17th May 2010 – Facing the final curtain of my school with a view to meet the love of my life (again)

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of the game ending and to be together with Karen Dreaming of UFO’s on the sky WHICH PEOPLE BELIEVING IN ME COULD HAVE WITNESSED, my story spreading all over the world, the final curtain of this game, Karen being together with me helping to bring normal life to the world based on my story, the road of God or the Devil shown for my future love life and bad communication almost triggered the biggest disaster in history in 1962 between Russia and USA, which was only prevented by the Council.
Doing impossible work to enter the small entrance If I had not decided to work as much as possible under impossible conditions, I would have come behind making it impossible for me to finish my work according to deadline – another example of the small margins and small entrance I have decided to use.
David: Life is like a school and there are many lessons to learn David was very kind to follow my encouragement in en email to write because of my writings coming to an end and he wrote a very nice and supportive email about the school of life including many lessons – and yes ALL PEOPLE WILL GO THROUGH THIS SCHOOL OF MINE.
ONE online computer and file storage system with FREE access for all people Today I was surprised to receive my old computer, which John had asked the caretaker to give me (!) – thank you John – and because of the need to use MANY hours to setup a computer today, this gives me the LAST piece to the future economical system: A FREE ONLINE ACCESS TO ALL COMPUTER PROGRAMMES INCLUDING FILE STORAGE/SHARING.
Where is the RED THREAD and what will happen when the shirt of life becomes too short? The Devil continued his game until the end putting me on the edge again thinking “Will I really be able to finalise this” – “The Red Thread” to use a popular song by Shu-bi-dua is that life is ETERNAL, this is almost already the verdict for all people!


Dreaming of the game ending and to be together with Karen

Today I am SAD that I am again as TIRED as I have been for a long time with the exception of yesterday. After having ONE DAY ONLY being LESS TIRED it is difficult to return to this state again because it is really making life and work impossible.

The dreams:

  • I look up on the night sky and I took a picture of a moving light on the sky. I ask people to focus and I tell them that the light is not a star and that it is moving to quick to be a plane.
  • Something about “Kenya MasterCard’s” – maybe it was the name of the company in the dream. I am ordering a truck, it is 6 kilometres away – I see many envelopes coming, I write my name as the sender on all of these.
    • The truck is still the symbol of the world – and the envelopes are symbolising my STORY SPREADING AROUND THE WORLD.
  • Karen has stopped her relationship with Denis. Today we are together for the first time, I tell her that I don’t receive songs spiritually, which do not have a meaning and I tell her that all day long I have received the words “I face the final curtain” from the song “my way” by Frank Sinatra and I also tell her that “you can bring me down if this is what you decide to, but I have full trust in you”. I look at a skyscraper together with Karen and we see that from one of the top floors you can order 500 DKK notes and I tell Karen that we must order a minimum of DKK 250,000 and the key to open this floor and to order is to have a sword, and Karen is just about to order but first I ask her to call Eva M. in the bank to hear if she needs 250,000. I see Karen trying to send a text message from my telephone, but that my phone is not working.
    • The final curtain is the final curtain of the play – the game – which has been performed for me all of my life really but ESPECIALLY FROM 2006 to say that the game will now stop, this is the meaning of my decision from yesterday to stop writing.
    • The money and the bank is still to bring NORMAL LIFE to the world and KAREN WILL HELP DOING THIS TOO and it will be based on MY SWORD which is “communication” and yes you know MY BOOKS REALLY J. The phone is a symbol of God speaking so not working it is but I do hope that IT WILL SOON START TO WORK and yes FOR ME TO SPEAK TO YOU AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU and you and yes like I have been saying “keep on” hundreds of times today to myself today to convince me that I do have the ENERGY I DON’T HAVE (!) TO FINISH MY WORK TODAY ENABLING ME TO FINISH ALL OF MY WORK TOMORROW!
    • When I wrote down the dream the song “my way” continued to play and I heard the words “I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way” – because THIS IS WHAT I DID GOING THROUGH THIS SCHOOL.
  • I am inside a VERY large office building. I have reached the floor where Oliver is the manager having many employees in an open office in front of his office. I tell Oliver that the magnetic stripe on my identification card is not working and I ask him if he can help me. He calls the IT department to ask them to help me and when I visit the IT department they cannot help me, but they call Norway and they are told that an receptionist of the building I am visiting called “Lotte Leth” can help make the card work again. Later I meet Karen in the activation-room and I hear the words “just hold on, hold on” from the song “Father Figure” by George Michael.
    • This is the first time I see this symbol – the magnetic stripe – and here it means MAKING LOVE and if I contact the Devil (“Norway”) I will again have the option for example to be together with you Lotte from Fair – or even better I can continue waiting on Karen and yes EVERYDAY GONE WELL IS ONE DAY CLOSER TO THE GOAL, so this is what I do.
    • And the symbol of the card and the magnetic stripe is INSPIRED from the movie I watched recently on television “the sum of all fears” and yes WHEN A NUCLEAR WAR BETWEEN USA AND RUSSIA ALMOST BROKE OUT BECAUSE OF BAD COMMUNICATION AND MISUNDERSTANDINGS BETWEEN THE PRESIDENTS OF RUSSIA AND USA WHO SHOWED THEIR “MUSCLES” INSTEAD OF BEING HONEST and yes WE HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE IN WORLD HISTORY and we know between the Soviet Republic led by President Khrushchev and USA led by President Kennedy and we know almost bringing mankind to its end because of selfish and yes RUDE behaviour too and we know BAD COMMUNICATION and this story really started already in 1961 when USA did the Bay of Pigs invasion at Cuba with the aim to overthrow the Cuban Government of Fidel Castro and yes historians will tell you the rest of how RUSSIA BECAME INVOLVED AND ALMOST PUT THE FINGER ON THE BUTTON TO TRIGGER THE BIGGEST DISASTER IN HISTORY and yes ONLY PREVENTED BY ONE MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL and yes WE DON’T WANT TO SAY WHO and yes MONTY IS IT YOU and yes NO NOT YES and as you can tell this was the feeling I received but I am not sure when you don’t tell.

    Doing impossible work to enter the small entrance

    If I had not decided to work every single day possible in the opening hours of the library, I would have risked getting too much work and stress making me to give up – for example if I had stayed at home last Saturday and had to start doing this work today, it would have been very difficult indeed and yes just to finish the script of Saturday and to write the scripts of Sunday and Monday so far took me until 16.00 today MAKING ME MORE THAN EXHAUSTED – yes ALMOST DEAD AGAIN (!) – and if I had to add the work I did Saturday on top of this, I would quickly have come too much behind and we know this story is about another very small margin to finish this impossible road. Just to write the daily scripts have been demanding under these circumstances and to catch up on much work on top has really not been easy to do.

    And now the clock is 16.00 and it has taken me a couple of hours longer than expected to come to this point and I could continue working if I decided to cross the “limit” I have written about before but the truth is that I am so tired that my “senses” are weak again and instead of continuing to work 2-3 hours more today in order to be able to finish all work tomorrow, I have decided to stop now and to postpone my deadline to finish on Wednesday.

    Before coming to this point I had started going to the Jobcentre as usual publishing four scripts until the 15th May and doing some amendments of text on my website and from 11.00 I was at the library working again.

    David: Life is like a school and there are many lessons to learn

    This morning in my email to Kenya sending the scripts until the 15th I told them that I will finish my writings this week and if they wanted to have an email included I encouraged them to write to me and David decided to follow up on this immediately by putting forward these very wise words about life being like a school, where you have many lessons to learn and yes ALL PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS SCHOOL OF MINE – this is why I have written it – and David LET ME ONLY SAY THIS: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND SUPPORT AND WISE WORDS and I THINK OF YOUR DIFFICULT SITUATION BOTH IN TERMS OF FINANCES AND ALSO IN RESPECT OF YOUR GIRLFRIEND STAYING ABROAD and all I can tell you today is that “good times” are coming and WHEN I KNOW MORE, I WILL LET YOU KNOW and I can only encourage you to keep reading and writing because of course we will stay in contact. THIS IS THE ROAD OF GOD – THIS IS THE FAITH I SHOW GOD AND THIS IS THE FAITH I ASK YOU TO SHOW ME. PLEASE SAY HI TO ALL WITH ALL MY LOVE AN BLESSINGS.

    Here is his email:

    Dear David,

    Dear brother Stig,

    It has been some time since I last wrote to you. I have been following your story and your situation. I have hope that your aspirations will be realized; let God direct them. Life is like a school, and there are many lessons to learn. In today’s crafty world, only men and women of insight and wisdom shall prevail. And this wisdom is from God, and He says that if anyone lacks it "wisdom" he should ask it from Him.

    It would be naturally boring not hearing from you, because you are part and parcel of our lives now. And you mean a lot to us.

    I wish you a good day and a financial breakthrough from heavens.


    ONE online computer and file storage system with FREE access for all people

    At 19.30 I was surprised to hear knocking on my door. It was my caretaker living below me on 1st floor who said to my surprise that he had a computer for me – and it was my mother’s husband John, who had called him in order to deliver my old computer because he has bought a new one as he wrote to me. Thank you John for doing this, the name of the game was for me to go through as much difficulties as possible in order to finish this game including not having access to a computer at home and yes John you were INSPIRED DIRECTLY – without knowing it of course – to deliver the computer to me this way in order for me to deliver this my LAST message to the world:

    When you get a new computer today, you will need to spend MANY hours if you want to set it up according to your personal preferences. For example this computer – my old one – was set up by John with Microsoft Windows XP including Microsoft Office 2003 and “some” extra programmes and I would probably need to spend 50-100 hours to update the computer with the latest software programmes and drivers and to individualise each programme according to my personal wishes – as I have done with the autocorrect and other functions in Microsoft Word maybe 10-15 times on different computers over the years annoying me every single time needing to do the same again and again – and my first thought was to start doing this work this evening, but then I thought that I don’t want to use all of this time, I will focus on finalising my work now and then tell the world that YOU WILL BECOME MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE WHEN HAVING ONE STANDARD COMPUTER SYSTEM OF THE WORLD where all people will get PERSONAL ONLINE ACCESS TO THE LATEST SOFTWARE PROGRAMMES ETC. and yes WHERE EVERYTHING IS FREE (!) AND BASED ON ONE COMMON STANDARD and yes of course WITH THE OPTION TO PERSONALISE INDIVIDUALLY with the individual options from the Firefox browser as an example and yes FOR PEOPLE TO STORE THEIR PERSONAL PROFILE AND DOCUMENTS ON-LINE and yes THIS WILL MAKE EVERYTHING MUCH EASIER also for PORTABLE DEVICES – this will become part of the future economical system and it will of course be a mandatory service for all people to use and yes IT WILL EASE THE EVERYDAY LIFE FOR ALL AND IT WILL ENABLE YOU TO FOCUS ON CREATIVITY AND PRODUCTION INSTEAD OF TECHNICAL DETAILS and yes “how do I convert this”, “why does this program not work in this situation” and “is this, that or maybe a third programme the best one” – where none of them really are the best and yes IT WILL SAVE THE WORLD FROM WHAT MAY BE THE BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME OF ALL AND IMPROVE COMMUNICATION AND QUALITY – as easy as that.

    And THANK YOU FOR LISTENING – NOW I HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET INCLUDING CD RECORDER again so now I look forward for you to stop messing up with my CD-player, please? Maybe this will first work again when I am done with all of my work and have stopped writing – when the DEVIL HAS LEFT ME and yes ALSO MY CD-PLAYER and yes you can include my ESPRESSO MACHINE, I MISS THAT ONE TOO!

    Where is the RED THREAD and what will happen when the shirt of life becomes too short?

    During the afternoon the beautiful song “like a bridge over troubled water” was played again and I was told that “you almost made me cry” and this one really comes from each individual member of the Council and yes several of you showed yourself – THANK YOU.

    Later the GAME of the Devil was still on-going because I have told them to CONTINUE UNTIL THE END and again I was put on the edge thinking if I really will be able to go through this the last couple of days – a feeling I have had since 2006 very often because of my suffering: WILL I REALLY BE ABLE TO GO THROUGH THIS and yes I DID IT and if I want to do the same again? NO – ONCE IN A LIFETIME IS ENOUGH and yes MOTHER IT IS TRUE. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE as you have told us all of our lives but no one has told you that this is an ETERNAL LIFE and we know STIG A LITTLE BIT DIFFICULT TO BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND HOW THINGS CAN BE ETERNAL because everything must have a beginning and yes NORMALLY an end too and we know the reason of writing this is really to say WATCH THE INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL BONDESEN AND MICHAEL HARDINGER OF SHU-BI-DUA ON DANISH TELEVISION TODAY and yes I cannot remember the messages of this interview but there are a few and yes “DEN RØDE TRÅD” (“The red thread”) was the easiest song for them to write as they said and ONE OF THEIR BEST it is and WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THE SHIRT OF LIFE BECOMES TO SHORT as you sing? NOTHING REALLY BECAUSE BOTH OF YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER, THIS IS – ALMOST – OUR VERDICT ALREADY BASED ON THIS BOOK AND YES THE KILLING OF A DEVIL!

    After receiving and setting up the computer this evening with the most essential I need, I finalised the script of today and published this including the script of yesterday – so right now I expect that the script of tomorrow will be my last script and yes after having written MORE AND MORE FROM YEAR 2004 and forward – a MILESTONE is what you may call it and yes IT WILL BE NICE TO START DOING SOMETHING NEW and to remove this suffering of my life too.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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