HAD THE ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND BECAUSE OF HOW YOU AND THE SYSTEM WORK TODAY.

Because of this day off at the Commune I was not able to publish again today, so the next time will be on Monday and yes because of this I posted on Facebook that my next update will be on Monday and yes NOT TO WORRY MY MOTHER AND FAMILY OF COURSE ….

Instead I left for the library where I finished the scripts of yesterday and the day before and wrote the first three chapters of today and finally at 12.30 I was finished doing this and started the next job on my action plan, which was ONCE MORE to edit my “old” email to my publishing list about the STILL FORTHCOMING DISASTER and yes MADE BY THE DEVIL TO TEACH THE WORLD and at 14.00 I had read and edited this email a further 6-7 times I believe and yes converted the email publishing list from PDF to Word and yes I know TO REMOVE ALL OF THE LINE BREAKS MANUALLY and NOW AGAIN I AM READY FOR YOU TO CARRY OUT THIS DISASTER – PLEASE GO AHEAD WHENEVER YOU ARE READY.

When I was doing this work, I was still as tired as ever – and we know most people would not even have started doing the work of today again – and yes but I need to keep the same discipline until the end without becoming tempted to relax because this would still wake the Devil and yes at least with the weapons of negative speech and visions, which he apparently has left!

Finally today I “just” wanted to do a few changes to my Top 100 list on Facebook but what happened? Yes, Facebook has decided for a new “fancy” design on the site of hobbies and interests and before I knew of it, it had deleted most of my top 100 list and more when “converting” it to the new design without telling what it did and yes I will not be able to update it before I get access to my laptop, where I have a copy of the list. Sorry about that old chap and yes thank you Monty.

And it has been some time ago I gave you songs I believe which my dear friends of the Council – as they call themselves J – have given me and God too and yes and yes and yes THE DEVIL IS ALSO HERE and yes all of them are my good friends but all morning they have played “den bedste tid er sammen med dig” by One Two and yes NOT TO BE MISUNDERSTOOD NO NO but only saying that WHEN YOU WILL BE BACK WITH US WE WILL AGAIN HAVE THE BEST TIME TOGETHER and yes MANY TEARS ARE WHAT I FEEL – thank you my friends and yes KAREN AS MY NAME IS TODAY ALSO HAS THIS VERY SPECIAL FEELING ABOUT YOU.

Stop domestic violence and all wrong doings to women and children IMMEDIATELY!

My friend Jenipher from Kenya wrote this STRONG message on Facebook:

“While you SCREAM at your woman, there’s a man wishing he could whisper softly into her ear. While you HUMILIATE, OFFEND and INSULT her, there’s a man flirting with her & reminding her how wonderful and beautiful she is. While you HURT her, there’s a man wishing he could comfort her. While you make your woman CRY, there’s a man stealing smiles from her…Post this on your wall if you’re against Domestic Violence.”

This is a phenomena which is very widely spread around the world – making WOMEN CRY – which is SO WRONG AS IT GETS and this made me write the following message and here I might add as I believe I have also written in book 2: STOP THIS SELFISH BEHAVIOUR IMMEDIATELY – IT IS VERY WRONG – AND I THINK ABOUT ALL WRONG DOINGS TO CHILDREN IN THIS RESPECT TOO WHICH ALSO MUST BE STOPPED NOW!

“It makes me sad when MEN VERY WRONGLY treat their women like you say. Much of this is because of an undesired CULTURAL EFFECT going from father to son, which we don’t see in Denmark as much as you do in Kenya.”

I am not lying – I am telling you the truth” – Denmark did the MOST IMPOSSIBLE in Icehockey as a symbol of what I did

The headline is almost what the commentator said today during the NEW FANTASTIC AND IMPOSSIBLE Icehockey game between Denmark and this time against Slovakia, another of the “seven great nations” of Icehockey of the world.

I did not write this down but according to my recollection the commentator on TV2 Sport said something like this “if you have just come home from work and have switched on the television, I am not lying, the result is really 6-0 to Denmark”. This is how difficult this result was to believe in.

This became indeed the final result and yes this was also the result after the first of three periods – a period which the two commentators said: “This period will go over in history”.

And we know this was ANOTHER of THOSE “CRAZY” and “IMPOSSIBLE” RESULTS, WHICH SIMPLY COULD NEVER HAPPEN and yes WOULD NORMALLY NOT HAPPEN IF GOD DID NOT HELP ACTIVELY and yes to put some more words of the commentators on “a new sensation”:

  • “This is completely raving mad what is happening at the moment”
  • “It is unreal – a top seven nation ranked immensely much higher than Denmark


And yes Stig WE GAVE YOU A RESULT IN ICEHOCKEY WHICH IS SO EXCEPTIONAL RARE THAT PEOPLE SHOULD REMEMBER. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME A “SMALL” ICEHOCKEY NATION LIKE DENMARK DEFEATED ONE OF THE “GREAT” ICEHOCKEY NATIONS WITH THE TENNIS DIGITS 6-0 IN ONE PERIOD (?) and yes some people will know that WHEN YOU WIN BY 6-0 IN TENNIS YOU HAVE GIVE YOUR OPPONENT AN “EGG” and yes this is ALSO what it is about – IT IS ABOUT OUR CONTINIOUS SURVIVAL about LIFE you know therefore THIS SYMBOL (!) – and this is why the commentators were inspired to speak about ANOTHER SENSATION and yes CAROLINE WOZNIACKI – a “Danish” woman among the absolutely best players of tennis in the world and this is not what it seems like SHE IS POLISH AND YES LIVES IN DENMARK AND YES STIG THIS IS ABOUT FREE LIMITS AND YES WELCOMING PEOPLE LOOKING LIKE YOURSELF AND YES THEN SHE IS DANISH and yes the opposite when people does not “look like you” and MORE CAN BE SAID ON HER but we know not now – playing against a tennis player from Slovakia.

This was also about NOT TO LOSE A SET IN TENNIS TO THE DEVIL and in the second period when the puck was almost dancing on the Danish goal line WITHOUT Slovakia scoring, the commentator TALKED ABOUT “WILL” – this is a symbol of MY WILL POWER, this is why the Devil has not scored a goal even though he was VERY CLOSE MANY TIMES and yes this is why Slovakia was ALLOWED to come CLOSE many times hitting the posts of the Danish goal etc. – which INSPIRED the commentator in the break to ask a player “how important is it to keep the zero” and the TRUE answer to this question is that IT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE THIS WILL MEAN THAT WE WILL SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD (!) – this is also what it is about and as the commentator said after 5 minutes in the third period “well they just don’t get the opportunity even to sniff to a goal” and yes SNIFF and who is “sniffing”, that is the DOG and the dog is the symbol of the Devil and THIS IS REALLY HOW IT IS.

And this result is TRULY so UNREAL that the commentators kept on speaking about “a truly CRAZY afternoon” and on TV2 news they said that it was “RAVING MAD” and a “Danish MAD-VICTORY over Slovakia”– and you might understand why also these people were INSPIRED to talk about MAD AND CRAZY (?) – and the coach said that he has been in this game for many years but he has never experienced anything like this before.

Denmark has now defeated no. 2, 3 and 4 of the recent Olympic games – a tournament Denmark did not attend because we did not qualify – and we have now defeated teams we have never defeated before and not because of LUCK but because we PLAYED WELL and yes GAVE EVERYTHING WE HAD and we know THIS IS WHAT THEY DID, THIS IS WHAT I DID AND WHEN YOU DO THIS YOU WILL GET THESE “SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE” RESULTS EITHER IN ICEHOCKEY OR FOR ME TO DEFEAT AND YES TO KILL THE DEVIL and this is so unlikely that when people the first time hear the result that Denmark has defeated Slovakia by 6-0 they may smile and shake their head in disbelief thinking that this cannot be true and yes THIS IS SIMPLY WHAT PEOPLE ALSO DO ABOUT ME WHEN THEY HEAR THE FIRST TIME THAT I AM THE SON OF GOD and yes THIS IS ALSO WHAT THIS “INNOCENT” ICEHOCKEY GAME WAS ABOUT and yes as a reporter was INSPIRED to say to a player after the game: “You rule the ice” and this is exactly what it was, this was the KING PLAYING ICEHOCKEY and we know THIS WAS MY INNER SELF HELPING DENMARK TO THIS GLORIOUS VICTORY LIKE “HE/I” HAS HELPED “ME/MYSELF” TO WIN THIS GLORIOUS VICTORY AGAINST THE DEVIL. And this is the difference WHEN YOU HAVE GOD PLAYING ON YOUR SIDE INSTEAD OF THE DEVIL and yes AS I HAVE TOLD YOU WILL BE THE CONSEQUENCES AFTER I HAVE KICKED OUT THE DEVIL OF THE GAME SO TO SAY – THEN IT SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU MY DEAR PEOPLE TO LOSE THE FIGHT, THEN ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO WIN AND YES TO ENTER MY COMING KINGDOM. THEREFORE!

And even though the Council is still playing the game, just underneath the surface I sensed an tremendous joy and I had to say that we have to finish the game entirely first.

My decision to go through extreme sufferings working etc. has replaced what else was my “destiny”

This evening I decided to write down some notes of all of the ideas the Council gave me and yes MANY MORE I did not accept because we know HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BEFORE or “NOT IMPORTANT” they are but here is what came through the eye of the needle:

Immediately after I finished work today being satisfied with what I did, again I felt MY VERY STRONG DESIRE OF FREEDOM and the Devil “helped” me TRYING to give me thoughts like “now I really don’t care”, “now I can do everything again” – and yes including looking straight out on all people instead of the ground (!) and to lay my eyes on all people INCLUDING nice looking ladies WITHOUT any desire (!) the same way as all other people – but NO I still have to keep the same rules I have come up with to keep away the Devil and yes THIS IS HURTING ME VERY MUCH TO FORCE THESE RESTRAINTS ON MY SELF, which is IMPOSSIBLE TO do and yes EVEN MORE IMPOSSIBLE TO DO ALL OF THE TIME and yes I LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY WHEN ALL OF MYSELF WILL COME THROUGH IN MY PHYSICAL LIFE REMOVING ALL DESIRES AND TEMPTATIONS SO I CAN JUST BE MYSELF.

What I have been doing since the 16th April really is HOW I HAVE AVOIDED to go through THE WORST NIGHTMARE to do what no other people have done – to continue working my best being AS TIRED AS I AM and “KEEPING ALL OF MY RULES” to keep away the Devil – all of this suffering replaces fully the alternative sufferings I would have gone through.


And my order I have given sometimes 100 times per day to keep away the Devil – and yes plus/minus – that WE MUST CONTINUE and WE MUST COME THROUGH NO MATTER WHAT has really kept the Devil away and yes IS AN ORDER WE MUST FOLLOW because I tell it so strongly and yes on condition that I DID EVERYTHING I COULD MYSELF TOO, which is really what I have done.

For the last couple of weeks I have been shown myself lying horizontal in the air kicking in my dream goal with the best kick ever and this reminds me of the AMAZING goal which Henning Jensen did in 1976 when KB played against Borusia Mönchen Gladbach – my favourite German team then and one of my favourite teams of history – and yes I have written about this goal in my book no. 1. too.

This evening the Devil also spoke through my mouth physically for the first time in 1½-2 years surprising me and yes THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO TO AVOID IT (!) – which was a daily routine HUNDREDS of times from 2006-2008 when being alone that is (!) – and he said that “there is only one force, which can make me disappear” and I was shown my white horse and then he said “within one week from today, which is what is said in my ear” so this is indeed what I hope will happen and yes I AM STILL FAITHFULL THAT GOD WILL HELP ME AND ALSO THE TEAM IN KENYA TO SURVIVE ALSO AFTER THE 1ST JUNE – WHEN I WILL RECEIVE NO CASH HELP – and yes this is my faith and yes I have a double feeling as always and yes at the same time I am also becoming NERVOUS because IS THIS REALLY GOD THIS TIME OR IS IT A NEW PROMISE BY THE DEVIL and yes BEEN THERE MANY TIMES BEFORE I HAVE BUT AGAIN THIS IS THE ONLY ROAD I CAN TAKE AND WE KNOW THERE IS ALWAYS A ROAD OF GOD and WHAT IS KEEPING ME UP IS ALL OF THE DEVELOPMENT AT THE MOMENT AND YES THE KILLING OF THE DEVIL AND THE COUNCIL PREPARING TO WELCOME ME and we know THIS IS THE MOST HONEST I CAN BE and yes THIS IS ALSO A REASON WHY WE HAVE CONTINUED THE GAME UNTIL THIS THE “ULTIMATE POINT OF NO RETURN” :-).

And one short chapter, which I only bring because of historical documentation and because I was told this evening that now is the final chance to say it. If I was not able to go through this road I did, I would face the following options. When a group of people would die after losing to the Devil, limbs would “spiritually” – as described earlier – be cut of myself, and the Devil would be able to make “all of my sexual desires come through” if I wanted too including being “spiritually” together – as real as reality – with those women I would name and yes followed by my mother you know (!) and the more “satisfaction” I would get the more I would also consider to cut off physically my private parts and my true feeling is STILL that if this is what I would have to go through I WOULD KILL MYSELF taking mankind with me to the eternal grave. And I have received the feeling for a long time that the task of the Council would be both to spread my story and to do everything to keep me and mankind alive. What would my true borders be? Would I be able to bear this extreme physical pain as I have been able to bear the most extreme suffering ever DISGUISED so no people can see it on me? I don’t really know!

Most of the evening the Devil was NICE – because I was IN CONTROL – and I am NOT ORDERING HIM WHAT TO DO but this does not keep me from telling him WHAT HE SHOULD DO and yes HE HAS THE FREEDOM TO DECIDE HIMSELF – and I was told that now the Devil will decrease his suffering to give me visions as cartoons of what I don’t like to see in case I should make any mistakes here at the end. And my TRUE feeling is that GOD IS IN CONTROL OF THE DEVIL AND HE WILL TELL THE DEVIL WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO but at the moment in this game HE HAS THE FREEDOM TO DECIDE and yes TO TELL MANKIND JUST HOW MUCH I VALUE FREEDOM – AND RESPONSIBILITY – FOR YOU IN THE FUTURE.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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