15th July 2010 – “The moment of truth” yesterday evening: We are still on track to save the Universe

Summary of the script today



“The moment of truth” yesterday evening: We are still on track to save the Universe I had decided to sit on my balcony at 23.00 to witness the effects of doing the JUMP. From 21.00 I was extremely nervous – would we all survive or be terminated (?) – and what would really happen? Apparently NOTHING but I saw an increasing number of UFO-lights on the sky showing triangles as symbols of entering the Trinity and the message is that “it takes time” and the new deadline given is now Sunday. My conclusion is that the signs are still logical and positive – but surprising – and we are still on our way to save the Universe. The jump was logically not taken yesterday but will Sunday be the third and HAPPY time? The day ended with good symbols including Nostradamus taking off the mask of the Devil.


“The moment of truth” yesterday evening: We are still on track to save the Universe

Yesterday evening was what I thought would become the “moment of truth” and we know “to be or not to be” (?) was really the question and from when I took the decision to jump at 19.00 and especially from 21.00 until 23.00, I was REALLY nervous, the time ticked very slowly and these two hours were simply HORRIBLE to get through because I was rethinking my answers to “the riddle” and I could only conclude that I was in no doubt that I had given the logical and correct answers but still I thought “what if I was wrong” (?), then we would all die and I thought about how it would be to bleed to dead and watch the world fall apart in front of my eyes and it gave me cold sweat – like the terrified man from USA, who only had a few more seconds to live in before he was to be executed in the electrical chair as I saw on television many years ago – but still I thought that this would not happen because I had answered correctly but what would happen if this is what I did (?), would all the sky light up, would we hear a loud bang and we know Stig how would it be to receive my true inner self – HOW WOULD IT BE TO GET MY OWN LIFE AND WHO AM “I” REALLY (?) – and while all of this was happening I received very strong attacks by the Devil because the name of the game is that he has always exploited doubts and “weak” moments, which there have not been many of and therefore also this, which was really not as weak as it could have been and I was told that it was Nostradamus doing these attacks and we know the first time he has stood forward as the Devil in what may be 2-3 years and he said that this has been his task all along and I was hurting like the terrible hours I had the other day too and he tried to make me change my rules by putting the words directly in my mouth and we know still to cut off my foot etc. and we know so I had to do my best keeping my rules and confirming that I am encapsulated – otherwise I would not have been able to come through – because I was also told that this was the real reason why I was encapsulated – so all in all this was the longest two hours in my life and all I could do was to maintain my belief that I have answered correctly but also admitting that I was VERY nervous – simply to be honest.

I also thought that the time was picked right because I found out that at 22.00 Danish DR1 television had a movie starting called “countdown to Judgment Day”, which I did not watch, but I thought that just maybe there was a connection.

I had decided to go outside on the balcony at 23.00 but already at 22.45 I started early to go outside for a few minutes and what I noticed was that the sky was dark as usual – even though it is “quite light” here at the Northern hemisphere at this time of year – but after a couple of minutes one bright UFO-light turned up followed by two less bright lights creating a triangle giving me the feeling that this was the old symbol of coming through to the Trinity, which was shown to me. I also saw a plane at low altitude approaching the airport in Copenhagen, which there are many of here and later I saw 3-4 more and it was clear that it was a plane because of its constant and slow movement and the “normal lights” on it but shortly thereafter I saw what had to be an UFO at the same altitude as the plane because this object was EXTREMELY BRIGHT – crystal clear in fact – and it moved forward in zigzagging movements and quicker than a plane – but it did not stop as I was hoping.

And finally at 22.57 I sat down and I said that we might as well get this over with on time at 23.00 – there was no reason to withdraw the decision so I said that in three minutes we will do the jump and I closed my eyes and waited for the longest three minutes of my life and at 23.00 the bells of the local church started ringing and I thought if it is 23.00 at the first or the last ring of the bell and we know there was probably 23 rings so a long time it took.

At 23.01 I lifted up my head and opened my eyes and “we were still here” but “nothing had apparently happened” and my emotions were relief and my nervousness and suffering disappeared quickly but I also thought “is this good or bad” (?) because what had happened to Virgin Mary and Joseph (?) – I did not know and I was in no contact with them – had they jumped and why did nothing happen (?) or had the Council decided not to jump after all despite my decision (?) and did this mean that I had not answered the riddle correctly (?) and we know this would almost be my nightmare situation because I have another déjà vue feeling from being a small boy – have had it for days in fact – that I would not be able to answer the riddle and that I would lie in despair on my bed for days not knowing what to do – but my feeling when this is written at 09.45 is still that I have done my absolutely best and that I will not change my answer.

I sat outside on the balcony until 23.45 to see what would happen and I was shown new UFO-lights arriving much slower than what they normally do and at 23.25 I counted approx. 10 lights on the sky – and I received the feeling that this is a symbol that “it takes time to enter the light” – and I was shown a combination of lights on the sky together with visions by the Council for example I was asked “what is this” and I was shown an orange and five UFO-lights as outlines of a very big vessel and I saw this as a symbol of squeezing the orange into the vessel – the power of God – but the main sight on the sky was formations of three lights as a symbol of entering the Trinity and I was shown one combination of three lights to my right, another to the left and later 2-3 other formations to the left of this and every time it was with the feeling that these were symbols of the Trinity and the opening to enter.

Later I was shown a combination of UFO-lights and visions as a giant Christmas Tree followed by a giant fish net and I was told that we will not bring the net, someone else will do this and you may remember that “catching a fish” is really to catch Stig/Jesus as my TRUE inner self because the fish is my symbol.

At 23.40 I counted approx. 20 lights on the sky before I left the balcony to go to bed – still with a feeling of being relieved. I/We also survived this.

At bed I was kept awake for the next couple of hours even though I was keen to sleep and I decided to write down only little of the information I received.

I received a message from Virgin Mary that I had to go through this extreme feeling – cold sweat thinking of termination as an option this evening – for her and Joseph to get through without being killed and I saw her light a match and she said that now Sunday is the last deadline and she said “I do not believe you can fail” and I was thinking “all good times three” as we say in Danish – or the third time will be the HAPPY time – as often before because of the symbol of the Trinity again. And I also received a vision of the bright side of Virgin Mary filling the entire room having tears in her eyes because this is not easy to come through.

I also thought that this is not good for my credibility towards family and friends these days but you know I can only follow this road – there is nothing else I can do and I do still believe that we are on the right track to finalise this now on Sunday and I should be surprised if something good will not happen – and I am also thinking that I am running out of food – today I have had three slices of bread and five pancakes – but that I still have “food” for maybe three days +/- and more importantly I don’t believe that LTO in Kenya has anything left but you know I will never give up on you either and what I am doing here is REALLY to save all of us as I am told.

And I can tell you that this is TRULY a game of extreme “patience” because yet again I had no imagination to believe that we would not end the game now but I have no other option than to continue doing what I do and that is to follow all of my rules including to behave according to my own rules as I believe the light would behave.

So my conclusion from the evening is that it makes sense – I was going through extreme feelings and suffering in order to help Virgin Mary and Joseph to take the JUMP (?) or to prepare the JUMP for Sunday (?) – and the symbols by the UFO’s on the sky etc. really only confirms me that we are still on our way to save the Universe and I know from this journey for years that positive symbols show that we are still on the road otherwise the Devil would quickly give us straight out his negative symbols.

I was curious to see which dreams I would receive – would I receive suggestions to change the answers to the riddle (?) – but no, again a good signal – and I wrote down notes of two dreams, but I decided to censor one of them because I will bring no more disclosures of people – and from the other dream I will say that I have moved in at the house block of my mother and John, that Fuggi is also living there, that John collects a theatre chair from Fuggi and it feels like the right place to stay – I only need to set up the sofa in the apartment.

Later I thought that I was told the previous days that the best would be for us to agree when entering into the light and today I could decide to read through the scripts again to confirm my answers again or try to find “other logical connections” but I have the feeling that this is indeed what the Devil would hope for and this could start my old nightmare of becoming confused and lying in despair on my bed not knowing what to do – and therefore I can only say that I checked three times before giving the final answer, which was locked yesterday evening and nothing has happened to change my answer, which is therefore still locked and 100% the same and I can only say that I will take a few days now with not much to write and not much to do and we know to relax and wait to see what will happen on Sunday.

Today was a quiet day where I did nothing else than Yoga and writing this short script and listened to what I was told and the question was really if Virgin Mary and Joseph had jumped or not and I was given different visions and speech confirming that they had and we know also the voice of the Source etc. but I know the pattern of the Devil and after some time I was sure that they have not jumped yet simply because of logic: There was no loud bang and there is no change inside of me so the situation has not changed here and it is really about having faith in myself that what I logically believe is the truth really is the truth and on basis of this to continue the journey until Sunday and we know where the pattern of three and the third time hopefully will mean that we will cross to the other side.

And after I thought of this logical answer I was confirmed through live television from British Open in Golf where the commentator Leif spoke of a golfer wearing the colour Magenta and we know the other commentator did not understand but for Leif it was simple logic because it is the colour he has in his PRINTER and he said something about being afraid that the printer had dried up – WHICH IT HAS NOT (!) – and this is also how we send messages because this is about making my book “perfect” – the symbol of the printer – and in this respect that we will finalise this journey with the logics needed in order to come through Hell and the lies of the Devil, which also needs to be part of the books because of the “Universal rules” an mentioned earlier, so my dear reader this is the logics – not very easy to do but this is how it is – and I also had a short nap and a dream of two Australian golfers playing fantastically and they were dressed almost in haute couture making the dream very FUNNY – and when you are in a GOOD mood it is always a good sign – and we know it was inspired by golfers wearing “courageous” clothes as I saw on television and “good behaviour” of Australians and really saying that we are happy that you have decided to follow your own rules of behaviour and that I am not tempted by the tests of the Devil to disclose more people.

At the end of the day the spirit of Nostradamus – or Denis in this life – one of the Council of eight you know started speaking to me with now a “normal” voice about being freed from the Devil by playing the Devil to me because I have decided to behave according to my rules – as I normally do when not writing this book – and it gives me a feeling that we as a unite Council will enter the light on Sunday and that each day from now we will come closer to the goal. This was ANOTHER GOOD SIGNAL and we know confirming that we are now CLOSER THAN EVER BEFORE my friend as Joseph now says.

And we know just a small symbol of course for still being on the road my friend because today the golfer Rory McIlroy set the lowest first round of British Open ever with a 63, 9 under par.


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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