10th July 2010 – The UFO crash in 1947 was true and UFO’s are everywhere but still most people don’t believe in UFO’s?

Summary of the script today



Dreams including UFO’s everywhere and the UFO crash in 1947 but still most people don’t believe in UFO’s? Dreaming of Britt spreading “rumours” of me making other people not believing in me, the main reason for people not understanding me is “lack of energy” to read my books, is lack of electrical power in USA only a “minor” problem for the car industry wanting to expand sales of electrical cars (?) – YOU NEED TO THINK TWICE (!), an oblong UFO leading to UFO links on the Internet, the UFO crash in 1947 was TRUE but still to this day most people don’t believe in UFO’s (?), mankind will start providing “normal life” when I enter the light, the suffering of Jack and his lack of will to understand his old best friend and the dark side of Virgin Mary leaving me.
To enter the light I had to make the Council – spiritually AND physically – understand me I have given the Council a deadline of Sunday to stop all sufferings, before entering the light I have needed to free myself from the Devil by making the dark side of the Council understand what is RIGHT and WRONG, which has required the physical beings of the Council to get a growing faith in me (!), Virgin Mary has not only been “around” me but “inside” of me since I was born also giving me problems dating women until Joseph came to me strongly in 2004, women having had a strong attraction to or repulsion of me have received this to grow spiritually, have I now answered the QUIZ correctly for the light to open (?), the key to understand the TRUTHS of my books is to use SIMPLE LOGIC and God will return to Germany.
Symbols of God travelling to Germany and Polle starting to confess helping “physic Paul” Small stories of the “Berlin Trilogy” of David Bowie as a symbol of God going to Germany, “the third half” on television with messages of THANK YOU, racism and my blurred vision, Germany defeating Uruguay as predicted by both Paul the Octopus – who has a hitrate of 100% (!) – and Polle too starting to confess his interference and using 4½ hours to do “small amendments” to my website.


Dreams including UFO’s everywhere and the UFO crash in 1947 but still most people don’t believe in UFO’s?

OK then we will start the day directly with Electric Light Orchestra and we know from the album and movie Xanadu because either I would be alive or take the fall going through my journey and we know therefore the first two songs of this album – “I’m alive” and “the fall” – and we know I love them both, which may not come as a surprise to you but since my first listening to this album 30 years ago I have always liked “the fall” the best and we know as you told me this morning simply because this was my destiny unless we know I completed this journey of mine to the end goal of Xanadu and we know coming “home” to our “pleasure garden” and so it is – and we know I am now going to “face the music”, which now is only meant in its positive meaning – beautiful music really.

Yesterday evening I decided to have a “better” sleep with “less” but “still important” dreams and this is exactly what I got – here they are:

  • I am at some kind of a presentation, Britt N. and her sister Ann do not say hello to me but they embrace our old friend Lisbeth. I see Camilla arriving at this crowded room together with her boyfriend but because she has not wanted to say hello to me earlier, I don’t feel like meeting her and I therefore decide to move away from her sight. I come to the cinema, I notice that I have lost weight, we have received a sales catalogue of white goods and many gramophones in different qualities of up to DKK 10,000 but there is no electrical power and the salesmen say that they cannot sell many gramophones when they cannot give demonstrations because of the lack of electrical power. I meet Camilla’s boyfriend and I ask him to take care of Camilla because she was special to me.
  • We know Britt did not believe in me and when you don’t listen to both sides of the story, her sister believes in her PREJUDICE – therefore not speaking to me – and apparently Lisbeth is still friends with Britt and Ann and we know my old friend of Østerbro from the beginning of the nineties and not the Lisbeth from Kolding.
  • The cinema has always been a good place to me and here Camilla is arriving – thank you – and we know the gramophone is a symbol of reading and understanding my books and we know you need “energy” to do this and when people don’t produce enough “energy”, they will not understand or spread the books – as simple as that – and this dream is inspired by a story I heard on television the other day from USA that the car industry is keen to develop, produce and sell electrical vehicles but apparently they have simply forgotten one thing, which is that USA don’t have the power plants and infrastructure to produce the electrical power required and that the system will simply crash if people will start to connect all of the electric vehicles, which the car industry hopes to sell and we know HOW MANY EXAMPLES OF IGNORANCE DO YOU NEED – on ALL levels – because YOU NEED TO TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME and we know BRINGING ALL STAKEHOLDERS WITH YOU and we know did you use the “Six Sigma” methodology to identify the need of “power supply” to make your vehicles drive (?) or did you not think of this and we know here I am shown the Swedish inventor at the Patent Agency – from a comedy series on Swedish television many years ago – who always had detailed drawings of his fantastic ideas and “inventions” but every single time he was met by a simple fact and the question: “Have you thought of this” (?) and we know every time he became surprised and said “no I did not” and we know BRILLIANT HUMOUR it was and what I did not know was that this was ALSO INSPIRED just to write this story, which is herewith given with the example of electrical cars, which of course is very good but my dear “engineers” and others YOU REALLY NEED TO THINK TWICE and we know TO HAVE A 360 DEGREE OVERVIEW OF YOUR MARKET and we know including THREATS AND OPPORTUNITIES and if you have not, you are more likely to fail as in this example and so it is.
  • I am going to Århus to do private counsellings of employees entering pension schemes even though I have not given counselling for years, which is making me nervous because I have lost my professional knowledge and I am not updated on the development within the area. I look at the pension table template of the company – designed to give customers an overview of their pension status – and I notice that the updates Preben has made on this are not logical and do not make sense. Later I find myself in a hurry before leaving because I am not dressed appropriately and I have not packed the papers I need for the meetings and I only have 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Århus, and on my way out of town I find out that I have forgotten to bring the prepared pension tables for the customers I will meet and this makes me very stressed because I have to rush back to the office – even though I don’t have the time – where I meet Helle Aa., who gives me the post tray but it does not include the tables and I ask her if this is her gramophone and she says no. Later at the first meeting in Århus I am embarrassed to ask the customer – because of the missing pension table – to find his pension papers in the evening and bring them the next day which the customer accepts – which will give us two meetings instead of only one. I will stay two days in Århus and I don’t have money to stay at a hotel, so I have to spend the night in my car, a Volvo 940.
    • And we know many symbols here and we will take them from a start. Århus is a city like Helsingør belonging to the Source, this is still where I am headed. In this dream I am thinking of “VERY WISE MANAGERS” – this is what they BELIEVE they are and what they tell customers they are and we know thinking of you Bo here from Dahlberg as the best example and we know I COULD GIVE MANY EXAMPLES HERE OF MANAGERS I HAVE WORKED TOGETHER WITH and only in Dahlberg there are several (!) – and the truth is that when you don’t work with the details and the REAL work (!) every day, you will lose your professional knowledge and skills and this is really the irony when you believe you are the wisest, as you are not, and you will instruct your employees who often know more than you and we know you will also receive a much better pay and very often ENJOY YOUR LIFE having “important” meetings and we know LUNCHES AND DINNERS and more you know and of course on the expense account of the company at the same time as your employees do the REAL work and this is where I am saying: THIS HAD TO END!
    • The dream continues with people not having structure and not preparing their meetings in good time making them very stressed and inefficient and we know often using more or even MANY meetings which can delay a process by months or even years when a few hours of focussed and concentrated work often is enough and again I am thinking of you Bo and we know take the example of deciding on telemarketing campaigns and we know which you simply know all of Bo (?) when the truth is that you SIMPLY know nothing and that you very often base your decisions on feelings. This is one of the MOST SKILLED INSURANCE “PROFESSIONALS” IN DENMARK and we know there are several other stories of this in Dahlberg alone as you can tell from the binder I left at your office Bo, which is probably still there and we know the papers are also on files on your network – and we know I am just thinking that it must be dreadful for you to need to fire employees Bo (?) when you are responsible for NOT developing Dahlberg into what could have become the most successful insurance broker in Denmark if you only had LISTENED to me and READ and UNDERSTOOD my notes and we know “lack of energy” – which is meaning “lazy” and/or unfocussed you know – is the answer and there is probably not a big chance that you will read this script of today, Bo – or am I misjudging you completely?
    • My dear old colleague Helle Aa from DFM – as Preben – who today works for Willis and we know I have several old and “very skilled” ex-colleagues/friends working there and how many of you have found out that I am telling you the truth of whom I am and that I have also exhibited the lack of professionalism at this the most “professional” insurance broker company of Denmark and we know NOT EASY TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT COULD GO SO WRONG WITH “DEAR OLD STIG” or what Helle (?) as one example and we know so it is.
    • When I cannot afford to stay at the Hotel it also says that the waiting is over and that I from here will stay with in my car – show you “my new self” and so it is.
  • I meet Stinne from Fair, we see an oblong object on the sky and I ask her if she knows what it is and give her the answer that it is an UFO.
    • We know they are all over the planet and still most people don’t believe in UFO’s to this day (!) because they don’t want to – the “personal filter” you know – and because the media is really not very good picking up all of the information available on the Internet to bring HEADLINE stories to INFORM THE WORLD and we know here are a couple of links and we know MANY MORE out there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFRVJkFcStI – look just before and after the forth minute of this, which I watched yesterday and you will see the oblong UFO, which was the inspiration of this dream.
    • And a couple more and we know IF YOU ARE NOT LAZY YOU CAN FIND MANY OF THESE ON THE INTERNET: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUpwDFWSkaU and www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpTSYiNSWig&NR=1, which looks like the lights I saw from one UFO some days ago, but this one is closer to Earth and we know Stig this will soon become “history” when ALL PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL SEE UFO’s which I will welcome and so it is.
    • Finally also this because you told me that the story of the UFO crash at Roswell in 1947 is TRUE and we know WHY HAS THE AMERICAN MILITARY AND GOVERNMENT kept this as an OFFICIAL secret to mankind all of these years (?) and we know WHAT HAVE THE EXTRATERRSTRIALS told the Government of USA about JUDGMENT DAY coming (?) and we know THIS IS ANOTHER PROOF OF VERY POOR COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PEOPLE TODAY and we know “FEAR” – the Devil again – is the name of the game here and so it is.
  • I am at Danske Bank Århus receiving a telephone call, which changes the “sign” of the entire bank. I notice young and lazy male employees of the bank talking instead of working.
    • The telephone call is the FINAL CALL of the Source brining me “home” and “into the light” which will help mankind to start providing normal life for all – and we know MANY PEOPLE TODAY BELIEVE THEY ARE EFFICIENT even though they spend too much time speaking in private during working hours and “relaxing” BECAUSE YOU HAVE BECOME UNACCUSTOMED TO WHAT WORKING “FOCUSSED AND EFFICIENT” REALLY MEANS – this is what I ask ALL PEOPLE TO BECOME CUSTOMED TO DO through the rules and teachings of my books.
  • I am at Jack’s house but I don’t see him. I am advising a lady there to write her history of diseases including snow in the hall on the pension application, but she becomes furious and keeps on shouting at me for a long time because she believes this will mean that she will not be admitted to enter the pension scheme. But still she is nice to invite me to come back for a social call a few days later for a couple of hours at 16.30 on New Years day, which I do – and when I am in the house again the woman is taking a bath and I tell her that I have been at this house since I was a boy. I decide to go out in the beautiful summer weather (!) because I want to fly as high as possible but to my surprise I find out that I cannot fly high – in fact I can only fly at a low height with difficulties. Somehow the garden is the wrong garden and I see that people are preparing tables outside for the dinner of New Years evening.
    • All I will write here is that “snow” and “water” – from the bath – are symbols of SUFFERING in this house too and we know my “best old friend” alone made it almost impossible for me to “fly as the Christ” – almost breaking me down he was – when he decided not to ask, listen to, read and understand me but instead to leave me entirely! And we know a part of the story of the balance of making me suffer as much as possible physically to bring as much energy as possible to recreate myself spiritually.
  • A young and beautiful lady speaks to my mother and she tells her confidentially that she became a widow when she was 23 years old, which surprises me because she has not told me this information herself.
    • This is really a dream saying that the dark side of Virgin Mary is now leaving me and we know MAKING HER BREATH AGAIN OF RELIEF because it has been as much a pain to her as it has been to me.

    To enter the light I had to make the Council – spiritually and physically – understand me

    And we know ALL OF US Stig IT IS NOT EASY TO USE YOUR HEAD when you are tired and have received many truths as well as lies of the same stories many of which sounding “reliable” and we know apparently either my rule of sticking to the first story – as mentioned yesterday – or my memory of what came first is letting me down because this morning you continued to encourage me to THINK and we know, which I did but first I will give some information I received late yesterday evening:

    I told the Council to stop ALL SUFFERING, which I will forbid you to do and this improved a situation, which was not very difficult but let us just say gave me “some suffering” and we know mainly from the dark side of Virgin Mary and it developed into an understanding that THIS WILL BE EFFECTIVE FROM SUNDAY and really TO CONVINCE ALL OF YOU PLAYING THE DEVILS that YOU MUST ONLY DO GOOD and we know which led to many questions and answers of what was good or not good – difficult to understand apparently – and we know I get the feeling here that THIS IS NOT ONLY IN RELATION TO THE COUNCIL PLAYING THE DEVIL SPIRITUALLY but ALSO TO THE SAME PEOPLE PHYSICALLY and we know FOR THEM TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG TO DO BASED ON MY TEACHINGS THROUGH MY SCRIPTS and we know also not easy to understand – THANK YOU is what I feel STRONGLY coming here to family and “some friends” for starting to understand – and I told the dark side of Virgin Mary when she gave me “feelings of moving streams” inside of my body – which I have not written much about but WHICH IS WITH ME MUCH OF THE TIME and we know “hundreds of times” every single day – in certain fingers as example that this is WRONG and when she spoke in an ugly language I taught her that this is also WRONG as examples and the game is really that I need to set myself FREE from the Devil and we know which you have ONLY been able to do WHEN YOU HAVE MADE OUR PHYSICAL BEINGS UNDERSTAND and we know Stig THIS IS REALLY THE KEY BECAUSE WITHOUT THEIR GROWING FAITH IN YOU, WE WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO DECREASE AND FINALLY TO REMOVE THE SUFFERING OF YOU – AND AFTERWARDS OURSELVES and this is really how it is.

    Another MUST to enter the light has been to do MY ABSOLUTELY BEST WORK, which is as close to 100% as I can come and we know BECAUSE INSIDE HERE THERE IS ONLY LIGHT – and this includes to “calibrate my printer” as I dreamed about the other day, which is really to do another check of my website, which MAY need small improvements because I need to FEEL that I have done my absolutely best and if I am unsure of maybe 3-4 small details, which I am, I need to sort these out before I can open up the light for you and so it is.

    And when this happened yesterday evening I still thought that it was “the two others” playing an act as the dark side of the Council and you know because it is NOT easy to understand if you don’t use logic and this morning I tried to write down some information I have received earlier for example of the Source having been the inner self of me, which did not fit with the information Monty earlier gave me that the Council has “played” my inner self and this did not give me a logical answer and I also thought of a combination where the Council may have played the inner self of me until the Source and maybe my recreated inner self took over but this did not either give me a logical answer and I have been confused by other information – for example a couple of days ago when Mary Magdalena told me how difficult it has been to keep the Devil out of the treasure room – and I had to look elsewhere to find LOGIC, and I thought that when I feel, see and hear Virgin Mary as one example of several spirits it is SIMPLE LOGIC that it is Virgin Mary and not the Source playing her – and we know which also inspires me to say thank you to HUNDREDS OF SPIRITS BEING WITH ME ON AND OFF FOR NOW SIX YEARS and we know some of you have been allowed to play the Devil too including my father’s mother and my mother’s mother especially in 2006 as you can hear from some recordings in my library and some of you have followed me all the way and we know ARE ALL HERE IF I ALLOW YOU TO ENTER and we know NOT ONLY SPIRITS OF DISEASED BUT ALSO SPIRITS OF PEOPLE ALIVE (!) – and the other logical answer I found was that I need to enter the light – or the treasure room – as the first before the Council and all others will be able to enter too and on basis of these findings I will have to correct my answer from yesterday to say that THE COUNCIL ARE STILL PLAYING THE DEVIL and FIRST WHEN I WILL ENTER THE LIGHT, WE WILL START TO EASE THE PAIN OF MANKIND and we know the information given earlier that the Council have started to liberate earth from the Devil was really the Devil saying this, which was not only a lie at the time it was said but also the truth about what is to come when I enter the light and we know I also get the feeling that when I enter the light, I will be the light and then I will probably not give you the same written information to prepare you and we know just a feeling of course.

    And this answer also gives me the key – many keys there are – to how you my dear reader can understand what are the truths and lies of my books because WHEN YOU USE THE SAME LOGICAL APPROACH AS I HAVE JUST SHOWN YOU ABOVE, YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWERS OF WHAT ARE THE TRUTHS OF MY BOOKS and Sanna THIS ALSO INCLUDES MY FIRST BOOK REALLY!

    And we know VERY HOT IT IS HERE TODAY writing this not making the job easier and we know JUST MAYBE ANOTHER PLAY OF THE DEVIL TRYING TO STOP ME but we know I WILL NOT STOP BEFORE I AM READY WITH MY JOB AND HAPPY WITH WHAT I HAVE DONE AS USUAL and so it is and my approach every single day has been to find “one way or another” – thank you Blondie, no one like you really – to come through the day, which is also what I do in this heat today and when I was writing the paragraphs above about my family and friends starting to understand me, the membranes of my right speaker moved in and out STRONGER and MORE VISIBLE than ever before – and we know no music is playing on them, I am listening to head phones you know – and this was a STRONG signal from the Source to say that YOU SHOULD KNOW ALL OF YOU MY DEAR COUNCIL MEMBERS WHO YOU ARE BECAUSE YOU “FEEL” IT YOURSELVES and I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU “FEEL” IT BUT this symbol means that you have started to receive spiritual communication and I am feeling that it has increased in strength and we know the principle of the step by step and this only makes me wonder why you have not contacted me because if you have a “growing faith” in me why haven’t you decided to help us already and we know it is just as well because I HAVE NOT WISHED YOU TO CONTACT ME BEFORE ENTERING THE LIGTH and this is the TRUE answer and so it is

    And a few more stories here:

    Late yesterday evening I was also told that Virgin Mary – as the last one of the Council – now have started to dress up for the upcoming party and I saw myself at the border between light and darkness with aeroplanes falling down when I enter the light because the planes – as the symbol of darkness – cannot survive in the light and so it is.

    And we know not an easy life when I have ”not been myself” so to say because Stig, Virgin Mary is not just around me she is inside of me and has always been since I was born and we know this is not easy to believe in too but this is how it is – I have been speaking to myself when you have been speaking to your mother and we know Stig it is because of this presence inside of me that I was “a late starter” when it came to dating women and we know first when I started to feel masculine energy coming from Joseph – the spirit of my father Peer (!) – it became natural to me but we know when this feeling came strongly in 2004 – after Karen when I met Henriette – it was too late because even though I now had this energy and was as confident as ever and even though let us just say “some women” were attracted to my new found strong side, you did a “trick” with these ladies and we know “mind games” is what you can call it and we know some changing some ladies from extreme attraction to the opposite in minutes and we know others – including some men too (!) – have kept the attraction to me for years (!) and others again had had the opposite feeling of repulsion for years too and all of them in order to grow spiritually (!) and we know those of you who have had both of these strong feelings of me are the ones who are on the closest “wave” to me spiritually meaning that you are the beings who have developed the most and maybe Karen as the most clear example you will now better understand your “mixed emotions” of me? And I here feel Søren – the “husband” of John’s daughter Bettina – much and THANK YOU SØREN FOR DOING WHAT YOU DID.

    And today I was told that when Virgin Mary leaves me FOREVER it will feel as liberating as when Spiderman removed the dark sticky mass – making him the Devil – and this is really to say Stig that you have written your books to teach mankind how to work and behave in the future while having the strongest Devil WORKING INSIDE OF YOU and we know THANK YOU ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS for doing this (!) and we know REMEMBER THAT I HAVE HAD TWO OPPOSITE FEELINGS OF ALL and I HAVE DECIDED TO WRITE TEACHINGS OF GOOD WHEN I HAVE BEEN MORE TEMPTED THAN EVERYONE ELSE TO DO WHAT IS WRONG – one of the worst sufferings to overcome – and we know had I not been able to stop smoking as one example, where I was as addicted as a heroin user, which you can read about in book no. 2 from the autumn 2009 – or to use the Internet in an improper way, it would have “terminated” Virgin Mary and this was the almost not existing margin, which would have eliminated the first member of the Council, my own mother and we know also physically of course! Do you understand now why I am happy that I was able to go through this “journey” – the worst of any man ever – and we know feeling both happiness and tears I am now because of the extreme suffering for years not knowing how I made it this far and also the happiness of Virgin Mary when I write these lines.

    I was also told that the reason why I have been lonely much of my life – because of shyness and “lack of energy”, which was stronger than my opposite expression as outgoing but gradually declining all the way throughout my life really (!) – was for me to overcome this lonely period the last 3-4 months, where I have been completely without the company of anyone but myself.

    And to end this chapter I will also here include what you told me which was that if my spiritual self was not able to go through “extreme hell” – the place of “nothing” – I would be killed physically and vice versa – as the Matrix movies in fact – and we know THERE ARE MANY WORDS IN DANISH WHICH DON’T EXIST IN ENGLISH and VICE/VERSA and we know THE WORK OF THE DEVIL TOO MY FRIEND because how will you translate “minsandten” to English to get the same meaning and IMPOSSIBLE IT IS but let us just say that this word here mean “I am surprised to see you” because this is the feeling of ALL THREE OF US STIG when we now say that YOU HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO ENTER THE LIGHT ALSO TODAY and we know IS THIS ANSWER NOW THE RIGHT ANSWER AS THE OPPOSITE ANSWER YESTERDAY ALSO WAS RIGHT (?) and we know this is how the quiz goes and we know I CANNOT GIVE YOU ANY BETTER ANSWER THAN WHAT I HAVE GIVEN YOU HERE WHERE I HAVE DONE MY BEST UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES and we know Stig YOUR BEST HAS BEEN GOOD ENOUGH THE WHOLE JOURNEY WHICH IS WHY I WILL ASK YOU TO OPEN THE LIGHT AND THE WORLD FOR ALL OF US.

    At the end of the day – because I worked and we know all day long really except from a few breaks – I was told that I will first be reconnected with my spiritual self, when he/I enter the light on the other side.

    Symbols of God travelling to Germany and Polle starting to confess helping “physic Paul”

    And some short stories to end the day:

    • What BETTER song to finish with than the BEST SONG OF ALL SONGS I KNOW OF (!) and we know HEROES BY BOWIE it is and we know because this includes the characteristics of Bowie as I wrote recently in ONE SONG ONLY and we know Bowie do you know why you went to Germany in the seventies to produce THREE OF YOURS AND THE WORLD’S BEST ALBUMS EVER – Low, Heroes and Lodger – and we know BECAUSE GERMANY WILL BECOME THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE and this simply means that GOD WILL RETURN TO GERMANY because as you will know my dear reader (?) Bowie is an old symbol of God or the Source to be more accurate as you will understand from some of my “old” dreams and so it is. THE FEELINGS OF THESE THREE ALBUMS – THE “BERLIN TRILOGY” – BY BOWIE ARE THE FEELINGS OF GOD and so it is.

    • And we know ALL OF US – my biggest pain these days is REALLY MY HURTING BEHIND (!) when sitting on this chair MANY HOURS writing these scripts and you can include my hurting right arm too because the table is far too high to use as a working table and so it is.

    • Tonight on “the third half” on television they thought it was time for a quiz – and I do wonder from where they get their INSPIRATION (?) – and Carsten said “I love quizzes” and we know just to get started. And the host Kent wanted to hear what Jan and Carsten knew of Africa and Carsten was INSPIRED to say that “de bor i huler og slås hele da’n – de varme lande er noget lort” (“they live in cages and fight all day long – the warm countries stink”) and he received these lyrics because of two reasons the first being that they are from the song “Danmark” by Shu-bi-dua, which is the Shu-bi-dua song I have always loved the most and really it was to say THANK YOU WITH ALL OF OUR LOVE because you love this band and the second being that this is ALSO what sadly characterises the Danes and large parts of the world today: Racism and we know but Shu-bi-dua did not write these lyrics because of racism – they wrote them to be funny, which they were (!) also because they are not meant for Africa or any other particular groups of people – and it was here that the host Kent was very HELPFUL and also INSPIRED because he said to Carsten “I wonder from where you have received the INSPIRATION for this” and we know I STILL WONDER TOO and so it is according to the still dark side of Virgin Mary and if you are clever you will understand a hidden message of hers too with “apes” from this television show today as a symbol of the song including “gorilla” from Shu-bi-dua 15 and we know one example only OF VERY MANY WHICH I HAVE DECIDED NOT TO WRITE DOWN and this is really nothing! And we know Stig did you also notice that Carsten had to take off his glasses to polish them because he could simply not see anything and we know just another symbol of course of my BLURRED vision the last maybe 10 days when writing these scripts and so it is.

    • And finally this evening I was also with one eye following the World Cup match between Germany and Uruguay – without losing focus in work of course – and the second time in two straight matches that Uruguay looses by 3-2 and we know POLLE were you INSPIRING Paul the Octopus again when he predicted this result too giving him an astonishing hit rate of 100% (!) and we know I WILL NOT WIN ANY MONEY YOU SAY IF I DO IT and OK THEN I WILL HAVE TO SAY: NO NOT YET – FIRST WHEN I WILL SEE YOU I WILL SHAKE YOUR HAND AND SAY : Only a very small yes now – because this is what we can when we meet and we know AS VISIBLE IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLD AS IN THE MATERIAL and so it is. And in the 88th minute of the match Uruguay decided to do a substitution, which made the Danish commentator say “only a few minutes left and what will you then do – then you will insert the SAVIOUR” and we know this was of course only another small symbol of me being inserted almost in the last minute to save the world and we know DO YOU STILL THINK SANNA THAT I AM SPEAKING RUBBISH or are there too many “coincidences” so the only conclusion is that I tell you the truth (?) which is what I do, you know?

    • And we know ALL OF US – YOU HAVE NOW SIGNED OFF THESE EXPECTED “3-4 details” you wanted to check on the website and we know it turned out that there were maybe ten times as many because of the developments of my scripts “lately” and we know I had to read all chapters very carefully maybe 8-10 times and to do amendments to maybe half of the chapters to a lesser or higher degree (!) and we know including evaluating every single word – the meaning and possible need to make underlines or bold to improve the understanding even more – and we know so in order to improve from what was maybe 95% to as close to 100% as possible this small task took me approx. 4½ hours to do and this is what I mean my friends and we know AT THE MOMENT I CANNOT MAKE IT ANY BETTER – still with the space limitations set by Microsoft – but in some weeks there will probably be a need for new amendments and this is really how a DEVELOPING WORLD SHOULD WORK. Ending today at 00.10 and we know some long days at the moment but truly NO PROBLEMS AT ALL.

    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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