20th June 2010 – I am STARVING and planning on how to get a FREE meal from people, who don’t know who I am!

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of the Trinity including my spiritual self returning to life After a night where the Devil kept me awake trying to make me suffer I dreamed of the Trinity including my own spiritual self coming back to return to life, a “master” record to my father followed by a severe heartburn because this is how bad he/Kirsten feel about me, visiting Terence Trent D’Arby, who has seen the light of me, UFO’s disguised as train signals and finishing the preparation for new pension schemes and “normal life” really.
I am VERY HUNGRY thinking of options to get a FREE meal from people not knowing who I am After not having eaten for two days I am now extremely hungry – but I still feel better than my previous sufferings. I have decided NOT to write to the employment board and national politicians to ask them urgently for help and not to contact family to get a free meal when they don’t believe in me – but I have decided that I can contact charitable organizations, local supermarkets etc. to hear if they can help with a free meal.
The whale is now dead The whale finally died today – it suffered when people were happy looking at it.
I have been reinstated – and allowed to eat again After more than fifty hours of waiting, I was told that my inner self has now been reinstated and I “celebrated” by having two slices of bread and two sausages – the Devil is now over – and Krabbe and Mølby on television were INSPIRED to spoke about not being able to listen when you eat!


Dreaming of the Trinity including my spiritual self returning to life

Yesterday I had a short nap of one hour during the afternoon and even though I waited until 02.30 to go to bed – because I was NOT tired – I could not sleep and we know BECAUSE WE DID NOT ALLOW YOU TO SLEEP and I should really write “I” here because there is only one left making me suffer and that is the dark side of Virgin Mary and we know you might guess who she is fed by and so it is and we know some of my bones in my left leg and at the end of my spinal column felt “weak” with somewhat pain – and we know “a little bit” like what I experienced at LWF Geneva but still not the same – and I don’t know from when I started sleeping but it took “several hours” where the Devil did everything possible to make me believe that I had not done what I should but you know there was nothing she could do because I was convinced that I have done well – and we know a few dreams too:

  • First I drive to Copenhagen from Germany where I notice that others drove a little bit faster than I. Afterwards I drive home again on my bicycle and I see three cyclists crossing the street from the other side coming to the cycle path where I and many others drive. Their entrance means that MANY cyclists have to wait for them to start-up. I have a metal box on the luggage carrier of my bicycle, it falls to the ground, which makes my start-up a little bit late.
  • And we know the only thing I am thinking here is really that both God, his spirit and my own inner self return to the world together with all people – this is really what this dream means.
  • I have two double LP’s from the 1960’s, which are special “master recordings”. Side 1-2 are perfect but there are some “sound errors” on side 3-4. I have promised my father to come around with the albums and if I don’t have time I will have to send “sound movies” instead.
    • Directly after waking up from this dream I had cold sweat and I was given a severe heartburn, which made me almost throw up and made breathing difficult – and I was told that this is how bad my father and his wife Kirsten feel now – probably the same as some other family members too and so it is.
  • I was inspired to look at the local telephone book where I was surprised to see that c – now Sananda Maitreya – is living in Hørsholm. I pay him a visit and enter his room where I ask if it is possible to buy his records and if he plays concerts. He gives me different links to the Internet where I can find information on this. When I leave I want to take my phone with me but I see three different phones, which are not mine. Afterwards he tell others that where the light is in his room, is where Stig was. On my way out I meet his mother and their two dogs.
    • When I was waken up I heard the song “To know someone deeply Is to know someone softly”, which is only one of many very beautiful songs by this INSPIRED artist – and we know after looking for years I found your greatest hits recently in a REMASTERED edition at the library WHICH I ENJOY MUCH and I have not yet listened to the music you have made under your new name. This dream was longer but I have decided also here not to write personally because there is nothing new to teach mankind from this and so it is – and this is really the rule I have given myself.
  • I see three UFO’s disguised as train signals (!) flying outside my window – and the signals show white light meaning that I can continue – and when I woke up it was with the feeling that UFO’s can change shape and size as they want to.
  • I am with Kim S. at a meeting with Jeppe from PFA. Jeppe has the feeling that Kim and I “belong together professionally”. After the meeting I am very busy because I need to describe which criteria PFA are to do standard calculations, which will be used to launch a very big pension scheme – and after thinking of different alternatives I decide for expiry at 65 years and to do calculation for ages 20-60 years with a gap of five years.
    • We know WHAT WAS THE MEANING OF THIS DREAM (?) – you told me when I woke up and I was thinking that I could remember this but now I have forgotten it but let us see if it comes here: The dream is about bringing not only pensions but normal life to the world and we know Stig I AM ALMOST READY and so it is. And I do like INDIVIDUAL calculations and we know standard calculations can be used to give you a guide line but this is not what I prefer.

    When I woke up one of the first things I was told was that the suffering of the night was really not “so serious”.

    I am VERY HUNGRY thinking of options to get a FREE meal from people not knowing who I am

    This morning when I was sitting VERY HUNGRY in my bathtub I started getting “many good ideas” and one of them was to send an email to the employment board together with a copy to national politicians telling them the Commune not respecting my freedom of speech, the obligation according to the constitution to secure all people in Denmark provision and the fact that I am now starving – hoping that this could make them help me urgently – and we know I saw how it could be done in front of me but I was also thinking of my principles and earlier decisions, which is that I will not have contact with people who don’t believe in me and I thought that this would probably also delay THE DEVELOPMENT OF MY OWN INNER SELF and then it was simple to decide that I WILL NOT DO THIS and so it is.

    I was also tempted to think about the opportunity to get a free meal from my mother and John but you know – this is really the same principle: I WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PEOPLE WHO DON’T BELIEVE IN ME – despite of the sufferings this bring to them and to me and we know HOW DIFFICULT IT IS REALLY TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH OF THESE SCRIPTS?

    And I thought about the opportunity to try to find “free meals” from charitable organisations etc. and I thought in a greater detail about this and we know I have decided that if I am going to get something to eat I can contact these and in a script a few days ago I have explained that I don’t speak verbally about what is included in my scripts – because of sceptical people – and when I don’t, people think that I am just another “regular guy” and we know if I was to speak about my true self and to give my link to the Internet too, I would meet people opposing me directly and so it is and therefore I have granted myself this opportunity, which I will follow up on – and this may also be depending on another idea to write some emails to local supermarkets/restaurants and we know to explain them shortly about my situation – again without telling who I really am – to hear if they can spare some food, which they are going to throw out anyhow and we know which I am inspired to do because Mary from Kenya – – the previous neighbour of Elijah – received free food from a supermarket.

    At the bathtub I was shown that the bridge on a very large ship is now abandoned and that I have taken over and will now sail the ship to harbour and we know the dark side of Virgin Mary was the last to stand on the bridge and it really took so much that my mother had to give up on her son and that is to reject the greatest love from a person to a child as you can imagine and we know because when you cannot understand people, you cannot help and so it is – this is what it also takes to save the world! – And we know of course this is only TEMPORARY until you will all understand and support me.

    And when I was thinking of sending an email to the employment board etc. and decided NOT to do this, I was shown a big and very high pyramid which at the same time was the mountain of God, which is where we are going to now expanding the room for all of us to stay in.

    When this is written at 14.15 I am looking forward to have a little bit to eat later because I have now had NOTHING for two days after only having had a little some time before this – and we know IT IS NOT VERY NICE TO BE EXTREMELY HUNGRY but we know Stig, it is still better than the sufferings I have been going through earlier and so it is.

    It was also today where an earlier “fan” of me – my old colleague Jesper H. from Acta – apparently has had “enough of me” because he was the next “friend”, who decided to exclude me as a friend on Facebook and really just showing that if you don’t want to understand, if you don’t read, you will not understand and so it is.

    The whale is now dead …

    And we know Stig – the whale was a symbol of me NOT GIVING UP and here it is: IT DIED BECAUSE PEOPLE DID NOT REALLY WANT TO HELP and so it is because PEOPLE WERE ALREADY LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE IT ON MUSEUM before it was dead instead of doing EVERYTHING they could to free it and so it is – but it gave all what it had and I know, it was made to “suffer well” and that is immensely at the same time as it was making people “happy” because it gave them something “exciting” to look at for some days and the papers to write about and so it is.

    I have been reinstated – and allowed to eat again

    At 14.45 the dark side of Virgin Mary opened her handbag and she said that the only thing she has left in the handbag is a gun to shoot herself – and that is of course only the dark side.

    At 19.00 I was told that the Devil is now over – and still I am told from my inner self that it requires I do my action plan on time and I could really have said this myself (!) – and I was shown a yellow colour and I felt that I had to wait for a white colour to be shown before we give you a clear signal that we have NOW moved the world back to its “old rhytm” and my dear Stig WE ARE NOT RED BUT WE ARE WHITE, WE ARE DANISH DYNAMITE – words on basis of an old Danish football song – so go ahead my child – which is what the good Virgin Mary says and we know start to have a little bit to eat again and this is written at 19.53 and so it is – and later I had the two sausages with two slices of bread and my first “meal” for more than fifty hours.

    At approx. 19.58 today at “the third half” with Krabbe and Mølby on Danish DR1 television the reporter thanked Carsten Mølby for his “critical journalism” and Carsten replied with: “Was this after the lord’s wishes” and the reporter – or the lord (!) – answered “yes – it was super” and it was also my “green light” – and the reporter turned to Jan Krabbe and asked him “didn’t you think it was very good too” to which Jan – the Devil you know () – answered “I could not really hear anything because these chips are so crunchy” (he was eating chips) and Carsten Mølby followed up by saying “when you have the mouth full of chips it is difficult to hear anything” and this is indeed exactly what it is about these days because my dear family and friends WHEN YOU ARE “SAFE” YOURSELVES HAVING ENOUGH TO EAT ETC., IT IS DIFFICULT TO HEAR AND UNDERSTAND FRIENDS IN NEED?

    And at the end of the day I read that my “dear” nephew, Tobias or Monty my friend, had written the following on Facebook and this is VERY true, Tobias – the KING is now reinstated and this is of course the other meaning of what you were INSPIRED to write:

    Tobias Laugesen Tak for en KONGE FEST IGÅR 🙂 Alle sammen 😀


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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