28th June 2010 – Meshack has been staring at his children dying – who will be the first to help us and stand forward?

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of bringing people to our new world Dreaming of being together with the Trinity again, the importance of personal responsibility at work and people not “bossing” you, my “weakness” is to forget people, waiting for Fuggi to arrive at the home of God, the ship “Mayflower” as a symbol of bringing people to our new world, having difficulties finding the keys for the bank cash desk as a symbol that it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for Danes to help truly needy people, who risk dying and a Japanese moped, which is difficult to ride on, meaning to continue my work because of these circumstances of selfish Danes.
I might get FREE meals at YMCA/YWCA if I will start to starve again I received answers from YMCA/YWCA. It may be an opportunity to visit some of their institutions maybe to receive free meals and to work as a volunteer to help some of the most vulnerable of this community, which however will not help LTO.
Meshack: The first meal which seemed as a Christmas to my family
  • I have not heard from Meshack for a long time, when he and his large family have had almost nothing to eat. His family is collapsing due to lack of food and he has been staring at his dying children – and now they have had a meal because of the little money I sent them, but their faith in me is undiminished.
Receiving feelings of being INDECISIVE and UNFOCUSED – my mother? I have had VERY STRONG feelings of being INDECISIVE and UNFOCUSED and we know it is not a problem for me to overcome these feelings but just maybe they tell me of my mother and her true feelings and we know mother, YOU ARE VIRGIN MARY: BE COURAGEOUS AND DO WHAT IT TAKES TO SAVE ME FROM COMING STARVATION AND MY FRIENDS IN KENYA FROM DYING. HOW CAN YOU EVEN BE IN DOUBT OF DOING WHAT IS THE ONLY RIGHT THING TO DO – and this also goes out to my father, sister, Karen and we know ALL OTHER FRIENDS WHO CAN HELP US.


Dreaming of bringing people to our new world

Late yesterday evening I felt uneasy with nausea, which I really have had for days more or less constantly and my feeling is that this is because of the recreation of my inner self – and I was told that the reason why we can bend the natural forces of the Devil already today – as I was shown so clearly when doing Yoga yesterday – is because of the faith people have in you today Stig and it is this LIGHT, which is used in order to remove the DARKNESS and we know LIGTH IS WHAT WILL RELEASE MANKIND FROM DARKNESS and we know FAITH IN YOU MY SON and this is the ladder I am climbing now together with mankind – one step at the time, the more of you who have faith in me and stand forward, the easier the next step will be to include even more so maybe my dear family and friends, you would like to send me a supportive email and we know WHAT IS THE WORST, WHICH CAN HAPPEN STANDING FORWARD TO HELP instead of trying to escape and working against me? Your “image” towards other family members and friends of yours, whom you have told lies of me? Is this a matter of false pride too? You better get rid of this and we know so it is – with the feeling of Janet and not her but Jackson too my friend!

And here I can add that some days ago MONTY told me that when I have believed to be in contact with my own spiritual self earlier – until a few days ago – when writing my books, the Council has acted as “myself” as part of the game.

I had a night where I slept “almost alright” again, where my diarrhoea is improving and with these dreams:

  • I am one of six cyclists on excursion in the forest when we face a hill to climb. I see that the cyclists in front of me RACE up and this makes me drive the absolutely fastest I can too – I am the second last of the six but the four cyclists in front of me still drive from me. Something about “Jacobgade”, not being stuck at the farm, masses of people ignoring me and that I am now at a poor city in India, where I fear that the rich tourists will be attacked by the poor locals, I am at a restaurant which tests me for sicknesses – I see lots of chicken.
  • We drive from the forest – the home of God – and this is what I can tell from this dream and I have NO idea what the rest means and we do you mean Stig and yes and no and no and not yes and how are you doing my friend and this is radio Lissabon speaking and no contact and we know NO NAMES and NO GAMES and we know but don’t know and this is how it is so please guess my reader what this dream is about.
  • I hear the song “Spring op tag med” by Rugsted & Kreutzfelt and the words ”VI ER SAMMEN” and we know WE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN and we know the holy guy, 3G and I and so it is – and I cannot help speaking about my truly closest friends with this attitude, this is just how I am not to take things too seriously and we know not too lightly too and this is really how it is.

  • I am working on a customer case at DanskeBank-Pension, when Bjarne tells me that we don’t make money on the customer and therefore he asks me to stop the work and furthermore he tells me that he is responsible for the work I do and this makes me tell him clearly that he should always present his feedback as OPTIONS/IDEAS for me to choose from, that he faces the risk to be perceived as such a know-how because of the way he communicates and that he should realise that my work is my responsibility, not his – and that I will never accept anything else. Furthermore I say that the bank branch – who is really my customer here – will decide on the payment of the customer.
    • An example saying how important PERSONAL RESPONSBILITY is at work and that people should not “boss” through their opinions but help people with ideas for people to consider – and this is an approach which also works in private!
  • I hear the song THINK TWICE by Celine Dion and “this is serious” and this song is the SYMBOL for all people of the world to THINK TWICE in everything you do to be sure that you work with the absolutely best quality and that you help people the best way – which is really the same way as you would help yourself when doing your best.

  • I am having dinner with maybe 10-12 people at one large table at a restaurant and next to our table is another table of similar size, where I notice that I know 3-5 people of the people sitting at this table from my past including my old friend Britt N. I also notice that they speak of me, which makes me decide to walk to their table to say hello, and they are kind to invite me to come and visit them Wednesday next week. I ask them if they are together with Ann or Britt N. – they are one egged twins and I could not tell from distance – and I see that Britt walks away from the table without talking to me. I meet a lady in the kitchen and I ask her if we know each other, and she says that we have been introduced before, which makes me say that I am sorry, I could not remember and that this is my weakness.

  • I am in London, where I have stayed together with two friends at the home of some of their friends a few days. We are on our way home but just before leaving I am told that we are invited to stay one more day, it is early morning and we eat some left over’s while we wait on Fuggi to arrive. In the evening we decide to go out and have dinner at a conceptual restaurant, where they have a very special dinner of several dishes including a fantastic ice cake. At the place I think of three bands and one of them is Danseorkestret.
    • London is still another symbol of the home of God, we are THREE together at home – the Trinity – waiting on Fuggi, my good friend of the Council to arrive. Ice is still pain – I don’t have a “normal life” and in maybe 10 days from now I will start to starve again unless somebody will start to help us before this – and Danseorkestret is another Danish band on my Top 100 and we know giving me associations of a Caribbean island and we know another symbol of the home of God – and one of MANY favourites of mine of this band is “hjemme igen” (“HOME AGAIN”) and we know just one of those songs sounding like “almost nothing” which however got “under my skin” many years ago and we know it is still there including “jagten på den store kærlighed”, Karen and we know two meanings of this ….
  • I am watching a movie with a script including a “mayflower”, which is the title of the man standing on a ship shouting orders to the crew.
    • I had NO idea what Mayflower also is but when searching on Wikipedia I learned that it is the name of the ship bringing some of the first pilgrims from Britain to USA in 1620 and we know who are known for their wish to practise faith in freedom and so it is – and here I am thinking of bringing people to the PROMISED LAND and we know THE NEW PROMISED LAND and this is THE NEW PLANET, WHICH IS FLOATING ABOVE US, which ALL people can see if they want too! I have told you this before, I have shown it to you and how many of you have tried to have a serious look yourself (?) and we know this is how it is.
  • I arrive at Danske Bank Freeport at 9.30-10.00 as expected after I have been standing outside a supermarket at Espergærde shopping centre and after I taking the quick train to the bank. Only one cash desk is open, Henning W. is the cashier and he is serving a customer, which takes time and Henning is on the telephone as part of serving the customer. Another customer asks me to open the other cash desk and I say that either the customer will have to wait on Henning to finish serving the other customer or I will try to find my keys to the other cash desk and this is what I decide to do.
    • I arrive at the bank again on schedule – after I have given out some food from Espergærde – and we know difficult it is to open the cash desk, which this dream says, to give out more money to needy people and we know as you will understand from my experiences in June where it has been ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to receive money from anyone in Denmark when you are starving and we know even dying – this is the “humanity” of this community.
    • And Henning speaking on the telephone is the symbol of Henning speaking to God too and we know I have been thinking that just maybe you my dear family members and “close friends” have received clear symbols of me as the King for example through dreams and we know OTHER SIGNS on your body etc., which should be enough for you to understand that this is how you have been approached – but I have NO IDEA of this other than what comes through to me and so it is.
  • I drive a Sunday on a moped to a big store in Brøndby outside Copenhagen – I go there because I want to prepare a sale, which I will do later and I am surprised to see employees working there when I arrive. I stop the moped and a mudguard with the sign “Nissan” falls off and two employees look at the moped and say that I should keep my fingers from the small containers of dirt on it otherwise there is a risk that the moped cannot continue driving.
    • And we know thinking of myself and we know the vulnerability of my inner self here in the beginning, notice the JAPANESE name of the moped, and my lack of income, which makes riding this moped – continuing my work and my life – difficult.

    I might get FREE meals at YMCA/YWCA if I will start to starve again

    Today I received a reply from the social work of KFUM – or YMCA – as follows and as you can see they cannot help me economically, which is really what I need but when I searched on the cafe Paraplyen on Frederiksberg I found out that you can buy cheap homemade food there and also that it is possible to ask local priest to receive eating tickets, which I will remember.

    Kære Stig Dragsholm

    Det gør os ondt at høre at du er havnet i denne ulykkelige situation. Men vi kan desværre ikke bidrage med økonomisk hjælp på nogen måde, det har vi ingen midler til at gøre. Det vi gør i vores organisation er at give socialt udsatte støtte og omsorg via vores sociale cafeer. Jeg kan se at du bor i Lyngby, og vil anbefale dig at besøge en vores cafeer i KH området. I Tåstrup ligger  Værestedet på Kingosvej 26 og på Frederiksberg ligger Cafe Paraplyen på Nyelandsvej 66. Der vil du finde søde og kærlige mennesker, der måske kan hjælpe dig videre. Vi kører nemlig et projekt ”på fode igen” og det er tilknyttet Cafeen på Frederiksberg- Projektet går ud på at hjælpe folk med økonomiske problemer.

    Held og lykke med fremtiden  

    Med venlig hilsen
    KFUM’s Sociale Arbejde
    Annette Lange, receptionist

    And I also received the following reply from YWCA and we know about another institution, which takes care of the most vulnerable in the Danish community – unemployed and alcoholics etc. of Vesterbro – and we know they advertise for volunteers to help them with the work in the kitchen and we know seeing new opportunities we are and we know I have some work this week to finalise and maybe something to follow up on next week – and thinking of you my “anonymous friend” too to help what you do too (?) – and so it is BUT THIS DOES NOT HELP MY LTO FRIENDS FROM DYING SO THERE MUST BE OTHER OPPORTUNITES THAN THESE OUT THERE AND MY ONLY ANSWER MY FRIEND IS FAMILY MEMBERS AND “FRIENDS”.

    Kære Stig Dragsholm

    Tak for din mail. KFUKs Sociale Arbejde råder desværre ikke over midler til akut nødhjælp i din svære situation, men vi vil gerne henvise til vores institution Kontaktcentret Vesterbro, Valdemarsgade 21, 1665 København V, hvor du kan få gratis rådgivning og har mulighed for at købe et godt måltid mad til en billig penge.

    Med venlig hilsen

    Pernille Kjær Jessen
    KFUKs Sociale Arbejde

    And I received one more answer from an NGO not THINKING TWICE:

    Kære Stig Dragholm,

    Tak for din ansøgning.

    CARE Danmark støtter udelukkende projekter i udviklingslande og har desværre ikke mulighed for at yde støtte.

    Med venlig hilsen – Best Regards
    Marianne Daugaard
    CARE Danmark

    When I sent my application’s to the social organizations, NGO’s and churches last week I included my new email signature with ALL of my contact information including a link to my Facebook site and website and I wonder how many of you who received my email became “curious” to see who this “fine looking man wearing a suit and claiming to starve” really is and we know decided to open my website to find out and again how many of you thought after reading a few lines that “this man is crazy” as your first reaction and we know the REVERSED world it is because I am not crazy but you are crazy when you wrongly assume that I am and so it is and how many of you decided to IGNORE me without sending me an answer because of your WRONG belief?

    And when writing this I was INSPIRED to put on “100 POINT MUSIC” and we know the band JAPAN and we know “scary it is” – and this time REALLY scary (!!!) – that the name of this old and now non-existing band – one of the few not re-united bands yet (?) – is JAPAN and that you KNEW THAT DENMARK WOULD LOSE AT THE WORLD CUP IN 2010 TO JAPAN SO MANY YEARS AGO and we know ONLY OF COURSE IF YOU FOLLOWED OUR ADVICE TO DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST and so it is so now “gentlemen takes polaroids” and this is exactly what we do because I LIKE TO BE A GENTLEMEN TOWARDS WOMEN – which Karen and we know others too can confirm – and polaroids are now not existing too but taking pictures it is and just another inspiration BEING ACCEPTED BY GOD and we know AROUND THE TIME WHEN JAPAN WAS DESTINED TO BEAT DENMARK and so it is – and we know “NIGTHPORTER” is so fantastically beautiful and one of my biggest of many favourites of this band and so it is.

    Meshack: The first meal which seemed as a Christmas to my family

    Dear Meshack,

    Thank you so much for your email and for being strong even in the most difficult times when you are dying directly in front of the eyes of my family and friends as they can read from your email below – and my dear mother/John, father/Kirsten, Sanna/Hans and we know Fuggi, Jack, Karen/Denis ONLY as examples of “friends” – do you feel proud of yourselves when you read my scripts without doing what it takes to understand or/and help at the same time as I – and even worse my dear and IMPORTANT friends of LTO in Kenya – are starving and DYING directly in front of you while you have the money which could easily make us come through and YES THIS IS HOW GOD HAS INTENDED THIS “GAME” TO BE CARRIED OUT – for you and my other friends TO REVERSE and we know to BELIEVE IN ME, WHICH WAS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU IN THE BEGINNING and for you to share what you have, which may also be VERY DIFFICULT IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU and we know ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE it is also to leave an “anonymous” existence when you decide to stand forward to SUPPORT ME in public and we know YOU MIGHT AS WELL SEND ME AN APPOLOGY FOR NOT LISTENING AND NOT BELIEVING IN ME and we know THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME STORY AND BEHAVIOUR AS YOU SAW WITH THE COMMUNE and my dear family and friends: YOU HAVE SEEN THAT DENMARK BECAUSE OF IGNORANCE AND NO TRUE HUMANITY DOES NOT CARE IF WE LIVE OR DIE and it is NOW UP TO YOU TO DECIDE IF YOU WILL LET GOD SAVE EARTH AND THE UNIVERSE – INCLUDING YOURSELVE – OR IF YOU PREFER TO STAY OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT and we know YOU DO KNOW WHAT IS THE RIGHT TO DO and you do know THAT YOU WILL HELP US TO SURVIVE SO NOW IS A PRETTY GOOD TIME TO COME OUT OF THE CLOSET so to say and we know so it is:

    Meshack, please give my blessings to all of your family – and I believe you will understand that what I do here is to SHOUT UP THE RICH WORLD FOR IT TO START HELPING US and THE POOR WORLD and when the first “rich” people have decided to stand forward it should be easy from here to let the ring in the water spread to the rest of the world – so who will be the first to do what you may believe is impossible to do, who will be courageous to be the FIRST to stand forward and we know TO HELP GOD AND ALL OF US – how difficult can it be to do what is RIGHT which does not hurt you at all?

    And here is Meshack’s email:

    Hi, hope that you are okay despite those challenges you have been going through. Today we received some few cash which you did send to us and i can tell you it was like a Christmas in my family to get to eat something because as i had told you, we actually had nothing mostly relying on hand outs or rotten food from garbage which is not good for our healthy and my ministry here is almost collapsing due to lack of food and support and this has really send me to depression because it seems we are making one step forward and ten steps backward which is not good at all.

    Your thoughts of finding other means of surviving other than waiting for the commune it seems is bearing fruits and it can keep our work going because today i managed to come to write to you which was not possible when i had nothing at all and i was only staring at dying children and i can only encourage you to keep the spirit and continue to look for other means which will make us have normal life and be able to continue with our work and remember as i had told you, jesus was not accepted in his home town and so the people there might not accept you but you were accepted in Africa and the gospel can spread from here to other parts of the world but this is only possible when we are able to communicate and have something to eat because if we were all to die of starvation or dipression,who will carry our mission?

    Remember this is work we started together and it hurts sometime not to be able to accomplish what you started and it is good to stay focused since we are with you and we continue to pray that a way will be found soon.

    God bless,

    And when this suffering is happening, my “dear friend” Lisbeth – who could help all of us – is “busy” practising Golf to get a better “handicap” and my dear friend Lisbeth I do understand that Golf is much more joyful for you to do instead of reading and understanding my scripts and deciding to help me and my friends to survive because Lisbeth, helping your friends is what you are about or is this only what you say? Here is what she wrote yesterday evening:

    Lisbeth Falk så gik jeg ned i hcp 32.5 …. 21 point på 9 huller trods træthed fra aftenen i går… Skønt !

    Receiving feelings of being INDECISIVE and UNFOCUSED – my mother?

    Some small stories:

    • This afternoon I decided myself to start running again in the beautiful summer weather – and I feel bad writing this knowing how the LTO families are doing in Kenya as you might understand?

    • All of today God has given me a feeling of being UNFOCUSSED, which I have been fighting all day and we know there is only one way to fight it, which is to do what you have planned to do and we know, which you are about to do and so it is – and yesterday you gave me equally as strong a feeling and this time it was to be indecisive where you INSPIRED me to THINK about everything many times being unable to decide and we know for me it is NOT A PROBLEM TO OVERCOME THIS THE STRONGEST FEELING GIVEN TO ANYONE IN THE UNIVERSE when you only DECIDE to do what is right, but the TRUE explanation of these feelings is that MY DEAR MOTHER HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE: YOU CANNOT AFFORD THE LUXURY TO BE INDECIVE AND UNFOCUSSED WHEN PEOPLE AROUND YOU ARE DYING. PLEASE DO WHAT IS THE ONLY RIGHT THING TO DO: BE STRONG, TAKE THE RIGHT DECISION NOW AND JUST DO IT – and we know DO YOU REALLY NEED YOUR SON TO TELL YOU HOW YOU NEED TO REACT WHEN YOU CAN SAVE LIVES. YOU ARE VIRGIN MARY, YOU HAVE THE LOVING FEELING OF HUMANS INSIDE OF YOU and I know YOU ALSO HAVE THE OPPOSITE OF THE DEVIL as I have had all of my life too BUT DO WHAT IS RIGTH TO DO AND DO IT NOW!!! And this goes not only to you mother but also to you my father and sister – and others too! PLEASE ACT INSTEAD OF HIDING. YOU CANNOT CONTINUE HIDING!

    • And let me also say that I have received ABSOLUTELY NO INSPIRATION ON THE ERRORS OF JUDGES YESTERDAY IN FOOTBALL BETWEEN ENGLAND AND GERMANY and also the other match and that I have heard absolutely no inspirational talk at all at “the third half” with Krabbe and Mølby today and we know NOTHING AT ALL so please don’t think that I always hear INSPIRATIONAL TALK THROUGH OTHERS because this is NOT the case but we know – yesterday I believe as an example Jørgen Leth on TV2 Lorry was INSPIRED when speaking but I decided not to write down what he said and so it is. Just so you know 🙂

    • And finally today I received a new collection from the police of 500 DKK and 20 days to pay and we know it does not say but if I don’t pay and if I don’t agree otherwise with the Police they will probably come and get me and we know give me FREE food at jail and so it is – many “opportunities” as you can see here but WRONG and so it is.

    • And do you remember that I wrote of my “special friend” Arnold Schwarzenegger in my book no. 2 when I was in Kenya last year and we know the inspiration of his famour quotes “I’ll be back” and we know later “I’m back” and we know yesterday on TV2-film I believe one of the Terminator movies was on and today on Facebook Kim “decided“ to write this: Kim Brudlykke Palasz YES!!!! I’m back 🙂 – and you are totally right, this is indeed what I am: I’m back!

    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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