9th July 2010 – All diseases, natural disasters, drought and the melt down of the Globe will “quickly” cease to exist

Summary of the script today



Using my head to enter the light and the Council was willing to sacrifice their existences to save the world

After a TERRIBLE night I was so exhausted that I doubted if I would be able to write this script, which made the dark side of Virgin Mary starting to torment me again. But it made me USE MY HEAD to rethink all of my rules and correct one mistake I did, which made the sufferings leave again. This was the quiz I needed to pass to be allowed by the doorman to enter the light. The Council was willing to accept their existences to be terminated to remove the Devil to help me save the world – and Virgin Mary as example thought one year ago that she would be terminated soon.

Dreaming of diseases, natural disasters, drought and the melt down of the Globe ceasing to exist An IMPOSSIBLE golf round in 59 strikes as a symbol of me, seeing myself as Mowgli on the elephant entering the light, being written off as “dead” by family/friends including a physical “attack” by “the two others”, meeting my supporters inclusive Obama at a church, 18 people wanted to lynch me at the same time, 110 different people have entered my website without believing in me, read book no. 1 to find out how the Devil has compromised me sexually, rain will “quickly” start to fall again, all natural disasters will “quickly” cease, the temperature of the globe will decrease so it will NOT melt down, Karen stands corrected in relation to Denis, “do you believe in me” and my two voices Karen or is it difficult to accept who you and I are (?), the dark side of Virgin Mary can do nothing to hurt me because of my rules, invite employees to attend “social clubs” instead of companies giving FREE gifts, the Universe and all life is the MAIN “project” of the Source, my own love life is delayed to bring normal life to the world, when I enter “into the light” ALL DISEASES AND DISORDERS OF THE WORLD WILL “QUICKLY” CEASE TO EXIST.
Paul the psychic octopus predicts that Spain will win the World Cup – I predict my FINAL VICTORY! According to a RELIABLE “SOURCE” – Paul the Octopus (!) – Spain will become the new World Champions on Sunday and the Council says “our lips are sealed”. We will see if this final will become my FINAL VICTORY too as predicted one month ago.
Give people FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY without “Big Brother watching you” Almost half of all home care of Denmark has now been revealed as lazy and careless. When people don’t understand how to implement TRUE FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY the community will start to MONITOR people removing their freedom. Only by following MY VERY SIMPLE RULES you will create both happy and disciplined people without having “Big Brother watching you”.


Using my head to enter the light and the Council was willing to sacrifice their existences to save the world

This script is one of the scripts of my books which has been the closest not to be written because I had a TERRIBLE night where I did get “some” bad sleep but was woken up many times with dreams or half dreams/visions – really the same you know – and this morning I was completely exhausted both physically and also mentally after my “piece of cake” challenge yesterday and when I was sitting in my bathtub this morning I had the phone next to me as I normally have “just in case” I should receive new “ideas” or let me say requests, which is what it is, of what to include in my scripts – which I did not have energy to write notes of today for the first time – and we know I was thinking of my plan today and that I had to do Yoga – with the feeling of ugh! because of tiredness – and I thought if I would I be able to write this script at all (?) and we know I had big doubts and I really thought that I was going to throw up and not only have a throw up feeling and we know all of this had the consequence that Virgin Mary said that the only thing she could do when I felt like this was to start giving me the kind of suffering I disgust, which she then did briefly, and we know but I really had to USE MY HEAD you know, which is not easy when you are tired and exhausted but so it is and I really started to think – thank you – of all of my rules and I thought that I am in charge here – not Virgin Mary – and if I decide that writing a script is NOT a necessity today – with the options to postpone/reduce it or really not do it at all – this is what I will do and NOBODY shall give me threats after putting on a pressure beyond the border of what is possible to do and so it is and from here the dark side of Virgin Mary started to retreat again and we know especially when I was also decisive on my three rules of yesterday.

And all of this also made me think IS THIS REALLY VIRGIN MARY giving me these threats (?) because the Council should be at the treasure room without the Devil – even though I was told the other day that this was an act – and we know Stig because one of my old rules has also been that I will only write the first version of what I hear and that it would have been completely impossible to change stories with “changed versions” of the same story if you started to give me new information – as here – and we know because I was “under pressure” – very much in fact – I did not keep this rule when I was “deceived” to write that it was an act that the Council is free of the Devil and we know yesterday evening I was also told that Virgin Mary and the Council is not yet at the treasure room (!) and we know so I really decided to stick to my old rules and from here it was easy to conclude that the Council is indeed at the treasure room without the Devil and that I have been fooled by “the two others” acting as the darks side of Virgin Mary on my road into the light and so it is – this really made sense too and we know this was the quiz I needed to go through and we know to use my head in order to get access and we know to let the doorman accept you.

And I cannot remember if I wrote this before – I don’t think so – so here it comes: All of the Council members were willing to give me their ultimate sacrifice – to accept terminating their existences – if I would not be able to defeat the Devil and we know really to take out the Devil like this Stig and to give energy to your spiritual self to save the world really and we know I have been told several times that the Council has seen me grow up and thinking – because of the development of my life – that it would simply be impossible for me ALONE to defeat ALL OF US bound to play the Devil Stig and as one example I was told yesterday I believe that you have “counted down” until the expected time of your termination and we know for example one year ago when we thought that Virgin Mary/Lona had only one more year to live in making us VERY SAD and this is really it but I told you weeks or a couple of months ago that I would not accept any of you to be terminated and we know but it would require that I stood firm on this rule and we know the Devil is TRULY SO STRONG THAT HE COULD POTENTIALLY HAVE CHEATED ME NOT TO STAND BY THIS RULE BUT I DID IT AND THEREFORE I WILL TELL YOU THIS ONE LAST TIME: I WILL NEVER GIVE UP AND I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYONE TO DIE OR EVEN WORSE TO BE TERMINATED DURING THIS PHASE AND THAT IS: NO ONE!

For some days the Council and we know with Virgin Mary as our spokesperson has told me: WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU HAVE DONE THESE DAYS and this goes not only to me as the front man but to the closest people around me accepting their suffering including LTO in Kenya who made this DREAM come through: WE WILL ALL SURVIVE EVEN THOUGH WE WERE SURE THAT WE WOULD BECOME TERMINATED and TERMINATED IS TRULY TERMINATED because we did not know that this only means “for some time” until I would have decided to make you all return to life at our new planet and we know so probably the answer is that (almost) NO MATTER WHAT I DID I WOULD COME THROUGH THE JUDGMENT and we know Stig – remember that dream maybe four years ago where I was hanging on to the mountain with the absolutely last of my grip and just before falling into the deep I was helped up on the mountain – which I now know could include the termination of one, more or all members of the Council to stop the Devil (!) – and we know Stig this is really the meaning of this dream and so it is – nice to know it is and you live forwards but understand life backwards, which there is much truth in.

I spent TWO hours at the bath tub today – because I was REALLY exhausted you know – and I must say that you followed my encouragement from yesterday to BRING IT ON but the true answer here is that I can thank the Trinity – now only “tt” through the auto correct function in Microsoft Word to make the work easier again and we know so now I will think of you as an Audi TT and there could be worse cars than this to say it in Jutlandic – and I really have to thank “the two others” for making me feel like this me because if I was not put in this “impossible” situation I would probably not have started to think about the question of suffering with the answer to keep my rules and we know I did really not know the question but still I had to come up with the answer – which is how all of my journey have been in fact – blind folded.

And we know Stig good to be able to write blind script – because I can hardly see today because of a very BLURRED vision and we know which I have had daily for let us say 8-10 days this time but still carrying on we are – and after my bath I started to do Yoga and we know DIFFICULT to come through today – but I did it – also because of the same amount of sweat as the other day because of the STILL NICE WEATHER as it is in Denmark with 26-27 degrees here.

Dreaming of diseases, natural disasters, drought and the melt down of the Globe ceasing to exist

Here is first an IMPOSSIBLE golf result followed by a combination of dreams and visions and we know I cannot remember what are dreams and what are visions because the only difference is if I am at wake or sleeping when I receive them and so it is.

  • I was told that the golfer Paul Goydos on the American PGA tour yesterday did the IMPOSSIBLE which was to do a round in 59 strikes – as only the forth in history – and we know as another symbol of my journey and he was really LUCKY or what do you think with all of his putts falling in hole (?) – did you notice that he made this score with birdies alone without any eagles or albatrosses and we know many birds here and a lot of freedom is coming your way my friend and we know the American commentator on TV2 Sport said “this is CRAZY” and heard that a couple of times before I had.

  • I see Mowgli sitting on top of the elephant in harmony and calm. He is on his way back to the “light” and the entrance is through the “darkness” but before going through the darkness he decides to climb a tree to where a ladder is attached.
    • Seeing myself here I am and I was told that “we always need to go through the darkness to reach the light”.
  • I am at my own funeral, I am living but apparently dead in the minds of people and when I lay there I try to move a little bit and also open my eyes to get the attention of people but when I did this I felt an attack by two “invisible” characters holding down my arms where I could only see the outlines of them – just like the Predator in the movie with Arnold the man, which yesterday was on television and we know Arnold was TOO SMART for the much stronger Predator and thinking of my self here fighting the Devil as know just another symbol of me in movies – and this dream was AS STRONG AND UNCOMFORTABLE AS ANY DREAM BEFORE and this is when I found out that it was not only a dream – it happened in “real life” (!), I was held down in my bed by “the two others” PHYSICALLY in real life (!) and we know a SHOCK it was to find out because this is truly not what you expect when you sleep and we know when you have never had an experience like this before but you know I could only sit up quickly in the bed and brush you off and we know if this made me scared and we know NOT REALLY because I decided to take it easy and to start sleeping again immediately and we know most or all other people would probably stand up maybe for hours thinking like “crazy” without being able – or having the courage – to sleep again and so it is but we know just a part of the road it was – and I was told that this is because family and friends have written me off as “dead”. After this experience “the two others” did not do this again.

  • I am dressed in white and I arrive at a church where I meet my few supporters, who are dressed like me. I see my old class mate from Commercial School – which is more oriented towards the business life than the “general” high school education, therefore (!) – Niels H. and he asks me to follow him at the last part of the motorway. At the church I see a Norwegian priest, some nuns and Obama arrives too – making his entrance with the Supertramp song “take the long way home” – even though he is busy and we speak well together.
    • Not many believing in me today but they are there and the number is growing.
  • I was told that “18 people wanted to lynch you at the same time during a summer evening” and I was shown the rope hanging around the branch of a tree and this is the record of people I have been fighting at the same time and we know RECEIVING ALL OF THESE DEAD SENTENCES SPIRITUALLY AT THE SAME TIME – therefore the immense sufferings we gave you – and we know but I still came through and so it is.

  • I see my right leg shaking every hour and I was told that this is the effect of the death we are at and “I will make my death branch off”.
    • I can only think that I am going through a place of death and that this is the strategy used in order to avoid death.
    • Many of my notes on my telephone are written down as a combination of Danish and English and we know I received the feeling that this is really why “the Julekalender” on Danish TV years ago was spoken as a combination of Danish and English amusing many people.
  • I was told that 110 different policemen have been on my website – Devils not understanding me herewith both contributing to my suffering and to help me survive too!

  • I have been accused of child abuse by the police who have produced “evidence” themselves, which I show to people – and people ask me why there is “hype” of me in USA. I tell them to read my Blog to understand, and if you have no patience to read you will not understand and I also say that Obama knows about me and that people are starting to believe in me which makes these people lose their jaw.
    • The Police is the Devil – and here people not believing in me and/or making up their own mind because of “guessing” without knowing. I have never abused children – the thought is disgusting to me – and I can only encourage you to read my book 1 and somewhere in between the many words you will find the answer to how the Devil compromised me sexually to make as few as possible hurt with the goal of NO ONE really – and you know as a symbol of how mankind has compromised the Source and what you will have to understand and accept like the Source will accept you.
  • I am in India where I have meetings at a farm. I meet a Guru who can interpret orders from Heaven when it will start to rain. He says hello to me and I have a meeting with him and a European and I think that he must be able to feel who I am if he has the “connection” he claims to have.
    • We know “RAIN IS FALLING” and that is SOON because due to your “revival” we have decided to comply with your wish to re-establish the weather on the globe and we know which includes the ceasing of all natural disasters and helping people to grow crops to receive food and Stig GRADUALLY is not the answer here, which you will soon find out and hoping I am that when I come all the way into the light before Sunday that THINGS WILL GO QUICKLY FROM HERE.
    • And we know NICE WEATHER in Denmark Stig but HOTTER THAN HOT IN SOUTHERN EUROPE, USA AND CHINA with 40-42 degrees Celsius at the moment to mention some examples and we know TOO HOT is NOT GOOD EITHER so this is herewith also on the list to be corrected and we know to TURN DOWN THE TEMPERATURE SO THE GLOBE WILL NOT MELT DOWN AND TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY REALLY and so it is. Do you remember mother and Sanna that it was 44 degrees in the shade at Sicily in 1978 and the answer is simply because we were there!
  • At this place I meet a beautiful lady who offers to heal people but I don’t have money to pay her and I think of offering her to heal me if I can offer her a favour in return. I ask her if she knows how many “waves”, which exist and I give the answer my self, which is “millions”. I ask her if she knows who she is speaking to, which makes her receive a spiritual message from Cain that “you are the stream of the river of God” and I tell her that “you speak to the purest gold, which only very few people know of today”. I touch her cheek and I say that this has nothing to do with love but that it gives her energy and that her life will change character in 2-4 months from now. I also become very dizzy when touching her cheek because she also includes much dark energy, which makes me see a green/black dart target and in the next scene I am together with my old friend Lotus.
    • Dear Lotus, this is about you and we know THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE “SOMETIMES” and we know YOUR LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE TOO and A HEALER IS WHAT YOU ARE BECAUSE THIS IS THE GIFT YOU ARE BORN WITH – it will come to you Lotus soon as you can tell and I WILL BE HAPPY TO SEE YOU AGAIN but this time it will be WITHOUT SMOKING you know J. And I am told that this is THE GENERAL TIME LIMIT GIVEN TO MANY HUNDREDS OF “SPECIAL FRIENDS” OF MINE – including you Morten from Selvet as example – who will be woken up spiritually in 2-4 months to start their mission.
    • We know Stig what had Cain to do in this dream (?) and we know he was the son of Adam and Eve and he was the sinner killing his brother Abel – my dear LTO friend David in this life – and this is really all we wanted to say with HI’s to David from all of us and I see the Council and we know feeling many more at a coming party for all of us.
  • I hear one of the beautiful songs of Simple Minds and I am told “I stand corrected for someone else” and I feel Karen here in relation to Denis and are you thinking back on our “good days” together Karen (?) and would you rather be together with “the Stig who you remember” and we know if we could make everything work (?) and Karen this is my favourite music symbolising my feelings for you – and please read “MY FEELINGS” – and if you had read my scripts more carefully you would know – as I have written before – that I AM EXACTLY THE SAME MAN AS YOU MET IN 2003 WITH THE SAME INTERESTS, ARTICULATION, LISTENING SKILLS, HUMOUR ETC. – THE MAN WHO RESPECTS YOU and Karen, the Source – God at the high you know – gave us the biggest love challenge in the world, which we could have sorted out if we only communicated, which would have made us THE BEST PARTNERS in this respect too. This is truly the MISUNDERSTANDING my “friend” – do you see where this could have let us including a child, which you were not given because of this (?) – and we know maybe not easy for you to understand if you decide not to want to understand?

  • I see my self coming up from a dark hole at Lyngby Hovedgade, it is raining much and I decide to seal the hole after me because we have not calculated more to come through this road, which is the hole the Devil use to access the world, which I “rightly” decided to use to find the Source.

  • I meet Karen at Rungtedvej next to my old apartment and I recommend her to start doing meditation, which will develop a spiritual voice inside of her just like mine and I tell her that this will only be positive even though “the voice” – thinking of “the voice” radio station in Denmark in the eighties here and Hi Dan and the other DJ’s from back then (!) – is both positive and negative but this makes her sick so she decides to turn around and enter Denis’ car and I notice that when she enters, Denis starts speaking.
    • We know maybe not easy to understand Karen that my negative voice is fed by yourself – and other family members/friends behaving WRONG – and that you really make yourself sick – this is the story if you haven’t caught it yet my friends – and just thinking I am if you believe I was more interested in you as a person and showed you more respect than anyone else you have met and we know also not speaking of myself most of the time?
    • I hear the song “do you believe in me” by Eric Gadd – another gifted and FINE Swedish musician who has made MANY “catchy” songs with “why don’t you, why don’t I” as my favourite – and the lyrics “do you believe in me, I’m yours you’re mine” and we know THIS IS SIMPLY THE QUESTION, KAREN: DO YOU BELIEVE IN ME AND US or are you “WILL DEAF” (?) because you should know by now that I AM ONLY WRITING WHAT I EXPERIENCE AND WHAT THESE “FRIENDS OF MINE” ON THE OTHER SIDE TELL AND SHOW ME but difficult it is to ACCEPT that THIS IS HAPPENING TO YOU MAYBE (?) and so it is.
  • I see a white sports car with a dark interior and I feel that it is the dark side of Virgin Mary driving and even though I only have a few metres to walk I accept her invitation to enter the car and she asks me if I am not afraid and I tell her no because she can do nothing because of my rules – this was a dream where I answered myself as a physical man sleeping and we know have had many of these but really not written about it before or maybe I have years ago and so it is – and I see a very big pressure on an egg, which almost breaks it but the egg holds and the dream ends with Virgin Mary saying “nothing can destroy you now”.
    • We know we gave you this dream tonight knowing what you would experience later in the bath tub at the morning – see the beginning of the script today.
  • I received the thought that the solution to be social together with your company – outside working hours of course – is NOT for the company to give you many things for nothing – this will give people a WRONG perception – but simply for each employee to voluntarily enter and share the expenses of for example “the birthday club” (giving employees presents), the sports club, wine club, teambuilding club, dinner club (parties, social dinners, celebration events etc.) and we know one weak area of my books is herewith covered too.

  • I heard the song “God only knows” by Beach Boys again and the words “what good would livin’ do me” and I was told that the Universe and ALL LIFE is the main “project” of the Source and that this is his feeling if he would have to shut down the Universe if I did not succeed – and I felt his appreciation for my work too – and very nice to hear of course BUT WHAT ARE YOUR OTHER PROJECTS MASTER CHEF?

  • I am walking with a vacuum cleaner on the road behind a bus, which is behind a SLOW sausage wagon delaying both the bus and me. Later I see my self on my way up from a tunnel underneath the train station, the vacuum cleaner is still on which someone tells me, which makes me shut it off. I am delivering the vacuum cleaner to my father at the end of this tunnel, which I would rather avoid but I have sent an email to him earlier saying that I would check up on how he is doing – therefore.
    • Just maybe the sausage wagon is another symbol of normal life to the world and because of the time it takes/took to prepare this, the bus and I are delayed and we know the bus is the symbol of LOVE meaning that I have been without love for many years in this phase until the sausage wagon is placed correctly for the world.
    • When I woke up I was told that there will be no Hekla anymore – Hekla is an Icelandic volcano – and we know entering the core of the Earth as I wrote about some days ago does not only mean that natural disasters will decrease and we know cease to exist, it also means that ALL DISEASES AND DISORDERS OF THE WORLD WILL “QUICKLY” CEASE TO EXIST and diseases etc. are here symbolised by the vacuum cleaner meaning that when I leave the train station – to enter “into the light” – I shut off the vacuum cleaner, which is the symbol of diseases – and my dear father – because this is what you are when you LISTEN and UNDERSTAND instead of listening to your own voice alone and being both WRONG and STUBBORN – your life during recent years has been the symbol of diseases of the world and this means that I will also stop the diseases which are brought to you – and your wife Kirsten too – making your lives Hell too and we know the deeper reason for the diseases of both my father – cancer etc. – and Kirsten – heart problems for many years – are really because of MY IMMENSE ENERGY and we know because you treated me wrongly I decided for many years that I did not want to see you and because of the Universal rule this gave you these severe diseases – do you see and do you see how life could have been for all of us if we were able to understand and accept each other (?) and this goes not least to you Kirsten because you were the “plague” planted in my fathers life to help this branch developing and so it is.
    • And my mother I just received a new “spiritual” sneeze – one of the normal, which all people receive you know – and just to tell you that YOU WILL ALSO STOP SNEEZING (!) and YOU WILL ENTER OUR NEW WORLD 100% PERFECT TOO WITHOUT ANY PERMANENT INJURIES – making your inner self here VERY HAPPY – and we know CAN WE HEAL PERMANENT INJURIES and we know I DO BELIEVE IN THE MIRACLE MAN and here I see Miraculix from Asterix and we know maybe you/I will produce a miracle elixir for all people needing this and yes THIS IS MY WISH and so it is.
  • Paul the psychic octopus predicts that Spain will win the World Cup – I predict my FINAL VICTORY!

    The Octopus has been RIGHT every single time it has predicted a match and now it has predicted that Spain will become the new World Champions defeating Netherlands in the final on Sunday – see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ya85knuDzp8 – and we know POLLE will you let Poyol make the winning goal again (?) and we know “OUR LIPS ARE SEALED” and THIS IS TRULY THE BEST SONG BY FUN BOY THREE and we know WE ONLY HAVE THE FUN WHICH WE MAKE OURSELVES – all three of us you know – so maybe when I enter into the light I will know if and how you managed to influence the octopus, the aquarium to get the idea and to INSPIRE people for example playing football and so it is.

    We will also have to see if this final will become my FINAL VICTORY as predicted at the beginning of the World Cup and if this will mean that my “special friends” now TRULY will wake up – otherwise I know some people in Kenya and myself, who will get into serious problems and this is really how it is and what you/we have had on our mind the last month – to go through this tournament and the potential “worst” tests of all in order to come out ALIVE all of us on the other side. This has been my thinking, dear family, friends and LTO members.

    Give people FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY without “Big Brother watching you”

    We know Stig the CHEATING of employees working with home care in Denmark is expanding – the first 40 communes covering almost half of Denmark have now been EXHIBITED – and what is the NATURAL reaction in a community without TRUE values where you very often cannot TRUST in people? We know, if you give people today FREEDOM most people will DECEIVE YOU – remember the 80% cheating at A2B in Gladsaxe (?) – so of course this is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO SO ALL PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU THAT YOU MUST CONTROL PEOPLE OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT BE SURE THEY WILL FOLLOW THEIR OBLIGATIONS and my dear friends WILL YOU BECOME HAPPY TO BE MONITORED EVERYWHERE FROM VIDEO CAMERAS and OTHER ELECTRONICALLY DEVICES RECORDING ALL OF YOUR ACTIONS (?) – IS A “BIG BROTHER” COMMUNITY YOUR TRUE DREAM COMMUNITY (?) – and we know OF COURSE IT IS NOT and this is why I have said in the description of the new work and price system in book no. 2 that PRIVATE COMMUNICATION including letters, emails, telephone calls, surfing on the Internet including your physical whereabouts etc. will have to be PRIVATE – but information which is TRULY not private should be public for all as written in book 2 too – because ONLY IF YOU AS HUMAN BEINGS EXPERIENCE TRUE FREEDOM INCLUDING FREEDOM OF SPEECH you will be able to grow as I would like you to grow. So please understand that following the rules of my books based on FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY – not one OR the other but BOTH (!) – is the way forward and THIS SHOULD BE SO SIMPLE FOR ALL TO UNDERSTAND but you know ALMOST NOBODY TRULY FOLLOWS THIS PRINCIPLE TODAY – you only think you do (!) – AND DIFFICULT IT IS WHEN THE COMMUNITY IS UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE DEVIL and we know you will understand when you understand the rules of my books.

    And a few short stories to end the day:

    David was kind today to send his thanks for the little money I sent yesterday and it ALWAYS gives a good impression when you show your appreciation, which is one of my teachings of my books too. Thank you David and all blessing to you and your dear ones too.

    Dear Stig,

    Thank you for the support. It came in handy, yet again.

    We can get to the market and buy some food. Thank you so much and God bless you.


    And we know Stig WE DID NOT OVERRATE YOU TODAY EITHER because this is what I mean of “hidden energy”, which I give you when you need it – which you felt coming quickly this morning in the bath tub when answering the quiz correct – not meaning that I feel “normal” now, only “less exhausted” but still on the edge of my capacity I am – and WE DO KNOW BOTH OF US: YOU RECEIVED ANOTHER DEJA VUE ANSWERING THIS QUIZ – included it was in my “preparations” of you as a small child.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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