18th June 2010 – The work to rise all people on earth to the next level of consciousness has now started

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of beautiful decoration at my home and the wine of God Dreaming of loyalty from Elijah’s wife, rain and “normal weather” to come, not speaking about the stories of my books, the Council “playing” with me giving me dreams telling me that I will suffer if I continue to write DIRECTLY also on people, which is of course what I will do IF I BELIEVE IT IS NEEDED TO TEACH THE WORLD, police killings, beautiful decorations of my home including the wine of God and receiving the love of the Council.
The work to rise all people on earth to the next level of consciousness has now started

I have only made love with few women in my life despite of the effort of the Devil attracting many women to me, which made me suffer much. The reason has been a decision of God because sleeping with God is “difficult to survive” because of the STRENGTH OF THE LIGHT.

I freed the Council from the Devil to help them rise to the next level of consciousness – the level of Jesus – which they have done now and from here they will help me – my inner self – to rise to the next level of “God”. The secret is that a part of the Judgment will be to RISE ALL PEOPLE TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS – this is the work, which we have now initiated.

Running again and the story of saving my father I ran again today feeling fresher but with less energy. My father would have been the first human to become eliminated if I did not manage to defeat the Devil.
A “friend” showing the beast inside of her Shortly after my post on Facebook yesterday, a “friend” showed the beast inside of her judging me negatively without having knowledge and she wrote in a very ugly language – how many of you have the same kind of thoughts about me today?
The fin whale was not ready to die and now it is FREE again All people had given up on the whale, experts were looking forward to dissect it and to place the skeleton as the “best item” of their museum – but the whale had decided NOT TO GIVE UP – the same as I – and now it is FREE and swimming again and “it’s a miracle” really.


Dreaming of beautiful decoration at my home and the wine of God

Tonight I slept from 02.30-11.00 and we know during afternoons YOU MAKE ME SO TIRED that I can hardly keep my eyes open making it almost impossible to NOT LAY DOWN TO REST and we know as I was “this close” of doing yesterday but then you make me more and more fresh and this was the reason why I did not feel tired at all at neither 23.00 nor 01.00 and therefore waited until 02.30 and so it is and we know after a bath this morning I did Yoga again and MOTIVATED I AM TO RUN but I have decided that there is NOTHING more important than writing and we know I could probably run first and write afterwards BUT TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE I HAVE DECIDED TO WRITE FIRST and we know then I will probably be too tired later to run and we know always be on an empty stomach and we know which is not good when running and we know today I started with three slices of bread and I re-heated one cup of coffee which was left from yesterday – saving I am – and we know coming to the script of today and we know with these dreams from the night and we know at least those I took notes of:

  • I am with Elijah at the bank, I cannot find my Danske Bank card, but I can use bottles for the slot machine. I have to remember very many keys, when I leave, which is difficult but I manage to get all of them with me to a good and cheap car, where I notice the loyal support from a struggling lady, whom I feel is Elijah’s wife – I see a train driving in Australia and the struggles it has to reach the next city because of draught and I get the feeling from the dream that the rain is on its way.
  • Danske Bank is the symbol to bring normal life, I think of my own lack of money here making it difficult to work and the bottles could be a way of raising money if I had some empty bottles. Even though the dreams says that the train is in Australia, I feel it in connection with Kenya and yes but we know WHEN I DECIDE TO REMOVE THE DEVIL ENTIRELY FROM THE WORLD – gradually – IT ALSO MEANS THAT THE WEATHER AND RAIN WILL BE RESTORED and so it is.
  • Tobias tells me that “this glanced off me” and I start telling him what he can say and what he cannot and Sanna arrives and I tell her that I don’t speak of the stories of my books verbally because of the fear of people around me and that when I was in Kenya it was easier for me to talk about my books as well.
    • And this is true – I HAVE NOT SPOKEN ONE SINGLE WORD WITH ANYONE IN DENMARK ABOUT THE STORIES OF MY BOOKS and yes this actually goes all the way back to my book no. 1 Sanna, do you remember?
  • I am at Mørdrupskolen in Albertslund (!) and I look for three bags without succeeding, I ban people from fighting and I see a large swimming pool – earlier I had two cars and I received two parking tickets where they were parked annoying me much because I cannot afford to pay them.
    • We know Stig the swimming pool is pain and this is what you tell me if I am going to continue being direct, honest and open about how people behave and we know what they should do to improve – like I did with Lisbeth yesterday – and YES I have decided that WHEN I BELIEVE IT IS NEEEDED I WILL TELL PEOPLE HOW TO IMPROVE ON THEIR “DEVELOPMENT NEEDS” and Lisbeth is just one example of millions of people and we know “I WON’T BACK DOWN” – fantastic song by the way, do you know who produced it (?) – and this is what I will continue doing and we know “GOOD BEHAVIOUR” IT IS because IF THE JUDGE SHOULD BE HANDICAPPED FROM TELLING THE TRUTH and yes WHERE WOULD THE WORLD BE GOING AND SO IT IS.
  • I had a short dream about the Police producing statistics of people, who have disappeared – and I remember the very bad feeling I had when I woke up because this is – in some places today – often a cover up on people they have killed themselves.
  • When I woke up it waas with the song “Det er i dag et vejr” by Kim Larsen and the words “det er i dag et vejr et solskinsvejr” and “nu vil jeg glemme rent, at det var vinter, nu vil jeg gå og købe hyacinther”, which is an old favourite song of God which he has played for years for me.
  • I am inside the house of Jesus together with my mother and my sister is also there somewhere – it is somehow like watching a movie. I see the house pelted with gifts and beautiful decorations of green plants, flowers, gold band etc. but despite of this I believe it is not as beautiful as what I have seen earlier at my true home and therefore I say that “this is not as beautiful as the decorations you saw at my place earlier” and I see two magnum bottles of fine red wine – one is from one of the best producers of Barolo from 1998 and the other is a very exciting French wine which I don’t know of and I see that it is called something with “grand old …”
    • The FRENCH wine is really coming from “Gode gamle Gud” or “Grand old God” as he calls himself here and we know I LOVE ITALIAN WINE – Barolo’s for example – BUT THERE IS NOTHING AS GOOD AS FRENCH CLASSIC WINE, which is NOT “jammy“ and this is of course only my taste and so it is.
  • I am in a new house, my speakers play again and I open the terrace door and see that my old dog Don has been running away from the house again – because there is not a fence around the garden yet – and now it is coming back home.
    • Really the same story about the consequences of writing DIRECTLY on people and so it is – and let me say that I have CENSURED the dreams taking out information on family members, which I will not bring today and yes OLD NEWS actually and therefore “when I believe it is needed” I will write directly and we know “I will decide in every situation” and so it is.
  • When I wake up I hear one familiar song with Stevie Wonder and the special words “you can feel our love already”, which was a nice message from the Council.
  • The work to rise all people on earth to the next level of consciousness has now started

    And we know Stig, this is a VERY old story and we know not written about it before because I have not been able to understand it myself but let us see how this chapter will look when I am through and we know just maybe I will learn something myself when writing and hearing what you tell me, which you don’t tell me if I don’t write and so it is and we know sometimes at least and this is about the story of why I was “attractive” to many women WHO WAS “SEDUCED” BY THE DEVIL (!) – and to others I was the opposite (!) – and we know why I have only been together with few women and we know the reason is really that MAKING LOVE WITH WOMEN IS NOT SOMETHING WHICH GOD “NORMALLY” DOES and let us just say that it is NOT A VERY GOOD IDEA because we know IF YOU DON’T DO ANYTHING YOURSELF TO CORRECT IT, IT IS THE SAME AS GIVING THESE WOMEN A DEATH SENTENCE because NO PEOPLE ON EARTH TODAY CAN SURVIVE WITH THE STRENGTH OF THE LIGHT YOU BRING and we know Stig this is “so good so far” and this is what you have told me earlier and we know THESE WOMEN ARE STILL ALIVE and let us just say that IF THIS IS THE CASE THEN IT MUST BECAUSE I AM PLAYING THE DEVIL HERE is it and I SEE SMILES ALL AROUND ME FROM THE COUNCIL because what is there to say other than YES THEY ARE STILL ALIVE AND SO IT IS STIG – and I don’t know what to write here because you started giving me stories yesterday through speaking in such an “unreliable” way that it sounded very “unlikely” and this is also the impression you try to put down on paper in this chapter and we know just maybe this is the “difficulties” you planned for me to overcome in order to understand the story and to write it because it continues like this:

    Your consciousness cannot rise without we as the Council will rise too and we know it is STEP BY STEP because YOU TOOK ON THE DEVIL FROM US IN ORDER TO HELP US RISE TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS and we know YOUR PRESENT/OLD LEVEL AS JESUS and when we are here with you, YOU WILL GET THE FORCE FROM ALL OF US TO CONTINUE YOUR TRAVEL TO RISE TO THE NEXT LEVEL and yes let us just say to “GOD” and Stig YOU TOOK ON ALL THE SUFFERING OF THE DEVIL WITHOUT BEING GOD YET and this is why you yesterday evening again felt “suffering” and we know this time STOMACH PAIN and you also gave me a very strong feeling to REMOVE my heart from the left to the right side of my body (!!!) and so it is and I heard “kill, kill, kill” many times again but I only considered it to be “a joke” and this is really to say that when you now have “allowed” us to be lifted to the next level of consciousness, which we could only do when being freed from the Devil, we will now remove the Devil from you helping you to be lifted to the next level of “God” and this is really how we work together and we know this is also how to save all of us, this is the only way up through the road I decided to use and I was told that if I stopped this process now – by doing what is WRONG to do – it would “not be good” and we know it would give me “physical damages” but as usual I have decided to continue and this is the process which we will finalise during the World Cup in football and we know some people will probably be able to tell around the world when they feel “Jesus” or let us just say STIG IN A NEW WAY.

    And I was told that the “secret” is that WE WILL ALL BE LIFTED UP TO A NEW LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS – the next level – and my dear people THIS IS REALLY THE WORK, WE HAVE NOW STARTED DOING ON EARTH NOW and so it is.

    And this brings me back to the story of the danger for women to make love with me. I have only been together with few women in my life both to give me as much suffering as possible – I was yesterday shown the symbol of Lord Brett Sinclair from the TV series The Persuaders played by Roger Moore and yes try to think about being “this attractive” and yes in the eyes of SOME beautiful women too and I KNOW SOME HAD THE OPPOSITE VIEW ON ME but really just with the difference that GOD DECIDED TO KEEP THEM FROM ME (!) – because God did not want to jeopardise these women and so it is and I was told yesterday that Karen will only be able to be my future wife when she is lifted up to her next level and IT TAKES MUCH TO ACCEPT YOU and so it is my dear friend and I feel here a lump in the throat, which is her feeling and KAREN I DO UNDERSTAND YOU, BUT DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?


    Running again and the story of saving my father

    After writing the beginning of the script today I still felt “fresh” enough to run, which I then did and we know “somewhat shorter” than the last time but if I wanted too, I could have run longer but you know I felt less energy because of lack of food and at the same time I felt better because I was more fresh which I felt equalised each other like I am equalising the Devil in order for all of us TO TAKE THIS JUMP TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS, WHICH IT REALLY IS.

    And when I was running I was told that the stories last year – see book no. 2 – about my father going to meet a “special man” and the importance for him to have faith in me may now seem unimportant but the truth is that if I did not manage to defeat the Devil, he would indeed die and we know if he would not have faith in me going through the Purgatory HE WOULD BECOME THE FIRST HUMAN OF ALL TO BE ELIMINATED and so it is my “dear” father: I have saved you and we know while you have been busy “helping” by understanding your son (?) or the opposite NOT UNDERSTANDING and we know LISTENING TO YOUR OWN STRONG VOICE AS USUAL?

    A “friend” on Facebook showing the beast inside of her

    Yesterday at 21.31 I posted the link to my script on Facebook – as I do every time I post a script to my Blog – and NOT AS A DIRECT REPLY TO MY POST, BUT AS A SEPARATE POST at 22.53 a “friend” of mine, Debbie – who is NOT really a friend but is in my network because I by mistake thought she was another Debbie, namely the friend of Kirsten who we sometimes partied with in the beginning of the nineties – decided to write the following post apparently without connection to anything, Debbie, (?) or was it really me you were “addressing” and we know “JUST HOW ANNOYING CAN ONE PERSON BECOME” and we know “DESTROYING HER DAY” with the messages I KEEP ON POSTING ON FACEBOOK and Debbie all I can ask you to do is to READ and UNDERSTAND instead of judging me negatively without knowing and we know HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE THE SAME KIND OF THOUGHTS LIKE DEBBIE HERE SHOWS and we know WHEN YOU HAVE READ MY “ANNOYING” POSTS “CLAIMING” THAT I AM THE SON OF GOD and we know WHO HAS NOW ALSO STARTED TO STARVE BECAUSE OF YOUR LACK OF ATTENTION – and yes ANNOYING HE IS!

    Debbie Dibbern: … Bliver din røv ikke misundelig over alt det lort der kommer ud af din mund?

    And her friends obviously thought that this ”nonsense” of hers was ”very funny” because she received feedback from five friends “laughing” with her and we know this is an example:

    Stine Teresa Jørgensen: Hahaha som du kan 😀 So fucking funny!

    And Debbie my ”dear friend”, I hope this made you feel well because you ended the day ”taking the prize” with this comment:

    Debbie Dibbern: Nogen er jo nød til at reagere hehe

    And Debbie is that really what you think and we know THAT SOMEONE HAD TO REACT TO MY ”STUPID” COMMENTS and since no one else did it, you had to do it (?) – and I do hope it gave you what you were looking for after telling what you believe is the “truth” DIRECTLY to me but there is only one thing WRONG and that is that you are NOT telling the truth and the second is of course your filthy language and the same goes for your friend for that matter.

    I can only tell you that if you don’t like to read what I write, you can cancel me as a “friend” on Facebook, which I encouraged my “friends” to do on Facebook today, when I published this script.

    Maybe this will help you to better understand what I meant in my post of the 30th May when I described how the beast inside of people looks like and my dear “friends”: HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE THE BEAST INSIDE OF YOU WHEN YOU READ MY POSTS and we know YOU CAN START COUNTING and I DO BELIEVE THAT IT IS ALL OF YOU and of course in different degrees and so it is.

    The fin whale was not ready to die and now it is FREE again

    And we know Stig you thought yesterday that it would be good if the stranded whale could get FREE again and we know but you thought that it would probably be impossible and let us just say a miracle if this would happen and people looked at it and did nothing and “experts” talked about killing it to “save” it from suffering (!) but they thought it would be too difficult to kill if – unless it would only take two minutes because then one expert would of course do it (!) – and we know DID YOU WATCH TELEVISION LATE YESTERDAY – I believe it was on the Discovery channel – on how to free a stranded whale and that is the same as DOING YOUR UTMOST TO HELP IF YOU REALLY WANT TO and again PEOPLE HERE WERE GIVING UP TOO QUICKLY and we know NOT DOING EVERYTHING YOU COULD and experts thought that the whale would die yesterday – they were surprised when this not happened – and the zoological museum was looking forward to receiving it and had already decided to destruct the meat (!) giving interviews to the media while it was still alive but there was really one thing they had not calculated on and that was that THE WHALE HAD NOT GIVEN UP (!) and we know so today it succeeded to get free and it is now swimming again and I do hope that it will now be able to be HEALED – we know – and to find a way out of the Danish waters too.

    Just thinking about how much this whale has suffered I am and we know: People would let it die and this is really not only a symbol of me but the whole world you are looking at. The world is bleeding – melting down really – and you sit back and watch while you are still “enjoying” yourself – the rich people I mean – and we know already in 1979 Danish politicians said that we are “going down on the slippery slope on 1st class” and we know THIS WAS REALLY US SAYING THAT THE END TIMES WERE APPROACHING without people discovering it and so it is.

    And finally I can say that I decided to eat five slices of bread only today and IF I AM HUNGRY and we know IF I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A “NORMAL DINNER” and of course I would BUT THIS IS HOW “MY LIFE” IS BECAUSE OF YOU – and this is also what I need to go through in order to be cleaned from the inside and out and we know as I will write more about tomorrow.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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