21st July 2010 – The Council did find and reconnect with the Source using the extreme energy present

Summary of the script today



My lung was “this close” to collapse one week ago to disable me and kill my mother A day with only a short script informing about my lung, which was close to collapse one week ago, which would have disabled me and killed my mother, I look forward to seeing Inge/Ove, maybe my father/Kirsten and Lotus and Fuggi as examples of friends and of course Sanna/Hans and the boys who I would LOVE to see again if they will se me as a step towards normal life, which also includes healing from people spreading “good vibrations” – instead of negative feelings of me, which is still potentially killing me if it was not for Yoga and a test of the Devil trying to prevent me from seeing my mother and John this evening.
The Council did find and reconnect with the Source using the extreme energy present Visions of bringing myself to life because of the actions I do and the Council did find the Source in the evening/night between the 18th and 19th July using the extreme energy present to create access for the first time in 2,000 years, which is from here I will become connected with my TRUE inner self, when I have developed more.
I was welcomed back to the family by my mother and John J This evening I met my mother and John again and I will not write from our PRIVATE conversations only say from this the first meeting in six months that we were ALL very happy to see each other again, that they agreed with me in several of the subjects of the books, that we did not speak about spirituality and that they welcomed me back to the family despite of my very direct words previously in the books also of the family. This is my task to show that LOVE IS STRONGER than all.


My lung was “this close” to collapse one week ago to disable me and kill my mother

Again this night I only slept lightly making me tired this morning – and writing these lines DIFFICULT – and again I was not allowed to remember the dreams except from one, which I have decided to censor, and we know it does not look like that there will be many stories to write from here because I have written about work, behaviour etc. in the first phase of my book and we know no dreams to write of at the moment, I will not write from private meetings and I will not meet the Commune before 3-4 weeks from now so it looks like I will start to get some holiday too and we know maybe I will decide to publish updates 1-2-3 times per week and we know time will tell but nothing much to write about today other than this:

Approx. one week ago I had for one-two days an unpleasant pressure on my right lung and we know I was thinking that there was a risk that it would collapse and we know if I had “allowed” Virgin Mary to be murdered I would have killed my own mother too and we know making myself disabled and hereafter my father would be the only life flame inside of me and so it is and yesterday I was told that now it is about healing my mother and me because when we will meet this evening this is the process we will start by using both of you alive to heal each other just by being together again because when both of you have suffered very much because you have missed each other you have also suffered physically and this is how it is and we know thinking of my father too and we know Stig I wish that I could see my father too and if he reads this and if he would like to see me without putting on a pressure “telling” me what to do or believe in, I will be happy to see him too and we know Stig you are NOT ready yet to call your father so if I don’t hear from him it will have to wait until the next phase but I ask you to take care of my father and to lift any physical pain he may be in and this also includes Kirsten and we know this is how it is because when you send loving feelings this will also plant like this – and vice versa – and we know this is how it is because I still love my father and this also includes Kirsten – and I am thinking of his sister Inge and Ove too and we know I will be happy to see them again because they are always open and friendly and we know seeing Inge and Ove together with my father and Kirsten has been a dream of mine for many years so maybe this will become an opportunity and we know which I would be happy with and we know just hoping that I will not be met with criticism or what is worse because of “what I have done” and people not understanding and so it is.

And we know Stig, Lotus sent me a text message saying that she will come to town next week where she will probably come to visit me and we know looking very much forward to that and thank you Fuggi for sending me an email yesterday and looking forward very much to seeing you in August and we know Stig this is really to say that when you have NO CONTACTS with family, friends and in reality nobody you are MORE likely to receive physical illnesses too because when you will receive no “positive vibrations” and almost only negative for a period as I did I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD and we know this is why YOGA is STILL VERY GOOD FOR YOU MY FRIEND – as I did again this morning and I might add that I take five LONG breaths of approx. 15 seconds each for each of the four opposite V’s I do at home – because THERE ARE STILL REALLY NOT MANY SENDING YOU “POSTIVE VIBRATIONS” and loving feelings these days but here you have seen some and we know thinking of starting to see some other friends too and yet again some including Jack will have to wait until later because I am not sure if they consider me as a friend today or have decided to exclude me and so it is and we know this is the level we start at which will improve until the day when we will get a “normal life” in this respect too and we know SANNA AND HANS WITH THE BOYS will they still see me (?) and we know my mother and John can probably tell this evening and we know I WOULD LOVE THAT and we know SIMPLY TO GET “NORMAL RELATIONS” with the people I love the most and so it is and Karen and Denis you are still on my mind too as potential friends as we have been for years where it was me who could not see you because of my feelings. And I am thinking of John’s daughters Mette and Bettina too and your husbands, whom I also look forward to seeing again and feeling your energy I am Bettina – thank you for sending out nice thoughts and this also goes to Søren and so it is.

Yesterday you started and we know NOSTRA started to give me “problems” publishing my script and we know he is here to take care of you in the respect that you will get your work done with your best quality – and we know I just read the last two days of my scripts again and even though I do two edits I still don’t catch all errors and we know this is why I normally do more edits of memo’s etc. and when I do my absolutely best I may edit a memo ten times or more but I have not had the energy or time to do this with my scripts and therefore two edits is the “balance” I decided for and this is the “absolutely” best I can give considering all criteria and so it is – and when I pushed the “publish” button inside the Microsoft Live Writer programme nothing apparently happened and the popup window showing that it is about to publish the script, which normally is shown only a few seconds did not stop and we know it was replaced with an error message after maybe one minute saying that it could not get contact with my website and we know briefly I thought again if my website was closed on the initiative of others but I decided that if this was the case I would probably have received an email from Microsoft, which I had not, and therefore I decided to open Internet Explorer to look at my website and it opened without problems and despite of what you made the Live Writer program do and say the script was actually published (!) and this is how it goes and we know just saying that you “encourage” me to update my website as quickly as I do too and we know I have already included this on my action plan to be done before Friday and we know I will not commit to anything better than this but your pressure made me say that I will look at this today – which I believe I would have done even without the pressure – when I will get the time and energy to do it and we know I could also have decided to start looking at this yesterday evening after 20.00 too even though I was exhausted after writing the script of yesterday and we know I could have done it but I thought that I prefer to distribute my work so I don’t work 12 hours one day and two hours the next and so it is – and we know the “pressure” was also underlined when I restarted the computer where it did not start the three programs which I have set to start automatically when I start the computer, which is Google Desktop, the Mozilla Firefox browser and the Mozilla Thunderbird email client and we know just another small symbol that you are not yet in contact with the Trinity and so it is – but the Internet did work.

Yesterday evening the Devil started giving me speech and visions which I don’t like about my mother because I am going to see her and John this evening and we know this is another “test”, but not one of the worst but if I decided to become “annoyed” or uncomfortable because of this the Devil would have won this and then I would receive only three chances of doing the same and we know I will not speculate in what could happen because this is really not a difficult test – because I decided that it is not, but if I decided not to be STRONG if would be difficult (!) – but we know I could decide to be nervous because what will I talk to my mother and John about after six months without seeing each other and we know thinking of my writings too?

The Council did find and reconnect with the Source using the extreme energy present

And a few visions too: I saw myself laying inside the coffin – the old symbol I have seen MANY times where I was laying in the coffin, which was laying at the bottom of a deep hole, looking up at the forest – and here I was shown two wires put together to bring sparks and power and I was told that I am bringing myself to life though the actions I decide to do.

And this morning resting after yoga I was shown the inside of a cave, I felt Virgin Mary there and I was shown a big walnut on top of a small pedestal at the middle of the cave, the top of the walnut was taken off and inside of it I saw the brightest light and I was told that WE FOUND THE SOURCE – so now both the walnut as the fruit of the tree, an old symbol of the home of God, and the orange we know are symbols of the Source – and Stig WE DID THE JUMP USING THE EXTREME ENERGY THE EVENING/NIGHT TWO DAYS AGO WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING IT and we know WE NOW HAVE ACCESS TO THE SOURCE AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2,000 YEARS and I was told that I have to develop more before I will be connected with my TRUE inner self and we know another “sign ‘o’ the times” it is and we know because my good friend Prince is playing on the head phones right now and so it is.

Another rule from now is that I will accept to expand the number of spirits speaking to me – also to be included in the scripts from here – so it will now not only be the Council, Obama and a few others but also diseased family members and friends who I will look forward to hearing from and we know I could have decided to open up for ALL without restrictions but one step at a time on the ladder reaching all the way home until the day when I will remove all restrictions and we know when I will “just be the one” and so it is and we know this rule is also set because people reading my scripts could easily become sceptical if I accepted to include the voice of everyone at this stage and so it is.

This morning I had the last portion of rice and now I am totally without food and we know I have decided not to run today because running on an almost empty stomach is not good but when I start eating again I will also start running again and so it is.

I succeeded updating my website too today even though I was INDEED very tired and we know it did not take long and I have decided to do a check tomorrow because often I see new things coming back to the same and we know “just to be sure” really so NOSTRA this is now – almost – done too.

And we are still here ALL OF US and I wrote to Vibeke from the Commune to ask her how much I will receive in help and she answered DKK 5,283 gross on Friday and DKK 4,044 gross the 31st July – and hereafter the normal cash help – and I know that I will have to pay taxes again and I have calculated that my total net income will be approx. DKK 7,200, which I have decided to share with approx. 2,000 DKK for myself, approx. DKK 3,200 for LTO Kenya and approx. 2,000 DKK for Poul-Erik to pay half rent per 1st August and I also wrote to Poul-Erik that from 1st September I will be able to pay full rent again and that I now have two “chances” to receive my cash help from June and July too – first the “verdict” of the Commune in August and then the verdict of the board after maybe 2-3 months – and if I receive this I will pay him the remaining 1½ months of rent too and we know should this not go “my way” I will offer him to pay instalments and we know I also said that I will keep mine and his emails private from here and we know which means that I will update you on his answer but not bring his reply and so it is – and LATER I received his answer accepting to receive half of the rent the 1st August and “the rest in August”, so I can continue staying at the apartment.

So from here there will be no “purple rain” and you are truly genius my friend Prince because this is the AMAZING song I am listening to right now – and thinking of seeing you play this at Gentofte in 1990 I am – and I do believe that your songs from the beginning of the nineties are the songs I love the most even though the eighties of course are also fantastic – and I am one of many who have not followed you for the last five years again – and really only a little for the last ten years – and we know difficult to keep up with your tempo with all of the records you do and difficult to find them and we know SECRETS out there is the feeling I get and “to be published later” and we know the LOVE SYMBOL is for all of you – WHICH IS MY NEW SYMBOL TO REPLACE THE CROSS AS I ALSO WROTE ABOUT IN BOOK NO. 2 and it is really called “INSPIRATION” and “in the heart”, which is what I hear now.

I was welcomed back to the family by my mother and John 🙂

And this evening I visited my mother and John again for the first time in six months and I WAS TRULY VERY HAPPY TO SEE THEM AGAIN and we know the healing started immediately for both you and your mother because the feeling was mutual – and we had a SPLENDID evening together as we normally do – and I have decided that I don’t want to write from private conversations and not to disclose people and I don’t believe that they will mind that I from this THE FIRST MEETING will say that WE WERE ALL VERY HAPPY TO SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN, that they WELCOMED me back to the family and were happy to see the “good old Stig” again – the man I have been all the way and still am really – that we did not speak about spirituality but that we spoke of several of the subjects of my book – as one of MANY subjects – of a new system and behaviour of the world and they agreed with me on all subjects I believe but the only thing is really that my system is not “realistic” because of the world we have today (!) and we know only saying that what I write in my books is SIMPLE LOGIC which all people should be able to understand and follow and that THIS IS WHAT WILL BECOME THE FUTURE OF OUR NEW WORLD.

And we know this is what people have difficulties understanding and believing in today because “you cannot change the system of the world today” and not because people believe I am wrong and we know I received the FEELING during the evening that the phase I have finished is the phase of describing the old and new system of the world on basis of my everyday experiences, that the phase I have now entered is about people understanding and we know including the WAKE UP of people spiritually and we know where the “code of love” was implemented during phase one in my “special friends” so they will start helping me – this was the meaning of the symbol of the membranes of my right speaker moving even though no music was played on them – and we know this was also why it was important that I did my job as perfect as possible because the quality of the “code” reflects the quality of my work and this new phase also includes for myself to behave according to my own rules and we know the next phase will be about IMPLEMENTATION OF THE “FUTURE” SYSTEM IN THE “PRESENT” WORLD and so it is and we know the most important of the evening was to say that LOVE IS STRONGER than anything else because despite of my very direct words in my books also about my family they have decided to take me back and we know also because I have decided not to disclose them anymore and I do believe that this chapter shows that I will not do this – and we know I will probably NOT write anything from coming private meetings with my mother and John because this the first meeting went fine and we know I have decided to write a short chapter positively/objectively of the first new meeting with family and friends again and we know the target is really to meet family and friends and we know to see if they will welcome me back after I have written the truths of my books straight out and we know I started with the most important people today and they welcomed me back MAKING ME HAPPPY and solely because of this my suffering will decrease – and we know – also the suffering of my mother and John and so it is 🙂 🙂 🙂

And let me give you another thought of the evening. “The chain” – this song SIMPLY has one of the best bass riffs of all songs (!), fantastic – of the bicycle of Andy Schleck fell off the other day and we know which it normally NEVER does (!) and difficult for you to understand Bjarne Riis (?) and THIS IS QUITE DIRECT SPEECH because when the chain falls off it simply means “a misunderstanding” and we know Stig I SHOULD HAVE UNDERSTOOD THIS SOONER and we know better late than never.

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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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