24th July 2010 – Virgin Mary is being released from the Devil and arriving to represent the Council

Summary of the script today



Virgin Mary is being released from the Devil and arriving to represent the Council Virgin Mary is becoming whole again as I am too, the Devil is on his way out with “no regrets”, dreaming of attending concerts of Siouxsie in Sweden and telling her where she receives her inspiration, which is from Virgin Mary – this is why this music MEANS SO MUCH TO ME, “magic in her hands” in 5-6 days from now.
Meshack’s “little angels” now have something to eat Meshack’s large family is celebrating because “the little angels” now have something to eat. Meshack will print and share the last three months of my scripts.
Contador simply gave EVERYTHING to win Tour de France as the symbol of what I did during my journey Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador were fighting each other directly in the time stage to win the total victory of Tour de France. It was with “GOLD” wines as the scenery that they simply gave EVERYTHING they had. Schleck was looking like a coming winner, but Contador decided to give everything to win – like I – and completely knackered he won against Schleck and tomorrow will be a “parade” where he will stand on top of the victory stool to receive his GOLD medal.


Virgin Mary is being released from the Devil and arriving to represent the Council

Yesterday evening Virgin Mary told me that she is becoming whole again, which is also why I have the feeling that my skeleton is becoming whole again too. I have now started to receive “burning” feelings on the left side of my body which is to say that the Devil is now burning himself and we know BECAUSE HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO EVEN PLAY THE DEVIL ANYMORE AND WHEN WE HAVE A SCHEDULE TO REACH WE CAN ONLY CONTINUE BY PUTTING HIM ON HOLD and we know ON HIS WAY OUT – bye bye as I hear and we know WITH “NO REGRETS“ AT ALL – and the feeling became stronger directly after I had agreed with Lotus to see her again on Monday morning, which now will be the first time in more than two years I will see her and we know time flies quickly here too.

In a dream I was together with Camilla following Siouxsie and Budgie playing many different concerts directly after each other the same day in Sweden – only interrupted by a short transport from city to city. We saw them playing 5-6 different places and after one show we started the car and arrived at the next place at the same time as them to watch their next show and at the final show very late in the evening we were only seven spectators left, which was the reason why Budgie decided to switch off the speaker because we could all hear the instruments playing without the need to amplify them. One spectator next to me stood in a shoulder stand as I did too – like in Yoga, which I did naturally as a boy too not knowing that it was a Yoga position and a sign of what was to come many years later – and he said that he was standing just like Mozart. I spoke to Siouxsie and told her how much I love her and the music of the band and that the albums from 1980-82 are on my absolutely top of all music and I see my self floating on a misty lake and I tell her to visit me at the lake in one month and one year from now – when it suits her – and I will play the music for her. I give her my business card from my wallet – which Camilla did not take with her from my jacket, which she hung up in the wardrobe, but the wallet is still there – and I want to give Siouxsie my card so she can see that she has been speaking to God. During the dream I feel “football” and I hear the beautiful song “green fingers” and the words “magic in her hands” and “THIS MUSIC IS MY MUSIC” AS VIRGIN MARY TOLD ME DURING THE NIGHT AND HERE AGAIN BECAUSE STIG THIS IS WHY YOU ARE SO ATTACHED TO THIS MUSIC because YOU HAVE MADE IT YOURSELF and that is I/your inner self VIRGIN MARY and we know THIS PART OF YOU and we know JOSEPH the other part is not as informative right now and we know because you don’t see your father and you don’t know and that is we do know but will not tell you and this is how it is when you are attached to your mother and not your father and we know I am attached to my father too but “real life” has meant that we don’t see each other as explained earlier.

I saw a bed without weeds except from one yellow flower, which was so beautiful that you cannot call this weeds, and the coffin of Virgin Mary coming to the surface as a sign that she will survive this road to save mankind and I was given the feeling that “magic in her hands” will be within 5-6 days from now whatever this means, if she will show herself in an apparition, which is really the feeling I received – and I was shown Siouxsie as Virgin Mary with a dark scarf being removed from her head as another sign that Virgin Mary is arriving. I was told that Siouxsie has been appointed to represent us all the rest of the way and my thought is that Siouxsie here is also a symbol of Virgin Mary and the rest are the Council. I was also told that Andrew Fletcher from Depeche Mode is “not without importance in the history of music” and I saw myself in a class room and was told that “the greatest challenge is probably to think the whole process logically through when we have never done anything like it before”.

And I might add here that I have had a feeling all day long – which I have daily and even though it was difficult today it is improving somewhat daily – which is really not easy to come through with a constant pressure from the inside of my body and out and also from outside and in and we know physically pressures on my skin and bones if you can imagine this feeling and we know it is the best I can explain and the reason is that it takes something special to recreate me Stig because what you did tempted by the Devil was to almost send me to the eternal hunting grounds so to say and it is from here I am returning to find shelter inside of you and so it is and we know the voice of Virgin Mary.

This morning I was shown a key in a gift box handed to me and with this key I was able to see the gun of the Devil which I am to remove and I was given the feeling of 007 – James Bond – because this is the man I have been in this journey to find and remove the Devil.

I also had a bath in the bath tub again followed by Yoga, a little more shopping and so it is.

I received the statement from the Commune where I can see that the gross amount is DKK 5,384, that the tax is 0 and that my total income this year is DKK 44,357 and according to my information they should have started to deduct 36% in taxes for income exceeding DKK 42,900 and we know DON’T KNOW WHY THEY DID NOT REALLY.

This morning – as several times before – I was told that what I am doing at the moment is what will become the order of the world in the future – the rules of my books and the behaviour I show.

Meshack’s “little angels” now have something to eat

Today was also the day when Meshack was very kind again to COMMUNICATE to give me an update of how his “ministry” is doing and WE ARE ALL HAPPY THAT YOU CAME THROUGH MESHACK and I have decided to share his email with the world because I believe it brings value to the story and I am HAPPY Meshack that you confirmed that I can still bring your mails when I decide to and what I am really saying is that it makes me sad that other people don’t like that I tell the truth and so it is.

Thank you Meshack for giving me the update and I do like that you are thinking of Dadaab too and maybe one day you will be able to share some photographs with me so I can see all of your “ministry”? Please say HI to every single one of them with my blessings. And we know do you see a connection between this dream of Meshack – of the importance of discipline – and my basic working rules, which is really about the same? Please notice Meshack that the money I sent you is until the 1st September and not the 1st October as you write so maybe you needed a little bit more discipline to check your email before sending it J ? Also thank you for deciding to share my scripts and I will send you my books from the last three months in an email – as you can also download from my library at www.mediafire.com/stig – which will make it easier for you to print instead of all of the daily emails.

Treating malnutrition is now the biggest challenge
Hi there, my sincere hope that you are now doing a bit fine as i have been reading from your scripts and i can say the same for me because at the night i slept very well which i had not done for a very long time due to stress although i got my first dream where i was surrounded by many white business many trying to explain to me the principles of success and one of the principle of success i was told is to be disciplined 100% and i tried to look around for you in the experts but i could not see you.

Well in my small Dadaab camp where i stay with my large family is celebration because the little angels have now something to take for break fast and afford the three basic meals per day although we have factored how you told us this will last us until first of october but i can tell you the whole camp is in the moon and i have decided to print the scripts for the last three months for my wife and those who are able to read and i can tell you the ministry is back to the old good days when we can carry out with something in our stomachs and able to communicate with you.

The big challenge is how to provide a balanced died to eliminate malnutrition which had started affecting the young ones but i hope with time and prayer as you told me we shall be healed of this.

May you continue to be a blessing to others and a role model for the world to learn from you and us if we were in your position to do the same.

Kind regards,

Contador simply gave EVERYTHING to win Tour de France as the symbol of what I did during my journey

Today was the decisive second last stage of Tour de France before it will finish tomorrow and it was an individual time travel of 52 kilometres around Bordeaux with the most famous and prestigious wines of the World as the scenery and as Jørgen Leth said “this is the GOLD of Bourdeaux, it is this scene which is the frame” and “the wines are flowering here” and Jørgen this was Virgin Mary speaking through you because she likes to give FLOWERS to the world.

Contador was supposed to be a better single start rider than Schleck and he was 8 seconds ahead in the total standings before the stage but after the first interval after 18 kilometres Schleck was six seconds ahead on the stage and only two seconds behind in the total standings, which made Rolf the commentator predict that “now Andy will win because of the encouragement he will receive when hearing the time he has catch up with and the discouragement Contador will feel when hearing he has lost time” and this was really to say that the “opponents” on my road encouraged each other in the fight against me, where I was standing alone and Rolf said “it is like a shark tasting blood and it is the blood of Contador it is tasting” and this is really how it WOULD have turned out – VERY NASTY! – if the Devil would have won and we know the shark is another symbol of the Devil.

During the race it became clear that all the top riders of the overall standings were “completely knackered” because they were not close to the winner of the stage today simply because they have given EVERYTHING on the previous stages fighting each other and now there is nothing left – and this is how hard the Tour de France is when you use ALL YOU HAVE and this is how hard my road has been too when I and my “opponents” playing the Devil – and you know who they are from my previous scripts – also have given EVERYTHING we have. The commentator Dennis said that “I don’t believe that the phrase “fight until the goal line” has been more well-chosen than here”.

This was the duel and they spoke of spectators being ”completely still all looking up at the big screen” because of the excitement of who would win – like my battle too, this is how close it was – and they said “it has been a DISGUSTING day for all in Top 10” and this was really about ALL OF US IN THE COUNCIL GIVING EVERYTHING TO HELP YOU – and us – TO COME THROUGH TO THE SOURCE.

During the stage Contador decided to give EVERYTHING he had because he simply wanted to win and this is then what he did – like I did too – and he turned the race around, took second by second on Schleck as I did too and at the goal line he won “comfortably” by 31 seconds and we know Stig tomorrow should be a “parade” for Contador to arrive in Paris to win this the hardest of all Tour de France races ever and so it is.

As Rolf said about Contador: “I believe that tomorrow he will tell that this hour was the worst ever in his life” – like my road for years has been the worst of not only my life but of all lives ever (!) – and after the race you could see Contador completely exhausted and Rolf said “it is impressing that he could bite the pain when he was about to be defeated” and we know this is also the symbol of me, I was about to be defeated by the Devil and it WAS impossible to win but it is really the same as the bumblebees who should not be able to fly but because they don’t know, they fly anyway.

Did you see the interview after the race with Contador where he had tears in his eyes because he was emotional and because it was clear to see just how hard the race has been this year – and we know THEREFORE.


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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