Overview of the content of my Blog and Book no. 3: One God, One People

These are the main stories of my Blog from February-June 2010 and Book no. 3 “One God, One People”, which you can download from www.mediafire.com/stig:

Summary of Book 3 from February-June 2010

JUNE 2010

  • I have starved and the LTO families are close of dying because of NO TRUE HUMANITY OF RICH PEOPLE
  • No “rich” people have had the capacity to 1) understand me, 2) help us, and 3) stand forward! – to enter the Kingdom, i.e. the story of the camel and the eye of the needle
  • All lost souls of Hell “on the other side” have been FREED because of my VICTORY 🙂
  • Governments have kept the truth of UFO’s, my new planet and my arrival from people
  • Governments: Step down – except from one new world government!
  • The LACK OF QUALITY and BAD BEHAVIOUR from “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” is what I ask you to improve
  • I was terminated when you killed Jesus and I have now returned spiritually “out of nothing”!
  • The longest tennis match ever of three days as a symbol of the return of the Trinity
  • The Council is lifted up to the “treasure chamber” without the Devil
  • The work to rise all people on earth to the next level of consciousness has now started
  • I have been reversed – put back in order – which will also bring Earth and the magnetic pole in order
  • The Council will stop the fire of the world spreading and implement my prayers
  • The battle of Earth has been part of a battle to release the Universe from dark energy to give all eternal life
  • The bang of the judgment is absorbed by my spiritual self and will only be released if I don’t succeed
  • I have suffered because of your sins to save you from “the worst” nightmare – for your redemption
  • Not one single person will be judged (!) because God is growing and gradually replacing the Devil

MAY 2010

  • The Council members have to use “the same solution” as I to reject the dark side
  • The Commune did the IMPOSSIBLE: To remove my cash help NEGLECTING my freedom of speech!
  • As Stig I am only human, as part of the Trinity I will become God on Earth (gradually in 1-1½ years)
  • To KILL the Devil entirely I had to hold on with my outermost receiving the most severe pain
  • Elijah will tell the world about the Universe and God, his origin and future
  • Some birth controls are fine, but don’t kill unborn children as a BASIC rule
  • Ignorance, arrogance and laziness have almost killed God: I MEAN BUSINESS THIS TIME!
  • We don’t need the new UK Government – but ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT
  • My book will teach the future not to make the same mistakes as the past – otherwise mankind will be doomed
  • I have been extinct for centuries knowing that I had to return to life going through this school
  • The verdict of Heaven is “almost” given as MY GIFT to you: ALL PEOPLE WILL SURVIVE THE JUDGMENT 🙂
  • The Devil is now gradually leaving all mankind
  • I will now return home to my coronation in Heaven
  • The ten secrets of Virgin Mary will be changed because of me
  • The beast working inside of people showing bad behaviour without the conscience of people

APRIL 2010

  • Respect the freedom of speech as a basic rule
  • If God did not protect me or if I had given up I would die taking mankind with me in the eternal grave
  • I developed from being “not approved” to “approved” by God – please follow my example
  • God does not approve of “bureaucratic” and “professional” NGO’s
  • The IMPORTANCE of including companies in a world environment agreement
  • Always be kind, helpful and beloved – not better knowing and degrading
  • God is transforming from ONE SELF to BILLIONS of individuals
  • The voice of God spoke to Meshack: “Trust in Stig – He is the light of the World”
  • Virgin Mary will use all of her power to enlighten up the whole world
  • The Council have looked after Earth while God has been absent since the killing of Jesus
  • The key message of the old Egypt was to tell coming generations about Judgment Day

MARCH 2010

  • As the grail I am the living flame on Earth
  • Ignorant, lazy and selfish people – almost bringing me down – could have cost the existence of mankind- but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!
  • Obama won a SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE fight against the Devil in USA
  • The aim for mankind is to find the beauty and the ideal balance of life
  • God breaks with ALL churches/doctrines – LTO is the organization of God
  • Mankind has called upon the worst disaster in history to come
  • So called “enlightened” people showing big egos and ignorance
  • FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY are universal rights given by God as a DUTY for mankind to follow
  • A lustful world is almost dissolving God and mankind
  • God can only lift me up to become God when people will believe in me
  • The Council: “We are coming to an end of what we have feared the most in world history”
  • God: The Devil will NOT win the “game” of the world


  • The difficult task of publishing my books and making family and friends understand
  • Breaking relations with family and friends not understanding me
  • Yoga saved my life by cleaning my aura from attacks from family and friends
  • International Medium Janet Parker in 2006: You are Moses and the Grail!
  • God is pulling the whole world forward because I never give up
  • How I know that I am the Son of God
  • My story took four Kenyans only few hours to understand!
  • Russia threatening USA with war – Echelon recordings will make China remember
  • The media is NOT yet writing about me hereby building up of the power of the Devil
  • The flood of Madeira and earthquake of Chile are warnings to the world of what is to come
  • The production goal of God’s new kingdom: Increase the production by 10 times!

About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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