19th June 2010 – When you killed Jesus, you TERMINATED me, but I am now returning to life as the leader of the world

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of changing SUFFERING into HARMONY Dreaming of meeting old GEFI colleagues in Stockholm and coming to a beach where the sand – meaning suffering – has been changed into grass and trees meaning ME and HARMONY.
When I was killed as Jesus, I was TERMINATED – I am now returning to life as the leader of the world
  • Yesterday I decided to start fasting for 2-3 days, otherwise the power of the Devil would be too strong meaning that my old nightmare would still come through.
  • The fast is needed to return to my “old place” spiritually in order to be reinstated as the natural born leader of the world absorbing all of the good and the bad of the world, which is what is happening RIGHT NOW, which at the same time is the true beginning of the cleansing of the world.
  • When I was killed as Jesus, I was TERMINATED putting the faith of the Council on test too. It is with MUCH DISCOMFORT that I am defying natural forces to return to life – coming “home”. This is “THE MIRACLE” I am doing these days spiritually.
The whale is stranded again … The whale is now stuck again – maybe it is doomed …?
Denmark won against Cameroun defeating a symbol of the Devil because they did not give up I had almost given up on the Danish team in football but after being behind they did the almost impossible, to come back and win against Cameroun because they had not given up – just like myself in this my final game against the Devil!


Dreaming of changing SUFFERING into HARMONY

I had a pretty good night of sleeping (!) only with few dreams and some of them are omitted here because they are “old news”:

  • I am in Stockholm standing at the exit of a shopping centre where I meet Anna Karin, Morten J. and Jan L. from GEFI coming out, I say hello to Anna Karin, who did not expect me to come, but she is happy and later I see myself speaking well with Morten too outside, where it is cold, but quiet and actually nice to be.
  • I cannot afford to be inside the shopping centre.
  • I hear the TOTALLY AMAZING song “the hanging garden” by the Cure and the words “Fall fall fall fall, Into the walls, Jump jump out of time”.
  • I see Michael Bondesen at the cliff of Møn in Denmark and he decides to jump down from the cliff – not at its highest point – to the beach, and I see that it is VERY STEEP and filled with snow. There is grass instead of sand on the beach – and trees too and I notice that one tree has broken. There is a seat for the life guard on the beach and it is placed up VERY HIGH.
    • Michael Bondesen from Shu-bi-dua is a symbol of me and we know just walking down to the beach again to continue my work these days and so it is and the beach is still a symbol of suffering, but we know there is NO sand now and this is in order to CHANGE THE SUFFERING INTO HARMONY INSTEAD – therefore the grass and trees (!).

    During these days I still have some dreams of sexual nature – given to me by the Devil, but the strength of these have decreased also saying that I am going through this phase too without my old nightmare to become through.

    When I was killed as Jesus, I was TERMINATED – I am now returning to life as the leader of the world

    Yesterday afternoon I had my last slice of bread for some days because “somehow” I was inspired to start eating less and even though I still have two sausages left – and a minimum of rice and very little vegetables – I decided to get through yesterday with a total of five slices of bread and later in the day I was told that it would be good for me to fast for 2-3 days, which is what I actually started yesterday afternoon and this became gradually a decision to do during the evening and we know all of us IF I HAD DECIDED NOT TO GO THROUGH THIS FAST, MY OLD NIGHTMARE WOULD STILL COME THROUGH because YOU WERE “THIS CLOSE” to start it yesterday morning and afternoon even though I had done my work, followed my rules and done Yoga and exercise too so we know Stig WHEN YOU ARE STARVING IT IS OF COURSE DIFFICULT TO CONTROL YOUR FEELINGS and this goes out to my closest family and we know WHEN YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO CONTROL YOUR FEELINGS IT REALLY HAS THE NORMAL CONSEQUENCE HERE THAT THE NIGHTMARE WOULD START NOW (!) but because of my decision I have managed to keep it away again and I was even told that I am now so far in the process that I am not going to be hurt physically but only to go through my nightmare if I was not able to fast these 2-3 days and the nightmare would have “no consequences” but on the other hand I was also told later that if the Devil was “allowed” to do this nightmare, the Devil would do everything trying to convince me to turn back time to a lower level of “the game” in order to try give birth and so it is – so still “a little bit of danger” if I don’t do my best and so it is and I also notice that “the area” we are “playing” in is now almost not existing because if you imagine an area just in front of your nose where you are playing the game with the Devil and that this small area is surrounded by all of the “actors” of the Council and yes which I see standing up much larger than the area itself, then this is what I really experience and so it is.

    So today will be without food at all – and we know the Devil still gives me all kind of visions and tastes of VERY NICE FOOD AND DRINKS to make this journey more difficult for me and I also get the “instinctive desire” to go to the kitchen to eat all of the time the same way as smokers or drug users (!) who stop their addiction get a STRONG desire to smoke etc. and we know “for some time” at least but you know this is really the same as earlier: WHEN YOU TAKE A DECISION, YOU WILL NORMALLY CARRY IT OUT and this is also my plan this time and this means to go without food at all today and tomorrow – just drinking water – and to wait until I HEAR THE SIGNAL OF WHEN I HAVE ARRIVED AT MY OLD PLACE and we know WHEN YOU AND GOD HAVE BEEN RESINSTATED AS OUR NATURAL BORN LEADERS and so it is – this is really what we are doing at the moment and I was shown a vision this morning – not many of these I write here – where I am coming to the top of a staircase, where there is a door to the right and a door to the left and I am asked which door I want to open and I decide to open both of them and to the right I feel warmth and I hear drums playing and to the left I feel cold and I see snow but my strong feeling was to say: COME TO ME ALL OF YOU – BOTH GOOD AND BAD and we know I AM REALLY ABSORBING THE WHOLE WORLD and so it is – and this is my spiritual self of course and I was also shown that when I do this I GROW at the same time and first to the size of the Council members and who knows what happens from here – and it also fits nicely together with a vision you showed me yesterday where you showed God/me as the Asterix character Getafix – who in Danish is called Miraculix (!) – standing on a tiny row boat looking up at a GIANT PIRATE SHIP, which was symbolising mankind today and we know PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, WHO STILL HAVE FAITH IN ME TODAY ARE RESPONSIBLE THAT WE STILL HAVE A WORLD and so it is and to all of you I GIVE YOU MY VERY SPECIAL APPRECIATION.

    Yesterday I was told that when I have completed this fast, I will gradually start to receive my memory of being Jesus again, the temptations of the Devil will probably also “gradually” stop and I was also told that I will gradually grow and we know NOT ONLY AS BUDDHA IN THE BEGINNING but ALSO as BUDDHA and so it is. This is also the beginning of the cleansing of the world.

    Yesterday evening I was thinking that again I have to go through discomfort, which has been a BIG part of the game and in fact all of my life increasing the last four years and even more the last year and I was told that it is just like coming back to life defying the natural forces because YOU ARE THE BIGGEST MIRACLE YOURSELF and we know Stig because when you were killed as Jesus I WAS NOT ONLY SENT TO HELL – I WAS ACTUALLY KILLED (!) and we know ALSO ON THE OTHER SIDE MEANING THAT I WAS TERMINATED and this is really where the hurting becomes good again because THIS IS HOW YOU HAVE ALSO PUT OUR FAITH ON TEST STIG – as the Council tells me here – because WHO COULD IMAGINE THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO RETURN TO LIFE WHEN YOU ARE EXTINCT and we know BUT THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW and we know WE SEE IT HAPPEN DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF OUR EYES and it is not easy to do, actually it requires all of my abilities and it is giving much DISCOMFORT DEFYING THE NATURAL FORCES and this is what I am experiencing spiritually and this is also therefore I experience a very high degree of discomfort as a physical being and so it is – and now I am returning and we know to ask mankind one simple question: DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER OR TO BE ELIMINATED and this is the name of the game because this is really the NATURAL FORCES we have to show you, which we also did after you gave birth to yourself as Stig in this life and we know FROM HERE WE WERE BOUND TO PUT THE DEVIL ON YOU TRYING OUT BEST TO MAKE YOUR LIFE A HELL and that IS REALLY BECAUSE OF THE FORCE OF MANKIND NOT HAVING FAITH with the final goal to ELIMINATE YOU FOREVER and this is how it is but WE ARE HAPPY THAT YOU DECIDED TO OVERCOME THESE DIFFICULTIES.

    And finally my stomach today is rumbling and very empty indeed, I feel my energy is already becoming less and my aim is really to have my physical body getting used to the fact that it will not receive food today and tomorrow and that I will start to eat “a little bit” from Monday and so it is – and when you feel like this, I think of the poor and starving people of the world. I understand why even “proud” people decide to submissive themselves to others by begging, stealing or prostitution and we know when the alternative is to lie in the streets without food and we know TO DIE WHILE THE RICH WORLD CONTINUES TO DRINK, EAT AND PARTY ON 1st CLASS! This is the world you have created, my dear people – how could you (?) as I hear Virgin Mary ask.

    Later today I was showed a ship, which I was invited to visit and I was told “out there you see all of my forces – eehh they have given up all of them” and I was told that I win this, the final battle (!) against the Devil because all Devils have now given up on me and here I speak about family and friends and we know NOT ONE SINGLE OF YOU HAVE COME TO MY “RESCUE” BASED ON YOUR NON-BELIEF IN ME – because I only asked to hear from you when having FAITH in me and a wish to STAND FORWARD and this is the same as saying that YOU HAVE GIVEN UP TO HELP ME WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING and when the resistance of the Devil is broken down, I will be able to ENTIRELY TAKE OUT THE DEVIL as I have announced earlier and we know MY MOTHER WAS THE LAST PERSON TO GIVE UP (!) and this is the extreme road I needed to take – leaving behind all of my “dear” family members and friends to be victorious – and we know they will “soon” understand and so it is.

    I was also told that I will be told tomorrow between 19.00-21.00 when my fast can stop – and we know from then I still have “almost nothing to eat” until the 1st July when I will receive “a little bit” of money – the “apartment security” from the Commune (!) – which will give me “a little bit” of food again.

    And we know PROBABLY NOT ALL MY OLD FRIENDS/COLLEAGUES who really know that I am starving now, because Finkenstein you wrote a tip to your friends on Facebook to buy GAS for the Weber-grill and we know GAS is an old symbol of the Devil and so it is and Anna-Karin from Stockholm earlier today wrote about what she obviously was looking forward to eat: DILLHÖNA! – And I know that NONE OF YOU MY DEAR OLD FRIENDS/COLLEAGUES HAVE PROBLEMS TO HELP YOUR FRIENDS WHEN NEEDED – or “do ya” (?) – and what we see here is just another example of “rich” people thinking of themselves and we know not realising that you are examples of FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD who don’t believe they are heartless but this is truly what you are when your fellow human beings are suffering WHEN YOU ARE ENJOYING YOURSELF APPARENTLY WITHOUT A CARE and WILL to help and so it is.

    At approx. 20.00 another one of my old colleagues wrote on Facebook what my spiritual self is experiencing right now on the other side:

    Nigel Barnfield Just drove through ‘the port’. Jesus the place has changed!!

    The whale is stranded again …

    We know Stig, the WHALE SWUM IN THE WRONG DIRECTION and instead of swimming out into open water it is NOW again STUCK and I do hope it will succeed to come free again and we know – just thinking that this just maybe a symbol only and that it may be doomed but we will have to wait and see when high water come again tonight.

    Denmark won against Cameroun defeating a symbol of the Devil because they did not give up

    Today was the day when Denmark played its second game at the World Cup of football and this time it was against Cameroun and I had no idea if you were going to give new symbols from this match or not and my starting point was really that I had absolutely no expectations to this match – probably like people don’t have any expectations to me (!) – and we know Stig this is it really.

    Already after 10 minutes Cameroun scored the first goal – and my old class mate Lene was “online” on Facebook writing this:

    Lene Jacobsen: For fanden da også!!!

    And this is true – this time Cameroun was a symbol of the Devil – and I thought after some time that now Denmark did not stand a chance to come back and we know to score and maybe win this match in order to still have a chance to qualify for the next round and after 15 minutes the commentator said “there is no reason to give up” and somehow I KNOW THESE WORDS FROM SOMEWHERE J and I did hope that this would be true but to tell the truth I noticed that Denmark played well and we know like I like to see Denmark playing but I thought that it would be very difficult.

    And then after 33 minutes Denmark played well and made the equalise. And later around the 40th-42nd minute you saw two very big chances, first to Denmark and then to Cameroun and both of them were so big that the strikers really just had to kick in the ball but “somehow” both of these chances were missed and “we wonder why” this happened?

    After 60 minutes THE MOST CRITICIZED DANISH PLAYER Dennis Rommedahl – who I believe is FANTASTIC – scored and we know bringing Denmark in front 2-1 and here I feel sadness when I write this from what may be the last of the Devil here played by Virgin Mary as the last player. And we know WHO SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT DENMARK WOULD COME BACK AFTER THERE WAS NO MORE EXPECTATIONS TO THIS TEAM (?) and we know AFTER CAMEROUN ALSO PLAYED A VERY WELL MATCH and so it is – as the commentator said: “A World Cup game where Denmark is leading – who had seen this coming” and we know THIS IS HOW IT GOES WHEN YOU HAVE DECIDED NOT TO GIVE UP – THEN YOU WILL DEFEAT THE DEVIL EVEN THOUGH ALMOST NO ONE BELIEVES IN YOU!

    And at the end of the match I felt an orange colour – the colour of God – spreading inside my body and I was told that this is myself growing on the other side and I saw the handbag of the dark side of Virgin Mary being handed over and at the 82nd minute you saw a GIANT chance to Cameroun where they really should have equalised and we know IT WAS WITH THE ABSOLUTELY UTMOST that the Devil did not score both here in this game and in the game against me too (!) – here it was only the head of a Danish player lying down which “saved” Denmark – and this is really what this was a symbol of and this is how Denmark won this game – and we know DEFEATING THE DEVIL.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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