23rd July 2010 – Instead of using the “opposite Robin Hood” I ask the world to write off ALL unobtainable debts

Summary of the script today



A blocked drain, a plumber, how much will he charge and who will pay? I was dreaming of a VERY LONG LINE OF PEOPLE waiting to receive food and normal life and a story about the blocked drain in my bathroom, workers not able to meet on fixed meeting times, will my landlord accept to pay the invoice of the plumber and how much will he bring himself to charge for 35 minutes only of work?
The Council was dissolving but now they will also become STRONGER THAN EVER! Yesterday I had VERY UNPLEASANT FEELINGS and VISIONS of my skeleton dissolving because this is what the Council has gone through. At the end of phase 1 they had almost dissolved but now they are getting stronger as I am too and we will become STRONGER than ever before. The reward for my EXTREME DECISION NOT to give birth to the Devil is that my mother is saved, that I will not become disabled and that ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD WILL SURVIVE. I am GLAD that you will not start seeing a world and people falling apart because of this.
Western Union as the symbol of “the opposite Robin Hood” I received a higher net amount from the Commune than expected and I sent DKK 4,000 to LTO Kenya. If I am right the total charges of Western Union are more than 10 percent of the gross amount I sent, which is money and food STOLEN directly from poor Africans to “help” rich Americans buy even more luxury goods etc. or “THE OPPOSITE ROBIN HOOD” where the rich world steals from the poor world.
The law firm decided NOT to listen but Danske Bank used logic, communicated and listened to me

Already early this morning I received answers from the law firm and Danske Bank. The law firm did NOT use SIMPLE LOGIC as expected but they focussed ONLY ON THE RULES and therefore they will take me to court – where I will attend this time – which will still not make me able to pay! And still my debt keeps increasing which is also the symbol of THE OPPOSITE ROBIN HOOD where RICH PEOPLE steals from POOR PEOPLE. Danske Bank decided to understand simple logic NOT sending my case to their lawyer, giving me six more months respite and to CALL me in six months to COMMUNICATE instead of sending threatening letters.



A blocked drain, a plumber, how much will he charge and who will pay?

And we know I had enough information to do a “normal script” again today so here it follows:

This morning I was surprised that I was tired again after only a “very light” sleep and we know the explanation is “negative vibrations” of other people thinking of me and so it is.

This night I had one dream I wrote down and at least one other, which I remember but which I have censored because of my rules in this phase and we know the “approved” dream was that I saw myself standing in a VERY LONG LINE in the wood – and it was VERY LONG (!) – of people waiting to receive food and on top of the hill before the line turned the other way back I saw my old colleague Steen M. from Danske Bank Espergærde and we know a sign that “normal life” will be given to people through the assistance of “the wood” as the symbol of the Source and with “Danske Bank” symbolising “normal life” and so it is.

For some time the drain in my bathroom has blocked more and more up meaning that it now floods the floor of the bathroom instantly when I take a bath, and the other day I tried to see if I could clean it myself, which I could not and yesterday I succeeded finding the caretaker, who was kind to come at 9.00 this morning – I was happy that it was possible to make a PRECISE time agreement with him and we know instead of “during the day”, “in the morning” or “in the afternoon” as most workmen do here simply because they are not able to plan, which costs people half or the whole day off from work and I wonder HOW MANY MILLIONS OF WORKING HOURS, WHICH THE COMMUNITY LOSES EVERY YEAR SOLELY BECAUSE OF THIS (!) – to look at it and his conclusion was also that it was impossible to clean yourself and that it was blocked further down at the water seal so he could only recommend to contact a professional plumbing service and we know he knew of a company he could recommend and the plumber could come already today between 10.00-12.00 – so he arrived at 12.00 together with my caretaker (!) – and he had SPECIAL EQUIPMENT with him and succeeded to clean the drain even though it was difficult and we know he was here working for exactly 35 minutes and now I will wait to see how much he will bring himself to charge me – to see how greedy he is – which I will see when his company will send me the invoice and that is really Poul-Erik as the owner of the apartment as I told him and we know IT SHOULD NOT BE NECESSARY TO AGREE ON PRICES when you know that you will pay in “working hours” in the future and today the system is really that people who don’t ask for or “negotiate” a price will pay more than others and we know another “verdict” which is waiting on me to tell you. And just wondering how Poul-Erik will react when I will tell him that an unexpected invoice is coming for him to pay when I am still not paying full rent yet and so it is.

The Council was dissolving but now they will also become STRONGER THAN EVER!

I did not write this yesterday but yesterday and as I remember it also a little bit the day before I had the “strangest” feeling of “dissolving” where you gave me feelings and visions of my skeleton breaking into pieces and THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT FELT LIKE and we know TRY TO IMAGINE BEING FLESH WITHOUT A BONE STRUCTURE this is how I felt and the reason why I was given this feeling was that this is how Joseph has felt like and we know Virgin Mary almost died and ALL OF THE COUNCIL MEMBERS WERE DISSOLVING AT THE END OF PHASE ONE and we know THIS IS HOW IT IS WHEN WE GO TO EXTREMES STIG and we know HAD WE DISSOLVED COMPLETELY THE WORLD AND THE UNIVERSE WOULD HAVE DISSOLVED TOO and the reason is ALSO because YOU HAVE DECIDED TO SHOW YOUR ABSOLUTELY STRONGEST WILL POWER SAYING THAT I WILL NOT LET THE DEVIL GIVE BIRTH INSIDE OF ME AT ALL – which is NOT how we saw it coming – and we know NO MATTER WHAT (!) and this has given you AN IMPOSSIBLE ROAD TO FOLLOW WITH UNIMAGINABLE SUFFERINGS which you have now completed the worst part of and THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE DONE TOO and the story is really that we are now becoming reconnected again and we will become STRONGER than ever before – and I am thinking that the alternative if I had lost to the Devil and we know first some balls and later ONE SET ONLY would have been that Virgin Mary and my mother would become “terminated” and we know Stig making myself disabled – AND DESPERATELY SAD AS NO ONE CAN IMAGINE BECAUSE OF THE IMMENSE FEELINGS, WHICH EXIST BETWEEN MY MOTHER AND I – and THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL AVOID AS THE TRUE REWARD BECAUSE OF YOUR EXTREME PERSISTENCE and FOR US IT HAS THE SAME MEANING THAT WE WILL ALSO AVOID BEING DISABLED OR “TERMINATED” and for the world it simply means that ALL PEOPLE WILL SURVIVE and this is really it my friends.

And here I can say that I have decided not to “teach” people in public on how to improve – people don’t like to hear this and even less in public (!) – but it does NOT mean that I will NOT teach people when meeting them in private and we know because I WILL HELP PEOPLE MUCH BETTER WHEN BEING DIRECT, OPEN AND HONEST instead of “fearing” to people about their development areas and SO IT IS MY FRIEND.

Western Union as the symbol of “the opposite Robin Hood”

This morning I also checked my bank account on the Internet and I was happy to see that the Commune indeed had credited the first amount of DKK 5,384 on my account but what I did not understand was that no taxes was deducted and we know this should not be very difficult to calculate when you have all the figures, which I had yesterday and we know I had expected that the first DKK 2,300 would be paid out without taxes and the excess would be taxed with 36% first but we know I will have to look at the statement when I receive it and this meant that instead of sending the planned DKK 3,200 to LTO Kenya I decided to send DKK 4,000 – to be on the safe side – and to see how much I will receive net the 31st July – and when I later had sent the money to Kenya I sent an email to the team where I said that I shall be thinking of them with a smile when they will start to eat again because this is my feeling.

The system of Western Union is that the more money you send the higher charges you will pay – is it more expensive for you to send DKK 4,000 than DKK 400 (?) and we know another example of a system not based on SIMPLE LOGIC – and today the charges was DKK 270 and the nice lady at the post office told me that LTO would receive a little more than 49,000 Shillings and when I came home I checked the website www.valutakurser.dk which says that DKK 3,730 – after the direct charges of DKK 270 is deducted – is 52,600 Shillings, and the difference of 3,600 Shillings is approx. DKK 255 so if I am right the total expenses through direct charges and cuts of the exchange rate is approx. DKK 500 or more than 10 percent of the gross amount I sent and my dear friends DO YOU THINK THIS IS FAIR(?) and we know THE “OPPOSITE ROBIN HOOD” IT IS – as someone called it many years ago as I remember – where this company of the Devil steals money from the poorest people of the world and we know to give themselves and according to the annual report of this company they have annual revenues of USD 5 billion and an “operating income” of USD 1.3 billion (!!!) and we know HOW MUCH OF THIS IS FOOD STOLEN FROM POOR AFRICANS AND OTHERS AND PUT DIRECLY INTO NEW LIMOUSINES, CARS, LUXURY GOODS AND FANCY DINNERS FOR RICH STOCK HOLDERS OF THIS COMPANY (?) and we know DO YOU SEE HOW IT ALL FITS TOGETHER (?) – this is how the rich world is EXPLOITING THE POOR WORLD.

On my way home from the Post Office I heard ONE OF MANY MARVELOUS SONGS BY NEIL YOUNG – and I have the same “problem” with you Neil as I have with Prince which is that it is difficult to follow your pace with all of the new albums coming out all of the time and we know I have started to follow up on Prince and we know downloading four of maybe ten albums from the last decade, which I have not heard before and the first impression is that they sound “very good” but that this is not my favourite period musically of Prince and we know at least not yet before getting to learn the music better – and the song from Neil Young was “Let’s roll” and the words were “time is running out” and we know it could have both a negative and a positive meaning and here it was positive and we know really saying that WE DO BELIEVE – WHEN WE LOOK AT THE CARDS – THAT YOU WILL SUCCEED TO DEVELOP SO YOUR SUFFERING WILL DECREASE UNTIL THE WILL FINALLY COMPLETELY STOP and because you have decided to do all of the “work” now and not to postpone it, which could be another “temptation” and we know DO YOUR WORK BEFORE YOU GO ON HOLIDAY and we know I will also write an email to my sister Sanna one of the next days, she is coming home from holiday to Australia on Sunday and hopefully she will also decide to see me again because she has a “heart of gold” too and we know two meanings of this and so it is and we know I AM ALSO ONE OF THE PEOPLE THINKING THAT THERE IS NO MUSIC AS BEAUTIFUL AS THE MUSIC AND VOICE OF NEIL YOUNG and this song is really one of them and we know I THINK HE STILL MAKES AS AMAZING ALBUMS TODAY AS HE DID IN THE SEVENTEES for example “PRAIRIE WIND” AS ONE OF MANY and we know listen to the song “God made me” as again just one of many BEAUTIFUL songs, which you cannot truly find any more BEAUTIFUL than this – but I do like some albums better than others and I don’t know half of them yet (!) – and this is how it is.

Later in the day David was “delighted” to write to me and among others he said that “it came at a time when we in a very critical situation. It was like water on dry ground. Now we can smile and afford food and relaxed atmosphere” and it really makes me happy to see how my friends become happy of me doing so little and my dear friend David you really don’t need to thank me because I am only sharing what the Commune gives me and I am sure that if it was the other way around, you would do the same to help me J. MY BEST TO ALL OF YOUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS and I AM STILL SMILING THINKING OF YOU GETTING SOMETHING TO EAT.

The law firm decided NOT to listen but Danske Bank used logic, communicated and listened to me

We know when people become COMMITTED they will react instantly and we know I sent my emails to the law firm and Danske Bank yesterday evening and already early this morning I received answers from both of them.

The law firm sent me this IMPERSONAL email and we know only very few today writes “De” instead of “du” and do I have to say more of how old fashioned and dominated by “rules”, which this “industry” is?

Vi kan hermed bekræfte modtagelsen af Deres mail af den 22.07.10. Kravet imod Dem fastholdes. 

Deres restance udgør dags dato kr. 46.705,55, som bedes indbetalt inden 10 dage ellers vil der blive udtaget stævning imod Dem i Civilretten.

Med venlig hilsen

And this answer is what I expected yesterday because ”the system” is really difficult to change despite of the simple logic I wrote in my email so I have NO CHANCE TO PAY but because this is how Denmark has decided the ”rules” – you have to go to court to get the best “chances” to receive payment (!) – this is what law firms do without THINKING TWICE AND WITHOUT HUMAN CONSIDERATIONS because the law firm itself HAS NOTHING TO LOSE, they simply follow the “rules” and they will always come out as the “winner” in the chase for money – and we know probably not very nice for this lady to receive such a ”threat” from me (?) and we know THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO THREATS INCLUDED IN MY EMAIL TO HER, IT IS PURELY OBJECTIVE (!) and again thinking of the “opposite golden rule” I am here so because of how the system works, they WANT TO TAKE ME TO COURT and we know been there before in similar situations so I have some experience of this, which means that I will declare myself insolvent in court – which is the TRUTH – and then I will be “protected” for a period of 6 months where after the whole “game” can start all over but only if my situation has changed for the better and if it has not I will still be protected.

And in the mean time my debt will continue to increase because of GREEDY CHARGES OF THE LAW FIRM and FEES TO COURT ETC. and we know THIS IS HOW THE DEVIL IS WORKING ALL OVER THE WORLD and we know INSTEAD OF USING SIMPLE LOGIC AND SANITY MAKING AGREEMENTS WHICH BOTH PARTIES WILL FOLLOW – IF THEY TRULY CAN – YOU WILL THREAT PEOPLE WITH COURT, “MORE EXPENSES” etc. and what you really do is an “opposite Robin Hood”, which is to steal from the poor to give to the rich – THIS IS WHAT I AM SHOWING YOU WITH MY SELF AS AN EXAMPLE and we know THIS IS HOW THE WORLD IS WORKING WHEN THE “NICE” RICH COUNTRIES TRY “DESPERATELY” TO COLLECT “DEBTS” OF THE POOR COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD and we know when they cannot pay they will receive a respite and in the mean time the debts will continue to grow with interests etc. and what I am telling the world here again as I did in my book 2 too – thinking of BONO, thank you – is TO WRITE OFF ALL DEBTS OF THE WORLD WHERE THE DEBTOR HAS NO CHANCE TO REPAY and we know IT SHOULD BE SIMPLE LOGIC FOR ALL PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND and so it is.

This is how the law firm decided to “solve” the disagreement and we know NOT VERY NICE THOUGHTS COMING TO ME from this place now so this “negative energy” will now be put on top of all the other from other “negative” and “concerned” people making my sleep difficult, my run “impossible” etc. and so it is and all of these stories of people UNDERSTANDING and FOLLOWING STIFF RULES without a TRUE will to understand and follow people is really THE DEVIL IN A NUTCASE in a “civilised” community like Denmark or the “western world” because you have ALL OF THESE VERY “SKILLED” PEOPLE – lawyers, engineers, managers and MANY OTHERS – who simply know all about RULES and THEORY but what is missing is very often their HUMAN SKILLS where they CANNOT TRULY UNDERSTAND AND THEREFORE NOT GET THE BEST RELATIONS WITH PEOPLE because their own voice and ego is as STRONG as it is – THIS IS THE DEVIL REVEALED and “the best of it” from the view of the Devil is that PEOPLE DON’T KNOW OR WILL NOT ADMIT TO THIS THEMSELVES BECAUSE MANY HAVE SO HIGH THOUGHTS OF THEMSELVES THAT THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE ALSO “EXPERTS” TO UNDERSTAND AND HELP PEOPLE BECAUSE THEIR INTERPERSONAL AND EMOTIONAL SKILLS ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN OTHERS and we know MANY OF THEM WORK IN POSITIONS WHERE THEIR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IS OF EVEN HIGHER IMPORTANCE THAN THEIR THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE AND THIS IS OFTEN WHERE THEY FAIL WITHOUT KNOWING IT THEMSELVES AND THIS IS HOW IT IS!

Gitte, the nice lady from Danske Bank decided to CALL me instead of sending an impersonal email – thank you – and she started by saying that I should not be “negative” and we know HOW CAN YOU EVEN THINK THAT MY EMAIL FROM YESTERDAY WAS NEGATIVE (?) – and we know Stig IT IS PURELY OBJECTIVE AND NOT NEGATIVE (!) and again this is an example of how PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME MISUNDERSTAND EACH OTHER THINKING NEGATIVE INSTEAD OF OBJECTIVE/POSITVE AND BECAUSE OF THIS THEY WILL WRONGLY BECOME INDIGNANT and we know SAD IT IS as I have told you so many times before – and I said to Gitte that my email was NOT THE LEAST NEGATIVE but that IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO COMMUNICATE INSTEAD OF THREATENING AS THE BANK DID IN THEIR LETTER TO ME and we know A THREAT IS “IF YOU DON’T DO THIS, WE WILL DO THIS, WHICH WILL HAVE NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES FOR YOU” and this is what both the law firm and the bank did to me, which I did not do in my emails to them (!) – this is really the difference you know – and she said that the only reason why the bank send letters like this is because this is what the law – the system – requires before the bank will be able to send the case to court and we know NOT VERY EASY IN THIS COMMUNITY WHEN YOU CANNOT ALWAYS MAKE RELIABLE AGREEMENTS DIRECTLY BETWEEN PEOPLE, WHERE SOME WILL DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO “CHEAT” WITHOUT PAYING and we know making a system of the Devil necessary to control Devils (!) and my situation is SIMPLY that I cannot pay and that I also believe that the debt should be written off because I have no CHANCE to repay it – but if I could, I would and that is the difference really.

And from here we had again a VERY NICE conversation and Gitte told me that she will now give me 6 more months respite and even though she was not ready to write off my debt she understood simple logic, which is that I am insolvent and that it will only be the bank who will receive more expenses if they will decide to send my case to their lawyer and this is the difference really when people COMMUNICATE and lawyers who really are “working people not using positive feelings and SIMPLE LOGIC to make people meet in mutual understanding but where STIFF RULES are the name of the game” and Gitte was nice to say that she will CALL me again in six months instead of sending a new letter because she understood that IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO COMMUNICATE POSITVELY INSTEAD OF SENDING NEGATIVE AND THREATENING IMPERSONAL LETTERS and so it is.

In the afternoon I did some more shopping, which in itself was “almost impossible” to come through because I was given the BIGGEST temptations of all to look at the pretty girls here in the still nice and warm summer weather and I had to AVOID looking at ALL of them “everywhere” and we know impossible really to do because of how I feel, the many people here and the STRONGEST hormones I am born with and we know of course followed by NEGATIVE SPEECH and so it is and furthermore the constant pressure of the Devil was on me also because I had the chance to “go a level up” in what I bought today – of course with the BIGGEST and DIRECT temptations again – but I decided to start at the level I finished when I received the last portion of cash help – which is direct LUXURY compared to the basic goods I lived from for maybe a couple of weeks – think of living of this your entire life, which is how RICH countries treat “prisoners” at Dadaab refugee camp and similar places (!) – and we know just another example that even though I have started a new phase it is still not easy but we know every day from here should become easier when I simply continue doing what is RIGHT to do and I could never dream of anything else because my WILL POWER is stronger than the strongest TEMPTATIONS of the Devil and so it is.

And today I am really very TIRED and we know so I decided to sit down to watch a little television at the end of the afternoon – not what I have done much lately where I have been busy most of the time – and it was simply impossible – and I mean SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE – not to lay down and I fell asleep for maybe 30-45 minutes and this is how life is so approaching a new day where I am still on top of the situation – and I might wait to start at Fitness World again until the 1st October where they will open a local branch in this city, which of course also makes it a little bit easier for me … 🙂


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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