21st June 2010 – My reinstated spiritual self has the power to bend the natural forces, which is keeping me alive

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of Obama telling world leaders of my coming Dreaming of meeting Danish National Politicians on their way to become my “special friends”, a song gives the message to Karen that I am exactly the same man, she got to know and appreciate years ago, I meet Obama and we feel that it is like getting an old friend back, Obama tells world leaders about my coming, working 80% of my normal self when starving and Jack is going through difficulties to develop.
My spiritual self defies natural forces keeping me alive and hopefully giving me only true stories from here The Devil leaves me alone when I show faith in being reinstated as my own spiritual self, natural forces have obliged the Council to tell WRONG stories because of people not having faith in me, but my own inner self is strong enough to bend the natural forces, which is what is protecting me from being killed right now – and hopefully will mean that I from here will only receive TRUE stories.
I am starving, family and friends are “check mate” and I have started to find “free” meals None decided to contact me yesterday after reading that I am starving, they are “check mate” and cannot do what is RIGHT to do the same way as the Commune could not. Today I have applied one fund for help and prepared letters to more than ten local supermarkets, bakers and bakeries asking to receive “left-overs”.
David is also going through Hell barely affording a meal Yesterday I wrote to LTO Kenya that I do hope my family and friends will think twice to come and help us – if they have FAITH in me (!) – and David is ALSO going through Hell barely affording a meal.
The ending of the whale – “HVALBORG” – leading to my old friend Morten Today you could see almost enthusiastic spectators and experts while the whale was dissected – an “opportunity” you simply could not let go (?) – and it gave me thoughts of the song Hvalborg and my old best friend, the MUSICIAN Morten.


Dreaming of Obama telling world leaders about my coming

My sleep tonight was somewhat poorer again. I went to bed at 01.00 but because I was woken up and did not feel fresh I decided to stay in bed until 11.00 – when I woke up I had two slices of bread and I am beginning to feel disgusted eating the same bread with the view to continue having only a little bit of this bread for the rest of the month and I am really thinking about Dadaab here and what you, the international community have done for years “feeding” these poor people with the same “food” for weeks/months and we know almost without variation – and so it is and here are some dreams too:

  • I am at the Danish parliament, where many of the politicians know me. I am in a group with Hans Engell, Helle Thorning Schmidt, Villy Søvndal etc. and I say “hi Hans, how are you, aren’t you going to “Snapsetinget” (the old cafeteria at the Parliament) to get a little snaps” and he says that it has not been open since 1977, which makes me ask him from where they receive lunches if they have a workday of 12 hours as example and he laughs and says “from the grill”. I speak to Villy and others, who have said that the coming election is about 29 seats and I say that to me it is about 35 and that I expect to see a new Government appointed one week after the election, which Villy agrees with me in. He and Helle are on their way to a very large Hotel, where they have made political agreements before.
  • When receiving this dream I also NOW remember that I for many years have had dreams of being at the Danish Parliament knowing politicians and here it is about people eating and laughing while I starve – and some of the politicians are on their way to the Hotel, which you my dear reader will know is the symbol of the “waiting room” before my “special friends” will begin their new mission to help us all.
  • I hear “tonight’s gonna be a big night” with Black Eyed Peas, which has been a VERY BIG hit indeed here and it was also played at the World Cup concert recently and when I hear this song I think of Karen and just maybe Karen you remember that years ago you could not find a CD with this band and without knowing it, I took out a CD from the stack of all of your CD’s and I “randomly” picked the CD, which was impossible for you to find and I am given this example because Karen IT MEANS THAT YOU DO HAVE “MORE THAN A FEELING ABOUT ME” and “my dear old friend” maybe you cannot see through these scripts that I am indeed your “dear old friend” but I can tell you that if you were going to meet me tomorrow, you would not feel differently about me because I am exactly the same man as when we met and we know I don’t speak verbally about my scripts today and when I don’t, you will see absolutely no difference in me today compared to the man, whom “you came to know and appreciate” in 2003/04 – BECAUSE THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL – and I can speak of spiritual experiences if you want to and we know I can speak of NO SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES at all, which is my normal expression with people today because of their sceptical attitude – and when I exclude this from my language, I am just a regular guy as I have always been and so it is.
  • I am in the cinema, where very loud classical music is turned down in volume. I am putting out a cigarette and the attendant comes to me saying that smoking is prohibited.
    • Cinema is one of those “good symbols” but smoking is still a symbol of the Devil …
  • I am going to USA with a colleague. My mother helps me packing. I meet Obama, we speak and I say that I feel that it is like getting an old friend back and he agrees. He uses a small DTP software programme, which amazes me and he uses a long time to do the details of his documents. He asks me when I will begin to let my beard growing – he is thinking of the “look of Jesus”. I tell him that I wait for a signal. I am a hereafter a guest in a big room where Obama together with two professionals, a man and a woman, are preparing a PowerPoint presentation for an Asian top meeting.
    • The computer is a symbol of my books, so HI THERE MY FRIEND OBAMA and I look forward to meeting you and your family too or should I say again and we know I STILL LOOK LIKE I DID IN 1988 WHEN MEETING YOU IN NAIROBI HOWEVER I HAVE NO MEMORY OF MEETING YOU AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE FOLDER “BOOK 2” AT MY LIBRARY www.mediafire.com/stig – and I do like that Obama is TELLING THE WORLD ABOUT MY COMING, which is really what he will do to ASIA too as the PowerPoint presentation is a symbol of, which you can tell from earlier dreams and yes my father, this is true and so it is – just a feeling and a vision where the spiritual self of my father as a Council member now stands forward MUCH CLEARER and MORE SINCERE than up until now – without acting.
  • I am cycling on the first bicycle ever having “normal” round wheels, it is from 1895 and it was made so good that it is rolling forward with 80 percent of the speed compared to new bicycles. I am coming to Jacks childhood home and I ask if he will join Fuggi and I going to Germany next week together with Ulrik WIlbek – the former coach of the Danish national team in Handball for women and present coach for the men (not very often this happens, my friends!) – but Jack is not likely to attend, he is going on a school ship next week. In his room I believe he still has his old speakers but I notice that he is listening to two new and different speakers, which don’t have all the membranes installed and which are placed right behind furniture and therefore the don’t sound very good. His mother brings me something to eat.
    • The bicycle is telling that I am “handicapped” when I am starving as I do now but that I am still doing my work almost as “normal”. There is “something about you” Ulrik Wilbek and the Danish handball players including foreign players in Denmark as I have written about before and the school ship for Jack is saying that he is going through difficulties as part of his journey to develop and the speakers are really symbols of his speaking of me, his BEST old friend but you know THEY ARE NOT SET UP PERFECTLY the speakers.

    My spiritual self defies natural forces keeping me alive and hopefully giving me only true stories from here

    Late yesterday evening the good Virgin Mary told me that “there is nothing like getting you home again” – and later I was given “a little bit” of suffering from the Devil and I was told: “We also have to say CHEERS to you sometimes, but much less when you come out of your crisis yourself, isn’t this what we say” and CHEERS is another symbol of the Devil and my thought when hearing this was really that I am only reporting objectively what I see, hear and experience – this is really my main task when writing – and I do this not knowing what is TRUE and what is FALSE, for example I don’t really know if God has starting to speak to the Council members or if this was a new message from the Devil, and here I was told that if I don’t have faith in that I really have been reinstated spiritually, the Devil will still haunt me but if I do have faith, he will not and the truth is still that I KNOW ABOUT WHO I AM, MY MISSION and THE GENERAL TRUTH OF MY BOOKS AND HERE I DO BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE TOLD ME THE TRUTH ABOUT MYSELF BEING REINSTATED but again I REALLY DON’T KNOW because this is what you tell me and I am only reporting about it without experiencing it myself other than the “spiritual experiences” I have and so it is – but I do know that we are following the RIGHT road and that we are progressing all of the time and we know Stig sometimes giving you wrong stories and sometimes true and up until now this has been depending on how people around me not having faith in me have influenced you, the Council, to tell WRONG stories because this is the only way you can react to this and I do hope that my own spiritual self will tell me TRUE stories and what I do know is that he/I have the strength to bend natural forces because this morning at 05.30 you showed me an “impossible snow storm” (the WORST sufferings), which we have been allowed to keep you away from followed by a very aggressive polar beer attacking to kill me, which it would do if I was not protected by the car I am sitting in and when my inner self has this strength, I do hope that it will mean that he will tell me the truth and allow you my dear Council members also to tell me the truth even though the natural forces normally oblige you to tell me lies BECAUSE OF THE BEHAVIOUR OF PEOPLE AROUND ME and so it is – and we know this is how it should be from a logical point of view and we will have to see if this is also what will happen.

    Also during the night Virgin Mary told me that she was as happy now as Mary Poppins because she is walking on holy ground again and the Council told me that they would never had become the original people of earth again without the big step yesterday to reinstate me. They also told me that they give me healing and when they told me this I felt that my bones – especially at my lower back – horizontal – and my left leg were feeling “very weak” giving me “some concerns” but I decided not to be concerned because this will probably go over.

    This morning when I did Yoga again – despite of my weak bones and lack of food and energy – I was told that the reason why my bones are weak are because of the “journey” I took to be reinstated DEFYING ALL NATURAL FORCES and if I had not followed the “recipe” I was told, my bones would not only hurt, they would break and what could be worse giving me physical hurting. Furthermore when I did Yoga I heard the Council explaining my spiritual self (!) all of “my rules”, which I have been building and following for years, that this is “how I avoided this and that” and that this is why I am still on the road.

    Later in the day I felt when sitting in my sofa that my bones started feeling better because I was not hurting as much as for some days – and the Council told me that when they were OBLIGED to play the Devil to me, they were ALL hoping that we would come to this point, where they would be exempted from this duty and that their NIGHTMARE was if I would not be strong enough to go through the road I decided for because then “we would all be dust” very quickly!

    Even later I was told that I am not yet at the same stratum as the Council yet and that we are communicating through some kind of funnel and that we will come closer over the coming time depending on me doing my work (!) and the Council told me that the reason why I still feel the Devil is because of this distance between us, they still feel an “overwhelming desire” to give in to the natural forces and this is what this is about – and maybe this means that I will continue to be exposed to the Devil maybe even including his lies gradually declining but we will have to see.

    In the late afternoon I took a short nap and when I wake up I received the feeling that my “impossible road” includes to convince people having an UNSHAKABLE CONVICTION that I am not the Son of God – which is what is happening – and this gave me one of many déjà vues – I remember this feeling from “somewhere”, so who will be the first to send me an email saying that you believe in me and to put in some money at my bank account 5012-0329321 with Jyske Bank?

    I am starving, family and friends are “check mate” and I have started to find “free” meals

    Yesterday I published my script for my family and friends to CLEARLY see that I AM STARVING RIGHT NOW but we know all of us NONE OF YOU REACTED and THIS IS SADLY THE TRUTH – none of you have been able to “break the code” by 1) understanding and believing in me, 2) wishing to help us survive, and 3) also to stand forward and because NONE of you have been ABLE to do this, all of you have apparently accepted that “THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO” and this is really the same as what I did with the Commune because here I have set all of you check mate, I told the world about how the Commune is working and thinking with the influence of the Devil and I have here shown you that my nearest family members and friends AS EXAMPLES OF THE WORLD don’t have what it takes to UNDERSTAND PEOPLE IN NEED, A WISH TO HELP AND TO STAND FORWARD and this is sadly the story and this is what makes my life difficult the same way as my friends in Kenya and millions of people all over the world at the same time as we can see the rich world indulge in luxury giving them “much pleasure”.

    Today I have had a total of five slices of plain bread, water and two cups of reheated coffee from yesterday – and I am still given visions and taste of nice food.

    Yesterday I found and read an overview of 92 “social” funds prepared by Servicestyrelsen and I found that I could not come into consideration to receive help from at least 91 of the funds and that only one – the “Otto og Gerda Bings Mindelegat” – maybe could be an opportunity and I have therefore today sent the following email applying for a contribution.

    Kære Otto og Gerda Bings Mindelegat v/advokat Anders Oreby Hansen,

    Jeg skriver til jer for at spørge, om I har mulighed for hjælpe mig med at undgå daglig sult – i dagens Danmark (!) – og evt. bidrage til at betale min husleje ved at yde et bidrag for at sikre mig ”en fremtid uden permanente tilskud fra det offentlige”?

    Min situation er kort som følger:

    • Jeg er 44 år gammel og kom i 2009 hjem fra Kenya til arbejdsløshed i Danmark.
    • Jeg har fået kontanthjælp frem til 1. maj 2010 og har nu ingen indkomst.
    • Jeg har i en bog beskrevet, hvordan det offentlige system for ”aktivering” fungerer (meget dårligt!) for at oplyse mennesker og for at forbedre systemet for alle.
    • De, jeg har skrevet om, bryder sig ikke om at blive ”udstillet” og jeg er derfor blevet nægtet at forsætte i aktivering af kursusudbyder, selvom jeg har tilbudt at fortsætte.
    • Min kommune har besluttet, at når jeg ikke accepterer aktivering med påbud om begrænsninger i min ytringsfrihed, så vil de ikke give mig kontanthjælp, selvom dette er systemets og ikke min skyld!
    • Jeg har nægtet at opgive min grundlovssikrede ytringsfrihed – min ret til at skrive om systemet – og jeg har fået oplyst, at min sag bliver afgjort i Beskæftigelsesankenævnet om 2-4 måneder fra nu.
    • Jeg forventer, at min bog ”på et tidspunkt” vil give mig en indkomst – den baseres på frivillige bidrag – men sandheden er, at jeg endnu ikke har modtaget en krone.
    • ”Indtil videre” har jeg således ingen indkomst – bortset fra ca. 400 kr. pr. måned i boligsikring – selvom Grundloven giver alle ret til at modtage hjælp!

    Så selvom fattigdom og sult burde være udryddet i Danmark, er det dette, jeg udsættes for af et ”stift” system, som ikke vil lytte til andre end sig selv.

    Jeg har ikke mulighed for at modtage hjælp fra hverken det offentlige eller fra andre, og det skulle derfor glæde mig, at møde forståelse for min situation hos jer – og gerne snart, fordi jeg lever alene af ca. 5 skiver brød om dagen samt vand og intet andet ….!

    Jeg vedlægger min årsopgørelse for 2009 og hvis I måtte ønske at se mit CV eller kommunens afvisningsbrev på fortsat at yde kontanthjælp el. lign., sender jeg gerne denne information til jer.

    På forhånd mange tak for jeres opmærksomhed.

    Venlige hilsener fra

    Stig Dragholm

    I do believe that the reason why there are none other funds, which offer to help people in my situation is because all people in Denmark know that people here don’t live in starvation because Denmark is “world famous” because of the way it looks after its inhabitants not only when it comes to provision but also health care, free schools etc. but you know the legislators did probably not “calculate” that a person like me would use the FREEDOM OF SPEECH to show JUST HOW ROTTEN THIS COUNTRY IS, which “glorifies” itself in self-satisfaction of being the “best” nation in the world, which other countries look up to and we know THERE IS NOTHING MUCH TO LOOK UP TO IF YOU ASK ME – you can see the typical behaviour of many Danes in my books!

    My plan before the end of the week is to apply funds, supermarkets etc. and social organisations for help and when I do this work, I cross all of my borders as often before going through the road to come here.

    David is also going through Hell barely affording a meal

    Yesterday I sent my script to LTO Kenya together with this short email:

    Dear all,

    Below is my script of today.

    I don’t know if you still read my emails, but if you do I would like to let you know that I have done everything to try to raise money to help you and that I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and so it is. I do hope my family and friends will think twice and start to come out in order to help us – when they now also can read that I am starving too and that it is not only "unknown" people in a foreign country they are going to help.

    Kind regards


    As my email says I REALLY HOPE THAT MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS WILL THINK TWICE and start to come and help us and it is the same as saying that I do hope you will find FAITH IN ME in your heart and to start showing a clean heart in order to help me and Kenya survive.

    Today I received the following email from David and I do understand, David, how you feel to live without being able to afford a meal because this is truly the same as I do here and this is part of the story to teach the world to avoid and we know part of the story to ask the world to start helping people like David and me to get a normal life, will you?

    Dear Stig,

    I’m fine, but passing through hell. I can barely afford a meal. And I have to skip preparing main meals or perhaps boil lemon water to convince my stomach that at least something has been delivered to it. I have not lost hope though. God is good and he will give us wisdom and favour, and help will come to us even from people who do not believe in us because even what they have belongs to Him. whether they believe in him or not not!
    I could only afford 7/= and to write this much. Thank you for your update.

    Good day,


    The ending of the whale – “HVALBORG” – leading to my old friend Morten

    Today as one of the prime news on television and in the papers they showed the dissection of the now late whale and people were “enthusiastic” and we know to see the whale in “reality” and just how exciting and rare is this opportunity for all people of the museum, doctors and scientists to witness and work on and we know – you should have let if free really if you ask me – and on YouTube the whale received its own celebration song and OF COURSE IT WAS ON BASIS OF THE MARVELOUS SONG “HVALBORG” by Shu-bi-dua and we know when you grow up with this music like I did it means something very special – also because I don’t believe you can find anything like Shu-bi-dua elsewhere with their INSPIRED lyrics and also fantastic music – and my old friend Morten from Karenvej you may remember how we listened to the early albums by Shu-bi-dua between 1976-78 and how we played music together on pots and pans in your room and Morten, just maybe this was what it took to help you to become a skilled musician and we know “one of those musicians from Espergærde Youth School” and this one happens to be the “best friend” – together with you Allan M. – I had these years and we know playing today in the Danish band “Danser med Drenge” and I have seen the work your father did with the “picture bible” called “som troen så ud” and the music made by you on the Internet and we know including the suffering of Jesus and Judgment Day and so it is my friend – talk about an INSPIRED man as one example only.

    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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