1st July 2010 – My spiritual self is about to do an impossible jump from “nowhere” onto holy ground ending danger

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of my spiritual self about to enter holy ground

Dreaming of a family member of Elijah waiting at the Hotel, which is also a hospital – has the person died (?) – my sister Sanna is responsible of this situation because of her lack of faith in me, people who have devoted their lives to “serve the Lord” have difficulties understanding the Lord (!), “howling Rikke H.” – how are your feelings of me really?, my spiritual self is about to enter holy ground on the other side bringing danger to an end, Tivoli as the Garden of God as one single football ground with plants all over, I cannot get my voice through to my mother at the moment, Governments today work as businesses, which is WRONG – your job is to make people happy and interfere as little as possible.


I could not send money to Kenya because I did not “think twice” I had planned to send 360 DKK of my “apartment security” of 413 DKK to Kenya to help them survive but I forgot that I had not cancelled the standing order to pay rent which I now await to be returned before I hopefully can send it tomorrow.
Updating my website with difficulties and preparing the impossible jump from nowhere to holy ground

I had apparently BIG problems updating my website because it did not appear and then it appeared with delay and difficulties – the old signs when my family have had “enough” of my writings – but I kept on with confidence and succeeded to update it also because if my site should be closed I will keep on opening new sites with the same content. NO ONE CAN STOP MY WRITINGS ON THE INTERNET!

This is also required in order to be able to spiritually jump from a place which does not exist onto the recreated holy ground – using all of the energy we can find.


Dreaming of my spiritual self about to enter holy ground

Tonight I slept better again but still not as good as some days ago – I was kept awake between 3.00-4.00 for example – and we know a little bit difficult it is to write these lines because a very special phenomena is taking place right now when this is written, which feels like a “special sight” made on and moving physically on my corneas – and more on the left than on the right – but it is not only on the corneas, it is also a three dimensional view in front of my eyes and let us say approx. 20 times 20 centimetres, where I am witnessing a “show”, which I don’t believe many people will ever see because it is more or less like the Northern Light and we know sometimes in colour and sometimes with visible objects – for example a key and we know not just a vision but PHYSICALLY moving on my cornea and in front of me, which I have tried maybe 2-3 times before with the latest experience being one of the last days together with Elijah in Kenya and we know also an open American car from the fifties was shown and we know we will see how long this will continue because even though this is breath taking to view it is also making my work difficult because when your sight is blocked/reduced, it is not easy to write and while I am writing this, the view now moves to the edges of my sight giving me normal sight in the middle and so it is – and I wonder my dear Council members if you are witnessing this too – or going to – and we know just a feeling of course.

And here are some dreams too:

  • I am at work in Africa, I have received two faxes, people are patronizing me and speak behind my back that I am crazy even though nobody can feel or see anything on me, somebody hurries out maybe he is scared of me, I am scared my self of the guards, a Dane wants to watch football and I tell him that then he has to pay. I am at the hotel, which is also a hospital, one of the family members of Elijah is lying in one of the hospital rooms and when I enter the room the family member is no longer there, which makes me wonder if the family member has died. Sanna is sitting on a chair in this room and she says that if I want to pay I can use my mother John’s Eurocard, but the bill will be deducted from my own account, which is an attitude surprising me, and she tells me that I can get the card from her room and I leave but I forget the key and therefore I return quickly to get the key and Sanna continues to talk about other things for me to do but I decide to leave her straight away and when I leave the room I decide to fly but when I float I am surprised to see that I am floating backwards and finally I can not continue flying – on my way back I meet Rikke H. and I call her “howling Rikke”.
  • What this dream is telling me is that just maybe some of the “very nice” people of the local church we visited every Sunday outside Nairobi don’t believe I am telling the truth and we know because of their blind faith in the Bible and not me and we know all it takes is simply one person who cannot understand – in this community too – and Evans I am thinking of you reading my daily updates on Facebook, but how much of my scripts do you read and understand (?) and this is your destiny: Your life is devoted to praise the Lord but when you met the Lord you were not able to show TRUE charity to help Elijah’s family or find faith in me and we know such an attitude can be “infectious” if you pass it on as the “truth” to others and we know just maybe to the nice Pastor of the church as one example and so it is.
  • At 19.40 today I noticed that yet another “friend” had decided to leave me on Facebook and when I compared the new list of remaining friends with the last list I saved some days ago I saw that it was indeed Evans Mbugua from Nairobi, who had left – of course WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING (!) – and we know THE VICTORY IS TOTAL because this means that PEOPLE HAVING THEIR NOSE TOO DEEP IN THE BIBLE HAVE NO WAY TO UNDERSTAND ME and we know UNLESS WE WILL HELP THEM and so it is – this was your destiny Evans, my special friend!
  • And Sanna you are really the “crook” here and yes the person who is responsible for the situation of my dying friends in Africa – hence the dream – because of your lack of belief in your own brother, who you know from experience is to be trusted (!) and we know because you did not have what it took to read and understand my books – PATIENCE (!) – and this is why you are sitting here in the dream with the key Sanna and we know DO YOU WANT TO SAVE MY FRIENDS and YOU DO REMEMBER THE THREE CRITERIA YOU HAVE TO MEET DON’T YOU? – And the dream really says that my ability to fly – to be the Christ – deteriorates from here but let us just hope that everything will work out fine which it normally does when I do my best. Sanna – do you want to be known as a murderer to the world because of your “pride” and lack of faith in me – and we know “don’t give money to Stig as a gift, only as a loan”?
  • Some of my “special friends” are now – according to the dream – in a situation where they are at my “waiting room” and we know dying or has somebody already died (?) and I wonder if the key of the dream was the same key which was showed to me this physically this morning on my cornea – which has now stopped, it lasted maybe 10 minutes – and we know the three easy requirements for you just to repeat: 1) have faith in me, 2) a wish to help US and 3) to stand forward. IS THIS VERY DIFFICULT TO DO WHEN PEOPLE ARE DYING – PEOPLE WHOM YOU CAN SAVE?
  • And we know my dear old “colleague” Rikke H. – I am simply wondering how are your feelings of me nowadays (?) and we know “life is a roller coaster” – a beautiful CLASSIC it is, also in Tivoli – because Rikke have you sometimes been “up” because of me and sometimes “down” and we know “difficult” it is to get to know him “Dragholm” and so it is and the dream tells it all because it is “easy” to “feel” with one of your colleagues being fired isn’t it Rikke (?) and how “easy” is it for you to feel for my situation and we know or patronize me and what is your true feeling of me really, Rikke? Here is what you wrote yesterday on Facebook:
  • Rikke Hyldig Hvor fedt er det lige, at få af vide på et gå-hjem-møde at x antal hoveder ryger i morgen:-( og hvor fedt er det lige, at man ved at et af hovederne er en, man holder meget af:-( øv:-( –
  • And a few hours later you were apparently in a better mood and we know ”life is fantastic” isn’t it while my friends are dying and when I myself only have few days left before I will start to starve again? Was it nice for you that I was the reason why your salary was lifted considerably 1½ years ago (?) – and how is your TRUE feeling of compassion and charity really nowadays, Rikke?
    • Rikke Hyldig Aftenen tilbragt på vinbar m gode venner og total underholdende andre gæster, griner:-) Og midt i det hele ringer ens gudbarn og siger, jeg synes det er lang tid siden, vi har set hinanden moster! Bliver livet bedre? 😉
  • Half awake my inner spiritual self (!) tells me: “Not long ago I was not living and now I am almost 18 years old” and later I was shown empty egg trays except from one single egg, “me”, at the “room of nothing” (!) – the back entrance you know – and I was told that it is a constant fight of survival until I reach the age of 18, where I step into the rows of adult people on secure ground, where nothing can happen to me anymore, and I was told “this is why we are happy” and that when I reach my physical living age on the other side, this is where I will become God.
    • During the morning today I was told that this will happen before Monday at 12.00 and the Council said “we are enthusiastic because of this”.
    • Late yesterday evening I felt God self and I understood that the game is to accept as much pain as possible and as quickly as possible as my physical self in order for my spiritual self to be born and now to become stronger – and we know when I as the only one in history did not have a spiritual self it was because God had taken over this “job” without the Council knowing of “my plans” – and that the work now is to reduce the energy so much that it will be possible for my spiritual self including the Trinity to enter my physical self and when this happens I will also be able to see the Trinity with my own eyes. I was shown a black curtain being pulled aside and behind it was the mountain and I was told that when this happens I will not be standing on the mountain, this is when the feeling of being the mountain will begin – and when I heard this it scared me more than it made me curious and we know I have both feelings and I heard the song “reach out for the sunrise” by Duran Duran, which is a song God has played for me hundreds of times – one of those very special songs and Simon and Bon(d) and we know the Caribbean island and the Rio album and many symbols of you my friend too and we know with the feeling to write “special”.
  • I am leaving Tivoli, which I see as one 120 metre long football ground with green plants on every single square inch and somehow this is connected with my mother giving up on me.
    • I was told that it is a condition that my closest family has given up one me, that this is what it took – which is ALSO the reason of my language and we know the DIRECT TRUTH yesterday – in order for me to be able to take this step into what we here call “holy ground” and we know when you will become 18 years old here Stig. And here I can add that yesterday I was given many feelings of “doubt” and “do you really want to speak to your mother like this” and we know I WAS IN NO DOUBT – because I decided to be STRONG and we know reacting to the EVEN DEEPER FEELING THAT WHATEVER I DO WHEN WRITING THIS BOOK – and also yesterday – I WILL DO IT AS STRONG AS POSSIBLE and we know I could never “DREAM ON” to do if differently.
  • I hear the song “more than a party” by Depeche Mode – an old favourite of mine – and we know I have “lots of surprises in store, this isn’t a party it’s a whole lot more” and we know because it is really “construction time again” isn’t it and I take this message of the night with me – not the dream of Sanna – simply because I am happy with the quality of my work – and I hear here: Rikke where are you and we know my dear or not my dear and we know we really don’t know about him Stig and so it is Rikke, your destiny it is ….

  • I hear the song “the modern world” by the Jam – the song, which made me “fall” for this band, which is still at my top 3 or top 5, and the lyrics “this is the modern world, we don’t need no one, to tell us what’s right or wrong” and this is really the vision you know – for all people to act responsibly, with good behaviour and according to the basic working rules and to get rid of all of the tyranny of the world today.

  • Half awake I was told that the whale died and I see the egg at the tail of the whale and I am told that that this is the last egg of the world to be born in such an impossible situation.

  • My mother watches television and I tell her that the very fine speakers they show are the same as my old speakers – the “La folie” band speakers, which I did not build myself, but bought used and yes Camilla the ones you overturned accidently (!) – and we see that the owner of the speakers and the TV host set up the speakers to play but that the right speaker is “twisted” around – and I am told that this is only required in this phase in order for me to grow. And later I play on a “fine” music equipment but I have not chosen the speakers myself and if I had decided, I would not have bought these because they are small and not able to play deep bass. I see two of my old tape decks on sale at the radio store, which annoys me.
    • We know the right speaker is “my voice” and we know, which is “twisted” around and we know the television is a tool of the Devil and we know simply saying that I cannot get my voice through to my mother at the moment – and we know it is only temporary of course.
  • Half awake I hear something with my mother and Sanna not understanding me and that Sanna has explained others of what she believes is the truth of me, which however is not the truth.

  • I play on my music equipment for my old friend Martin Ibenhard and I explain to him how the remotes work – and I am happy to be together with him again.

  • There is a Government meeting, Kim S. is the manager and he has bought many chocolate machines etc. for the employees, Claus is fond of food, at the meeting I explain that I have lost 126 million and the feeling is “just like any other business”.
    • Government is NOT ABOUT BUSINESS – it is about creating and developing the best possible means for people to live a happy life and we know to interfere as little – and not as much – as possible really.
  • I am searching the Internet on concerts and I am brought automatically to a site which is called “Larry King” and here I am shown a video from a show with Nenah Cherry and she says that this was her last show on the Northern hemisphere – it was in Sweden – the concerts will now continue at the Southern hemisphere and something is wrong here because the video is recorded with a handheld cam at the audience lying down, so you cannot see the show.
    • We know Stig what is this about and we know nice music is “loving feelings” and this is on the site of Larry King and now the music stops and we know from a land of joy and happiness and this is really to say THANK YOU TO LARRY KING for your 25 years on CNN and we know as a representative of God and we know I have not seen many of your shows and what does the cam lying down mean and I really don’t know so maybe just this. Larry how much money have you received for “just talking” and we know do you think yourself that this is fair – and we know would you like to help spreading a “normal life” to the world by sharing what you have too?
    • And we know I don’t believe you ever gave me this song, which was obvious and we know the one with Youssou N’Dour and Nenah Cherry and “a million voices” and do you remember Camilla when hearing this song we always smiled and sang a long on “a million voices” and we know smiling we were because of the rolling sound on “million” and we know INSPIRATION and ATTENTION can come in special ways and thinking of these lyrics too and the “voices” I receive: “And when a child is born into this world, It has no concept Of the tone the skin its living in And there’s a million voices And there’s a million voices To tell you what you should be thinking”

    I could not send money to Kenya because I did not “think twice”

    Today I had planned to send 360 DKK of my “apartment security” of 413 DKK to Kenya to help them survive and we know before 12.00 their time and therefore I went to the bank to take out the money and I was THINKING on my way that everything should be fine because earlier this month I cancelled the direct debits of my telephone – which is due now – and Fitness World and when I asked the cashier of the bank she told me that my account was in minus with more than 3,600 DKK and we know I FORGOT TO CANCEL THE STANDING ORDER on the rent to Poul-Erik (!) and we know I remembered clearly how it worked last month, when the payment was withdrawn the day after and we know I FELT BAD BECAUSE OF THIS MISTAKE and we know I DID NOT THINK OF THIS PAYMENT and we know I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT TWICE (!) and when I came home I called the branch of the bank as a matter of good sake to ask them to return the payment and we know CRAZY RULES because this lady – she sounded inexperienced and we know not efficient when speaking because it took toooooo long (!) – said that it would take 7 days for the money to return if the withdrawal was because of my wish but she “believed” it would only take 1-2 days if it was because of lack of cover on my account and therefore we “agreed” that I wanted to withdraw the payment due to lack of cover (!) and we know she “believed” it would cost me a fee and we know I did not want to tell her that last month it did not and therefore I only said that “you will do what you have to do” and so it is and we know hoping that I can carry out the transferral to Kenya tomorrow instead and we know sorry I was and therefore I sent this email to Kenya:

    Dear all,

    I did a mistake, which means that I will not be able to send you money day – which makes me sad and which I can only say that I am very sorry.

    I had cancelled two direct debits on my bank account but I forgot that there was also a standing order to transfer rent and even though there was only approx. 410 DKK on my account, my bank – like one month ago transferred the rent and one month ago it took one day before the transferral was cancelled and returned to my account.

    I therefore called the bank today to ask them to do the same, which they told me they will do and furthermore they told me that they would debit a fee because of this, which is really not what we want in these circumstances so I wonder if the bank lady is right about that – because there were no fees the last time, where the payment simply was cancelled meaning that there are no posts on the print out.

    I will come back and I hope I will be able to send you a little money tomorrow.

    Kind regards

    And we know CRAZY RULES – I forgot to say the other day that when I went to the post office to send money to Kenya I told the cashier that I had only filled out the paper form with the most important information because the rest of the information was included at my “gold card” and first he said that “this does not matter, you need to fill out the entire form” and when I asked him if he was the only one to benefit from the card he thought twice (!) and we know accepting the form I had written and so it is.

    Updating my website with difficulties and preparing the impossible jump from nowhere to holy ground

    Today I also had on my plan to do the rest of the update of my website and when I opened it in Internet Explorer in the beginning of the day there was no problems, but when I later uploaded a new Blog post with an overview of book no. 3 from February-June 2010, my website would not open at all in Firefox and not at all afterwards in Internet Explorer and I was asked if Sanna succeeded to close my site after my direct script of yesterday and I thought that from a logical point of view there is NOTHING wrong with my website, because the system accepted to upload to my Blog from Microsoft Live Writer – but did not show it (!) – and I also thought that if someone should succeed to close my website – which is UNLIKELY – I will open a new website with Google with the same content quickly and should this be closed I WILL KEEP ON OPENING NEW SITES WITH THE SAME CONTENT. NOBODY CAN STOP MY WRITINGS ON THE INTERNET!

    And I know I am really thinking that Sanna and my mother should re-read my script of yesterday to see OBJECTIVELY what it actually says and what it does not because it is easy to misunderstand, you know – and finally after I decided to close and restart my computer my website with the new Blog post opened with delay and with exactly the same “difficulties” in Microsoft Internet Explorer as I told you about some days ago – after I have now had a period with no problems at all – and I know Sanna and Mother, I have told you for months what is RIGHT for you to do and had you followed my recommendations I would have given you all of my praise and warm words instead so please remember that you will decide yourselves the content of what I write of you and it only takes for you to THINK TWICE and we know TO TREAT ME AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED YOURSELF and this is really it.

    Later when I started doing my job to amend and update existing chapters of my website I noticed “problems” all the way and we know some chapters were visible sometimes, others were not visible other times, sometimes it took a LONG time to open chapters, other times it did not open and then it started to work – and it also kept on changing the size of the window in the front of my eyes from “maximum” – which is “normal mode” here you know my friend Stig (approaching) – to “smaller” and “the smallest” and we know I was nervous when I published my books the 1st February that people would try to stop my writings – as you did Sanna (!) – and if I decided to be nervous today of what would happen after my script yesterday, then it would have been impossible for me to update my website – it would have been stopped by you know who – and we know also to do what it takes spiritually to “jump” because this is what it is – to “jump” from a place which does not exist and we know onto the new holy ground, which you have already recreated and my dear friend this is not like the Yoga jumps on Fridays at Fitness World in Gentofte – this is a jump, which is physical impossible to do and we know – have I done or have I not done it and we don’t know and I know and this is both the truth and not and we know BECAUSE I RECEIVE SEVERAL MESSAGES HERE so COUNCIL PLEASE BE QUIET, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE – this is ALSO why I had to write as I did yesterday to exclude my mother – and when I ask God, the answer is NOT YET but before Monday at 12.00 and we know WHEN YOU CONTINUE THE WORK YOU DO AND WHAT YOU WOULD NORMALLY DO and so it is.

    So because I decided not to be nervous today – which was very easy to be – I managed to update the website and we know I cannot do it better than it is now with the space, which is available and we know I have used all of the space and so it is – and this “test” on nervousness is also to say that this is how EVEN I – my spiritual self – feels before doing this jump because this is the first jump of its kind in history and we know hearing the drum whirls here I am and I can only say WHEN YOU HAVE GOD WITH YOU, I ASSUME THAT EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT FINE and yes GOOD LUCK MYSELF!

    I was also told that it is not only my discomfort in physical life – you know which is STRENGTH in the spiritual – which is used to do this jump, but that it requires ALL OF THE ENERGY I CAN FIND and we know including the energy of family and friends feeling discomfort right now and we know Poul-Erik my landlord is now one of them too. This is part of “the logic of God” and we know we only see what is above the water – thinking of icebergs – and this will really be: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

    And I was told that WE WOULD BE WILLING TO CARRY OUT THE WORK TO PREPARE MANKIND TO ENTER MY KINGDOM WITHOUT DOING THIS “BOLD” MOVE – but Stig BECAUSE YOU KEEP ON WORKING WITHOUT PROBLEMS I/WE HAVE DECIDED TO BRING GOD INTO YOUR LIFE and we know ALREADY NOW and so it is – this is what is waiting my friends and we know if you bring a cake with you, I will give a cup of coffee and we know “for unexpected guests” – this is really what it is about.

    At the end of this work of updating my website I heard the very beautiful words “what do you say when words are not enough?” from the very beautiful song “Hold me now” by Johnny Logan and I felt the strong feelings of me from the spiritual Karen – or Mary Magdalena – and let us just say “her regrets” of life as she will soon find out. And celebrating with LEGRAS today and of course one of the finest Champagnes and don’t you know this and I was about to say “yet”, Karen? – One of those magnificent small growers you know and yes it is still lying there and still open for visitors …. 🙂


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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