5th July 2010 – Germany will become the centre of the Universe, the energy of World War II was used to recreate me

Summary of the script today



I am the last piece, which is required to lift us all to the fourth dimension I am the last piece, which is required to lift us all to the fourth dimension, I prevented new attacks from a desperate Devil and yesterday evening I was still on my road towards the most holy of all.
Arriving at the absolute core of the source surrounded by dark energy Some hours later: “Today” was the day when God decided to bring me all the way home to his inner self – still surrounded by dark energy but now at the absolute core of “the source”, which is the name of God that he likes the best because this is what he is – the source of all.
Germany will become the centre of the Universe – the energy of World War II etc. was used to recreate me
  • Because I have done my ultimately best I was told that “Germany will become the centre of the Universe”, all negative energy of World War II and all sufferings of mankind for centuries was given because of the Universal rule and has been used by the mirror in Heaven to find and give me “revival” to save mankind.
  • The dark energy surrounding me will be removed, I am “halfway through” to Paradise, before the end of this week I will meet the Council, dreaming of changing job from “bringing normal life” to “enjoying normal life”, “no worries for the rest of your days”, I was working as a “suicide bomber” to bring normal life to the world, you almost killed me in this life too because of your addiction to money, helping Sanna and Hans to understand and follow my books, lazy people not fulfilling their obligations, my family getting the “worst conscience ever” for not TRULY helping me and my special regards to Ole’s sons Thomas and Niels.


I am the last piece, which is required to lift us all to the fourth dimension

Again today the script starts with the events yesterday evening after publishing my script of yesterday.

  • I was told that I am about to be born into a new world as the last and decisive piece enabling us all to reach the fourth dimension – the spiritual – including a higher consciousness.

  • These days I am going through at the moment are potentially the worst of all with the strongest Devil – despite my expectations of the opposite (!) – but I have decided that the rules I have used for a long time to come through are good enough also for this phase – the only thing I have improved is really that I now give my scripts two edits instead of one before publishing them on my Blog, which I have not been able to do before – but which I have done since the beginning of book 2 before publishing to my library.

  • The Devil desperately tried to give himself birth, I received very strong approaches from the Devil and I could only tell that you have been written off a long time ago, that you are a fata morgana not existing or at least dissolving and also that you can do whatever you want, because I don’t care or believe in you – and this is the determining factor: Because I am satisfied with the work I do you can never come through to me and this is really how I have kept the Devil away not only from myself (!) but from all of people of the world – because of my work in extreme situations! And the balance here is that the better work I do, the less pain I receive and vice versa and so it is.

  • I was told that I am now on the island of Bornholm – one of the symbols of the home of God – and I thought that the reason why I receive strong approaches from the Devil these days is really to make me suffer as much as possible in order to give as much energy to the other side – remember the mirror, which is REVERSED and we know BALANCE is the key word here – and I was told that I am still on my road towards the most holy of all before I will spread out my energy afterwards.

Arriving at the absolute core of the source surrounded by dark energy

At the end of the evening I decided to read news etc. on my computer and I was MOTIVATED to listen to TALK TALK and the song “TODAY” – one of those marvellous ones you know at the absolutely top – and we know I AM LOOKING FROM THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN and what do I see NOTHING EVIL IN THAT DIRECTION and we know there are four directions and NO EVIL ANYWHERE and we were almost about to write no “EVIL WOMAN” – but no no no that song is about a special woman before she will be born again so to say and coming back to that another day I will – and we know because it is truly TODAY – which was yesterday evening – that I decided to bring you all the way in to myself, this is the key Stig – you are now NOT together with Denis or others of the Council anymore you are now alone with me and yes I AM NOT YOUR “MASTER” – I am ONLY “ME” and we know GOD, the Lord and so on, which it is “alright” to call me but we know all of the feeling of yours that you are “nobody special” comes directly from me, from the source because this is MY feeling and “the source” is really the “name” I like the best because this is what I am, I am the inner source and we know you are the next ring and we know all people belong to the source but they are connected to different rings and yes like the year rings of a tree growing and this is really my message to all people: YOU ARE ME AND I AM YOU and therefore WE BELONG TOGETHER and this is why I CANNOT ALLOW YOU TO WALK IN A WRONG DIRECTION and yes this is why YOUR FATHER – because this is what I am and here it is the inner source speaking where Stig you feel people as your friends and so it is – have arrived to tell you that YOU MUST CHANGE DIRECTION and I HAVE ARRIVED MYSELF THIS TIME TO GIVE YOU THIS INFORMATION and we know there is no reason to give any “threats” anymore Stig because when you speak directly with the inner source it is the same as saying that you – and therefore all people – succeeded. YOU MANAGED TO WALK THROUGH THE EXTREME HELL and we know which is what the Lord of the Rings is symbolising. You did it, you have thrown the ring into Mount doom and we have now decided to eliminate all evil surrounding you and we know the world too and where does “we know” come from I thought it was the Council saying that all of the time and we know I am now connected to Virgin Mary and we know Nostra and Monty and Rommy and we know Joseph and Mary no. 2 and also Jeanne and Polle and so it is we are here too and we know we are now on this channel too and I am happy that your radio is also working and this is really it, Stig.

For a matter of good sake: The above information was first given this morning when writing but it was approved late yesterday evening and we know like the liberation of Denmark at World War II – just reversed (!) – when the message from London was given in the evening of the 4th May but was first effective from the 5th May 1945.

Germany will become the centre of the Universe – the energy of World War II etc. was used to recreate me

At the other side of midnight I decided to go to bed not knowing what to expect of the night and we know now I really thought “the worst” based on the last couple of nights and I was also given a FEAR – really “the worst” – of what to expect but you know I REALLY DON’T CARE – do what you have to do – and we will take it from there and it was with this attitude that I went to bed and we know having difficulties again falling asleep and I was on my way up many times but somehow I fell asleep after 1-1½ hours so some progress you give me on a daily basis and so it is thank you Council for being here.

These were the events during the night:

  • I was shown Europe on a map and the biggest of several flags was set on Germany and I was told that “Germany will become the centre of the Universe” – and I knew what it was about but first it made me think that just maybe my friends you are interfering after all with the results of the World Cup in football because of the sovereignty of Germany so far and we know not everyday a team defeats Argentina 4-0 – and here I also think of Denmark defeating Brazil 4-0 and Sweden 6-0 in 1989 I believe – and we know a good reason for you to DEVELOP special skills with the German team and we know much MOTIVATION, which is really what makes the difference and so it is so let us see if they go all the way to win the World Cup and we are almost crying here because only if you did your ULTIMATE BEST WE WOULD TELL THIS TRUTH TO THE WORLD:
  • I have been born in the worst Hell of all and this is why I have my background through my mother from the German side of World War II and we know have you forgotten that my mother’s father – who my mother has never known or known about because her true mother took this “secret” with her in the grave – was Field Marshal Rommel and we know who today is alive again as Fuggi in this life (!) and we know IT IS DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE IN TODAY for most people but so it is.
  • All of the negative energy of World War II was released as a consequence of the Universal rule where mankind will receive what it gives and then we thought that we might as well use all of the negative energy constructively because Heaven is the mirror of Earth meaning that the worst sufferings in the history of man on earth during World War II – and we know more complicated it is because it is ALL SUFFERINGS OF CENTURIES OF MANKIND – have been used to give ENERGY WITH ONE PURPOSE: TO FIND YOU STIG INSIDE “NOTHING” and we know TO BUILD YOU UP AGAIN FROM SCRATCH and we know this is what we have been doing for “centuries” and this is what we have finalised now and we know this is the amount of energy required when you build up this immense energy of yourself again and we know Stig this is also why you and people around you have suffered so much – to help this process in it’s final stages and let me also say that the closer to the inner source you are the more energy you possess and bring to – or remove from – Heaven depending on your actions on earth and we know when we put you and your “special friends” on earth we knew that you for many years would take out energy from here – frustrating it was to look at – until the day where you Stig AS THE LAST PIECE ON EARTH would decide to use YOUR EXTREME WILL POWER TO NEVER GIVE UP in your battle against the Devil and we know as you have witnessed through my books, my reader, and we know Stig because of this there will be no BIG BANG OF THE JUDGMENT other than what the world already have seen through the World War II and other terrible sufferings of mankind and we know so it is.
  • And please understand that Rommel was NOT an evil man (!) and we know because of this story of Germany, this is why I have been several times to Berlin with Camilla and also Lars and why I was with Lars in Germany 6-8 years ago importing some of the finest German wine from Joseph Leitz in Rüdesheim, Rheingau and A. CHRISTMANN (!) from Gimmeldingen in Pfaltz and we know this is also why my mother and her friend Kate a couple of years ago decided to take a round trip through exactly (!) the same VERY BEAUTIFUL regions (!) and we know THERE IS MORE TO THIS STORY ABOUT FAMILY MEMBERS etc. from “this region” which I don’t know of today but which I am sure that we will soon find out and so it is.
  • This was the story telling you that the worst war in the history of mankind was not only wicked – it was also contributing to give birth to your saviour bringing “survival” to mankind. And David, can you guess why you SIMPLY love to speak German?
  • I see myself rising from the coffin, which has been lifted up from the hole of the ground and I feel like I am a small church on the top of a hill and I feel that I am still surrounded by dark energy, which I was told that “we will now do everything to remove”.

  • I was told that “you are here but you are not here” and I did not understand this so therefore I was also told that it is the same as if you bring a hospital bed to a laboratory and find out that the patient is not as expected lying on the bed and I was also told that “you are half way through, they cannot see you and you cannot see them, but this will come when you are given more energy”.

  • I saw myself in a wine cellar of Bourgogne, I am coming out from a big barrel and I was told that no one knows where I will come out into Paradise.

  • Dream: I am at our old row house in Snekkersten, it is evening and the lights are off, I turn it on to find Don – our old dog – and I am surprised to see that it still lives, I am happier of this dog than I have been with almost anything else in my life and it almost gives me tears just writing these words although the dog died as long ago as in 1988 (!!!) – and in the dream I feel that it is God, which has continued to give life to the dog.
    • Still the old symbols of the Devil: Snekkersten and the dog and we know lack of light, but we know you knew where the switch to turn the light on was and this is what we do here too.
  • I was told that before the end of the week I will become an Indian – you know the symbol of the Council and we know looking forward to be together with you and we know AGAIN.

  • Lars G. has moved to Hørsholm some hundreds of metres from my old apartment, where I live in this dream. He has a nice B&O stereo equipment, some very nice band speakers looking like my old, chairs for the dinner table and a telephone. He puts in his telephone through my letter box, I miss the chairs for my dinner table and I prepare food of left over’s.
    • We know Lars is a SPECIAL FRIEND too and really only that there might be a connection under establishment here because of the telephone and we know running out of food I am, nothing much left but WITH A GOOD WILL I will probably make it until the end of the week and we know until the end of the World Cup and so it is – and thinking of LTO in Kenya I am here too and we know NO PEOPLE HERE WILL HELP YOU so God will open another road for us.
  • I have stopped working at Danske Bank, Freeport, I am flying without problems home – happy to do that again I am – where I meet grocer Bagger – from Rungstedvej – who tells me that he has recommended me as a banker to one of his friends and I tell him that I don’t know if the bank would like to keep me, which made Bagger say that I could start working here and now at his grocery. I see the chocolate “Mon Cherry” on his shelves and I say that they could not be at my place without me eating them.
    • It looks like I am changing job here and we know from a banker to a grocer – the symbols of bringing normal life and enjoying normal life really – and the chocolate is as usual “what I like personally” and we know I have always loved chocolate – not been able to resist it (!) – and we know I have been the same as the “rich” people I criticise in my books when the Devil was more powerful in my life than God because I have always felt God – I know that today – but not had the energy to do all of the good I would have liked to do before I started this work really and so it is.
  • I hear the song “Hakuna Matata” from the Lion King with my old favourites and we know favourites of God really (!) Timon and Pumbaa – mentioned before a long time ago they have – and we know it is like an adventure really because “It means no worries for the rest of your days” and we know looking forward to bringing this to the world, LTO and myself I am.

  • Later when I was half asleep I saw myself as the Lion King with a bomb sewed on me and the message that I am to stop working for the bank.
    • And LET ME SAY THIS CLEARLY: NO SUICIDE BOMBERS ARE WORKING ON THE SIDE OF GOD. ALL OF YOU WHO BELIEVE YOU DO A “NOBLE” CAUSE IN THE NAME OF GOD TO KILL YOUR ENEMIES DON’T KNOW HOW SORRY YOU MAKE US – and here I feel Virgin Mary – because it is really us standing behind and we know the dark side bringing these thoughts to extremists and we know looking forward very much to remove all of the dark side we are. And in the dream I have been working as a suicide bomber myself, where I could have taken all of you with me in the (almost) eternal grave, which I did not you know – and a repetition of the message to stop the work bringing normal life because I have really communicated this message as clearly as I can – in this respect there is nothing more to do.
  • I see Easter Chocolate eggs of fine and exceptional quality at the grocer Bagger. The ones of the brand Summerbird are 85 DKK and the ones of the brand Valrhona are 280 DKK.
    • This is Easter – you know when Jesus was killed – and here it is saying that you almost killed me – including my LTO friends – in this life too and the name of the game “this time around” is SELFISHNESS and your LOVE OF or ADDICTION TO MONEY because this is really the nail on the head, this is really why MOST PEOPLE HAD DIFFICULTIES contacting me to help us.
  • I am at work and I find out that I am the only one who has the full Microsoft Office package on my computer including Microsoft Outlook, which makes other people want to have access to my computer too, which they don’t get.
    • We know simply saying that I have a special connection and so it is.
  • I am together with a friend and get something to eat – my old dog Don jumps into my arms.

  • I see a lose tone arm from a gramophone on a table and I see Sanna and Hans with a handle – I feel we are at the cottage house in Sweden – and the tone arm moves when they come close with the handle but they discuss how it actually works – and I show them how they can connect the handle with the tone arm by removing a part of the handle, so it easily fits into the tone arm. And I feel that my mother wants eagerly to show me something at the cottage too.
    • This is really what will happen when we will start helping Sanna and Hans with their thoughts and we know “what it takes” in order to play my records really and we know to understand and follow my words of these books and so it is.
  • I am working at DanskeBank-Pension again, the consultants have not been at work for five weeks, I am told that they are on holiday and that they pay for the holidays themselves. My manager Kristen brings me some old cassette tapes I have recorded, which he would like me to play on my tape deck – with Abba and other nice music.
    • We know this is the truth about people who were the most “esteemed” of this department and may we say in Danske Bank in the 1980’s and beginning of the 1990’s and the truth was that it was Bjarne and I together with a few others who were WORKING and had KNOWLEDGE of this branch and this is why you here see the so called “professionals” on a self paid holiday because the story is really that if you don’t do your job, you will not receive payment according to the new work and prices system – see book 2 – and we know I am writing this because of the story of Danish TV2 yesterday of the home care in Copenhagen where journalists followed several employees, who should have spent their time working for elderly people with the need to receive care and we know it reminded me much of the attitude of the LAZY people at Brede Park because TV showed that these employees held breaks approx. half of the day – just like at Brede Park (!) – and did not fulfil their obligations and of course they were not keen to be interviewed when they were revealed but a man was “curious” to see what they had on him (!) and this is really the same behaviour as I have showed you in my books, because when you have something to hide you don’t like to be exhibited to the world – and just maybe some of you have read my scripts because of curiosity feeling “bad” – but when you can be proud of what you have done – as Meshack, John and David in Kenya and Elijah partly too – you will have no problems to stand forward, you see. And we know I DON’T WANT TO SEE THIS ATTITUDE IN THE FUTURE and I WILL KEEP MY EYE ON YOU.
  • I am looking to find a man who has forwarded one of my emails to a man called “Birger” but who is he? I succeed to open my mothers husband John’s email account – which actually includes not only his emails but the emails of all of his family members including his daughters and their husbands – but because I don’t have his password I cannot read the emails they have sent, and I also find the email account of this man Birger, which I cannot open too and Niels – Ole’s son (Ole was my mother’s partner from 1972-1978) – comes to help me to open the email accounts because he is a computer hacker, but he does not succeed.
    • What I am thinking here is that people around me talk about me and we know behind my back because I don’t know what they talk about, which is what the dream says (never open private communication of other people and we know which is truly private!!!) – and the only thing I can connect the man Birger with is Birger from Danske Bank around 1990 when you were the pension advisor of the bank in the Herning area and you were so kind to invite me for a dinner in 1991 after I had stopped working for the bank – we know a double symbol in this dream really not easy to find because it is also about STOPPING THE WORK FOR THE BANK AS THE SYMBOL TO STOP WORKING TO BRING NORMAL LIFE and to START ENJOYING NORMAL LIFE and we know we will have to see what happens – when I was driving on the roads of Jutland on my sales tour visiting the optician chain Synoptik and Birger, you are my symbol of the “worst conscience ever” of my life because after the nice dinner I never invited you back or called you to say thank you and this is why we lost our friendship – and it was WRONG of me and we know it happened in a period where I was TRULY awfully busy and the Devil was destroying my private life taking energy from me at the same time (!) – and this is really the symbol of my family at the moment because you are losing me as your family member and friend because you don’t do what you should do: Contact me to help me/us and just maybe you have or will get the “worst conscience ever” because of this and so it is.
    • And just maybe Niels and also you Thomas, the sons of Ole, are reading some of my scripts and if you are I would like to let both of you know that even though it is more than 30 years ago we were together for many weekends through these years you were among my most precious friends and we know still missing you I am and I look forward to meeting you both again because just maybe there was a special reason for me to get in contact with Thomas on Facebook last year and we know what I hear here is “everyone says hi” and I connect this to your relatives on the other side saying hi to both of you and yes THEY ARE MY BOYS and THEY HAVE GROWN BIG and we know YOU WILL GET THE CONNECTION YOURSELF NIELS AND THOMAS which is what I am told here – and “LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT DAY COMING WE ARE” and here I get as many feelings as Inger – Camillas mother – gave me with tears falling down my cheeks and it should be logical if this was Ole but I don’t feel him, I feel a female presence and I don’t know if it is your mother or grandmother and we know Ole’s mother is here and “too” I should say and we know this is not Giro 413 – a traditional Danish radio program where you can send regards and wish for songs to be played – is it and I am happy that you have not lost your sense of humour and so it is. And later I am told that OLE IS ALSO HERE and yes you will get your wish granted even though I have not opened Giro 413 for your sons yet – meaning direct spiritual communication – and we know do you have something with Beatles and we know I liked them more than Elvis, whom you are playing now and we know what about “all my loving” will that do and YES I HAVE THE RECORD ALSO HERE and I am shown a record and we know one of these days where we could continue forever but we know Stig the truth is that you are exhausted after these days and that the script of today was also only written with my utmost will power and holiday approaching I hope but let us see what will come to you the next days and we know feeling Karen and Denis here too but no more stories right now.

    Some small stories from the end of the day:

    • Yesterday evening Prince played his concert on the Roskilde Festival and you know I am sorry I was not there, Prince. But from the reviewers I understand that you did a good show: Thomas from Berlingske Tidende wrote “Prince played himself close to the Gods” and we might add YES WE DO KNOW HIM and we know you too Thomas because YOU WERE INSPIRED BY “THE GODS” TO WRITE THIS so you are also pretty close to us like all people on earth in fact. And we know Politiken wrote that Prince “some times hits the divine” and we know I was not there as Stig but this small story is really to tell you Stig that PRINCE DOES INDEED KNOW THAT YOU ARE FROM DENMARK BECAUSE I HAVE TOLD HIM MYSELF and we know he is in contact with the Council too and thank you Nostra or Denis for telling me this as you have told Prince.

    • For the first time in several days I had the time and energy today to go for a walk outside the apartment – I have really not had a chance to enjoy the fine weather – and I decided to go to the library to loan Steffen Brandt interpreting Bob Dylan – two fine poets and we know it works out fine – and we know I felt the tiredness and the lack of energy of my body because we know we have withdrawn much of your energy and so it is. And even though you say that you will do everything to remove the dark energy, at this walk the Devil was very clearly STRONG with me and we know still the same character playing the Devil and we know – but signs of a “ocean breakup” there are too because of the arrival of the “king of the Universe” really and we know to help a “new world rising” and so it is here and we know this was not from “a new world record” but apparently made “on the third day” and sorry we are, we cannot help it – this is how we also are 🙂

    • And we know inspiration comes in different ways and also the story of today about Germany and World War II because this is what I noticed at the end of the day – a post from Tobias best friend Emil on Facebook and maybe you have heard about the man H Itler, which is mentioned here and we know not only a wicked man – but also the man who helped my recreation and mankind to survive:
    • Emil Brandt Jensen blev tagget i et album.
      Hvidovre vs Rungeren/Gladeren
      Vi vandt 5-1 og H Itler lavet hattrick


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    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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