4th July 2010 – Preparing to bury the Devil and to enter the gates of the treasure room of God

Summary of the script today



The rest of the Devil will be removed today when I am approaching the most holy Yesterday evening I was told that the rest of the Devil will be removed today, my inner self interfered in the match between Spain and Paraguay without interfering with the result showing that he/I have returned after many years, the Pyramids will start to turn to the new positions of Heaven, approaching the door of the most holy of all – the home of God and people are reluctant to get involved and to HELP.
Preparing to bury the Devil and to enter the treasure room of God A new night where I could not sleep and where a STRONG Devil surprised me, Sanna was the key to bring me down and also to make me and mankind survive, all people will have continued lives with the blessings of Jesus/Stig, the Devil was STRONGER than ever here before I will bury him. Dreams about the radio of God working, preparing a presentation for the Danish Prime Minister, the regime of North Korea, the Saab automaker survived as a symbol of me surviving and the gates of Hell opened for two seconds – and now I am standing in front of the home of God: The treasure room.
Politics and politicians are tools of the Devil with the hidden agenda to deteriorate the world! My old colleague Jacob – who I like very much – is an example of one-sided politicians, who are uncritical when they almost by principal disagree with political opponents and when they agree with “political friends”, who can help their careers. This is an attitude as far away from desired in order to help people and here the world. Instead of fighting and disagreeing it is much better by principal to listen, understand and work together. Politics and politicians are tools of the Devil and people cannot see it themselves today – you need to WAKE up!


The rest of the Devil will be removed today when I am approaching the most holy

Again today the script starts with what happened yesterday after publishing the script at approx. 20.30 – and we know some busy evenings at the moment it seems and so it is and so it is not and really depending on how you see it but mainly really not and this is how it is.

  • I received thanks for my efforts and this is always nice to receive and before I went to bed I received some negative speech and slight burning feelings too and I was told that the rest of the Devil will be removed Sunday and that more of the Devil could have been removed Saturday but I was TIRED and this was my decision and I was pretty satisfied with what I did still thinking that I did the right thing.

  • When watching Danish TV2 from their studio on Nyhavn – New Harbour – I was shown a vision of a very big aeroplane standing on Nyhavn and I was thinking that this is the plane of the Devil which has landed and of all places of course at Nyhavn.

  • I watched the football match between Spain and Paraguay and we know the world received a small demonstration of INSPIRATION in the 58th-59th minute of the match of how to interfere without really interfering because this is what we have said – let the best team win – and first you saw Paraguay getting a penalty after the Spanish defender really did “something stupid” – another BIG favourite of mine – and you saw the Paraguayan player miss this open chance to score and what happened at the next attack of Spain and we know the Spanish player was seeking a penalty – and we know just a thought of course – and he received it and when he kicked it, he scored bringing Spain ahead 1-0 or this was what people thought but not the referee because he received a thought that other players had entered the penalty area before the ball was kicked and therefore he decided to cancel the goal and give Spain a new penalty. And we know did the referee notice what happened when Paraguay was kicking just one minute before when players also entered the penalty area before the kick and apparently not and we know the goal keeper of Paraguay saved the second penalty kick of Spain and now the referee thought that the kick should not been taken again even though the players were still running into the penalty area and the referee did not either think that there was a new penalty when the goal keeper in this situation pushed down a Spanish player running forward where it was obvious to everybody else that there was indeed a new penalty and we know this was a story carried out by my inner self for the first time really in 2,000 years – a quick learner he is – and it really tells that even at this level where the referee should be of the absolutely best quality he was not simply because he was not able to control his thoughts and feelings including “expected pressure” from the world around him if he did something “wrong” and because of this “pressure” he did all of these mistakes within a few minutes and we know instead of being 100% objective and of course 100% cool and we know judging the same way every single time until the players would learn not to enter the penalty area before time as example and we know the Danish commentator said “this is the transformation of football” and we know THIS WAS REALLY ALSO ABOUT ME TRANSFORMING and we know not every day you connect two sides of a person – the first time a man has lived a life separated like this and we know which is IMPOSSIBLE in itself and so it is – and the commentator said that “this here is raving” (mad), which is what it WAS because WHO SHOULD BE IN DOUBT TODAY ABOUT WHO I AM WHEN YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND MY SCRIPTS (?) and so it is. At the end of the match the commentator said about David Villa that “he could very well straighten out his back” and we know this is what I have been waiting for years for you to do – to straighten out my back – and this is an old promise so we will have to see when I WILL CARRY OUT THIS MYSELF and so it is. So what you saw here was my inner self showing but not interfering with the result of the match and even though this looked quite complicated for me to carry out it is quite easy when a referee is open to have his feelings controlled even though he should be 100% objective, which is really what you expect referees to be at a World Cup tournament. When did you see two missed penalties in a World Cup match the last time (?) and we know RETURNING AFTER MANY YEARS – another symbol it is.

  • I was told that we have now started to reverse homosexuality, the production and spreading of porn, the effects of people smoking and also the music, which is written from now on and this includes music written of me.

  • I was shown a landscape of many white pyramids and I was told that “not one has started to turn correctly yet” and besides the words I also received the feeling that the pyramids will start to turn into new positions because this is really included in the greatest truth of the pyramids and we know because the Heaven above them has changed since they were built and this is how it is really – to update them so to speak to the situation of today.

  • I was told “keep on until you will open the door yourself into the most holy of all, the home of God” and “this is the road we are walking all of the time when you do what is right without consideration to the faith of other people”.

  • I had myself the thought that most of my family members and friends have or have had let us just say “big difficulties” understanding me and my scripts and we know if I was really “crazy” or “in trouble” as many have been thinking it is also “food for thought” that ONLY ONE decided to react sending me emails and we know this is about people being reluctant of getting “involved” and we know “this is not my problem” and “someone else will take care of it” and we know – I have no problems but if I had (!) – this is the same escape of people you have seen as when people escape to save poor people from dying etc. and we know NOT ONE SINGLE FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER HAS OFFERED TO TALK TO ME – again on basis of their WRONG thinking of me being crazy – and this leads back to the “problems” of mental patients where the biggest problem really is that they don’t have people to talk to who really want to and have the capability to listen to and talk to these people – which is the best CURE of all – so this is really another DECLINE of the consideration and compassion of mankind. NOT ONE SINGLE OFFERED TO TALK TO ME TRYING TO UNDERSTAND! AND AS A MATTER OF GOOD SAKE: THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR OF ME – I AM STILL THE SAME MAN AS EVER and when you treat me as you would like to be treated yourself I will only speak nicely of you – as I do with LTO in Kenya – but we know maybe difficult for people of the rich world today to understand or to believe that they can carry out! And we know how many of you are today afraid of contacting me because of whom I am and we know having faith in me and another factor it is.

Preparing to bury the Devil and to enter the treasure room of God

I went to bed at approx. midnight and I thought that I would probably have no problems falling asleep tonight and also that I would not start to take many notes because I thought that the game of these days had ended – which was actually a game inside of the game you know to psyche me making it more difficult for me physically to come through but easier spiritually – but after I started to receive some messages including a strong Devil and when I found out that I could not sleep again, I decided to stand up again at maybe 01.00 and you gave me ideas of what to do including watching a movie, baking a cake (!) or even to start writing my script of today and we know I could have decided to do all and I was motivated to do all (!) and I really decided that I might as well start to write the script of today with the information so far to make my Sunday easier to come through and probably this was also what it took to get rid of the Devil to reach the gate of God and we know I am so tired that my eyes “stick together” – almost FERRY here J – which I have experienced most of Saturday too and so it is.

Here are experiences from the beginning of the night and later some dreams too after I fell asleep:

  • I was told that the key Sanna had in the dream at the hotel/hospital the other day and the key I was shown in the special physical vision is the same key because Sanna YOU WERE THE KEY TO MY GREATEST SUFFERINGS and we know because of the mirror at the same time this gave me THE GREATEST STRENGTH SPIRITUALLY TO SURVIVE THE PLACE OF NOTHING – the extreme Hell – and therefore even though you did what people should never do you are also the reason why I survived – and I would like to thank you for showing PATIENCE these days, which are helping me to go through this “not very easy” road here at the end you know.

  • I was told that the Devil will be put inside a special cabinet tomorrow – to take away his strength really.

  • I saw a vision of broccolis all over growing and all had fishing eggs on top and I was told that this happens all over the world which is really to say that all will have “continued lives with the blessings of Jesus/Stig”.

  • The Devil started to come STRONG on me – and in some respects STRONGER than ever and this included the STRONGEST visions of all time, negative songs, speech, burning feelings and you know “indications” of the old nightmare really – which I was told tonight and also the last couple of days that this nightmare would have started easily these days because of “almost nothing” and we know the temptations of doing WRONG have been greater than ever but NO I WILL NOT WALK THE ROAD OF THE DEVIL.

  • I was told that the removal of the Devil is part of the entrance to my treasure room – the home of God – and that this is how far we have reached and I am here shown the ending scene of The Lord of the Rings when the wicked ring is thrown into Mount Doom because Stig this is from where all of this power to create the Big Bang generates from – the place of nothing – and this is what I mean when I say that we are not yet on safe ground and again a trick of the Devil giving me this message the other day but this is where we are approaching because when we will close this door as I promised you we will do before Monday at 12.00 this will become the HAPPY day we have waited on for THOUSANDS OF YEARS and I here see Gandalf from Lord of the Rings because this is when you will see ME for the first time and so it is.

  • I was told that I have also been missed by God and the Holy Spirit and yes this is true and I here see God acting as a small white mouse and we know if elephants are afraid of anything – according to the myth – it is of mice and we know but we are myth busters so this vision does not work here but let me say that we welcome you home and I here see Holger Danske from Kronborg standing up for the first time.

  • And I was told that if I had carried out my work with a not satisfying result these days, the Devil would have been STRONGER at nights, which would have made me afraid of sleeping and this would have lead to no scripts and my scripts are really the key to the door of God and so it is.

  • I was told that this road is/was NOT THE LEAST DANGEROUS PART OF THE JOURNEY MY FRIEND – and you tried again tonight to persuade me to believe that this was also a dangerous road for God but I could only use simple logic because when God is larger than life and when the place of nothing is made by God, how can this be dangerous to God and we know after this I saw God as the force on all sides of the Universe and we know also now a direct force inside the Universe and so far so good.

  • At 04.00 I decided to go to bed again and this time I had no problems falling asleep.

  • Half awake I heard “what a terrible jump – welcome home you must be tired after such a long journey” and my answer was “no, really not” and I thought that this is how you create a connection between Earth and the home of God.

  • I was shown a video playing on www.youtube.com and it said “God is always on the way” and we know I watched the video “Crop circle mysteries – June 2010” yesterday – thank you Nønne for publishing this on Selvet – and my dear father, are you still convinced that crop circles are proven forgeries after watching this (?) and why are these messages not exposed much more in the media to make all people of the world understand – we are really wondering. Here it is and there are more of these out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvBcDMISs7U&playnext_from=TL&videos=9wU-qrXaLQY&feature=sub

  • Dream: A radio man visited me this morning – something about offering a dog and go back to get him out – the radio works both as a digital and analogue radio and I check the analogue signal, which works fine.
  • Nice to hear that the radio of God is working and still testing we are because have you or have you not come home and we know not quite sure about your game I am but if I am not I am close.
  • I have been working hard for days to prepare a presentation I will do for the Danish Prime Minister. I receive five notes – among others one from a young, European female director on the recommendation of Sidsel. I am on my way home and I have a day off tomorrow. Just before I leave the house at night Svend from Dahlberg asks his secretary to get a copy of the notes and I don’t know that I have kept it going – I give her my notes to copy and note no. 5 has just been finished.
    • Waking up the Prime Minister too, we will – and Sidsel is made with the potential of managers, the dream is about her and not a friend and I wonder if you are happy Sidsel for the help you have received and we know all the way really in order for her to be successful and we know to fill out her role of this book and so it is. And I do believe the concept of secretaries is “old fashioned” and we know is it really necessary for a lawyer as example to have a secretary – I have seen a secretary for each lawyer in lawyer firms in Copenhagen in the nineties when I was working as a pension adviser – and my answer back then and even more today with modern computers is clearly a no. It would take me longer to use a secretary than to do my own writings and so it is – but of course I understand the need of working together on other tasks than purely writing correspondence but I don’t see the working relations in the future as you still today many places between a “dominant” lawyer and a suppressed secretary or assistant for that matter. It has to change.
  • I heard one of the popular dance songs from around 1990 and the words “a good night”, which gave me the feeling that the night went fine.

  • During the night all gates of Hell opened for two seconds and we know I was attacked and this is all I will tell you here – and yes “that” – but nothing else happened than making me very surprised and we know chocked but it only lasted two seconds and my dear friend nothing happened and this is what I am also happy with – and I received the feeling that this was needed to come through.

  • I had a dream about a hostage and the west negotiating with North Korea where only one man had the authority to speak from this regime and you did not know when he would decide to speak but the dream gave me the impression that the man is a human being with feelings too because what he said was with love – but I had a very clear resistance against a regime like this suppressing people the worst and we know you lost 7-0 to Portugal at the first live televised football match ever in North Korea (!!!) and YES I STOOD BEHIND THIS TOO to show the people of North Korea that I don’t like DOMINANT LEADERS and North Korea is an extreme example.

  • I see a completely new Saab 9.3 – the design is futuristic to say the least and I ask if it is beautiful, which I don’t believe myself that it is, and I also see the Saab 9.5 where a project has made the undercarriage totally straight, clean and packed in so only two exhausts stick out a little bit.
    • This is how a car should look like – the Saab 9.5 from the dream – but of course without the present exhausts (!) and for many years I have been looking at cars from the rear and been surprised to see how many of them having untidy undercarriages and we know I like very much the design of the new Saab 9.5 and we know I was happy that they survived some time ago when General Motors wanted to shut them down and we know really only another demonstration on my influence and we know this is the symbol of my car – the Swedish car – when I do my best and so it is my friends and we know you have discovered that “I” and “my influence” here is NOT me as Stig but you know the fine guys on the other side – as so many other places of my books – and we know we are dressing up to meet you and I see them preparing tuxedos.
  • I wake up with the song “7 seconds” by Nenah Cherry and Youssou n’dour for the first time I believe (!) and the lyrics “and when a child is born into this world, it has no concept of the tone the skin is living in” and I was told by Virgin Mary that “when a child is won” is how we feel and “7 seconds away” was played giving me a feeling that I am standing directly in front of the gate of Gate – only 7 seconds away it is – and we know as I was shown so many times in 2005 when doing meditation with Lotus, Kirsten and Lis and we know “five years” is what it took to come home and so it is – and I wonder if the Council is also inside this place which we call the treasure room and Stig and no no no the Devil says and the same as Virgin Mary says yes yes yes and we know a “play for today” it was and we know – one day I will become wiser my friends and we know looking forward to that very much.

  • I was told that it is no job for God to go through “nothing” but that now an ordinary man has also done it.
  • At 12.00 I stood up and we know feeling black and blue again today and still working we are and I have decided NOT to run when I am this black and blue so you will have to help me come through the final door without the help of this and so it is and you knew it because I am only following my previous limit of when to run and when not to and this is good enough to come through the final passage of extreme Hell – and we know feeling black and blue and still working really means that I feel very much discomfort and this is what you need so here it is, please use it well.

    Politics and politicians are tools of the Devil with the hidden agenda to deteriorate the world!

    This is another story, which was PREPARED for me, which almost did not make it into my book.

    It is about my old colleague Jacob from Acta – who WITH MY HELP has become the chairman of the Danish liberal party in my “hometown” of Helsingør as well as a member of the head board of the liberal party in Denmark – as an example of just how uncritical the world has become and this is in a large extent when we speak about what the Devil loves and what God hates, namely “POLITICS” and “POLITICIANS” because what is this about, it is about one-sided people who do everything they can to disagree and to have different opinions almost as a principle when they represent different political parties – and we know NOT listening very carefully and NOT understanding the other party before they make themselves understood – a behaviour of politicians, which does NOT help the world but makes the world deteriorate, this is the HIDDEN agenda of the Devil, therefore.

    Instead of fighting and disagreeing it is much better to listen, understand and work together – this should be pretty easy to understand shouldn’t it?

    The following two posts – only examples – from Jacob on Facebook are about Helle Thorning Schmidt – the leader of the Danish Social democratic Party – who was UNLUCKY when it came to the rules of where her husband should pay taxes – in Denmark or in Switzerland – and we know for some people you really don’t need to listen before you will make up your own mind – and of course Jacob you can tell yourself that she and her husband did everything they could to cheat for their own benefit and we know because “everybody knows” that the taxes are lower in Switzerland than in Denmark and then it is of course unthinkable that Helle tells the truth in front of the camera and we know doing the only right thing, she could, to hire a professional tax adviser – who by the way had the same address as DFM in the beginning of the nineties and we know all of that story too Stig …. – and simply to follow the recommendation from this adviser to start paying taxes in Denmark and so it is: An example where you are uncritical and blue-eyed because you want the worst for your opponents, to put them down for your own benefit and doing nothing to give your opponents the benefit of a doubt and we know to JUDGE people WITHOUT KNOWING and so it is – YOU NEED TO KNOW AND NOT TO GUESS this is really the difference Jacob between your and mine attitude and so it is.

    Jacob Levin Svendsen – tænk at Helle virkelig tror, at danskerne er så dumme…. og nu gik det lige så godt for hr & fru Fair Løsning (Villy & Helle). Glæder mig til at følge den skattesag til dørs!

    Jacob Levin Svendsen – betal dansk skat… hmm, så kan vi da ikke have pigerne i privatskole og jeg købe Gucci tasker, citat ? :-))))

    And here are some older posts from earlier in 2010 and we know where everything what the Prime Minister of Denmark – coming from YOUR party, Jacob – does is ”just so right” and ”a loyal esquire” you are when you hope to get a career and we know seen it before in you Jacob I have and let me say that you need to find the best balance between not smearing others and not having a “blind vision” in people you think can be of advantage to you – you really need just to follow the rules of my books – and so it is Jacob, you made it to the scripts too and we know YOU DO KNOW THAT I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH INDEED DON’T YOU (?) and we know but Jakob, please be careful what you tell others of things you don’t know and don’t run with gossip too, will you and we know thinking also of myself here – and a SPECIAL FRIEND he is and we know he does not know yet.

    Jacob Levin Svendsen – sådan Lars L., gode udskiftninger! Søren Pind holder 🙂

    Jacob Levin Svendsen er naturligvis helt enig! Måling: Løkke bedre til krisestyring end Thorning – dr.dk/Nyheder/Politik

    A few short stories:

    • There is NOTHING worse for THIS mother thinking that she might never see her son again and fearing that he might end himself off – and my dear mother the worse you feel, the more energy you give and have given to my spiritual self doing this INSANE journey, which God has put me through, therefore.

    • And we know all of us you had “three other stories” to write and one made it to the script of yesterday, no. 2 in the script of today and the third one did not make it at all because you did not find support for my claim and we know based on some research on the Internet and so it is. And it is now 16.20 and we know when finishing the script of today and we know I also need to do some vacuum cleaning, which I will do before I will see the rest of the Wimbledon match on television and so it is.

    • And this is what I did and I can only say congratulations to Nadal for playing so fantastically as you did also in this tournament and at the interviews right after the match the interviewer said to the losing finalist Tomas Berdych that it had to be almost “mission impossible” to beat Roger Federer as he did earlier in the tournament and he answered to the amusement of the spectators that “I don’t know if it was mission impossible because it happened” and we know this was about my “mission impossible” journey and we know I don’t know how impossible it was because it happened and so it is. And Nadal was asked how difficult it was for him not to play the Wimbledon tournament last year – where he was injured – and he said that it was some of the most difficult of his career and what this was about as you told me was how my mother feels at the moment because of me: The most difficult part of her life and we know Stig you wish this was not necessary but we know it had to be and so it is.

    • Before publishing the script today I felt myself being pulled forward by the Council and that the angels of the Devil started to leave me – angels which have surrounded me all of my life. This is it.

    • And ending the day with a question – I am not at “nothing” anymore but at “something” – the jump succeeded the other day – but if I am not yet at the treasure room of God but standing outside the gates looking in, where am I now and have been the last couple of days and we know there is an edge just outside my paradise here Stig, which I have now reopened and we know this is what I will now open to you too and we know the Council is here and with them all of the previous lost souls of Hell and it makes me HAPPY to see them and they know all of them that you are arriving “soon” and we know but they don’t know when and we know today or tomorrow before 12.00 and so it is still burning feelings but let us see what the evening, the night and tomorrow brings.

    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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