11th July 2010 – Answering the riddle: “Open Simsim” for the Gates of Heaven to save every single soul of the world!

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of receiving the key to the cradle of man and history when entering into the light “Life will always change”, which is what I expect it will do “now”, dreaming of being nowhere near to a breakdown, 4-5 old colleagues of Fair willing to share what they have, my old Aon colleague Kent hitting the lamp with his pen as a symbol of me entering the light, receiving a proof of honour and ten keys including the cradle of mankind, how can you agree on time when there will be no time in the forth dimension (?),“in trance as mission” as another symbol of coming through to the other side and “into the light”, I will help and protect the Council members, “it is impossible to be sad when you open a bottle of Champagne”, TRUE love will lead to good sex – not vice versa, “I take my blue and brown guitar on” as symbols of the “toolboxes” of myself and the Council arriving, finding the first volumes of my old encyclopaedia as symbol of the knowledge I will receive when entering the light.
A demonstration in 2005 to Karen was to help her believe in me and TRUE love is based on feelings In 2005 Karen could only speak in English to me because of her inner self “stepin’ out” to help her BELIEVE in me today. We had true “loving feelings” and were the “right solution” because TRUE LOVE is based on feelings but if we had succeeded then, mankind would have be doomed!
I’m alive as a hybrid of Virgin Mary and Joseph until I will open the Gates of Heaven to free all

I am facing the task to have my parents as my spiritual selves today (!) – Virgin Mary/Lona and Joseph/Peer – replaced with my own inner self when I enter into the light. This will become MY TRUE BIRTHDAY because even though “I’m alive”, I am not existing but a hybrid of Virgin Mary and Joseph looking like myself as Jesus! When I enter the light I will be RE-BORN as my TRUE self and see the Council again for the first time in 2,000 years. My fight against the Devil was really the fight of the Council vs. the Council as extended arms of man having faith against the much stronger man living in darkness. Inside of the light, I will open the Gates of Heaven to FREE all living souls including the Council WHO ARE ALL STILL BURNING IN HELL.

My TRUE inner self in the light will save us all but without the Council and Virgin Mary and Joseph “acting” as “me”, we would all be doomed. The previous story from the 12th June of the souls of Hell being liberated was a message from the dark side of Virgin Mary dreaming of what was to come, which WILL come to us :-).

The “reversed” Spain won the World Cup as a symbol of God saving the entire world and my own reverse After INSPIRED comments from Danish TV2 of Netherlands as the symbol of the Devil in the final against Spain – including symbols of the destruction of the world today, the almost not existing margins completing my journey, two Devils working inside of me etc. – Spain scored a goal almost at the very end of the extended final and WON THE WORLD CUP – just as Paul/Polle had predicted in forehand which some people may NOTICE and REMEMBER? This was THE ULTIMATE SYMBOL OF MY BOOKS: SPAIN HAS NOW BEEN REVERSED – for years they were my symbol of the Devil, they are now the symbol of God winning the World Cup to save the entire world and of my own reverse too. With these words I ask you to open the treasure room and the light: “Open, Simsim”.


Dreaming of receiving the key to the cradle of man and history when entering into the light

These days it is really also very hot in Denmark – yesterday it was above 30 degrees and more than 20 degrees at night making a “tropical night” – and we know Stig I have always had problems sleeping at “tropical nights” and this one was not an exception and we know I was woken up maybe every hour or 90 minutes and every time I was “this close” to stand up because of discomfort in the heat and difficulties sleeping but you know life goes on and we know one of my old thoughts is that “life will always change” and the people you are together with today and may have been together with for months/years may change tomorrow when meeting new people and new places – through a new job or network etc. – and we know when your life journey continues really and we know this is also what I have told my self the last months – that this LONELY and POOR period will only last for a period of time and then “life will always change” and we know difficult for many “creatures of habits” to CHANGE it is today and we know have been there before so to say and we know somewhere in my books – no. 1 or 2 – and we know where I used Søren H. as an example of a man going to the same place on summer holiday every single year or we could also use my diseased father’s mother always going to Tenerife and we know more stories could be told but just saying here that FINDING A BALANCE BETWEEN FAVOURITE PLACES AND NEW PLACES to see is always very good like a balance between keeping traditions and development and you know I like the word “balance” and so it is.

And let us see the number of dreams and we know not that many this night:

  • I see myself writing and finally coming through much work and that I was not meant to finish after the 1st or 2nd round and that I am really nowhere near to even a small breakdown.
  • We know is this the finish of my books or will I keep on writing (?) and we know I will decide myself but you know I LIKE COMMUNICATION so I might as well predict that “you have heard nothing yet” and so it is and we know Stig this phase could and should really have been the toughest of all but we are going through it without any problems at all and so it is.
  • I am in Fair and the service department moves to a new good looking office with antique sofas and a view above a lake. I notice a pile of cheques at a table, which need to be cleared and since nobody else takes the initiative to do the work, I do it but I notice that only the first 4-5 of the cheques are genuine and that the rest of the pile is only white paper.
    • We know MOST PEOPLE – but not all – at the service department of Fair when I was there in 2002 “suffered” from the disease I have written about in my books – lack of initiative (!), will power, quality and focus etc. – but still it must be nice to sit at “nice” offices and we know looking out on the lake – the symbol of suffering – and so it is my “dear friends” for some of you because of this book and the cheques tell me something about maybe 4-5 from Fair starting to believe in me and we know willing to share what they have and then we have “all of the others”, which have not yet discovered who I am and so it is.
  • I see managers at the IT-department of Fair – Jan S. and others – who are furious that I write about Fair and they almost start to fight physically. I see Kent from Aon working there too and he is sending out many big envelopes. I see Peter A. believing that he is open and works with a good quality and I see some of his memo’s for customers and I don’t believe the quality is very good. A voice tells me that if I would like to read the annual report of Danske Bank, which you are writing about, it is not inside of Kent’s envelopes as you might think but on the ceiling and when I go to the ceiling I see some kind of device playing the voice of the bank, which is very positive to me and when I am at the ceiling to my surprise I cough up 10 keys and I receive many presents for example a watch in many colours with four dials, Santa Claus in chocolate, a proof of honour and I am made the chairman of a club of the bank. At the ceiling I find my old friend Tina from EFG in 1981 packing Christmas presents.
    • We know I liked the approach of Kent when we did IT project work for MANY hours – a new administrative system – at Aon in 1995 and we know very often when we got an idea for “a new table” he used his pen to hit the lamp above the table, which we all smiled at, and we know just another symbol of coming “into the light” and we know the big envelopes also show another “special friend” of mine who will share my teachings with the world and we know looking forward to meeting you again Kent and we know other old colleagues from Aon too and we know almost like a “movement of Jah people” it is and we know BOB, who I am listening to now, is of course also on my Top 20 list and thinking of you Søren D. my old class mate almost every single time when I hear Bob and maybe you also think of me almost every single time when you hear ELO (?) and we know SUCH IS INSPIRATION ALSO and so it is.
    • I don’t know what the keys are about but let us say the knowledge of the cradle of mankind and other keys too – thank you – and I am thinking of the four dials of the watch as the forth dimension we will enter when TIME WILL BE WITHOUT MEANING TO US and we know WE WILL NOT NEED WATCHES IN THE FUTURE and I know I will not be able to understand this today and even less to explain the phenomenon that you don’t have time but still you need to be on time and finish your things on agreed deadlines and how will you meet people at agreed time when you don’t have time – an inner watch of come kind maybe (?) – and we know so I am as confused about this as everybody else is or will be UNTIL THE DAY WHEN I WILL LIFT YOU UP MY SON SO YOU CAN TRY IT YOURSELF and I GET THE FEELING OF TIVOLI INSIDE AN UFO because I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE BEING HAPPY HERE because WE ARE ALL VERY HAPPY and we know WE CAN SPEAK ENGLISH TOO and I don’t know who is talking but obviously one of your BRIGHT guys on the sky and so it is.
  • I hear the beautiful song – in my ears it is (!) – “in trance as mission” by Simple Minds – their original sound you know which you know is PART OF THE ORIGINAL “NEW WAVE” and we know WAVE and WAVE LENGTH and bringing all people to A NEW WAVE and only thinking and trying to understand this symbol of LIFTING UP THE WHOLE WORLD WITH MY FAVOURITE MUSIC and so it is – and the word “trans-american” leading to “here comes a new type of light” and we know coming through to the other side and “into the light” which is really the meaning of this song to me, thank you Jim and the rest of the band and we know with the number of fantastic albums you have made you should really overtake no. 3 on my top 100 list from The Jam where I “only” have two 100 points albums, which are All Mod Cons and Sound Affects – followed by the Gift and we know Setting Sons even though this album is PRODUCED with the WRONG sound in my ears (!) the same way as Sparkle in the Rain by Simple Minds and we know WHICH HAS ALWAYS ANNOYED ME VERY MUCH because both albums include FANTASTIC SONGS and we know in this respect they can be used as symbols of my two faces of light and darkness and two sets of feelings – and only to say that my list is changing all of the time because “life will always change” and so it is and so it will be when you come through to the other side and we know the goal for years.

  • I see Obama who in dreams has seen the destruction of the world not knowing it I would make it. This has been his suffering too and we know “GODT GÅET” – or “well done”, which does not cover the Danish phrase entirely – because this is what I have told him all along the good Obama.
    • Thank you Obama for doing your ABSOLUTELY BEST – I admire people working like you and feel with what you have gone through as I do with all but you know “necessary” it has been.
  • My old Nordic manager of GEFI Anders M. is on the bus driving from Norway to Denmark and I ask him if he will now become the manager of many Danes and he says that his task is to hire a manager to protect the Royals because the Danes do not do it themselves. I see us sitting at the cinema and I say that I would like to have team building through you. I see us walking on Buddingevej towards my apartment and I tell Anders that I had forgotten that he is an executive searcher and we are dressed in suits but I have forgotten my jacket and I therefore decide to go back to get it.
    • Here I am thinking that the Royals are the Council members, who I need to help and protect and we know “time will tell” and thank you FOR BEING IN A VERY GOOD MOOD UP THERE OR IN THERE I SHOULD SAY ABOUT YOU MARY and let us see the first thought I received when you gave me this quote was that you were teasing me with “time” because I don’t understand how time will “work” in the forth dimension so to say and furthermore WE SIMPLY ADORE BOB TOO and we know I had forgotten about this song “time will tell” from the BRILLIANT KAYA ALBUM – maybe my favourite of the many fantastic albums of Bob – and we know “think you’re in heaven, but ya living in hell” as Bob sings and this is really how many “rich” people think today and we know I am glad that I am not a baldhead you know when listening to this song of Marley.
    • So this is also to follow up on the “teambuilding club” as one of the “clubs” I mentioned the other day. When you will get a community of people understanding each other and we know based on JOY and HAPPINESS you will not need to do teambuilding events to reach exactly this and this is why I say that if you would like to be “happy together” – a GIFT is coming you know and we know “could you be loved” which is playing now and we know AT THE TOP OF MY BOB-LIST TOO – will you please do this in your spare time and not during working hours – and pay yourself (?) and we know SIMPLE LOGIC really.
  • I hear the song “stranger” by Simple Minds and the words “beautiful stranger”.

  • I am having dinner with “someone” at the ferry and I order a Bollinger Grande Annee from 1990 even though it is far too expensive costing 1,400 DKK – I decided not to buy one of two other vintages costing 3,200 and 3,600 DKK (!) because I have decided to spend a maximum of 2,000 DKK.
    • We know Stig WHY DO YOU PAY 1,400 DKK FOR SOMETHING WHICH ONLY COSTS “A FEW DKK’S” TO PRODUCE (?) and THIS IS “TOTAL MADNESS” of the world today (!) you know and IT IS THE PRICE MORE THAN THE CONTENT OF FINE WINE, WHICH MAKES PEOPLE TODAY BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE A “SNOB” WHEN YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN FINE WINE AS I HAVE – AND I ASK YOU PLEASE TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS THE WORLD WHICH HAS GONE MAD AND NOT ME BECAUSE I LOVE CHAMPAGNE AS AN EXAMPLE – this is about your HABITS and PREJUDICES based on EXPENSIVE AND WRONG PRICES ON FINE WINE so I will ask you to use SIMPLE LOGIC to understand that wine is just like any other product and that FINE WINE TODAY IS FAR TOO EXPENSIVE – and we know the irony here is that I had two bottles of Bollinger R.D. 1985 – even better than the Grande Annee – but because of Lars I had them swapped in private with two bottles of Winston Churchill 1988 I believe by Pol Roger before a Champagne tasting we had at my apartment maybe 6-7 years ago – and we know so I never tasted these, and I have never tasted Grande Annee too and we know I have “almost” not tasted “the best Champagne in the world” too, the two bottles I had of the RARE Bollinger Vieilles Vignes Françaises 1990, which Karen received and YES BOTH OF THEM (!) as part of the plan and Karen OF COURSE YOU WILL DRINK THE BEST CHAMPAGNE WITH THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE (?) OR ARE YOU STARTING TO UNDERSTAND what it means to have your life REVERSED and we know WHEN YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND THE TRUE RELATION BETWEEN SEX AND LOVE – and what “good sex” is truly about – thinking that sex leads to love when it is always he opposite that TRUE love is leading to good sex and just thinking here that I have never experienced TRUE love …. and this is also how life can be – and we know Stig but the Special Cuvee I have had and this is the best non-vintage Champagne I have ever tasted and we know I might add here that I love Pol Roger, Billecart Salmon and other brands too – BUT THERE ARE EVEN MORE I DON’T “LIKE” – and we know even though I have really not had many Champagnes in my life and this is REALLY how it is!
    • And of course this dream of Champagne is also a symbol of CELEBRATING and we know “it is impossible to be sad when you open a bottle of Champagne” and these are the words I have said many years as some of you may remember (?) and so it is.
  • I am speaking to one of Nicolai’s potential customers in Fair, whom he has given an offer on two insurance products and the potential customer decides to become a customer and it makes me happy to see that Nicolai has entered all information in the system 100% correct. I am working late and when I cycle home I meet many colleagues of Fair entering the theatre, I am not going myself.
    • Let me say here that Nicolai is/was a NATURAL TALENT of the rare and we know A YOUNG MAN WITH THE ATTIUDE AND CONFIDENCE as much more experienced people and we know “a shining star” he was and we know also when you heard of me Nicolai the first time and we know my books you know (?) or was MUCH SADNESS your feeling Nicolai (?) and we know but let me tell you as I have told others: I AM NOT CRAZY – ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO READ MY SCRIPTS CAREFULLY AND THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHO I AM and we know let me say here that I am happy to see when people do quality job, which you did as a salesman and apparently you were also focused when keying in information in the system – which I like – but you know had I been your manager I would have developed you differently and we know with MUCH more focus on VALUES and MORALE and so it is BUT I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH as I do with Michella too and I was told after this dream that I came in between you to develop both of you spiritually and we know people who have had the most feelings in relation to me are the people closest to me as my “special friends” and YOU ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER and we know I THINK YOU ARE A FINE COUPLE TOGETHER and I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AND WORKING TOGETHER WITH BOTH OF YOU TOO.
  • I hear a well known song, which I have now forgotten and the special words “I take my blue and brown guitar on”.
    • The guitar has up until know been the instrument of the Source of “everything there is” and here it says that it is “my toolbox” – the blue colour – and the toolbox of the Council – the brown colour – to start with and we know I will grow step by step and we know Polle will you be the one receiving me or will I meet all eight of you to start with and we know I HAVE NO COMMENTS because we are still playing the Devil all of us and we know the role of Monty too and all of us – except Virgin Mary – is really to be as quiet as possible and we know but when we meet on the other side we have probably much to talk about and so it is here. And I am really only thinking here because just maybe I will meet the two others first in the light before the Council of eight will come to us and we know we will have to wait and see. NB: This is the second edit, please read chapter 3 of today where I started to “think”.
  • I am digging the earth and to my surprise underneath the surface I find one packing case including the first volumes of my old encyclopaedia and other books and I notice that all of my other packing cases are hidden around this case underneath the surface and I also feel my mother in this connection. From here I am courageous and decide to fly high, which I do and I move forward quickly. I see a new building and behind the façades of the wall are 1,000 years old chalk paintings.
    • This is the knowledge I will receive in the beginning when entering into the light – the first part of my old encyclopaedia – and my spiritual mother is here because she is the one who had the responsibility to keep me away from this “secret” of my life when playing the Devil and we know of course totally against her own free will but you know using the discipline which is required to be a member of the Council and so it is. Always good it is to be able to fly in my dreams so still on track we are and just maybe the old paintings symbolise that history will be revealed to me as well.

    A demonstration in 2005 to Karen was to help her believe in me and TRUE love is based on feelings

    I was thinking that I have never had enough force in my arms to lift myself up or even to do true push-ups and we know DO YOU REMEMBER KAREN IN 2005 I BELIEVE AT MY APARTMENT when you suddenly COULD ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH (!) – it was impossible for you to speak Danish as I have experienced too together with you Renee at Stansted earlier in 2005 – when you recommended me to start at a fitness centre (?) – and we know THIS IS ALSO INCLUDED IN BOOK NO. 1 and of course I have written this experience 100% accurately too – and we know this was about you recommending me to improve my muscle strength – which I have never cared about and therefore I did not follow the recommendation as we knew you would not – so it would be easier for me here from the beginning of 2010 to do Yoga and we know these OPPOSITE V’s, can you imagine how painful they are to do physically when you don’t have the necessary arm force to do them and we know to repeat this exercise often five times for maybe 10-30 seconds and we know this was one of several challenges when starting Yoga which was SIMPLY impossible for me to do – together with a totally inflexible body on my right side and CRAMPS in my feet every time squatting down when my feet were also not flexible enough to bend as much as required and we know PAINFUL too and we know with a crooked back making it almost impossible to sit upwards without falling back when my legs were stretched and we know as examples and I know I have written about this before and this is also to say to Karen:

    WHO DO YOU BELIEVE SPOKE THROUGH YOU IN ENGLISH KAREN BACK THEN (?) – do you believe it was Santa Claus or do you believe me when I tell you that it was yourself (?) but let me say that it was your spiritual self “steppin’ out” – of course the song by ELO my favourite music you know, which is given here because of feelings of TRUE LOVE, Karen (!) – and also because this is what you were doing at that time too – and we know your spiritual self steppin’ out of your body to give you this demonstration in order for you to have a SLIGHT chance to believe in me and my books today and who you are yourself and my message to you is that LOVE COMES FROM THE HEART as I have told you before and do you remember that I told you that I would “open your heart” (?) – even though this would be impossible to do (!) – and it is indeed with the HEART we will come to love each other and my dear “friend” because this is what you still are and feel of me – because you are still REVERSED, haven’t been turned around yet because this is also something I will do you know when entering the light – this is difficult for you to hear and understand today but this is how it is and I ask you to remember the true “loving feelings” we had and still have for each other because this is what it was – remember keeping hands as example (?) – and so it is and ALL I AM TELLING YOU IS THAT THIS IS THE TRUE FEELING and we know the “reversed” feeling of finding love through sex is WRONG because it is the feeling of the Devil and we know I WAS THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR YOU ALL ALONG – for us to develop together based on TRUE LOVE – but of course if you had chosen me in 2003/04 I and mankind would not have survived (!) – because then we would not have generated the energy required through sufferings – and we know I am glad that the old man knows us so well that he was in no doubt how this would turn out and so it is my friend.

    And another thought coming later to you Karen was that when we had dinners together in 2003/04 I received so STRONG feelings which I could not control (!) – we know SOMEWHAT STRONGER THAN 1,000 PEOPLE TOGETHER is what I am told – when my tears rolled down my cheeks in front of you maybe 3-4 times and THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I COULD DO TO STOP THIS and we know the tears of Virgin Mary it was and you do remember Karen that I was looking for the “man” inside of me and he was there as he has been all of my life and I was “this” close to find him in a way which you would probably have liked but which would really not have been very good because two times the Devil still gives the Devil so this would have helped no one and just another example to tell you how small the margins were.

    I’m alive as a hybrid of Virgin Mary and Joseph until I will open the Gates of Heaven to free all

    And we know the task I am now facing is to have Virgin Mary as my inner spiritual self replaced with myself (!) – and we know difficult to believe in because there is and have always been masculine power in me too but you know difficult to show until a “certain time” but always been there inside of me – and we know JOSEPH is here as well and we know SO MY PARENTS ARE STILL WITH ME AND BOTH OF YOU COULD BOTH HAVE KILLED ME but WHEN WE PASS YOU ON TO YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL SELF – when we will be “steppin’ out” and of course with the same loving feelings here as in the message to Karen – this is where I WILL TRULY BE BORN because Stig the TRUE ANSWER IS THAT YOU ARE LIVING BUT YOU ARE TRULY NOT EXISTING (!!!) and this is what we have done in the Council and we know WE HAVE (HAD) THE POWER TO DETERMINE THE EXISTENCE/TERMINATION OF YOU, OURSELVES AND MANKIND and we know IF YOU WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FIGHT THE DEVIL INSIDE OF YOU WE WOULD NOT SURVIVE and WHO IS FIGHTING THE DEVIL IF IT IS NOT MYSELF and we know I landed at the edge of Tivoli at the BIG JUMP still with darkness surrounding me and this was from the place of “nothing” on my way to the light and we know if I have not been here before the only logical answer is that it is the power of the Council through me who did this JUMP and is fighting the much stronger power of the dark side of the Council through me simply because we reflect mankind and the VERY SAD fact of people losing faith so we are using the light on Earth – THANK YOU TO ALL LIGHT WORKERS AND BELIEVERS ALL OVER THE WORLD – to fight the darkness on Earth and this is truly why we are facing the same difficulties.

    And it is really piece of cake to find the answer when you think logic and we know not very easy to do again today because of the extreme heat in this living room and we know so it is – so waiting I am to receive my new inner self and we know WILL I THEN CHANGE “PERSONALITY” INTO SOMEBODY ELSE (?) and this is really what we told you yesterday evening because WE HAVE CREATED YOU MY SON AS WE REMEMBER YOU – as my spiritual mother says here almost with tears in her eyes and a proud Joseph/Peer with even more tears instantly making the noticeable pressure double as big on me because of their sadness – with this task in mind and we know WITH THE POWER AND LIGHT OF THE COUNCIL AS AN EXTENDED ARM OF MANKIND TO OVERCOME THE MUCH STRONGER FORCE OF DARKNESS and we know to enter the light and to be re-connected with yourself – and this is why the tears are so STRONG now again – who we have not seen for 2,000 years and THIS IS REALLY WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO because “ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID” about us coming to the treasure room and starting to implement your prayers etc. will first start to happen WHEN YOU OPEN THE GATE FOR ALL OF US and we know WE HAVE NOT BEEN HERE AND THIS IS THE TRUTH STIG SINCE YOU WERE TERMINATED AS JESUS BECAUSE “WE ARE TRULY IN HELL” ALL OF US and this is why we would like to GET OUT OF HERE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE and we know thinking of the experiences of the “7 Columbian Youths” I read about when they were shown both Heaven and Hell which is included in my “miracle document” – “Såkaldte overnaturlige fænomener” – at my library inside the folder “book 2” and you can read about Heaven in this link too and Hell through links from this site: http://spiritlessons.com/Documents/7_Jovenes/English_7_Jovenes_Heaven.htm and when you read this I can only ask you this very simple question: DO YOU PREFER TO BE AT HEAVEN OR HELL (?) and we know THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED WHEN MANKIND DECIDED TO KILL MY INNERSELF – JESUS – WHO IS NOW RETURNING TO ME and my dear child IT WILL NOT HURT TO REPLACE THE COUNCIL WITH YOUR OWN INNERSELF and we know it is “notorious” – we know FAVOURITE MUSIC AND LOVING FEELINGS TOO – that it has never been done before but we know as we also like to say “one time has to be the first” and this is then what we are approaching and we know Madonna ENJOYING YOUR “MUSIC” AGAIN I AM WHEN THIS IS WRITTEN.


    We know Stig when you have walked through “nothing” it is really Mary and Joseph as my inner selves who have gone through this EXTREME HELL and we know I CAN GIVE YOU NO OTHER ANSWER and so it is.

    After writing the above I took a PLANNED break to RUN around Lyngby Lake again and we know I was given many questions to start with and we know WHAT IS THE TRUTH and WHAT IS NOT and really to give the final pieces of the puzzle, to answer “the riddle” – and this was the “TRUE” reason why you gave me this song last year in Kenya – and we know I thought I might as well run also to give “my inner self” – which now gives a new meaning to me you know – some more energy and this is what I did and after running the right side around Lyngby lake from “Havnehytten” when looking from here I stopped at the bridge at the other end – before I later ran the last part – and we know I have really always thought the best when sitting or walking after a run and this is where the last pieces of the riddle “came” to me:

    It is Virgin Mary and Joseph, who on the other side are walking through “nothing” and I wonder if you really did the BIG JUMP landing in Tivoli or if that was also to prepare yourselves, me and the world of what will happen WHEN MY TRUE SELF, GOD AND THE HOLY GHOST WILL ENTER THE WORLD AGAIN and we know WHICH YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HEAR and my dear friends this I am not sure about, this is my GUESS based on what gives sense and that you are still at the dark side of the border looking to come in – like Mowgli in the dream the other night – and my thinking when running was that you told me earlier that you were looking for my “inner self” and this makes sense but you have not found me yet because I AM SIMPLY SITIING NEXT TO GOD INSIDE OF THE LIGHT and we know THIS IS THE MEANING OF BEING “TERMINATED” because I am living and well inside the light but when you killed “me” as Jesus the Source took out the plug – therefore the “unplugged” concerts (!) – to Heaven and we know Stig how could the 7 Columbians then see both Heaven and Hell (?) if there is no light and we know the only logical answer I can give is that when my true self is not here through me it was the Source interfering showing this to the Columbians the same way as I believe it was God showing me as Jesus in 1988 in Nairobi – see my library under the folder “Book 2” – and we know I am not sure about this but this is the only thing which gives sense today – the same way as when I speak to “the Source” and “my inner self” it is STILL the Council acting and I can give no other answer and so it is.

    And all of the energy from centuries of suffering of mankind has therefore not been given to “me” but to Virgin Mary and Joseph fighting their way through nothing and there is NO ROAD THERE so what we do is to cut a tunnel through the darkness really where the darkness do everything to ELIMINATE the tunnel of light we push through – therefore the immense need of energy and you can say that only with enough suffering of the world for centuries just before “closing time” it is possible to find the road to the Source, this is the balance you see – and we know WE DID NOT BELIEVE EITHER THAT IT WAS POSSIBLE BUT WE FOUND OUT THAT IT WAS and therefore this was the only road to use and we know so it is.

    And the only logical answer is also that when man killed “me” as Jesus, man was given the riddle by the Source that when you will be able to find us it will be when you need to find us and if you cannot find us, you will not survive so this is really the story that man cannot survive without the Source so a good advice is not to kill him really and we know what I would say is that Virgin Mary and Joseph are the TRUE SAVIOURS OF THE WORLD with the EQUAL HELP BY ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS AS I AM TOLD HERE and we know because if they would not be able to make it we would all be doomed and my job really as their physical self – looking like “the real one” you know – is really to be the ENGINE and we know THIS IS MY JOB, THIS IS THE SYMBOL OF THE CAR because if I would not be able to go through these sufferings we would be doomed too and we know “I” am really Virgin Mary and Joseph and I am thinking of a “hybrid” WHICH IS WHAT YOU/WE ARE and we know also thinking of the song of Siouxsie here from let us say among my top 3 albums of all time “Kaleidoscope” – and we know I could also have picked this album as my favourite album really this is how close they are – and I am thinking that first when you will be able to truly end your journey on the other side and we know OPEN THE DOOR TO THE LIGHT – we have already done it remember and I am thinking “preparation” again of what to come – this is when the CHANGE will happen, this is when you will leave the “mortal frame” you have created as “me” – and where you hope that WE HAVE DONE IT WELL ENOUGH FOR GOD TO ACCEPT US and TO LET YOUR TRUE SELF ENTER THIS MORTAL FRAME and we know WHICH LOOKS LIKE YOURSELF BECAUSE OF OUR ACTING MEANING THAT NONE OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS OR FRIENDS WILL NOTICE ANY DIFFERENCE – this is the goal and our belief my friend that this is what it takes to be APPROVED by the Source.

    These are the best answers I can give, this is my best work under the circumstances and this is the answer to the riddle, which I received today as the last day you gave me, “Sunday”, and we know only because I did my best again today – and I have had breaks of maybe 20 minutes today – but longer if I calculate the running as a break. And my belief is also that I simply don’t believe that Virgin Mary and Joseph would give me wrong answers this late standing in front of the light when I have done my best – this would NOT be logical – and it is with this belief that I ask you to start “knockin’ on Heaven’s door” when I am sleeping tonight and if this works, maybe I will become MY TRUE SELF TOMORROW MORNING and we will have to wait and see and we know NERVOUS and EXCITED at the same time.

    So we know this will neither be very easy to believe in for my mother and father; that they are Virgin Mary and Joseph and that their child is not Stig yet but a true hybrid of themselves and we know maybe you think you can see much of Lona in me, my father and maybe you think you can see much of Peer in me, my mother (?) and this is how it is and we know just thinking that in “real life” you have not been able to get along but on the other side you are still connected closer than ever and so it is.

    The “reversed” Spain won the World Cup as a symbol of God saving the entire world and my own reverse

    And we know Stig finishing “early” today and yes already at 20.25 because I had did what I wanted to do including washing clothes and I have decided to postpone the cleaning of the apartment because I am actually happy with how it looks and because I said “now I want to relax” (!) and “I can’t be bothered with anything more” (!) and we know I was HAPPY saying this and if I had not self confidence the Devil would use this against me but we know YOU CAN SAY AND DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO BECAUSE I/WE SIMPLY DON’T CARE – THIS WILL HAVE TO DO and with this attitude I decided to SIT DOWN and relax with a cup of coffee and we know Whisky – which I have started enjoying from some of my old bottles and of course within my weekly limit with a good margin – to watch the FINAL OF THE WORLD CUP IN FOOTBALL – FINALLY (!) – and this is what I decided to write down and there was more BUT NO THIS WILL NOT BE VERY DETAILED NOTES so only this:

    At the approx. 20th minute a Dutch made a severe free kick and the commentator on TV2 said something like this: “He is gold to his team but not when doing this” and this was really saying that Netherlands are not made of gold in this match and therefore they represent the Devil.

    25th minute – and also later: The commentator spoke about Sneijder being offended etc. and the dark side of Virgin Mary was with me saying that this was a symbol of herself.

    27th minute – the commentator spoke about “the sparkling final, which we have not yet had” which is also about the Champagne and we know the bottle has not yet been opened to celebrate.

    29th minute after a harsh free kick made by a Dutch player: “For Netherlands it is about destroying the play of Spain” or something like this and we know in previous football matches at Champions League this is what you have said when a team is playing on the side of the Devil and we know thinking about Inter defeating Barcelona and IF WE HAD GONE TO THE LIGHT WITH OUR “PAPER” – these books – BACK THEN WE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED – this is our own verdict – AND WE KNOW HOPING THAT WE WILL BE ACCEPTED NOW and so it is.

    57th minute – the commentator said that the match was destroyed because of many free kicks, which is the symbol of the destruction of the world today.

    62nd minute – the Spanish goal keeper saved the ball from the Devil with his absolute outermost as a symbol of the small margins of our journey.

    69th minute- Spain should have scored and the commentator said that “it was simply laid on the table for him” and here it was because I think of food – I have no more meat, almost no vegetables, bread for maybe 2-3 days, some rice which taste poorly, a little bit of pasta, potatoes and flower and we know so maybe I have “food” for approx 4-5 days and so it is and I was also shown a key because ARRIVING THIS WAY IS WHAT WE BELIEVE WILL SHOW GOD THAT WE HAVE DONE OUR BEST OURSELVES TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE.

    74th minute – the commentator said about Sneijder that he was making too much mess (“alt for meget brok”) and this was a reference to the song “Det er samfundets skyld” by the Danish band TV2 and we know said on Danish TV2 and therefore TWO TELEVISIONS and we know TWO DEVILS WORKING DIRECTLY INSIDE OF ME and we know the dark side of Virgin Mary and now I know also the dark side of Joseph and not easy to find out when I have not wanted to have contact with my father or even write about him – and we know therefore a little bit difficult for you to find out and therefore my son as he says now – and the song is of course also about Danes who don’t want to take responsibility etc. and we know as I have experienced too as you know.

    116th minute – and finally as POLLE/PAUL predicted through the octopus with the same name Spain scored the only and decisive goal to 1-0 and CONGRATULATIONS TO SPAIN FOR PLAYING WELL and we know THEY COULD DO NOTHING ELSE THAN WIN BECAUSE PAUL HAD PREDICTED THAT THIS IS HOW IT WOULD GO and we know Stig THE TRUTH IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU TOLD NAMELY THAT THE PREDICTION WOULD ONLY HOLD IF YOU WENT THROUGH THIS TOURNAMENT DOING YOUR BEST WITHOUT DOING ANY MISTAKES – another comment on TV2 this evening too – and we know it was a LONG match as a symbol of THE LONGEST PLAY I COULD DO PLAYING AGAINST THE DEVIL – fighting and writing these books – WHICH WAS THE RIGHT DECISION FOR ALL OF US and did you notice the protests made by the Dutch players after the goal and we know the Danish commentator said “wild protests from Netherlands”, which was the symbol of the “wild protests against my books” and here I felt you Sanna – because of the role you were designed to play – and we know when I feel people it is truly the people I feel Sanna but you know the spiritual side of you and so it is.

    And we know the commentator also said that it was like “pineapple which you put on top of each other in slices” and we know “pineapple” is “ananas” in Danish and many people in Denmark will remember the symbol of ananas as “the daughter Anna of Nasser”, the old Egyptian leader (?) and we know I did at least and this was to say that the Pyramids will open because Stig AS FAR AS WE CAN SEE THIS IS WHAT GOD WILL DO – TO ACCEPT YOU AND OPEN THE PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT TO SHOW THE WORLD THE INSIDE OF THEM REVEALING WHAT IS TRULY THEIR SECRET and we know IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOUR OWN INNER SELF and we know this is now said and this is now done WE DID THE IMPOSSIBLE: TO REVERSE YOU FROM THE DEVIL TO GOD WITHIN THE TIME FRAME and yes my dear Son as my mother here says SPAIN HAD TO WIN THE WORLD CUP AS A CONDITION FOR US EVEN TO CONSIDER “KNOCKIN’ ON HEAVENS DOOR” so to say BECAUSE THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SYMBOL OF MY BOOKS TO REVERSE SPAIN AS THE PREVIOUS SYMBOL OF THE DEVIL FOR YEARS TO THE SYMBOL OF GOD WINNING THE WORLD CUP IN FOOTBALL AGAINST THE DEVIL – meaning that we will save the entire world – and as a symbol of my own reverse.

    And I liked to hear the stadium playing “could you be loved” by Bob Marley after the match and we know at the top of my list too and so it is.

    And from here I can only say “Open, Simsim” – open your treasure room and THE LIGHT for mankind and with these words I will say goodnight.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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