2nd July 2010 – The JUMP succeeded: God is now physically alive and there will be NO BIG BANG to end the Universe

Summary of the script today



The beginning of the “BIG JUMP” from “nothing” to “something” After the BIG JUMP I will be FREE of the “extreme Hell”, which is “the place of nothing”, where souls stay after extermination. This is from where I return with this JUMP! The most difficult part of the JUMP took place late yesterday surrounded by the VERY STRONG DARK energy of this place.
The JUMP succeeded: God is now physically alive and there will be NO BIG BANG to end the Universe

A STRANGE but IMPORTANT night with some dreams and many “one-liners”: My spiritual self was BLINDED when taking the jump, I was found by my spiritual self solely through “feelings” and “energy” – on basis of the feeling of Karen “burning inside of me”, I landed just on the RIGHT side – a few metres more would have exterminated the Universe (!), the next step is now for my spiritual self to enter my physical self (!), Governments now know who I am, I am on my way to become “larger than life”, there will be NO BIG BANG to end the Universe, God delivered the message of the final surrender of the Devil, God is now both the Master of the Universe and a physical part of me inside of his own creation and finally:

Sending money to Kenya and receiving the message that I would not survive if I did not work today! I was feeling black and blue when I went to the bank to take out money, I stood in line behind a lady taking VERY LONG to update two bank books, which the bank lady said would DIE if the customer waited too long, which was a PLANNED message to me saying that if I did not do my work today, I – and the Universe – would not survive. I did my work (!) and I sent money to Kenya to help them survive.
The next phase for my spiritual self to enter my physical body has begun My spiritual self and the Trinity coming closer to me, the discomfort of my work and tiredness gives the energy needed for my spiritual self to enter me as a gradual process, which has now started, my sister thinking that I “suffer” from narcissism, which is her thoughts deceiving her and Holland defeating Brazil in the World Cup as the final symbol of the Devil being thrown out and being approved by God.
Meshack: my father’s faith to you is very strong and he has the will despite the old age Meshack was very kind to send his and his fathers regards and kind words in a situation where he “was suffering alot to a point of dying”. Meshack makes me proud for going through this impossible situation and still showing his unreservedness faith he is J.


The beginning of the “BIG JUMP” from “nothing” to “something”

Again today I have moved the first chapter of “dreams” to the second chapter because this is really the only and the best way I can write the script today and we know starting with what happened yesterday evening after I published my script of yesterday and before I went to bed – “this is it”:

I was thinking that it is logic that I don’t need to go through the same kind of sufferings when my spiritual self will enter the holy ground because then he/I don’t need the same energy and strength from me, “his” mirror – and right now from other people too including LTO who suffers physically but who have never been stronger spiritually – and I was thinking that I will not contact drop-in-centres in Copenhagen next week if it is not necessary also because there are hundreds of millions of people in the world poorer than the poorest people in Denmark – but we will have to wait and see what happens when my spiritual and physical selves become re-connected – if this will give the answer automatically.

I was shown that when I become re-connected, the blue colour will entirely absorb the tennis court – which has the same meaning as the football which is the battle with the Devil – and that this means that all people will be saved from here – on condition of course that I continue to do what is RIGHT to do.

I was told that the reason why I have gone through IMPOSSIBLE sufferings as a physical being – through the IMPOSSIBLE road of God – is because this is what I have done spiritually too and that when I and all of my “suffering” family and friends had/have given enough energy, I could finally return to life from the place God calls “nothing” and we know, which I was told is “the extreme Hell”, where you believe you will become exterminated, which you do, but as you will understand only for “a period of time” because God is still with you even after extermination (!) and we know which is what happened to me 2,000 years ago when mankind killed me – so when I wrote a long time ago that I was sent to Hell 2,000 years ago this was actually the truth and it is first now that I am told that the extreme Hell is extermination and that it is indeed possible to return from here with the love of our almighty father and we know who is smiling and we know when I now do the edit of my script today.

I was also told that this is the third time the Universe face the same battle of survival with me as the anchor and that we have all been terminated twice before – as I have written about before – and we know God told me that if we would not make it this time either he would have to reinvent this idea of the Universe and change the “rules” and we know still to recreate the same “characters” – US ALL – as before because the truth is that you are all apart of ME and I am not someone who you will easily kill because I am the original force and so it is – and when I was told this I was also shown the cartoon figure of the Pink Panther and it made me think of the movies with the brilliant Peter Sellers playing Inspector Clouseau – and the Gardener of course too because of the role where he played the Gardener – and we know because the road I am going through spiritually these days where I am completely blind not only requires skills but much luck too and when you do your absolutely best, normally you are more “lucky” than when you don’t and let us just hope that God will add the “salt”, which is the necessary part to be lucky – and when I felt myself walking in blindness in the dark room called “nothing” trying to find the narrow entrance to the holy ground, which has now been opened to me, I received a new déjà vue feeling: I have felt or tried this before and we know not always I write of these feelings but from time to time I receive them and they are really another proof to me that I am still on the right track so to say.

I was also told that the Svend Gehrs quote: “Det er genialt det dér” (“this is genius”) also means that this is what the plan is from now in order for all people to fulfil the requirements to be approved by God before the last day in 2012 and I don’t know more about the plan now but I have been thinking myself that we better hurry because we now have only approx. 22 months left until the “last night on Earth”.

Most of the evening I could hardly feel the presence of the Devil but for a period of time I started receiving slight burning feelings on my skin and more “discomfort” really including “marks on my waist” – not nice (!) – and we know I also received first a strong taste of fish in my mouth which was followed by a strong taste of blood and I was asked if I truly want to go through this and instead of trying to be unnatural enthusiastic – thinking of Peter from Acta here and also you Elijah (!) – I simply said “please continue” or “do what you have to do” not because I look forward to go through more sufferings but because this is the only right thing to do and we know this is the only right answer to give because this is the truth and so it is – and because of this I gave the “blue” light (!) to start the transferral which it really is from the “place of nothing” to the “place of something” and I felt the blue colour coming to me and I was told that we have also started because no one is stopping my work – and after a while I was told that now the most difficult part is done and that I have not been burned, which I easily could have become and VERY MUCH in fact – and I was shown my head coming through first and I was told that we pray that I will be able to continue this work undisturbed – from people around me in the physical world – and I felt the smell of basil and we know it made me think of Italy and joy and happiness and the hotel – the waiting room of God you know – because of the “crazy” character of Fawlty Towers, whom I love too of course.

And during this process I was also given very uncomfortable feelings three times on my left knee of what felt like an embolus and I felt the VERY STRONG NEGATIVE energy coming from the “extreme Hell” including the “kill kill” voice etc. and this is how it is when the door between “something” and “nothing” is open and we know looking forward for this door to be closed I am but as I said “don’t rush it” because quality and doing your absolutely best is far more important than doing the work as quickly as possible – and I was told that God has made the Universe, he established the rules of the Universe and at the end of the day it is the force of God which is controlling the rules and we know including this negative energy and so it is.

The JUMP succeeded: God is now physically alive and there will be NO BIG BANG to end the Universe

After these events I went to bed at approx. 01.30 and I was woken up at approx. 06.00 being extremely tired and for the next 1½ hour I was kept awake constantly receiving information – “one liners” – when I tried to fall asleep and really not very nice it was to keep on receiving new information while trying to sleep and to continue deciding if I wanted to sleep or write down the messages and we know I wrote down most of them – which are included in the following – and at some stage I was so tired that I missed 2-3 of them and this is when I was allowed to fall asleep again and despite of this, when I woke up at 10.30 I was still extremely tired and we know I had promised Kenya to send money before 13.00 their time, which was 12.00 my time, so I had to stand up despite of the tiredness and we know also thinking if I would be able to write the script of today because impossible it felt like – and because of this “strange magic” of a night I have decided to give you both a few dreams and mostly “one-liners” here:

  • I am at a television store and look at a man with amazing “mainstream” hair – it a big and very “stylish” – and I see one employee serving and Björn Skifs is also serving and I tell him “fantastic new album”. I am in a billiard room, where the doors don’t lead to anything and three parties agree to break up three walls of the room to see what is behind them – where we expect to see murdered people – we pay and we continue.
  • This is again about Sweden – a happy country you know – and “nice music” meaning “loving feelings” here with the “oldie” Swede Björn Skifs, whom I heard the other day on radio with the new version of his old song “Vill du inte ha mina kyssar”, which I liked very much because of the “floating easiness” and nice rhythms of the song, which also made me download the song from the Danish library music net this morning but these songs only last seven days before they stop working (!), the quality is of course “rubbish” (!) and when I had downloaded them I could not get them to play because of “license problems” (!) and we know THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FREE MUSIC because of all of these limitations (!) – and back to the story because it is with this background that we are doing everything we can to enter and we know including to find you through the energy of diseased people because this is what I am looking for – your energy in physical life using my sense of “feeling” and nothing else and so it is.
  • I hear the song “Elskende i natten” by Gnags and the words “opmærksomhed – tillid og tro” (attention, confidence and faith) and the song is immediately followed by “nat efter nat” (“night after night”) from the song “giv mig hvad du har” by Dodo & the Dodo’s and we know thinking of Karen I was here and we know what she “likes” to do – and it was with this feeling “burning inside of me” – as you can also hear from the lyrics of the second song – that my spiritual and physical being (!) continued working and we know to transfer you/myself to you and this is really how it is.

  • I see a giant carport in front of a villa, which is going to be opened without knowing what is behind it – and I am asked if I still want to continue and the only thing I can say is “go on”.

  • I was told that I have to go through a quiz in Tivoli – but you never started to ask questions really and we know because I left it up to you to decide, this is how it is.

  • I was shown the opening of the second wall of three and that there were no diseased behind it and I was told that “no citizens are taken through this way” and I thought of “Slussen” in Stockholm because of the Danish word “slusen“, which was given to me in this message, which I translated into “taken through” in English.

  • I see the third wall turning and behind it a diseased person in a spacesuit and I was told that I would have been smashed if I went through space without a spacesuit but what I have been going through in the extreme Hell of “nothing” is worse than walking in space without a suit.

  • This was followed by a vision where I saw an egg at the bottom of a 100 metre deep dwell, which I have to climb without a ladder and without knowing how to climb the dwell, which I need to teach myself first.

  • I am at the billiard room again, where there is a sofa on this side of the room and I am standing on the other side behind the wall and it is possible to turn the wall – like in the James Bond movie “live and let die” – and I am told that I need to turn the wall so both the sofa and I “come together” inside of the billiard room, which is impossible or normally impossible to do.

  • I was told that my spiritual self met the spiritual self of Peter from Acta and noticed his disloyal behaviour when he spoke of me behind my back – and this was the way to find me, to find my energy, which was done here through Peter.

  • I am told that the song “7” by Prince is also a good song – read the lyrics my friends and we know the ROSKILDE FESTIVAL HAS STARTED and I was not able to attend Fuggi but you know if people had had faith in me and you too we could have seen Prince etc. on Roskilde and also Spandau Ballet in Tivoli some time ago together but this is not how it was meant to be but we know we are coming home during the Roskilde festival – another symbol of the home of God – and the weather is as beautiful as it gets and this is how it is.

  • I am told that the JUMP is like landing in Tivoli directly on a running carousel, which throws you off and I now see my self lying on the ground in Tivoli and I am told that he/I is not dead – I see the Palm House of the Botanic Garden at the end even though I am still at Tivoli – and I see that I am only a few metres from the fence and a WRONG car parked on the outside of Tivoli, which I could have landed in and we know which would make it “impossible” for the Universe to survive so this is really a “narrow” window to come through and we know we are not thinking of failure as a possibility at all because this is really also only work for us and we know with the Universe at stake if this jump turned out wrong and so it is.

  • I see myself lying directly in front of the Palm House and I hear “I found him there in front of the glass house, is that the man (?)” and I heard the answer “yes this is the man to enter” and I was shown a “shadow” at the same size of my self ready to “sit down on me” to enter me and I was told that “we will practise this until tomorrow” and that this is not easy because we have neither tried this before.

  • I was told that when we/I are together we/I will have the force to “putting out fire” – and I was told that it is possible for “some people” of the world to see physically that “someone has jumped through” and here I am shown Sri Sathya Sai Baba as one man who felt the change of energy immediately when I entered the atmosphere of Earth again after being “five miles out”.

  • I was told that “some people” know what I want to tell the world about the Media and Al Jazeera as one example, which decided not to bring my story because of their focus on sales and lack of interest in my “story” and I was told that Governments now know who I am because God has now allowed them to receive this information but that they don’t know how I have returned to life through this jump.

  • A short dream: I am to come with a proposal for the wine store Philipson Wine – my favourite – for a trip to Stockholm, Sweden.

  • I hear one of my favourite songs of Beach Boys “God only knows” and the lyrics “God only knows what I’d be without you” and “I may not always love you, but long as there are stars above you, you never need to doubt it”.

  • I am told that “nothing and absolutely nothing is left to coincidences from here”.

  • I hear the lyrics from “God only knows”: “Though life would still go on believe me, the world could show nothing to me, so what good would living do me” and it was followed by “but now I am here” a feeling of God. And my spiritual self arrived this night through mine – and others – extreme discomfort and so it is.

  • I see football boots being inserted through the letter box to my door as a symbol that I have come home.

  • I am shown a very dry and inflammable field of grain and that my spiritual self ignited fires on the least dangerous places and that he/I used this energy to find myself in physical life – this was the danger we went through.

  • I see myself growing as a person and becoming larger than the high building of the shopping centre of Lyngby and I think here of one of the videos of the Rolling Stones being larger than the skyscrapers of New York and I am told that when I reach this size I will become “larger than life”.

  • I hear the words “Walk with me, take my hand” – thank you God – from the song “stupid man” by Thomas Helmig, whom I like too but you know outside of my top 100 list you are, Thomas.

  • I am told that I am the last stick, which holds together the Universe and that this is why you not only had a Big Bang of the birth of the Universe but also a potential Big Bang of the end of the Universe and we know if the Judgment again would end civilization with ME “packing and leaving” this time and I see God as a running figure here packing the Universe in his suit case. And I am told that this is the present we bring to God – to save the Universe really – with a “thank you for the loan” and this is where the security of coming to the harbour is to be found. There will be no Big Bang of the Judgment anymore – only HELP to be given to all people.

  • I am told that we will now finish this jump within the next 24 hours – the time was approx. 07.00 when I heard this – and I heard the liberation message of the 4th May 1945 – world famous in Denmark it is – from the radio of London saying that “the German troops of Holland, North-West Germany and Denmark have surrendered” and this is indeed what it is about, this is the final message of the Devil giving up when we bring you back from extreme Hell to a life without the Devil – as simple as that my friend – and given here from the RADIO – the symbol of God speaking you know – and from London as you will recall is another symbol of the home of God and so it is.

  • I see a swan – the most beautiful bird I know of and the symbol of FREEDOM – being put together and I am told that it is not very difficult to create life when being outside the Universe but that it is very difficult for ME to enter the Universe as part of a living soul and we know GOD IS NOW PHYSICALLY A PART OF ME and we know HE IS BOTH THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE and NOW – through me – a part of his own invention and so it is.

  • I am told that there is still a risk that “some living people will die” if I do what is WRONG from here – which I have absolutely no plans of doing.

  • Dream: I am in Copenhagen, someone wants to do a break-in, they think of transferring me and something about “me”, “sex”, being captured and the door is broken down.
    • I don’t know what the dream means but the symbols of the dream shows the Devil to me and so it is.
  • I have been to a wedding – I feel it is the wedding of my sister – I had no idea about who the guests were and there is no car from there – it is a museum – but I see a Saab 9.3 driven by British people where the husband use the wheel, but the gear box is controlled by the wife and I feel I am this car and the people inside of it.

  • I am told that “in a short while, you will wake up – literally”.

  • I felt Obama and I felt him in connection with myself arriving spiritually to my house but I did not understand why because how could it be possible for Obama to speak with my spiritual self for years when I was first born recently and we know from a logical point he must have received communication from the Council acting as me or from God himself and we know would you like to tell me and yes and no and yes and no and yes and no and we know no more dark Virgin Mary and only this piece of advise “don’t stay up too late this evening and see if you can make it through today without taking a nap” – which I did yesterday – because this would feel good to us too. Thank you. And I am also thinking here of my “Doppelganger” in Nairobi in 1988 and that “there’s something wrong In Paradise” really.

  • And at the end of this night I saw and felt myself as a dark shadow walking in my living room – this is where I am now and the darkness is the darkness surrounding me from the extreme Hell and so it is.
  • Sending money to Kenya and receiving the message that I would not survive if I did not work today!

    Yesterday I informed Kenya that I hoped to be able to transfer “a little” money to them before 13.00 their time today – or 12.00 my time – and we know I left the apartment a little after 11.00, which should give me enough time to go to the bank and to transfer the money and we know to come home to send the payment instructions to David before the deadline and this is what happened:

    The payment of rent from yesterday had been withdrawn with no fees connected – don’t give people WRONG messages if you don’t know (!) – and when I entered Jyske Bank to take out a total of 415 DKK, I decided to take a cup of FREE cappuccino as usual – and we know I like to do this but it should not be free of course (!) – and when I did this I noticed that one customer was served at the only cash desk here and that another one arrived to stand in line and we know the first customer took LONG but it was nothing compared to the next because of all days this customer had decided to go to the bank today to update the bank books of her two sons and we know I really thought that in Danske Bank, bank books were cancelled many years ago – not efficient they are, two meanings here – and we know just how long could it take to update two bank books and we know it turned out that they had not been updated since 2007 and that the printer of the bank was VERY slow – slower than the printer of Danske Bank in the 1980’s when I updated bank books of customers (!) – and this inspired the cashier to say several times that if it takes too long for the customer to come to the bank to do the updates, the bank books would simply DIE and we know WE HAVE PLANNED THIS EVENT TOO because you gave me the feeling that this is in fact what would happen to me if I could not find the energy or will power to do my work today during this critical process, which only comes once not only in your life but in “HISTORY” – and we know with the best quality of course and to publish the script today because this is really the momentum I need in order to come through another back entrance to enter your body and we know we have a pretty good idea that it would be fine for you to publish your script at least before 23.00 tonight so I can return to you/me before 07.00 tomorrow morning and we know – I am almost throwing up because of this work because of the tiredness you know – but you know it simply has to be done, so this is what I do and we know 23.00 should give me a lot of time unless something unexpected will happen and if it does not I expect to publish between 20.00 and 21.00 but we will have to see.

    And this message of the bank was also in connection to my friends in Kenya, which no family members or friends here apparently have had any interest to help to survive because if I did not send them money it would become “increasingly” difficult for them to survive and so it is – and after maybe 20-25 minutes of waiting in the bank I went two minutes to Super Best to buy two rye breads from their baker and because these particular rye breads were made yesterday, they only cost 10 DKK instead of approx. 20 DKK as the ones made today cost and I was thinking what would be the worst which could happen to the manager of this store if he had bestowed me with some old food – it was from this store that I received the message on Facebook from the young employee about my suit – and from here I went to the post office to send the 360 DKK gross and 265 DKK net and finally from here I went straight home to send my email to David with the payment instructions and I sent it at 12.16 and we know 13.16 their time and the only reason why I was delayed was because of the lady at the bank and so it is.

    For a matter of good sake after the buy of two rye breads I may have food for 6-7 days now – and I have 37 DKK in cash, which will give me “some days” extra if I stretch the money to the absolute limit.

    The next phase for my spiritual self to enter my physical body has begun

    When I was working on the script today, the following thoughts and information came to me:

    • We know SANNE YOU ARE SUPER DOUPER too and yes listening to the albums of Sneakers “Rou’let” and “Katbeat” I am right now – my favourite albums – and we know WOODOO is special to me because a young lady was inspired to play this at least ten times in a row in the beginning of the eighties at a party in Holte I went to together with Fuggi and maybe Jack was there too and so it is.

    • After writing the first draft of the script above at 15.45 – after having had lunch too – I heard “now I am walking the Tivoli Park and I can almost see you”.

    • After listening to Sneakers you asked my politely to play Burt Bacharach – and we know his greatest hits – and it was really to say that we are now “close to you” my friend because I have now also cleaned up the kitchen because I need to do things as good as possible, which is also to form my self spiritually as good as possible.

    • Later you gave me a PAIN on my right knee and we know “I feel you” and you have started to give me touches on the surface of my body too for me to know how to enter and we know still coming closer we are.

    • And you told me that we – here meaning “the two others” – did not think that I would be able to come through without the loss of lives and we know because of how my life turned out to be before I started the direct battle against the Devil and let us call it a day and we know of no surprises because we have now started to add more information even though you are still not done with the edit of the script and we know normally this could give a person living under the conditions you do right now so much stress that it would not be possible to handle but you know been there before I have and the time is now 17.30 and we know we could continue for “days” if necessary – the ultimate suffering – but this is really not needed because we use all of the energy you have given us to finally come through, to enter your physical body and it happens right now when you do this work my friend and we know a gradual process it is.

    • This morning before leaving the apartment for the bank I was told that my sister thinks of me as a classic example of narcissism – and we know I did not know what it meant but I learned through Wikipedia that it means selfish, vanity and conceited – and is that what you believe of me Sanna when you read my scripts (?) and let me please give you the recommendation to read my scripts carefully and ask yourself: DO I WRITE WHAT IS RIGHT OR WRONG TO DO and we know it should be pretty easy for you to see that I write what is RIGHT TO DO and if you still believe I am WRONG it is simply because you are still living in the part of the world, which has not been reversed yet and we know you are misled Sanna, you are given an illusion and it is your thoughts, which are deceiving you – and you do remember that it is either God or the Devil who give people ALL thoughts of the world (?) – and this is the TRUE definition of craziness and we know I thought this information would make you happy? And of course you have had the power to break loose from your thoughts – all it takes is will power and to do what is RIGHT as I have recommended you to do since late 2008 as you may remember?

    • I have not received an answer from my landlord Poul-Erik, so it is not easy to stand forward to the world is it (?) and it is not easy to decide what to do knowing that you are in the spotlight too and let us see what he will answer, if he will be patient or maybe if he will contact a lawyer and what would you do if you had the Devil working inside of you and we know I would decide to HIDE – not to answer and herewith stand forward (!) – and of course to contact a lawyer as the tool of the Devil and so it is so we will see from here.

    • During the afternoon I was recommended to turn on the television to watch – or listen – to the World Cup match between Brazil and Holland at the same time as I was working and I saw/heard the match from the beginning of the second half and we know Brazil had been the best team in the first half, which they won by 1-0 but when I heard that Holland after 53 minutes made the equalizer and when I saw Sneijder walking directly to and grabbing the camera when he celebrated the goal and when I heard the Danish commentator saying “it is Sneijder walking to the camera, he is the man in focus” and “now we have a match, which is LIVING” I received the direct and clear feeling that this was really about me LIVING – with Sneijder as the symbol receiving approval of God through the symbol of the camera – and you know the VERY OLD GAME OF DEFEATING THE DEVIL it was and everything will have a start – the Devil – and (almost) everything will have an ending and STIG THIS IS REALLY WORLD HISTORY because THIS IS FINALLY THE END OF THE GAME or the battle against the Devil and we know you saw it coming many times and thought “now I have won” many times but you know this was his game of the Devil trying to defeat you mentally by giving you these thoughts of victory all of the time and we know it was meant to be and we know for you to overcome and this is really what you do and soon my friend have done and WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU and thank you – you can also say this too much and so it is.

    • The match continued and after 53 minutes the commentator was again inspired when he said “this gives new energy for Holland” and after the second goal of Holland in the 67th minute – where Brazil was “sleeping” – I was given the feeling of my family sleeping giving me the chance of total victory. After 72 minutes a Brazilian player received the red card – after he earlier had done a self goal too – and he really received the card because of “thoughtlessness” in connection with “frustrations” – and here we call it INSPIRATION – and this was of course the symbol of the Devil being thrown out – and at the end of the game the commentator said “if Brazil does not score now, they have lost to a better team” and I received the feeling of my sister and my mother not scoring for the Devil and I was told that this is the final battle before we can enter your physical body and that I of course will have to tell this directly through this script. And the final result became 2-1 for Holland – another team turning around a game and you know like I did myself too – and the commentator said after the match “as mentioned, Brazil is now out of the tournament” and again I received the feeling of my sister and my mother, who have been the main characters in my game against the Devil – and this is REALLY the story here.

    Meshack: my father’s faith to you is very strong and he has the will despite the old age

    Dear Meshack,

    Thank you very much indeed for your very kind email and for the regards from your father – and your prayers too. I appreciate very much to be hearing from you when you can and I understand when it is impossible for you to do.

    I am truly sorry for your situation and even though you are very kind sending me kind words, my true feeling is that I am sad that I have not succeeded yet to get my family members and friends to help us – you are the victims of the world and my dear Meshack, thank you for your continuous loyalty and faith, I am sure you understand that we are approaching and that we through our sufferings “heal the world” because this is what we do – being on the edge of survival in order for us to prepare God, myself, the Council and you too my “special friends” spiritually in order for all of us to walk on Earth again – this is the final goal of what I do and what you will “soon” discover, when your own spirituality will start to become stronger.

    Please give my blessings and warm thoughts to your father, all of your family members and other friends around you. I am with you every single minute and here the feelings – as throughout my answer – come from Virgin Mary and you know the good one J.

    And here is his email:

    Hi there, my trust that you are okay and the same thing is with us here.

    Thanks alot for your kindness and struggle to send us something to eat and i can say that it has come at the right time when my father is here and he had come to see what i was doing after he heard that i was suffering alot to a point of dying but i am happy because when he came i told him i will have to continue with my ministry because despite our suffering one day we shall overcome this and when he heard this he was very happy and we started praying and we all got strong and when i was coming to the net, he told me to give you his regards and tell you he is very greatful for what you are doing and my wife and the children have told me to pass the same message to you.

    I have concentrated alot in prayers of recent and searching my inner self and what i know something is in store for us and one day we shall be rewarded for our patience.

    It hurts me alot when i cannot communicate with you due to lack of money because when i fail to, i always feel as if i am carrying a very heavy burden but when i do as i have done now,  i feel the burden off my shoulder and this makes me very happy and i feel as if i have settled a big debt.

    May the Almighty God continue to bless you and i am always with you and we know God brought us together because there was a purpose and a mission to do.

           Kind regards,

    And finally ending “another nice day” and not at “Danske Bank” – Bent (!) – but almost there and we know NORMAL LIFE – Stig this is included in my plan for you to help LTO to survive and we know IT WILL COME TO YOU MY FRIEND.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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