25th June 2010 – I have been reversed – put back in order – which is what the magnetic pole will now start doing too

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of eating the MOST BEAUTIFUL FRUIT from the Garden of Eden
Dreaming of picking up Hans and Niklas five minutes before “darkness”, eating fruit from a MAGNIFICENT tree of the Garden of Eden as an encouragement to bring FOOD to all people on earth, Camilla’s shy family, my father driving on the last piece of the motorway before coming “HOME”, the WORLD CLASS band Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt leading to a story of LACK OF QUALITY, BAD BEHAVIOUR and IMPROVEMENT as shown in Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen, Michella developing as a “special friend”, I have been REVERSED – put in order – meaning that the magnetic pole now will start to be REVERSED too, Sanna not telling the truth of me, Karen going to have a child and the freedom to choose our own age and finally: WE ARE ALL ON SAFE GROUND AGAIN 🙂
Receiving gift cheques, shopping and eating and promising LTO to send my “apartment security” Today I received gift cheques of DKK 700 from the Salvation Army enabling me to start eating again for “some time”. In Denmark, one of the richest countries of the world, both politicians, the system, NGO’s, churches, private people and companies have in reality accepted people to “rot” and die in front of their eyes if they don’t “fit in”. The LTO team is STILL starving and I promised David to send money from potential sponsors and at least my “apartment security” the 1st July – thinking of my RICH family and friends here I am ….
My BLUE colour has started to spread around the world and my prayers will now be implemented The colour of God is the ORANGE – my colour is the BLUE which is now starting to spread all over the world. I wrote down several prayers in my book no. 1 with the purpose to help people of the world – the Council will now start implementing my prayers. The Trinity is like ONE circle divided into three parts of individual “beings”.


Dreaming of eating the most beautiful fruit of the Garden of Eden

Tonight I was happy that I was allowed to sleep even better and longer even though I am still not sleeping “normally” – but I felt fresher the whole day actually!

Some dreams:

  • I have published my books, Hans and Niklas write on Facebook that they have now arrived and that I can come and pick them up within 20 minutes, where it will become dark – I tell them to give me 15 minutes and I will be there.
    • Thinking that the darkness is “the end of the world” and we know as we know it today and that Hans and Niklas will be saved five minutes before this.
  • I am in a beautiful Park, I have been there before. The Jobcentre has told me that it is forbidden to eat the apples of the first tree. It makes me wonder why – both the prohibition and that it is only related to the first tree, I walk into the Park and I see several apple trees, they are giant in size, are incredibly beautiful, I look up at them and see STRONG and marvellous leaves with the sky and the sun in the background. I come to tree no. 2, I have had nothing to eat to eat and I am hungry, I decide to ignore the prohibition, I see some apples on the ground and even more on the tree, which are the most amazing apples, they are red and green and they are of the size of melons. I pick one of them, which is mature and I carry it in my arms. The Jobcentre was at a meeting but they quickly discovered that I am not at my place in front of their office and they come out to find me. They see me and the “big apple” (!) and I believe that they will now punish me even though I believe it is WRONG that I have nothing to eat, but they let me be and I enter the Jobcentre house of the Park again.
    • The Park is ”10 times Brede Park” when it comes to beauty and it is really the Garden of Eden, which we will now bring to earth because of the “clean out” of the Devil and so it is. And I wonder if the dream about the Jobcentre looking for me is what they do after they have seen that I am not coming there every day as I did previously a period of time.
    • This is about the Garden of Eden and FOOD and also here TO BRING NORMAL LIFE to all people on earth. It is NOT prohibited to eat the fruits from the Garden of Eden – God tells the entire world: EAT MY FRUITS and YOU WILL MEET GOD – and the last four words were also here a personal message to me.
  • I am at the holiday cottage of Camilla’s family again, it is the last year, there are no cups left, John does not say hello to me and Camilla keeps back in the beginning, but later she decides to open up.
    • This is the behaviour of this family, which I like so much and we know SHY THEY ARE and this is not only Camilla and we know it makes me sad – and just maybe still “offended” because of her negative feelings of me after “how I treated Camilla” many years ago when leaving her?
  • My father is driving in a new Volvo S40 on Lyngbyvej – the last part of the motorway – and the car is so good looking that it could be taken for a much more expensive car. Inside of it the dashboard has the strongest light in different colours and my father shifts from lane 3 to the “fast lane” very quickly.
    • This is “the new self” of my father, which we have almost fished preparing.
  • I hear the song “går gennem tiden” by Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt and the lyrics “går gennem tiden, går gennem regnen”.
    • This is what I do – walk through the rain, the pain you know and Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt is one of these WORLD CLASS bands of Denmark too – which is a band from my youth still playing (but sadly not making new records ….) which the world has NEITHER discovered and we LOVE them too – and I don’t believe I wrote of the event of Hi-fi Klubben in Hørsholm the 20th May, where the sound man Mikkel Nymand of this and other bands had a presentation of different qualities of sound and we know MP3 is a CATASTROPHE and even CD sound is BAD compared to the technical capabilities today because he played a live concert with this band for us with low, higher and the highest resolution – or almost the highest – and it is like listening to first AM radio, afterwards FM radio – if people remember the difference – and then “much better” and we know DAB radio is with the resolution of MP3: HOW CAN YOU “INVENT” AND ACCEPT SUCH A POOR QUALITY (?) and we know THIS IS A SYMBOL OF THE POOR QUALITY OF WORK ALL OVER THE WORLD and we know of course not by all because as example you have a “few” professional sound men like Mikkel who do their ABSOLUTELY best, thank you – like you have a few CHEFS too as another example – but when I asked Mikkel of the professional standard of sound men in general he said that it was “not very high” and maybe you have seen Gordon Ramsey in Hell’s Kitchen (!) – or in Denmark, Bo Beck – visiting “ordinary restaurants” having difficulties to “survive” and we know WHY DO THEY HAVE DIFFICULTIES SURVIVING (?) and there is ONE ANSWER ONLY: POOR QUALITY and LAZINESS and we know sometimes you see restaurants on this show, which are so disgusting that you would believe it is a lie but all I am saying here is that there are “stars” in every industry but MOST PEOPLE TODAY ARE TOO LAZY making POOR OR VERY POOR quality as a result and as Gordon Ramsey and Bo Bech show: IT IS NOT VERY DIFFICULT TO IMPROVE, WHICH WILL MAKE ALL PEOPLE HAPPY and all it takes is to be FOCUSSED and EFFICIENT and we know have you noticed the UNCONTROLLABLE BEHAVIOUR and TEMPER of people when Gordon Ramsey tells them directly just how BAD they are doing – with attitudes like “who in the world does he believe he is”, “even though he is the best, he is not to tell me what to do”, “I will throw him out” (or they leave in anger themselves …) and “he shows a BAD behaviour” (!) and you know JUST LIKE WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME in the beginning when reading my books and PLANTED Gordon is by the Gardener you know – and we know WHAT YOU SEE IS SPOILED PEOPLE IN A NUTSHELF BROADCASTED TO THE WORLD like I meet them everywhere too and afterwards when the people of the restaurants have improved, the same people turn around on a plate and we know become very happy with Gordon and “his big help”, which they simply could not understand in the beginning because of “false pride”, lack of recognition of own mistakes and in many situations because they are not used to people telling them the truth directly! DO YOU GET IT BY NOW OR DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT FOR YOU???
  • I am on an excursion in the wilderness – in the mountains – together with Michella and others. Michella shows no fear to climb one of the high hills from where we have parked the cars. Somehow we are together with my old class from Commercial School in Helsingør (1982-84) and a man named Tom is with us – who is really my old class mate Kenneth. We are taking on walking boots, I receive size 48 (normally I “only” use 45!), I take them on and they fit me “almost” perfectly. Michella is sitting next to me without talking. We also receive small trunks which we put on as skis, and when we try to run downhill on a combination of snow and dirt, the earth is reversed, we don’t know how they do it, but we cannot run on skis here.
    • This is about Michella developing into a “special friend” together with maybe more than one from my old Commercial school class and we know I remember that you a very long time ago also mentioned Niels Olsen and we will have to wait and see.
    • And we know Stig TO REVERSE YOU is to put you “in order”, which also means that we will now start to reverse the magnetic pole of earth so it will return to the geographical pole and so it is.
  • Someone is showing me a bank note with a picture of the artist Lone Møller, I don’t know of her but I am told that everybody speaks of her. I am at my old school Roholmskolen in Albertslund (1972-1976), Sanna picks me up in her car and she speaks to me but I cannot hear what she says, which makes me ask her to turn down the music.
    • Lone Møller is not a living person and according to this dream Sanna still does not speak the truth about me and if this is indeed the case, it makes me sad Sanna because it is the same as spreading lies of me and all it takes is really to be as careful with my books as you are with your management books – what do you believe is the most important? And I am wondering why I did not receive the letter from Tobias the other day – and also that I still have what appears to be “technical” problems with my website both in connection with Windows Live Writer giving me “challenges” when updating with new scripts, with Firefox when reading my website and with Internet Explorer, which for days now uses approx. one minute to open my website where it normally uses only a few seconds and furthermore the size of the browser window “by it self” decreases to approx. 1/10 of its full size, which is also a phenomena, which has started to show the last days and THIS IS ALWAYS CONNECTED WITH “PROBLEMS COMMUNICATING” and A STRONG CONCERN AND RESISTANCE FROM FAMILY/FRIENDS and my dear sister and family: WILL YOU PLEASE TURN DOWN THE VOLUME OF YOUR OWN VOICE – YOUR GUESSES AND CONCERNS – UNDERSTAND ME AND MY SCRIPTS and START TO SUPPORT/HELP me/us instead of working against me.
  • I am at a house in North Zealand. A lady presents her collection of scissors, one of them is a “guldbarre” (gold bar) scissor and the lady is asked if she is going to have a child and she replies that “I can feel the time is approaching” – she is 31 years old and her husband is 39.
    • The “guldbarre” is both GOLD – “divinity” – and also the name of the Danish chocolate bar and we know CHOCOLATE is “something I like” so this is about a lady I like and here the lady is KAREN and our ages in the dream are just examples of the ages we can choose to be when we have developed, Karen, into “our selves” and we know AS I WROTE SOME MONTHS AGO, where I also gave a link to a video on Youtube showing a “magician“ transforming a girl into a young woman as what we will do too when we have the power to do so (!) and we know the membranes of my right speaker just moved again when this is written and there is no music playing on them right now, but still the membranes move as the symbol of GOD SPEAKING TO THE MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL and we know I HAVE STILL NOT HEARD FROM ANYONE OF YOU (?) and right now I am listening to music on my computer and of course with the INSPIRED Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt and yes “du er min helt alene” and someday you will be, Karen.
  • I wake up with the song “don’t you worry about a thing” by Incognito and the song is FANTASTIC, here it is what it says that WE ARE ON SAFE GROUND AGAIN ALL OF US – and I hear and feel the Council more calm than for “ages” – and it brings backs memories of my time together with you Kirsten, Britt, Britt and Christian when we in the beginning of the nineties almost every weekend went to Submarine in Vedbæk (where this song was played EVERY SINGLE TIME I believe) or Nokken in Rungsted Harbour together to party because this is what I also LOVE – to party and so it is – and I STILL miss all of you and Torben you are also included here, and you might remember that I always played “Young Americans” by David Bowie on a high volume – loves that I do (!) and we know hoping to live in a house someday being able to do this without disturbing anyone – just before we left for the nightclubs?
  • Receiving gift cheques, shopping, eating and promising LTO to send my “apartment security”

    Today at 12.30 – after writing the first chapter of the script– I checked my mailbox and yes indeed I had received the letter from the Salvation Army and I thank them very much for their QUICK attention first to my email and since for sending the gift cheques of DKK 700 and when I am writing this I am thinking that I have NOT today received other emails or letters than what I mentioned yesterday and that there are NO ORGANIZATIONS in Denmark, which can help people with a life-giving provision and we know the nice man from Red Cross calling me yesterday – I still look forward to receiving your email if you decide to send this as promised “my friend” (?) – also said that homeless people – which we have “some of” in Denmark but nothing compared to poor countries – often experience the same difficulties as I have experienced, that they don’t fulfil the ORDERS from the communes meaning that DENMARK AS ONE OF THE RICHEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD LET PEOPLE, WHO DOES NOT “FIT IN”, TO DIE and as you can see from my experiences WITHOUT THE TRUE CARE OF CIVIL SERVANTS, POLITICIANS, PRIVATE PEOPLE, COMPANIES, NGO’s and churches and of course you can find many examples of the world where “rich” people “help” by giving “100-200 DKK” or similar amounts but when this is sufficient as a tailor in Hell, this is where the world accepts that people die directly in front of their eyes. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE SHOWED YOU AN EXAMPLE OF: DENMARK HAVE ACCEPTED TO LET ME STARVE, BECOME HOMELESS AND DIE DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES and on top of this I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT MY DAILY EXPERIENCES FOR ALL TO READ GIVING THEM A CHANCE TO REACT BUT TO WHAT MATTER? I HAVE HEARD FROM NONE OF YOU! NONE OF YOU HAVE BEEN ABLE TO 1) understand and believe in me, 2) help US and 3) stand forward. This is SADLY the case.

    I am thinking of the BEHAVIOUR of recipients of my emails and letters, which don’t have the courtesy to answer me – A MAJORITY OF ALL INCLUDING THE NGO’s, CHURCHES ETC. – and I am also thinking that NO ONE HAS A SYSTEM, WHERE THEY FOR EXAMPLE WITHIN ONE DAY SEND A RECEIPT THANKING FOR YOUR EMAIL/LETTER WITH INFORMATION ON WHEN YOU WILL RECEIVE AN ANSWER and how difficult can this be to IMPLEMENT in the future when all people will work with action plans?

    The Salvation Army sent me 400 DKK in gift cheques for the Supermarket Føtex with a special stamp on them saying that they cannot be used to buy tobacco, wine and spirits and also 300 DKK in gift cheques for the supermarkets belonging to the Coop group – and here I am thinking that gift cheques are better than the “monotonous food” delivered by the World Food Programme but that they don’t give the same freedom as money and this is why I prefer people to share money with each other to provide FREEDOM and a NORMAL LIFE to the world.

    With these cheques today I went to Føtex on a completely empty stomach – I had no breakfast today because my homemade bread now tastes DISGUSTING as you understand – and I did not have much energy but I decided to do my best buying as much and as cheap as possible and without a calculator I bought for 391 DKK – and when I came home I had my first true meal for a long time and we know difficult to eat when you have adapted to a situation (almost) not eating.

    I also thought today that I CANNOT EXCHANGE THIS GIFT CHEQUES FOR CASH and if I should receive money from other sponsors, I will send them to Kenya if the fees will not “eat up” all of or most of the money, which MAY come in – if any (!) – and I was thinking that besides the Salvation Army it is probably only Kirkens Korshær – a private social helping organization of the “national” Danish church – who will be able to help with “some hundreds” of DKK and we know “if I am lucky”.

    My thoughts here go to the LTO members and families because now I am starting to eat again knowing that they are still starving and suffering and I don’t know what will happen from here and when they can begin to eat or eat more again – but I do hope that I will know before the end of the World Cup tournament as mentioned before – when the champions have been “found” and yes Stig WE CAN OF COURSE DECIDE WHO WILL WIN and we know GHANA would be a pretty good team to choose if you ask me – thinking of Mary here too – and so it is and if not Ghana probably Argentina or Brazil and we know let us see what happens.

    After this chapter was written I received this email from David:

    Hallo Stig,

    Thank you for your continued updates and faith. We are appreciate your dedication to seeking help to lead us on towards realising the goals and ideals that define our lives and for mankind.

    Based on our situation, I would like to request you to sent us any help. Even if we only manage to receive three thousand (3000) shillings due to the transfer charges from Western Union, it shall help us get food for at least 2 days and keep us away from starving as we hope for more doors to open. We are in a tight position.

    Thank you. We hope to hear from you.

    Brother David

    And first of all David, thank you for your email and I wish I could send money to start helping all of you to get a normal life – my thoughts go here to my “rich” family members and friends who could have UNDERSTOOD ME and HELPED US a long time ago (!) – and what I can tell you is that I have decided, as you can see from above, that if sponsors send me MONEY I will send money to you and if I don’t receive money before the 1st July, I will send you the “apartment security” of DKK 413, which I will receive Thursday next week, which the rich stock holders of Western Union will “eat” 95 DKK of in fees leaving approx. 4,000 Shillings for you – and that is of course UNLESS FAMILY AND FRIENDS WILL DECIDE TO STAND FORWARD AND TRULY START TO HELP US BEFORE THIS!!!

    This is the best I can do today and I hope you understand that I could not share the gift cheques I received with you because they could not be exchanged with money – and here I might add that I did not think this would be an opportunity to ask the supermarkets if they will pay out the gift cheques in cash because I do understand that I received gift cheques because the Salvation Army don’t want homeless people and others who “cannot take care of themselves” (!) to drink up the amount if they received it in cash. I received five cheques of DKK 100 and one of DKK 200 and I understand that you must use the cheques in the supermarket and that if the cheque exceeds your buy, you will get “a little cash” in return, but this is not even enough to pay the fees of Western Union.

    NB: After writing the above I did the second edit of my script of yesterday and I now understand, David, why you wrote the email as you did because I could have “thought twice” when writing yesterday that I would “keep the amount of 700 DKK myself” because of the fees connected with a transferral. I did not think of yesterday that I would not be able to exchange the gift cheques with cash. I am VERY sorry for this mistake, which gave you at least some hope, but I will not forget you as mentioned above – I will send some money the 1st. For your information 700 DKK equals approx. 9,400 Shillings – prices in Denmark are higher than in Kenya.

    My BLUE colour has started to spread around the world and my prayers will now be implemented

    We know NOW THIS SCRIPT IS ALSO COMING TO AN END and we know NOT ALWAYS EASY TO CONTINUE WORKING CONCENTRATED WHEN YOU HAVE JUST FINISHED HARD WORK – Kim S. (?) – as I have done after the last tree TRINITY DAYS – and we know Stig so it is but it has to be done and we know before ending here are some short stories too:

    • For some weeks I have seen more and more a BLUE colour and late yesterday evening I was shown the globe and the beginning of this BLUE colour spreading, which eventually will spread to every single corner of the world – and I was told that the blue colour is my colour, the colour of Jesus or Stig in this life and we know NICE COLOUR it is but maybe a little bit conservative and we know I SEE IT TWO WAYS REALLY both as nice/securing and a little bit conservative/dull and so it STILL is – two sets of feelings.

    • The Council told me that WE WILL NOW START IMPLEMENTING YOUR PRAYERS which are included somewhere in my book no. 1, which I have had no knowledge of before now

      that this is why I was asked to write my prayers for a period of time and I cannot remember when this happened but probably in 2008 or maybe 2007 – and I do hope that the prayers will be good enough to help all people of the world and I do believe this should be the case.

    • Maybe the oldest secret and we know story, which I believe has not been included anywhere in my books – I may be wrong (but its still rock’n’ roll to me and yes Billy I LOVE YOU TOO) – is the word “trebuchet” which you gave me SO MANY TIMES 3-4 years ago and we know I don’t believe I ever checked what it meant – I don’t know the word in English – and I really thought that it meant “THREE BOOKS” – have I written this in book 1 (?) – but the other day I checked it after you said it again and I now understood that it is a “siege engine” – I know the word in Danish and what it is when I see it – and we know WHICH WOULD ENABLE THE DEVIL TO SMASH MY CASTLE and we know Stig I NEVER THREW A STONE AGAINST YOU otherwise YOU WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SIT SO QUIET ON YOUR CHAIR WORKING CONCENTRATED because then I would have started DISSOLVING you physically the same time as the world would have started DISSOLVING and we know with the challenge for people around me to understand this CONNECTION and the IMPORTANCE TO HELP ME TO HELP THE WORLD but we know THIS IS NOW “HISTORY” and LONG TIME FORGOTTEN by us too.

    • Did you notice the behaviour of General McChystal and his people the other day and their “open mouth” with NEGATIVE opinions about Obama and several other people, who are “stupid” in their eyes and we know just one small example of BAD BEHAVIOUR and LACK OF JUDGMENT really (!) and did you notice the bad behaviour, the negativity and lack of openness from the Danish National coach Morten Olsen on press conferences both before and after World Cup matches and we know YOU CAN FIND MANY EXAMPLES OUT THERE but BOTH OF THESE WERE PLANTED BY ME and WELCOME BACK GARDENER, I AM HAPPY TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN and so it is – YOU WERE GONE FOR A LONG TIME and yes I HAD TO PREPARE YOU and MYSELF for that matter to enter and I know NOW YOU GIVE ME THE FEELING OF BEING ONE AS A CIRCLE IN THREE PARTS including THREE INDIVIDUAL “BEINGS” and this is how the TRINITY also is.

    • It will become the task and the challenge too I tell you for the world to find out what is TRUE and what is FALSE in these books including what is true and false about me as a person when people I know and have known will start to tell about their experiences and beliefs of me and we know DO YOU THINK YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FIND OUT and will the belief of people be based on their “impression” after a tour inside their subjective “personal filter” or will it be an “objective” description of the person I am? There are MANY different beliefs of me!

    • The remaining part of the Devil is still annoying me “somewhat” – but less than 1, 6 and 12 months ago – still focusing on the sexual theme he is and still I have to be “on guard” all of the time not to give the Devil freedom to think too much and I do know that the Council is also standing guard just behind the Devil because he is more or less an exhibition figure now, and now I see one of the Council members – they talk about Rommy and much else – but I cannot FIGURE (!) out who of them it really is removing the figure because this is what we will continue doing these days when more and more people GRADUALLY find out that YOU ARE NOT SENT BY THE DEVIL BUT BY GOD and yes DIFFICULT FOR SOME OF YOU TO UNDERSTAND and Lisa, have you now started to regain trust in Stig after having had a difficult time yourself?

    • I was also today given “physical marks” – almost like a tickling feeling – at my right waist and this is one of those stories, which almost did not make it to the book too and we know I have had these feelings around my waist MANY TIMES for maybe two months now and decreasing they are and we know “to cut you in half” – this is what they mean and we know YOU PUT IN YOUR LIFE – GOD AS WELL for this part of the Universe – and if you did not make it, we, the Council, would get the UNPLEASANT task to cut you physically in half and we know NOT MANY PEOPLE WHO SURVIVE THIS and so it is.

    • You might want to know that I 1-2 weeks ago I was “this close” – because of DIRECT INSPIRATION – to give the first mark of the Devil to all people who since the 1st February 2010 have been able to read my books without being able to understand me AND help us AND stand forward – but I decided that I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS and we know BECAUSE I AM SURE THAT YOU WILL COME TO AN UNDERSTANDING BEFORE OR LATER and THIS WAS ALSO ANOTHER MESSAGE TO US THE COUNCIL TO DO OUR JOB THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE TO MAKE SURE THAT ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD WILL COME TO UNDERSTAND ONLY USING THE POWER OF GOD – and I see them laughing and small talking which they/we LOVE too but only when we don’t work and here it is about “do you think we will be able to do this” with the message that OF COURSE WE WILL :-).

    • Virgin Mary drew physically in the air in front of me three numbers of eight – which is “a new sensation” to me and we know LOVE them too also you my friend attending the Master Chef show – saying that WE ARE SO HAPPY THAT WE HAVE DECIDED TO LET 888 REPLACE 666, and with 888 she means “eternal life” – it is really the horizontal eight three times because of the arrival of the TRINITY, this is what makes her happy – and later I was told that the Council is now on their way to the “treasure chamber”, which will become their future home after receiving their full new CONSCIOUSNESS. And this was followed by a feeling that my mother is more concerned than ever making the Devil stronger, but starting to not fear her son and we know to believe more in you and sometimes almost fully believing and sometimes not but in general we are moving in the right direction and so it is – which on the other hand makes the Devil weaker so just a few pieces of the puzzle of the Devil.

    • As you know Virgin Mary has been given messages for many years to “visionaries” of the city of Medjugorje – see www.medjugorje.org – and as you can see from her message of today she is indeed JOYFUL: "Dear children! With joy, I call you all to live my messages with joy; only in this way, little children, will you be able to be closer to my Son. I desire to lead you all only to Him, and in Him you will find true peace and the joy of your heart. I bless you all and love you with immeasurable love. Thank you for having responded to my call."

    • At the end of the day I received an email from the General Director of MSF in Denmark and we know “important he is” and that is what he thinks and apparently difficult for this organization to answer my email when the director has to do it and we know WAS HE ABLE TO HELP US and I am sad to say that NOT EVEN THIS GENERAL DIRECTOR WAS ABLE TO HELP and if there was one person who would be able to CHANGE OR BEND THE RULES, just maybe it would be the GENERAL DIRECTOR – but no, you need to THINK TWICE to really start thinking HOW IT MUST FEEL LIKE TO STARVE, WHAT IF IT WAS YOU STARVING, HOW YOU TRULY CAN HELP DOING YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST SHOWING TRUE CHARITY and HOW TO CHANGE OR OVERCOME THE “STIFF RULES” in order to help so this is what he decided to write and we know because he is probably “very busy” and then it is NICE to finish your emails as quickly as possible so you can get back to the dinner table and your red wine:

    Kære Stig Dragsholm

    Tak for din henvendelse.

    Læger uden Grænser er en international medicinsk nødhjælpsorganisation, der hjælper ofre for natur- og menneskeskabte katastrofer. Vi ser os derfor desværre ikke i stand til at hjælpe dig, men ønsker dig held og lykke fremover.

    Venlig hilsen

    Michael G. Nielsen
    Direktør / General Director

    • This evening after starting to get something to eat again I also received diarrhoea annoying me a couple of hours, which most people will “simply know” that this MUST be because my stomach has not received food for some time but this is not the explanation, the explanation is that Virgin Mary handed over her dark side – I felt it and she told me, therefore – and we know giving me the feeling that this is the last part of the dark side – and I am not absolutely sure of this so let us just say “some of the last part” at least.

    • And readers of my Blog, who follow new posts the day when they have been published, may notice an improvement because today I have started to do the second edit of my script the same day as the writing of the script, which is really also NEW TO ME and hopefully I caught all or most of the typing errors knowing that normally I really have to do more than two edits but this is what you get, this is the best I have decided to give you.

    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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