27th June 2010 – The Devil is disappearing, which releases the dark energy and gives eternal life to the whole Universe

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of designing and building a new world based on right conducts and ethics Dreaming of being at the house of God fearing the reactions of people but there is nothing to be afraid of, receiving congratulations from Michael Jackson, the meaning of the OMD album “Architecture and Morality” – to design and build a new world based on RIGHT conducts and ethics and listening to the most amazing speakers I have ever listened to as a symbol of the re-connection of The Trinity.
The disappearing of the Devil and the release of all dark energy giving eternal life to the whole Universe
  • I have all ingredients – except from the Orange – and the know-how to make pancakes and when I make them, I will receive more of the Orange, which is when I continue to work, more people will believe in me, which will develop me/God.
  • The threats/sufferings of the Devil can logically NOT continue after the recent developments – most of the Devil has now disappeared and been replaced with a VERY STRONG LOVING FEELING inside of me.
  • A correction to information given yesterday: The battle of earth is part of the battle of the Universe to release all life from the remaining part of dark energy, which will give eternal life to all civilisations as a gift from God.
Danes want politicians to walk the straight and narrow path without doing it themselves and more Another example of “the opposite golden rule” in use when people want politicians not to cheat in taxes etc. which they would do themselves without blinking – and also about the best football team ever which never won as deserved and the Conservative Party in Denmark fighting and misunderstanding each other.


Dreaming of designing and building a new world based on right conducts and ethics

I decided to go to sleep at approx. 01.00 and when I was lying in my bed I felt a “pressure” on my heart lasting for minutes and I was told that we were healing your heart and that I am 10 years “older” than my age because of the strain of my heart, which I have been given for years – and Stig guess who I am now and I see a man trying to find his swing but it is not there anymore and this is the theme of today: THE DISAPPEARING OF THE DEVIL and we know ALMOST FEELING NORMAL AGAIN after being TORMENTED EVERY SINGLE SECOND FOR YEARS and I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW BIG THE RELIEF IS – even though this is not a 100% yet but a “gradual” process, where most of the pain has disappeared, which will continue on condition that I still do my work and what is RIGHT to do – and this is EXACTLY how the feeling is!

I slept better tonight again feeling “almost normal” today:

  • I am sitting outside on my terrace working late at 23.30 listening to comfortable music – I see someone walking by. Suddenly the music stops and all light except one light at the terrace turns out, I rush into the house where “my woman” is sleeping, I am afraid of walking out again but I decide to go and I find out that there is nothing to be afraid of. The light is turned out for days meaning that I cannot work.
  • I am thinking that this is my house – the house of God – and that I fear what is outside the house meaning how people will react to me (!) and as I understand this dream I will now have some “quiet” days from here.
  • I wake up hearing “You rock my world, YOU KNOW YOU DID IT” – meaning what I have done to kick out the Devil – and I heard Michael saying “congratulations”. And we know I have watched shows on Michael Jackson too on television because of the one year date of his death – I liked the amazing 30th anniversary show as an example – and I do believe that people have focussed far too much on the story of his death and negative and often WRONG stories of his life instead of LISTENING TO HIS RARE AND LOVING WORDS AND NOTICE HIS SINCERITY AND KINDNESS and we know I was thinking of the personality of Nelson Mandela as a comparison and we know EASY TO BE MISUNDERSTOOD IT IS BY A WORLD WANTING TO MISUNDERSTAND YOU.

  • I had a dream of being at work where it is raining outside and where I was “overlooked” but you know I have decided that I don’t want to write messages of this kind anymore so therefore this dream is excluded.

  • I woke up hearing “feel good inc.” by Gorillaz and we know CONNECTED TO THE THEME OF TODAY WITH THE DISAPPEARING OF THE DEVIL and furthermore Gorillaz will play on Roskilde Festival on Thursday, so it will not be this time either that I will go to a concert again – my last concerts were at Skanderborg Festival in 2008.

  • I am at Jamcid’s house – Jack’s old friend. He plays the band Japan much and says that “I wonder about the meaning of the title of the album by OMB “Architecture & Morality””.
    • And we know Jamcid was the indirect source for the music we got to learn from approx. 1980-82, which is the period influencing me the most and you might add 1-2 years more but not more than this and maybe 1-2 years before too and then we are covered (!) and the dream of the band Japan is to say that we are VERY HAPPY THAT JAPAN BEAT DENMARK IN FOOTBALL because IT IS TRUE THAT UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES DENMARK SHOULD HAVE WON THE MATCH BECAUSE THEY ARE A BETTER TEAM but you know WHEN WE DON’T HAVE NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE WORLD YET, THIS IS HOW IT IS WHEN WE DECIDE TO INTERFERE.
    • I don’t know the idea behind the name of one of the most important works of music history (!) by OMD other than morality is about conducts and ethics – what is right and wrong – and that architecture to me is about designing and constructing and we know so just maybe this album is about designing a “new life” for mankind based on what is RIGHT to do – and base this ON MY BOOKS, will you please – and we know I HAVE NEVER READ THE LYRICS OF THE ALBUM – most often I base my music taste on the music itself and the “feeling” it gives and only in rare cases I notice the words and so it is.
  • I am sitting in my living room listening to music. My two speakers stand to the right and left of me and in front of me stands a new and the most amazing speaker, which I have never seen or heard anything like before, it is simply the best I have ever heard. I am thinking of inviting Preben to come and listen but he is not at home during the day, maybe he will come home tonight. Almost when waking up I hear that I wish more energy to be able to do my work without being tired.
    • These three speakers SYMBOLISE THE TRINITY WHO ARE NOW RE-CONNECTED – just like “the old days” Stig and I feel Mary Magdalena and we know Stig when you have decided to kick out the Devil, I don’t need to use as much power standing on guard anymore blocking his access to our room. This was the meaning of the dream yesterday – see more in the next chapter.

    And we know Stig now listening to the greatest hits of Pink Floyd I am and we know so beautiful it is that it almost makes me cry (!) and this is what the good Virgin Mary is also saying and we know because of HAPPINESS because YOU DID IT my son.

    The disappearing of the Devil and the release of all dark energy giving eternal life to the whole Universe

    I will start this chapter with what I was told yesterday evening including the development until today.

    The Council told me that “from now we are like a big motorcycle, which only needs more power to drive”, which is what you will help to give when more and more people will believe in you – and again it made me think of you my dear family members and friends to please stand forward and declare me your faith and support so we can also start to see each other again after now five months with practically no contact (!) and we know we have asked you if you want us to tell you the names of people believing in you and NO – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE OUT THERE so I CAN ONLY TELL YOU THAT YOU WILL HELP GOD AND MANKIND TO STAND FORWARD. Will you please decide to do what is right to do?

    For days I have been inspired to make pancakes and I bought eggs and vanilla sugar the other day with this purpose and we know I was thinking of LTO Kenya and what they may be able to afford at the moment and when I yesterday evening looked for a recipe on the Internet I was smiling because I found one including ORANGE and it made me think that this is what I recommended Elijah’s wife Tina to use last year in Kenya and this is the missing ingredient in order to do the BEST PANCAKES and we know so the message of this inspiration is that I have all the other ingredients, I know how to make the pancakes and we know I will make the pancakes and when I make them I will receive more and more of the Orange ingredient – because of more people having faith in me, the more of you who show your faith, the more I will grow and the more of myself and God you will see, this is how we climb together to new heights, this is the recipe of creating and evolving life and this is the recipe of creating life out of nothing and we know for me RETURNING TO LIFE INCLUDING THE TWO OTHERS – thank you Linie 3 J – this is what we have done and it makes me wonder because Stig WE ARE NOT A PART OF THE UNIVERSE ON AN EVERYDAY BASIS ANYMORE so what this is about is that I HAVE CREATED MANKIND, THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AND ALL CIVILISATIONS AS A GIFT FOR YOU and we know NOT BECAUSE OF MY OWN NEEDS and WHEN I HAVE TRUST IN YOU I WILL DECIDE TO LET YOU CONTINUE LIVING and you know IF I DO NOT I WILL TAKE OUT THE PLUG and HERE IT WAS CLOSE and we know THAT I HAD TO TAKE OUT THE PLUG OF EARTH but NO WE DECIDED TO RETURN TO LIFE AFTER YOU KILLED ME AS JESUS and we know TO SET IT STRAIGHT TO HELP YOU CORRECT YOUR WRONG DOINGS SO YOU CAN STILL BE A PART OF THE ETERNAL EVOLVING UNIVERSE – THIS IS HOW I CREATED IT AND THIS IS HOW I STILL SEE IT EVOLVING – I CANNOT IMAGINE THAT THE UNIVERSE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DEFEAT THE REMAINING PART OF THE DARK ENERGY BECAUSE STIG WHAT WE ARE DOING HERE IS REALLY TO HELP THE UNIVERSE TO BECOME “CLEAN” AND I AM THINKING OF ALL OF THE UFO’S AROUND US AND THAT JUST MAYBE EARTH IS A PART OF THE CLEANING OF THE UNIVERSE AND IS THIS BATTLE OF EARTH REALLY ALSO THE BATTLE OF THE UNIVERSE AT THE SAME TIME SINCE THE UNIVERSE IS HELPING US and we know THIS IS A YES FOLLOWED BY A “NOT NO” and we know WAS THAT THE LAST LIE YOU TOLD ME YESTERDAY THAT THE BATTLE OF THE UNIVERSE FIRST WILL TAKE PLACE LATER and we know SO I HAVE RETURNED TO HELP NOT ONLY TO HELP EARTH BUT THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE TO SURVIVE and STIG THIS IS NOT AS YOU CAN IMAGINE BUT WE STILL SAY YES AND NOT NO and if this is the case THEN WE ARE MANY CIVILISATIONS, WHO WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR NOT GIVING UP and so it is – there will probably come more information on this WHEN WE WILL SEE OUR DEAR FRIENDS OF OTHER CIVILISATIONS and so it is – this is what I hear and feel when writing this chapter – at a higher level than yesterday – and this is what I believe is the truth because when the DEVIL IS DISAPPEARING, IT BECOMES INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT FOR US TO TELL YOU LIES and this is how it must be and we know using SIMPLE LOGIC really and so it is.

    Going back to yesterday evening I felt a ”pressure” coming to me from the outside, which was the Devil trying to make me suffer again and I did not quite understand because now the Council is lifted up to a place without the Devil but this is how it was and they told me that it was their responsibility to keep the Devil away from me and I felt their direct support and love more than ever before – and I was told that when they are not the ones acting as the Devil anymore it is now my own inner nature, which tries to make me suffer because of the “morality” of mankind and that this is an universal rule.

    One of the means of pressure was still the “old nightmare” and we know it really did not make sense because when Virgin Mary and the whole Council is now lifted up to a new level without the Devil it simply could not be true and then you tried to “scare” me with sexual threats of “beautiful woman” but this did not scare me so this was no suffering and we know I simply rejected it saying that “I don’t want you to do this” and from here I could only say that I ask you to take away all sexual threats/sufferings from me – and this is what you (gradually) do because you told me that now I am part of the Trinity and have the power to take such decisions but I did not quite understand – after being through Hell for years and all of my life in fact – so besides from my decision for you to exclude all sexual sufferings I said that I only wish to have a “normal life” without the Devil speaking negatively and bringing negative thoughts all of the time but I don’t have the same knowledge as you so I will leave it up to God to decide. And I was told that this is what now will take place and that it may “take us a little while to get used to”, which made me think that it always take a little while to change your habits and two weeks is what it often takes me and we know the World Cup finishes in two weeks and so it is.

    Later God showed me that I am now living inside of his house and he showed me a vision of a cable box leading from the outside into the house in the right corner of my living room and he told me that right now only one single thin wire is connected between Him and me and that at the end all of the house will BE God – again meaning that almost nobody believes in you today – but enough to give me birth – and that when all of the world will believe in me all power of God will be accessible for you to witness and we know I will grow gradually all of the time, this is really the basic idea.

    Yesterday evening I was also shown the white horse, which is being pulled forward for the first time and I was told that I can look forward to ride it because then I will see the world through the eyes of my inner self for the first time and also through the eyes of the Holy Spirit and we know the GRAND MASTER himself and in fact through the eyes of all of us at the same time – and I was told with the clear, normal and serious voice of God – which may be the first time ever I have heard it as clear as this J – that he expects that Karen will come to me in 6-9 months from now and that this was not a lie this time.

    This morning when I was taking a shower I was told that I have now myself arrived at the next level of consciousness meaning that I have come to the home of God and we know where I have the power to bend natural forces to leave out the Devil.

    This morning I had “less diarrhoea” confirming that the Devil is gradually disappearing and I wonder if the idea is that he will disappear entirely before the end of the World Cup because the relief already now is very big and what remains of the Devil feels like “almost nothing” and we know instead the “loving feeling” is VERY STRONG JUST BEHIND ME AND WITHIN ME.

    After the shower I did Yoga again – I have done Yoga at home because of “practical reasons” for weeks now – and when I was doing my second opposite V for 1-2 seconds God opened up the feeling as it would be if he did not take away the power of the Devil – bending the natural forces – from me because of the feelings of my mother and “close family and friends” and this feeling was so immensely strong and overwhelming that it was impossible for me to continue the opposite V making me fall down on the floor and we know Stig if GOD DID NOT PROTECT ME I WOULD BE DEAD NOW BECAUSE OF CONCERNS and this is really how to climb this mountain my son and we know this is the road you followed without seeing it and we know “I am proud of you” and we know this is what is nice to hear from a parent and we know thinking of you here my father I am.

    And this is where the answer came to me because if the Devil is not to enter the treasure room of the Council there is only one logic answer and that is that the Devil is not to enter my room too – because this is from here he is given to the Council – and there were really not other answers and a few minutes later this led to the logical conclusion that because of this we will remove the Devil from the world entirely and we know Stig giving me the clear feeling that Earth is in fact the last place of the universe with dark energy and when you have decided to eliminate the Devil it is the same as saying that ETERNAL LIFE IS GIVEN TO ALL CIVILISATIONS OF THE UNIVERSE and so it is.

    After Yoga I laid down on my bed for maybe 15 minutes, which I LIKE VERY MUCH TO DO AFTER YOGA – and I do believe that 2-3 minutes only doing this at the fitness centres is too short and we know this is only what I think – and when I laid on the bed I felt FREE FROM THE DEVIL FOR THE FIRST TIME FOR YEARS and I felt a calm, harmony and energy around me as never before and we know I felt it physically just around all of my body like a frame – the same way as I feel the energy around me when I do Yoga, which helps me to do what feels natural to do – just following the energy. The feeling was SIMPLY FANTASTIC.

    Danes want politicians to walk the straight and narrow path without doing it themselves and more

    And finally some small stories:

    • I was told that the Danish National team in football of the middle of the eighties was the best team ever (!) and we know which was NOT ALLOWED to win anything and we know as a symbol of the INJUSTICE of the world where others will take prizes without deserving it and this is then also the story of the Danish National team of 1992 winning the European Cup.

    • Another example of “the opposite golden rule” in use today is how Danes – and other people too – believe their politicians should walk the straight and narrow path at the same time as the morality of most Danes are frayed. In the newspaper MetroXpress yesterday, a poll shows that a very large majority will not accept politicians cheating with taxes, wasting public funds, ordering undeclared work etc. but if the Danes look at themselves you will probably get the same results with an opposite sign – looking from the other side of the mirror, which we really need to REVERSE – meaning that a very large majority of the Danes will personally do exactly the same: Cheating with taxes, ordering undeclared work etc. and we know if you look at the top of the table of a football league – the number of points and the positive score – and if you compare this with the bottom of the table you will almost get the same results with the opposite sign and we know this is the mentality of most people, who want others to be at the top of the table when they self are at the bottom – with the risk to relegate – and what I am writing here is really also that you can simply take the table of a football league and inside of this you will find the perfect balance where everything equalises and so it is.

    • Lene Espersen, the leader of the Danish Conservative Party, maybe you and we know including other leaders within few years only Pia Christmas Møller, Hans Engell, Per Stig Møller and Bendt Bendtsen will tell the world how “joyful” it makes people when you fight each other, become offended and we know do your best to bring down others in order for yourself to benefit and we know there are many stories out there and not easy Lene to give the Danish public an apology when you decide to go on holiday instead of a political meeting and we know when you did what is right to do and when (almost) all other are WRONG demanding you to change your point of view and we know which I understand so well because of the reactions of people to my books too.

    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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