30th May 2010 – This is how the beast within people looks like – use my books and commandments to eliminate it!

Summary of the script today



The ten secrets of Virgin Mary will be changed because of me When I read the overview of the messages of Virgin Mary starting in 1981 to visionaries in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the ten secrets the have been told about expected forthcoming events of the world, I was told myself by the same Virgin Mary that because I have done the unthinkable to eliminate the Devil myself that these secrets now may seem wrong – I ask Virgin Mary to tell the visionaries and the world that “I’m alive” and to be found by anyone.
This is how the beast within people looks like – use my books and Commandments to eliminate it One of the key messages of Virgin Mary to the visionaries is that “we do not know how to tell the difference between right and wrong”, which inspired me to write this chapter summarising the bad behaviour of many people today as you can read many examples of from my books. Often people do not realise they behave WRONGLY, which is the name of the game of the Devil: This is the beast working within people because of the decision of people themselves to do what is WRONG. This is what is reflected and given directly to God KILLING creation and life itself, this is why the Judgment is NOW – because of the wicked behaviour of mankind! This is what I have returned to correct together with the Council and my servants.


The ten secrets of Virgin Mary will be changed because of me

Today I was inspired for the first time since coming home from Kenya last year to read about the frequent apparitions of Virgin Mary since 1981 in a small village in Bosnia-Herzegovina named Medjugorje at www.medjugorje.org – from where I have included examples of miracles, which you can see in my document “Såkaldte overnaturlige fænomener januar 2009” from my library at www.mediafire.com/stig in the folder “book 2” – and her messages of peace and love to mankind including this: "I have come to tell the world that God exists. He is the fullness of life, and to enjoy this fullness and peace, you must return to God".

From this fine website – which I recommend you to visit – you can among other things read that

  • “She has come to earth to reeducate us and to help us convert and recenter our lives back to God. Our Lady’s role has always been one of guiding people to Her Son, Jesus”.
  • July 30, 1987: “Dear children, this is the reason for my presence among you for such a long time: to lead you on the path of Jesus. I want to save you and, through you, to save the whole world. Many people now live without faith; some don’t even want to hear about Jesus, but they still want peace and satisfaction! Children, here is the reason why I need your prayer: prayer is the only way to save the human race."
  • “In addition to the public messages, Our Lady is to give each of the six visionaries a total of ten "secrets" or happenings that will occur on earth in the near future. Some of the secrets pertain to the whole world while others concern the visionaries themselves or the local village.”
  • “The ninth and tenth secrets are grave matters. They are a chastisement for the sins of the world. The punishment is inevitable because we can not expect the conversion of the entire world.”

When I read these messages I was told myself that because I did what is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO – to defeat the Devil myself – WE HAVE GIVEN WHAT NOW MAY SEEM AS WRONG “SECRETS” TO THE SIX VISIONARIES OF THIS VILLAGE and yes Stig this is now me and me and me and yes this is the Devil and yes when I am not the Devil – I now feel a total change of appearance and presence – I am the Virgin Mary as you today better know as your mother or Lona and yes as the world does not know yet and yes my message is really my son that because of your actions all of the preparations we have done “for ages” to set up the game between God and the Devil for the whole earth to witness have now been CANCELLED and yes all of these warnings and yes secrets cannot be taken seriously anymore and yes this has two meanings – normally it is how people show an arrogant attitude when they don’t believe in you but here it is objective because this is really the meaning and yes Stig, my son – she asks for my feedback – maybe you would like to send my blessings, my mother, directly to these six visionaries and yes tell them that I am on earth to be found already now by all people and yes that I take the responsibility for what now may appear to be wrong messages from my mother and yes the messages were TRUE but the truth is that I have changed some expected events up to the Judgment Day because of the early elimination of the Devil and we know I don’t have more to say now other than thank you to all of the visionaries and people following the messages of Virgin Mary, I can only encourage you to follow this story too.

This is how the beast within people looks like – use my books and Commandments to eliminate it!

At http://www.medjugorje.org/overview.htm you can also read that “The problem with mankind is not so much that people have bad intentions, there are plenty of good hearted people. The problem is that we sometimes don’t see the truth; we are in darkness, and many of us are just blind. We do not realize that we have put ourselves into the hands of satan because we do not know how to tell the difference between right and wrong. Many of us become the image of satan without even knowing it.”

This inspired me to write this chapter to summarise messages of behaviour of people today to be read in my books. I was happy when I read this because it is also one of the key messages of my books – especially from September 2009 and forward: To tell the world from my everyday experiences about how many people today behave wrongly without understanding that this is indeed what they do. This is the “clever game” of the Devil, this is the beast working within people without the realisation of people themselves, this is the spoiled behaviour of people, who “normally get what we ask for” – a behaviour which has developed so much that many people of today don’t live a life in harmony, a life in pact with God and don’t do what is necessary to do in order to maintain and develop positive relations with other people. A large part of the world has become “what can you do to my benefit” instead of “how can I help you the best way possible”, which is part of “the way life’s meant to be” – and this is of course an untenable situation, which most people today will probably not acknowledge being a part of even though this is what they are.

As you can read many examples of from my books, it makes me sad that very often I meet people today, who to a lesser or higher degree:

  • Cannot control their negative feelings, thoughts and speech, which HURT people, makes them take WRONG decisions, and often they are also extremely sensitive to what people say of them but insensitive to what they say of people,
  • Demand to be treated with appreciation, patience, consideration and justice at the same time as they may be depreciating, impatient, inconsiderate and unjust to others,
  • Become negative, unreasonable and mean complaining about the smallest things “bothering” them without considering how their behaviour influence people,
  • Are spoiled, lazy and ignorant also making them take WRONG decisions based on “impressions” and not on “facts” and at the same time unschooled when it comes to knowledge of basic rules of good behaviour – people, who believe they are right most of the time and simply cannot see that their behaviour and actions towards others are WRONG,
  • Demand to be understood by people but don’t REALLY show the will or ability to understand people themselves – instead most often they speak of “me” and “I” without showing a TRUE interest in other people by asking questions and listening carefully,
  • Don’t TRUST in people, even in people who normally are to be trusted – if people themselves “feel” or “think” without having the facts or knowledge that a story is not to be trusted – just like my story and life situation in fact! People often make up their own truth from “out of the blue”, this is how their lies become “true” and when they tell their lies to other people, who don’t find it necessary to hear “both sides of the story”, this is how you can deceive the world,
  • Directly misunderstand what people tell because they don’t listen, understand the words or because they ACTIVELY DISTORT THE POSITIVE MEANING of people, which is easily turned into something negative because of their “personal filter” and negative outlook on life making both themselves and people suffer,
  • Have prejudices about what is the truth or not the truth based on their own views and inability or will to understand other people and stories, which can give people such a strong opinion that it causes them to believe that they don’t need to do more to understand,
  • Think of and speak negatively of people before positively – often telling gossip behind the backs of these making other people misjudge people because they don’t receive the TRUE picture – a behaviour they would never accept themselves,
  • Give their closest family members, friends or colleagues the understanding – maybe from direct promises – that they are to be trusted, but if they disagree or don’t understand they may become “tempted” to be disloyal when they are in the company of other people, which can make them taunt, criticize, feel they know-all on a false foundation or make fun of the people who “trusted” in them and who cannot defend themselves,
  • Are not considerate to other people and their needs but instead keep on putting themselves and their own ego’s forward – and maybe even act in an unnecessary provocative, impertinent or disgraceful way,
  • Speak an ugly or even a filthy language without a natural respect of others and maybe even swearing and using curses,
  • Reprimand and go on at children, partners or even relatives, friends or colleagues setting limitations up for people instead of smiling to and motivating people by encouraging them to follow the principle or FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY,
  • Cannot express what they feel or think because they are emotionally restrained or are afraid of the reaction of others,
  • Become sad and hurt because of disagreements, divorces and friendships breaking apart because of unnecessary misunderstandings, which easily could have been avoided if people had knowledge of basic communication, showed a positive life attitude and/or controlled their temper better,
  • On the “surface” look nice and pleasant but has a very low threshold of patience and acceptance of others and therefore easily “breaks down” hereby showing their beast within – this includes far too many people,
  • Cannot stand or denies being together with “certain people” not understanding that it is often their own limitations causing them to take this standpoint – a character failure of “common people”. With a true openness and good behaviour you should be able to get along with ALL people, even in the world of today!
  • Don’t know how – or don’t have the courage (!) – to solve a disagreement directly with another person – including a mentor when needed – but instead seeks “the advice” of other people hereby speaking behind the back of the person in question, which quickly can develop into an unnecessary crisis when this wrong “approach” is used and the real disagreement is still unsolved,
  • Cannot judge other people objectively and correctly because of own misunderstandings, delusions, inappropriate behaviour and/or subjective beliefs.
  • Care more for money than for people destroying their morale and decision making abilities making them cheat, lie and maybe committing economical crimes – which is also done by so called “respectable” people, ALL people are tempted (!) – or even physical damage to people, animals or the environment – this selfish behaviour on the cost of others is directly incompatible with a life in the trust and grace of God,
  • Show a false pride believing they are something special and more than others deserving a special treatment,
  • Keep on WRONGLY asking for (more) favours of family, friends and colleagues without returning the favours, showing appreciation or accepting when a favour cannot be given due to certain circumstances,
  • Feel either superior or inferior instead of feeling equal with ALL people, well balanced, strong and considerate to others,
  • Cannot get enough of positive care and praise from others – often receiving a false picture of themselves – but cannot themselves motivate or praise others because of restraints, lack of know-how, verbal abilities and “techniques”,  
  • Will not accept “constructive feedback” on development areas or even in everyday situations either because they believe they don’t have anything to develop/improve (!) or because they misunderstand the feedback as “annoying” and a “personal attack” (!),
  • Do not have the courage to speak directly, honestly and positively to HELP people also on ”difficult subjects” or ”development areas” – often because they are scared of the reaction of people – and instead they “please” people by telling a “rose-coloured” picture, which may not be (entirely) correct hereby keeping people from the truth, giving them a WRONG picture of themselves and doing them a disservice,
  • Personally likes to be in charge and control of people but cannot stand themselves to be “controlled”, “managed” or even “coached” or “facilitated” by other people – people who don’t know the difference between these expressions or simply believe they are perfect when they are not – people who prefer to receive FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY themselves and therefore should be able to offer the same including coaching – NOT control – when required,
  • Will try to force their own personal beliefs, priorities and “taste” on other people, in work or in relationships, without understanding or accepting the unique character and priorities of other people – MANY PEOPLE MEAN GOOD, BUT YOU CAN NEVER HELP OTHER PEOPLE WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THEM AND THEIR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS!
  • Don’t take responsibility of their own actions, “hide”, blame others or give poor explanations when they are exposed,
  • Easily gives up, don’t show commitment or passion in work, people or interests and simply don’t do their best but prioritise to “relax” as quickly as possible,
  • Demand other people to respect agreements, time and deadlines, which they may not do themselves,
  • Take credit of what other people have achieved, claim to be more than what they are, don’t have the discipline to do “dull” work and wrongly believe that people working hard with the best professional competences are “nerds” or “analysts” not having the overview – as they believe they have themselves which often is NOT the case because of lack of knowledge, which is what the “analyst” possesses – to become the natural leader or manager (!),
  • Don’t have the “capacity” to comprehend and value “people different than themselves” – other ages, ethnicity, culture, occupations etc. – even though variation is a gift from God for all people to be valued,
  • Think of their own pleasure and comfort without true compassion for people in need and without using necessary time or resources to help people in distress, where a large part of the world scandalously is living on the edge of their lives,
  • Don’t stand forward or take appropriate actions as family, friends or colleagues to help people, when they face difficult life situations,
  • Demand of their partners to be faithful but may be unfaithful themselves,
  • Are tempted to steal from others or at least to keep what they “find”, which does not belong to them but to someone missing the item – a behaviour they would not accept of others,
  • Prefer to receive “passive entertainment” such as television, computers, games etc. instead of being together with people hereby giving a WRONG balance of life.
  • Cannot control their intake of alcohol, drugs, gambling, tobacco and also sex/pornography, internet, shopping etc. – some people even think that the addiction  will give them relief in a “difficult situation” (!) – where the true answer is that addiction is caused by the decisions of man self and strengthened by the Devil and the more you do it, the more addicted you will become, the only way out is to find a true balance of life and to stop the addiction,

These are examples of common behaviour today, a behaviour where people often demand to receive a “proper” behaviour from others without giving it themselves, a grotesque situation, which has made me call it “the opposite golden rule” in my books, a behaviour which is based on selfishness of man, which I can only describe as a WRONG and undesired development based on the freedom of man, a behaviour which should be clear to all that it is based on the opposite of what should be SIMPLE LOGIC for all people to follow – and a behaviour, which is directly “supported” and strengthened by the Devil tempting ALL people every single second DIRECTY and STRONGLY to do what they would normally do (!) the same way as God strengthens ALL people every second DIRECTLY and STRONGLY to do good when this is what they would normally do in a given situation (a desire to “help”, “eat”, “play music”, have “a glass of Champagne” etc. are only small examples, which ALWAYS are given to you spiritually!) – and either the Devil or God will “win” depending on every single decision you decide to take yourself, this is the combination of the universe and your individual will. And when you decide to be “tempted”, to do what you know or should know is WRONG, this is where you see the beast within as the examples above show, which more or less is the definition and nature of the Devil (!). When you see this behaviour of people you look directly into the eyes of the Devil and when you do it yourself, you act directly as a tool of the Devil, a presence which soon will become history.

This is a behaviour you see in abundance in an egocentric, rich world focusing on money, lust, luxury and status symbols and “how can I get more” at the same time as millions of people are dying because of unnecessary starvation, dehydration, sicknesses and crime. This is the ultimate point mankind has allowed the Devil to develop creating what today is such an extreme situation that we now face the “end times” from which exemption is not an option. Wicked and egocentric behaviour with all of its consequences in “the modern world” has become so immense that it is not only unacceptable, it is eradicating creation and herewith life in itself! This is the true nature of the Devil – TO DESTROY ALL LIVING and the wrong behaviour of mankind is so extreme that you are causing the Council of eight severe pain when they are watching and using the power of God or these days mainly the power of the Devil for “every breath you take” (therefore this amazing song, Sting!), all of the actions of mankind are reflected in Heaven with the consequence that Heaven barely can hold on to life for all of us, they keep on doing all they can to find new ways to overcome this extreme pain – the same I have gone through on earth trying to find a “solution” to endure my suffering every single second – and yes Stig when the pain continues to grow, we get the same feeling as you: It is almost better to give up, but the TRUE answer is that we have waited with eagerness for your return – and here I feel Meshack too – enabling us together to correct all of the wrong doings of mankind by bringing people to pray, follow the ten commandments, the Golden Rule and the rules of my books. This is why the Judgment is NOW – because of the wicked and WRONG behaviour of mankind and yes LACK OF COMMON SENSE AND RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WORLD AND THIS GOES ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOP!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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