17th July 2010 – Please do your absolutely best using logics to understand the truths and not the lies of my scripts

Summary of the script today



Receiving confirmation and calm before entering the light Virgin Mary was almost without the spark of life recently, I am sharing the suffering of the immense pressure from the dark forces with the Council just before the light, watching the UFO of the Voice of Vrillon again, it should be quite “elemental” to enter the light, Nostradamus testing the ultimately best sound equipment – my work – before entering the light, “bang – and the music still goes on” as a symbol that I/we will survive when entering the light, receiving a BIRTHDAY song because of my coming “birth” when I will unite with my TRUE inner self and the Council is very confident and in a good mood when it comes to the light accepting me 🙂
Meshack asking for a deadline – tomorrow (!) – please do your best to understand the truths of my scripts Meshack has done a “review” of my scripts and he asked for a deadline to end the game – I have given July as the deadline but this weekend is my belief BECAUSE THE THIRD TIME WILL BE THE HAPPY TIME AS WHEN THE THIRD TIME WAS THE HAPPY TIME WHEN I SENT YOU MONEY. He has noticed that my predictions have not yet come through. I ask him to understand the logic answers I gave recently to find the truths of my scripts, that I only write 100% accurately what I experience and that the strongest proofs to him is the voice in April telling him that “Stig is the light of the world and the healing he received through me to cure him from Malaria last year. The true test of Meshack is that he do/did not believe in “Judgment Day” coming even though he believes in me and SHOULD LOGICALLY UNDERSTAND THAT I WILL NOT BE REBORN WITHOUT THE TASK TO SAVE THE WORLD AT THE END TIMES. Meshack is suffering and his email increased my suffering too actually helping me to reach the light before the end of this weekend. Thank you.


Receiving confirmation and calm before entering the light?

Yesterday was a very difficult day to come through and the evening was truly “almost impossible” but again we made it and from the following you can see some of the experiences I had followed by a few dreams too from the night:

  • I see my self in darkness and I look up at a hole where light shines through almost like looking out from the inside of a sewer and I am told that I will decide how we will enter, this is my task for Saturday and later I gave the answer that my inner self is both Virgin Mary and Joseph – this is still my answer and that I believe what I am told that they will leave me when entering the light for my TRUE inner self to take over but I cannot tell from logics because there are no logics to be found here only faith. I was also told that the JUMP may be taken already Saturday evening because I am done with my work – but I still believe you will do it Sunday, see later.

  • Some time ago I was told convincingly that the less spark of life and energy the easier it would be to enter the light and I was given the very strong idea that it would be even easier to enter if Virgin Mary was “sacrificed”, which was a VERY strong pressure on me for days or weeks also because I was suffering myself and needed to find the right answer and for some time I believed that it was true that as low energy as possible was the right answer so this is what I accepted but I said many times that I will never accept any lives to be lost and we will not enter without Virgin Mary being alive and we know which is what saved her and just maybe myself too and we know this is also why I had the vision of Virgin Mary with “tears in my eyes” some time ago and in the meantime I had learned more about “simple logic” and this told me that I GIVE VIRGIN MARY MY FULL SUPPORT AND ALL THE ENERGY I CAN GIVE YOU because this is SIMPLE LOGIC TO DO and we know at the same time I have been saying for days that THE DEVIL IS NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE ME SUFFER – this is a rule – and we know the story about being encapsulated too and this was the balance I needed to find because either it could have cost Virgin Mary her life – and maybe all of us – or it could have cost me my life – and all of us – but by answering the riddle this way I have still given energy to Virgin Mary – and this also goes to Joseph – to make her come through via my sufferings and at the same time I have protected myself from being murdered by the Council playing the Devil (!) and we know simply because the dark forces are so immense on them that they can do no other than passing on some of the darkness to me this way to share the pain together and this is how it fits together.

  • All yesterday evening the Devil was truly very aggressive and potentially violent to me and did everything he could to be allowed to change the rules to hurt me which could have let him even murdering me (!) and again I can only say that the pressure is immense and I had to say constantly “the access is closed”, “I am protected” etc. and I thought about the advice I received a couple of months ago – which I don’t believe I have written down before now – that no matter what would happen I must not give up on my rules and I have understood that this advice is to be used coming through these days now – even though I really don’t know (!) – so this is what I do even though the TEMPTATION is some times immense because of the arguments and strength of the Devil that I need to accept hurting myself to give energy to Virgin Mary and Joseph and this is exactly what I do because of my hurting while I am also protecting myself at the same time not accepting to be hurt (!) and this may sound easy but I tell you it was one of those “not memorable” days and we know all of the Council is suffering very much and doing their absolutely best to survive too so this is what we are going through together – and I was told that the Council is also only able to come through this with the view to come to the other side and to liberate us all spreading freedom and happiness. And I was also told that this is why the wind at the British Open yesterday was so strong that the game was “almost impossible” to play – the same as here you know and Nostradamus told me this morning that “it was planned too” and so it is.

  • At 22.57 I walked out on the balcony again to see if anything would happen and I only stayed for a few minutes because I was very tired indeed. It was partly cloudy and there were no lights on the sky when I arrived – it obviously changes – but after a short time two lights were lit for me to see through the clouds and what I believe must be the same UFO as the day before flew in the same direction but its appearance was changed because it flew even quicker – and MUCH quicker than an aeroplane (!) – but less zigzagging and now it had strong white and red lights.

  • Dream: I am playing a new game and the chain is a symbol to create close contact and that it is quite “elemental”.
  • “I believe” – another favourite – that this is straight forward and quite basic to come through to the light and we know inspired by the reference to the song in the dream I can say that “these days it’s all in the mind” and looking forward to “the free world” I am.
  • I hear half sleeping that it takes many sufferings for a maestro to become a maestro through a maestro – notice the repetition of THREE again – and in this phase of the night I had “nervous and uncomfortable dreams”, which were not nice.

  • I am inside a small closed room where I meet a journalist from the Danish magazine “High Fidelity” – which I read through many years – and the journalist has difficulties deciding what sound equipment to test before the deadline of the magazine giving him much stress thinking if he will be able to make it. In the last moment he receives a French amplifier, which he decides to test and it is called “Anne Linnet” and I tell him that it is just like “80’ernes boheme”. He also receives other ideas of what to test together with this amplifier and I notice a B&O sound system, where he will use a very fine Moving Coil pick up and I am not sure that this system will play as fine but I am told that it will be fine. A manufacturer has left a brochure including cheap but nice looking speakers, which is certainly not what we want to play on. The journalist says that he will do some testing this evening and that I am welcome to come back during the night to listen. In the same room I also noticed several bottles of the ultimately best wines of the world and two white wines from 1922, which are open and will only last for one day.
    • The absolutely best music equipment is loving feelings and when I do my best work, which is what I am still doing, the French amplifier is referring to Nostradamus – or Denis in physical life today – who is setting this up TO TEST MY WORK BEFORE ENTERING THE LIGHT – which he did for example with the HTML Sandbox Module and if I don’t do my absolutely best he will make me suffer until I do my best, this is the double role he is playing all of the time and ALSO when writing this (!) – and we know thinking that instead of playing the Devil he will join us as “all for one and one for all” – an old saying of ours, which you may know (?) – before entering the light and also that we will come through a very narrow window, which is what the wine indicates to me.
  • I hear the song “dance while the music still goes on” by Abba and the special words “Bang – and the music still goes on”, where the “bang” is entering the light and “the music still goes on” is “continued life”, which was one of more songs given to me to calm me, which is what I am struggling with and we know “somewhat” – I am calmer today than Wednesday, where I was “destroyed”, but still I feel some nervousness but my motto all the way has been that “when I do my best, I will succeed” so there should be no doubt really.

  • I am at Parken – the Danish national stadium – in a Hotel room together with Camilla, we are going to have breakfast and the dream was longer and among others also included a question from Inger, Camilla’s mother, of why we did not have children together – and the simple answer is: Because no children came, we were not allowed! We also received help to receive children from two fertility clinics in Copenhagen and Hellerup, where you might find more information.

  • I hear the song “Det’ Min Fødseldag” by Tommy Seebach and this is a positive song and it is about my BIRTHDAY approaching, when I will connect with my TRUE inner self. And this is really why you already in Kenya told me about “my coming birthday” many times and the truth is again that I will be re-born when I enter the light and become connected with my TRUE inner self – this is simple logic and thank you for putting out this trace and I hear thank you for understanding it and we know, which is also helping to make me more calm too.

  • I see a delicious soft-boiled egg – meaning life, creation, evolution – thinking that we are still on the right track.
  • Today the Council inspired me to repeat why I write of songs I love in my scripts too and we know Stig this is the symbol of MY LOVE TO PEOPLE EVERY SINGLE TIME a song is mentioned for example now when I am listening to my favourite song by Madness “Michael Caine”, which is simply nothing else than BRILLIANT and we know thank you to “zamster” on the Internet – you know who you are – for also posting this deluxe album in lossless quality at your forum and we know I LOVE the extra materials on disc 2 too and just thinking that I have NOT listened to this album in its entirety since my old records were stolen from the ceiling of the apartment I lived in at Amager, Copenhagen in 1990 I believe and we know just like getting “old friends back”, which is the feeling we hope the Trinity will have too when seeing us again and we know really “hoping that things are changing for the better” we are taken from another BRILLIANT song of this album.

    And today is one of those days where I am tired or very tired and we know difficult to fall asleep it is and difficult to sleep well and so it is.

    I was told that people opposing me and still not believing in me are still making me suffer – and you know still helping us to come through “nothing” – the extreme Hell.

    We know Stig we asked you to put on your action plan the question “why is it only me who can enter the light”, which has a deadline now, and we know yesterday you told me that “there is only one who can become accepted when he enters the light with the “right message” and I don’t know if there is more to the answer than this (?) and Stig here we can only tell you THAT WE ARE ALL HERE AND WE WILL ALL BE HERE TO HELP YOU TO COME INSIDE THE LIGHT and from there we really don’t know what will happen but we sure hope that you will be accepted because you have done your absolutely best and Stig there can only be one and when you have the looks you have we can only say that nobody else on earth looks like you, i.e. “him” or “you to be” and we know if he will accept you (?) and we know the light is about LOVE and to forgive your sins and we know to remove the darkness so we sure hope that he will accept you and I see and feel you almost laughing here giving me a feeling that this is of course what he will do and so it is J.

    Meshack asking for a deadline – tomorrow (!) – please do your best to understand the truths of my scripts

    Today I received a new email from Meshack – thank you very much my friend – and the theme of his email is really to “end the game”, predictions not coming through and to start helping people instead of waiting when we are all facing difficulties feeding ourselves etc.

    Here is first his email and afterwards my answer:

    "Let us teach people through success and not failures"(Desk Review)
    Hi there, it has been long since i wrote to you but i had decided to do a desk review of all the scripts despite what i am going through. The reason for my doing so was to see if what we have been doing has had any impact in the society but what i came to find is that most of what had been promised in the scripts has not happened like Christmas tree , judgment, scripts being rewritten, death of your father, coronation and many others and my question has been, have we been consistence in what we have been talking or is it good to keep on talking of the same thing and for heavens sake , is it good to teach the world though failure or success? definitely success is the best tool but when i look back, i can see we have been going to a worse situation instead of a good situation as we all know that LTO used to have an office and used to take relief to the suffering but today the members themselves cant feed themselves and this is a failure which should not be used to teach the world. My belief is that we should be consistence in what we do because first before embarking on other stories, you should defend the failures like if what you predicted never happened, then how do you expect people to believe in you and have we been speaking of something which is totally impossible?. Every thing should have an end and what we should ask our-self is whether we are following the right track because it will become difficult to speak one-thing all through without that thing happening and we should have a time frame for every thing and bring it to an end if it does not happen because we should be now helping people through other means if what we have been waiting for has failed and find other ways to do this because how long can we keep on talking the same thing without seeing the results? . People will not listen to us if we cant proof our argument or be seen doing what we should be doing which is helping others instead of continuing writing and telling them to wait and the best thing is to follow the right way which is succeeding and using this as a tool to teach the world instead of using failures and the only way is to work other means and bring to an end this game which has taken that long.

                   Kind regards,

    First of all Meshack I would like to say THANK YOU not only for your email but for your faith and for the EXTREME patience and suffering, you have accepted to go through, which is what I have done myself hoping all of the time that the game now will end so we can all make this a better world – this is still the goal and we are at the goal line now, my friend.

    Let me say that I understand how difficult it must be for you and your family to go through this very difficult life without a proper place to stay and very big difficulties feeding yourselves while you are seeing your self and your dear ones suffering and becoming skeletons. I am trying to imagine how your life is and when I do this it gives me even more respect of what you have done, my friend – and all I can say is that WE ARE ALL HURTING and ALL WAITING TO FINISH THIS “GAME” and my dear dear friend I am still asking for your faith and “I believe” only for this weekend because I can tell you for sure that we are all at our “very end” – this is all members of the Council – like you are Meshack using energy, which we did not believe existed.

    I have noticed some of the messages of your email, which I will bring and answer here:

    • “Most of what had been promised in the scripts has not happened”
    • I can only repeat that I am writing ALL EXPERIENCES AND INFORMATION 100% accurately as I they come – I could never dream of doing anything else – and that I do believe that you inside of your heart still believe that this is the truth (?) and that you truly understand that my scripts include both the truths of “God” and lies of “the Devil”? I am only about the truth myself Meshack and I would NEVER tell a lie if the Devil did not exist speaking through me spiritually, when I allow him!
    • Please notice all of the things, which fit together in the scripts – dreams, experiences and small “true” things like dreams at night coming true the next day and the TRUTH Meshack is that the dark forces are so EXTREME now that it is almost impossible to come through with the truths because the darkness forces lies upon us because of the Universal rule (the behaviour of mankind you know) but please understand that as many “lies” as possible are the truth in the respect that they are predictions of what will happen but that the deadlines have been wrong – which has been the story all along.
    • And please read my “logical answers” to “the riddle” mainly from the 11th-12th July – and mainly the chapters 11.3, 12.2, and 12.3 – where I do my best to find the truth based ON LOGICS because this is what “God” is about where the Devil is the opposite and with LOGICS it is easy to find the truths of my books. These chapters are also given to bring understanding and faith to you my friend and other readers too and what I really ask you to focus on. IF YOU ARE STILL IN DOUBT PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO UNDERSTAND THE LOGICS OF THESE CHAPTERS.
    • Another example is that I asked people who believe in both me and in UFO’s to watch the skies themselves to see what will happen – and I asked LTO to do this too some time ago and to report back to me but I did not hear from you (?) and my friend if you do believe that I write 100% accurately what I see of UFO-lights on the sky, the answer is directly in front of you: Look up on the sky and watch the “show” yourself – and report back to me, please? THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE FAITH IN BOTH ME AND UFO’s – but if you do let me tell you that it will convince you and bring even more faith in me.
    • Meshack PLEASE REMEMBER THE VOICE YOU HEARD INSIDE OF YOU THE 28TH APRIL SAYING THAT “STIG IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD” – you wrote the following to me: “My trust and faith to you has made me to start receving voices from what i can say  is God because for the second time, i have heard a voice at night telling me to trust in you because you are the light of the world” – what I am saying here Meshack is that this is your strongest proof that we are still on the right track and that this is STILL the message to you during these crucial days: PLEASE TRUST IN ME. And you may also remember how you were cured through me as a channel from the Malaria you suffered from last year? So please bring your FAITH all the way through.
  • Is it good to keep on talking of the same thing?
    • Here Meshack I can only say that the journey through the extreme Hell to reach the light to save us all is the road of my life and through your sufferings and faith too I have been able to come this far now standing in front of the light. This is the MAIN story of my life and my scripts, this is the truth, this is what is happening and this is what I experience also through dreams, speech and UFO’s as examples as you have written from my scripts daily for a very long time. So it is not a matter of “talking of the same thing” – it is a matter of saving the world where there is truly NO alternative.
  • Is it good to teach the world though failure or success?
    • Meshack this is where you have been tested because all along you have not believed in or at least have had doubts in Judgment Day coming – remember your comments to leave this out of the newsletters (?) – and my dear friend this is also the answer to this question because when you know who I am you should LOGICALLY also know that I will only come to life again “at the end times” to save the world. This is my TRUE mission and my books are at the same time teachings, but if I had failed, it would be difficult to teach the world when it would not have existed anymore, you see?
  • LTO used to have an office and used to take relief to the suffering but today the members themselves cant feed themselves
    • This is about faith and sacrifice because I understand your sufferings much but please know that all of the sufferings you have gone through have brought energy to help me on my journey to reach the light – this is the MAIN story Meshack and this is what I kindly ask you to believe in and WHEN I reach the light we will all survive and start getting a normal life – and this is where you will become proud of what you did using all of your energy climbing this impossible mountain together with me. It hurts me VERY MUCH too to know that you and many people are suffering but together we will come through to help ALL THE WORLD.
  • If what you predicted never happened, then how do you expect people to believe in you?
    • I kindly ask you again to understand the signs I mentioned before with my logical answers from the 11th-12th July. Please read these again to understand and decide for yourself – and as another example the video links I have given in my scripts of crop circles and UFO’s, which you may not have seen because they have been to expensive to watch (?), are so STRONG, that they would also have helped you too and again please read my answer to the first bullet point of this chapter.
  • “Every thing should have an end” and “it will become difficult to speak one-thing all through without that thing happening and we should have a time frame for every thing and bring it to an end”
    • I agree with you Meshack – I have NO more options myself after this weekend, no income, no food and no help to receive to share with you and I know that the Council is also at their extreme end and this is really what is required before entering into the light and I have written JULY as the deadline on my website but “I BELIEVE” it will happen tomorrow because remember that “the third time is the HAPPY time” (?) and this is really the reason why I have received so many signs of the Trinity lately – I have not written them all down – but for example when I sent you money the last time, the post office needed three attempts to send it and I needed three attempts myself to send you an email afterwards and we know I have now “failed” twice coming into the light but like the post office and the email I believe that the third time will be when we will make you cross the border my friend.
  • What we should be doing which is helping others instead of continuing writing and telling them to wait
    • Meshack I do hope that you will accept that saving the world is not meant to be easy and in this connection I value all of the extreme patience and sufferings all of you have given. This is the TRUE NOBLE COURSE YOU HAVE ALL CONTRIBUTED TO and when this is well done, we will all get a better life simply because it can only improve because of the instant spreading of light as the Council here says that they are looking so much forward to.
    • SAVING THE WORLD followed by GIVING ALL A NORMAL LIFE including removing all sicknesses, war, crime etc. is not a failure – this is what we can all call a SUCCESS, which is what I look forward to celebrating with all of you.
    • The game will now come to an end and a new life will start. This is my promise to you my friend.

    Meshack, I kindly ask you to give all of my blessings to all of your dear family, children and friends. WE WILL ALL SOON BE WITH YOU as the Council says and it is ALL about FAITH and USING LOGICS TO UNDERSTAND and this is why I appreciate your efforts to understand me the best way possible.

    I can also say that I value Meshack very much for communicating and for bringing forward these questions helping me to make him understand even better – and with him hopefully also other readers.

    When I saw the email arriving I was happy and when I read it through the first time it gave me a lump in my throat because first I thought “does he still have faith in me” (?) and I thought how many out there do really follow me and have faith in me (?) as I have understood is another requirement for me in order to reach the light and if I had decided not to do my best – as usual Stig we know – reading, understanding and answering his email I might not been able to reach the light at all because it could have let to lack of faith in myself and we know lack of patience too – “when will we truly enter the light” (?) – and while I had only a few of these thoughts I was told by Nostradamus that it would be his responsibility to “take out the plug” of this world and we know together with us the Universe if I would not be able to make it all the way to the end, which would simply destroy us all and we know this road is not very easy – it is AS EXTREME AS IT GETS – but I started telling myself that this is of course the connection just like the other “impossible” tests I have gone through because this is what is truly required to exit the extreme hell “nothing” for me to enter the light and without LTO being with me all the way to the end I doubt that I would have made it this far and also “into the light”, where we are still headed and we know I am entering the light with the absolutely outermost of our energy – also when it comes to LTO – this is also the “one millimetre” between total destruction or total redemption and we know this is why I have had the same feeling most of my life that I have been balancing on an almost not existing difference between success or failure because this is what the Universe is doing with me as the last opportunity to save us all.

    This is it really and we have now come so far that we are “almost” Stig in a wishing position to do the JUMP, which we have warmed up to do and we know I am really thinking that Meshack still has faith in me, that he has given me “a little time” maybe until Monday to answer his email and Meshack if you see this reply on Monday I do hope that we will all be inside of the light and if you see it Sunday, I might not have entered the light yet.

    BUT STILL DOING OUR BEST WE ALL ARE BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO and so it is my friend and my answer is that if the chance to come through to the other side is better Sunday than Saturday, I ask you to take the JUMP Sunday.

    And after doing the script so far – which was more than I had anticipated again this morning – I had really decided to try to get a nap before I would try to run but I was encouraged to try to do without – which was really crossing my own rule because of my tiredness again today – but I thought “ok then, if this will help and if it is only for today” and with this attitude I decided to get dressed instead of sleeping – which takes out energy from Virgin Mary and Joseph – and instantly I heard Virgin Mary thanking me again and we are all here also me Joseph even though I don’t feel you right now and so it is and then I ran the best I could and we know through the “farmer city” or the old city of Lyngby, which I like much – and we know most people like old cities like this more than most modern areas of today and we know just thinking I am – and I was thinking of God or the Source as the “farmer” and we know “RUN TO YOU” I might say and earlier this afternoon after receiving the email from Meshack, which also could have brought me all down (!), Nostradamus showed himself as the pirate with only a very short limb as my right leg – he was acting as the “limb of the Devil” I might say – and when I decided to run he showed that my right leg had grown again and that I now only had a short limb as the lower right leg and after half of the run he showed all of my leg and foot “restored” and he said that now he was covered and from here “the longer the better” – as I have always said when running – meaning that the longer I could run the more energy I would give to this final process of digging ourselves out from nothing to deliver you to the Trinity my Son as my mother as Virgin Mary now says as her TRUE self because even though I am far away I am still here with you and we have the power to be all over the Universe as she says and this energy will also mean that the rest of the day today will be easier for me to come through and we know not as difficult as yesterday where I did not run because I was too busy working and where my sufferings instead gave energy to the other side and so it is – this is also the connection.

    Just a thought: How many of you my dear readers thought in the beginning that ”he MUST be crazy” (?) but how many of you have converted or at least become doubtful because I have done my absolutely best writing these scripts (?) and we know DO YOU THINK I WOULD TAKE ALL OF THIS TROUBLE IF I DON’T KNOW MYSELF WHAT IS THE TRUTH OR NOT (?) – I DO THIS TO SAVE US ALL, THIS IS WHY I USE ALL OF MY ENERGY AND “MORE THAN THIS”. I was in NO DOUBT from 2004 that my experiences were SPECIAL and from 2006 that I am – or will become – the Son of God BECAUSE I FEEL THE IMMENSE STRENGTH OF MY SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES ALL OF THE TIME WITHOUT PAUSES (!) and it did not and still does not require rocket science to understand the connection when you have experiences as STRONG as this – and it SHOULD not be difficult for you to understand too and this one goes out to all of my family and friends – and also other readers as well. Do you remember Sanna when I told you two years ago that “there is NOTHING to be uncertain of” (?) – how can I when I have the Council working inside of me?

    And at the end of the day after doing my best I was much more relaxed and I now feel confident that the danger is not to enter the light but to come all the way through the extreme Hell to reach the light – and I am thinking on Virgin Mary and Joseph to help them instantly when they release me and we know if they need the help, which they just may do.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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