19th April 2010 – I was WRONG and received the first of three marks of “6” by the Devil and 12 months until “666”

Summary of the script today



Writing the script in tears after having received the first of three marks of 6
  • The script of today is WRITTEN IN TEARS, I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THE LIGHT as SIGNS HAD SHOWED ME – the biggest disappoint of my life – making the Devil even stronger giving me the first mark of three sixes, the next potentially in 6 months and the third potentially in 12 months, which will potentially destroy the Universe unless people will start believing in me and the light will be stronger than the darkness.
  • I had THE WORST night with the STRONGEST Devil speaking of death etc. and trying to convince me to sleep with Virgin Mary for her to give birth to the Devil inside of my body.
  • Deaming of the light not accepting a “new employee” despite doing my absolutely best work ever because of misunderstandings, seeing the Devil eating from and drinking the blood of Virgin Mary, igniting the fire of the Devil will help me finding the car of God, “normal life” has been postponed,
I contacted the Commune to receive cash help because SURVIVING is the most important I decided to call Helle at the Commune to ask for cash help again because SURVIVING – also thinking of LTO – is more important than temporary giving in to this system, which is still VERY WRONG. I was willing to start working at the Park again without writing – I have written enough really – but she demanded my approval to contact my old doctors, which I gave her because I need to survive. Will they be able to help me here and now (?) – a meeting is setup for tomorrow.


Writing the script in tears after having received the first of three marks of 6

This script is written in tears – I believe I had done my OUTERMOST until yesterday, I had faith in my answers, I had faith in at least some people having faith in me and speech, feelings and dreams from the Council including symbols from sport results etc. were pointing in the same direction that I would enter the light yesterday evening at 23.00 – BUT IT DID NOT HAPPEN and because of this and because of the consequences of this I AM IN TEARS TODAY and this is really ALSO what Virgin Mary is when I write this because she is the one being the closest to the Devil now, she is still alive but only on “my mercy” because the Devil knows that he is not allowed to terminate her without my approval (!) – WHICH HE WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET AND I WILL DO ANYTHING TO REJECT BECAUSE OF MY LOVE TO MY MOTHER – we know Stig this is how it is and if there are people out there following me, please let me tell you that this is the worst day of my life and Virgin Mary is saying the same because this is how she feels now.

I entered the balcony yesterday at 23.00 being “almost calm” thinking for hours that “everything will now become better” – after being through two hours were Nostradamus tested me for “leaks” in my work, the answer to the riddle etc. STRONGER than he has ever done before but I “passed” the test making me believe that now it would happen, but it did not!

When I came out there were no lights on the clear sky but after one minute MY LIGHT appeared and It BLINKED at me once as it has never done before and I was told at the same time “you did it” but they need to play after the same rules as us as someone from the Council says here and therefore this is what we did – played a game confirming you as you also thought could be a possibility of the game – and I was surprised to see that I was not shown formations of three lights but only “formations” of two lights this evening and this was really the message because “one was missing” and that one was my true inner self.

And I cannot tell you HOW DISAPPOINTING this felt – I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this was the DISAPPOINTMENT OF MY LIFE and I was thinking what happened (?), had I answered the riddle wrong (?) or had I lost faith from all people including LTO as the reason (?) because when I sat there I thought that I did not believe in the information from yesterday that “millions” of souls on the other side believes in me and that this is enough for me to enter – I do believe that I need to have people on “this side” to believe in me.

After some time I went to bed and what I was met with was AN EVEN STRONGER DEVIL, WHO I ONLY KEPT AWAY BY STANDING STRONGER THAN EVER ON ALL OF MY RULES “NO MATTER WHAT” and the first I was told was that “this was the first, you have two left if you can gather the same support” – meaning that this was the first mark of 6 of the three in 666, the mark of the Devil – and we know it is really not very nice after having done the absolute best work and used your outermost energy for days, months and years to receive this message because it means that I and herewith the world now only have two more chances to survive and I am the one who is responsible to somehow make this happen and I HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE WHAT WENT WRONG – this is really the connection and if this was not bad enough I was ATTACKED BY A NOW EVEN STRONGER AND MEANER DEVIL THAN EVER talking about death, torture, sex, showing me at the prison at Kronborg, threatening to tear off the nails of my feet, saying that Polle – John Paul II – was now converted as a new Devil making my suffering twice as hard and threatening me to sleep with Virgin Mary otherwise she would be terminated and this is where I needed faith and all I could say with conviction was “NEVER – NO DEVIL IS GOING TO CONTAMINATE ME”, I will convert you all and ALL OF MY RULES ARE STILL IN FORCE and I saw the Devil starting to cut and saw me, let me rot, celebrating as a pirate inside of me and I cannot tell you just how awful and strong the feeling was other than I was also thinking can I make it at all (?), what will happen (?), will I be able to work (?) and if not how can I keep LTO alive (?), will the family find me in pain some day screaming on the mercy of the Devil (?), will they look at my side at all (?) and will I be able to survive attacks like this if it continues for only 2-3 days (?) because this is how strong it was – I WAS THINKING IF I WOULD BE ABLE TO SURVIVE THESE ATTACKS. CAN YOU IMAGINE JUST HOW STRONG THIS WAS???

After some time I was shown the GIANT WARRIER “ROBOT” OF THE DEVIL – take the biggest from Starwars and make it 10 or 100 times larger – and he said that I have said NO to enter the entrance of his foot and that I will see all of himself after six months – meaning when I will receive the second mark of six if I don’t defeat him first – and I was told that the last mark will be in 12 months, where he did not say what would happen but I could only understand that this will be the TOTAL TERMINATION OF THE UNIVERSE if I and the light cannot stop him – because this is what it is about – and we know I am not even sure AT ALL that I will be able to survive the second mark of 6 when he will put on a pressure, which I can not handle alone BUT MAYBE WITH THE HELP OF OTHERS and this is what I HOPE AND BELIEVE YOU WILL ALL HELP ME TO BUILD UP SO WE WILL BE ABLE TO HANDLE THE IMMENSE PRESURE by the Devil.


During the night – where I was not allowed to fall asleep the first couple of hours – I decided to call upon all light from the world and UFO’s to help me fighting the Devil for me to survive, which I believe helped me because from here it started to become better, but I was also given the feeling that the light will be taken from somewhere else meaning that the world and people will suffer because of this. I lost this one doing my absolutely best and the Devil won and there are only two more chances left. How do you defeat such an enemy when you have done your best using unimaginable strength and energy knowing about the consequences (?) – this is my nightmare come through and we know maybe other people than Obama are dreaming of this nightmare too: The destruction of the world.

A few dreams too:

  • I am at an office building and one employee from the ground floor is to move to the IT-department at the first floor because there is no more space at the ground floor but the IT-department has rejected the request and therefore I decide to enter the first floor to speak to the manager in charge and there is only a very small hole leading to the first floor making it almost impossible for me to crawl and lift myself up and when I meet the manager, he praises me for doing the best lecture ever but I am told that they don’t have room for one more employee and I get the feeling that if only they showed a good will moving people together and worked more efficiently there would be room and that this is about their misunderstandings.
  • This is just how narrow the hole into the light is and this dream tells me that they did not allow me to enter even though I did my absolutely best and we know BECAUSE OF PEOPLE MISUNDERSTANDING ME AND MY SCRIPTS and MAYBE MESCHAK AND LTO YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO A NEW “DESK REVIEW” DOING YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST TO UNDERSTAND and this also goes to all others too.
  • During the night I saw Virgin Mary first on the fork of the Devil and later on the front gate of the garden of the Devil and I was told that she is his victim, I saw him eating from her flesh and I tasted him tasting her blood – MORE THAN DISGUSTING (!) – and the Devil is all about death and destruction and I am to watch it unwillingly from the first row but it requires my approval (!), which I HAVE NOT GIVEN AND WILL NEVER GIVE AS LONG AS I AM ABLE TO RESIST THE DEVIL and we know when this is written today it goes better but I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN and I AM THINKING WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I ALSO GET THE SECOND MARK OF SIX because if the Devil gains more strength – we know even more than what I will get from the light – I will not be able to keep him from starting to dissolve the world and the Universe, which is his goal you know. THIS IS ALREADY A NIGHTMARE TODAY AS I CAN ONLY SAY IN TEARS AGAIN AND WITH FEAR LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF WE DON’T DEFEAT HIM and we know I ASK FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP AND STRENGTH TO MAKE ME AND US COME THROUGH.

  • And his goal is really to ALLOW me to sleep with Virgin Mary (!) to give birth to the Devil inside of my body and afterwards to terminate her and I can only say that MY RULES ARE NO TO THE FIRST, NO TO THE SECOND AND NO TO ALL OF WHAT YOU SAY AS THE DEVIL. I WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOU and NEVER ACCEPT YOU HURTING MY MOTHER – NEVER – I ASK YOU TO SET HER FREE AS A RULE TOO.

  • I am arriving at school, it is the first day of school and many pupils are starting – both children and adults – and I listen to what the teachers say but I have brought my own writing table, which I am working at – I would like to be a wholesale dealer of rice and especially spices for the groceries in big cities of Pakistan – but instead the teachers give me tasks to solve about life & pension, which is not relevant to me and I think that they should help me get started as a self employed instead – and I notice that several people in the school smoke.
    • I was looking forward to leaving my school of pain for years yesterday and now a new school is starting. I had done SIMPLY EVERYTHING to get relief from yesterday and I only received more pain with a view to even more coming and I don’t know if you can imagine just how painful this is and I get the same feeling that all of our family and “friends” are in PAIN because of me – the absolutely dearest people to me and again this script including these lines is written in tears.
  • I see myself flying quicker and higher through the city than ever before, I avoid all of the dangerous big trucks, which could hit me and now I am going to find my car but I cannot find it. I see myself inside a parking house starting a small fire at the beginning of a large roll thinking that this will help me finding the car outside.
    • This is still STIG FLYING BECAUSE YOU HAVE DONE YOUR ULTIMATELY BEST and AVOIDING THE DANGER OF THE DEVIL and I know of the connection between the Devil and God as seen so many times before in my scripts and this dream says that igniting the Devil will help me to find the car of God and we know looking forward to that I am.
  • I am the last customer in the supermarket paying with my absolutely last money, I see the supermarket closing.
    • This is to say that because I was not brought into the light NORMAL LIFE has been postponed and we know Stig the criteria is to bring normal life to the world and we know to produce computers to all first and we know becoming more difficult to reach but we know still this is a requirement and so it is and this is my advantage over the Devil that I SET THE RULES and CAN CHANGE THE RULES, which he has to comply with and so it is.
  • I hear the song “mormors kolonihavehus” which was really only to tell me that my mother’s adoptive mother – she is my grandmother – whom I feel now is also in tears because of what happened yesterday.
  • And this morning all I could think of was HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO CONTINUE LIVING LIKE THIS (?) and trust me this is not about killing myself because I would never do that but it is simply the feeling “HOW” (?) and we know also WITHOUT ANY CONTACT TO FAMILY OR FRIENDS, WHICH IS REALLY HURTING SO MUCH NOW because I had so much looked forward to seeing all people who I love AGAIN – and I was thinking what is the right thing to do (?), is it to contact them and start seeing them again (?) or is it not to do this (?) and if they don’t believe in me it would be useless because I cannot start seeing my family and “close friends” again – also thinking of you Denis and Karen (!) – “pretending” to be someone I am not and listening to “good advices” reflecting their misunderstandings but on the other hand if they understand some of what I have written, they may decide to listen with a open heart to what I can tell and we know because I am not seeking to talk only about this but you know this will only be one of many “normal” subjects to talk about and I was also thinking if they want to see me at all (?) and we know THIS PAIN OF BEING ALONE NOT SEEING THE PEOPLE I LOVE THE MOST IS RIGHT NOW FEELING AS THE WORST OF ALL – and this is of course my mother and John and Sanna and Hans with the boys I am thinking the most of here – and we know not knowing if they want to see me again.

    I contacted the Commune to receive cash help because SURVIVING is the most important

    This morning I could see no other option that SURVIVING – and thinking of LTO Kenya here too – is more important than not to contact the Commune – the system I have been fighting in my books for so long – and we know this is a defeat to the Devil but I had no other options and my survival is really the most important and we know to keep WORKING ON THE GOOD SIDE with the help from the Devil and let me say that THE DEVIL IS WORKING AS HIS MOST EXTREME AND WITH HIS WORST FACE WHEN HE IS DISGUISED AS “THE LIGHT” because I just received such a feeling – had several of them this morning and the story is also that if I follow all of his temptations I will feel good myself but let the world bleed and ultimately suffocate and when I fight the Devil with my best I will bleed and ultimately suffocate myself – and the story is also that the Devil simply LOVES EVERYTHING WHICH IS WRONG and WILL DO EVERYTHING HE CAN TO HELP PEOPLE WHO DO WRONG and we know making the rich even more rich to make even more people poor and we know “the reversed world” and this is why he is happy that I decided to call the Commune this morning – but we know I am not calling them because I give in to the Devil but because I believe that I have written enough of the Commune as example of a system of the Devil and that I have decided that I will NOT continue disclosing people – still thinking that the money of the Devil will help me to help myself, LTO and the world surviving – and therefore I could only call Helle from the Commune and tell her that I have no food and have not paid my rent and that I will NOT write more about my daily experiences with the system if she wants to send me to the Park or another place and she started telling me about “rules” – which was not what I was hoping to hear when I am almost out of food – and that my situation is self-inflicted and when this is the case she could only give me cash help in arrears and I told her that this will not bring food on the table now and how will I be able to work for 30 days to get cash help if I don’t get anything to eat and I told her about the start help I received up front in the Commune of Hørsholm when I returned from Kenya last year and again I was met by rules because that was “another situation” and she told me that “concerned family and friends” of mine had contacted her – we know BEHIND MY BACK WHICH YOU KNOW IS A SIN (!) – and finally she said that it was a condition that I would allow her to contact my old doctors and again I told her that this has nothing to do with my doctors but that I need help here and now and we know this was the connection she saw because if she can get a medical statement from my doctors saying that I am “unfit for work” – crazy in other words – she will be able to pay out my cash help for the last two months too and we know I COULD DO NOTHING ELSE THAN TO GIVE HER MY WORD AS SHE ASKED FOR THAT SHE IS ALLOWED TO DO THIS and we know even though I told her again that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH MY WORKING CAPACITY AT ALL AND THAT I WOULD GET FINE RELATIONS WITH PEOPLE AT THE PARK OR ANY OTHER PLACE but we know this is how the system is working and I can do no other than to accept this in order to survive BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE HAS DECIDED TO HELP ME AND LTO TO SURVIVE. SO AGAIN: IT IS NOT BECAUSE I HAVE ACCEPTED THE SYSTEM BUT BECAUSE I MUST SURVIVE AND OF COURSE I STILL STAND BEHIND ALL I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT THE SYSTEM AND THE EXPERIENCE TODAY ONLY CONFIRMS MY THOUGHTS OF THE SYSTEM: IT IS VERY WRONG!

    Helle promised that she would do everything trying to find time to see me today including to find one of her colleagues deciding on economical matters – to grant me cash help – which she does not (!) and later she called and told me that we can meet tomorrow at 9.00 and we know even though they should grant me help immediately it will probably take some days to receive money in the BEST case and up to one month in the WORST case and we know still thinking of LTO here and also thinking that I expect to run out of food tomorrow and we know still not eating much I am.

    And we know the feeling of today is THIS IS NOT A GOOD DAY FOR THE WORLD BUT I WILL NEVER GIVE UP AND I WILL FIGHT THE DEVIL WITH ALL I GOT AND WILL ALL POWER OF THE UNIVERSE WHEN NEEDED and I am hoping that more people soon will wake up spiritually to support me and help me communicating to the world to help us all survive – and for the world to believe in me – because this is not easy to do alone. And I am hoping that UFO’s will follow my encouragement to make yourself as visible as possible to the world, to communicate with the world and to use all light energy to help us win the battle against the darkness.

    The most important today was to write a script and we know you may understand that receiving a mark from the Devil and having the experiences I have is not the best experience in the world and we know just how “unlucky” can you be because the symbol was given at today’s stage at Tour de France, which I saw some of, because the leader of the race Andy Schleck knew that he had to attack Alberto Contador, the no. 2, to have a chance to win accumulated at the end of the tour and exactly at the moment when he attacked driving up the mountain and away from Contador in what could be the decisive hole to win the total tour – one of the greatest achievements in years – he was “unlucky” to drive over a small obstacle on the road which meant that his chain fell off – this is all it takes when the Devil works against you as I am told – and we know instead of waiting – which is “good tone” – Contador attacked and we know YOU WILL NEVER ATTACK THE MAN IN YELLOW BECAUSE OF A MECHANICAL FAILURE but this is what happened and this is what happened to me as a symbol yesterday. I had taken the lead and was driving for victory but because of an “obstacle” I was not allowed to win and the Devil did not stop to wait and that is yesterday my friend and as one of the commentators on TV2 said “these are the circumstances of the race, you cannot blame Andy for driving” and we know like what I did yesterday and they said that “the picture which will go around the world is Andy loosing the chain” and when you look at this will you please remember that this was the symbol of me yesterday?

    They also said – and Leth is not God as he said himself (!) and we know “planted” it was too – that “he cannot blame himself for anything, it was dark bad luck” and “we will never know if he would have succeeded” and again I had a chance to WIN THE WORLD YESTERDAY but you will never really know.

    So this was this and other “feelings” I received during some of the comments of this stage was that my TRUE inner self will decide himself when he will enter me, that what I do through these scripts is part of the game – also yesterday – because it also has to do with making other people believe in something and to work on their feelings and “feelings” is the name of the game my friend and we know the Council is looking much further ahead than I am – they are “physic” you know times some millions – but at the end everything depends on the actions I do and I was told that all I have done so far still makes a big difference also when it comes to cleansing sins of my previous life, which is also a part of the game making my entrance to God easier to climb and the more I continue to do, the easier it will become in the future.

    Ending the day today inspired to say that that I in 2007 visited “The Shrine of the Virgin of the rock” at Mijas in Spain where youngsters saw an apparition of Virgin Mary in 1586 and the story Stig is really to say that I WILL BE BACK and we know COME BACK THERE AGAIN and I feel the Devil strongly around Virgin Mary but because you have set me free I have decided to show myself there again – and we know Stig you both feel and see Virgin Mary at her light side and the Devil around her trying to give her a haircut – like I need too (!) – and if the Devil succeeded killing Virgin Mary it is really to say that he would probably kill me too and we know as part of destroying the Universe and we know INCLUDING HIMSELF but this is how it is – and here is some information from the Internet about this place in Mijas and I don’t know if Virgin Mary will show herself there as mentioned or if this was the Devil speaking but I told the words 100% accurately as I heard them as I always do:

    “Legend has it, that in 1586, the youngsters saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary, who told of a shrine that had been hidden in a crevice of the ancient defensive walls of Mijas for 500 years. The local priest was summoned, and the old shrine was duly uncovered.” and “The shrine dates back to 1586 when an image of the Virgin Mary miraculously manifested there. Soon after, an image of the Virgin was discovered, hidden for 500 years in a recess in the tower.”

    Today I had a portion of the cheapest pasta screws and a portion of rice and we know hungry we are.

    After the experiences yesterday I will update my website during the week and I am thinking that it is still better for the world that the Devil was not been given birth already in the Easter 2009, where I simply don’t know how I succeeded to come through this nightmare – this was the worst of all – and we know ending the day with the thought of the whole day: Will my family see me again when I have promised not to bring any more disclosures???


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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