24th June 2010 – I have taken on suffering from the Devil because of the sins of mankind for your redemption

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of God giving his power to the people – this is my last life before I will take my place next to God Before sleeping I was told that my spiritual self now will be “reversed” after arriving to the spiritual world. Dreaming of Camilla’s mother Inger passing on her best regards to her BELOVED family, the importance of keeping agreements, being open minded and controlling negative feelings, no people of Obama’s administration know about his direct contact with God, Obama and I planning a trip to FREE the world, the football team of USA was “saved” two minutes before “closing time” yesterday, waiting for my old class mates of Mørdrupskolen to develop, driving on the train with my “special friend” Lisbeth, the aim of God is still to hand over his “power to the people” and after this life I will take my place next to God.
There is nothing to be concerned about when you are not concerned – but when you are concerned …. If my mother/family had not been concerned, there would be nothing to be concerned about, but they were concerned, which made a potential dangerous situation to be concerned about – but not anymore!
I will heal people who have faith in me I feel the healing energy in my hands STRONGER than ever. I will heal people who have faith in me when they encourage me to visit them. – Karen, please read the Jesus/Stig in Nairobi document in my library carefully, will you?
The longest tennis match ever as the ULTIMATE symbol of my EXHAUSTING game against the Devil I am not the only one having had THREE DIFFICULT DAYS – this is what Isner and Mahut at Wimbledon had too playing the longest and GREATEST match ever in the history of tennis. They were EXHAUSTED, they were TIRED and at the end Mahut was the one cracking down first as the symbol of the Devil cracking down and getting the “hell out of here”. I took on the suffering for your sins and for your redemption – to save all of you and to save you from suffering.
Receiving 700 DKK in aid and rejections from organizations, which are not ALLOWED to help me survive! I was happy to receive confirmation of 700 DKK coming from the salvation army so I can get some food – when others will not help me. Red Cross and other organizations cannot help me to survive because of their “rules”, which is the same as saying: “We now leave you to die – take care” J. Please THINK TWICE!
Denmark lost the World Cup football game because Denmark is the TRUE symbol of the Devil! For 87 minutes I did not understand the message of the football game between Denmark and Japan – the first time you have done this – but when Japan scored the final goal to 3-1 I was told that I AM NOW REVERSED meaning that we will NOT support Denmark as a country of non-believers. God won the game – Denmark lost!


Dreaming of God giving his power to the people – this is my last life before I will take my place next to God

Tonight I was allowed to sleep somewhat longer and better – thank you – and before you let the sleep come to me, you told me that “tomorrow we will turn him around, because you are turned the wrong way” and this was all you said and we know “laterally reversed” is a more correct way of putting it and my dear Son when we “put you” into the new world from the old world this is how it works and we know it is about the plusses and minuses and we know actually moving from one side of the mirror to the other and during this process one of the steps is to turn EVERYTING INSIDE AND OUT OF YOU and we know HERE OF COURSE so this is what we will do today and we know you might get a “slight feeling” physically but “nothing compared to you” and yes Stig – do you know the REAL reason why Prince is coming to Denmark to play the Roskilde Festival and we know to come as close as possible to the energy of the source – you/me – and we know saw you twice Prince in Parken in 1988 I believe and was it two years later in 1990 and so it is – another GENIOUS if you ask me ….

Some dreams:

  • I am at the holiday cottage with Camilla’s family. I have paid for the food and Inger – Camilla’s mother – reimburses me a little late. She asks who of us will become the manager every Friday making sure that we will come to the summerhouse every weekend. I tell Inger that her husband is in control, which she confirms. I feel in the dream that she misses me. Later a woman asks me to feel the feelings of a diseased, who was a young woman when she died. I visit the diseased person’s Facebook site, I feel her strongly – people don’t know how strongly – I write a message from her Facebook site with her as the sender, the message is that she is well and that she asks me to pass on her best regards. Later in the dream I hear that John – Inger’s husband and Camilla’s father – has taken over the summerhouse without knowing exactly why.
  • I wake up hearing ”Den grønne” with Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics ” Så er der øl til chaufføren” and ”hvem har brug for Marx når man kan få laks” – thinking of the fish here I am as my symbol and also ”snabelvand” of God!
  • I am both happy and sad about this dream because Inger – who I LIKED VERY much (!!!) together with John and Christian/Sofie – was in this dream saying that she misses me and I also miss her and the family very much – I have not seen them since 2001 when Camilla and I separated – and the dream tells me that Inger has passed away and if this is true, it makes me very sad indeed – but happy to receive this message from her. Thank you Inger – and the regards are to her BELOVED family and now I also feel her strongly and she gives me SO STRONG TEARS because IF SHE HAD KNOWN WHO I AM SHE WOULD HAVE DONE “SOME THINGS DIFFERENTLY” also when talking to my own daughter, as she tells me here. Thank you Inger and of course I LOVED YOUR ORANGE HEERINGS and how could I not when ORANGE is the colour of God and when the fruit is the symbol of the source and we know THE TEARS WERE HERE SO STRONG THAT I COULD NOT REJECT THEM, so now I am having tears all over – and so it is – and the dream about her being a young woman when she died can only be explained as THE FEELING SHE HAS RIGHT NOW and we know because SHE IS STILL HERE and YES CHRISTIAN MY DEAR SON and yes I only wanted to add this information for people to understand – and the tears are still here.
  • Half awake I was told that “when you receive enough servants, you will get your planned child and not before”.
  • Obama is the manager of our office and he comes to the office for the first time for a visit of one week. I agree to see him the first day, where I have planned to discuss different work with him, but he lets me down because he cancels the agreement – it makes me very disappointed – however I meet him after normal work hours where I say that “I presume you want to be involved and if I give you too many details, please let me know – I recommend a new HR policy where Bachelors of Commerce will not start as managers and I suggest an action plan for the entire office” which makes Obama say that he knows two plans from General Electric – which gives me the option to respond negatively if I only had thoughts of my own template or positively if I had an open mind to see if I could learn – and I told him “fine let us see them” and Obama said “you are my man at this office”. I meet one of the employees working for Obama and I ask him “do you know what you are doing now, which will make history” and he says “yes, I am working for President Obama”, which makes me say “do you know about his relation to God” and he says “yes” but the answer is really no, he does not know. I am now planning a round trip with Obama to find editions of the Danish newspaper BT.
    • This tells how important it is to keep your appointments, to be open minded and able to control your feelings and also that you will receive credibility when people find that you work seriously with good quality.
    • The dream also tells that not even people working at the administration of Obama know about his direct link with God – my inner self through the Trinity – and we know it is also a “secret” in order for the world to understand that when they have criticised and made fun of Obama, this is what they have done to me (!) and we know Obama has been secretive until now but he has now started to tell “some people” because of your development.
    • Removing the newspaper is to remove the Devil so we will make sure that no people will receive a “verdict” and we know smiling because now there is no “judgment” – DID YOU CATCH this – and we know MANY GOOD STORIES OUT THERE WE COULD TELL STIG including why USA likes Baseball and not football – but hoping that USA will also succeed at the World Cup and we know I like their team much because of the incredible will power I have seen from them not only at this World Cup but all the way back to the World Cup in USA in 1994 and I do believe they have been “unlucky” at this World Cup and we know SAVED TWO MINUTES BEFORE “CLOSING TIME” they were yesterday and thank you Obama this was done also for your sake J.
  • I am on a travel together with my old school class from Mørdrupskolen at the Austrian Alps, my class mates are on an excursion and I am going back to the Hotel. I have forgotten a bag of gifts and now I am sitting alone at the breakfast restaurant.
    • Looks like many of my old school mates are going through difficulties now in order to develop while I am waiting on them here at the “Hotel”.
  • I have spent the night at the house of Lisbeth and Pauli. At the morning Pauli drives us to Odense Station, we will be going to Copenhagen. I bring all of my clothes in a big plastic basket. Credit cards and credits have been used far too much (Lisbeth …). I am travelling on the train home without a ticket.
    • Lisbeth do you know what the train journey means? It has to do with your travel, where you will meet God at the end station as one of my “special friends” too 🙂
  • I am giving the deed of my house to two friends – the friends grow stronger and stronger, and God becomes less. A man at the house is following me and I tell him “you are welcome”, people and accounts are controlled carefully and “someone” has escaped with resuscitators.
    • This is STILL “the dream” and we know GOD WILL LIVE ON IN ALL PEOPLE SO YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR MY SON and we know YOU WILL TAKE YOUR PLACE NEXT TO ME so you will NOT AGAIN RECEIVE BIRTH AS A PHYSICAL MAN and we know IF I HAVE A CD-PLAYER WHICH IS WORKING and OF COURSE I HAVE and we know I HAVE ALMOST FORGOTTEN THAT YOUR CD-PLAYER IS STILL NOT WORKING and that you listen to music through your computer WITH FAR TOO LOW QUALITY and so it is and if this is the case, God, my answer is that YES I WILL COME AND STAY NEXT TO YOU and LOOK FORWARD TO LISTENING TO NICE MUSIC AGAIN and we know and we know and we know not as impulsive as you thought and we know “a little bit more complicated” and so it is.

    There is nothing to be concerned about when you are not concerned – but when you are concerned ….

    I also had a more explicit dream not of sex but of a sexual nature and we know we are growing stronger and the same is the concern with your family, so the CONCERNS are now stronger than ever and we know Stig this is what is feeding the Devil and I give you examples on just how strong the Devil is “from time to time” but at the same time he is still weaker because I – my inner self – takes on the pain of the Devil and that is really removing it from the Council as we also saw an example of yesterday when the witch was burned – and we know the “funny” thing is that I for years have told my family that “there is NOTHING to be concerned about” where the truth is that I have not been concerned myself and also now that there would really be absolutely NOTHING to be concerned about if my mother especially and also family/KAREN/friends would NOT be concerned!

    If you had decided to be STRONG and to believe in me that there was nothing to be concerned about I would have had a much easier entrance to this world – but because of your IMMENSE CONCERN you made it ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for me and we know Stig GIVING AT LEAST A POTENTIAL REASON TO BE CONCERNED (!) because I could have broken down easily at any time if I did not find “invisible” energy and power (!) and we know IT WAS ON “THE EDGE” I came through – listening to U2 right now I am ON THE COMPUTER (!!!) from the Zoo Station tour and we know in my ears this is still the absolutely best period of U2 but I recognise and also ENJOY many of your songs since – for example “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own” from 2004, which is “ONE” of your best songs ever (I especially like the acoustic version very much) and we know Stig AT THE SAME LEVEL IT IS ALSO WHEN IT COMES TO INSPIRATION as exactly “ONE” and I do believe that “no line of the Horizon” is the best album you have made since 1991, it is VERY GOOD and ALMOST FANTASTIC I would say and this is of course just to make the “records clear” and this is how we are JJJ.

    I will heal people who have faith in me when they encourage me to come and visit

    This morning I also did Yoga again – after having THREE slices of bread (!) because I will receive the help tomorrow – and this helped me again to become “CLEAN” and the Council told me “you should see our new heaven here” and I was given a wake sight of a heaven of Gold and we know BECAUSE I HAVE RETURNED “against all odds”.

    Later I was given the idea to start going out in order to heal people – I feel the healing energy in my hands stronger than ever – but no, according to simple logic and the rules I have set earlier I will heal people when they have faith in me and you have seen how difficult it is for people to understand and believe in me and we know even more difficult apparently to share what you have – as many poor Africans will do without blinking (!) – and to stand forward with your name and let us just say that I will wait until people will encourage me to come and visit them – and I am thinking of my visit in 1988 as Jesus in Kenya without having any memory of it today and this healing woman – and my dear friends: SHOULD YOU HAPPEN TO READ THIS AND IF YOU HAVE NOT READ MY JESUS/STIG IN NAIROBI DOCUMENT FROM THE BOOK 2 FOLDER AT MY LIBRARY www.mediafire.com/stig I ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ THIS and here I am thinking of you KAREN and yes WILL YOU PLEASE STUDY THIS CONCENTRATED and REALLY LOOK AT THE PICTURES and “think twice” about me – please?

    The longest tennis match ever as the ULTIMATE symbol of my EXHAUSTING game against the Devil

    This is from Wikipedia today, which I use on a DAILY BASIS – a fantastic tool my friends:

    Longest match ever: The incomplete Wimbledon 2010 first round match between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner played on the 22nd, 23rd of June, 2010 and scheduled to continue on June 24th, was at 4–6, 6–3, 7–6(7), 6–7(3), 59–59 in the fifth and final set, [1] after 9 hours and 58 minutes, when the game was suspended until a third day due to darkness.[2] The duration (currently 7 hours and 6 minutes) and the number of games (118 games) of the fifth set (at the end of the second day) is the longest set in history by both time and games; and the fifth set itself was longer than the previous longest match at the end of the second day. With the scores tied at 59–59 and light fading, the match was suspended at 21:12 local time on the 23rd.

    Souce: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longest_tennis_match_records

    On Danish Radio P4 at 11.16 this morning they spoke about the match and the host wanted to say that they are “nogle stædige radder” (“some stubborn chaps”) but he fell over the word “radder” – and at the same time I was shown the Devil water skiing and given the word “brædder” (“boards”), which rhymes on “radder” – this is why my dear radio host you had difficulties saying this word – and this MARATHON MATCH is really the symbol of my MARATHON MATCH against the Devil and just maybe these guys are EXHAUSTED playing this game and we know have you ever heard about a score of 59-59 in tennis before and we are only asking.

    The radio made a quiz asking listeners to text in their guesses on the final score and I thought that maybe it will become 100-100 and one person on the radio guessed that it will become 99-99 and again we know when he said this I started hearing the song 1999 with Prince and we know just to follow up on the story of the beginning of the script today, which of course was written after I heard this on the radio because I was “busy” relaxing in my bath tub this morning and we know thinking that today I will use the basic rule of FLEXIBLE WORKING hours and so it is.

    They also spoke of other things “on the radio” – Donna, in 1980 you were on the top of my list too and yes I LOVED DISCO and COULD NOT GET ENOUGH OF IT and soul for that matter – for example this: “Surrealistisk” and “syre” (acid), which was about the Cure because the more “acid” you play, Robert, the more I LOVE your music and this was really a symbol of your Pornography album and yes “It doesn’t matter if we all die” is what you sing and I can tell you that WE ARE NOT GOING TO DIE FOREVER (be terminated) so now this “gloomy” album may have lost some of its importance but I still LOVE it and we know still remember that I bought it in London in 1982 and we know together with “our house” and so it is from “the rise and fall” of Madness – it was also the trip where I was “too shy” Vivian and this is why this song was made, which became a hit accidently when we went to London (!) and yes the song is about us and so it is.

    And OK we will also bring this one, the radio host spoke to a reporter from Wimbledon who was INSPIRED to also talk about the “preparations of the queen” – even though it had nothing to do with the question – and we know he thought it was about the Queen Elisabeth visiting Wimbledon but it was really here a symbol of the dark side of not the moon but Virgin Mary and a symbol of the Devil just to tell you that this is what this the longest tennis match in history is about and we know difficult to finish it is when GOD too and not only me AS A CRYING DARK LADY MARY – and not VIRGIN MARY – says here and now I see her as her TRUE light self and this is a completely different story which I will tell the world about myself as Lona in this life.

    The match was paused yesterday, which was the second day they played, and resumed today and I was sad to see that it was not on the television channels I can see but from 17.25 I followed the live streaming from www.tv2sport.dk and the English reporter said “the remarkable thing about the drama is that it is the same day after day after day” – which is almost like what it has been to me for a very long time and please notice the three repetitions of “day” – and that they played for THREE days at the same time as THE TRINITY RETURNED TO THE WORLD!

    The commentator continued: “Who is going to crack first – this is the battle which is being fought at the moment” – which is exactly what has been the name of my game too – would I be stronger and more enduring than all of my family and friends opposing me and yes who would crack first – me or all of them?

    And here I can say that today I was told that RECENTLY when I have been writing the most directly the WORST PAIN MY MOTHER HAS RECEIVED and we know has been HALF OF WHAT I HAVE ENDURED FOR YEARS and we know JUST SO YOU KNOW.

    The commentator said: “Nobody is ever going to beat this record – so what you are seeing is something very special” – and this is the same as saying that what I have gone through is something that I WILL NEVER GO THROUGH AGAIN.

    From 17.40 when Caroline Wozniacki had won her match, Danish television TV2 Sport switched to this game, which I then followed from this point forward. And not surprisingly this Danish commentator was also INSPIRED and here is some of what he said:

    “The first we noticed is that it (“the match”) ends – it was not quite certain” – meaning that it was not quite certain that I would have been able to defeat the Devil entirely, which this match is the ULTIMATE symbol of.

    “This is completely raving mad” – I do believe I have heard this before, do you remember?

    And then suddenly Isner received his first match ball of today – number five in total – and he won it and with this the most AMAZING tennis match ever played and here are some more comments:

    A speaker on court gave tribute to the players and the judge and to the judge he said that he “controlled not only the match but himself extremely well” and this was about me as the judge you know.

    The Danish TV-commentator said about Mahut: “He is completely broken down” and we know THIS MUST BE THE DEVIL WE SPEAK ABOUT and I wonder if this is how my mother feels at the moment too and if this is so mother I can only tell you that this is the only road for you to enter and that you should be proud of yourself coming so far.

    The TV-commentator continued saying: “A fantastic performance for three days” and when he said this, I understood that I have also had three pretty tough days myself and we know all of us in fact.

    Isner spoke after the match and among other things he said that “here you don’t feel tired, but this is what we were” and again this is what I have done for years, I have acted as NOT TIRED but being the MOST TIRED OF ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD and about his opponent Mahut – here the Devil as a symbol only – Isner said that “the guy is an absolute warriour” and this is true because this was the ending – WHAT I HOPE INDEED IS THE ENDING – of the WAR between God and the Devil too.

    Mahut also spoke and he said that “we just played the greatest match ever – at the greatest tournament Wimbledon” and my dear friends this is what I have done with practically nobody witnessing it – apart from few family members and friends: I have played the GREATEST MATCH EVER – THE MATCH BETWEEN GOD AND THE DEVIL and THIS IS IN FACT WHAT THE JUDGMENT WAS ABOUT. The Judgment could have been bad, very bad, worse and you know different levels until the ultimate level of ELIMINATION – but I decided to GO FOR IT so now all of my friends, it will become a CELEBRATION FOR ALL OF MY PEOPLE WHEN GOD IS NOW RETURNING TO RESTORE FAITH, LAW AND ORDER as we can call it from here – and we know I see Kjeld from Olsen Banden standing outside Vridsløselille Jail with a Danish flag together with Børge, his son, waiting for EGON to be released and we know another symbol of me he is and I was about to say “Skidegodt, Egon” and also “Det er genialt det dér” and this was why you Svend said this in 1986 – this was HOPEFULLY what I could write myself in this book 24 years after if I managed to take on the suffering because of your sins for your redemption – to SAVE ALL OF YOU, to save you from suffering and we know what could have become the worst nightmare of the lives of all people, to set you FREE. This is what you have been reading about my dear family and friends – nothing more and nothing less – and I do hope that I will soon be released to a “NORMAL LIFE” too ….

    As the commentator on court said to Mahut: “I know you want to get the hell out of here” and this is what he is doing RIGHT NOW and not Mahut but the real one you know.

    Receiving 700 DKK in aid and rejections from organizations, which are not ALLOWED to help me survive!

    When this is written I have a blurred vision as I have had for days now, which I know so well from the past because this is what I get when I am exhausted and have no energy but “it really doesn’t matter” – as long as I can work, I work and so it is.

    Today I was happy to receive this reply from Frelsens Hær – the Salvation Army – because it means that I can start eating again tomorrow and I really wish I would be able to send some money to Kenya too but due to the fees connected when transferring I have decided to keep this amount myself.

    Receiving help from the Salvation Army

    Kære Stig Dragholm

    Jeg har dd afsendt gavekort til Føtex og Coop Danmark ialt 700, så du kan købe noget mad.

    Såfremt du ønsker hjælp til din sag. bedes du fremsende afvisningsbrevet, fuldmagt og evt. andre papirer, der kan være af interesse for sagen.

    Med venlig hilsen
    Frelsens Hær, økonomisk rådgivning, Annie Kristensen

    I sent her my thanks as follows:

    Kære Annie Kristensen,

    Mange tak for din telefonbesked – jeg forsøgte at træffe dig, men du var optaget – og for din mail.

    Det glæder mig at I skænker et gavekort, så jeg får noget at spise. Mange tak for det. Med hensyn til min sag har jeg selv de nødvendige kompetencer.

    Venlige hilsener fra
    Stig Dragholm

    Red Cross is NOT ALLOWED to help me survive because of RULES

    I also received a call from Martin (?) at Dansk Røde Kors – Red Cross – and he started by saying that he will look at “legal” opportunities and I thought he meant “legal help” but he said that there could be “others” who might be able to help me, so he will come back – and he will think in relation how to pay my rent too – and this was of course nice of him, also to call me as quickly as he did and he told me that the RULES OF RED CROSS is that they help people ABROAD at disasters etc. but not in Denmark and yes STIG THIS IS TRULY THE MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: “BECAUSE OF OUR RULES WE CANNOT HELP YOU TO SURVIVE – SO GOODBYE, HAVE A PLEASANT DEATH” – this is really the meaning of these RULES and people NOT THINKING TO HELP PEOPLE THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE – and here I am also thinking about A RICH COMMUNITY LIKE DENMARK where people indulge in LUXURY and where “everybody knows” – he is still going STRONG because of me you know – that Denmark has PLENTY to make sure that no people will starve, but when the Government cannot think straight and when they make crazy rules to PRESSURE people enormously – as they have done with the cash help as an example – this is how you can give people a DEATH SENTENCE also in this community – a shame – but this is not the worst because the worst is that (nearly) ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE NARROW MINDED THINKING THAT CITIZENTS OF THEIR COUNTRY DESERVE TO BE TREATED BETTER THAN CITIZENTS OF OTHER COUNTRIES and WHAT I AM TRYING TO TELL YOU IS THAT WE ARE ONE WORLD AND ONE PEOPLE – NOT 200 DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND MANY DIFFERENT “CLASSES” – will you please TREAT EVERYBODY EQUALLY, will you please provide NORMAL LIFE FOR ALL – will you please understand?

    Martin from Red Cross also said that he was in contact with a family one year ago in a similar situation like mine and that they offer to contact Communes trying to speak to their “heart” hoping that they will resume payments again and I told him that I have the competences myself in relation to the Commune and that I cannot survive on receiving LEGAL HELP – this does not give me food on the table – and I told him that I have done everything I can towards the Commune including leading politicians and Civil servants. Finally he suggested that I could ask my bank for a loan or even the Commune (!) to pay my rent and NO – I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT, the bank will not lend me money and I will NOT ask the Commune because of their WRONG doings. They are obliged to support me, I am not obliged to ask them for a loan – and furthermore none of them have thought about mentioning this as an opportunity so Helle, René, Arnaud and others at the Commune – do you CARE about what you do when you take the provision away from people and have you considered following up on people to see that they don’t die because of starvation or are you too busy small talking and eating your own lunches?

    Other rejections because of “RULES”

    Here are other examples where ORGANIZATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HELP PEOPLE LIKE ME TO SURVIVE because of their rules and we know “better luck next time” – if there is a next time!

    Kære Stig,

    Vi har desværre ikke mulighed for at imødekomme dit ønske da vi ikke yder nødhjælp til enkeltpersoner, men arbejder med langstrakte uddannelsesprojekter i Syd. Held og lykke fremover.

    Med venlig hilsen

    Arendse Paulin

    Kære Stig Dragsholm

    Tak for din henvendelse.

    Jeg er ked af at måtte meddele dig, at det ikke er muligt for Det Danske Missionsforbund at støtte enkeltpersoner økonomisk.

    Jeg håber og beder til, at du finder andre, der kan hjælpe og at din situation ændres til det bedre.

    Kærlig hilsen
    Palle Byg
    Det Danske Missionsforbund

    Kære Stig Dragsholm,

    Tak for din mail med forespørgsel om nødhjælp. Caritas Danmark arbejder i øjeblikket udelukkende med oversøiske projekter og yder selv i disse ikke individuel hjælp. Vi må derfor desværre afslå din anmodning.

    Jeg har selv på tidspunkt været i en lignende situation som dig og fandt dengang job som ufaglært hjemmehjælper. Jeg har hørt, at den slags stillinger stadig er til at få, så det var måske en vej at gå?

    David Vincent Nielsen
    Kampagnekoordinator / Project Coordinator
    Caritas Danmark

    I did not receive a letter from Tobias neither today, so I don’t know Tobias if you suddenly received “cold feet” – but it makes me sad that NOT ONE SINGLE FAMILY MEMBER YET have been able to fulfil what should be three easy requirements: 1) Understand and have faith in me, 2) a wish to help/share, and 3) to stand forward. WHY IS THIS APPARENTLY COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO?

    And do I need to say that I did not either hear from any supermarkets etc. just saying that all of you failed to show a clean heart – and we know I had saved some vegetables to a “rainy” day – which it is not here, the SUN IS SHINING and nice weather in fact (!) – which I decided to eat today together with the last two slices of bread, so in volume I almost had a “normal meal” but the quality was not the best I have had.

    Denmark lost the World Cup football game because Denmark is the TRUE symbol of the Devil!

    Tonight as the last task of these THREE TRINITY DAYS MY FRIEND – because WE ARE ALL HERE NOW (!) – I watched the decisive World Cup football match between Denmark and Japan, which I will do a small report from too. Denmark had to win and Japan had to get at least a draw to qualify for the 1/8 finals.

    Denmark started very well playing very good football, which I liked to see and you could “feel” a goal approaching but sometimes football is not FAIR – did you get the two meanings of this (?) – as you saw when Japan had a free kick after 17 minutes and did you notice how the Danish goal keeper did a “wrong judgment” when he decided to take a step to his left just before the Japanese player kicked the ball and we know if he had not he would have picked the ball but you know someone has to give people INSPIRATION and we know the dark side of Virgin Mary had just come to me and yes as a small puppet standing on the sofa just in front of where I was sitting – and this was the vision I was given – and from here I saw you directing the football game and we know moving Thomas so Japan could get ahead and we know was Denmark the first team at the World Cup to reverse a game and win after being behind – the game against Cameroun – and has any other team done this yet (?) and we know – this chapter is written in REAL TIME while watching the game – will Denmark be able to climb the mountain again if they decide NOT TO GIVE UP? And we know just maybe they will because the commentator said “the Danes now has to climb the Fuji mountain” so let us see how it will continue from here.

    And we know NOW IT LOOKS COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to come back because after 30 minutes Japan had a NEW FREE KICK and what are the chances that they would score again when the Danish goal keeper now would be VERY ALERT and we know Stig, but this is what they did because the Japanese player decided to shoot to the RIGHT of the wall which was simply IMPOSSIBLE TO DO – a completely crazy angle you know – BUT SOMEHOW THE MILIMETRES WERE ON THE SIDE OF THE PLAYER AND THE BALL WENT IN and we know the commentator said that Japan never or rarely scores on free kicks and now “something as rare as two goals on free kick – and against Denmark”!!! 2-0 for Japan!

    After 48 minutes THOMAS SHOWED AGAIN THAT HE IS PROBABLY NOT ENTIRELY READY YET and we know Japan had a free kick so far away from his goal that it would certainly not become dangerous but we know the Japanese player decided to shoot on goal and Thomas almost made a new drop and the post saved Denmark this time from coming behind 3-0 making the commentator say “now he has to get in control of those free kicks, this simply cannot be true – it is quite insane” and we know this was literally a part of the game.

    After 79 minutes where I had kept on NOT GIVING UP on behalf of Denmark during the second half, first Søren Larsen hit the post and soon thereafter Denmark received a penalty kick – and it was Jon Dahl Tomasson of course who has been BEWITCHED by us and we know not scoring for the national team since 2008 – did you notice his big chances both in the first and second half (?) – and we know IT WAS SIMPLY OR ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for him to score but as the commentator said earlier he sensed that it would become the evening of Jon Dahl and we know he kicked the penalty and it was ALSO very poor, he missed but the goal keeper left a return and then he RECEIVED REDEMPTION, he kicked it in and we know scoring for Denmark – finally, close to the end of the game. 1-2 now.

    And we know after 87 minutes Japan buried all chances for Denmark at the World Cup scoring to 3-1 and this time not on free kick and we know Stig this is the first sports event you have reported from where you don’t understand what the message is about and of course Stig – WE HAVE NOW REVERSED and of course when DENMARK IS A COUNTRY WITH LACK OF FAITH, POOR COMMUNICATION AND BEHAVIOUR WE CANNOT SUPPORT THE DANISH NATIONAL TEAM and this is why YOU YOURSELF DECIDED TO HELP JAPAN and now I understand better because the dark side of Virgin Mary was not only on the sofa in front of me, she was handed over to me, this is the clear feeling I received, and after 0-1 I was told that my inner self would take over from here but I did not understand the logic of this until here at the end of the game: Denmark did not win as the true Devil – GOD WON THE GAME making sure that Denmark is now KICKED OUT of the tournament and we know: “Get the Hell out of here” and so it is.

    And we know as the commentator in the studio said afterwards not being positive of the Danish team: “The last hour was Indian football” and this is exactly what it was, it was Denmark playing with the inspiration of the Indians, you know the symbol of the Council and so it is when you are “unlucky” and here thinking of Thomas Sørensen and Jon Dahl Tomasson and we know who were the ones we “bewitched” and other players, who did NOT play “well”.

    Today I also decided to write a short email to my aunt Inge wishing her happy birthday because she was nice wishing me happy birthday in May and we know hereby breaking my principle of not speaking to people not believing in me – and I was thinking that we will soon meet again – and this is exactly what Inge and Ove also thought, because they invited me to come and visit them – which I would very much like to – but first I will finish this game and when I know that they have faith in me, I look forward to seeing them again and so it is.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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