22nd June 2010 – Delivering 27 letters to supermarkets etc. asking to receive “old food” instead of them throwing it out!

Summary of the script today



Receiving a message from my nephew Tobias – does he want to help me? Yesterday evening suddenly I started receiving several “unpleasant” feelings, where after the Council woke up my computer. Tobias had sent me a KIND message saying that he has sent a letter to me but the letter did not arrive today. Has he decided to help me from starvation and does he believe in me? I truly hope the BEST because I will not have contact with and will not accept help from people without faith in me.
Dreaming of celebrating with the best Champagne I know of I FROZE despite two duvets and wearing a sweater (!) and slept BADLY as a consequence, I dreamed of my mother giving Champagne to my father’s mother, a dream of the police led me to the risk in real life of going to jail for four days because I crossed a pedestrian crossing on bicycle, backwards messages of Electric Light Orchestra and the surprising back entrance of the road of God, an expensive royal wedding in Sweden where you could have used the money to help people to get a normal life, flying outside and celebrating with the best Champagne I know of.
Delivering 27 letters to supermarkets etc. asking to receive some “old food” instead of them throwing it out
  • I printed out 27 letters in the Jobcentre (!) to Supermarkets, bakers, a butcher and restaurants/cafés asking to receive some of the food, which they throw out anyhow. At the end of the day I had heard from NONE of them.
  • I met Jens Erik, which led to the story of the biggest embarrassment and scandal in Danish football history and another happening right now with the French World Cup team losing because of WRONG behaviour – which is the same Arnaud and the Jobcentre will experience because of the way they treated me.
  • I handed over all 27 letters to SURPRISED supermarkets etc. with a feeling of discomfort and humiliation thinking that this is how a careless world humiliates the poor people of the world.


Receiving a message from my nephew Tobias – does he want to help me?

Today I decided to start writing this chapter instead of the dreams of the night, which I have moved to chapter two instead, because late yesterday evening I started to get a very “unpleasant” feeling “somewhere” on my body, which I have received so often before – a so special and unpleasant feeling that I have deliberately not told you about it specifically before – and it was given to me from what is the remaining part of the Devil as explained yesterday and I did not understand why this happened because I did my work according to plan yesterday and I thought that everything should be fine, but after this feeling started another thing happened, which has happened MANY times lately and we know which I have not written about before too and it is my old computer, which John returned to me some time ago, which gets a “life on it’s own”!

When it goes into sleep mode, which I prefer instead of shutting it down – because of the long time it takes to start from scratch – it is rare that it stays in sleep mode (!) because my dear Council members keep waking it up and we know almost like what they do to me during nights and when this happens, they often also give me a message or a vision of some kind, which confirms their action, and yesterday evening after this “unpleasant bodily experience” the computer was woken up, I looked at it and noticed that I had received a new message, which turned out to be from Tobias, my nephew, and Tobias is as we know in our family a man with a TRULY GOOD AND SPECIAL HEART because he really wants to help people when he can and he was kind to write the following:

Tobias Laugesen: Heej stig der kommer et brev til dig i posten.

I thought that it was indeed very nice of him and also of what the letter would be about, if he wants to help me from starvation and why send a letter instead of an email, does the letter includes something special (?) – but at the same time it also made me think if he has FAITH in me and the logic was that if he wants to help his “uncle” – as he likes to call me – but does not understand and therefore does not believe in me, I cannot accept to receive his help despite of his “good heart”.

Without knowing if this is indeed what he wants to do and if he believes in me or not – lack of faith was the only explanation I could think of to the very unpleasant feeling I received – I also started to receive another both unpleasant and UNUSUAL feeling of acidity in my stomach and respiratory system, which came to me strongly together with new “burning” feelings on my skin and it made me think that the explanation seems to be the same as what I experienced some time ago when first my mother “only wanted to help me from a good heart” and afterwards her husband John who also “only wanted to help”, where I also received PAIN from the Devil and if this is indeed the case, I can only say that even though it hurts both me and my family at the moment, I CAN ONLY GIVE THIS ANSWER: IF YOU DON’T HAVE FAITH IN ME, YOU ARE NOT A FRIEND OF MINE AND THEREFORE I DON’T WANT TO HAVE CONTACT WITH YOU AND THIS INCLUDES NOT TO ACCEPT YOUR HELP – even though this is given with a good heart.

When it comes to this SPECIAL case with Tobias MADE BY ME as I hear one say without knowing who of you it is and just maybe it is Tobias’ inner self Monty – is it you old chap and yes and not no and this is another answer which is written 100% objectively as I hear it without knowing if this is really TRUE and so it is – I will say that I do hope that I am wrong and that the unpleasant feelings given to me from the Devil is on basis of my EXPECTATION of Tobias’ lack of faith in me. I do hope that Tobias will be the first of all who will be able to 1) understand and have faith in me, 2) wish to help US, and 3) stand forward and this is what I look forward to see in his letter, but it did not arrive today so I will have to wait until tomorrow and therefore I decided to send a short reply to Tobias this afternoon – and these messages today are emails through Facebook, which only Tobias and I can see and we know, they are not quite “secret messages” because here is what I wrote:

Stig Dragholm. Hej Toby, Tak for din besked – der er ikke kommet noget endnu. Læs gerne min Blog i aften.

Dreaming of celebrating with the best Champagne I know of

And then we are coming to the dreams of the night and it is now 16.55 when this is written and we know I have turned the day “upside down” because of what I have done today up until now, which you can read about in chapter three.

First of all when I tried to fall asleep last night at approx. 01.00 I was freezing all over and it did not help to take two duvets over me – the first time ever I have experienced this – and it did not help either first to take on a t-shirt and later a warm sweater over this and we know just another example of what you do my dear friends when you have decided to give me another UNPLEASANT feeling – still connected with either my expectations of Tobias not having faith in me or in Tobias not having faith in me (!) – which made it impossible for me to fall asleep until approx. 05.00 from where I slept badly and I was woken up at 09.00 now sweating much because of the duvets and the clothes I had on – thank you J – and from this time you decided to give me “one-liners”, which I could decide to ignore or to write down – I decided to write several of them down – and there was nothing I could do, I had hoped to receive more sleep knowing about my plan today to visits supermarkets etc. but you kept disturbing me and at 10.30 I stood up without getting much sleep and we know making me “almost tired” this morning and of course I was “happy” because I started the day having three slices of bread and water – well here are the “dreams” if you can call these dreams:

  • It is Christmas evening, my mother is delayed and she gives my father’s mother a bottle of Champagne.
  • My father’s mother – who died approx. 10 years ago now (?) – was born on Christmas Day and we know “she was not born late, she arrived exactly on time”. I still think of the relation we could have had, if my father had …. Champagne is still CELEBRATION and impossible to be unhappy when you open a bottle, remember Karen?
  • The police calls me and ask me to come to Lyngbyvej before 19.30. I decide to arrive later.
    • Remember that the Police is a symbol of the Devil and that I was asked to meet at the court in Lyngby because of an innocent “offence” crossing a pedestrian crossing SLOWLY when I was bicycling several months ago? Well the anonymous police officer back then was the only one who was “offended” giving me a fine of 500 DKK and as mentioned earlier I have not taken this seriously because what he did was wrong – according to me (!) – and therefore I decided not to show up in court and today I received a letter from the court and not surprisingly they have decided to CONVICT me and we know they are STICKLERS FOR THE RULES exactly as so many other people who FORGET to think and so it is. According to the letter I am now to pay the fine of 500 DKK including the costs of the court (!) and if I don’t pay, the alternative sentence is jail for four days and YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – the system will put me in jail for four days because I crossed a pedestrian street slowly on bicycle where there were NO OTHER PEOPLE present and NO DANGER FOR ANYONE and we know just wondering we are here about BUREAUCRAZY (!) AND CRAZY RULES.
  • So waiting to receive a new letter from the Police we are now and this is again YODA speaking – you know another symbol of God first given to and here taken from the Starwars movies – and it makes me think that the FANTASTIC song “I østen stiger Olsen op” by Shu-bi-dua really is a direct example of inspiration from God given to this band speaking the same way as Yoda as the symbol of God with the backwards word order and I know my dear friends this was also why you yesterday SHOWED ME THE ROAD TO FIND THE TRUE “SECRET MESSAGES” OF ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA – all of the backmasked messages – and try this one for a starter: THE SONG IS CALLED “FIRE ON HIGH”, it is from the album “Face the music” which “features” an electrical chair on the cover and the backmasked message in the song is: "The music is reversible, but time is not. Turn back! Turn back! Turn back! Turn back!" Maybe my dear reader you have imagination enough to understand what this message means when I tell you that it has to do with the Judgment and that it is inspiration given to this GENIOUS OF A SONG WRITER AND PERFORMER: JEFF LYNNE. And these symbols are also to say that I took the Council by surprise arriving at the back-entrance because THIS IS TRULY IMPOSSIBLE and we know BECAUSE OF THIS, THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO ARRIVE and I am thinking of D-day too here. So after a new DIGRESSSION (…) I will now continue with the next dream.
  • Jack has received a new telephone because the Hifi-klub says that his old telephone is not working.
    • A follow up on Jack’s decision to leave me as his friend on Facebook some time ago probably thinking that he will never see me again – but Jack maybe you are WRONG (?) and I might add here that for 25 years I have had dreams of Jack and I working together at the different employers I have worked for throughout my career, and this is what is coming, Jack.
  • I am watching a royal celebration entertainment show in Sweden and I see that they have 100 different ways to say CHEERS.
    • A message from the Council of happiness (this version of “cheers” is “hurra” in Danish and the Cheers of the Devil is “skål” in Danish, you see?) and also congratulations to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden on their royal wedding the other day, which was broadcasted on television “here there and everywhere”, which made me think just how beautiful Stockholm is and also just how expensive this wedding was – if you include ALL expenses – and we know just one example where you could have saved money if the world leaders would start to truly understand the importance of what Obama tells them and to adjust their plans and actions to this new world situation we are facing – and to the royal family of Sweden: If you had been told of this and we know WOULD YOU HAVE GIVEN THIS MONEY TO HELP POOR PEOPLE TO RECEIVE A NORMAL LIFE and would you decide to step down from the throne willingly to live a “normal life” yourself?
  • I receive a sausage and somehow I am 95 percent sure that this sausage is “fake”.
    • This is what I think about Tobias when I think of his faith in me, but I do hope that he will surprise me and stand forward saying the he has faith in his uncle.
  • I see Tom Petty playing what I was told was a hit from last year. It is called “if I can’t sleep during the night”.
    • I am happy you have not lost your sense of humour :-).
  • I woke up hearing Electric Light Orchestra and the song “Rock ‘N’ Roll Is King”, which here gives me a feeling of the word KING in relation to me and of course from the album “Secret Messages” and it is still scary that you had planned me to write the story of ELO earlier in this chapter already when you gave me this song during the night and we know only if you did your absolutely best of course and so it is.
  • I hear the old well known song of the Three Little Pigs: “Who is afraid of the big bad wolf” and I am told that this is a parody because I will not become a CRIMINAL by stealing in order to get some food.
  • Instead of driving with the police, I drive together with a lady in a taxi to the train station.
  • I am flying outside the beautiful Marble Church of Copenhagen and I see two ladies who are flying too – however not as high as I – and I tell them “remember this day” and it has to do with HAPPINESS.
    • Just thinking of two female members of the Council for example who are beginning to fly and let us say my mother and Karen as examples.
  • I hear the also AMAZING song “my sweet lord” by George Harrison and the words “I really want to see you” and yes my boys – not so many of these anymore – this is what he wants too.
  • I see Polle in his brown monk dress and he says that he almost feels like the monk Dom Perignon – and he is thinking of Champagne and CELEBRATION and we know Stig, this brand is nice but far too overrated and expensive to my taste even though it is good (!) and I have tried several of the best – wine is just a priority of mine like all people have their priorities (!) – and the absolutely best Champagne I have ever had was a more inexpensive but to me a MUCH BETTER champagne called “La Rose du Mesnil” from the small grower Michel Rocourt in Les Mesnil Sur Oger and Camilla do you still remember the first wine shop we entered at the large square in front of the Cathedral in Reims at our first travel there in the nineties, when we tasted this Champagne as one of our first, which made me think that I HAD TO VISIT THIS PRODUCER – also thinking that I could save money to buy directly just like the Hifi-klub indeed (!) which certainly was the case – and this is then what we did and just maybe they still remember us even though they could not speak English and we could not speak French (!) and Camilla this is how God celebrates when you do your best because this may be the best kept secret of the Champagne world because this small producer has not been discovered by Richard Juhlin or Tom Stevenson or any other wine critic and therefore it is not an official STAR of Champagne, but it is still the absolutely best I have ever had and we know Substance from Jacques Selosse and Grand Siecle – stored of course – from Laurent Perrier are the next on my list of favourites and they are fantastic but in my mind not nearly as good and not nearly as cheap as “La Rose du Mesnil”! Lars, my old friend, this was my “secret”, which I did not want to share with you at our travel to Champagne, where you thought of your own needs, do you remember?
  • Delivering 27 letters to supermarkets etc. asking to receive some “old food” instead of them throwing it out

    Planning and printing out the letters

    As mentioned the previous days my plan was to prepare and send EMAILS to supermarkets etc. to ask them to receive food, which they would throw out anyhow – but when I started searching for email addresses of the local supermarkets in Lyngby yesterday I found out that they were very difficult if not impossible to find and I therefore reluctantly took the decision to break one of my rules, which was not to return to the house of the Devil, the Jobcentre, but this was my only way out because this is the only place in town I can print out for free – it costs 2 DKK per print at the library, which is money I don’t have – so therefore I decided to go to the Jobcentre at 11.30 to print out 27 letters including the same content as my letter to the fund yesterday, but with this introduction instead:

    Jeg skriver til jer for at spørge, om I har mulighed for at hjælpe mig med at undgå daglig sult – i dagens Danmark (!) – ved at lægge lidt mad m.v. til side til mig, som I alligevel påtænker at smide ud, som jeg kan hente for eksempel hver uge i en midlertidig periode på ”nogle uger eller måske måneder”?

    After the print-out I sat at the waiting room – with a FREE cup of coffee – signing the letters and putting them into the following order which is the order I decided to visit these 12 local supermarkets, 4 bakers, 1 butcher and 10 restaurants/cafés in Lyngby:

    1. Føtex, Lyngby Storcenter 53
    2. Irma, Lyngby Storcenter 39
    3. Kagehuset, Lyngby Storcenter
    4. SuperBest, Lyngbygårdsvej 141
    5. SuperBrugsen, Lyngbygårdsvej 153
    6. Chen’s Palace Restaurant, Klampenborgvej 215
    7. Café Woody, Klampenborgvej 125 H
    8. Magasin Mad & Vin, Lyngby Hovedgade 43
    9. Sticks’n’Sushi, Lyngby Hovedgade 43
    10. Cafe Mig og Annie, Lyngby Hovedgade 70 B
    11. Slagtergården, Lyngby Hovedgade 74
    12. Bagergården, Lyngby Hovedgade 49
    13. Det Sunde Køkken, Lyngby Hovedgade 76
    14. Bjælke-stuen/ Post-Pub, Lyngby Hovedgade 78
    15. SuperBest, Lyngby Hovedgade 80
    16. Oasen Konditori og Vinstue, Likørstræde 4
    17. Fakta Quick, Jernbanepladsen 49
    18. Netto, Jernbanepladsen 65
    19. Café Amalie, Lyngby Hovedgade 62
    20. Irma, Lyngby Hovedgade 21
    21. Lyngby Pizzeria, Lyngby Hovedgade 42
    22. Big Mama’s Pizza House, Jernbanevej 10
    23. Vangsaa’s bageri, Ulrikkenborg Plads 10 B, kl
    24. Netto, Engelsborgvej 76
    25. Den Helt Rigtige Bager, Gammel Bagsværdvej 64
    26. Irma, Stengårds Allé 38 A
    27. Fakta, Stengårds Allé 65

    ”Den Flinke Slagter” on Gammelmosevej 121A was closed because of holidays and did therefore not receive a letter. I could have decided to choose even more stores, but this is what I found and the ones I decided to visit. My best guess is that all of these throw out food on a daily or weekly basis – food I could eat without risks to my health and it should therefore be very easy for them to DECIDE to help me.

    As part of my planning yesterday evening I found the website www.gratismad.com, which describes how you can visit containers of supermarkets etc. and in many situations be “lucky” to find food, which is “perfectly alright” to eat and I found out that this is actually a “sport” of at least some people in Denmark, who want to save money.

    I would like to avoid going to this extreme – and still thinking I am that many poor people of the world have to humiliate themselves doing what is even more extreme to get something to eat – and this is why I decided to hand over all of these letters and WE SHALL SEE HOW MANY OF THEM WILL SHOW GOD A CLEAN HEART because this is really another exercise to see if people will use “a few minutes only” to help me from starvation by putting aside “old food”, which they would throw out anyhow or if people instead will be indifferent, “too busy” to read and understand my letter and “too busy” to make a call or write an email or maybe thinking that it will be “inconvenient” for them to change their “old processes” of throwing out food in stead of giving some to me.

    Meeting Jens Erik and the stories of football disgraces

    When I was at the Jobcentre first I met Arnaud and we said a brief and very “quiet” hello to each other and later I met Jens Erik again and he is still very smiling and nice speaking of “small font size” J and we had a good talk together and I had decided beforehand not to tell about my situation without cash help unless people would ask me in detail and therefore when he asked “how are you doing” and when I answered “fine”, this was actually the truth (!) and he was indeed very HAPPY because he asked me if I followed the football and of course I thought he meant the ongoing World Cup but no for Jens Erik – an “old Lyngby boy” as I called him – it is more important that the local football team of Lyngby the other day again has been promoted from the second best to the elite division in Denmark and this made him VERY HAPPY INDEED and we know Stig ANOTHER SYMBOL THAT I AM DOING FINE IN “FOOTBALL” – here I also feel my spiritual father because of what I do today – and I mentioned that my old best friend Jack had Lyngby as a favourite team and that I remember when they became the champions of Denmark in the 1980’s and Jens Erik told me that this has happened THREE TIMES (!) and from being “still on top” they suddenly went down when the club went bankrupt and we know we spoke of you Hans Bjerg-Pedersen and I was told that you were to blame and that you had committed fraud – I am only writing what I hear believing it is true – and I said to Jens Erik what I believe he remembered that Hans Bjerg-Pedersen was also one of the people of the board of the Danish Football Association who in 1990 believed they had hired a new coach for the National Team – the German Horst Wohlers – and there was really only one problem when they had called the total Danish “world-press” to inform about the new coach, which was that they had not signed a contract and that the coach did not know that he would be presented at the new coach when he agreed to take a meeting in Copenhagen (!) – very embarrassing, a scandal really – and this really shows the Devil in play because of lack of quality and communication etc., furthermore Jens Erik told me about a sponsor-tour he attended together with Hans in the old Czechoslovakia, where there was a “party” every evening at Hans’ hotel room where they emptied the mini-bar and this story is included to say that you need to do your work properly instead of focusing on personal “pleasure”.

    And my dear friends this story also led us to the World Cup in football these days because Jens Erik said that Arnaud is very unhappy because of the “sad destiny” of France in this World Cup and we know this is when you gave me a signal explaining the reason of the events of the French team as the world saw happening directly on television, where the French team decided to strike after a DISAGREEMENT between the national coach of France and their STAR player Anelka – and what you saw here was people with bad behaviour who could not control their negative feelings and when this is the case one negative action can quickly lead to the next: Anelka was sent home followed by the team striking and a manager, who on the spot decided to resign and to walk home (!) but he found out that there is a long distance from South Africa to France (!!) and we know all of us IF THE “STARS” OF THE TEAM DID NOT THINK THEY WERE BETTER THAN OTHERS and here including better than other nations and if they showed a GOOD BEHAVIOUR INCLUDING A NICE LANGUAGE AND THE ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER, FRANCE WOULD PROBABLY WIN SOME MATCHES AND CONTINUE IN THE WORLD CUP but with a behaviour like this we have decided to send the French team home – embarrassed to the world, a scandal in fact – as a symbol of how you Arnaud decided to treat me when I had the meeting with you months ago where you thought you were “better than me” and we know did not listen and “my dear friend” – this is what you REALLY are (!) – you and the Jobcentre will experience the same disgrace as the National team of France in football these days.

    Your destiny is to become a disgrace to the world because of the behaviour you showed me, lack of understanding, inability to control your feelings and WRONG decisions because if you had met me differently you could have started to understand my suggestions and to improve your employment system in Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune and we would have become the best friends at the same time but we know if was “only a decision of your” and so it is.

    I left the Jobcentre when lunch-hour was approaching and it was “nice” for me to see employees leaving for lunch and to smell the nice food too and you have guessed right, as usual I was VERY HUNGRY when I noticed this. I am thinking that the Commune has probably arranged nice lunches for the “nice employees” and just maybe the lunches are supported economically from the Commune? Just wondering WE ALL ARE.

    Delivering the letters to “surprised” recipients

    When I left the Jobcentre I went directly to the supermarket Føtex as the first recipient of my letters. I had addressed all letters to the managers, the letters were not put in envelopes because I did not have any and because I did not have money to buy any. I handed over the letters to the employees servings at the stores, which also gave these people a chance to read the letter – even though it was not addressed to them (!) – and I asked these persons to hand over the letter to the manager, which all accepted to do.

    But quickly I noticed that most people became surprised or VERY surprised when I handed over a letter in person, because this is really something you don’t do today and I could almost tell that “some people” became nervous about “what in the world is this” and “have we done something wrong” and maybe even thinking that my purpose was to collect outstandings from them and just maybe they became “relieved” when they saw that the letter did not “concern” them personally but that it was only from a “beggar” asking for “help to survive”.

    At many places I had to stand in line waiting for people in front of me buying newspapers/cigarettes at kiosks of supermarkets, bread/cakes at bakers, meat at the butcher and coffee/wine/salads/lunches at restaurants/cafés also giving me an “opportunity” to see, smell and being tempted from a lot of nice food and while I did this work I felt very HUMILIATED because of the need to do it in the first place – I thought of myself as a symbol of ALL people in distress humiliated by the rich world doing the same begging for help – it gave me a throw up feeling and a very big desire to stop doing this already after handing over 4-5 letters because this is both a UNNATURAL and UNPLEASANT situation to be in (!) and I thought that I am now asking people to help me, people who will probably decide to be careless about me. It was humiliating and again it made me think of the Jobcentre first and family and friends afterwards who all of them – until now – have done what is WRONG as symbols of ALL THE RICH WORLD. This is the symbol of a rich and uncaring world today – CAN YOU SEE IT?

    Furthermore the work today did not become easier because of the nice summer weather where many pretty ladies were walking in the crowded streets and as usual I had to resist looking – you know why – and we know I was tempted MANY times to look but NO AS USUAL I DID NOT LOOK NOT EVEN ONCE and some “gentlemen” out there will know of the temptation I talk about with nice ladies on a summer day like today.

    It will now be exciting to see how many of the recipients will show a good behaviour answering my letter and when you hand over 27 letters, you would probably believe that you will receive 27 answers all from people showing a “good behaviour” and if you do not, maybe you will think that people don’t show good behaviour here just outside “wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen”, which is a song sung by Danny Kaye from the movie where he played Hans Christian Andersen in 1952 (!), which is another example of what was given many years ago: To tell Denmark and the world that Danes and Copenhagen are simply “wonderful” making the Danes proud and self satisfied when the truth is that most Danes have nothing to be proud of because of rude behaviour, selfishness and lack of true care to others than themselves.

    So Denmark – this is now a new chance for you to show a better side! I will report the result of this charity test of people in Denmark over the next days. Will I receive as much as one single positive answer or will all decide to ignore me throwing out my letter not “thinking twice”? As usual I hope for the best – and I do really believe that it should be possible to receive several positive answers but we will have to see.

    Some might think: Why did you decide to WRITE instead of asking to speak to the person in charge and I have three reasons:

    1. I will give people a better understanding from reading – if they “have the time” to use 1-2 minutes to read – instead of listening because almost all people today IN DENMARK (!) don’t have the patience to listen to me telling what the letter says (!),
    2. It is much more efficient to write instead of speaking to 32 different people with the risk that they are busy or not present.
    3. I feel too embarrassed to ask – even though I could probably find the courage to do it, but I prefer to avoid it.

    While I was walking in the sunshine I became thirsty – I had brought no water – and I started feeling my lower leg hurting and I thought “this is just part of the game” so I will continue, which I then did – and I was told that now when I have just arrived home – been reinstated – I am challenged this way and I received information in detail about what the remaining part of the Devil would have done still trying to make my old nightmare come trough and that is if I had NOT done what I did today and I experienced that the Devil gradually became “nicer” the more letters I handed over and at the end of “the walk” I saw the Devil in a vision blowing a trumpet celebrating the arrival of the Trinity and this was really the symbol saying that when I do my work and keep my plan – and the more difficult, the better – the strength of the Devil decreases even more, converts him and creates a better connection between us on the other side and so it is.

    After continuing non-stop I was home again at 14.40 – still on an empty stomach – and I thought that it would be nice to take a nap, which was really the plan I did this morning because I thought that I would not be able to write the script of today if I did not get some sleep – I started writing some of the script yesterday evening otherwise I would probably not be able to do it today – but what happened? Only this: I was not allowed to sleep – because I was kept awake (!) – and I therefore had to stand up without energy really and we know write a much longer script than what I had anticipated and this is really as mentioned also to come over to the other side as quickly and as good as possible without losing a set and soon even a ball to the Devil.

    Today I was happy to walk at least for me some new places in Lyngby and I have settled here quicker than anticipated – today I believe Lyngby is the most beautiful place I have lived in and we know not because of its inhabitants – most of them are nice on the surface but not really on the inside as you will understand from my books (!) – but because of the beautiful nature and all of the other things the city has to offer – and it still makes me happy that I LOSE WEIGHT DURING THIS SLIMMING DIET I AM ON (!) and I am counting down the days until the 1st July where I know that I will receive a little bit of money and I also know that this situation is only temporary and what I have really been thinking the last days have been about people who live in distress all over the world not only for days or months but for many years or all of their lives without a prospect to improve and we know this is how the rich world in practise removes the hope of MILLIONS of people. Shameful!

    What I believe was an ”easy” day without comparison to what I have been going through earlier became very difficult after 19.00-20.00 when I became VERY TIRED having difficulties to think and concentrate making it take long to finish and publish this script, but I am “almost full” now because I have just had my dinner of two slices of bread and a glass of not Champagne but water, so five slices of bread again today it was.

    And if I by the end of the day have heard from any supermarkets etc. calling or emailing me and we know who have decided to use a few minutes to HELP ME because of a wish to help driving them – and we know: NO, I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM ONE SINGLE OF THEM and normally when you do direct mailings the chance to receive positive answers decrease day by day ….!

    At the television show “the third half” today they talked about what to do if you are not interested in the World Cup and Carsten Mølby – symbolising God remember – was indeed very tired today – just like myself for that matter – because as he said: “I am drained for energy”, “can I receive permission to take a nap of half an hour” and when he was asked what to do if you are not interested in the World Cup he said “then it has to be taking a nap” and we know JUST MAYBE THIS MAN IS A LITTLE BIT INSPIRED and Sanna do you believe in me now?

    Finally at the end of this day I leave you with a post from Piet on Facebook today and you are absolutely right, Piet, but you probably don’t know the real meaning behind your post, because MY DEAR FRIEND STIG – GOING THROUGH THIS EXERCISE TODAY DOING YOUR BEST IS WHAT THIS POST MEANS. YOU HAVE NOW ABSORBED or “sucked up” – this is why the vacuum cleaner is mentioned in the post – the world TAKING OVER WORLD HEGEMONY AGAIN AS OUR TRUE LEADER – and we know ON OUR SIDE OF COURSE J.

    Piet Aagaard: Har lige købt robot-støvsuger, nu er jeg klar til at overtage verdensherredømmet!


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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