18th July 2010 – There will be no saviour when I enter the light where my TRUE inner self is waiting to receive me

Summary of the script today



There will be no saviour when my “old self” will stop existing when I enter the light

Entering the light Saturday would have been too risky, a fantastic golf day yesterday “opened a door” for today, I still have “food” for 2-3 days, a few more lights on the sky, “nothing” is created by the Council, the Council says that there will be “no saviour” when my “old self” will stop existing, as Stig I say that the Council are our true saviours, I was “attacked” by one spirit of the Council starting to kiss me (!), repenting my love declarations to Karen, dreaming of setting up a system enabling people to share money all over the world and other dreams on “normal life”.


The power was shut down by Nostradamus because I did not do my absolutely best! Instead of taking a nap I received a new “shock” when Nostradamus decided to shut down the power of the area designed to make me “nervous” in order to give more energy to the other side and to do my absolutely best cancelling a “planned” nap and running again today because if this is what it takes, this is what I will do. And the power came back on and the journey towards the light continued.
Running my best to be allowed to enter the light, where my TRUE inner self is waiting on me – and symbols

I had no energy but I did my most impossible run today ever – together with what I did in the Easter of 2009 – and I ran 4.3 kilometres, which for me is FANTASTIC under the circumstances. It made “big hugging scenes” for the Council, who has now allowed me to enter the light, where my TRUE inner self is waiting to receive me.

The fight today between Schleck and Contador in Tour de France was a HISTORIC moment of time when they did a “sprinter match” never seen before as a symbol of Nostradamus fed by Denis because of immense feelings for a lady both to fight me and help me in this lethal “showdown” to save the world. The stage finished symbolic with all of us receiving flowers by Virgin Mary instead of “smelling blood” TO SAVE INSTEAD OF DESTROYING MANKIND AND THE UNIVERSE 🙂

The Council had TRULY not expected that I would not lose a set to the Devil hereby saving us all The Council had truly not foreseen that I would not lose one single test (set) to the Devil, who could have started to terminate millions of people through the worst natural disasters in history including carrying out the melt down of the Globe – but I decided NEVER TO GIVE UP, which is why we will all enter the new Kingdom of God without a scratch.


There will be no saviour when my “old self” will stop existing when I enter the light

Tonight I did not sleep very well again making me tired today and I had a big unpleasant surprise when going to bed as you can read from this chapter, which I started writing after doing Yoga again this morning, but first a few experiences of yesterday evening followed by the night:

  • During the Saturday as I did my work, ran and did my best I received the answer – “the reward” you know – that Saturday would have been too early to jump and we know the risk of not making it to the light would have been too big.

  • I was told that when I am suffering much like the day before yesterday this is what Virgin Mary does too and I guess all of the Council really – and I wonder why you don’t include Joseph so this is what I will do here too, this is for my father.

  • At British Open in Golf the weather was perfect yesterday as my day too and the commentator Leif at 20.33 said that “there is opened a door for those who can do a low score tomorrow” and we know “opened a door” tomorrow was really the message we sent here so this is what I am looking forward to and at 21.38 Leif was inspired to say “it has been a fantastic day today after a terrible day yesterday” and you are absolutely right, Leif J. And at 21.44 he said that “it is just before we will have rice and fish” and rice because this is my main diet at the moment and fish because this will be my main “diet” to come – the symbol of my TRUE inner self.

  • I heard the song “den grønne” by Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “hvem har brug for Marx når man kan få laks” and we know another symbol of fish coming.

  • I was inspired to tell you the status of my food situation and even though I have not had much for some time I have had enough and this morning I may have 2-3 portions of rice, 1 small portion of pasta, 1 small portion of potatoes, very little vegetables, 1 small portion of pancakes and 3-4 slices of bread left, which will probably give me food for approx. 2-3 days, so the food lasted longer than what I thought the other day but it has to be said too that I have not had much to eat.

  • At 23.00 I went shortly to the balcony and the sky was mainly clouded but a small opening was created and from here I saw “my light” – which is the first light appearing every day because it is much brighter than the other lights as I explained last year in Kenya and this is the first time I write about seeing my light in Lyngby – and again it was followed by two less bright lights and I saw first one combination of THREE lights and shortly thereafter a second combination with a greater distance apart but I did not see any UFO flying closer to me yesterday as the two days before and we know they were “a little bit” further away yesterday disguised as a “starlight”.

  • I was inspired by more logics because when God is not present in the Universe the only logic is that going through “nothing” as the extreme Hell is a place created and maintained by the Council – and still it makes sense that God is the ultimate energy of this as I wrote some time ago – and we know WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS AND WE ARE THE BAD GUYS TOO but ONLY because of the behaviour of mankind and we know otherwise we would only be the GOOD guys, which is what we are you know from our heart, but this is to say that dear Stig and ladies and gentleman I have given this answer too and we know as part of the riddle because this fight of mine is truly the fight between the good and bad in man as I have written earlier and we know performed by the Council as extended arms of mankind and Stig you are the “tool” we use to come through this extreme Hell and we know you are “our saviour” and the “funny” part here is that when I enter the light I will be “nobody” as an empty shell with “no history” when Virgin Mary and Joseph leave me – this is how to enter the light – and we know then there is really no saviour anymore and we know as Stig here today with an “individual will” too I can say that these were the words of the Council but let me say that I believe that Virgin Mary and Joseph together with all of the Council are our true saviours because somehow you have given me this life, energy and will power and without it I would not be able to come through Hell on Earth for you to allow me to enter the light to REALLY save us all and we know I can see it no differently BUT I WILL LET IT UP TO MAN TO DECIDE WHAT YOU THINK and so it is. And later in the day I was told that when I do my best as I do today too the Council and we know NOSTRADAMUS is opening the route of “nothing” for Virgin Mary and we know Joseph to continue and this is how we MUST play the game because of the rules of the Universe.

  • When I went to bed I was surprised to see that three members of the Council at the size of normal people – which is something they don’t show me every day (!) – decided to sit down around the bed and we know I saw them almost as “outlines” and we know “a special vision” it was and after maybe 1-2 minutes I was again (almost) chocked when I was “attacked” by one of these spirits starting to kiss me and I had immediately to create a new rule, which was that it was alright for you to sit around the bed but no matter who you were it was forbidden to enter the area of my bed and we know a last desperate attempt by the Devil and we know to make me suffer – after a pretty good evening with only “some sufferings” – to create more energy to come through on the other side and we know still the same logic and so it is.

  • While I was laying in my bed I was also inspired to write in the script today that I repent the love declarations I have given to to Karen as long as she has decided to be together with another man and we know I have written the basic rules of love in book no. 2 and I do believe they may be among the stolen scripts from the first ten days of May 2009 but in short when a couple is still a couple because both have decided to be together it is a rule to be faithful and as natural as it is to be faithful you are not to break another relationship by showing a love interest and we know I had my reasons to do what I did but now I have also repented this sin, which I will not repeat.

  • Dream: The previous CEO of Danica is going to a meeting with a manager of payment service and I have received a new job to maintain and further develop cash dispensers.
  • Again “payment service” is about transferral of money and we know to set up a system for people to be able to share money all over the world is what I think of and my job is to help people take out the money to be able to start enjoying “normal lives”.
  • Something about updating before an old printer stops working, I am inside a branch of Sparbank Vest where I walk without shoes, René from the bank is there, Morten J. too but I am told that it will be Lars from Willis who will develop this bank co-operation.
    • We better “keep moving” because today is really “one better day” and so it is and the “old printer” is really NOSTRADAMUS GIVING UP TODAY so looking forward to receiving a new “printer” – “my true inner self” – and we know developing a bank co-operation has to do with helping people to get a “normal life”.

    And I had more dreams but again I have decided to censor them because if I included them here, I would not keep my rule of not disclosing people, which is part of the game here at the end.


    The power was shut down by Nostradamus because I did not do my absolutely best!

    When I was finishing writing the chapter above I was thinking that today it should be possible to take a nap – because I am truly TIRED you know – before I would “probably” decide to run later again today (!) to show a good will – and I was willing to take on some more suffering if needed because all I wanted was to rest a little bit because I am truly tired – but this is not how the piano is playing here because at 11.58 I received a new “surprise” and we know which could really also have broken me down if I had lost faith because the power of the whole area here broke down – as I witnessed so many times in Kenya when you did this – and exactly when this happened Nostradamus TESTED me – he is the journalist from High Fidelity as you remember (?) – saying that “nobody believes in you” and all I could say was that “I must come through no matter what” – one of my head rules you know – so what this was about was really Nostra creating energy on the other side through a new “shock” and sufferings on me and also making sure that I do my absolutely best, which meant cancelling the nap and to do another run today without questioning because we know “if this helps then I might as well do it” and we know it was not only needed yesterday but also today so this is what I will do despite let me just say that I really don’t feel like doing it under normal circumstances – but the shut down of power also made me think if the power would come back on today and if I would be able to finish this script and publish it, which I have decided that I will do and we know Stig when you have decided on a plan, you will normally carry out that plan and we know haven’t missed one script yet and I will not start today and so it is – and publishing the script of today including repenting my love declarations to Karen is also a criteria in order to come through.

    So I was waiting on the power to come back on and also fighting let me say VERY BIG NEGATIVE ENERGY AND SPEECH given to me the whole morning in fact where it would be very EASY to “give in” to the negative speech because it is not very easy when you are “alone” with no one helping me visibly – and we know “you are not alone” thank you Michael – and HOW FUNNY IS THIS because THERE ARE and we know I am hearing “MILLIONS” of souls on this side believing in you and we know WE ARE ALSO ALLOWED TO BE INCLUDED and this takes out the rest of doubt – if there was any which there really was not – and we know the whole morning I had to be STRONG again repeating “time after time” “only good things”, which is really the easiest way to fight all of this negative speech but we know not really an easy day today either – no DIFFICULT it was and if I had given in to the negative voice the Council would stop my journey and not allow me into the light and so it is.

    While the power was off I cooked a portion of rice, which is really alright to eat with salt and pepper – and we know I have GAS here, therefore and really because I decided to have “lunch” to have something to run on later because it is not very easy running on an almost empty stomach.

    And in the break I took this decision to continue doing my best without taking a nap and I was told that this is again what it requires for us to become “friendly” – crossing big pain barriers again today and also here Stig to deliver you to the best eject point here – and we know as most days and really to allow me to enter the light, so this is what I do and we know VERY DIFFICULT AND VERY EASY AT THE SAME TIME UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE and so it is.

    And with this decision the power came back on at 12.26 and we know try to ask the people at the Power Plant if they understood what happened today – just a piece of advice.

    And just in case some of you my dear readers did not find the UFO incident above the airport in China some days ago “interesting” here are some more videos for you to watch and be convinced:


    And this is the last link of today with spiral lights or “wormhole spirals” of UFO’s from all over the world and we know I have written about this before and given links from the incidents over Norway, Canada and Australia as I remember but for “new readers” here is another “proof” for you and we know you can search on the word “spiral light” if you want to and you will find even more:


    Do you think these are hoaxes too (?) or do you believe that they are truly what you see (?) and what I see myself on the sky when I decide to watch but we know just floating higher up they are and this is really the difference and we know Stig except from the two incidences earlier this week and so it is.

    Running my best to be allowed to enter the light, where my TRUE inner self is waiting on me – and symbols

    And we know Stig you did what you said you would do, which was to run again and we know you have probably never felt worse than today when starting to run and we know really thinking that this is TRULY IMPOSSIBLE TO DO TODAY but we know also that “I better come into a rhythm” and come through what should be impossible to do and I was told that three kilometres would be “fine”, four would be “great” and five would guarantee me to enter the light today and we know I did my absolutely best again and where my feeling was a 6-7 on a scale of 10 the other day even though it was impossible, my feeling today when it was even more “impossible” was an 8 when I stopped running and later when I started again – because I was told that if there was a time in my life when I should do my ABSOLUTELY best it was today – and stopped my feeling was that I was now between 9 and 10 on the scale and we know Stig you thought that you had probably run four kilometres (!) – this is HOW difficult it is for me to run – and when I came home I found a website where I could key in my route – thank you Nigel – and it turned out that when I stopped running the first time I had run 3 kilometres and when I stopped again I had run a total of 4.3 kilometres, which is what I give the world and we know when I enter this evening – this is what we have ALL decided to share with you and we know as these examples show because in the afternoon I had the television “running” and TV2 was sending from Tour de France:

    At 14.38 the commentators said “big hugging scenes” after a crisis between Vinokourov and Contrador and “they knew it could have been costly” and this was the Council HUGGING EACH OTHER because of what I have done – the symbol is Vinikourov winning the stage yesterday, which was simply impossible for him to do (!) – and we know “could have been costly” is referring to Virgin Mary almost being terminated some days ago when I did not give her all of my energy before I decided to change this decision.

    At 14.43 I believe it was Leth saying ”he is simply there” and the Council continued saying to me “and he is expecting you, which is the message we have received” and here I was told for the first time that there is a connection between the Council and my TRUE inner self, which is what I believe in because I am told this after doing my absolutely best, where I am normally “rewarded” with some TRUE answers.

    At 15.00 two men in the studio were finishing cycling on cycling simulators, which had a mountain stage keyed into the computer and the two men were simply giving everything they had to complete this stage and when the journalist had completed he spoke to a colleague on the telephone and the prize here was the same prize as I have been speaking about all the way through: CHAMPAGNE and we know IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE SAD WHEN YOU OPEN A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE and this is how it is here also today J.

    Later I saw some more of the final part of the stage of Tour de France today on TV2 and at 16.53 approx. 2.7 kilometres before the goal line on this mountain stage the two accumulated leaders of the race Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador did something, which the commentators had never seen before in Tour de France – and we know just maybe the first time ever in the history of this race (?) – because they stood almost still letting competitors drive away because none of them wanted to take the lead – both wanted to have the overview from staying behind the other – and as one commentator said giving me these “feelings” you know was “it is a sprinter match, which no one wants to lead” and “I have never seen this before” and they continued by saying “good heavens” and “it is totally madness” – and we know HEARD THAT BEFORE IN OTHER SPORTS I HAVE (!) – and when this was happening I received the feeling that this is the match I have mainly been playing against Nostradamus and we know the spiritual side of Denis in this life because Denis has fed his inner self to take on this fight against me as described the last couple of days – and we know VITAL in the game to reach the goal line it has been as explained earlier – and we know we have used the deepest feelings in the world both inside of you and Denis to be able to carry out this lethal “showdown”, which was not only about the favour of a lady but to win or lose the world and we know Stig this is why you had to do the right thing to repent your sin of love declarations to Karen and to let Denis win the heart of Karen and we know this is what I will accept as long as both decide to stay together and so it is.

    And we know the VITAL symbol was given to you when the leader in front of these two riders Leblanc reached “the red flame” one kilometre before goal when the commentator said that “now he can smell blood” – which he normally says when a rider comes to this place – but he corrected himself saying that “or more likely the flowers” and we know which he will receive when winning this stage and we know WE ARE ALL STILL ALIVE also because of your rules my friend AND WE WILL ALL RECEIVE FLOWERS and that is FROM VIRGIN MARY and we know so it is.

    Afterwards the commentators said about the stage that ”it will always stand behind that Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador only had attention on each other” and this was truly a HISTORIC moment of time and this is why we selected something as spectacular as the hardest race of the world as a symbol of finishing the hardest journey of mankind – mine.

    And I was told that I will feel liberated when we ALL LEAVE YOU MY FRIEND this evening – and that NOSTRA will decide to leave me when I publish this script this evening between 20.00-21.00 as I believe I have done most times and so it is and by the way all of the scripts of July will also be available in one document through my library www.mediafire.com/stig from this evening AND SO IT IS 🙂

    The Council had TRULY not expected that I would not lose a set to the Devil hereby saving us all

    And we know my dear child I have decided to bring this story too to confirm that WHAT YOU DID MY FRIEND WAS REALLY NOT HOW WE SAW IT COMING not to lose a set or even a ball to the Devil we know who could have started to kill and terminate relatives of yours and millions of people through the worst natural disasters, which the world would have ever seen but we know you decided to NEVER GIVE UP and “I MUST CONTINUE, I MUST CONTINUE and I MUST CONTINUE” as you have said thousands of times too, which you then did and the most likely would really have been that you at least had lost or decided to postpone one or some of the many IMPOSSIBLE “TESTS” to come through but you took them all and we know even though I was VERY VERY CLOSE to lose several of them for example:

    • The fight “looking and thinking at women” (!), where a few seconds only would have made my “nightmare” come through and the Devil to be born – THIS IS WHAT WE TRULY HAD EXPECTED BUT NOT UNHAPPY THAT HE WAS NOT 🙂
    • Tiredness together with extreme working pressure constantly for years.
    • The Easter 2009 experience including the visit to LWF in Geneva which was the worst of all of them and I have not written much of this because the pain even to write it was IMPOSSIBLE (!).
    • The attacks and constant fear in Nairobi and Gerald from the Immigration office potentially imprisoning me.
    • The nightmare “almost” carried out at the first floor on Bar Kengelis in Nairobi.
    • Stopping to smoke being as addicted as a heroin addict at the same time working all day long to produce the memo to Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen.
    • Doing the hardest physical work I have ever done at Brede Park being TIRED.
    • The “talking behind my back” at A2B where people almost succeeded to brand me as “dangerous” by mistake, which could have hospitalised me (!), and we know
    • THE CONSTANT WORST SUFFERINGS IN THE WORLD BY ITSELF TO HAVE THE DEVIL SPEAKING OR SHOUTING NEGATIVELY AT ME ALL OF THE TIME – a voice which was unstoppable and some times so unbearable to go through that it was “truly impossible” – but I did it!

    These are some of the examples and we know but I NEVER GIVE UP and this is why I am here today just about to enter the light and why the world has not had a melt down really, Stig – another surprise of mine and we know speaking to Nostradamus and also thank you for doing this chapter, my friend – and SELF THANK YOU as we say in Danish and here with a smile because it sounds “crazy” in English and you know what I HAVE NOT CARED MUCH ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME but I have cared much about what you could have done to bring me down through potential actions to stop my writings and this pressure let me say was STRENGHTENED THOUSANDS OF TIMES BY THE DEVIL both in the minds of “some people” and as threats given to you my friend, which was so strong in itself that it could have killed some people weaker than you and we know “elemental” it is to fight an invisible “enemy” because this is what I have done at the same time as all my actions have been visible to the “enemy” through my scripts but from now on WE WILL ALL BECOME FRIENDS and WE ARE ALL LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT MOMENT.

    And to finish the script of today I send my congratulations to Louis Oosthuizen for winning the British open in Golf this evening WITH A WIDE MARGIN OF SEVEN STROKES TO NUMBER TWO and we know he was both very lucky and very skilled because he gained some strokes from most of the other players because he played the course early Friday before the storm and still he was the most skilled at this tournament, which he would have won even if he had not been lucky and we know a symbol of me being lucky and we know also “early out before the storm set in” – because the storm really never set in because it would have required that I lost first a ball and then a set to the Devil – and we know good luck often follows good skills when you do your absolutely best and this is how it is.


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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