6th July 2010 – Balancing between life and death is required for me to grow and to remove the Devil from the world

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of my light on the sky becoming stronger Dreaming of difficulties to get a normal life without money, sales and marketing is fine when you don’t invade the privacy of people, there are NO differences between black and white people – or cows (!), my light on the sky becomes stronger, 2-3 people at the Commune starting to believe in me – just maybe, more on stopping to work at the bank – I have finalised the design of “normal life” and poor cleaning of offices as another example of BAD WORKING MORALE.
Pulling Heaven and Earth away from the grip of the Devil Today I am like a fish, which has only one row of flesh on the skeleton and it is with this energy that my spiritual self at the moment removes Heaven and Earth away from the grip of the Devil – “the floating world” you can call it and not Al J
Balancing between life and death to grow spiritually and to remove the Devil from the world For years I have balanced on the edge between life and death to give as much energy to the recreation of my spiritual self as possible, the destiny of Virgin Mary was at the present “end times” to play the Devil physically inside of me and now my mother is on the edge of life and death too – like LTO in Kenya (!) – which is the balance required to recreate my spiritual self and to remove the dark side of Virgin Mary my physical self – and from ALL THE WORLD. Do you see?
Receiving a gift cheque from Føtex and a message that the Commune is waiting for me to contact them I received a letter from the Commune including a gift cheque of 300 DKK from Føtex, which Føtex had sent to the Commune because they “could not find” my address. A kind thought – but they did NOT show me RESPECT when they did not follow my wish to receive old food and especially when they contacted the Commune and informed me that the Commune now is waiting for me to contact them – but NO (!) the Commune will have to contact me if they want to correct their mistakes. Later it turned out that the baker of Føtex just today threw out 20 kilos of FINE rye bread, which they are not allowed to sell at a cheaper price or give away. CRAZY!!!
The letdowns of working people, managers not knowing and reports wrongly showing success The letdowns of the home care of Copenhagen spreads to the whole country – and one year ago the home care in question received a report with “top grades”. This is an example of BAD WORKING MORALE where responsible managers don’t know “what’s going on” (!) and where official reports WRONGLY show just how successful they are – just like Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen, the ministry of employment and Communes of Denmark too as I have written about in my book. This is about INCOMPETENCE COSTING TRILLIONS OF DKK/USD WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN USED TO CREATE A BETTER WORLD – if only you had done your work properly!
Building homes on our new planet within one year from arrival and “dressed for success” Small stories including getting “soup”, doing the JUMP and the following days of challenges ALONE without the Source, bringing technology to our new planet and building homes within one year after arrival, the Council is almost “dressed for success”, the Source helps me come through easier and will Holland and Germany meet in the World Cup final again for the first time since 1974?


Dreaming of my light on the sky becoming stronger

For the first time in several days I had a reasonable quiet evening yesterday where the only thing I decided to take a note of was that I was told that I still have to suffer because of the lack of faith from people in me and at the same time I know that the Devil is now at home with me, that my inner self can bend the natural forces and all I can say is that when it is not needed to make me suffer anymore I will ask you to stop but you have my approval to continue making me suffer as long as it is required in order to give my inner self energy to grow and so it is my friends.

I slept from 01.10-09.20 but I was still TIRED when waking up so you are still taking energy from me and this is “so fine”.

A few dreams too:

  • I am in a supermarket where I see many sirloin steaks but there are no prices attached and no weekly offer magazines telling the prices – and I smell the steaks being grilled.
  • Food is the symbol of enjoying a normal life but we know a little bit difficult to get when you don’t have money and cannot see what the steaks cost – and we know the smell is because of the smell of people grilling in the beautiful weather, which you can smell all around when walking out at dinner time as I have noticed for some time here.
  • Let me say here that I don’t mind the best efforts when it comes to sales AND marketing – which can be good tools to receive information – but I would like to see that people will not feel their privacy invaded by advertising signs in public areas and that they can say no thank you to be contacted and receive marketing material through telephone, email, letters, personal visits and also Internet and television and we know so people can switch “on and off” for commercials when they want to instead of today where almost all people are the hostages of commercials and so it is.
  • I am at the harbour and some black American people sing a hip hop song, which can be heard all over the harbour – and the song is beautiful. I meet someone and ask him if he still has my purse, which he has – the purse includes my keys and money.
    • Nice to know that I still have access to the keys and also money at my “safe haven” as the harbour is a symbol of – but we know I cannot see any yet.
    • We know difficult it is to keep the concentration because of the AMAZING album by Simple Minds playing now and we know “Black & White 050505” including “home”, “underneath the ice” – which is playing right now – and other fantastic songs and we know MUCH UNDERRATED today they are Simple Minds and this album for example is at the same level as their best and it really almost makes me “cry” and we know which almost also gives me tears and so it is – and we know black and white goes well here and we know was Michael Jackson “black or white” (?) and the REAL reason of his skin disease was to give this TRUTH to the world: THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE PEOPLE (!) and I still remember to this day when I was a little boy of maybe 5-7 years that I had some Korak cartoons and in one of them Korak saw the skeletons of a black and white man and as I remember it he said something like this: “I see no difference between black and white men when they are dead” and we know as you cannot when they are alive and still kicking so to say and this was simple logic for me back then which it still is – and do you remember my story of black and white cows from Kenya? Do you believe that white cows are “better” than the black simply because of their colour (?) – and we know this says more of MANY white people than of black and we know and their false pride and arrogance – or shall we say their STUPIDITY and we know this is the “wise guy” speaking I am afraid as one of the Council members says here – but we know Stig ALL OF US that the “King is white and in the crowd” and this is really what I am – and we know fantastic they are the before mentioned albums by Simple Minds BUT “New Gold Dream 81-84” is still the BEST OF ALL ALBUMS EVER MADE (!) and the band for “someone” is “somewhere” between no. 3 and 5 on the top 100 list here “in summertime” and so it truly is.
  • I see a small article in a newspaper and it says that the twinkle which Christ has been sending out since Easter Day becomes stronger.
    • And we know have you read the stories from my book no. 2 of “my light on the sky” in Kenya and we know Stig you have not watched the sky very much after coming home to Denmark but we know some times you have noticed that your light has followed your home and we know this light becomes increasingly stronger and so it is. A UFO it is as you will remember from my book 2? And I am sure that all people having faith in me and believing in UFO’s can “see the lights” – because my mother also has one as I wrote last year (!) and by the way this is also the BEST song and my now nearly 20 year old favourite of this fantastic and also underrated album – and we know when I watch it all people should be able to see it at the same time and we know when I don’t, they will not be able to see it if they don’t have faith in me or UFO’s and so it is.
    • As the last action of today I decided to stand a few minutes on my balcony at 23.25 to see if I could see my light and we know it was not shown to me at the area of the sky visible to me but I was shown three UFO’s – as usual there were NO STARS on the sky when I came out AS I HAVE SEEN SO MANY TIMES BEFORE – where are the stars ??? – and we know I was shown several “visions” by the UFO’s including both helicopters, a broomstick, a police car and other things but the most important was that there was a much stronger and longer light between two of UFO’s – with maybe 3-4 “centimetres” apart – compared to what I have seen before and that one of the UFO’s showed me almost a “light show” with maybe 5-6 lights blinking in different colours and where I am now starting to see the first “details” of the UFO’s. They have come closer to Earth and we know THIS IS THE BIGGEST “SECRET” OF THE WORLD TODAY and we know HOW MANY THOUSANDS KNOW THIS TODAY WITHOUT TELLING and we know probably some are telling to people they know and “trust” but not to the world and so it is – AMUSING in fact.
  • I am waiting between 08.45-14.30 on the Commune to receive a stamp because I am unemployed – afterwards I have a meeting with 14 people from the Commune where I tell them that I have nothing against them personally but that I don’t like a misanthropic system, which will not accept that I decide to step down from being a manager to become a hourly-paid worker, this is torture of people and I ask them if they can see this? But my direct speech makes all except from 2-3 to leave because they don’t like to hear what I tell them.
    • We know this may be “old news” of bureaucracy etc. and we know but if I tell you that there are still people remembering you at the Commune and we know CONVERTING at the moment to believe in you they are because WHO WOULD BELIEVE THAT JESUS/STIG WOULD CHOOSE US AS EXAMPLES TO HELP MANKIND IMPROVE AND SURVIVE and we know HI THERE LYNGBY-TAARBÆK COMMUNE – I TOLD YOU THE TRUTH ALL OF THE WAY BUT YOUR PREJUDICES AND LAZINESS ALMOST KILLED ME and even more my LTO friends – but still it helped me to come alive too and this is the balance required and we know I could only return to life spiritually going through periods where I almost died and we know “on and off” – remember that one too from book 2? – for a period of several years I was dying but we know still “I’m alive” and becoming increasingly stronger on the other side and so it is.
    • And later in the day I received a feeling that just maybe they are NOT converting after all and we know really only saying that I don’t know if this information was given by God or the Devil as so many others.
  • I am at Danske Bank Freeport again and my colleague Benta tells me that a customer has sent a complaint about me, and she asks me if this makes me sad and I tell her that it does, but that “it really does not matter at all” because I have now done my bank work – and in the dream I also get the feeling that this is why Lars H., the manager, and Henning J., the deputy head, suppressed me as unpleasantly as they did. Today I have an appointment to be in Helsingør at 16.00 for an important meeting and I have carried out all of my work but when I tell Henning J. of my plans to leave a little bit before time he tells me that I should have put this into a scheme this morning and because I did not, he will not allow me to leave.
    • Another dream of leaving the bank – because the DESIGN OF NORMAL LIFE is finished – and we know this is also to say that managers can tyrannize you if they “feel” like it – and we know which may be the story of why Lars H. and Henning J. tyrannized me at this bank in 1987-88 – but I look forward to returning to Helsingør as the dream says – the city of God – for an important meeting. The course is really to say that I will continue working as a consultant should you have questions regarding normal life.
  • I am going to stop working for the bank the 1st but I know that I will still have to give a banking course for new employees both the 1st and the 2nd, which I have not prepared yet giving me some stress. One employee has taken over my cash desk and she says that she would like to count the deposits from the night safe – where you will always have two employees to do the work – and I was prepared to stand on the other side of the cash desk to help her but instead one of the new employees decided to do this work and when we stood at the other side of the cash desk together I noticed that the desk had not been cleaned, that it was dirty and also that coffee had been spilled all over it and I said that it is amazing that the cleaners did not see and did not clean this. I am about to return my garden tool and I notice on my way that there is a nice lunch place and another place for breakfast further down the road. After work the others would like to have a beer and I say no thanks because I am going to do the course.
    • A little more of the same and also here that people will start doing the work to help people to get a normal life – and the lack of cleaning shows two things: The first is that COFFEE is still a symbol of love and it is with love that we give normal life to the world and the second is in continuation of the story yesterday about the bad working morale of the home care in Copenhagen and we know which is a BIG story here – INSPIRED it was – which also has come as a “complete” surprise to the management and we know the politicians of this country and we know how many of you have noticed bad cleaning of your offices and is this the best example of all because how many companies have changed cleaning company because they have been dissatisfied with the cleaning and I have witnessed this during most of my professional career – and spoken to MANY colleagues I have complaining about poor cleaning – and my dear politicians of this country, if you haven’t noticed that something is rotten in the state of Denmark as an example of the world when it comes to bad working morale then I can only tell you that YOU HAVE NOT DONE YOUR WORK GOOD ENOUGH!
    • I believe drinking of alcohol should not be allowed at all during working hours but that a beer after work is very nice/cosy and still remembering the beers with joy we had many times after work at Danske Bank Espergærde from 1984-86 and we know Stig because you enjoyed this we made the Carlsberg/Tuborg brewery strike and when the summer is very hot, what do you like to drink after work (?) and yes Steen M. my dear old colleague, this is why we were thirsty – and with us, the population of Denmark – when there were no beers to buy for a period of time.

    Pulling Heaven and Earth away from the grip of the Devil

    This morning I decided to take a bath in the tub and we know happy that I did not have as much to write today – but if it helps me on the other side you are welcome to bring more work and so it is.

    While sitting in the bath tub I was told by the Council that I have now moved in as their neighbour – and I was also shown a fish as a skeleton and told that I have only recreated the flesh on the first row of the skeleton and so it is.

    After the bath I did Yoga again – no problems today – and I was told that they are happy my friends on the other side that I have decided to continue doing Yoga because it recreates my energy and we know for us to carry on the work.

    Later I was shown myself driving a train in a tunnel with the vision of the Nebuchadnezzar spaceship of the Matrix movies returning to the home base through the garbage tunnel and instead of breaking through the now very thin wall to our home – as I was also shown – you have decided to drive the train in a tunnel all around the home base and I was shown that I am pulling the home base – which is both the Council including Heaven and Earth – in my direction, which is away from the Devil and we know Stig this is really what you do and we know only having one row of flesh on your body so to say.

    Later I was shown the Council lifting a big stone – as from a burial mound – and underneath the stone is a very deep and dark hole and it is from here we now know that you will enter our Universe because this is really how we feel about Earth which we are part of too and we know we did not know that you are removing us this way from the Devil and this is exactly how this vision was and exactly how the words were given to me – and yes my mother this is really how it is – I have not added or removed anything, this is 100% accurately written according to the truth as I have always done. There is absolutely no difference in how I work and in my morale today compared to before as you will remember and I can only say that if it is possible I am doing my work today at an even higher level in this respect than ever before. I could never dream to lie in these books – NEVER (!) – and this is why the Devil is hurting me the most when he tells me lies, which I don’t know of but which I write down in “loyalty” to “the mission” because I am also still as loyal as I have always been and we know as my old colleagues know or should know about. I repeat: NO differences!

    Balancing between life and death to grow spiritually and to remove the Devil from the world

    When I was relaxing the 10-15 minutes on my bed after Yoga – you don’t need to do the same as I, do what fits you the best – I still felt the Devil inside of me and we know physically because my body – as so many times before especially in 2006-07 – was bended in a bow with a will which was not mine and I felt and was shown Virgin Mary because we have known that this would come since you went to kindergarten in Nørregade in Copenhagen as a small boy because this is a balance of surviving and not only for me but now also for my mother because Stig I knew that I had to be the strongest of us (of the Council) playing the Devil inside your body at the end time as Virgin Mary says here and we know either before you and mankind would die or survive and we know the balance is also now that your mother are on the edge between life and death and we know, which is also to develop her spiritually at the second highest level of all and to bring even more energy to recreate me spiritually and we know Stig the closer my mother is of dying, the easier it will be not only to recreate you but also to remove me – as Virgin Mary says again – physically from your body and we know we have already done what you just asked us to do – to transfer some of my energy to my mother – because I will NOT accept my mother or ANYONE to die going through this phase – also thinking of LTO here WHO ALSO HELPS ME MUCH BECAUSE OF THEIR SUFFERING AND NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES – and we know THIS IS THE EXTREME AMOUNT OF ENERGY REQUIRED OF YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF ALSO TO ENABLE YOU TO DO THE TASK YOU HAVE ALSO DECIDED TO DO, which as mentioned before is to remove the Earth from the place which we also here call Hell – and we know finalising the writing of the script today at the same time as the album “Cry” by Simple Minds also just finished and we know I LIKE THIS ALBUM VERY MUCH TOO and the song “cry” in both versions (!) – fantastic it is – and also that the band decided to do some of their old sound, which is truly THE ABSOLUTE BEST OF SIMPLE MINDS – or “too” I should add – because AMERICAN, LOVE SONG AND THEME FROM GREAT CITIES and I could name more are SIMPLY FANTASTIC but the last song of this album is in fact what I have just written about because we knew that you would listen to these two albums this morning and we know “the floating world” is what I do now moving Earth away from the Devil and maybe this song – as the last song on this “not the best known album of Simple Minds” – is not known by many today but let me say that IT IS ONE OF THE ABSOLUTE BEST SONGS OF SIMPLE MINDS – so good that the song is included on my mixed New Wave CD’s as Jack and Martin from Dahlberg received a copy of – and we know I am floating the world right now and this is the original sound of Simple Minds and we know Rikke “life does not become better than this” – this is ALSO how I feel but because of different reasons, you see?

    And to finalise the story of Virgin Mary acting as the Devil also inside of me, I was shown that she is now only in the upper left part of my body and that the rest of my body is now “armoured with metal” meaning that she cannot get access to these parts anymore and so it is.

    My return to life follows the universal rules and faith of people – NOT the expectations of most people!

    And we know it is of course not a big story … and you do believe you have written about this before a long time ago but you know here it is again:

    It is not easy to convince people that this is how the Source – trying to write the Source in stead of God I am – has decided to return me to earth and we know including himself too when people BELIEVE that IF JESUS SHOULD DECIDE TO RETURN TO LIFE (!) HE MUST BE “PERFECT” AND SHOW US ALL OF HIS POWER INCLUDING MIRACLES AND HEALING FROM THE FIRST DAY and what we face here is really the same syndrome as people who have their nose buried too deep inside the Bible because WHO HAS TOLD YOU THAT THIS IS HOW JESUS WILL RETURN and we know just wondering we are.

    THIS IS ABOUT “EXPECTATIONS” OF PEOPLE, WHICH ARE MADE UP BY MANKIND AND ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE IT IS TO CONVINCE YOU THAT YOU ARE WRONG and in this respect EXPECTATIONS ARE NOT OF THE GOOD and we know just like the consultant of Kjær & Kjerulff told me in 2002 – as one of her strong beliefs of life – after GEFI decided to let me go and we know TOO BIG EXPECTATIONS ARE NEVER OF THE GOOD and we know also here it is the best to find the right balance really because you should have “sound expectations” to other people and yourself too for that matter, which includes to live according to the golden rule and the rules of these books really.


    Receiving a gift cheque from Føtex and a message that the Commune is waiting for me to contact them

    This afternoon when I emptied my letter box I was surprised to see that I had received a letter from the Jobcentre and my thought was WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME NOW – HAVE THEY STARTED TO REALISE THE ERRORS THEY MADE (?) and we know I opened it and it included two items, first a short letter from Vibeke from the Jobcentre saying that the enclosed gift cheque from the Supermarket Føtex was sent from Føtex to the Commune because the Danish Mail had returned it to Føtex because “apparently the postman was not capable to deliver it to my mail box” as she wrote and my first reaction was that I was surprised to see a gift cheque from Føtex – of DKK 300 – and I noticed that the original envelope from Føtex to me, which was enclosed, included a wrong address – Vinkelvej 22 instead of 20 – and we know here you see two examples of the same working behaviour I have told you about in my books and these days with the home care of Copenhagen and cleaners because here the nice people at Føtex could have double checked my address from my letter to them but apparently they did not and afterwards the postman or the post office could easily have found my correct address but apparently not a service offered here and instead they decided to use much more resources than needed – just like the world do – returning the letter to sender and we know at the second round Føtex could have decided to use a few seconds to double check my address on the Internet – if they did not have access to my letter – but we know all of this requires two things: 1) Not to be lazy and 2) to THINK TWICE and we know have you my dear reader ever worked for a company where you had to correct the mistakes of your colleagues and we know thinking of Fair Forsikring I am here as the best example because the service department of this company used let us just say MUCH of their resources to CLEAN UP after the sales consultants not doing their work properly and not caring about anything else than their commissions and this is how the world use far more time correcting errors instead of doing things the right way the first time – it should be simple logic for all but apparently difficult for many people to do when they – and we know – are lazy and don’t think twice or simply don’t care, which is part of it and really the worst.

    The next thing I noticed was that the envelope was stamped with “Bureau des Rebuts” – meaning “dead letter office” – with the date of the 22nd June 2010, which is the same date as I delivered my letter to Føtex and we know this letter has now finally arrived after 14 days, where it should have taken one day only IF PEOPLE HAD DONE THEIR WORK AS THEY SHOULD and we know THIS IS THE BUILT IN PLAY OF THE GAME SAYING THAT THIS IS WHAT NGO’S, GOVERNMENTS and OTHERS DO WHEN THEY ARE TO HELP PEOPLE IN DISTRESS and we know dying too because YOU ARRIVE TOO LATE WITH YOUR HELP BECAUSE OF THE SAME: LAZYNESS AND BECAUSE YOU DON’T THINK TWICE and we know including doing your absolutely best – THIS IS WHAT I ASK YOU TO IMPROVE.

    And this could really have been the story of this “innocent” gift cheque – which I thank Føtex for, it was REALLY very nice of you to send me 300 DKK as the only supermarket but it would have been even nicer if you simply had followed my recommendation to give me some of your old food in stead of throwing it out – but we know THERE IS MORE IN THIS STORY because the gift cheque was followed by a short text and we know there is no sender on this – so is this from the manager of the store or probably one of his employees judging on the hand script of the card (?) – and this is the text:

    “Hej Stig
    Du skal kontakte din sagsbehandler for at få hjælp til husleje/kost, hun venter du kontakter hende”


    Have you begun to see a THE CREATION OF A PATTERN because PEOPLE DON’T LISTEN TO AND DON’T FOLLOW MY RECOMMENDATIONS – instead they do what THEY “think” is the best for me – “we only mean the best” (!) – and we know HOW MANY EXAMPLES DO YOU WANT TO SEE MY DEAR WORLD because you sent me a gift cheque instead of giving me the food I asked for and then you THOUGHT that “something must be wrong” because how can it be that a man in this Commune is starving and we know WITHOUT ASKING ME – we know WITHOUT RESPECTING ME – you decided on your own initiative to contact my caseworker and of course she is so nice so nice so now that she is now waiting for me to contact her – and we know what else could she say (?) and she has now waited 14 days without deciding herself to contact me (?) – and we know she is probably too busy or maybe LAZY to contact me and just wondering I am.

    And what do you believe my dear reader that I will do from here? That I OF COURSE will contact her because I and LTO are desperate? And we know Stig YOU NEED TO THINK TWICE because how many times did I try to make Helle understand – I had to check her name here because I keep forgetting names and also people you know – that she made mistakes (?) including my contacts to René and most of the managers and politicians of the Commune and now she is waiting for me to contact her – but this is NOT how it works here my friends because if she wants to correct her mistakes, she is welcome to contact me if she tells me clearly that she and the Commune accept my freedom of speech and we know gives me an apology for what she put me through – including giving me a death sentence almost killing (me and) LTO Kenya – and if she informs me that she will pay out my cash help of the 1st June and July, which she has CHEATED from me. If she will do this, I will be happy to speak to her and see her again BUT ONLY ON THESE CONDITIONS and we know Stig just thinking that the GAME here is that these conditions, which should be EASY to understand and accept, today are SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE for her to understand and accept and if this is it then I can only tell you Council and my dear Gardener that THIS IS NOT THE ROAD OF THE SOURCE – we know it still sounds strange – and I can only therefore encourage you to carry on the work to help us come through – thank you and we know double meanings here because it goes both ways and so it is – and we know I AM IN NO DOUBT AT ALL THAT THIS IS THE ROAD OF THE SOURCE because THIS IS THE PATTERN I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING ALL THE WAY and also because you gave me much confirmation in the hours following my decision and so it is here too.

    And this is it really – and also thank you to the Council for giving me the dream of the Commune, which you can see in the beginning of the script today, and I do believe you must be psychic (?) because how in the world did you know that a letter from the Commune would arrive today (?) – and this is still how we are and so it is 🙂

    So it looks like I will send a little bit more money to LTO again tomorrow and so it is.

    And we know Stig this paragraph is written 1-2 hours later than the previous paragraphs of this chapter because I knew that there was a connection from my experience maybe 10 years ago when I visited Hans at his work at the Union of High School teachers in Denmark at Lyngbyvej in Copenhagen where I afterwards visited the neighbour baker and decided to buy ONE strawberry cake and received one extra FREE of charge because it was so close to “closing time” as she said because it was better to give it to me instead of throwing it out and because of this INSPIRATION I decided here – VERY CLOSE TO “CLOSING TIME” it is indeed my friend – to visit the baker of THIS FØTEX supermarket – the biggest in town – to see if they would be willing to sell me breads very cheap because of the same principle and I had decided that I only wanted to look at rye breads because this is what will satisfy you the most and I arrived deliberately at 19.45 – just 15 minutes before closing time – and I noticed a shelf in front of the desk including approx. 20 rye breads of 950 grams packed in plastic of 19.50 DKK each and at the desk there were approx. 10 more without packaging because they were fresh and I asked the young lady behind the desk what they do with all of the rye breads when they close and she was “very smart” to tell me that the rye bread packed in plastic would be thrown out because they are from yesterday and the ones at the desk is from today, which would not be thrown out and we know I guess they will be moved to the shelf in front of the desk in plastic tomorrow and then I asked her if she would like to sell the breads of yesterday at a cheaper price and we know WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE SHE SAID?

    We know Stig it should be simple logic for “BURHØNS” – like that one too Peter A.G. including the meaning of the song – to accept a lower price – and it works like this also in the future, this is TRUE SALES – but no, she said that “we are not allowed to do this” and we know I could also have asked her if she would give me some breads FREE of charge instead and I suspect that she would give me the same answer – and we know this is really what the “nice” manager of Føtex did: He sent me a “nice” letter telling me that he could not give me food free of charge because it would be hazardous to my health and my dear Niels WHAT DID YOU REALLY THINK OF WHEN YOU WROTE THIS TO ME – DID YOU THINK OF ALL OF YOUR DEPARTMENTS AT THE SUPERMARKET AND WHAT WOULD HELP ME TO SURVIVE and we know just today you throw out approx. 20 kilograms of FINE BREAD, which I could freeze and eat WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS TO MY HEALTH (!) – CRAZY RULES to allow the ladies at the desk ONLY to sell the breads just to throw them out a few minutes later (!) – and I suspect that there is also other bread, cakes and pastries, which the baker throw out and we know into your container, which you have locked away – I have checked you know – and again: YOU NEED TO THINK TWICE and THIS IS REALLY BOTH “STUPID” AND “CRAZY” WHEN YOU DON’T DO THIS and YOU NEED TO HELP PEOPLE THE SAME WAY AS YOU WOULD HELP YOURSELF, WHICH NOBODY TODAY DOES – this is really what I have shown you during this exercise and we know PROBABLY YOU ARE OUT THERE AND I SPEAK OF ALL OF YOU TRUE SAMARITANS DOING YOUR BEST AND WORKING YOUR HARDEST TO HELP PEOPLE NOT THINKING OF YOUR OWN NEEDS FIRST – and we know probably not that many when it comes to the case …..

    The letdowns of working people, managers not knowing and reports wrongly showing success

    This evening, Danish TV showed the “official report” of the homecare of the care centre “Håndværkerhaven” in Copenhagen, which is the more precise location of the story of the home care not keeping its obligations – and NOT to my surprise the official report says that the home care of this centre receives “top grades” (!!!) despite of the truth coming out these days which should not have been very difficult for you to find out if you really wanted to and here I am thinking both of the “responsible” managers – who will not take on the responsibility because “we did not know” where you SHOULD have known if you only had done your job properly (!) and we know PLEASE TELL ME AGAIN HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE (?) – and the company who did this report probably using many hours to do it coming to the WRONG conclusion and probably costing FAR TOO MUCH MONEY which could have been used much better on WELFARE in Denmark and even better to HELP MANY PEOPLE IN THE THIRD WORLD TO SURVIVE and we know this is about incompetence not only here but for MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD COSTING TRILLIONS OF DKK/USD, which could have been used to make a better world if you only did what you should have done (!) – and we know which makes me think of the official reports of Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen – The National Labour Market Authority – and the ministry of Employment about the TOTAL DANISH WORK MARKET ARRANGEMENTS and we know you can include the reports of the Communes in relation to the effort of jobcentres, job search courses and “activation arrangements” and we know Stig because if you want to get a fine result, you will OFTEN get a fine result (!) especially if you do your work WRONG and/or with POOR QUALITY and this is really HOW THIS COMMUNITY WORKS and THIS IS HOW THE WORLD WORKS and we know THERE ARE SO MANY CLEVER PEOPLE OUT THERE KNOWING THE “TRUTH” ABOUT THEIR OWN WORK AND JUST HOW FINE THEY DO – BUT THIS IS REALLY THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WORK MARKET ARRANGEMENTS OF DENMARK AS I HAVE WRITTEN MUCH ABOUT IN MY BOOKS AND ABOUT THE HOME CARE IN DENMARK TOO AS SHOWN HERE ON TELEVISON AS EXAMPLES FOR THE WORLD TO LEARN FROM – this is exactly how ROTTEN this community is, this is how the Devil works and you cannot see it yourself because you become so “chocked” and “surprised” of this SIMPLE TRUTH as you saw in the case of the home care (!) – and now people have started to write to Danish TV2 that the desertions of the home care at this place is happening all over the country (!) and here I also wonder how it works in Hørsholm Commune and yes Tobias where you work as a home care helper too and would you like to tell me about “the work culture” of Hørsholm and we know have you personally decided to follow your obligations or to do the same as so many others either because you don’t want to be a “blackleg” as I was in the park breaking the piecework (!) or because it is “very nice” to relax taking all of these breaks (?) even though this lets people down when you should be visiting and helping the elderly in stead and we know Tobias – this story is also made for you. Would you like to let me know what you do?

    Building homes on our new planet within one year from arrival and “dressed for success”

    And we know Stig, this is the story of a day when you received almost no notes yesterday evening and this night and thought that this would be the easiest day for a long time to come through but still we made a much longer script than anticipated and we know this COULD ALSO HAVE BEEN VERY DIFFICULT but NO NOT REALLY and this is also how we can work building up and extracting energy of you and we know.

    Some small stories at the end of the day:

    • The logic which THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE TODAY USE IS THE LOGIC OF “SIMPLE MINDS” – THERE HAD TO BE THIS CONNECTION TO SOME OF THE STORIES OF TODAY TOO – and we know sad we are because you could (almost) all of you do better or so much better.

    • On recommendation of the Source – let’s see if I can get used to give you this name and we know close to “suppe” in Danish it is and two meanings as you know because it is “suppe” or “soup” you are given at the moment my boy and so it is – I am now playing Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits and we know A GUITAR GOD HE IS TOO THE GOOD OLD MARK and we know KNOPFLER IS ALMOST THE ONLY THING RIMING ON “KARTOFLER” and we know inspiration comes in many ways you know.

    • I decided to run today – I did not think this morning that it would be possible at all to do but it was – and I am still looking to run around Lyngby Lake without stopping and not easy when the Devil is inside of me as I have written about before but today I almost succeeded except from a few hundred metres where I walked and we know it is VERY difficult and it should be so easy to do and this is my TRUE perception.

    • On my running tour my dear friend the gardener – the source you know – showed himself again for the first time for quite some time and it was only to say that now I am coming back and we know the message to me today was that I took the JUMP myself breaking through to the other side – including the following days of challenges – alone without the help of the Source and we know not easy to call you this but I will get used to it – and we know if I decide to continue writing SOURCE SOURCE AND SOURCE and so it is.

    • The Council is playing this game too really based on the way I carry out my work and we know giving me as much suffering as they believe I can bear – being stronger than the Devil as they act, this is the VERY CLEAR feeling behind the Devil you know – and we know in combination with the rules of the Universe and so it is and let me tell you again that you may threat me with what is necessary but if you can avoid the old nightmare I would appreciate this and this also goes to the source and we know so it is ….

    • SOME OF MY OLD FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS DON’T KNOW WHY THEY KEEP ON GETTING THOUGHTS OF ME and we know OLD NEWS HERE but the first time I believe I write it and we know today you mentioned Britt N. as an example and just maybe Karen also understands this?

    • I was told that instead of “normal life” we will now start to write of other subjects including how will the new world be like when we arrive – can we bring technology YES and manpower YES and houses: ONLY FEW but my friends IF YOU WORK HARD I BELIEVE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE HOMES FOR ALL PEOPLE WITHIN ONE YEAR AFTER ARRIVAL and until then I WILL ASK YOU TO SETUP TEMPORARY HOMES and we know individually or collectively as you believe it will “suit” you the best and we know BUTTERFLY – the French song also for you Denis, which you gave me the other day which I did not write down and “suit” here with the additional meaning that WE ARE ALMOST DRESSED UP FOR OUR PARTY ALL OF US and I SEE THE LAST CORRECTIONS OF THE BUTTERFLY and we know ALSO BEAUTIFUL WHITE DRESSES FOR THE LADIES and this is really how to enter my Universe as the CONDUCTOR OF THE ORCHESTRA SAYS – and we know which was what the Source just said also giving me a feeling of Leonard Bernstein and I do hope you have made friends with Herbert my friend and others too and so it is here – and we know when you have decided to go all the way without doing any (big) mistakes meaning that you have not lost a set or even a ball to the Devil and this is really it.

    • Sidsel I noticed today on Facebook just how desired you are from at least some men – maybe many (?) – and we know but more difficult it is for you to find the right one (?) and we know THEREFORE the interest in me (!) – see the descriptions of my meetings with Sidsel last year and you will understand.

    • Hi Preben, are you still with me here at the end of my script today or do you only read the summaries of my scripts because it is easier for you? Just like in DFM many years ago?

    • And congratulations to Holland – or Netherlands if you prefer – for winning against Uruguay this evening and qualifying for the World Cup final and we know watched it on GERMANY television with one eye – it was not on Danish or Swedish television (!) – while I was working most of the evening too and we know Sneijder you are still my man from this team and we know thinking back to the World Cup in 1974 I am between Germany and Holland and we know which I saw from the BEAUTIFUL FARM ON THE SMALL ISLAND “LILLEØ” – as clear a symbol of the home of the Source as you can get – the first minute and Germany reversing the game from 0-1 to 2-1 (!) and I am wondering what will happen from here and we know we will have to see first if Germany will qualify tomorrow and just maybe Germany is still playing well at this tournament because I am “playing well” and just maybe they will become world champions because of this and I wonder why they played a bad match against Serbia and we know losing to a country from East Europe as they also did in 1974 to the then East Germany as you just told me and we know so it is.

    • We know Stig it is now 23.15 and we will only say THANK YOU FOR GOING ALL THE WAY THROUGH TODAY and it does not feel as impossible as it really was, many days working at the library were MUCH worse than today and we know don’t understand it really and let me just say that you have now included “the Source” in the auto correction of Microsoft word so when you type “ts” it automatically writes “the Source” making it easier for you and we know the message is truly that YOU/I/WE – including the holy one – still grow making it easier for you to come through and this is why the work today is not as difficult as it really should be and so it is.

    • And finally CONGRATULATIONS my dear friend DALAI LAMA on your 75th birthday today.

    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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