12th July 2010 – When we shortly will enter the purest light it is so strong that it will destroy all evil on Earth

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of not solving the riddle and Wednesday as the new deadline to reach happiness I received false feelings of my true inner self about to enter my body – I HAD NOT SOLVED THE RIDDLE FULLY and was not allowed to enter the light. I had dreams of becoming contaminated by the Devil if I contact the outside world these critical days, old colleagues of Fair not believing in me, war and crime etc. is NOT consistent with the light, a new deadline of Wednesday is given to reach “joy and happiness” and I received further information to help me solve the riddle.
There can be no darkness inside the light meaning that I will act accordingly All along I have been told that God will materialize through me, which logically means that THERE CAN BE NO DARKNESS INSIDE THE LIGHT – this is what will eliminate the darkness of the Universe. My saying “only good things” teaches me that I will now stop to bring more disclosures of the Devil working inside of people and do my absolutely best behaving according to my own rules – as I normally do! When the pure light arrives, all people will enter the Kingdom of God because the light will secure all people to fulfil the requirements to enter the Kingdom.
We want to be sure that the light will not kill us before the TRUE JUMP into the light to destroy all evil

A visit to the library and a telephone call to the police to have the payment of my fine extended resulted in Virgin Mary bleeding and my own sufferings increasing – this is why I have to be in total isolation in order to be as clean as possible to enter the light. I did a “sanity” check reading scripts of July to be sure that I have taken the right logical conclusion that I am a hybrid of Virgin Mary and Joseph and that we have not yet taken the JUMP to the other side of light before we will be as sure as possible that the light will not eliminate us as darkness.



Dreaming of not solving the riddle and Wednesday as the new deadline to reach happiness

When I went to bed after midnight I had a good conscience of the work I had done and I thought that I was prepared to enter into the light but the night started the same way as the last couple of nights where it has been impossible for me to sleep because of the heat and because I was not allowed too and the first part of the night you gave me all kind of feelings, physical marks on and “moving streams” inside of my body pretending that you were leaving me and that my true inner self was entering me and we know BEEN THERE BEFORE when you have given me the same illusions “some times” the last couple of years when I have thought that I had reached the “goal line” and therefore it was easy for me to conclude that I did not believe in these feelings you gave me and “how difficult can it be” was my thought because if you can enter and leave my body “just like this”, my true inner self can of course do the same and then it did not matter that you also played the song “different world” by Simple Minds and the words “let me go high into a different world”.

So it was with a feeling of “extreme disappointment” and knowledge that I had not solved the riddle fully that I continued trying to sleep and I may have had a couple of hours bad sleep first at my bed and later at the sofa, which I switched to receiving let us just say “other dreams than normal”:

  • I am at an employment meeting with Nordea Bank because I need to have food – not because I am keen to start working there – and the bank want to discuss my salary before we speak of the employment because the logic of the bank is that if we cannot meet on the size of the salary, we will not be able to make an agreement. He shows me a table of average salaries in Denmark, which I believe is too little and I tell him that we should look at the average salaries of the bank and even better at the income I will generate for the bank. During the meeting my mother calls me and I tell her that we will have to speak later because I am busy. Outside the window I see an old colleague from Fair asking for the song “into the mood” and I tell her that it has already played, which she may not have heard.
  • Danske Bank is the symbol of “bringing normal life”. This dream includes Nordea Bank for the first time and really only that if I contact “the outside world” trying to get money/food these days I will become contaminated with the Devil and this is really why I am completely isolated now and have been for a long time: TO BECOME CLEAN and we know WITHOUT THE DEVIL – we do believe this is the only way to come into the light.
  • The rest of the dream is not according to my basic rules of paying people on basis of their working hours and therefore also symbols of the Devil.
  • I am at the canteen of Fair where many employees are gathered to eat and when I try to find a free table I see Michella and two newspapers on the table, Berlingske Tidende and BT – and the back page of BT has a story of me with the headline “Sensation – he believes he is the Son of God”. I try to enter the main table but I see that it is completely impossible even to walk there.
    • Really only saying what old colleagues are saying of me according to the newspaper BT symbolising the Devil, which here brings a story of me, which they don’t believe in but which they believe can sell papers.
  • I am working again in an office where Jørgen – Kim’s father in law – is the manager. I am setting up the first part of the office for our group of three and in front of us I see Rikke H. together with two others. Rikke asks to get some of the room of our bookcases, which I turn down because we need the space ourselves and their group has a bookcase of the same size as ours. I speak to Jørgen and he says that he likes to speak to me as “older”, he says that everybody has his price but I did not back then when we worked together, which he said cost the lives of 412 people.
    • Really only saying that “everybody has his price” is a common feeling in business today and Morten you may remember from GE the saying that “if you don’t want to work together with us, we will buy you”, which is the feeling of “MONEY TALKS” when Big Brother will overtake the little brother only because of money – a tool of the Devil it is – and the 412 deaths gave me the feeling that THE LIGHT WILL NEVER ALLOW ANY WARS, CRIME, KILLING, DISEASES ETC. – this is NOT consistent with the light.
    • The name “Jørgen” is also an old symbol of money and again for me to be aware not to be tempted to ask people for money these days – which will contaminate me in this critical phase.
  • I am at Acta on a “Sunday” together with Peter, Jacob and someone else and Jacob and the other is going to hold an important meeting with a customer and Peter decides to give them some money to buy appropriate business clothes, which also includes me. I call Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen and agree to shop with him at the Pedestrian Street of Copenhagen this Wednesday.
    • This dream is about “Sunday” – which was the deadline we gave you – and we know Stig “I don’t need any material belongings” is my feeling but I have established the rules of “normal life” and freedom and therefore the logic is to keep these rules – and buying clothes together with Jarl is to say that I like his taste in clothes and I think of Jarl’s ITALIAN SHIRTS and Italy as the symbol of “joy and happiness” and the new deadline of Wednesday given through this dream – so maybe this is your best guess when I will be able to solve the riddle fully.

    During the night I also received some information:

    • “Don’t be aggressive because the Source does not want this”.

    • “When the first of all and the last of all of the career begins, we will walk in” and also the words “perfect” and “stopped by us”.

    • I see the elephant being stopped by a blue drawing pin.
    • The elephant is the Source and we know “blue” is my colour, so the Source and my true inner self was stopped by my drawing pins – another symbol of the Devil – and we know because of the behaviour I have used and still use in some degree when writing my books to show the Devil of the world.
  • “It does not say that a elephant will be eliminated within one week – yourself – we don’t have many chances here”.

  • “It is a good decision to behave like God and only to speak nice of people from this point forward”.

  • “If you cannot solve the riddle, you will destroy the whole world – people will lose faith in you daily” and I see a motor boat taking in water.

  • Later I was told that “we are still at the island of Dalarö of Stockholm” – giving me some calm after the previous message, which made me sad.

  • I was told that Virgin Mary is now starting to disappear and that I have one week to find this answer otherwise I will also disappear myself.
    • This made me TRULY sad to hear and we know combined with feelings of disappointment and bad and all I could say was that I have given you my head rules some time ago and I will accept NO PEOPLE DYING and I ask all of you to help during this phase and this rule still applies and I thought that it could be no problem to stand outside the light until I/we find the way in.
    • Later in the day when I did chapter three again I came to the conclusion that Virgin Mary logically is still exactly where she has been – at the end of “nothing” before the TRUE jump “into the light” so here I can only say that I don’t believe this is the truth.
  • During the night I took more notes to make me think in a greater detail of “my own behaviour” in order for my own inner self to accept me – see the next chapter.

  • I see “someone” trying to enter my house through my garden door, but it is not possible because of the melting snow in front of the door.
    • I am thinking of the snow of “what is inside of me” – my behaviour because of the need to write these books to show the Devil and my only logic is to be CLEAN when asking my TRUE and CLEAN inner self to take his place in me and this is why the snow is melting.

    After my shower this morning I decided to do Yoga – which required a “deep breath” to continue doing and afterwards also to continue working because of “disappointment”.

    I was also looking forward to “normal life” coming with the light and we know at least to get a more secure food and living situation for both LTO and myself but I also had to “eat this” and continue working and because I did this I was shown knights with their horns in front of the big castle and I was told “we will try again” and we know THIS WAS ALSO A PLAY because I did not know yesterday but today I am happy to have learned more as you can see from my dreams and from the next chapter meaning that of course the Council and Virgin Mary and Joseph knew of this situation coming but the true answer is that I need to find the full answer to the riddle myself before I/we will be allowed to enter the light.

    I see a closed door to the castle and just to the right of the door I see the open door, so it is really only a question to find this door and we know I have said all along “there is always a way out” and here really meaning that “there is always a way in” and my job is simply to find it and this is why we are not sad to see you continue working and we know even though now when it is 14.05 and I have done the script so far today including the first draft of the next chapter I do feel the effect of the very hot weather, humidity and tiredness coming to me and I will therefore try to get a little sleep before I continue …. – only to “stand up” fifteen minutes later because I was not allowed to sleep – I was constantly spoken to – and I was shown Virgin Mary coming closer to the flames and being burned because my wish to sleep took away energy from her on the other side and even though this is really not the most pleasant situation I have been in, I will try to continue working.

    There can be no darkness inside the light meaning that I will act accordingly

    This is part of giving a full answer to “the riddle”.

    The logic is that there can be no darkness inside the light

    I have been told all along that this time around it will not only be Jesus/Stig walking on Earth with a spiritual link to the Source – this time it will be GOD HIMSELF materializing through me and it will be my last incarnation before I will take my place next to God again – and this message has been given to me so often and consistently that I have no reason to doubt it – this is the logic. And I was told recently that God will be “everywhere” in the air etc., when he arrives and I can only logically think that he is not here today and that when he/I will leave the Universe again, the Universe will belong to mankind as a common responsibility – this is also the reason for my books.

    As part of my fight against the Devil for months I have said and asked for “only good things” what may be thousands of times – to renounce all of the negative speech I received and I was shown the other day that “aeroplanes will fall down” inside the light meaning that there can be no darkness inside the light.

    This is what I believe in – this is what is logical to me and because of this, I can only conclude as follows:

    What does this mean?

    • When “God is everywhere” ALL EVIL WILL BE COMPLETELY ELIMINATED INSTANTLY, EVERYTHING WILL BECOME LIGHT, which was why you said “quickly” to me when I wrote about how soon diseases etc. will disappear and why you also gave me the feeling that “quickly” really could be very “quickly” indeed.

    • Elimination of all evil will of course mean a complete change in thoughts – people will automatically only get loving thoughts/feelings and think of “how are you” instead of “me, me, me” meaning that relations, behaviour, communication and understanding automatically will improve instantly and that war, crime, fraud, infidelity etc. together with all diseases, disorders, natural catastrophes etc. also will stop instantly – as I have written about in recent days. This makes sense to me too.

    What does it mean in relation to me?

    • In everything I do I will do my absolutely best showing a clean heart/mind and my best behaviour according to my own basic rules, the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments, which also means to avoid behaving like the Devil as described in my script of the 30th May 2010 and the chapter “Improve your work and behaviour” on my website. I will only show LIGHT in order to be approved by my true inner self as the LIGHT.

    • I will COMPLETELY stop to bring more disclosures of the wrong behaviour of people including no more examples of how the Devil works in future scripts and I will ask the Council to stop giving me dreams of this too. This also means that I ask for forgiveness for what I have had to do to disclose the beast within people when writing my books embarrassing some people and sometimes breaking promises to people. I will not do this anymore and we know I did it to teach the world showing using a behaviour I would otherwise never use.

    What does this mean in relation to my books and rules?

    • It is SIMPLE LOGIC that when God is ONLY LIGHT there will be NO DARKNESS in the world when he enters.

    • When there will be ONLY light in the world I can only think that this will mean that people will AUTOMATICALLY fulfil or start to fulfil the requirements I have established in order to enter the Kingdom of God, which includes:
    • Help people to receive a “normal life”
    • Restore your faith in God
    • Repent your sins
    • Follow the basic rules of my books
    • Follow the Ten Commandments
    • Read my books 1 and 2
    • Create peace in the world and share public wealth
    • Stop addiction to drugs, tobacco etc.
  • And my logic tells me that these rules are indeed important to fulfil and we know this matches perfectly together with our prediction too that ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD WILL ENTER THE FUTURE KINGDOM OF GOD BECAUSE THE LIGHT WILL AUTOMATICALLY MOTIVATE PEOPLE TO FULLFIL THE REQUIREMENTS.

  • Somewhere I have written that my books are meant to teach future generations of what not to return to – so my best assessment is that my books will become information/guidance for the world of today and that it will become teachings for the future of what not to do and this means that I will leave all documents in my library.

  • Here I am thinking especially at the LTO newsletter no. 2 about “roadmap to peace in Somalia” because when LIGHT WILL BE EVERYWHERE man will automatically lay down weapons and then this document will no longer be required and we know as Stig I am herewith withdrawing ALL calls to enter into war in Somalia or Afghanistan to bring down “extremists” if they don’t voluntarily step down – which is also what we asked them to do you know – and this is my personal decision with effect from today and we know Stig LTO, President Obama and others are free to do what they may believe is the best under the circumstances until the light will enter and shine through. The LTO newsletter no. 2 is herewith a historical document as far as I am concerned, which does not longer have my support – LTO are of course free to use it as they please.

  • And I am thinking that when the light will enter, we will use this period of time the best way possible to prepare for the future to avoid coming in a situation where evilness will develop again.
  • This is my logical sense and my answers when using my logical sense and this means that I will now include on my Action Plan tomorrow to update my website accordingly.

    We want to be sure that the light will not kill us before the TRUE JUMP into the light to destroy all evil

    And we know ALL OF US Stig first you decided to walk to the library in this still extreme heat because you had to return some lendings today, which could not be extended and just walking outside noticing “ladies” – without really seeing them – was waking the dark side of Virgin Mary increasing my sufferings and we know but it had to be done because I also have to do my everyday as good as possible as one of the criteria and I have also decided to call the Police regarding the old fine of 500 DKK, so there will be no risk to be imprisoned for four days, which they wrote that the fine could be replaced with even though this according to the detailed directions is only a minor risk because first after 20 days – on Wednesday – the collection will be transferred from the “fine office” to the “collection office” where I guess that they will probably wait collecting this amount until they can set off the fine through my salary (!) or overpaid taxes at the beginning of next year and first as the last option the directions say that I can also be imprisoned and if they decide to do this I guess that it will take them “some time” to do – but you know I called them at approx. 14.00 to tell them that I cannot afford to pay the fine and I was thinking to ask for one month of extension to keep them away but they were only open from 10.00-13.00 and I will therefore call back tomorrow – and just writing this gives me more pain from Virgin Mary and we know this is why I really need to be isolated and we know which is why we will wait until Wednesday to enter the light – and we know thinking if the Council will accept my answers to the riddle to start knocking on the door this time.

    And after this I used a couple of hours to read chapters and summaries of my scripts from this month to do a “sanity” check of my conclusion that the BIG jump has not been done yet and that my spiritual selves are indeed Virgin Mary and Joseph – and we know with the Council “close by” and I wrote down some of the information:

    • My logic says that I cannot land in Tivoli – the symbol of the LIGHT – with dark energy surrounding me – the JUMP has therefore not been done yet and you will not do it before you feel as secure as possible that you will be able to land on the other side at the light without being rejected because the light eliminates all darkness.

    • And even more important to me is that today I have started receiving a déjà vue feeling of a LOUD BANG like when the wall of sound is broken, which I connect to my true inner self returning and I remember these déjà vues given to me as a very small boy and I do believe that when this LOUD BANG – which I have also written about earlier in July in other connections – has not sounded yet, the only explanation is that the jump has not been carried out yet.

    • I am still not in the light because I am still suffering because of the Devil despite several “promises” given that “now” I have come closer to the light and “now” my sufferings will stop, which they did not – promises given by the Devil but as predictions of what is to come.

    • I confirmed to myself that the Council cannot be at the light yet – the treasure room – because of the Devil surrounding them and because I trust that darkness cannot exist in the purest light of all and that the light therefore will have to be opened by my TRUE inner self first before we all can enter.

    • I believe in the story that I am the Son of God (!) and that Jesus was “terminated” after being killed and the logic to me is that when I have not landed at Tivoli and found the light inside of myself yet, I am not yet myself (!) and that Jesus together with the Trinity therefore closed down Heaven until we will/would be able to find it again. I still cannot see it differently.

    • It also makes sense to me that I was a late starter dating women because of the presence of Virgin Mary inside of me being stronger than Joseph – because I have also felt the masculine side increasing over the years and for even more years in other respects than the sexual – and that this is why I was crying because of immense feelings in front of Karen, which was really not very masculine to do!

    • All of the examples given about “reversing” me, people and the magnetic pole also make sense because why would you give me all of this information if it was not true and we know I have not received conflicting stories on this.

    • And if I am not the light yet and when all of the above makes logic to me I can only conclude – as I have already done before – that I am truly a “hybrid”, which is going to become replaced with my true inner self and that my inner selves are Virgin Mary and Joseph from the Council – and it could be all of the Council but I guess that it is only Virgin Mary and Joseph because this is what you told me and it makes sense to have only “two parents” – and that these are the two who have been sent on the journey to save the world travelling through “nothing” – the extreme hell – to enter the light as the first based on the energy they have received from earth including myself as the main dynamo and we know family and friends too.

    • These are the answers I could find logically and I still don’t have an explanation to the 7 Columbians seeing Heaven – as I know others have too – other than what I have already given and what about the reappearance of Jesus in 1988 and we know the appearance of our future planet already now and the hiding of the Universe and I can only say that I “guess” that these are actions of my true inner self with the Trinity because I guess that this is outside what the Council can do and if this is true then I guess that there is some kind of co-operation between the Council in the dark and the Trinity in the light but I really don’t know – I cannot come this any closer.

    And all of this leads to THIS CONCLUSION: WHEN WE SHORTLY WILL ENTER THE PUREST LIGHT IT IS SO STRONG THAT IT WILL DESTROY ALL EVIL JUST LIKE WHEN FRODO IN THE LORD OF THE RINGS DESTROYED THE EVIL RING WHERE AFTER ALL EVIL WAS IMMEDIATELY DESTROYED TOO – THIS IS THE INSPIRATION I GAVE THE AUTHOR J. R. R. TOLKIEN AND WITH THIS INSPIRATION I GAVE THE DIRECTOR PETER JACKSON THE INSPIRATION TO DO HIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME MASTERPIECE: THE FILM “TRILOGY” OF THE NOVEL and so it is my friends and only because I decided to do my best including baking and cleaning the apartment today and we know the temperature indoors has also here been more than 30 degrees and so it is when you don’t close the Venetian Blinds – which I really should have done but “I did not think of it”.



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    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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