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Dreaming of the meltdown of the Universe A quiet night dreaming of the meltdown of the Universe – which will stop – and the heart of Tobias in relation to me.
Please still help the suffering people of Somalia as an outcry to the world. I include the email I wrote to LTO yesterday regarding the newsletter no. 2 on Somalia, which I have excluded from my personal library because I no longer believe in war as the last option to reach peace but I still ask the world as an outcry to help these suffering people to get a “normal life” as quickly as possible – as an example of all suffering people all over the world.
I am not going to prison! I received a respite until 1st September to pay the fine to the Police – but hoping that someone will say I don’t have to pay this “crazy” fine.
The margins of destruction and redemption are almost not existing – but we expect SUCCESS Can you imagine how it feels to be alive without a soul knowing that this will be your only life – unless you succeed to find your own soul? Virgin Mary and Joseph are BURNING (!) standing in front of the light making the margins between TOTAL DESTRUCTION and TOTAL REDEMPTION OF THE UNIVERSE ALMOST NOT EXISTING. We expect that the JUMP will become a success because we have DONE OUR BEST PREPARING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR 2,000 YEARS!

After thinking logically for days of what is the truth and not I updated my website today including writing the truth that I am the Son of God – on the surface – and that I will become reconnected with my TRUE inner self – to be myself inside out.



Dreaming of the meltdown of the Universe

Tonight was the first night for quite some time when I got “better sleep” which however is still not normal and we know because the very heavy thunderstorm and lightning late yesterday evening “cleared” up the weather so it became more bearable and we know so today it is “only” 22 degrees outside but still 26 degrees inside, which almost feels “cold” compared to the latest days, but at least I was happy to get some sleep again.

And I did have some dreams but I decided to censor them because of my decision from yesterday not to bring more disclosures of people in my scripts but in one dream I saw that I had built a giant skyscraper standing in between other skyscrapers, which are falling to the ground while this is written (!) together with birds, which are eaten by people – the meltdown of the Universe really and people restricting freedom and we know WHICH WE ARE NOW GOING TO CORRECT – and in another I showed Niklas how a parking place works when controlling it from a computer and Tobias was putting what seemed like thousands of one DKK’s coins into a biscuit box which made me think of his heart in relation to me.

Please still help the suffering people of Somalia as an outcry to the world

Yesterday evening I decided to write the following email to the LTO team in Kenya to say that I have decided to exclude the newsletter no. 2 on Somalia as a valid document in my personal library and I bring the email here to say that I herewith also withdraw what I wrote of this newsletter in my book no. 2 when it comes to war as the last option because GOD WILL NEVER ACCEPT WAR AS A MEAN and BECAUSE WAR WILL BE UNNECCESSARY WHEN PEOPLE WILL AUTOMATICALLY MEET PEOPLE WITH LOVING FEELINGS, therefore really – but I still like the document because of the information on the suffering of the Somali people and the outcry to help these people as example of all suffering people of the world as quickly as possible and we know the most important is that you will do what you can to help these people to get a “normal life” and an “acceptable” place to stay before we will all be brought to our new planet.

Dear all,

Please notice the following text in the script of today:

Here I am thinking especially at the LTO newsletter no. 2 about “roadmap to peace in Somalia” because when LIGHT WILL BE EVERYWHERE man will automatically lay down weapons and then this document will no longer be required and we know as Stig I am herewith withdrawing ALL calls to enter into war in Somalia or Afghanistan to bring down “extremists” if they don’t voluntarily step down – which is also what we asked them to do you know – and this is my personal decision with effect from today and we know Stig LTO, President Obama and others are free to do what they may believe is the best under the circumstances until the light will enter and shine through. The LTO newsletter no. 2 is herewith a historical document as far as I am concerned, which does not longer have my support – LTO are of course free to use it as they please.

I have NOT decided to exclude the document from my library but to stamp it with "Historic and cancelled" and ONLY BECAUSE THE PUREST LIGHT WILL NOT ACCEPT WAR AS A SOLUTION FOR PEACE and therefore I can only say that YOU DID A FANTASTIC WORK which you know I was happy with and that I am the one responsible for putting the stamp on the document because I included war as the last option at the roadmap. I do hope for your understanding of this and please know that this is what I have decided to do in my personal library.

Kind regards

I am not going to prison!

I called the police today at 12.00 but no one picked up the telephone because they were at lunch so I called back at 12.30 and I spoke to a polite young man who gave me respite to pay until the 1st September but what I am hoping is really that someone as an example will say that you don’t have to pay “crazy” fines like this and so it is.

So now I am at least not going to become imprisoned.

The margins of destruction and redemption are almost not existing – but we expect SUCCESS

And we know Stig “still thinking” I am and also this morning at the bathtub and we know Stig have you my dear reader ever wondered how it would feel like if you are not truly existing and here meaning if you are alive as a human being but without a soul (?) and we know my dear friends this is what my mother – and also father – are searching for right now here in front of the light at the absolutely worst part of “nothing” and we know where Virgin Mary is not giving me burning marks because she “likes” to play the Devil but simply because this is what she and I – your father – are receiving ourselves because we are BURNING right now (!) and we know still we are keeping you alive and you are keeping us alive – this is how we decided to do it Stig – and we know at the same time we are also Lona and Peer alive and we know BRINGING ENERGY TO ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH REALLY and all of this is what you are communicating to your family and how difficult can this really be to believe in when you use your logical sense and not your feelings as I have done (?) and we know Stig because here we are coming back to the feeling because you do know that if we don’t do this jump successfully that you and we will be terminated – all of us in fact – and the symbol is really that when you are not a mortal soul so to say we expect that the Universe would simply cease to exist like you and we know when we are not in contact with God we don’t really know what he would do and these are the words I receive so these are the words I write and the other feeling was that because I am not a mortal soul, we do hope that this is also the key to enter the light and we know because we are not burdened with the dark energy of an “individual soul” and so it is.

At the bath I was listening to Danish Radio P4 and the summer programme where they travel around the country and when listeners text in suggestions of where they would like the show to come to the next day and there was a little bit of inspired speech here because at 11.20 the host read a text message from a listener saying that “there is a guarantee to receive a nice layer cake” and shortly thereafter the host said to the guest, the handball player Katrine Fruelund – and we know one of those special handball players I have written about before – that “you can see the “goal line” and this was really to say that we expect to be met with LOVE – which is what the cake is symbolising – by the light and we are now at the goal line, Stig – the goal line we also thought it was impossible to reach 4, 3, 2 and 1 years ago but which we made and so it is – and Katrine also said something like getting “blood on the tooth”, which was to say that this is the feeling Virgin Mary has also given me daily and let me say the taste of blood in my mouth because this is really how small the margins are between total saviour and total destruction of the Universe – if this JUMP of ours will succeed or not and we know did you see the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger being sucked out from a space station on another planet where he could not breath in the beginning and was very close to dying before the evil was removed from the planet making it possible for him to breath again and because of this he and all of the population at the station survived and we know this is really what we expect will happen too because SUCCESS IS NOT SOMETHING WE HOPE FOR – IT IS SOMETHING WE HAVE PLANNED FOR 2,000 YEARS SINCE YOUR TRUE INNER SELF WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM US.

And we know in continuation of my thinking from yesterday I have been thinking today that when logics tell me that the Trinity with the purest light is not here it has to mean that creation of new life is made by the “highest creations” and we know on Earth and in the Universe and logically it will have to mean that Jesus in 1988 in Nairobi also was an invention of Virgin Mary and Joseph – and I am also here thinking of the “magicians” of the world for example the one where a girl was transformed into a young woman as I have written about before and given the link to – and we know only using logic here and not “guessing” as yesterday and we know this will also have to mean that the inside of the Universe is self controlled including the hiding of the Universe from Earth and our new planet floating above us and we know again thinking logically really – and when there is light on earth through people having faith there is also light in the “Heaven of the Universe” and we know but again there are “different degrees” of light and “Heaven” and therefore we earlier gave you the words “the purest light” of Jesus, your true inner self and this is the last puzzle otherwise I would not be able to make it all fit together and we know from a logical point of view – and we know also after just having heard “the logical song” by Supertramp – it must be because of this that I was able to think logically (!) – and we know this music sounds fantastic when you have not heard it for more than one year and we know thinking of all people on earth I am who is going to experience life for the “first” time including nice food, clothes etc. and so it is – and we decided to “take the long way home” as I have written about before and we know Supertramp this is also one of my favourites of yours and we know I have followed the band also after Roger left but we know just like when the other Roger left Pink Floyd, you lost some of the magic feeling and this is what I feel too as Joseph says.

And here I can add that every time I have passed a “pain barrier” in my physical life – not only when running you know but DAILY AS PART OF MY LIFE – this is what “my inner selves” have done on the other side too using the energy from my passing and we know there have been many IMPOSSIBLE BARRIERS TO cross and this is really why we have had the same experiences on both sides – and I was also told that MY STRENGTH and WILL POWER as Stig has helped BOTH OF US TO COME THROUGH when we have needed it.


We know Stig you had to do ”some” new changes to mainly the first three chapters of your website “Welcome to my site”, “My development” and “My mission” and we know a little bit difficult it could EASILY be to write who you are in a limited space and we know which you believe you have covered by saying that “I am the Son of God” – which you are on the surface and we know “In July 2010 I will become reconnected with my TRUE inner self” – and then you will also be it inside of you and we know also “has given my inner self enough energy to walk through the extreme Hell called “nothing” to enter the purest light” meaning that today my “inner self” is not my “true inner self” – this is the difference – and this is really how I decided to solve this riddle and we know thinking that the website is a “short introduction” and that people can read the full truth in my scripts and so it is.

And we know Stig in the chapter “My mission” I wrote that WE WILL ENTER THE PUREST LIGHT IN JULY 2010 and later that “this is what the judgment is about” and we know isn’t this funny because people are waiting for Judgment Day in December 2012 – and of course people on the Internet believing in the Judgment coming – and what we are doing Stig is in fact to arrive two years early and we know THIS IS REALLY THE PLEASANT SURPRISE WE HAVE/HAD FOR YOU MY DEAR CHILD – because we never decided to stop for a break really or lose a set or even a ball to the big scary guy – and for the world because who would believe that the “judgment” would come now WITHOUT DISCOVERING IT (?) and that it turned out to be only “good” for all to get A MUCH HAPPIER LIFE and this is really how it is and this is why I changed the text at the first chapter “Welcome to my site” as follows:

Previous text:

I am the Son of God with the mission to save the world in connection with Judgment Day coming in May 2012, to bring all people to the new Kingdom of God at the planet I/GOD will build in front of your eyes to replace Earth and to give all a better life including joy and happiness.

New text:

I am the Son of God with the mission to save the world in connection with Judgment Day coming already in July 2010 (!) to give all a better life including joy and happiness and eventually to bring all people to the new Kingdom of God at the planet I/GOD will build in front of your eyes.

When it came to the chapter “My mission” I thought briefly about excluding the requirement to “read my books no. 1 and 2” because we will all automatically become “good” when we enter the light but then I thought again and decided that I am looking for consistency in what I do also meaning that I will only change what is really needed to change and so it is and I decided that my books will be as relevant to “people of the light” as for “people of the darkness” and that it is still a requirement to read my books – and I do believe you should include no. 3 to get the full picture but the rule is still only my books no. 1 and 2 – before you will be able to move from Earth to our new planet and so it is my friends.

I also thought that the new text from today on my website is again a temporary text as earlier versions have been too and that I will need to change the text again after the ”judgment” – when we have reached the light – and we know you can from the folder “book 3” at my library www.mediafire.com/stig see previous versions – not all because I did not think about saving all small changes – of the text of my website if you should be interested and please notice that the first version is included in the beginning of book no. 3.

After reading through the rest of the chapters of my website I had really only one other LOGICAL amendment to do and that was to exclude the chapter “Repent your sins” in full – not meaning that you are not to repent your sins to God but meaning that I will no longer require you to report yourself to the Police to take your punishment because as I had written in the chapter “all people are to be pardoned at Judgment Day” and when the “Judgment Day” is coming already now it is really simple logic to cancel this requirement because then you are pardoned and we know bringing FREEDOM to all it is and this also goes to all people IMPRISONED today – therefore the story of the Police to keep you out of prison Stig – and we know PEOPLE WILL HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR FROM MURDERERS ETC. BEING SET FREE after the return of the PUREST LIGHT BECAUSE THEN NOBODY WILL EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THE SAME AGAIN and it is really as easy as this as we all say here and so it is my friend.

This is the wording of the chapter – which is now EXCLUDED from the website:

I ask people who have violated the law when hurting other people – violence, murder, rape, burglaries etc. – to stand forward and report yourself to the police (see book 2, page 217) and to accept the punishment you will be given. All people are to be pardoned at Judgment Day.

TO REPENT IS PART OF SHOWING YOUR “CLEAN” HEART TO GOD and part of the process of being approved to enter my Kingdom. I ask all to repent your sins to God, to promise that you will not sin again and to keep your promise.

I encourage people who know people, who have violated the law hurting other people to encourage these to report themselves or to inform them that if they do not, you will report them – and then do it.

And these small changes – you can compare all changes through my library – took between 3-4 hours to do and we know when you do your best it takes time and so it is – but still efficient it was because YOU NEED TO THINK CAREFULLY and test several times.

And we know Stig today I was also running “as long as I could” and we know DID MY BEST and the feeling is only 6-7 on a scale of 10 but let me say that it is “simply impossible” to do better (!) and SO IT REALLY IS because I could hardly walk/run at the end and I was told by Polle – nice to have you back my friend – that this run was to bring as much energy as possible to our dear friends Virgin Mary and Joseph to do the JUMP to reach the light and we know Polle gave me an “indication” for one second how my life would be if the rest of the Council did not do everything they can to bring energy to Virgin Mary and Joseph and protect me from the suffering of the Devil (!) and we know IT WAS NOT NICE (!) and I would be killed if they did not – thank you – and I was also shown myself being completely encapsulated by a metal coat to PROTECT ME FOR THE JUMP and so it truly is – I WILL DO THE JUMP and it will be through my inner selves Virgin Mary and Joseph and we know IF I HAD HEARD THAT I AM REALLY NOT STIG TODAY BUT A HYBRID OF MY MOTHER AND FATHER ONE MONTH AGO I WOULD HAVE HAD DIFFICULTIES BELIEVING IN THIS TO SAY THE LEAST BUT WHEN THIS IS THE ONLY LOGICAL ANSWER TO THE RIDDLE AND WHEN THIS IS WHAT I FEEL FROM MY INSIDE HAVING THESE TWO SPIRITUAL PARENTS GIVING ME FEELINGS, VISIONS AND SPEECH, THEN THERE IS NO OTHER ANSWER and so it truly is my friend.

And we know THIS MESSAGE IS WRITTEN WITH ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITES OF U2 PLAYING RIGHT NOW “EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING” the same time as I finish with this message from U2 on Facebook today and this is indeed what we are – “we’re coming back” and we know INTO THE LIGHT and so it is.

U2 ‎’We’re Coming Back…’


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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