14th July 2010 – I have given the order to JUMP into the light late this evening to save (or destroy) the Universe!!!

Summary of the script today



Dreaming of being compelled to survive when entering the light

After a couple of hours with a very difficult “test” of what we believe will be the effect of entering the light I was dreaming of people taking the plane to reach the other side, a symbol of the sufferings of my inner selves, cleaning all of my clothes at the house of God to as a symbol to remove all darkness with the light, I love good wine as Jesus did too and “I am compelled to survive” when I enter the light. I heard from DANSKE BANK again today as a symbol of “normal life” coming.

Preparing to do the DECISIVE JUMP to save mankind

I received the inspiration to sit outside on the balcony late this evening – the day where the deadline runs out – does this mean that I will enter the light tonight?

My books have been written with many “illogical lies” and less “logical truths” and when I can understand this, all people should be able to do the same. I now ask the Trinity to remove all darkness of the world.

I have given the order to JUMP into the light late this evening to save (or destroy) the Universe! I received the message from the Council that I am to decide when the JUMP will be taken – to save or destroy the Universe depending on my answer to “the riddle” (!) – and therefore I checked for the third time and I still feel confident that I have answered correctly. THEREFORE I ASK YOU TO JUMP THIS EVENING WHEN I DECIDE TO SIT OUTSIDE ON THE BALCONY.


Dreaming of being compelled to survive when entering the light

Tonight I had poorer sleep than the night before but better than the nights before this and what was special late yesterday evening first at the sofa and later at the bed was that I was met by stronger “attacks” from the Devils than almost ever before with physical threats to make me bleed and cut off my right foot as examples and all I could do was to be as STRONG as possible saying that ALL PHYSICAL SUFFERINGS ARE FORBIDDEN AND IF I CAN MAKE IT HERE YOU CAN MAKE IT ON THE OTHER SIDE TOO and I will accept none of you to bleed or become hurt and KEEP ON UNTIL YOU WILL TAKE THE JUMP INTO THE LIGHT – and I did this not knowing if it was the right to do because normally when I hurt it gives more energy to the other side so I was “tempted” to accept some kind of sufferings but this was above my limit and therefore I could only do as I did not really knowing if I was helping or the opposite but I also thought of the “shield” of metal encapsulating me/us and that this was maybe a test of what will come and we will see.

I was also shown that there is now NO SPACE around us and that the darkness if trying to “squeeze” us into nothing and twice I was shown a vision where “someone” is trying to rip out my heart and we know not a nice feeling and so it is – and I was shown Virgin Mary starting to bleed and again I could only say that I WILL ACCEPT NO PEOPLE TO BECOME HURT DURING THIS PHASE AND JUMP and I was also thinking that it makes sense to me that God is ultimately the power of “nothing” and that when we do our best we should be able to come through this without any injuries – and I spoke to God directly hoping that he heard me when I asked him to help us come through and so it is. A couple of very difficult hours to come through.

I had a few dreams which I can hardly read my notes of:

  • I am in South Africa and something about improving something and a sales dialogue, all people will go home by plane but I run the other way even though I cannot afford accommodation and something about my clothes and difficulties holding tight.
  • I have had several of these dreams showing that people will take the train or plane to the other side without me meaning that my journey is finished and why will people go on the plane when the light is coming to all of us and we know will it also be painful for people to enter the light after me when the darkness will be cleaned out (?) and I don’t know but we will have to see.
  • I was dreaming of doing a work out and meeting “the most beautiful woman” in the world who I would very much like to get to know but because I cannot afford to buy red wine she only wants to be my friend.
    • I had a couple of these dreams really only saying that the stronger these dreams are, the more my inner selves are struggling on the other side – and because of the rules I have set that the Devil must not come alive, this is as far as this dream evolved.
  • I am “movin’ out” from the office to live at the cottage house. My mother is in the garden helping to wash all of my clothes and my father asks me if I cannot do that myself.
    • I see the cottage house as another symbol really of the house of God when I now think of it and washing all of my clothes is really to say that when I enter the light all of the darkness inside of me will disappear.
    • And we know I cannot remember that I have never had my clothes washed by my mother after “movin’ out” from “home” in 1986 and only saying that I believe children including adults should be responsible for their own things without asking their mothers/parents of too many favours.
  • I am having my last day at Dahlberg and Bo says that the management group would like to ask me some questions before leaving and when I meet the group, Evy – from Aon (!) – asks me not to take any copies of files with me when leaving and I tell her that she should know that I will not be working with insurance anymore and I say that I love Bourgogne wine and Evy says that Jesus did the same.
    • In the future all business will be totally open and this is about the wine of God.
  • I woke up this morning with the words: “I am compelled to survive” and we know thinking “how difficult can it be to enter the light” (?) and we know not knowing what it will bring and we know looking forward to it on one hand and anxious I am on the other but there is no other way out than in so to say so it is with the same feeling I will enter the light as I have gone through all of this journey: I will do it because it is the right to do and because there is no alternative, not because I like it.
  • Today was also the day when I heard from Danske Bank again for the first time in more than half a year (?) and we know Stig the letter says that now I owe them DKK 63,094 and that I need to pay before the 23rd July otherwise they will ask a lawyer to collect the money and we know MORE EXPENSES and WHO WILL PAY THE SALARY OF THE LAWYER (?) and IS THIS PRODUCTION (?) and so it is but what this is about is a symbol to START BRINGING NORMAL LIFE TO THE WORLD.

    Preparing to do the DECISIVE JUMP to save mankind

    This morning at the bathtub I did not receive any more ideas to write in the script – a rare experience – but I received the inspiration to sit outside on the balcony late this evening and we know it is warmer again today so this is what I will do and we will have to see if Virgin Mary and Joseph together with the Council will decide to do the jump this evening when I later today – in good time before the end of the deadline today – will give my sign off saying that I have finished my work and that I have done my absolutely best.

    Yesterday I was show a vision of two lines coming from each side first meeting each other at the absolutely end – me from one side and the Council from the other and that it requires an understanding and unity between us before we believe the light will accept us and I was thinking of what I wrote to Karen years ago that some day she and I will meet at the middle – with the HEART as the symbol – coming from the extreme of both sides and we know really the same here – and that this is how the Council has made this book through me to give the lies – a Universal rule as explained earlier, which surpass the truths of the books – either as illogical as possible or as forerunners of what was to come and the truths as logical as possible for you to be able to understand it logically and when you can understand it, all people should be able to and when this is the case we believe we will meet the requirements to enter the light – and this is indeed what we ask your true inner self together with the Trinity to help us with: To remove all darkness of the world.

    And we know the lyrics of “see the lights” by Simple Minds – which has been one of my TOP FAVOURITES of this AMAZING BAND since hearing it the first time 20 years ago – may have another meaning but to me it means that the light shines in front of me and that we will “shout” out when we jump and we know – it is this symbol we use when we jump MY DEEPEST AND MOST INNER FEELINGS TO IMPROVE AS A HUMAN BEING AND WITH ME ALL OF THE WORLD and we know so it is:

    “If you can see the lights shine in front of me, if you can see the lights shout out where you’ll be”

    And we know SOME GOOD SONGS ON THAT “NEW WAVE 1987-93” CD (?) and we know DAVID BOWIE and “THEY SAY JUMP” from his WEDDING album of course and we know as a symbol here to TO BECOME “MARRIED” WITH GOD AGAIN fulfilling the promise and we know TO NEVER TO LET HIM DOWN AGAIN really.

    And we STILL know all of us – many good songs on these New Wave CD’s, my TOP favourites in fact – and so it is and of course “HOME” is not only the song by Simple Minds but EQUALLY AS MUCH the song of the same title BY DEPECHE MODE and we know “just maybe a little bit more” as one of you is saying “almost smiling” because this is my feeling every single time I listen to favourite music – then this is the best and so it is also now when listening to this AMAZING song, which I ALSO enjoyed much in Parken in Copenhagen when I saw you in 2006 I believe – and I do thank you for showing me home and I do hope that “I belong here” in the light and that it will not reject us – that would really be too bad because then I have made all of this work for nothing and we know, which was an old feeling I had approx. ½ years ago, which I never wrote down but was a contributing factor to my decision to continue working without giving up.

    And when listening to and when writing about these songs I also did one more “sanity check” of my website “just to be sure” and I did maybe 5-10 small changes and I have now given my website the final sign-off – until I will need to do new amendments because of new developments and so it is.

    I have given the order to JUMP into the light late this evening to save (or destroy) the Universe!

    I have received a feeling for let us say 1-2 weeks – I KNOW THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE FOLLOWING ME HOPING THAT I WILL SUCCEED MY PLAN TO RESCUE OF ALL and we know just a “feeling” it is but we know it is so strong that it is “hanging in the air” – this is also how a feeling can come and we know because this is the energy which is brought to me.

    Approx. at 17.00 I started receiving a question if I would give the order for when the JUMP will be taken and my reaction was to say that you have much better knowledge than I on this and I will therefore let you take the decision but this is not how this game is going to be played because at 18.15 my computer started “blinking” like it had never done before and there was nothing I could do to “save” it unless I took the decision to turn it off and on again and we know this was simply the message that I am the one who is selected to take this decision of when to take the jump and we know Virgin Mary and Joseph can only last a few days more and I have been disconnected from them because of the shield encapsulating me and it is in this situation that I need to take the decision to jump or not, which is the same as either mankind and the Universe will all survive and all evil will be destroyed as I have predicted or – if I should be wrong – we will all be terminated and Stig – Virgin Mary now says I KNOW WHAT IS THE RIGHT ANSWER AND I WILL HAND IT OVER TO YOU TO DECIDE and we know I have checked the answer twice and I cannot see it differently but as a matter of good sake I will look at my logics from the last days once again before taking the final decision.

    So this is what I have now done and all of my findings make logic to me – every single one – and we know you have given me ENORMOUSLY STRONG feelings many times because you have not seen me for 2,000 years – it is simple logic that this is because you are truly sad – and when I am not “with you” on the other side, I am not myself, then I am a hybrid – and I was again thinking that I HAVE DONE MY ABSOLUTELY BEST AND WHEN I HAVE DONE MY ABSOLUTELY BEST – crossing pain barriers – you have given me more answers as a “reward” and we know this makes sense in itself and you have helped me if I have been WRONG the last days making even more sense and if all of my findings now were wrong I am sure you would have helped me even more – because I still do my best – so this is now THE THIRD TIME I FOLLOW UP and we know as a symbol of the Trinity as I have also found in other respects and therefore I can only decide to “lock my answer”: I am not myself, I am looking for my TRUE inner self – Jesus – and I ask him to take over my body to save all people of the Earth and the Universe and we know to instantly remove all darkness – this is what I kindly ask you to do – also because WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AGAIN – ALL OF US and this is with love from the Council.



    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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