20th July 2010 – I MISUNDERSTOOD: I was NOT marked by the Devil after all, we will still ALL be saved, sorry!

Summary of the script today



I MISUNDERSTOOD: I was NOT marked by the Devil after all, we will still ALL be saved, sorry!
  • My day yesterday of EXTREME FEELINGS was gradually changed with CONTROL and LOGIC THINKING giving me an understanding that I really did SOMETHING VERY GOOD ending the first phase of extreme suffering and that I am now entering the “next phase” including less suffering as signs the last days have “predicted”. I have set up new rules of this phase including to write objectively about “the system” when needed, not to bring private information on people and never again to hurt people disclosing them here, which I did with the purpose earlier explained to teach all people to improve.
  • Because of missing logic and UNCONTROLLABLE FEELINGS I was brought to believe yesterday that I had received the first of three marks of 6 by the Devil fearing that I and with me the world to go under but today I understand LOGICALLY that this was NOT THE TRUTH. In fact yesterday was very POSITVE and the EXTREME FEELINGS were used to give more energy to the other side to build our new world. I have NOT received a mark from the Devil after all, we will ALL still be saved and “normal life” is still coming on “TIME”. It was all my misunderstanding – I AM VERY SORRY! I ended phase 1 as yesterday was a symbol of looking at the sky at the end of the evening and saw that THE STARS AND THE UNIVERSE HAVE RETURNED – THEY ARE NOW VISIBLE AGAIN 🙂
Receiving “survival help” and waiting to receive the final verdict from the Commune if I am “normal”! I had a POSITIVE MEETING with THREE (!) ladies from the Commune giving them THREE (!) smileys each and a total of NINE – my lucky number because of my “temporary” place of the Council as “the ninth” member. I am still considered to have “other problems than unemployment” not being able to carry out a normal work (!) even though I am still exactly the same man as they in November 2009 thought was “completely normal” with full working capacity – the only difference is that I have told them about my website, which they don’t understand. Helle would like me to work at the Park again from the middle of August and she will now ask for statements from my old doctors and later do a verdict if she believes I am capable of working or maybe qualified to receive “disability pension”! I was approved and will receive the first SURVIVAL help on Friday also making it possible to help LTO.
Receiving the most loyal, faithful and friendly emails from David and Meshack I received the most loyal, faithful and friendly emails from David and Meshack as I believe you can receive from anyone and I am happy to write that I will send you some money on Friday to help you reach the next phase, where you will still suffer – like I – but you have now gone through the worst sufferings – like I – and you have made me proud to be STRONG making it all the way through this “impossible” phase. Thank you.


I MISUNDERSTOOD: I was NOT marked by the Devil after all, we will still ALL be saved, sorry!

Yesterday was really a very “BAD” – listening to Michael now therefore – day but gradually it became better until I understood “the game” of the Council and we know Stig three days ago you told me that we would start playing a new game and that it would be quite “elemental” and also that “these days it’s all in the mind” because I had absolutely NOT expected the outcome as described yesterday because I thought that it simply HAD to be a failure (!) when I did not visibly enter the light but because of my own thinking and expectations – which we helped setting up for you – we were “allowed” to play that very vicious game making you think the absolutely worst and we know which was really about using your EXTREME feelings to help us up here to develop even more and we know creating more energy and helping the world not to reach the end of the world but the start of a new world so to say and we know this is why I showed you three pyramids late yesterday evening saying that “yours is the pyramid at the back” and my dear friend it is really here we are approaching and so it is but before coming to this understanding I had to go through a day yesterday where my “feelings” were brought in control and my logic thinking started working again and we know Stig IT IS IN THE LOGICS THAT YOU WILL FIND THE TRUTHS OF THIS BOOK and we know it started with you setting some rules of what you gradually understood really is the new game or “school” we will start playing – do you see how it fits together (?) – because you have witnessed that your rules actually work and we know pretty much always and we know at least within an acceptable margin and we know because of the “game” where we add or withdraw depending on the suffering you decide to go through yourself and we know knowing the main ingredients of the game we do, so here are the new rules:

  • I decided to break my old rule to contact the Commune – see the next chapter – because we needed to survive and I do believe that I have written enough of the system but I have decided to write OBJECTIVELY to finish the story of the final “verdict”, which the Commune will give me without disclosing or hurting people.

  • I will see family and friends if they still want to see me and we know preferable if they will be open to also talk about my spiritual side as one and not necessarily the dominant subject of what falls natural to talk about – but NOT as an OBLIGATION if they do not – also because I miss contact and maybe some miss my company too? I will not write about private conversations and not bring private emails but I may write that “today I visited my family and it went fine” or something like this if I believe it is of value to my story and that it can be done without hurting anyone.

  • I will keep the rule that I will not start speaking to people about my spiritual side if they have not started to read and believe in me.

  • The rules about the MUST to enter the light, not to give birth to the Devil and that no harm is to happen to the Council still apply and from a logical point of view I have said that Virgin Mary needs special protection – also including me you know – and this requires the “challenge” to think “reversed” to what you would normally do because normally the captain will be the last man on the ship in an emergency situation but the logic here is really “reversed” (!) because the most important people having the power to save the most people are the most important people to protect and save first and the goal is still to save all and therefore it will be my mother and myself who are protected the most followed by the Council, my family and “special friends” and hereafter the world and please understand that ALL ARE IMPORTANT TO ME and that this is only logical thinking and NOT selfish because we will all be saved.

  • I will continue not being tempted to even look at “pretty ladies” everywhere not to wake up the Devil and to keep him from even thinking of the chance to become pregnant to give himself birth.

  • I will follow my promises not to disclose more people – I have finished that phase – and I will behave according to my own rules as I normally do when I am not writing the book with the purpose to teach people how to improve work, behaviour etc. as I have done until yesterday really.

And the logic is really that when I here say that I have finished the main part of my books – about the OLD system, behaviour etc. – it means that negative energy of these people will not come back to me as sufferings and when I hopefully start to see some people again we will spread “positive vibrations”, which is really the period we have decided to enter all of us my friend – so instead of starting a new period of extreme suffering as I thought was happening yesterday simple logics together with the Devil becoming more “invincible” shows me that the suffering will not increase from here, they will decrease.

The extreme experiences from the script yesterday are what it takes to get me “out of control” to misunderstand something entirely because of uncontrollable feelings – almost in a “state of shock” I was really – following an outcome which was much different than expected and we know Stig long time ago I have done anything like this and we know I cannot really remember when this happened the last time if it has happened at all.

And with this I can also say that I AND NOT THE DEVIL SET THE RULES and the messages yesterday DURING THE WORST EMOTIONAL STORM I HAVE EVER GONE THROUGH – and we talk about a magnitude which is not measurable – when I apparently received the first of three sixes of the Devil and the two next within the next 12 months ARE NOT THE TRUTH AS I THOUGHT THEY WERE and we know I did not write down that the Devil also made “confusion” by saying “how do you know that three sixes mean termination and not the birth of the Devil” (?) and we know just another example of missing logic because TERMINATION IS WHAT 666 ALWAYS HAS STOOD FOR and we know if the Devil does not know what 666 stands for he has a problem and this is how it is when I use my rationale. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A MARK FROM THE DEVIL – IT WAS A LIE AS PART OF THIS GAME TO MAKE ME SUFFER TO HELP US ON THE OTHER SIDE – as easy as that.

And we know Stig I will decide the rules of the game and my own ”sufferings” and you will put on top of this and together we will continue until the day when we will still all come home and that day will be the day when your TRUE inner self will still replace us and Joseph is still here and we know but I still don’t feel you and we know a short feeling I received now and we know you are also protected equally as much as the rest of the Council and you could also be protected at the same level as Virgin Mary and I and we know – alright you are now protected at the same level as Virgin Mary and I because then we are three and we do love the number three and we know for God, the Holy Spirit and the Son to be – and really only logic to be protected at the same level when we are together sharing your life my friend and we know still not very easy to understand but I have decided that I can “live with this” for now even though it is not a dream situation to live a life without being the soul you thought you were.

So as you told me some time ago everything is carefully planned from here and this was the necessary step to take to reach the next improved level of the game – starting now – and in this respect you did enter the light and we know just thinking that I need to do this three times and then MY TRUE SELF will enter me including the LOUD BANG for the Earth to witness and we know many of the lies given are variations of the truths and we know just a FEELING I received here and so it is.

And all of this came more and more to me yesterday afternoon and especially evening where you also told me that you are preparing more and more “special friends” and you were happy when you told me this as I am too.

And the target is still to bring me up to a higher level to be ready to be overtaken by my TRUE self and this is what we are still approaching and we know Level 1 was the worst and Level 2 starts now and we know we don’t have Level 42 but we love this band too and we know another of my old favourite bands still playing today and we know why did they stop making hits (?) and lost contact with them I did and so it is – and we know it couldn’t be different because there is “something about you” and this is why you mentioned Level 42 just before the song “in the closet” by Michael Jackson started playing in my head phones because “something about you” is also sung in Michael’s song and the development described yesterday and today is really something about me and “the closet” and we know as the symbol of the toolbox of God and we know I am “in the closet” and this was really it my friend J.

And when we are at looking at logics I was also thinking of the dream of yesterday where I wanted to become a wholesale dealer of rice and spices for groceries in Pakistan and we know Stig THIS WAS THE TRUE DREAM ABOUT THE PLAN OF NORMAL LIFE, which is NOT late but STILL ON “TIME” and this is how it is when you conclude on basis of uncontrollable emotions and not on basis of logics – I have now given myself as an example of how it works because your mind gets “polluted” and you will not be able to see the true answers as I have also shown you examples of in my books.

I now understand better because when I was watching the Tour de France yesterday I was entirely focussed on the duel between Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador, and I thought you showed Andy Schleck as the symbol of me not entering the light and we know even though his accident with the chain was set up by you, you also continued telling me several times – which I did not write down – that the leader and later the winner of the stage was “me” and I did not listen to you because I did not understand (!) and really again because I had decided to focus on Andy Schleck – which is how people often behave – which I thought was much more exciting and “feeling” – not one of my “normal” feelings but you know one of those feelings of “the dog” which all people receive – that this was really the story of me and we know just another example given to the world of how badly you do when you decide on basis of feelings and not on logics and we know the logic was really that you WON THE STAGE STIG – YOU DEFEATED THE DEVIL at this the most difficult stage but because of my FEELINGS I thought that what was indeed very positive was very negative, which is normally how people misunderstand each other and we know following all of this I was also thinking that I took on the extreme pains of the Devil not allowing him to be born together with extreme pains generated by “feelings” of the system, people etc. not understanding me as explained earlier and we know now I better understand that you say that what I have gone through should have killed me many times and why my arrival this way was really using the impossible back entrance and so it is.

And you have indeed given me all of the answers and we know just in front of my nose and thinking of the dream of yesterday too about entering the “very small hole leading to the first floor making it almost impossible for me to crawl and lift myself up” and again you were thinking of the employee of the dream, which the 1st floor rejected to accept but YOU DID ENTER THE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE HOLE AND FIRST FLOOR YOURSELF MY FRIEND as the dream tells so the dream is really saying WELCOME STIG to the “light” however not yet the light of your TRUE inner self.

At the end of yesterday I had a look outside on the sky from my balcony and I was almost shocked to see “hundreds” of lights on the sky again – no dark sky to start with (!) – and were all of these UFO-lights (?) or had the stars returned (?) and we know Stig so I also looked from the kitchen window at the other side of the apartment – for the first time here – and we know hundreds of lights there too and we know I BECAME VERY HAPPY TO SEE THE STAR CONSTELLATION “THE GREAT BEAR” FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A VERY LONG TIME and we know WELCOME BACK TO THE STARS AND TO THE UNIVERSE (!) – at the same time as the UFO-lights are still there as I also saw demonstrated – and this is really the symbol to the world my friend for finishing the first “game” or phase of three to liberate the world: The Universe has now being unhidden again.

To finish this chapter: I LIKE THE PRESENT COMMERCIAL OF THE DANISH RAILWAYS DSB VERY MUCH – been following this fantastic “series” for ten years I have – when family members call each other sitting in different trains on the way to visit the other party (!) and we know “just to check to avoid misunderstandings” and this is indeed what both parties do without understanding that they are on the way to visit each other (!) and we know HUMOUR is very funny actually and I like this one very much because of the humour also when the commercial ends with: “Then we agree” – and he liked the coffee very much as we do too as the symbol of LOVING FEELINGS TOO and we know NOSTRA is still here but also in a better mood because I don’t need to be as mean as before – and we know really just showing another MISUNDERSTANDING when people don’t listen and understand. INSPIRED they were and thank you all of you – GREAT actors too and we know Søren you are truly a SPECIAL TALENT.

And for a matter of good sake – I remember that I woke up with three dreams during the night but I was not allowed to remember them for the first time for a very long time.

Receiving “survival help” and waiting to receive the final verdict from the Commune if I am “normal”!

I have decided to write this chapter OBJECTIVELY because I was happy with the meeting I had with the Commune today, because it is needed to fulfil the story of how the system “judges” me and because I have NO intention to bring more disclosures of people – this phase is now over so here it is:

This morning I had the meeting with Helle from the Commune together with a lady from the payment department and one from the ”normal” department of the Jobcentre – Helle is “specialising” in “people with other problems than unemployment” – and as I told them this was the most efficient meeting I have ever had with a Commune, which I was glad to see.

Helle picked me up from outside the head door because they had decided to meet me already this morning at 9.00, which was quick and efficient after I called only yesterday, which I thanked them all for – the opening hours is first 9.30 – and on our way up to the office I asked her if the Jobcentre of this Commune also have a guard to secure the employees from violent cash help receivers – as I saw on television the other day – and she said that this is indeed what they have and all I can say here is that it makes me very sad to see that when people cannot understand each other some will go to extremes becoming violent and we know BECAUSE IF YOU ALWAYS UNDERSTOOD and HELPED EACH OTHER THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE YOU WOULD NEVER NEED TO FIGHT and we know thinking of both parties needing to understand each other I am and a pity it is and we know almost “P.Y.T”. because this is what I am listening to right now from Michael, my friend.

Helle told me that they decided to take one meeting with me to save time instead of three separate meetings because I am in a “special need” and we know maybe this would be an idea to do in the future to save working hours (?) and we know maybe one person could do what requires three employees today (?) and we know also thinking that I as one person in the future will represent three – the Trinity – and we know the world is full of symbols.

I am “not good with names” but I do believe that the first lady from the payment office was Vibeke, who has send me a few letters earlier for example when stopping my cash help and we know she was really very kind and flexible when she presented the form I needed to fill out again – the same as in November 2009 – because I am “seen” as “new” to the system because of the time I have been away from it and she decided that I really only needed to put in my name and very little information and to leave the rest of the questionnaire empty because she would find the old information I have given and we know I liked very much that she asked me if there was any changes to my situation and we know there was not and instead of just asking people to fill out papers without truly thinking of the need I here saw a behaviour, which I like very much. One of the few things she asked me was if I was living alone and we know I could have decided to simply say “no” but I decided to smile and say that “there is really not a big risk that anyone will move in with me shortly” and we know as an example that showing a good mood is always good to “break the ice”, which is really what I am doing in this new phase and so it is. And she said that they have decided to grant me the start help of approx. 5,000 DKK before taxes up front, which will cover my needs until the cash help will start to be paid in arrears and this amount gross will be credited my account already on Friday. Thank you Vibeke – you did a fantastic job and it only took you a few minutes to do what could take others maybe ten times longer – this gives you three smileys 🙂 🙂 🙂

And after finishing the paper work Vibeke decided that she was no longer needed in the meeting – also very efficient I must say – and we said goodbye and we know I like to stand up to say goodbye as I did here too and we know to show appreciation and we know a good behaviour and so it is.

So hereafter we moved on to the next nice lady from the “normal” Jobcentre and we know she is responsible for the “examination” of new people registering at the Jobcentre and we know to decide which “match group” she believes I belong to and we know it was the same nice lady who received me in November 2009 – and I have probably misunderstood her name earlier (!) because at the paper she gave me today I can see that her name is Adina – and in 2009 she concluded after a very short time that there was no doubt that I was fully capable to work and we know as one of the “normal” people you know and today she presented a paper saying that I belong to the new match group 2 – there are only three groups today after a recent revision where there were five before – and the definition of this group is “people who have other problems than unemployment” as I was told by Helle and when I read the detailed description after the meeting on the Internet I saw that it is also “a person who is not ready to carry out an ordinary job making the person able to provide a living for himself within three months but who is ready to participate in activation …” so what I witnessed here was that she was exactly the same person as in November 2009 and I am exactly the same person as in November 2009 – nothing has changed (!) other than the perception of people at the Jobcentre because I have told them about my website and if I had not they would still believe that I am completely “normal” and we know with my full working capacity, which would place me in the first match group and this is the ONLY difference really and the reason why I am today considered not being able to do a “normal” work even though I am the one working the hardest and have good relations with people and so it is – simple logic really.

This part of the meeting took only approx. two minutes to finish, to rise and also shake hands with Adina who also decided to leave the meeting after she was no longer needed – efficient again – and we know it was the most efficient meeting I have ever seen at a Commune before – and one of the most efficient I have ever seen at all – and therefore Adina you also deserve three smileys despite of our “professional disagreements” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hereafter Helle and I continued the meeting alone and I told her that I decided to come back to her only because I needed to survive, otherwise I would not have come and we know Helle was nice to name the help I will be given as “survival help”, which is really what it is because I still have my work writing these scripts and so it is. She said that she would like to send me back to work at the Park and that she believes Rolf will still accept me to come but because of the holidays at the Park and her own coming up she said that she will invite me for a new meeting in the middle of August.

Before this I had signed a document giving her power of attorney to contact my old family doctor in Hørsholm and the doctors from the psychiatric hospitals of Hillerød/Helsingør, where my family doctor and a psychiatrist from Hørsholm – who did not understand me – wrongly decided to hospitalise me in 2008 and we know she said that she will ask to receive a “statement on me” and I told her that it will be exciting to see what they will decide to write when they only have very little knowledge of me and we know also thinking here of my NICE telephone conversation with my old family doctor in February 2010 – which you can read from my scripts from this period – and we know WHAT WILL HE WRITE OF ME (?) and thinking of all of the doctors of Helsingør who could not set a “diagnosis” because they had never seen a “case” like mine before and we know WHAT WILL THEY WRITE OF ME (?) – DO THEY HAVE INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE TO MAKE A QUALIFIED STATEMENT OR WILL THEY DECIDE TO “GUESS” BASED ON FEELINGS AND STILL PUT SOMETHING ON PAPER BECAUSE THEY ARE “THE PROFESSIONALS”?

And again I decided to tell Helle the truth that MY WORKING CAPACITY IS COMPLETELY NORMAL and that I was the one working the hardest in the Park – which she still understood – and that I still work with my full working capacity writing my scripts as she also understood because she said that she has checked my website some times without reading in detail and we know I looked at her and said that it is really “elemental” because I will also get good relations with people at the Park again – or other places if she should decide this – like I have good relations with Helle and also the others at the meeting today – which is what we have – and we know this is how it is but Helle decided to say that she has seen other people than me having a perception of themselves which is different to what the doctors believe and we know so she will wait to hear what the doctors will say and we know including what they will recommend to do and she asked if I have taken medication before and I told her that I did in the short period where I was hospitalised in 2008 but that it did not help me at all – on the contrary – and that I was very happy to stop the “medicine” when leaving the hospital and we know as “normal” as when I entered I might add and here I can also say that the only thing which the medicine did was to DISABLE ME REDUCING AND ALMOST REMOVING MY WORKING CAPACITY because it “slowed” me down VERY UNPLEASANTLY as described in scripts from this time.

And Helle said that it can become a condition to continue receiving cash help that I will receive medicine again (!) and we know I SHOULD BE SURPRISED TO SEE THIS but as I said to her: “I will fulfil all requirements of the Commune doing my best as I have done all along but I will NOT take medicine again” and what we could agree on was that we will await the statement of the doctors and herewith the verdict, which Helle will give based on the statements and her own perception and Helle told me that they will place me on a ladder between “fully capable to work” at the top or the opposite with the “option” to receive “disability pension” at the bottom – what do you believe my dear reader (?) – and we know what this is about is that IT IS “ELEMENTAL” WHEN LOOKING AT ME AND BEING TOGETHER WITH ME THAT I AM COMPLETELY NORMAL WORKING MY BEST – WHICH ALL CAN SEE CLEARLY (!) – BUT BECAUSE PEOPLE CANNOT OR WILL NOT UNDERSTAND MY SCRIPTS, they believe that something must be WRONG with that man – but let me count how many of you are DOUBTFUL and we know who on the surface say you don’t believe in me but inside of you have received the feeling that “what if he is RIGHT – what if the JUDGMENT is truly coming and what if he is really the man he says he is” (?) and we know THIS IS ALSO HOW WE ARE WORKING MY FRIEND and as I told Helle she could also simply come and visit me for some time at the Park to see for herself how I work and how I get along with people FOR HE TO SEE WITH HER OWN EYES but I know as I told her “you will probably be to busy to do this” and we know the “REVERSED” world is what I am showing you here with people not knowing about the facts taking wrong decisions and we know with the biggest respect for these nice ladies today because this is the attitude I have decided to show – my normal you know – and because we speak well together but as I said to Helle “we can probably quickly agree that we don’t agree professionally” and this is exactly what we did and I decided that I will not use any more time trying to make myself understood – I have done many times before and so it is. And despite of our “professional disagreements” I can say that Helle and I “understand” each other on the surface, that I also like Helle as a person and that she through the example today has shown that she was willing to act quickly the best way she could today to help me as quickly as possible , which I thanked her for on my way out and therefore she also receives three smileys so you now have nine in total, which is my old “lucky number” and we know Stig because are there eight or nine members of the Council (?) and we know my dear friend I AM THE NINTH “MEMBER” and we know only temporary of course until I will become “my old me” and we know almost having tears of happiness and here it is Virgin Mary telling me this because she is FEELING FREE again and we know A ROUGH TIME TO COME THROUGH FOR ALL OF US where she was “this close” to becoming terminated and so it is 🙂 🙂 🙂

And we know during the meeting I received the very strong feeling that it is indeed the wish of the Council and let me say here both Joseph and Virgin Mary – we are both still here as your TRUE parents and we know still your TRUE self so to say – to finish my story of the system and we know how will they be able to do a qualified “verdict” of me when they don’t work together with me and spend time with me every single day and on the other hand I am also thinking that just maybe they have had a good chance after all to tell and this is how it is and also thinking of the dream of yesterday arriving at the school where they spoke of what they wanted to speak of without understanding my need and we know this is what it is about: MISUNDERSTANDINGS and of course only written objectively and so it is.

So I can only say that I was very HAPPY with the meeting today because people were NICE and EFFICIENT and when I will get money on Friday I will send some to LTO and we know start solving my economical situation the best way possible including hopefully making an agreement with Poul-Erik to start paying rent again the best way I can and we know also to pay what I owe him if the system later will decide to pay my cash help the 1st June and July, which they will do if they believe I am disabled (!) and I will write a new email to Poul-Erik this week in continuation of an email I wrote yesterday where I let him know that money is on the way and we know but I will keep it in private and we know maybe my mother and John will see me again maybe tomorrow and maybe they will give me a meal because otherwise I will not receive anything to eat before Friday except from a little bit of rice and potatoes today and this is how it is.

And here at the end of the script today I can say that the Devil is VERY NICE and we know he is NOT born inside of me and that is why I am only receiving the sufferings from the Devil instead of being the Devil myself and there is a BIG difference my friends and the only thing he does is to talk a little bit of “what I don’t like to hear” and a few burning feelings but really not much you know so just a sign that we have now started the new phase my friend as my other good friend Polle here says and we know missing Mary M., Jeanne, Rommy, Monty I am too so you are welcome to come in over the coming days too and we know if you think you would like to and we know WE ARE ALL STILL HERE and so it is.

And we know I decided to send a PRIVATE email to my mother and John saying that I miss them very much and would like to see them again if they still want to see me and I promised NOT to write about private conversations and emails anymore and THIS TIME THE PROMISE IS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY and I was very happy when they were happy to accept so therefore I am going to see them tomorrow evening when John will come to collect me and drive me to Helsingør – because I cannot afford the transport today, thank you John – for dinner and we know the first time in six months I will see them again and we know do you believe I look forward to this and OF COURSE I DO – and feeling Obama again too thank you my friend for being there and we know NO, NO UFO FILES YET and we know HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE FOR THE PRESIDENT TO GET ACCESS TO THESE FILES and we know WHEN THE SYSTEM DOES WHAT IT CAN TO KEEP IT A SECRET EVEN TO THE PRESIDENT and we know we will have to see what is the truth because here I also received a question mark at the same time as writing and the thought that is this only what I believe my self or is it really like this?

Receiving the most loyal, faithful and friendly emails from David and Meshack

Yesterday I wrote to LTO that I will still help them in the future and that I don’t know if I will be able to send money in 5, 11 or 30 days but it became even better than expected because I will be able to send you money on Friday – if I do receive the money from the Commune on time – and we know I WILL BECOME HAPPY TOO KNOWING THAT YOU WILL GET SOME FOOD and so it is and I have decided to bring David’s answer here because I am very happy with what David wrote to me and because I have the understanding that neither David, John or Meshack mind to be mentioned in the scripts and my dear friends please let me know if you would like to be excluded otherwise I might bring some emails in my scripts and I might decide to keep them private and what I am really thinking is that I am moving forward to a NORMAL LIFE for us all – this is the symbol of improving the situation for all of us – and a normal life includes PRIVATE COMMUNICATION which will NOT BE PUBLIC TO THE WHOLE WORLD and therefore my friends I will probably keep our emails private in the future unless there will come messages, which I believe is important to share with the world.

Thank you so much David my dear friend for writing in what is the end of your worst sufferings but not yet the end to all of your sufferings but please see that you have now gone through the worst I could bring you as Joseph now says and you are still with me and now we will start moving up at the ladder to get a better life all of us and on Friday when I send you some money you will feel the first step and there will come many more later and we know as usual please be patient but the message is YOU HAVE COME THROUGH THE WORST and so it is. Thank you David for remembering the hand on the heart – I have almost not used it since you started making us all laugh of this in Kenya last year. Thank you for your extreme loyalty, support and faith and we know we are still coming closer to the day when we will see each other again, which I look very much forward to.

Hallo Stig,

I’m glad for this chance of writing to you.

I have not been able to write for some time due to unavoidable circumstances.
I miss your presence and face to face advice. My hand is at my heart as I write. I value your principles: especially principles that call the world to  sanity and order.

I pray that God’s will be upon your life and the lives of us all may be realized.

Thank you for your dedication and promise to help us whenever possible.
Good day,


And later Meshack also decided to write to me because I asked the team in my email yesterday if they still have faith in me – which I was really not doubting – and this is what he wrote:


Hi there, we are doing fine and hope the same with you there although we are going thorugh the most difficult time of our life.

I didnt mean to hurt you and am very sorry if i did hurt you but Stig you are my most friend i have ever had and i totally have faith in you and no doubt about this as i have consistently red all your scripts even at worst time like now i had to borrow some coins to come to say hi to you and to read the scripts as they are part of my life and even though we are going through this situation, i have carried your messages and teachings than any other person.

I believe in what you talk in your scipts and i know you cannot write lies but you write what you know best but remember one day to God may be many years to come because God does not count days as we do and remember all what you write will come to happen although it may take a long time because remember jesus came on earth and lived for thirty years before people realised he was indeed the prophesied one.

I have been telling you that , we started this mision together to a point where we were crucified together by Gerlad at Immigration for doing nothing and all the time i have stood with you and i will be the last person not to believe in you and i remeber my dreams about you although they may take alot of time but as we wait for this time we need to servive and carry on our mision to save the world because i have a large family which is being told your scripts and i need to nature them to mature as i have matured on taking your steps.

I will continue with my mision to help you and count me to be in your side and remeber i have sacrificed alot for our mision and i cannot forsake you as i am carrying your work.

Once again sorry if i may have hurt you but i wrote with a pure heart i was just giving my opinion to you as my mentor and i didnt mean we stop our work but my question was how to servive as we carry on .

  God bless you.

And my dear friend Meshack YOU DID RIGHT TO ASK ME THESE QUESTIONS THE OTHER DAY and to be OPEN, DIRECT AND HONEST – remember that I value this very much (?) – and therefore my friend YOU DID REALLY NOT HURT ME DEEP INSIDE because again YOU DID WHAT WAS RIGHT, WHAT WAS EXPECTED FROM YOU AND WHAT HELPED ALL OF US which I now hear from one of my diseased family members and so it is – they are also here – and I COULD NEVER DREAM OF HAVING ANYONE MORE LOYAL, DEDICATED AND SACRIFICING THAN YOU MY FRIEND and I AM THINKING OF ALL OF THE TEAM HERE and again today you show an example by sacrificing for my sake to bring me comfort in a situation where you have nothing yourself needing to borrow some coins – THANK YOU SO MUCH.

You are right that this is about survival and this is why I decided to do as I did to contact the Commune again to make us all survive – without you in my mind I would have thought of other options in a greater detail – and we know also an example to you my friends that the Council is and has been with all of us on our road through “our extreme Hell on Earth” – the phase now also ending for you – as they have done in Heaven too and NEVER GIVEN UP ON US FOR ONE SINGLE SECOND and Meshack I understand and appreciate your words on Jesus and patience for up to 30 years but this will not take 30 years, it will go much quicker than you can imagine as you will see over the coming months.


MY WARMEST BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOUR FAMILIES, CHILDREN AND FRIENDS Meshack, David and John – and also Elijah – and looking forward to seeing your children play with REAL toys one day I am as one example of what the future will bring and we know patience ….

And finally let me say that writing this script today has really not been easy too and we know because I am STILL TIRED and working with a constant throw up feeling and we know using will power to do this work and also hoping that my sleep will become better and we know that it will also become easier to run again because I would like to be able to run 10 kilometres as I have done only a few times in my life and let me see One-two times and we know “Den bedste tid” (“the best time”) is about to come for all of us and we know because the music of the eighties in Denmark was truly special not just because I was “young” then but because it was music sung in Danish which was popular with harmonies and a wide appeal, which Danish music of today does not have and we know WE ARE HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE and music also reflects the times and also the end times and so it is.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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