28th July 2010 – Loving feelings is the STRONGEST “weapon” of all for people to meet and feel “good vibrations”

Summary of the script today



25th July: The Devil working inside of me is mainly Joseph and the light is mainly Virgin Mary I had BIG difficulties publishing my script yesterday and suffered for hours because I drank the drink of the Devil: Coca Cola. An example of “special feelings” to my father, the view of the future is marvellous and it was revealed to me that the Devil working mostly inside of me is Joseph and that the light is Virgin Mary.
26th July: My suffering will gradually decrease through meetings with people and less scripts The Devil is still strong these days giving me strong physical pressures and negative speech, dreaming of UFO’s and I had a nice visit from my good old friend Lotus, who does not believe in me spiritually but she understood some of the subjects of my books as “simple logic” and she also saw “good old Stig” because I am the same man as I have ever been.
27th July: How many of my friends will believe in me or will be “insulted” or think that I am a “freak”? These days I have started writing to old family members and friends telling them that I care for them, would like to see them again and that I am exactly the same man as I have always been. How many will believe in me, how many will be too insulted to “forgive” me and how many will believe that I am a “freak” because of their own misunderstandings? “Positive vibration” will decrease the strength of the Devil and vice versa.
28th July: Loving feelings is the STRONGEST “weapon” of all for people to meet and feel “good vibrations” Dreaming of coming through a tunnel of a mountain and train station, which could kill me, being on top of Mount Everest taking pictures of the Portuguese living there, starting communication with Elijah and deciding to help him, I received a nice answer from my sister, which I had hoped would bring us together again but because I rejected to cancel her name from my scripts, she decided not to see me (!), WARM AND LOVING FEELINGS AMONG PEOPLE IS THE STRONGEST “WEAPON” OF ALL and if I did not do my best in this phase too including overcoming the worst suffering, I would be forced to give birth to the Devil inside of me.


25th July: The Devil working inside of me is mainly Joseph and the light is mainly Virgin Mary

This is now a mini script because there is not much information to share today.

For the first time yesterday it was “almost impossible” for me first to publish my script and later it was impossible to open my website and we know I don’t really know if I managed to publish a script because Microsoft Live Writer gave a new error message when I pushed the publish button but at the same time I was given a “positive feeling” saying that I indeed had published the script but I was not allowed to see because my website was “not allowed” to open neither in Firefox, Internet Explorer nor in Google Chrome so I don’t really know if it is still working and we know but I know that I did something yesterday which I believe is the explanation because I thought about taking a cup of cappuccino at a café and we know to do this once a week again, which was the level I ended with before my cash help was taken from me but I decided not to do this anyway because there were too many people at the café and instead I used the same money to buy a two litre Coca Cola and we know this is what I believe is the reason because the other day you appointed Coca Cola as the drink of the Devil like an orange soda is the drink of God and we know so it is – and I am also thinking and FEELING that I need to have something going against me still to produce energy to the other side and we know so negative in my life is positive on the other side and so it is.

So after this experience at approx. 20.00 yesterday evening I started getting 2-3 terrible hours again because when I have the least doubt it is what the Devil loves more than anything else – because of course my website is still up and running isn’t it (?) – and after writing this I checked to see and now I was allowed to open the website again and NO PROBLEMS THERE but the “positive feeling” I received yesterday that my script was accepted was WRONG – when the Devil works like this, this is when he is the meanest – and therefore I published the script this morning and we know without any problems at all and this is really the difference NO ELECTRONIC INTERFERENCE THIS MORNING and we really start a new “test” every single day and we know as you have told me a very long time ago but which I am not sure I have ever written down so if not I have now.

This night I “dreamt” that Tiger Woods and another golfer by the name of Martin had finished their rounds and I asked them if they will come home now and I was on my way to the city of Motala in Sweden, which I could not find but I knew that it is a nice place – and we know I still remember the holiday I had with my father and his cohabitant Anni at the time in 1975 in the most fantastic summer weather and we know just outside Motala and this is an example that I have good feelings of my father. And during the night I woke up with the lyrics “you might not ever get rich” from the song “carwash” and we know ONE OF THOSE VERY SPECIAL SONGS TOO and here it means that my car needed wash after being tempted by the Devil yesterday to buy his drink and we know I HAVE LOVED THIS SONG SINCE IT CAME OUT and I still remember exactly where I heard it one time in the seventies in Albertslund (!) and in the same musical style another SPECIAL song is “don’t leave me this way” by Thelma Houston and we know I am happy that both songs are on the “greatest ever soul” collection, which I downloaded the other day and we know in a good quality and so it is.

In another dream I was working one of the last days at Fair, I am about to stop and I notice that all of my Powerpoint presentations open at the computer – I am driving a Seat from there and have difficulties starting the car after stopping at a red light, but I manage to start it again – and we know the presentations are my books and they are still fine and the Seat is my SPANISH car and still running you know.

Today I was very happy to meet my mother and John again and we had agreed to go sailing on Lyngby and Bagsværd Lakes with Baadfarten and we know they were delayed so we could not depart from Lyngby Hovedgade as I had planned but because of what the Council had planned I decided to take them to Sophienholm instead to take the boat from there and really to say that THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES I KNOW OF – as a symbol of my feelings to my mother and of course also John and the family – and so it is and we noticed what looked like a small “cave” which I have not noticed before and WHAT WAS IT (?) – only “Caroline Amalie Kilden” and we know THE SOURCE – this was what it was and what it was a symbol of – and we are watching over the entrance to the Source night and day my son and this is why your energy is still needed so we don’t lose this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY and so it is. And from here we had some very nice hours together and lunch at my apartment afterwards and we know there were several symbols in what we spoke of with the meaning that “the view from here is marvellous” – from Sophienholm as example – because the view we are seeing is the view to a NEW WORLD ORDER with only good and no evil and we are looking forward to the change of life and to be freed from the suffering of the Devil as much as you are Stig because again today you are AS TIRED AS A HOLE ELDERLY HOME (!) and so it is.

And today I also heard from both David, John and Meshack and all of them were very kind as usual but I have decided to keep their emails private – unless I believe there will come stories of value to the books but they really need to be very important from here because I have really decided that private is private and so it is – and I am happy that you are still meeting with Elijah as you told me.

And just a thought about keeping your house or apartment tidy – I was thinking that it is always a good “rule of thumb” to keep your place as tidy as if you would receive guests for dinner in five minutes from now – it will give you a better life and a better conscience.

Today was also when Tour de France ended in Paris with Contador as the winner and I was given the feeling that the eternal flame burning under the archway at the Arc de Triomphe is the symbol of my future I as the eternal flame of life and that coming to this final day is truly a TRIUMPH and Stig BECAUSE WE ARE STILL ALIVE and we know my mother, I and the whole world.

I was again SO tired at the end of Tour de France that I laid down on the sofa and we know but I was not allowed to sleep and instead I decided to write a PRIVATE email to my sister asking to see her again, explaining why I have done as I have and again because I believe love of our family should be STRONGER than the feelings of my books and we know so now we will see what she will answer and I will not bring her answer in my scripts – I will not report from our private conversations or emails – but I will tell objectively without personal comments if she will decide to see me or not and so it is and when the final stage was over I also decided to run because this was on my agenda today however being this very tired was not so I started the run and again I was really not up to it to say it mildly but I ran 3.4 kilometres without stopping and we know I would have sold it in forehand for this distance so I was pretty satisfied today and we know it was not an attack on running around the lake and so it is – and we know as usual when you are happy you give me a “reward” and here it was that you gave me the thought that I have always had both darkness and light inside of me – remember that I have two opposite feelings and thoughts about ALL – and from here it was easy to figure out that my dear mother has always been the light because we have always had a very special relation and that my father has been the darkness and we know through his inner self Joseph simply because we have almost always had problems in our relations and we know especially from when I became a teenager and this is really the reason why Joseph has not been visible to me lately and most of the time really – not speaking to me and giving me feelings – and we know Stig because a true Devil likes to hide and we know but now I have identified you and we know NOSTRA is here too making some “noise” but Joseph is the MAIN killer and we know not because he likes to but because he is forced to because of the behaviour of mankind and we know people and so it is – so Joseph we will liberate you too but we will do it gradually and we know I hope that my father’s aunt Inge will decide to see me again and from here maybe some “positive vibrations” will spread to my father when he will be told that I am exactly the same person as I have always been and all of this is really to tell you about the magnitude of misunderstandings of people today – do you understand? And as a matter of good sake I WILL NOT CONTACT MY FATHER MYSELF – I STILL BELIEVE THE SAME AS I DID LAST YEAR WHEN I BROKE CONTACT WITH HIM and if and WHEN we are to see each other again it will be because my father changes and so it is. And I do believe that this ends the comments about my father in these scripts.

26th July: My suffering will gradually decrease through meetings with people and less scripts

Today was another quiet day and we know the idea is really to gradually let the pain decrease and one of the pains, which I have had constantly for some time has been a very strong “pressure” on my right angle and we know you cannot ask a doctor what it means because nobody but me has had a feeling like this before but the pressure is so immense that it is unbearable every single second and we know the feeling is that the foot is breaking apart physically and we know so it is and this is “the Devil” doing it like he has also given me a “pressure” or a “very strong feeling” if you will in my right middle finger and we know for months and years – you know what this means really – not very nice to have constantly and on top of this a negative speech with negative comments and “trying to give me thoughts” and we know of “the wise guy” type of comments all of the time for example “what do I care” etc. and I still need to use much energy to keep this voice down and going against it and I was told that much of this pain is connected with the daily updates I have given on Facebook because of the still negative thoughts from people of me when they see my posts and when I will decrease the number of posts the logic is that I will also decrease my suffering and so it is.

Yesterday I was thinking that the chapter I deleted on my website about repenting your sins and turning your self in to the Police if you have hurt other people is the right thing to do but because people will probably not do it until it will be “too late” – because of the LIGHT and PARDON coming – I have decided to withdraw this.

Tonight I had some dreams and we know not very important at the moment but I might update you on some dreams for you to follow my development and this night I was at Espergærde Youth School asking to see a teacher interested in UFO’s, he arrived and I had two small UFO’s with me in my hands (!) and a third came flying towards us and through the window and we know back to me as the future “control centre”.

Today I had the pleasure to be together with my very good friend Lotus, who now lives in Jutland approx. 400 kilometres from here which is the only reason why it is rare that I see her today and as usual we enjoyed each other’s company and we know from 11.30-18.30 and we know nice walking around the lake and visiting Sophienholm too and we know she does not believe in my “story” without telling me directly and therefore I told her that I don’t speak to people about my spirituality if they don’t believe in me and we know, which requires that people read what I write and so it is and even though it is one of my big pains that I now again cannot speak to people about this “subject”, my feelings and the sufferings I have gone through – which the same people in some time from now will understand is VERY important but today they cannot or will not understand – we meet as “ordinary” friends and speak about all other subjects and we know it was also simple logic for Lotus to understand for example how bad the “activation system” works in Denmark and that it is WRONG that some people are very rich at the same time as people starve and die in millions and we know another person on the list who saw for herself today that I am the same Stig as I have always been even though she understands why some people might “worry” about me (!) and we know as I told her the worry is entirely because of people’s misunderstandings and we know just maybe Lotus will also start thinking after today “can it really be that Stig is the one” (?) and we know this is it and no more stories about Lotus.

I started feeling better during the day simply because this is how it works when people spend time together and when they like each other they give ”positive vibrations” and we know this also includes transferral of energy which makes the other person happy and we know this is what I have received nothing of for a very long time and therefore when meeting other people who I like and vice versa this gives us LIFE SAVING ENERGY STIG because this is still how much we suffer and I was told that only one more and we know then I will have brought my own energy level up so high that we will have come through this phase too and we know I was shown a small Devil leaving my right angle and the voice “kill, kill, kill” was here again today but giving me the feeling that it is on its way out and we know I have not heard from Sanna today making me sad but looking forward to meeting my mother and John already again on Wednesday I am.

And this evening again and again one of the FANTASTIC songs of U2 was played to me and this time it was “Zooropa”.

27th July: How many of my friends will believe in me or will be “insulted” or think that I am a “freak”?

In one dream tonight I was teaching my old class mates and making pancakes for them and I slept better today but still not normal.

These days I am thinking of whom of my old friends I will email with a friendly invitation for us to see each other again and I really have two feelings when it comes to many of these people because none of them decided to help me and LTO when we were suffering the worst and some have even cancelled me as friends on Facebook, which really does not give me motivation to contact them but on the other hand I care for all of these people very much and I do believe that it is really the reversed world for me to contact them despite of the feelings of at least some people towards me – because I understand what they have done and most have not understood what I have done (!) – and it is really part of the “test” to see how people will “verdict” me – how many will feel so “insulted” because of my writings that they cannot understand and accept that I care for them very much as the TRUTH and that my writings are not meant to insult but to help people (?) and how many will simply misunderstand me thinking that I am a “freak” (?) and not have the “courage” to meet me even though I am exactly the same man as I have always been – how many will understand this when I write it to them straight out as convincingly as I can (?) and the first people here have started to see for themselves that this is the case when meeting me again and we know Stig you do hope that most people will accept to see you again but you fear that this will be an example of the “darkness” working inside of people where some or many are so blind that they cannot see and we know caused by totally unnecessary negative feelings, fear and lack of understanding and so it is.

I have decided to start contacting people this week and more after Friday when I receive a new, decreased payment of cash help helping me to overview my economical situation – obviously I cannot calculate anymore (!) – and we know just in case that several people should accept my invitation I need to know that I can “afford” to meet them here or at a café for a cup of coffee and cake of course and so it is.

Today I answered a very NICE email from John from Kenya and I have decided to share with my readers here that because my LTO friends in Kenya did the IMPOSSIBLE to go through immense sufferings following me to the ultimate end, the light has helped the Kenyan people – I have written about this connection some months ago – to get a new constitution, which has really been IMPOSSIBLE to do for decades and we know exactly THEREFORE to show you this as a symbol of doing what is IMPOSSIBLE to do when you work together with the light doing your absolutely best.

Today I decided to send Elijah an email even though he is the one who has decided to not communicate with me months ago and I do hope that he will follow up positively on my positive words to him.

I also sent emails to the following today and we know I will receive negative energy from the people who will decide not to answer me or reject seeing me again because of “misunderstandings” and I do hope that at least some people want to see me again and understand that I am the same person as always, which will help positive feelings and energy to spread and we know let us see how many who will “open your heart” to me.

  • My father’s sister Inge and her husband Ove – who were very kind to invite med for dinner on Thursday making me HAPPY.
  • Pia and Peter from Hørsholm – who were kind to answer quickly saying that they will call me in three weeks and that they look forward to seeing me as I look very much forward to seeing them too.
  • Bo and Niels from Dahlberg
  • Pedro from Portugal

And immediately when I received positive feedback from Inge/Ove and Pia/Peter, the strength of the Devil inside of me decreased – “positive vibrations” you know is the enemy of the Devil and warm feelings give us LIFE SAVING ENERGY so this is also what we are doing my friend: TO SAVE OUR OWN LIVES.

Today I also did yoga and running and both was as usual “difficult” to do – and Poul-Erik was kind to accept to pay the invoice to the plumber service.

The physical pressure on my right angle is “killing” me – this is the feeling and the worst is that if I don’t “control” it, the feeling is as mentioned that the Devil would “kill” me and this is really not very easy to come through.

Today I decided as a new rule to say to the Council that if any people still should get an idea to try to stop my writings or sew me that LIGHT will be brought to them and we know really to let them start thinking “good” thoughts about me and seek consensus instead of confrontation because consensus always makes people happy and confrontation always makes people unhappy.

28th July: Loving feelings is the STRONGEST “weapon” of all for people to meet and feel “good vibrations”

This night I slept “somewhat better” again – but I am still “somewhat tired” – and I decided to write down two dreams:

  • I expect to see Holger K. Nielsen from the Danish political party SF coming from a tunnel below a train station, where there is a risk for him to be killed but instead I see him arriving without problems from the other direction from a walking bridge and before this a tunnel inside a mountain, where I see myself jumping in between walls and holes so deep that if I fell into them, I would not come up again and I see a game where I need to hit cones to find the right road but cone no. 1 cannot be used in this game.
    • Holger is a symbol of me in this dream really to say that the beginning of this phase is really very difficult and risky to come through too.
  • I am climbing Mount Everest in a race with a well known person on who will come first. We arrive and directly on the top there is a very old wood house of 2-3 storeys, where Portuguese people are living and I see that they have a winter stock of different food including eggs, I think that I would like to take a picture of them and I borrow a camera, which is not the best but it works. On our way down I am told that it normally takes 21 days to reach 6,000 metres not to become sick of heights but it only took us 17 days.
    • The mountain is “difficult to climb” and we are here at the top again meeting friends – remember my email to Portugal yesterday – and “winter” is still the symbol of suffering and we know the picture is “your future self” after you have “scored” and we know being approved to enter the Kingdom of God so we know there are also people in Portugal who are “special friends” of mine.

Today I was VERY HAPPY to receive a long email from my sister and an even longer email from Elijah and as I have promised both I will not publish the emails but I would like to say to LTO in Kenya that my decision some months ago was very CLEAR to stop communication with Elijah since he did not want to communicate with me – I am HAPPY that we now again communicate and understand each other – BUT that my decision was still for the whole team to share the money I send including Elijah and his family and I now understand that you have not done this at least for some time so I will ask you to meet and talk DIRECT, HONEST AND OPEN to avoid misunderstandings (!!!) to make all understand that this was and still is my decision and I will see if I can send Elijah a little money on Friday if possible – making my own plans more difficult – and I will also ask the team to consider if you can share some with Elijah too and you may use SIMPLE LOGIC in the future on how to share the money and please remember that I once recommended you to share on basis of the number of mouths to feed – but please decide yourself and PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL WILL BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU DECIDE ON. THIS IS ABOUT COMMUNICATION AND UNDERSTANDING AND IT SHOULD NOT BE VERY DIFFICULT FOR YOU MY FRIENDS TO SPEAK, LISTEN AND AGREE ON THE RIGHT THING TO DO. And because Elijah was VERY KIND to start communicating again positively I will now again include his email address in my recurring email updates to LTO Kenya.

I will as mentioned not either bring the email from my sister and the answer I sent later today other than saying that I do hope we will be able to meet again because OUR TIES AND LOVE IN THE FAMILY IS STRONGER THAN THE FEELINGS TOWARDS MY BOOKS and this is really the message to the world after receiving LOVING FEELINGS from both Elijah and my sister today: WARM AND LOVING FEELINGS AMONG PEOPLE IS THE STRONGEST “WEAPON” OF ALL – AND HERE HOPEFULLY MEANING THAT IT SHOULD BE POSSIBLE FOR ME TO START SEEING MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS AGAIN INCLUDING THE PERSONS MENTIONED IN MY BOOKS BECAUSE THEY KNOW – OR WILL REDISCOVER WHEN READING MY EMAILS TO THEM THESE DAYS – JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE AND CARE FOR THEM and we know as I have written all throughout my books and the rest is simply “details”, which people need to understand and find a solution on.

Before I saw and read these emails from my sister and Elijah I was surprised when I had a bath this morning that I was not so IMMENSELY in pain as I have been for some time where my body has almost been dissolving and we know this is what WARM FEELINGS OF OTHERS DO TO ME so thank you my sister and Elijah for this – and Pia/Peter and Inge/Ove too.

Another sign that we are approaching an OPEN ENVIRONMENT of “public administration” is the CONSCIOUS and MASSIVE leak of “secret files” of the Afghan war the other day and we know for people to start understanding how “secrecy” is POLUTING MANKIND and we know I am thinking of Obama here and what he is doing trying his best to help our common objective of a new world order. Thank you very much, Obama.

And we know SIMPLY RED you are also very underrated in my mind and some of your songs are truly FANTASTIC and BEAUTIFUL and right now I am listening to “we’re in this together” as one example only and not only is this song BEAUTIFUL – listen to the choir for example – but the lyrics are also very beautiful and we know WE ARE TRULY IN THIS TOGETHER.

Today I decided to spend many resources writing to Elijah, LTO and my sister and to improve my template for the coming emails to family and friends and my message here is really that if I decided not to do my best work including to keep all of my rules and to bite very big sufferings in myself, I would not be able to come through this phase because if too many of my family members and friends will not see me as the “friend” they remember and instead decide to “hate” me, the pressure from the Devil will become so big that he will do everything to be born and we know but I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and the tool to avoid his birth is simply to continue doing my best and then there is always a way out – and we know but it takes much pain to come through but the idea is really for the pain to decrease and so it is.

At the moment it looks like that I will be doing two weekly posts, but you really never know but this is what I am expecting now for some time.

Today I also received a positive reply from Pedro in Portugal and we know Stig “still a lot to write” and so it is – another BIG pain but it is my key – and as usual I will keep his answer private and only tell that he also decided to re-establish our connection. Thank you Pedro.

At the end of the day – after I was hoping that my sister would accept my invitation to see each other again – I am very sad to tell that she has decided that she will not see me because I cannot follow her wish to delete her name and the names of her husband and sons in my books and scripts – it would take a VERY LONG time to change my blog with all of the daily and individual scripts, my books with the names are already downloaded and circulate among people and should I accept her wish, I should do the same for all and it would destroy the understanding of my books – but I have granted her full freedom of speech to give her comments in my blog but because of this she will not see me and we know making all of the family sad as a consequence and that is not the worst part because the worst is that she has been – without knowing it – the main reason for my direct suffering for years – including my pain these days of “dissolving” – and we know I will have to endure even more direct pain – which words simply cannot express just how much I resist – because of her decision and with me my mother too and I DO WISH SHE WOULD DO EVERYTHING TO UNDERSTAND ME and we know but I have decided to stand on this principle because it will be the absolutely best road to teach the world and I have to say: What do you believe my dear reader is the most important: Your beloved brother and family or “comments you don’t like about yourself on the Internet”? AND WE KNOW: I SIMPLY HAD TO WRITE THIS AS OBJECTIVELY AS POSSIBLE AND KEEPING MY PROMISE NOT TO PUBLISH OUR EMAILS.

Finally let me say that I have not brought voices of diseased family members and friends in my scripts because they will not speak here before I invite them and I have so far decided that they are welcome to speak at any time and this is the balance in this respect you see.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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