7th July 2010 – THE EXISTENCE OF A THIRD UNIVERSE – OUR UNIVERSE IS GONE (!) but will soon be “reconnected”

Summary of the script today



THE EXISTENCE OF A THIRD UNIVERSE – OUR UNIVERSE IS GONE (!) but will soon be “reconnected” A night with MANY disturbances: My JUMP was from NOTHING to THE SOURCE, starting the engine of the core of Earth to prevent volcano eruptions and earth quakes, seeing the Source for the first time, entering the treasure room meeting the first Council members embracing me with “all my loving”, the physical members of the Council have nothing to fear in relation to being led by the Devil in “questionable” ways, a direct “lifeline” from Jesus to Stig, the Council is SUFFERING much when working as executioners, the Devil is being erased “quicker and quicker”, the existence of mankind has been at stake again the last week, finding my inner self when I opened the door of the Source, Karen is the woman who has loved me the most – but her suffering is that she cannot tell, before “Sunday” I will come all the way “into the LIGHT” with NO DARKNESS, there is a THIRD Universe belonging to the Source, the fourth dimension also means that the sense of time and place will be lifted – a job which will now be done by someone else than planned, the Universe IS GONE (!) but we will soon be “reconnected”, I could not have arrived earlier than I did, my writings SHOULD be IMPOSSIBLE to do at the moment but they are not, dreaming of don’t access belongings of people without acceptance, Camilla’s father John welcoming me with a sign saying that I HAVE CARRIED OUT ALL TESTS GIVEN TO ME WHEN WRITING MY BOOKS and Sanna and Hans finally starting to receive spiritual communication.
I could not send survival help to LTO because of ”crazy rules” I bought basic commodities of 40 DKK at Føtex hoping that they would return 260 DKK to me in cash, which they DID NOT because “they are not allowed” so tomorrow I will have to do what I DISGUST: To ask a customer to use my gift cheque for cash in exchange. LTO encouraged me to contact the Commune to bring understanding, which I declined because understanding has been impossible so far and because I would NOT be able to enter the light before Sunday if I decided to do this.
LTO will “never let me down” – and I will never let you down too Earlier today John was very kind to write that ”we will never let you down” although they are suffering and David wrote that he misses my presence and face to face advice and I have the same feelings for all of you including Meshack and Elijah.
Poul-Erik will cancel my lease making me ask you to UNDERSTAND/AGREE and to remove lawyers and courts I received a REGISTERED letter from Poul-Erik asking me pay my rent within 14 days otherwise he will cancel the lease contract. He did exactly as expected – acted as a self-made LAWYER – and the message is that IF YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND, YOU WILL GET CONFLICTS like this which you will feed the army of the Devil with: Lawyers and courts of law. I ask you ALWAYS UNDERSTAND and AGREE in the future and to eliminate lawyers and courts of law. And to Poul-Erik: Will you have more PATIENCE with me promising to pay you or with the Danish courts taking months to set me out? This is your choice.
My mother is now saved as the last, symbols from TV of me as God and Spain qualified for the final Because of extreme work again today my mother has now been saved as the last person on earth, “the third half” about my TWO STRONG SIDES and God not being afraid of the Devil as my symbol and Spain qualified for the World Cup final.


THE EXISTENCE OF A THIRD UNIVERSE – OUR UNIVERSE IS GONE (!) but will soon be “reconnected”

And GOOD MORNING TO YOU MY DEAR PEOPLE TOO and we know I CAN ALMOST SEE GOD TOO and we know coming back to this later but let me start the day by saying that I was not allowed to fall asleep again yesterday evening and that I “had to” – on and off – take notes of messages I received until approx. 05.00 this morning and we know from this time I slept badly and I was woken up by the post man at 08.30 delivering a registered letter from Poul-Erik my land lord – see chapter four – and from here I continued to sleep badly until 10.30, when I decided to stand up because I was going to try to get money from Føtex – from the gift cheque – to send to LTO Kenya and we know see chapter two – and then we came to what I wanted to say from the beginning of today because right now I play the most elegant of all musicians I know of – both in personal style and music – and we know of course we speak of Bryan Ferry and we know his old band Roxy Music too and we know at one point years ago I had him at the same level as Bowie himself and we know he is still on my top 10-12 list and we know listening to his Platinum collection I am now, which starts in the seventies and all I am saying is that THIS IS MY FAVOURITE MUSIC TOO and we know THIS IS ALSO THE FEELING WE REQUIRE FROM YOU TODAY – as much feelings as possible – and so it is.

Here follows the messages and some dreams I received late yesterday evening and a LONG night (!) when I was trying to sleep you know but where I again was constantly disturbed and we know this is the best road we know Stig for you to come all the way into the LIGHT and ONLY THE LIGHT and so it is.

When writing this my discomfort is as strong as ever but it is also combined with more light than ever and we know NEVER GIVE UP is the attitude, which I need to find the most of also to come through today and so it is – and sneezing I am mother now and we know a few times every day and every single time it is coming form the Source, “Good Old God” you know – and I was told that because of my discomfort we are digging more sand away from you than ever before – and here is the “RIGHT STUFF”:

  • I told you yesterday about the story of the tunnel around the home base pulling Earth away from the Devil and first now I am told that the JUMP I did some days ago in fact was from NOTHING to THE SOURCE and not to the Council at our home at the treasure room and I was told that the reason of this was because of a decision of my spiritual self.

  • I see my self starting a very BIG engine with some difficulties – the engine is snorting – and these were the exact words I was given: “Is it simply the inner engine of Earth you are about to restart?” and I was told that this is to avoid volcano eruptions and earth quakes as we have experienced for generations increasing in strength and I was told that the start of this engine made the ground shake “some places” where I went straight through to the core of the Earth.

  • I was shown the most beautiful geometrical figures in all possible shapes and colours – breath taking it was – and I was shown the Source for the first time as an Oriental war leader from the 11th-12th century and I was told that this was the first dilute attempt of his to show me the Source even though this warrior is not him and that this is as far he has managed to bring down the energy until now – different frequencies you know.

  • I was shown myself inside the train and I was given the feeling that I have now entered the treasure room and I was met by deep embraces and love from one Council member – Virgin Mary – but also SADNESS because she is still acting the Devil and this was followed by the clearest image of Rommel I have seen so far and he said that Churchill was not his type of man – BUT STIG HERE: I LIKE HIS TASTE IN CHAMPAGNE MY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (!) – and the Council told me that they now enter in and out of my soul as I do with theirs too.

  • And I just HAVE to write this because of BRYAN FERRY playing because we know smoke does not get in my eyes any more and yes my dear council members “let’s stick together” because “love is the drug” really and we know I SIMPLY LOVE THESE SONGS and we know more of them are coming and I especially love the “crooked” songs of Bryan and Roxy Music – Carrickfergus as one example – where the atmosphere is so thick that you can cut through it and we know the old feeling of being at the “streets of London” at a foggy evening and we know with the lights burning from the street lamps and THIS IS EXACTLY MY FEELING OF BRYAN and HAS ALWAYS BEEN and we know I should not be surprised if our grand old father – the Source you know – also has plans for you Bryan but we will have to wait and see.

  • I was motivated to write today to the physical members of the Council – Karen/Mary Magdalene, Denis/Nostradamus, Caroline/Jeanne d’Arc, Tobias/Montgomery, my mother Lona/Virgin Mary, my father Peer/Joseph, Fuggi/Rommel and Paul/John Paul II – that they have NOTHING to fear because of the lives they have lived so far and their WRONG doings BECAUSE JUST LIKE ME THE DEVIL HAS BEEN SO STRONG IN YOUR LIVES THAT YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO CONTROL HIM and we know AS PART OF THE GRAND PLAN YOU KNOW and we know IN OTHER WORDS YOU HAVE NOT HAD ANY INFLUENCE ON WHAT YOU HAVE DONE and YOU ARE NOT TO FEAR, BE SAD OR ASHAMED OF ANYTHING and we know the “same old scene” really regarding suffering in connection with sex because of the lustful and unfaithful behaviour of mankind and really to give mankind this test for it to accept the same way as the Source will forgive the wrong behaviour of mankind and we know when mankind repent its sins and start to behave according to my rules and so it is.

  • I was told that “we have written the Da Vinci Code with ourselves as inspiration” and I don’t know the details of this but I am sure that A DIRECT “LIFELINE” FROM YOU MY SON AS JESUS TO YOU MY SON AS STIG EXISTS – can it really be (?) and we know “MORE THAN THIS” to come really.

  • I fly strongly and quickly at the side of the mountain where I see Polle – or Pope John Paul II – walking with some kind of not a knife and not a sword – but a combination – on his back, it is a weapon used for executions and we know making him VERY SAD indeed – you know the Universal rule to return to mankind what mankind gives to the Universe and there is NOTHING to do to avoid this other than to give us all a better world and we cannot tell you how much we look forward to embracing you all of us and so it is.

  • I see “another dark road being erased” and I am told that it will go quicker and quicker to remove the darkness from now on.

  • I was shown a key at the post sorting system of the post terminal, the key was returned to me and I was told that I return the key to you and the truth is that I have put the whole Universe at stake if I could not find the key again after coming through this critical phase of your life and herewith also the existence of mankind.

  • I was told that I have walked all the way through the door of the Source and that no one has found this road before – and the answer was that my inner soul was in here – therefore. And I heard the SPLENDID song “the guns of Brixton” by the Clash and the words “How you gonna come?” and I was also given the feeling that this is the door to the inventor of the Matrix Universe from the Matrix movies, which I have opened with the before mentioned key.

  • I was shown Mauro Scocco saying “you are a PAPPA – daddy – yourself” and this is really only to say that through me you invented life and we know this is the feeling I will also give you as part of the Trinity.

  • I see the billiard table, which was shown some days ago, and I see a lot of spinach being put into the holes of the table and I thought of Popeye the Sailor because of the spinach – he is an old symbol of the Devil and the symbol here is that this table is eating Devils.

  • I was shown a vision where the members of the Council are the last people to be drawn on a radar screen, which made the Council embracing each other and me and to bring gifts. HAPPY I AM THAT ALL OF YOU SURVIVED and SAD TO HEAR THAT YOU HAVE BEEN KEPT AS HOSTAGES AS THE LAST PERSONS TO SURVIVE – we know HELL it has been to us and we know I HAVE TOLD YOU OF OTHER SCENARIOS including “death” and “sorrow” of the people I love the most in my life, which I don’t want to write here or even think about. Think if ….

  • I was shown a very heavy snow and rain storm and it is from here I have decided to show the world your name.

  • First I was shown VERY MANY greenhouses and told that I had the most greenhouses in the 1960’s and 70’s but then it started to rain and all of the greenhouses disappeared except from one, which is the one I was standing in to welcome you.

  • I see Karen rising from a chair on a ship, a short man is taking over her seat and I was told that no one has loved me more than Karen without her knowing it – because she has been without contact to her inner self – this is the suffering she has gone through.

  • I was told – again – that the ones who have suffered the most are the Source followed by me and the Council members.

  • There is only one more step for me until I will come all the way “into the light”, where it never snows – and I was shown the light – which will happen before “Sunday” this week and I was told that this is not least because of my decision to run yesterday giving “almost” everything I had in a new “run to save mankind” – which is another déjà vue feeling I have because I remember visions and feelings of this from when I was a small boy too and the feelings all of my life really as I believe I have written about somewhere else maybe a few years ago.

  • I was told that there is a third Universe – besides the physical and the spiritual Universes – where no one has ever been before, which is the Universe of the Source. I will become the first “guest of honour” and I was told that “this is how it feels like to tell you the truth”. Inside this Universe there are no cups or other physical items, there is “only ME” where “I AM” is the keyword, which is “THE ENERGY” – and furthermore I was told that “we are not here or there but “WE ARE”, which we have always been” and that mankind needs to experience the fourth dimension before it will understand this where you don’t look into the future, but SIMPLY “ARE” and as part of the fourth dimension – starting on our new planet (!) – the sense of time and place will be lifted and this is why I don’t wear a watch today as a symbol (I received a watch by my mother but there has been no battery left for months and more importantly I gave away my watch to Misheck, Elijah’s brother in Kenya), which is why we will continue the last adjustments of the Universe and this is when I received the question “where is the Universe” (?) and the answer “it is gone” (!) – remember my story yesterday and also last year in Kenya that THERE ARE NO STARS – only UFO’s – ON THE SKY (!) go outside to look yourself – but still researchers keep on publishing “new” pictures of the Universe (stars and planets a long way from here) – as part of keeping this small story from mankind (!) and I was told that “the Universe has been put a little bit aside but I will soon reconnect you”.

  • I was shown John Paul as his true self, the monk in his traditional brown dress and I was told that BROWN is the colour of the Council.

  • I was shown ONE LAST TREE ON EARTH with predator mites on it and I was told that “we put you on Earth without a chance to survive but you made it anyway”.

  • I was told that if I did not succeed to go through this last critical phase now, I would have to go through it later anyway but the Devil would delay me and maybe I would first finish 2½ months before the last night on Earth making it impossible for most people to survive, which would give a scenario like “I” have described in the movies of Mad Max and other movies of a future where most people on Earth have been killed but now we have 22 months left and we know the message is that I could not have made this journey faster than I did and I was told a “speed record” indeed it is and here I see “someone” with a stop clock and we know I see Virgin Mary lifting the veil from her face and she is still acting as the Devil not only towards me but also the Muslims and so it is.

  • These days I am feeling another déjà vue experience, which is that it is – or should be – almost impossible for me to write these scripts here at the end – I have seen my self “many years ago” writing when being so tired that it WAS impossible and still I had to carry on knowing of the consequences if I did not (!) – but we know when you can do blind writing without problems and we know decide to simply continue until you finish then I really don’t see the problems maestro (?) and we know “a dear child has many names” and we are talking to each other like this and we know internally among the Trinity.

  • Dream: I am alone at my mother’s apartment until Sunday where there is only one meal left, I have decided not to open her kitchen cabinets and I notice that there is sawdust wallpaper everywhere.

  • I would NEVER open cabinets of other people without their acceptance as an example or a computer or private papers etc. inside an apartment or office, which is not mine and we know with the hope that people will show people this respect in the future and we know sawdust is the same as what the floor at a circus is made of and so it is.

  • Dream: I bring people together on dates and something about “genuine carpets” and “they don’t really care about us”- THIS SONG AND VIDEO TOO, which I love, IS SIMPLY UNIQUE – because people are only interested in each other but not in me bringing them together – and we know thinking of some people I have met in my life too I am here.

  • Dream: I have given “my old best friend” my old beautiful watch – it is a copy of an original – there are a few scratches on the glass because I fell – the glass fell off but I managed to put it back on. My friend and other people have been unfaithful. I tell them that each person will have to decide what he or she wants to do but that it should be easy to decide to be faithful. My friend looses his temper with me and shouts if I have read books of Jesus making me think that I am Jesus and I tell him that his attitude is WRONG because I told him that “each person will have to decide what he or she wants to do” meaning that people have the freedom to decide themselves and because of this he decides to return the watch to me in anger.
  • And we know the watch is a symbol of “time” and when there will be no time in the future there will be no use of watches and when I woke up from this dream I felt that the betrayal of this “my old friend” who is not a friend of mine on Facebook anymore is NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED and we know BECAUSE WE THOUGHT THAT HE WOULD BE ABLE TO CONTROL HIS TEMPER BETTER and we know THIS WAS HIS TASK TO PREPARE and we know through his inner self who was to be developed by his physical self under development because of your stories and HIS READING of your stories but NO HE DECIDED THAT YOUR OLD FRIENDSHIP WAS NOT STRONG ENOUGH and therefore he decided to betray you but my message here Stig is that SOMEBODY ELSE HAS NOW TAKEN OVER THIS TASK and we know while writing you give me the feeling of “DR. ELSTER” and how are you by the way, I hope you enjoy Monaco, the sunshine and “the good life” (?) and we know happy that you have not betrayed me I am and so it is.
  • In the future there will be NO SUCH THINGS AS A “COPY” because there will be NO COPYRIGHTS and we know AS EASY AS THAT and of course to HELP MANKIND, not vice versa – simple logic for all really if you want to help people and not “people loving money”.
  • Dream: I arrive at Camilla’s parent’s house. Inger embraces me and John is very happy, he has bought a WELCOME mat and a sign, which simply says “100” and I smile at him and says that he always makes gimmicks and we are happy talking about some of his old gimmicks. I have not seen them for many years and later at the living room I am surprised to see that we watch television but after some time John decides to switch it off – he has seen this series before – and I ask him how the rest of the family is and he tells me that Flemming’s wife is not feeling well. In the dream I smoke cigarettes and Camilla catches the ashes. I feel we don’t have more to talk about, which surprises me, I think if they have read my Blog and I don’t know if Inger is truly dead and what their potential reaction will be to me making me nervous and I think that I better be going home.
    • My feeling when waking up from the dream was that “100” is the percent of tasks I have carried out when writing these books and we know YOU HAVE NOT MISSED ONE SINGLE OF THEM – and here I notice that we don’t speak well together, which we have always done in “real life”, so maybe SURPRISED to hear who I am John (?), Flemming is your old partner who I used to tell a story of head-hunters in my book no. 2 and to get through to you, John, the cigarettes tells me that the Devil is still with me and the rest of the dream is “more or less” how I feel myself – but not THAT nervous – because I don’t know if Inger is really dead and the reactions of this family to my writings and this is how it is – as you know I ONLY WRITE WHAT I EXPERIENCE AND RECEIVE OF SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION not knowing if is the Source telling me the truth or the Devil “telling lies” and so it is still, but I do hope that this story is the TRUTH but still making me sad of course if Inger really has died. And we know a “diseased” person in my dreams normally means a person I have no contact with anymore, but these dreams of Inger are really STRAIGHT FORWARD and they cannot be understood differently than what I did and so it is.
  • I first hear the beautiful song “Where do broken hearts go” by Whitney Houston and then another TERRIFIC song “lost in the supermarket” by the Clash and we know which I thought of the other day as a symbol of “enjoy normal life” still coming and so it is – just hoping that I will be able to find the exit of the supermarket again :-).
  • I am at Sanna and Hans listening to their stereo system, I notice that the speakers are of “pretty good” quality and that the rack system consists of both a car radio – which does not have a good quality – and a radio of better quality, which is one of the “normal radios” in a home music system and I see that the car radio switches off and that the better quality radio is now starting to play and I am looking to play records instead to get an even better quality.

    • And if this is REALLY what is happening – that Sanna and Hans are starting to receive “spiritual communication”, which the radio is a symbol of so I can only encourage you to notice NEW FEELINGS, which are coming and we know from here it should become easier for you to listen to and understand my records, i.e. my books.

    I could not send survival help to LTO today because of ”crazy rules”

    This morning I decided to go straight to Føtex with the gift cheque of 300 DKK and I had decided the “same strategy” as I did with the gift cheques of SuperBrugsen some time ago, which was to buy a little bit and then hopefully to receive the return in cash – also thinking of the earlier answer I received from the information desk of Føtex confirming that they indeed pay out the return in cash and before walking inside the supermarket I first took at look at the baker of the supermarket and I noticed that this morning they had approx. 25 rye breads packed in plastic from yesterday on sale and we know WHAT RUBBISH IT MUST BE TO EAT (!) – and from here I walked into the supermarket where I decided to buy for 40 DKK – the cheapest BASIC commodities potatoes, rice, pasta and flower thinking of WFP here I am too and WRONG it is (!) – and when I entered the cash desk and handed over the gift cheque as payment I noticed that the cashier looked concentrated at his screen, which obviously had an instruction keyed in and then he lifted the telephone to call a colleague to ask if he was allowed to pay out the return in cash WHICH HE WAS NOT (!) and he told me that the (CRAZY) rule is that they are only allowed to pay out up to 100 DKK in cash and we know I WAS NOT PREPARED ON THIS but still I decided to buy the basic food and to return home because I had to send David an email before 12.00, which I did as follows:

    Dear all,

    I am VERY SORRY and sad but it was NOT possible to send you money today.

    I had received a gift cheque of 300 DKK to the supermarket Føtex and I went there thinking and hoping that I could do the same as in SuperBrugsen to buy only a little and to receive the refund so I went there and bought for 40 DKK hoping to receive 260 DKK in return and then to send you approx. 270-275 DKK gross, but the Supermarket has a crazy rule that it does not pay out returns of more than 100 DKK on gift cheques and when I am writing this I am thinking that maybe I can return to the supermarket trying to find a customer who wants to buy the gift cheque from me but this will have to be tomorrow – I don’t have energy to do it today. I hope I will succeed doing this – but I cannot give you any guarantees.

    Kind regards

    And I understand that of course it must have been a disappointment to LTO who suffer much but I have decided that this is my ACTION PLAN and we know because MY WRITINGS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT and IF I AM NOT ABLE TO DO THESE, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP LTO and I knew that I had much to write also today and that I really don’t have much energy and with this background I decided to tell LTO that I will try to do tomorrow which is giving me SO MUCH DISCOMFORT that I truly feel DISGUSTED, which is to ask a customer of Føtex if he/she will do me a favour to use my gift cheque as payment and to give me cash instead and we know this is of course only one side of me because the other tells me to “imagine this as being telephone sales” – where I have had exactly the same two feelings always and we know THE WORST BEING NERVOUS AND HATING IT and the opposite to HAVE CONFIDENCE AND LOVING IT and the solution has always been JUST TO DO IT and we know THE BARRIER IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO COME OVER but still at the same time IT IS TRULY NO PROBLEM AT ALL and this is TRUTHFULLY the two sides of how I feel and have always felt EQUALLY AS STRONG – you see my mother (?) – and I know THIS IS PART OF THE LAST GAME THIS WEEK TO DO IN ORDER TO ENTER THE LIGHT and should I not succeed I have only one DECISION to inform you my Council and this goes to the Trinity too which is that I HAVE FORBIDDEN YOU TO GIVE BIRTH TO THE DEVIL and we know but should you need to break my fingers TO GET THE SAME KIND OF ENERGY than “overcoming the discomfort in Føtex” this is what you must do and this is truly my dilemma and also of course to GIVE LTO A LITTLE BIT TO EAT this week because you are “always on my mind” – one of my favourites really – and so it is and on this basis LTO met and they decided to send me this message:

    Dear Stig,

    Thank you for your e-mail. All the team members are fine and doing well. We were all expectant of receiving some food. Thank you for the update though, we hope for the best tomorrow.

    Upon discussing amongst ourselves, we thought it wise to advise you to be objective and contact the commune with a forgiving heart, just like Christ taught and as you taught us. Often, people may not understand our best motives, the commune inclusive, but sometimes it is wise to buy time and bring change slowly and patiently. Misunderstanding does occur but it is good to sit down and resolve the matter when the mood is good. Remember this is one of the basic rules that you taught us while in Kenya.

    Remember the old saying,” you may win an argument but lose a friend.” Sometimes it is wise as God fearing people, to play cool. Time reveal things and eventually, the commune will understand, as time by what you stand for. All the money, even what the commune has, is given them by God as stewards. A few individuals may stand between you and this money, but if you approach them with wisdom and work amongst themselves, they will eventually be changed towards your ideals by observing how dedicated and accommodative to people’s ideas you are.

    We hope that you will find our advice handy and approach the commune as this will drastically alleviate our suffering.

    Good day,

    And this gives me an opportunity to write this to the team:

    Dear David/all,

    First I would like to say that I TRULY understand your sufferings and your motives to encourage me to contact the Commune again and I truly wish that it would be possible for the Commune to listen to and understand me and to realise that they have indeed committed mistakes when they took the cash help from me giving me and you what seems like a death sentence and if you have read my scripts carefully the last week you will understand that what appears to be a contradiction is NOT because it is exactly this WRONG decision of the Commune making us all suffer that will make us all survive (!) – this is how the Source works his best – because it gives energy to LIFT ME TO LIFT THE WORLD AWAY FROM THE DEVIL WHO WOULD OTHERWISE TERMINATE US ALL – this is WHY I do it, which I truly hope you understand.

    Please rest assure that I have FAITH IN THE SOURCE AND THE COUNCIL TO GIVE US HELP TO SURVIVE when I enter the DIVINE LIGHT OF the Source before Sunday this week and BECOME MYSELF ON EARTH – otherwise I would never go through this phase – and after I took this decision NOT to contact the Commune, which EVERYONE apparently are EAGER for me to do (!) the Source showed me that THE GATES NOW STAND WIDELY OPEN for me to enter.

    What I am saying here is that I FOLLOW THE ONLY ROAD OF THE SOURCE – I CAN SIMPLY NOT DO IT OTHERWISE – and that it is the responsibility of people – when they have received enough chances to correct their wrong doings – to contact ME and to repent their sins, not vice versa.

    I will keep you updated through my scripts and I do hope that I will be able to send you a little bit of survival help tomorrow – and hoping that you will still show your faith in me during this critical week, which you will understand from the script also of today. This is the best I can do my friends.

    LTO will “never let me down” – and I will never let you down too

    Earlier this morning JOHN and DAVID had both decided to send me emails – despite of their shortage of money – which made me very happy – THANK YOU – and to John I would like to say that I AM THRILLED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE AGAIN and YOUR VERY KIND WORDS and I do wish that LIFE WOULD BE DIFFERENT TO YOU but as you will hopefully understand I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BECOME MYSELF AND TO MAKE THE WORLD SURVIVE IF IT WAS NOT FOR YOUR SUFFERINGS – this is the meaning of all what you have gone through – and I cannot tell you how much this means to all of us – the Council is on this line too – and we know because JOHN IF ONE MORE OF YOU HAD DONE THE SAME AS WHAT ELIJAH DID AND WAS EXPECTED TO DO – to pull out the plug – I AM NOT SURE THAT I WOULD BE ABLE TO SAVE THE WORLD and this is the Source speaking to you for the first time directly MY BOYS as he call you too because he has followed you from when you were born. Thank you John for “never let me down” and my feeling is still to see all of you arriving happy at the lunch restaurant which is the ONLY way forward after Sunday, when God will let me enter his “inner circle” of light.

    Please give my absolutely best to all of your family and friends John – and take care all of you.

    Here is John’s email:

    Dear Stig,

    I hope this message finds you well. Thank you very much for updating us on the progress you are making in life in spite of the difficult circumstances along the way. My family and the team are all well, God has not taken away his grace although economically we are suffering. All good things come from God and therefore its my prayer that suffering will definitely come to an end.

    We are hanging on since you have time and again told us to be patient. We will never let you down Stig because we trust you and you have proved to be very kind and honest. I have to stop there since the little money i had to visit the cyber is finished.
    We appreciate all what you are doing to support us.


    And all of my warmth also goes to you David, your brother, family, girlfriend and friends and my appreciation for your continued support and I can only say that the same words and best wishes as I gave to John COME FROM THE DEPTH OF ALL OF OUR HEARTS ALSO TO YOU DAVID AND ALL OF YOUR LOVED ONES and this is from each member of the Council J.

    Here is David’s email:

    Dear Stig,

    Greetings and thank you again for your continued support. I was unable to write to you for the last few days. I am fine, despite all challenges and pushing on ahead. My young brother is still recovering but out of danger now. Kenya is cold now and for the last few days I had some flu but I am healed now. Thank the lord. We miss your presence and face to face advice, which of course comes in handy in your scripts. I will check later today whether you were able to come back to us. Thnaks and kind regards, God bless you abundantly.


    And when writing these words – coming closer to the end of another impossible script – I am told that YOU DID THE ONLY RIGHT THING YOU COULD DO BECAUSE WE ARE PREASURING YOU BEYOND THE LIMIT OF LET US SAY HERE “MOST PEOPLE” STIG NOT TO ANNOY ANYONE and yes BEYOND THE LIMIT OF ANY OTHER PERSON and this is why we have all COLLECTIVELY including the Source decided to remove at least some of the worst sufferings we could give you during this week and so it is – thank you all my friends.

    Poul-Erik will cancel my lease making me ask you to UNDERSTAND/AGREE and to remove lawyers/courts

    We know Stig today I received a REGISTERED letter from Poul-Erik and we know THREATENING TO CANCEL MY LEASE OF THE APARTMENT AND ALSO TO EVICT ME FROM THE APARTMENT (?) if I don’t pay the rent within 14 days and we know EXACTLY AS ANTICIPATED IN FACT IN MY EMAIL TO POUL-ERIK from the 30th June and in my script of the 2nd July in fact and do you remember Poul-Erik that I promised you to include your answer in my Blog and this is what I do here and we know WHY DID YOU NOT SEND ME AN EMAIL so I did not have to write your letter manually (?) and we know only because of the STUPID LAW it is demanding that you must be able to prove that I have received your claim and we know I received the registered letter and I signed for the reception and so it is and here is what he decided to write to me:


    Ved gennemgang af min konto har jeg bemærket, at jeg ikke har modtaget Din indbetaling af den forfaldne husleje. Derfor sender jeg denne betalingspåmindelse.

    Har Du allerede betalt det skyldige beløb 4023,73 kr. inden for de sidste fem hverdage, kan Du se bort fra denne henvendelse. Hvis Du har glemt at betale Din huslejeregning, beder jeg Dig straks indbetale beløbet. Benyt venligst kontonr. 2252 0252 193 472 i Nordea Bank.

    BEMÆRK – At lejemålet ophæves uden yderligere varsel medmindre den skyldige leje ikke betales inden 14 dage fra dags dato.

    Med venlig hilsen
    Poul-Erik Larving

    And we know Stig I had anticipated that if Poul-Erik did not have faith in me that he would NOT have patience with me and we know if I had the Devil inside of me I would contact a lawyer myself and we know but I DO LIKE POUL-ERIK VERY MUCH AS A PERSON and I also like VERY MUCH that you are a “self-made” man using professional templates – acting as your own LAWYER you are (!) – and we know some of the best available as far as I can see and we know on this basis I give you my CREDIT if you understand such a small one (!) and so it is but we know the CHALLENGE here is of course that HE DOES NOT HAVE FAITH IN ME BEING THE SON OF GOD because NO ONE WILL HAVE FAITH IN ME if they don’t have the PATIENCE to read and the openness to understand my scripts and therefore Poul-Erik there was no other way out for you than to do what is WRONG, which is to act as the Devil/lawyer and I do understand your “economical problems” also when you are two parties in a relationship but do you truly understand mine (?) and so it is.

    So what you did was to write a PROFESSIONAL letter without showing any feelings which was to HIDE – as anticipated – and apparently it is difficult for you to show CHARITY in your “situation” and you decided that you could not wait until I will receive income even though I showed you my WILL to pay when I receive money and we know if you had understood my scripts you would understand that I am ONLY in this situation because I was cheated by the Commune and because no people yet have decided to pay to read my books (!) – so it is ONLY because of the letdowns of other people that I had no other option than to let you down Poul-Erik and what I truly could have hoped for was for YOUR understanding instead of your decision to FIGHT me and the following is the message of this experience:

    When you cannot understand each other, you will create conflicts which you cannot agree on and this is where a society dominated by the Devil will feed his army – the lawyers and courts of law – and this brings unhappiness to all. And all I ask of you in the future is for ALL PEOPLE TO LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and AGREE ON A WIN/WIN SITUATION REALLY – and we know use a mentor if needed – to become HAPPY really and I ask you to eliminate UNNECESSARY COMPLICATED LAW and ALL LAWYERS and COURTS OF LAWS TOO – because when you do training programmes including good behaviour, communication and my basic rules to all as part of the upbringing of people and we know throughout life I see in front of me a mankind which I have always looked forward to: PEOPLE WHO TREAT EACH OTHER WITH RESPECT AS THEY WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED THEMSELVES and we know when doing this YOU SHOULD NEVER COME IN SITUATIONS WHEN YOU CANNOT AGREE and this is what we all are looking forward to – and Poul-Erik this is really why you decided to do as you did – to be the Devils advocate really – but instead of bringing me down your actions have the purpose to help me write this story to teach the world and we know this is another story of how something, which apparently is negative is REVERSED to something positive just as “close to death” is reversed to “close to life” when resurrecting me and so it is.

    And Poul-Erik my answer to you is that I WILL PAY YOU WHEN I CAN – WHEN I RECEIVE INCOME and all I ask of you is your patience and this is the destiny of your life in relation to me because HOW BIG IS YOUR PATIENCE AND YOUR WALLET TOO because do you believe in me that I will pay you – also what I owe, if you have less than a NORMAL LIFE as you can read of from my scripts and my website – or do you prefer to go all the way through the COMPLICATED court system to throw me out from the apartment and we know this is what you on paper is preparing but IS THIS ALSO WHAT YOU HAVE BOTH THE PATIENCE TO DO AND THE MONEY REQUIRED BECAUSE IT WILL COST YOU MONEY YOU KNOW (?) and DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE YOU (?) and we know FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE – we have tried this before Poul-Erik (!) – I can inform you that IT WILL TAKE YOU MANY MONTHS and we know IS THAT REALLY WHAT YOU WANT (?) or will you accept my promise to pay you as soon as I receive money from people and/or the Commune and you do remember Poul- Erik that I have paid you exactly on time every month when I had money (?) so this is really another way of asking you: DO YOU HAVE FAITH IN ME? And if you don’t have faith in me as the Son of God you may have faith in me when it comes to my promise to pay? And if you have this faith in me, I can tell you that you should also have faith in me as the Son of God because both questions are related to the same: IF YOU HAVE FAITH IN ME? There is REALLY no difference between the questions but there may be in your “OPINION”?

    And we know Poul-Erik DIFFICULT THEY ARE all of these crazy rules but I don’t believe your claiming letter fulfil all of the requirements (!) as you can see described from the following link if you have the PATIENCE to read and understand this and we know maybe it is easier for you to find the PATIENCE to read this Poul-Erik to “save” your money than MY VERY LONG SCRIPTS to save your life (?) and so it is my friend.


    And we know Stig when editing this chapter at 18.44 I listened to “good old Mylle” on the Danish P4 radio and we know he played the SWINGING song “maybe I am crazy” and this song had to come sooner or later and later it became and we know “it’s a strange world we live in” when people believe I am crazy when the truth is that they are the ones who are crazy when they trust their own deceiving thoughts more than me and we know Stig I AM STILL NOT “LAID BACK” AS YOU WILL UNDERSTAND.

    My mother is now saved as the last, symbols from TV of me as God and Germany qualified for the final

    And we know ending another beautiful day here with these small stories:

    • When writing the previous chapter I was told that NOW MY MOTHER IS ALSO SAVED as the LAST PERSON ON EARTH and we know Stig BECAUSE I DECIDED TO DO MY BEST TODAY AGAIN WRITING THIS SCRIPT and we know MORE DIFFICULT THAN YESTERDAY IT WAS and we know approaching my limit we are and we still have more work to do when editing the script and a football match is coming too this evening but this is really to say that if I had born the Devil, I would become the first myself to be eliminated and we know THIS IS WHY I STARTED TO LIFT THE VEIL OF THE DRESS OF THE DEVIL and THIS IS WHY MUSLIM PEOPLE WEAR THIS DRESS AS A SYMBOL OF ME as Virgin Mary here says and we know Stig YOU DON’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD SURVIVE IF YOUR MOTHER DIED KNOWING THAT SHE WOULD BE TERMINATED and we know THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU TOO because YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON OF MY LIFE TOO and IT BREAKS MY HEART THAT I DON’T SEE YOU and I KNOW IT BREAKS YOUR HEART TOO and we know here I cannot keep my tears away and only hoping I am that SOMETHING WILL START TO HAPPEN VERY SOON to end all of this suffering and we know THIS HAS BEEN THE ONLY PURPOSE OF MINE TO CONTINUE WORKING AND LIVING A LIFE WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO – TO ELIMINATE THE DEVIL and we know THIS IS IT REALLY and so it is – HOPE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND AND SUPPORT ME ON THIS because THIS IS HOW I AM.

    • And watching “the third half” on television again today Carsten was inspired to say that “he who got the idea to put hands on a hat is genious – they clap and clap” and when I heard this I received a feeling from the Source that this is all of us clapping because you go through this military training course and we know the next one was NOT EASY TO UNDERSTAND because we did not give you any feelings or speech at all when Carsten showed a BIG DRUM WITH A HEART ON IT and you thought that the drum had to be a symbol of the Council – thinking of the symbol of original people I was – but when we did not tell you, you decided that you would not write it and it was first when Carsten said the words “hold på hat og briller” (“hold on to your hat and spectacles”) that we and you reacted because this is why we told a bus driver in a bus in Copenhagen maybe 20 years ago to announce to people on the bus “hold on to your hat and spectacles because the next stop is at Stormgade” and we know Stig THIS IS REALLY AN EXAMPLE OF THE “STORM” I HAVE GONE THROUGH IF YOU CAN PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER MY DEAR READERS in order to receive the love of the Council and we know not only love but appreciation to be alive because I am their saviour too.
    • And did you see the WAR PAINTING Jan had painted on his head (?) – dark at one half of the head and white at the other – and this is really showing MY TWO STRONG SIDES as I wrote about earlier today and we know I am absolutely sure that this must be a “coincidence” too – or what do you believe mother (?) – because here it has the meaning of the Devil and God of me giving me two complete and STRONG sets of feelings – like you have two sets too but not quite as strong as me – and we know not easy to remove the Devil from you when it is so deeply attached to your mother, family and friends and this is how it is.
    • And when Jan emptied a plastic bag with fireworks Carsten’s first reaction was that it was curry ketchup and he claimed that it was GERMAN and we know there are many “co-incidences” here because this is the reason why you bought so many sausages recently and why Carsten at this show had 18 hotdogs one day because Stig when you think of Germany you always think of CURRY WURST – sausages – and this is really how it all fits together – a SIGN it was – and we know at the last play of today Jan acted the Devil wearing knuckle dusters but Carsten was not afraid, he did not care and he decided to call Jan by names because of his WRONG behaviour even though he SHOULD be afraid of him and this brought up the temper in Jan but he did not have the courage to hit Carsten and we know do you think you have seen this play from somewhere else – maybe you can see “the read thread “ to my writings about your WRONG behaviour, not being afraid of you and you showing your temper without having the courage to hit (?) and because of this I was allowed to continue all the way to the final end.

    • We know Stig it is now 21.35 and still writing we are despite of exhaustions after also having prepared dinner, baked bread and washing up and still we are not finished because there is this INTERESTING football match between Germany and Spain on television now and I wonder if Germany will win or if the old “evil spirit” Spain will win and “evil spirit” because this is what Denmark has called Spain since losing to them many times since the eighties and we know HAVE THEY BEEN REVERSED TOO so they are not my symbol of the Devil anymore and we know JUST LIKE NADAL WHEN he won Wimbledon the other day where he also APPOLOGISED to his opponent for winning (!) and not everyday you do this and we know his apology was to me because I – as Stig – did not want to let him win last year because I took the side of Federer and so it is but I also admire your play very much Nadal and sorry we are for giving you this injury and we know still 0-0 it is now so maybe I can put on some coffee which I also have a little bit left of because I have saved and we know Spain is playing well here in the 58th minute so we will have to see what happens from here and we know to see if we really will let the best team win without interfering. And we know in the 73rd minute Spain scored to 1-0 and NO SIGNS FROM YOU AT ALL and NO INSPIRED SPEECH too through the commentators and we know at least to speak off and without relevance and so it is. And the match really ended with Spain winning and all I felt during this match was a very weak and giving up Devil performed by Virgin Mary and we know you did not give me any signs at all so just maybe Spain was simply the best team today like Nadal was the best player at Wimbledon and so it is.

    • And so it is Stig THE ABSOLUTELY LAST ITEM ON YOUR LIST OF POTENTIAL AND POSSIBLE “TASKS” TODAY and OK we will do this too if it cannot be otherwise and it is really to tell you that yesterday the “special HTML modules” on my website – the short ones as I have written about in February 2010 I believe – would not open at all neither in Firefox nor in Internet Explorer and we know making me think of COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS WITH MY FAMILY/FRIENDS and so it is and if I get new problems with my site today when publishing this script I will let you know tomorrow and we know I am not really nervous if someone should succeed shutting my website, I will simply open a new and a new and a new whenever necessary and at the most I will become annoyed to receive unnecessary work and this is truthfully how it is.

    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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