16th June 2010 – Freeing the Council from acting as the Devil and taking on ALL suffering of mankind as my own inner self

Summary of the script today



15th June: Freeing the Council from acting as the Devil taking on ALL suffering of mankind as my own inner self
  • Dreaming of coming home after having crossed the mountains of Europe – to see that Denis leaving Karen, who does not have the courage to come to me.
  • I AM NOT LATE, I have arrived exactly on time as God now tells me.
  • The Devil is still trying to make me suffer as long as my “dear family and friends” don’t do what is right: To have faith in me, help us and stand forward.
  • I feel “sick and tired” of eating the same bread – like the poor people of Dadaab, which an IGNORANT world still REALLY not have helped (!). I will start to starve in a few days. IS THAT REALLY WHAT YOU WANT?
  • Search on “decode crop circles” and “Niburu” on YouTube/Internet and you will see how UFO’s help mankind to survive (!) and my new planet too, which are examples of information politicians and the media is keeping from people.
  • When I was approaching not only starvation but also what seemed to be the “most difficult battle” of all with the Devil the answer simply came to me: To FREE the Council from playing the Devil and to take on ALL of the suffering of the world as my own spiritual self. This is how I come through myself as a physical being and yes WHAT OTHERWISE WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE TO DO.
16th June: Receiving the guitar of God, coming home and wakening up my special friends on TIME
  • Dreaming of receiving God’s guitar, coming home without injuries and receiving my special friends on TIME, my father who wants to buy the same computer as mine (to take on my book), striking the best golf stroke of my life, having a good time together with Karen – without sleeping together because of her impatience (!) and picking a car including JOY and HAPINESS together with the purple colour, which I associate with Karen.
  • Thinking about family, friends and ex-colleagues telling “good stories” of me as “wise guys” not knowing the facts but thinking “we feel so sorry for him”.
  • People are losing interest in my scripts just like they lose interest in disasters etc. and some of you may even believe that I am trying to start a new “sect”?
  • I give you two examples of businesses thinking of their own selfish interests and not the interests of their customers – and Saxo Bank as the symbol of the Devil himself in the business world, where I ask the owners to stand forward to dissolve their own system, to give away their money/belongings and to teach the world how to reorganize into a new, sustainable system.


15th June: Freeing the Council from acting as the Devil taking on ALL suffering of man as my own inner self

Today I decided that I did not have enough news to do a normal script, so this will be a “mini-script”, which will be published when I believe I have “enough information” to publish.

Dreaming of coming home to the city of God

Again this morning I was allowed to sleep for a long time and I do feel somewhat fresher today and yes not quite as normal but better than for some time.

  • I have returned home from driving in my car in the Mountains of Europe – in and out or roads of heavy snow – and I took the motorway directly home to Denmark. I am now at the apartment at the house at Nordre Strandvej in Helsingør where I lived from 1986-1988, the apartment is belonging to a director and Nikolaj from Fair is also allowed to borrow this apartment. Denis has arrived to pick up his toothbrush, he has given up on Karen – she is upstairs and does not have the courage to come down to me downstairs and in connection with Karen I see ice cream melting and I get the feeling that she would also like to publish a book. Outside I have the previous model of BMW 320 parked, it is not as nice as my previous new Mercedes and somehow when I see it I see it from my window at the row house in Snekkersten, where we lived from 1978-86.
  • This is the road I have gone through to come home to the city of God again – and we know a dream of old symbols as you can see, the ice melting is pain going away and I see the car from the city of the Devil – Snekkersten – and yes a symbol of the Devil and this is how I feel as long as people of the world are starving and suffering and yes when you have sorted this out, I think it is fine if you want to prioritise a fine car – it is up to you.

I have arrived exactly at the right time!

Late yesterday evening I was told that IT WAS RIGHT OF ME TO “WAIT” to stand forward (!) by publishing my books and that we could have started going public already when you were 42 years old – I am 44 today – but the longer I have waited, the better I have been able to prepare my work and yes this is both here and also on the other side – and yes now I have come home for example on the other side and yes WE HAD HOPED THAT YOU WOULD COME THROUGH THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE and YES TO DO YOUR BEST WORK and yes NOT TO GO PUBLIC AS I WAS MOTIVATED STRONGLY TO DO AS EXAMPLE ALREADY AFTER 10-14 DAYS IN KENYA LAST YEAR IN MAY 2009 – I believe – because this is truly the message to the people of the world: DO YOUR WORK THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE INCLUDING THE BEST QUALITY and yes THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE USED THE TIME TO DO and this means that we will wake up all of your special friends Stig and we know: PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT and yes PLEASE REMEMBER THIS – and we know ALL OF THE TALK IN MY BOOKS ABOUT ARRIVING LATE IS REALLY TALK OF THE DEVIL and yes which is what I was told today and of course I did not know this when I in loyalty (!) wrote down the messages I received before and so it is.

Still fighting the Devil – running out of food – the world could have helped us all if they did not cover up

In continuation of what I have written on this the last couple of days I can say that the Devil around me is STILL VERY STRONG – stronger than ever (!) – and yes BECAUSE OF YOU MY DEAR FAMILY AND FRIENDS NOT DOING WHAT YOU SHOULD DO but we know LOOKING INSIDE OF YOURSELVES INSTEAD YOU ARE and yes “suffering” instead of ACTING and yes to remove the suffering and so it is and the way I feel this here was through a VERY UNPLEASANT DREAM tonight, which I don’t want to share with you, and yes VERY UNPLEASANT TALK THIS MORNING – and yes so unpleasant that this could bring me down alone – but my attitude is 100% this:

“You can do whatever you want, I simply don’t care – I will do what I decide to do, I am satisfied with what I have done and if you believe this should have consequences, it will be up to you to decide” and yes this is TOTALLY TRUE and I will not under no circumstances accept to be pressured to publish a script today when there are not enough news to do a normal script – which is one example only on the pressure put on me – and yes today I decided to do Yoga – which I have done every third day as planned – but because of the Devil around me I have not been able to run every third day and yes I have come to the point where I have now taken running out of my action plan and yes if I have the energy to do it, I will do it – and we know this may sound negative – but no, if this is what you think, then you are not objective – because this is really to be 100% objective and yes not to be depending on what my “surroundings” do and so it is.

Already now I feel almost “sick and tired” of eating white bread up until dinner because of lack of variation in food and yes “almost throwing up” of this food alone – just like the Roskilde Festival with you Fuggi almost 30 years ago where we only had white bread with liver pate several days in a row and yes therefore (!) – and yes this is again a symbol of DADAAB – and yes BECAUSE OF LACK OF INTEREST and LAZINESS PEOPLE HAVE DONE NOTHING REALLY TO HELP AS DESIRED TO GET THESE VERY POOR PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MISERY and yes I wrote my first memo on this in April 2009 and yes sent it out to media and in February 2010 I did the same – now on behalf of LTO – with an even better quality to MANY people of the media, politicians, NGO’s etc. and yes YOU HAVE DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HELP ME MAKE THIS A BETTER WORLD and we know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BECAUSE OF YOUR IGNORANCE and yes THIS IS A SYMBOL OF THE SICK WORLD TODAY and yes IF I DID NOT MANAGE TO RETURN TO LIFE THROUGH THE ROAD I HAVE GONE THROUGH – after mankind killed me as Jesus (!) – MANKIND WOULD HAVE DESTROYED ITSELF and yes try to search YouTube and the Internet for “decode crop circles” and use a few hours and yes then you will understand what mankind ALSO has done and yes what UFO’s through the crop circles are telling mankind and how they help and yes you can for that matter also search for “Niburu” on YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet and yes then you can see MY NEW PLANET and yes WHICH THE MEDIA HARDLY WRITES ABOUT AND WE KNOW THE POLITICIANS DON’T SPEAK ABOUT – and my dear people DO YOU BELIEVE IT HELPS PEOPLE ON EARTH TO COVER UP THIS INFORMATION INSTEAD OF TELLING OBJECTIVELY WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW and yes IF YOU HAD DONE THIS, WE WOULD ALL BE ON OUR SAFE WAY HOME and yes THEN YOU WOULD NOT HAD JEOPARDISED THE EXISTINCE OF MANKIND – THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE MY “DEAR” POLITICIANS AND MEDIA and yes BY NOT ACTING IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER and we know instead you have continued to prioritise yourself, money, nice dinners and we know “luxury” and yes SHAMEFUL, this is what I tell you today!

And by the way my dear family and “friends”: I will run out of food in a very few days and then I will start to starve just like my friends in Kenya – “IS THAT REALLY WHAT YOU WANT” for “yours truly” (?) and yes as the song is called where this is from.

Facebook friends and I like the behaviour of many Australians

And here let me correct what I wrote some time ago. I noticed today that my old Fair-colleague Vivi is indeed still a friend of mine on Facebook, but the 3rd June first I became happy to see that Helle P. – the old friend of Kirsten, and my friend too – invited me to become a friend of hers on Facebook and yes only to see that she soon thereafter decided to quit me as a friend again and yes not easy to understand Helle that your old “friend” is the one he “claims” to be – and yes you are one of the “beautiful women”, which the Council put on my suffering road of life and yes so it is – but I was happy to see that you have a family with children today. Congratulations – and yes I have the same thought to Julie from Masterchef Australia, who won the first edition of this competition and yes which finished yesterday on Danish television and yes with Poh coming in second place and yes I LIKE BOTH OF YOU VERY MUCH and yes as I do with most of the people of the show and yes just wondering how you have succeeded to get a better “culture” and yes “behaviour” in Australia than I have seen elsewhere in the rich world and yes IT MAKES YOU THINK and yes also understand why people like to travel or even to immigrate to Australia and yes like Søren, my old class mate, and Vivian my dear old friend.

Freeing the Council from acting as the Devil – taking on the Devil and ALL SUFFERING OF MAN as my spiritual self

Later in the day I was still fighting the Devil trying to keep away the thought given to me that “this is going to become the most difficult battle of them all” etc. because of the situation I face close to starvation and with the most concerned family members etc. feeding the Devil and we know the experience of the night and this morning too and yes this evening the answer simply came to me, which was to decide to tell the Council:


And from here the pain started to ease again and yes you are FREE to continue the process of waking up my special friends too and I was told that this decision will also make it easier for my mother, who will now not “bleed to death” because of me and so it is my friends.

Later I was told that God had to enter the most difficult road to come home and that he will not enter this without receiving pain – remember the dream about the cat in the bath tub (?) – and yes YOU GOT WHAT IS THE MINIMUM and yes of what we could have given you and so it is. And I was also told that the “game” was “designed” so difficult that I would be the only one in the world able to go through all pain in order to reach the other side – and yes using “will power” and “never give up” constantly finding “the invisible road of God” really.

In the evening I was surfing on the Internet and we know when you don’t really think about what you do ”somehow” you will be lead to certain information which is ”meant to be” – like when I found the Arthur Findlay College in 2005, where I then by “chance” decided to spend my “summer holiday” for example – and yes almost like when you don’t remember how you drove home because you were “day dreaming” while driving and yes in both situations you are really guided spiritually and so it is and yes without knowing how I found it, I “managed” to watch David Bowie playing a concert together with another favourite orchestra of mine The Arcade Fire and yes singing the song “wake up” and yes this is simply another symbol of what we are doing to ALL OF YOUR SPECIAL FRIENDS AT THE MOMENT.

And yes my decision this evening to take on the Devil as my own spiritual self is probably “not the worst” decided I have taken – thinking of you Morten J. (!) – because just maybe this is the decision which will save me from THE WORST SUFFERING BECAUSE OF MY SURROUNDINGS and yes from physical suffering too and so it is – and we know “a pain I am used to” is playing in my headset right now when this is written and yes ANOTHER TOTAL FAVOURITE OF MINE FROM DEPECHE MODE and yes HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU I HAVE and yes YOU ARE STILL AMONG YMY TOP 6 ARTISTS and we know having “divine” inspiration is not very easy is it, Martin, Dave and Andrew?

16th June: Receiving the guitar of God, coming home and wakening up my special friends on TIME

Dreaming of receiving God’s guitar and coming home without injuries

This night again I was “allowed” to sleep for a long time, which is both “good” and “bad” because this can be a danger too if I decide to sleep TOO much, which I feel “motivated” to do because I am still tired. I went to bed at 02.30 after watching Obama directly on television speaking BRAVELY about the Oil spill disaster and yes I LIKED VERY MUCH WHAT HE SAID and we know APPARENTLY USA IS A COUNTRY WHERE IT IS VERY EASY FOR THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA TO EITHER BLAME OR PRAISE THE PRESIDENT FOR MORE OR LESS EVERYTHING WHICH IS DONE AT THIS DISASTER and other things too and we know which the President may not even have knowledge about and yes based on the FEELINGS of people and yes also the feeling of needing a STRONG LEADER and yes to STAND FORWARD (!) and yes Obama I understood this one J and so it is here and yes HE ALSO MANAGED TO CALM ME WITH HIS SPEECH and yes HIS PROMISE IN FACT TO CLOSE THE LEAKING OIL WELL OVER THE COMING MONTHS and yes I am sure he will not say this if there is no reason behind it and yes because of this late turning in, I decided to stand up at 11.00 this morning and yes if I did not I could have slept at least “some hours” more but NO – this was not “meant to be” J.

A night with mostly very HAPPY dreams because of my decision yesterday to FREE the Council from the Devil:

  • Pete Townsend is coming to an important meeting in an office located in the “house of industry” in Copenhagen – I stand in the door and I notice that all shoes are constantly being polished for all people coming. From here I am now suddenly at the school where Angie is on the other side of this important meeting together with a man, she speaks very loudly, which worries me because maybe the people at the meeting will hear her. People come to me and they talk about my style of clothes and one suggests that I could wear green trousers and I say that I don’t have a suit in green but when I can afford it I will buy one and I also say that when it comes to casual clothing I like to wear both green and red jeans as examples and I say “this is me” like Mauro Scocco, who I use as a symbol of myself.
  • Pete Townsend is included here simply because he is a GOD DIVINED GUITAR PLAYER and yes here I think of him playing together with David Bowie in SLOW BURN, which is one of 8-9 songs of Bowie, which I give a CLEAR 100 POINT MARK and yes so it is and yes the meeting is ABOUT GIVING THE GUITAR TO ME and yes representing what God possesses and yes “everything” really and we know a little bit of SALT too maybe and we know – Angie is in the dream going through her school at the moment and yes journey too and so it is.
  • I hear the song “the new stone age” by OMD and the introduction to the chorus and then the chorus “oh my God, what have I done this time” and yes “these are the days” where the Council would like to celebrate because they are FREE of the Devil and yes instead of being quiet and we know but this is the name of the game and yes Stig as long as you, LTO Kenya and many million people of the world don’t yet have a normal life.
    • When hearing the song I also see an egg being boiled at the same time as all of the surroundings of the egg are blurred when spinning around and it gives me the feeling that what this is about is for myself – which the egg symbolises – to come out of the tunnel as the last one really and yes meaning without receiving injuries and yes you know of the kind I have written about earlier.
  • I am at the Central Station of Helsingør where I am receiving Jan M. and Jan H. – from DanskeBank-Pension – we have not seen each other for many years and Jan M. shows us his diving watch, which he paid 1,350 DKK for approx. 20 years ago and he tells us that today this clock costs 500,000 DKK and 100,000 DKK for a used one and he continues explaining about his mill and how he produces flower, which by “chance” is also what Jan H. is doing but not with the same high quality as Jan M. and now I see that Jan H. takes out eggs from his freezer. I talk a little of myself but I decide that I will not only speak about myself and therefore after some time I decide to ask them questions about them. Later we throw cream puffs at each other, which we crush into each other faces too having a lot of fun.
    • Really just two special friends coming home and yes I did never give a clear description of what the watch means, I believe, and yes what does it really mean and yes only that it is TIME to continue and yes so it is and here we see Jan H. returning even more lives to me and yes which he will do informing the world about my words and yes so it is – and finally just the Council celebrating with the cream puffs and yes they are in a good spirit.
  • I am in a wood in Sweden holding a camera and we manage accurately to get inside a hut because outside we see dangerous wild pigs and I am told that these pigs are too fat to be eaten (!).
  • I am with my father, I have decided to buy a new laptop, which he is not interested in in the beginning but when I show him that most of the keyboard is touch sensitive and works like a mouse, he becomes very interested deciding that he will buy the same computer himself. He says that he will send some documents to me on email and ask Kirsten, who will drive me “somewhere” to pick up the files and Kirsten tells him that it is easier if he simply saves the files on my USB-key instead.
    • We know just maybe the computer is really a symbol of my book and yes Stig so maybe my father is indeed interested in my book or at least he will become interested and yes to take on the words of the book himself and yes to spread it to the world and yes so it is – and if he would like to publish his own comments like Karen, who wanted to write a book in another dream, of course they should do so.
  • I am playing golf for the first time in three years, and for some strokes I strike a football and for others I strike a normal golf ball. After the first drive at hole number 2, the ball is lying deep into the sand on the fairway. I move the ball to the top of a small heap of sand and when I look at my golf clubs, I see that most of them are borrowed by other players but I manage to get a seven iron and then I hit the ball the best I can and I see it landing on the green and falling into the hole with the back spin I gave it – and I tell the others that this is the best shot I have ever done and it gives me an “eagle” because it is a par four hole. Later I see myself preparing a practise round inside the club house and I need to have shoes with spikes on before I can start.
    • Nothing much to say really other than the dreams are connected to my decision yesterday to FREE the Council and yes by this to FREE myself – this is the meaning of the Golf strike and yes the “eagle” and we know “free as a bird”.
  • I am in a taxi coming to the station to pick up Karen, but she is together with a man called Carsten in the dream – who is Kim in real life – and both of them enter the taxi. We come to her apartment and I spend a nice day together with Karen even though Carsten/Kim is also in the apartment. I tell her that I would like to see her again if she will also see me and she says that she will but that she does not want to sleep with me.
    • Karen, “we can work it out”, this is what we could have done 6-7 years ago – it was the Devil giving us difficulties and with PATIENCE we would have been allowed to have God helping us gradually and yes then we would be together and still be together today and we know WHICH WOULD HAVE “AN IMPACT” ON THE WORLD TOO and yes but this was not meant to be because of your impatience, Karen.
  • All people at a radio station are trying new cars and Lars Hjortshøj has found an Alfa Romeo with a very rare and the best motor of them all, which is the car he decides for – and it has purple interior, which makes him very happy too.
    • Just the Council happy again and yes using the humorous Lars Hjortshøj to show this and the purple interior is of the same colour as the fine t-shirt in purple, which you gave me as a present 6-7 years ago, Karen and we know no tears here which I am giving you and yes I feel all of you three very strong and yes two meanings here because I feel Karen, Caroline and Denis strongly and yes their inner selves you know and they feel me very strongly too and yes all three sides of me and that is myself, God and the holy guy too you know.

    And this morning I was told that the plane which emergency landed on the Hudson River in New York in January 2009 – the “miracle on the Hudson” – “would not have made it without us” and yes this is really the symbol of the plane of the Devil landing, which is what I am doing and showing you in my scripts and yes into the water and we know symbolising the worst suffering of all so far and yes because of what people have caused upon me because of their own misunderstandings, concerns and opposition and so it is.

    Dreaming of receiving God’s guitar and coming home without injuries

    Thursday I will receive my last “almost normal meal” for some time and yes unless people will both start to help me and yes show faith in me, which it looks like no people can do today (!) and from here I might have a some days where I literally will be in prison on “bread and water” because this is what I will have and nothing else and hereafter I will also DRY out on bread and yes then I will have nothing left until the 1st July where I will receive approx. 400 DKK in “apartment security” giving me some food and yes probably Poul-Erik will then start to be “impatient” with me for not paying rent and we know just like the bank in Kenya is chasing Elijah and Meshack without understanding and accepting their very difficult situation to say the least and we know THEY DON’T REALLY NEED TO DO IT and yes LIKE POUL-ERIK DOES NOT NEED TO CHASE ME and yes but they do it because of the attitude “this is mine” instead of focusing on “normal life” and yes “am I to give or receive” and yes nothing else really and so it is my friend.

    And I am thinking about my “dear family and friends” and yes the “despair” you must go through because “there is simply nothing you can do” to help me/us??? And we know just thinking about this I am and yes because you feel so “helpless”, you have accepted that the LTO team and I will suffer and yes with the prospect of dying?

    I have decided that I will continue to write during this phase if I believe I have the energy to do so and if I don’t, you will not receive news until the beginning of July when I will start to have a little bit to eat again and yes so it is – thinking of surviving with 400 DKK per month from the “apartment security” and yes without paying the 229 DKK in fee to Fitness World and yes which Jyske Bank obviously did not have “the time” to cancel and yes the 1st June when I asked them to do so and yes so it is.

    Family and friends acting as “wise guys” telling stories of me –losing interest in me and maybe fearing a new “sect”?

    I wonder how many of my family, friends and ex-colleagues have been acting as “wise guys” telling friends and colleagues about just how crazy I am including stories from the past “confirming” this made up by you without telling OBJECTIVELY and TRUTHFULLY about me (!!!) and yes DISTORSTING THE FACTS and yes without knowing and of course telling it to others both because it is SUCH a good story to tell, which you simply “cannot resist” to do and yes also because “I feel so sorry for him” – and yes is this really what you have done all of you my dear family members, “close” friends and ex-colleagues too and yes without reading and yes trying to do your best to understand me and of course WITHOUT HAVING A CLUE OF THE CONSEQUENCES TO ME AND MANKIND? This is what I mean of the word IGNORANCE.

    And I am amazed about how the world has turned out to be because this is not me from where I come from, this is not how you are born, my people, this is the Devil you have created yourself without God (above the Council!) in the world and yes you have shown that you are not able to survive without God which is what I have shown you since you decided to kill Jesus.

    Do you want to let me – and LTO – live this time? if this is the case I should be happy if someone out there very soon will decide to do something about it and we know not many of you read my homepage and blog at the moment so yes “we are tired of listening to him” and yes the other so “familiar” syndrome because now I am “old news” to you and yes just like what happens to most disasters and Africa and yes even Haiti in some degree when you don’t have the “patience” to keep focused helping people and we know A SIGN OF THE DEVIL TOO – and some of you may even believe I am so “extreme” that I am “advertising” for people to join my “sect” and yes which is something most people are afraid of and yes because this is what you have asked the Devil to call upon many times and we know before my arrival and yes to make my arrival as difficult as possible and we know mother, is that what you believe too, that I am trying to start a sect and yes PLEASE DON’T BE SCARED OF ME BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO BE SCARED ABOUT – I AM ME, MYSELF and yes just with God accompanying me now and yes as you can discover yourself instead of being SCEPTICAL AND FEARFUL ABOUT ME and we know ALL OF THE PROOF IS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU and yes SO FAR NONE OF YOU HAVE REACTED and does this tell about me or you – and yes please remember the LTO who believed in me after a very short time – and yes it is telling about the Devil controlling the world without the world realising the extent of it. THIS IS GOD SPEAKING AND GOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A SECT – IT IS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR SOURCE RETURNING and nothing else.

    Visiting Brede Park

    Even though I was indeed very tired this afternoon – I was almost falling a sleep while sitting at my balcony in the NICE WEATHER, which it is again today – I decided to go to Brede Park to see how it looked after a long time not being there and yes I wonder why the Park officially closes at 21.00 every evening and yes with the different back entrances you can use instead and so it is and yes I was happy to see the park again and yes the grass was new-mown including the first slope but for some reason or another slopes no. 2, 3 and 4 were looking like a mess with VERY LONG GRASS and yes other details of the Park too, which did not look nice and we know IS IT BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO THIS WORK – which would REALLY surprise me (!) – or is it because YOU SIMPLY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE DETAILS and yes let me say that the closer to 100% you reach when working, the more satisfied you will make God and yes so it is and not only 80% as you always WRONGLY said Søren H.!

    Business people thinking on themselves and not the customer

    Today I read in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten that PFA Pension and Mercer have made a secret settlement and yes do you remember the story Preben told me last year (?) and we know PFA “claimed” that the critical voice of the director of Mercer, who suspected that PFA was in financial problems, which the newspapers wrote about, had “damaged” the reputation of PFA and as a result of this, they cancelled the agreement with Mercer and yes was the truth really that this was a better “deal” for you, PFA because it gave you the “opportunity” to take over the service of the customers of Mercer yourself (?) and yes of course PFA demanded to receive a large amount in compensation because of the damage of their reputation (!) and yes on the other side Mercer claimed that the real reason for the action of PFA was exactly that, to take over the service of the customers of Mercer because this would be a better deal for PFA and yes because of lost income Mercer demanded a large amount in compensation and yes WHERE WAS THE INTEREST OF THE CUSTOMERS IN THIS BATTLE ON MONEY AND “REPUTATION” BETWEEN YOU and we know SET UP BY ALL OF US and yes BECAUSE WE WERE ACTING AS THE DEVIL, remember (?), and yes this is just a story of WHAT NOT TO DO IN THE FUTURE and yes as I believe also was the message really when I wrote about this last year. And we know IF YOU TRULY SHOWED VALUES and yes FOR EXAMPLE TO BE HONEST and yes TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER and yes DID YOU THEN BELIEVE THAT YOU WOULD HAVE TO HAVE LAWYERS REPRESENTING YOU TO TAKE THIS FIGHT BETWEEN YOU and yes all I am saying here really is that LAWYERS IS A TOOL OF THE DEVIL – you don’t need all of this totally unnecessary law and yes which no people understand and yes which is really BUREAUCRACY and only a symbol of a world, which does not rest in itself and yes where people don’t behave as they should according to the values of God and so it is.

    And I have been thinking of writing about the second example today for months really and yes just an example of when “CAPITALISM” is acting the worst because the two owners of Saxo Bank – as you also can read about in Jyllands-Posten today – became world famous when their company in 1996 by Danish television was exposed as one of the most frivolous companies in Denmark and we know WITH ONE GOAL ONLY, which was to FOOL MONEY FROM PEOPLE in order for the owners and sales men to make as much money for themselves as possible and yes the telesales manuscript was exposed – and yes see if you can find the ones I have made over the years when selling insurance as comparison (!) – and it included to CHEAT and yes DECEIVE people and yes by making up WRONG stories of the financial markets and yes disguised it was by the “clever” sales director training the sales people of the company by saying that “this is what our competitors do, which we would never do ourselves” and yes AS YOUR “EXIT-ROUTE” so to say if you would be exposed – and when you have a company policy where the salesmen only received commission of the sales they did and yes when the best sales results came to cheat and yes lie – which is NOT the case IF YOU DO YOUR WORK WITH THE BEST QUALITY (!) – what do you think the salesmen did and yes of course they were tempted beyond their means and did what is WRONG and yes including shouting on the telephone “det er helt vildt” – “it is completely wild” – which I CLEARLY remember from the television documentary where their sales methods was – and yes you can find examples of this company receiving money from new customers to invest for, which was traded so many times that more than 90% of the money quickly was “eaten” up in fees to the company and yes DID YOU REALLY DO REAL TRADES or was the trade only on paper and yes for you to STEAL MONEY DIRECTLY FROM CUSTOMERS and yes THIS IS REALLY WHAT NOT ONLY YOU BUT LET US HERE MOST COMPANIES ALL OVER THE WOLRD DO TODAY and yes Bo from Dahlberg, what you did when setting prices on insurance programmes hereby deciding your own profit/income was the same: YOU STOLE DIRECTLY FROM CUSTOMERS and yes RECEIVED A LOT OF MONEY FOR REALLY DOING NOTHING and yes “practically nothing” that is.


    DO YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE EARNED IT and of course you do because you have done nothing WRONG, have you (?) and yes try to compare the work you have done to the hard working fishermen at the Lake Victoria as I saw on Danish television yesterday and we know you did exactly as the Nile perch has done in this lake when it was PUT OUT IN AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE IT DOES NOT BELONG: IT ATE UP ALL OF THE SMALL FISH OF THE LAKE WHICH IS NOW EXTINCT and yes AS YOU STARTED DOING WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS and yes WHERE IS THE PRODUCTION – the true value – BEHIND WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOUR SYSTEM AND CUSTOMERS DEAL IN FOREIGN EXHANGE (?) AND WE KNOW I CANNOT SEE IT SO WHAT YOU HAVE BECOME IS “APPARENTLY” RICH and yes WHEN THERE IS NOTHING TO SUPPORT YOUR “RICHNESS” FROM, WHICH MEANS THAT YOU ARE ONLY RICH ON PAPER and yes THIS PAPER IS WHAT IS ALSO DESTROYING THE WORLD and yes LIKE THE NILE PERCH TOO and so it is and yes YOUR “BRILLIANT” SYSTEM NOW TRADES FOR MORE THAN 15,000 BILLION DKK PER YEAR and yes for people who are exactly like yourself and yes EGOCENTRIC and what do I have to say to this, Stig and yes only this: IT IS NOW “TIME” FOR YOU TO WAKE UP TOO and yes THE BOTH OF YOU AND WE KNOW TO TELL THE WORLD THAT WHAT YOU DID WAS VERY WRONG and yes FOR YOU TO DISSOLVE THIS SYSTEM and yes TO TEACH THE WORLD HOW TO REORGANIZE AND SETUP A NEW SUSTAINABLE SYSTEM and yes of course to start living a “NORMAL LIFE” yourselves and yes to give away of your money and belongings to people who really need it and yes for example the very poor fishermen of the lake and yes the children which I saw fighting over a small meal on television and yes so it is.

    Finally today I have decided NOT to run at the moment because of the lack of food and energy I am already now receiving and yes I would of course have continued to run and yes if I had just a little bit more to eat and yes for example if I had not paid the fee of 229 DKK to Fitness World this month and yes so it is.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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