8th July 2010 – The final objective of the Source is to unite the spiritual and material world as ONE UNIVERSE

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of the Source hiding the Universe from mankind without anyone telling the truth! Starting the day with MUCH DISCOMFORT thinking of the “barrier-breaking” task to exchange the gift cheque with cash (!), is the Council standing behind Paul the psychic octopus and do they after all interfere with the results of the World Cup?, dreaming of improving already almost perfect printouts – my scripts, the Devil leaving me completely, a short dream from Helsingør with tracks leading to the story of good and bad working morale from the UNIQUE TV SERIES “MATADOR” and finding the missing stars of the sky as Mercedes Stars in my car as a symbol that the Source has deliberately hidden the Universe from mankind without anyone telling the truth (!) – is this SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE to believe in like me (?), THE SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL WORLD WILL UNITE AS ONE UNIVERSE, still driving my fastest to finalise my journey, Sanna encouraging me to find PAID work not accepting that writing is my work – which none have decided to pay for yet, many people are too lazy and careless to truly listen, work and admit their mistakes and when I enter “into the light” I will also be able to recreate the old stolen documents if needed.
My “once in a lifetime” run and a 800 years old oak tree symbolising the Source welcoming me into the light I decided to run first and I was told that five pain barriers would be set up for me in order to run the required 30 minutes. My planned route was changed by “the two others” leading me at a beautiful path with a very special, 800 years old oak tree as a symbol of the Source welcoming me to the PUREST light. This running was a “once in a lifetime” experience where I passed all of the barriers.
Exchanging the gift cheque and sending money to Kenya with thanks from the Trinity and the Council Feeling good after the exercise I walked to the supermarket Føtex where only one man had enough groceries for me to contact – I asked him if he would pay with the gift cheque and give me cash instead and I was HAPPY – also feeling Virgin Mary here – when he accepted. At the third attempt (!) the post office succeeded sending money to LTO and a little bit later at the third attempt too (!) I managed to send the payment instructions to David, symbolising thanks from the Trinity and Council.


Dreaming of the Universe being hidden from mankind by the Source without anyone telling the truth!

Yesterday evening after publishing my script and opening my website without problems – good signals here you know – I had a quiet evening and before going to bed I asked to be disturbed as little as possible because today I need to prepare and find most of my strength to do what for me is really both impossible and easy to do – exchange the gift cheque to cash through a customer – and this only proves just HOW difficult and barrier-breaking this is to me and we know it must also be because I am facing the same difficulties on the other side and we know Stig just how difficult can it be to open a door – like asking a customer – to find the light on the other side, which you know is the purest of the purest and we know but this is how we feel and we know if I don’t succeed today the narrow window will be open tomorrow as the last day and we know I did really have a quiet night where I was allowed to sleep but you know I am still not fresh today because I only slept “light” as so often before and we know AS ALWAYS is a better word so “almost tired” I would say I am today.

And before I will write a few dreams I have been thinking for A LONG TIME NOW that it would look like you my dear Council to be so FUNNY AND ALMOST CHILDLIKE to stand behind Paul the psychic Octopus in Germany predicting the results of World Cup matches and we know either this octopus is VERY SMART (!!) because it has not been wrong one single time and what are the odds of that (?) or else SOMEBODY IS CONTROLLING IT and we know if the last is the case THEN YOU ARE ALSO TRULY INTERFERING WITH THE RESULTS OF THE WORLD CUP my friends and we know JUST MAYBE THE ANSWER IS THAT WE WILL BECOME COMPLETELY REVERSED AT THE END OF THE WORLD CUP – and that Spain therefore will win now as a symbol of God and not the Devil as it has been to me for years but we will have to see – and we know I do believe you “monitor” the matches – SIOUXSIE YOU ARE NOTHING BUT TRULY EXCEPTIONAL and we know NO ONE GIVES ME THE SAME FEELINGS AS YOU DO ON THESE THREE ALBUMS from 1980-82 and this also includes the guitar, bass, the chorus and all of it in fact and so it is – and we know just maybe Polle is standing behind Paul choosing the right box of two with the visible country flags herewith predicting the match in question (?) and WHO, ME NO I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT and ONLY KIDDING WE ARE OR WHAT STIG and this is how it is at the moment I am only guessing without the Council telling me and we know but a qualified guess it is and also of course on condition that I do my work as I have done until now and enter “into the light”, which was really the reason why I played this FANTASTIC ALBUM by Siouxsie this morning and we know starting with Spellbound, Into the light, Arabian Knights and so the album continues and we know IT IS A TRUE 100 POINTS ALBUM – like my results on the tests I have gone through – and I HAVE ONLY ONE TEST LEFT and we know what seems as the most difficult and the easiest of them all and this is how it is and eeehhhhh let me also say here that yesterday afternoon before the match you gave me the name “Puyol” without saying anything else and we know – I believe you have done this too earlier in my scripts a long time ago but I cannot really remember – but you know I thought that Puyol did not play well in a previous match at the World Cup and who scored yesterday “using his head” (?) and of course Puyol did like I am doing here too and nothing else really.

Some dreams too:

  • I am at a fine student hostel in Aalborg, who also has a branch in Copenhagen, and a young man gives me the link to a website, which will enable me to calibrate my printer.
    • We know this is really only for feinschmekers because you will normally only calibrate the printer when you want super quality – or put in new cartridges – and so it is here with my scripts and what I put into them.
  • I am working at Fair, which have a new management group. I am smoking inside but I am told by one of the managers to stop because it annoys people, which I then do. Kristen – from DanskeBank-Pension – shows me how a very modern printer works, the printer produces perfect colour all the way to the edges of the paper.
    • A sign of letting the Devil finally leaving me completely and still doing my best with these scripts as the printer is really a symbol of.
  • I am in Helsingør the balance of my bank account is -100 DKK, it is Friday afternoon just before the end of the working week and we are taking a short break during working hours (!), which we know is WRONG. My car is parked at the beginning of Stengade – the main shopping street – in front of Sanna and Hans’ car. It is a Volvo 240 and when I open a small part of the bonnet to the engine people notice that it includes parts of a Mercedes because there are Mercedes stars visible and people say “det er en tysker” (“it is a German”). Hans shows me a map and asks me if I want to keep it and I say no thanks because the map is dirty. Sanna turns the car, she wants to drive it in place but it is almost impossible for her to do.
    • Helsingør is still the city of God, I have no “money money money” and I am holding a short break because this is what I do today CONCENTRATING on this IMPOSSIBLE/EASY task you know, my car is the symbol of “the new me” from the land of joy and happiness and we know parts of the engine come from Germany as mentioned the other day, where you also told me – which I did not write down – that the saying “det er en tysker” (“it is a German”) from the MOST POPULAR OF ALL DANISH TV SERIES OF ALL TIMES “MATADOR” IS ALSO INSPIRED BY YOU because the pig dealer Larsen during World War II teaches his dog “Kvik” not to eat when he says “det er en tysker” and when he says that it is alright, the dog eats and we know the dog is belonging to the Devil as a symbol and when the Devil will not touch Germany it may say that this is the role Germany will play when it becomes the Centre of the Universe and we know I AM ONLY USING MY HEAD here and don’t receive help so I don’t really know and the story also tells how disgusted people were of Germany – which many, but less, still are – because of the worst war of all times and we know the series of Matador also shows what happens when someone takes the train to a small provincial town like Korsbæk here after having decided to be “living in another world” – two meanings too you know – and very quickly you can see what ONE MAN only – Mads Skjern – does to a complete community which has lulled themselves to sleep and we know when he works his best, which makes him take over the city exhibiting just how lazy the people of the town are and this series is therefore a symbol of me arriving to tell the world DO AS I DO AND YOU WILL ALL GET A MUCH BETTER LIFE and ok we checked that one too and a little bit late but better late than ever and so it is – and “it’s going to happen” really as the Undertones right now plays in this their best song, which is TOP OF THE POPS TOO and so it is when you change direction, Feargal.
    • The story of the dirty map is only to say that it is difficult for Hans to find the destination of the city of the Source and the same with Sanna, who cannot control the car in this city YET and so it is – but just maybe they are starting to believe in me because they are here at the city of the Source and also thinking of nicer music playing from their music system from yesterday really. And we know Stig quite difficult to change the mind of your sister it is and for my sister to start believing that her kid brother is in fact the one he “claims” to be when you are not a believer yourself and who said that this task would be impossible to do (?) and we know “we’re having all the fun” and we know one of the best songs of Fun Boy Three and this is also how we can be you know – all three of us in fact.
    • Inspired by the home care story of people taking breaks during working hours and the information that there are no stars on the sky and we know the stars had to be somewhere, so this is where I placed at least some of them and I do believe there were three Mercedes stars in the dream and we know only the Trinity and you know THE BIG CHIEF really have the power to hide the Universe, which is what we are doing now because it is still there but you cannot see it and we know almost HILARIOUS it is that MANKIND WILL NOT OR CANNOT COMMUNICATE THIS TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD and we know WE ONLY DO THIS TO EXHIBIT THIS TRUTH SO YOU WILL UNDERSTAND what I have now used many pages to write: IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS and this also includes TELLING THE TRUTH instead of HIDING and so it is.
    • And Stig we are also WONDERING why nobody apparently have discovered this and we know I only used a few minutes searching the Internet for “where are the stars”, “where is the Universe” etc. and we know not searching deeply we know and this search did not give any clues and we know IS THIS THOUGHT SIMPLY AS IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE IN – in the beginning – AS THE THOUGHT OF I BEING THE SON OF GOD (?) and we know THERE ARE NO STARS ON THE SKY HERE – like tonight too (!) – and I STARTED NOTICING THIS IN KENYA ONE YEAR AGO but MAYBE THERE ARE STARS ON THE SKY, WHERE YOU ARE MY DEAR READER (?) and we know HAVE YOU TRIED TO LOOK (?) and IF YOU DO BELIEVE IN ME AND IN UFO’S WHAT YOU WILL SEE IN THE BEGINNING IS A COMPLETELY DARK SKY as I have now seen so MANY times – I can just look out the window every evening, which I sometimes do – and within a couple of minutes some, more or many UFO’s show up as LIGHTS on the sky “looking like the missing stars” (!) and we know is it only here that the sky is completely hidden from us (?) and elsewhere you will “see the lights” of UFO’s and I don’t know but the logical answer is that the sky will be dark everywhere and that only people believing in UFO’s will make the UFO’s appear – and my dear friends THE UFO’S WILL APPEAR WHEN YOU BELIEVE IN ME AND THEM AND WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO WITNESS THIS (?) and we know how difficult can it be to spend a few minutes watching the sky and we know maybe you will report back to me and we know I have been asking this question for months and NOTHING happens and we know HELLO ARE YOU DEAF OUT THERE (?) and we know the extraterrestrials are not because they are listening to the same channel as I am on and we know Stig you have not written about the two experiences you have had “meeting” the spirits of extraterrestrials within the last 14 days and we know I would like to experience it again and understand more before I will start to explain it to you but SPIRITUAL experiences it is feeling and seeing them and here I am told that THE IDEA IS REALLY TO UNITE THE SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL WORLD AS ONE UNIVERSE – this is what we are approaching and “let it be” we are still here and LOT’S of time left to complete my TRUE mission of today: TO SAVE LTO WHEN NOBODY ELSE WANTS TO HELP.
  • I am driving my bicycle absolutely as FAST as I can and have ever done despite that the tire of my front deck has lost some of its air. A lady is cycling next to me and to my surprise she is cycling equally as fast without problems and I see us arriving at a building, which must be the final destination.
    • A good symbol of me moving forward as quickly as possible and the beginning lack of air at the tire is my “break” today and we know thinking that the “invisible” lady following me is Virgin Mary and so it is.
  • I am at Sanna’s house, she has encouraged me to send my CV to employers, which I have done to some without motivation and she asks me if I have sent a questionnaire to the Insurance Information and I simply say yes without truly listening and it makes her say that I had to fill out the questionnaire and still I say that I have sent it really thinking that I forgot to do this and now I don’t feel like telling her the truth.
    • This is about Sanna who would like me to get a new job (?) to make my own income (?) and we know not fully understanding and accepting that I am working full time with my work writing my book (?), which I have done since the 1st May 2009 with the only “problem” that no one has decided to pay me for my work until now, and we know I could really update my CV too to include this job too but I don’t have access to the Word document, which is on my not working laptop – I only have the PDF document today – and I am not going to recreate it and we know YET is the feeling I get and this is referring to my stolen documents from May 2009 and we know I will give mankind a chance to find these yourself and we know if you cannot – should not be very difficult if you follow the clues I have given you – I might recreate them and we know I can do this too when I enter “into the light” and so it is.
    • And this is also the story about JUST HOW LAZY AND CARELESS MANY PEOPLE HAVE BECOME because in this dream I – as a symbol of all of these people – don’t truly listen to Sanna and we know I am in my own thoughts and I did not understand what to do with the questionnaire and when I found out what she meant it would simply be to “embarrassing” to admit my mistake and we know MUCH EASIER to just “pretend” that I did do what I did not and we know this is TRULY how many people are today and we know difficult for me to understand and yes Kim S. this is why the Source planted this story about a couple of letters, which I by mistake did not send approx. 17 years ago already (!) and you will probably remember (?) and we know I have told the story somewhere before in book no. 1 or 2.
  • And we know REALITY the album IS NOW PLAYING ON MY HEAD PHONES and we know BY BOWIE OF COURSE and DIFFICULT TO FIND THE CD ON THE INTERNET IT WAS – in FLAC format of course – and Fuggi still has my old new wave CD’s including this one and we know Stig IT IS TRULY MAGNIFICENT and BOWIE YOU ARE STILL A CLEAR NO. 2 after “Jeff the man” and we know YOU HAVE IT ALL: ART, ARTICULATION, CALM, ELEGANCE, SURPLUS, “ACIDITY” etc. and we know ALL WHICH IS REQUIRED FOR ME TO PUT YOU ON TOP OF MY LIST and we know “PABLO PICASSO” IS TRULY AS GREAT NOW SEVEN YEARS AFTER THE ALBUM WAS RELEASED and we know I could not tell in the beginning but this is how it is and “the loneliest guy in the world” is EXACTLY what I am and have been for months now and we know I don’t feel like the “luckiest guy” but you know just maybe I am if I imagine myself as the mirror of myself (!) and we know “I will never get old” because I am truly a “rebel rebel” and we know this is ALSO the Source speaking because WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT THINGS TO COME TO A HOLD because I AM ALWAYS DEVELOPING and we know THIS IS A ENERGY STREAM OF “THE FLOATING WORLD” really and so it is and they are close these bands and artists on my top 7-8 – Jeff in a league by himself and then David Bowie, the Jam, Simple Minds, the Cure, Siouxsie, Depeche Mode AND NOW ALSO OMD (!!!) followed by Morrissey, Rolling Stones, Muse, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, Mauro Scocco etc. and so it is – and we know don’t understand the critics not liking this album of Bowie very much – it almost makes me CRY because of its intense beauty and just the voice of Bowie is STILL nothing but breathtaking and of course this is ONLY the TASTE I am born with and so it is.

My “once in a lifetime” run and a 800 years old oak tree symbolising the Source welcoming me into the light

We know Stig THIS IS A GOOD DAY TOO and not only because of this chapter but ALSO the next.

After writing the first chapter of today and having had a small lunch I thought about what would be the wisest to do next and we know to go to Føtex trying to exchange the gift card with money – knowing that my LTO friends are starving and that if I first sent money at the end of the day it would be difficult or impossible for David to get access to the money today because of the closing hours in Nairobi – or to run first and we know I decided to be COOL and to run because I believed my chance at Føtex would be better at the end of the day when more people would arrive after work to buy a larger volume of groceries – of at least 259,45 DKK which the remaining gift cheque was on – than what I expected people would buy after lunch time and we know THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT and this is why I did as planned thinking that I would be ready to go to Føtex at 16.00 and if I succeeded to receive cash I would be able to send this before the closing hour of the post office at 17.30 and just maybe David would be able to find a place, which was still open in Nairobi to receive cash or else he and the team would have to wait until tomorrow morning and I was also thinking and asking the Council and Trinity to be with them helping them to come through and so it is.

So I left my apartment to start my run knowing which route to run (!) and I was told that I would receive five pain barriers to go through before I would have run half an hour, which you know is not much for “normal people” who can just go on running but if you think of a tractor pulling a heavy dead weight this is about as precise the feeling of my body is when I run – you need to try it to know it but try to imagine will you (?).

The first pain barrier was at the corner between Gammel Bagsværdvej and Bagsværdvej and we know “just to get you started”, which is really not easy when you need to find a rhythm more or less the same way as when I start working – not very easy it is as you will remember from some of my descriptions when I worked at the library.

After reaching this point until the next I started to receive constant stitches just to make my running more difficult and already here I was “motivated” to stop running but I decided to continue with difficulties and the next pain barrier was when I left Bagsværdvej to reach the path surrounding Bagsværd Lake – at the most narrow point – and from here I was hoping that I at least could run to Aldershvile Pavillion, which I did maybe two months ago and we know but I was only able to make it to Søvej today so let us say roughly that I carried out approx. 2½ of the five pain killers (!) here and I was thinking that this is approx. a 5 on a scale of 10 and we know thinking of the 10 different Cognacs I was and so it is and I was really not satisfied with myself as usual and we know my right shoe began chafing my foot and I thought of returning the same way as I came but NO I had decided to round the lake and to continue running a little later and when I was walking here I was ACCOMPANIED by a LOT OF RUBBISH MY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN FROM THE COUNCIL and we know AS USUAL when we are not ourselves and we know NOT ALWAYS EASY – mostly very difficult or impossible you know – to find out when you are coming with “empty” threats and when you give me threats to be taken seriously and we know when I think of this, this is really the only time I am GAMBLING (!) and we know because I decided to tell you that I have THREE RULES FOR YOU thinking that I am a part of the Trinity and that you will have to comply with my rules – you really need to tell the Devil MANY times because he/she is TOTALLY DEAF you know – and the rules were:

1. No matter what happens, I must enter the light.

2. The Devil must NOT be born including NO more sufferings of sexual nature from now on – which I don’t want to write most of the times when it happens daily – and

3. No people will die during this phase – ALL will survive

And when I set these rules the Devil did everything trying to spoil them or let us say complicate them – as in real life too you know – and I was asked many STUPID questions (!) and finally the dark side of Virgin Mary said to me convincingly – also because this might just be the truth and we know receiving another déjà vue feeling right now because of this – and we know SUNDAY by Bowie is playing right now distracting me a little bit because of its beauty and you know SUNDAY to enter into the light and so it is – and coming back to the voice of Virgin Mary who said that she would CUT off two joints of my right forefinger and the outer joint of my middle finger as a must to create energy on the other side for my inner self to enter the light and that is if I decided not do anymore from this point forward – including not sending money to LTO – and we know I could really not say much against this because either it was true or a lie and also thinking I was that if this should be the case it would become difficult for me to continue writing and so it is my friend WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW WHEN YOU ARE STILL WORKING AND BEING 100% IN ORDER IS A MIRACLE IN ITSELF and we know because if I was not able to write myself I would have to rely on my sister as the most likely person to overtake my writings on basis of my inputs and we know DIFFICULT/IMPOSSIBLE it would be – also to MOTIVATE her – and of course not with the same quality it would be and furthermore Virgin Mary said that she would have to hurt herself too so much that she would get a permanent handicap and we know in physical life too and all of this of course to generate enough energy to enter the light and this was the logic.

So I continued walking with this knowledge on my mind – really not nice to think of both of these “threats” but you know I still had absolutely no intentions for this to “disturb” me, to stop working or to lose a single ball to the Devil – and we know when I passed the row stadium and rounded the end of the lake my plan was to leave the lake path towards Nybrovej from where I would start running again down to Lyngby lake and from there to as long as possible on my way home but we know sometimes it does not turn out as the pastor preaches – thinking of some here in Denmark and in Kenya as well I am – and also when walking here because I was surprised to see that I chose the “wrong” path away from the wood surrounding the lake – beautiful it is – so when I came to the end of the path “I” choose I saw that it was connected with Kulhusvej leading out to Nybrovej but you know in Frederiksdal further down the road than I had expected and because of this I changed MY plan – but not the plan of the two others you know – because I decided to start running again on the other side of Kulhusvej on the very beautiful Prinsessestien along Mølleåen (the Mill Stream) instead – and when I started running Virgin Mary was “nice” to tell me that the before mentioned “threats” of course only applied if I did not continue “working”, which running also is here because of the difficulties this gives me and the energy it creates, and from here I was told that the threats would be reduced – and we know I had never been on this path before and I did not know how beautiful the stream was here – I thought of Gudenåen because the Mill stream is at this place as beautiful as Gudenåen, which I remember with JOY that I visited with my old class back in 1978 I believe, do you remember Allan our “fun” canoe sailing and my sinking into quick sand etc. (?) – and I followed this path over the bridge to the other side of the stream and from here I really just followed the path and I was thinking at one point that now I had arrived at 3½ on the pain barrier and I was really thinking to continue running but when I saw one of the most special and beautiful trees I have seen in my life directly in front of me on the path I was running I knew that I simply had to stop because it was clear to me that this was the symbol of the Source self welcoming me to his inner secret, the LIGHT and ONLY THE LIGHT as nobody has seen it before and I was also thinking of the Tree of Souls from the beautiful Avatar movie as another symbol of OUR TREE and I read the sign next to the tree saying that it is approx. 800 years old and called “Klopstock-egen” etc. and when I was sitting at the bench there – annoyed by mosquitoes as usual – another “PLAY FOR TODAY” happened in front of my eyes because four runners approached and stopped at the tree too and I told the first one that the tree is 800 years old – and we know from before the present Kronborg Castle was built and a long time in Earth time it is – and it also impressed him and these four men were on a team building run with their company, which according to two of their t-shirts had to be the Danish contractor MT Højgaard and we know meeting the Source here I was and STARTING TO BUILD A NEW WORLD was my thought because of this company and these men had received the task to find out just how big this tree is without having a tape measure and we know they estimated that it was six metres round – after measuring with the length of their arms walking around the tree – and they were also asked of the diameter of the tree and they started calculating USING THEIR HEAD really (!) and they knew that you divide the diameter with Pi and we know they thought Pi was 3.17 instead of 3.14 but they succeeded to give an answer of approx. 1.95 metres and to double check – ALWAYS A FANTASTIC IDEA TO DO ON EVERYTHING YOU DO MY FRIENDS AS I NORMALLY DO and I DO MEAN EVERYTHING (!) – one of the team members decided to lay down on the ground in order for his colleagues to measure the diameter on basis of his height of 1.85 metres and their answer using this method was also 1,95 metres – and here I am also thinking of the Dane Mark Aarøe Nissen remembering 17,108 digits of the PI number in March 2010 and who do you think helps him to remember all of these digits which is “SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE” to do for “normal” people?

And we know David is still playing and will you please say hi to him too and tell him that this song in its simplicity is nothing but genius and we know so it is and I am thinking of this song every single time Meshack writes “hi” to me.

So after some minutes I continued running from here and we know ENJOYING the nature much and I ran down to Lyngby Lake, crossed the bridge and from here I walked maybe 200 metres before I decided to continue running until the bottom of Folkeparken surrounding the lake – really crossing physical barriers normally stopping me I was – and this was the end of the run today and I was told that this was my “once in a lifetime” run and we know we are also sometimes some silly Talking Heads here we know and 1-2-3-4-5 and we do believe you passed all of the barriers and a clear 10 it was for you in order to enter the light and we know because you would of course never break your plan with the next task on the agenda: To visit Føtex, overcome my “fear” and send money to LTO as you can read from here:

Exchanging the gift cheque and sending money to Kenya with thanks from the Trinity and the Council

At 16.00 I had taken a bath and was on my way to Føtex – physically I was feeling good because of the exercise, which also gave me even more confidence (!) and on my way I received many positive comments from the Council like “now he is doing it” etc. and I was shown the bridge bringing me the last way over to the island of the light as we can call it here and we know you cannot call me Al and we know PAUL SIMON where are you (?) and thinking of you and Elijah singing together in South Africa I am as I wrote last year in Kenya not knowing that it would me take this long to KILL a Devil and we know hopefully there will come another good opportunity for the both of you – despite Elijah’s untrained voice (!) – not long from now and on my way I also though that if I succeeded to receive money I could restrict my self to buy only one rye bread of 10 DKK from SuperBest and not two as I had planned earlier and it was with this attitude I arrived at the supermarket – and we know besides the basic commodities I bought yesterday I have five sausages left and very little – almost nothing – porridge oats and vegetables.

And we know there were not very many people at Føtex today at this time and I was really thinking that tomorrow at the same time and especially 1-2 hours later there would come many more and I tried to look at people both standing in line and walking the supermarket to see if they had many groceries in their wagons and it only took me two minutes to get an overview and I only found two possible customers to approach, one being an Asian who I did not know if he spoke Danish or maybe English and I decided that I did not want to take this chance to speak in English today also because it is really not always easy to speak when you have almost not been speaking for months because of (almost) NO contacts with people (!) and the Devil working against my speech too (!) – and let me also say here that I beforehand had decided that I would only ask a maximum of three customers and if they turned me down I would stop asking – and the second customer was a nice looking “family man” together with his two small children and we know he had much in his wagon and he was on his way to the cash desk to pay – which was optimal – but instead of beginning to stand in line he turned around because “SUDDENLY” he remembered that he had forgotten something and we know, which was really to make it more difficult for me – would I still ask him when he turned around or would I decide to wait until tomorrow when there would come more people with more groceries because of the shopping in for the weekend (?) – and despite of this I approached him and I said more or less as I had prepared from home – I had done a script to overcome my “difficult side“ just like a script for telesales as I have some experience in you know – and I asked him if he would do me a favour and he decided to listen to me so I showed him the gift cheque and told him that I had received this but that I had decided that I would rather spend the money on something else but that Føtex would not exchange the gift cheque with money and that if he was going to buy his groceries anyway if he would mind paying with the gift cheque and give me the cash instead and we know this was the moment of truth really and this man did not need to think twice (!) because he accepted immediately and he told me that he could give me the cash straight away – instead of waiting to pay at the cash desk – and it was here Stig that the door really was opened for you because it was right here you used the key and we know when you contacted the exact man we hoped you would contact because it turned out that he only had 250 DKK on him and I therefore “sold” the gift cheque of 259,45 DKK to him for this amount and we know costing me one rye bread of 10 DKK – this was the connection really to my thought on the way to the supermarket – and we know just maybe AFTERWARDS he started to think if I had cheated him and if the gift cheque really worked but as you found out later my friend it did. And this experience was “piece of cake” really as one side of me had expected it to be and yes Kim S. I had exactly the same two feelings every single morning when I entered a new shop of Synoptik as a salesman to mention one example many years ago – both very nervous and very confident at the same time and this is really how it is. Thank you!

So from here it was now “easy” – or should be (!) – because now I only needed to send the money to David and hurry home to send him an email with the payment instructions and we know I have never had problems sending money to Kenya before but this time the lady at the desk at the post office keyed in the necessary information including the amount in DKK which was 178 DKK net (273 gross!!!) and when she wanted to tell me how much the transferral amount would be in Shillings – which NOBODY has asked me before – I could decide to tell her that it did not matter and we know being impatient or I could decide to be patient thinking that it was GOOD SERVICE and I know from experience that PATIENCE is the name of this game and therefore I decided to be patient but nothing apparently happened on her screen, the order had not been approved and we know so therefore she decided to key in the information from the beginning again and at the same point as the first time NOTHING HAPPENED AGAIN (!) and we know she tried to call Western Union on the telephone to receive help and it was really “strange” because the telephone “suddenly” did not work either (!) and we know you have tried this so many times – divine jamming of electronically devices – so you know that you have to be decisive as the solution so when she recommended me to come back after half an hour I accepted instead of walking home to “relax” (!) – or that is to write the final two chapters of today really.

From here I decided to sit outside at the “café” just on the other side of the post office and we know after half an hour I was back at the same counter and she keyed in the information now for the third time and 1-2-3 for the Trinity – the third time was REALLY lucky – as they say – also here and finally I succeeded to send the money and we know during this phase the dark side of Virgin Mary told me that she would get out of here but we know some difficulties she gave me because of this “jammin’” and when I was sitting outside I heard the other Council members giving her comfort and telling her that it is not a shame to lose to me and that “we could not kill him” and all of this is both a game and also deadly serious because the game is – soon “was“ – following the Universal rules given by myself to be so to say and we know where the ultimate death was the most likely outcome for all of us really.

And when I arrived home I “just” had to send an email to David and we know I have had NO problems sending emails since I started using the Thunderbird email client one month ago – and we know better it is than the MANY FREE Microsoft email clients – but the first time when I tried to send the email it did not work – I received an error message – and the second time the same happened and I was ALMOST convinced that the third time would become the LUCKY time again – in Denmark we say HAPPY and it is really this I mean – and we know finally you allowed the email to be sent and this is really how I finalised this test of today “with a little help from my friends” and thanks from the Trinity – and THE COUNCIL TOO because when we don’t play the dark side we are OF COURSE with you AS WE ALSO ARE ALL OF THE TIME and we know which the readers also know now because THE COUNCIL IS OF COURSE MADE OF THE PUREST LIGHT, which is what they would show only if mankind had not broken some very simple rules given many years ago – and I can only say BRING THEM ON the tests if you have more before Sunday and so it is truly here.

Here is the email I sent to David and the team:

Dear David/all,

I succeeded to send you approx. 2,100 Shillings – I could not send more.

Control number: 3534294997
Q: Today
A: Thursday

And this is with Blessings from the Trinity – see the script, which I will send later.

This is also to help me to come "into the light" so I can help you better.

Kind regards,

And we know Stig I also find it kind of funny and indeed kind of sad that all of my dreams of mankind was dying and it is truly a very very MAD WORLD and we know I SIMPLY HAD TO WRITE THIS HERE WHEN LISTENING TO MY MIXED NEW WAVE CD’S from 1982 and we know TEARS FOR FEARS when you do music like this YOU ARE ALSO RINGING AT THE TOP OF MY TREE and so it is here you know.

And we know “TODAY” IT’S A DREAM AWAY and 1982 was a special year in music history remember (!) so therefore we are also listening to this FANTASTIC song by TALK TALK to say that TODAY I USED THE KEY really.

And finally it was really not much of a break today as expected because I was working – or running or visiting town – most of the day until 23.00 when this is published after two edits also today and NO SHORTCUTS (!) and we know we disguise it well these days don’t we and this is exactly what you do as you do with the Universe too and excited I am to see if any family members or friends will lift their behinds from the sofa to look up on the sky or if this is also “too difficult” to do – when you don’t have faith?


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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