31st July 2010 – Simon Powell from X factor do as I: Tell people directly when they act AWFUL but only to HELP!

Summary of the script today



29th July: Simon Powell from X factor do as I: Tell people directly when they act AWFUL but only to HELP!
  • The Devil became weaker because I told him hundreds of times that this is SIMPLE LOGIC and the exercise these days is really to make the Devil leave me entirely, to see how many friends will still like to see me as the “good old Stig”, how many have misunderstood my scripts and therefore have “given up on me”.
  • Dreaming a WRONG dream saying that money and sex brings joy and happiness, which it does not (!) and that people growing “older” can work with the same pace and concentration as young people.
  • I sent emails to 13-14 family members and friends and I was VERY HAPPY visiting my aunt.
  • Simon Powell, the inventor and judge of X Factor, is another example of a judge telling people straight out if they can sing or not very often breaking the illusions of people not understanding that they simply cannot sing! This is a preparation of me telling people straight out: Your behaviour and working moral is AWFUL but only to help people telling them how to improve.
30th July: The Council was dissolving to escape the Devil and is now starting to reassemble Dreaming of whistling off the match against the Devil, the band of the Council playing so tough that we are all suffering, the Council was dissolving as the only way to escape the anger of the Devil and is now starting to reassemble. I sent KSH 13,645 to Elijah and I encourage the LTO team to be totally open and honest about their income situation in order to share my money the best way possible.
31st July: Bloodthirsty jackals WRONGLY misunderstood and judged Helle Thorning Schmidt!
  • The leader of the Danish Social Democratic Party had to break her holiday to satisfy the bloodthirsty jackals of the media and politicians who had already passed on their verdict that she is DEEPLY UNREALIABLE when the truth is that she is DEEPLY REALIABLE and that it is the ROTTEN STATE OF DENMARK who did everything they could to MISUNDERSTAND and think the absolutely worst of her to benefit their own purposes: To sell newspapers or winning the next election (!) – which WRONGLY made six of ten Danes WRONGLY think that Helle is unreliable. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE GOLDEN RULE SERVED ON A GOLDEN PLATE FOR YOU. Helle was forced to apologise to the public, when the truth is that the public should apologise to her. Is that really what you want?
  • I received the “verdict” of my father not understanding me: He believes I am “sick in my mind” (!), that I have never made him happy (!) and that I am a “poor son”. This is the reversed world – as with Helle Thorning Schmidt – this is what he has done to me without understanding that his verdict is sadly because of his own behaviour! His sister, Inge, is HAPPY with me and I am the same person!
  • Martin at Costa del Sol asked me to endorse his company and work and instead of writing a WRONG and TOO POSITIVE picture I decided to tell the truth 100 percent – both good and what could be better. I don’t like to see people pleasing people not telling the truths as in most recommendations.


29th July: Simon Powell from X factor do as I: Tell people directly when they act AWFUL but only to HELP!

The Devil is becoming weaker because it is simple logic

Yesterday evening the ”logic” could have been that the decline from my sister would have brought worse suffering again but we know THIS IS NOT SIMPLE LOGIC as I have told the Devil for days and we know BECAUSE I AM STARTING TO SEE MORE PEOPLE giving me more positive energy and because my sister is no stronger than she has ever been and therefore I have told the Devil convincingly hundreds of times every day that he is not as strong as he is playing, that he is weaker and weaker because THIS IS WHAT IS SIMPLE LOGIC and at the end of the evening after he had calmed down and almost stopped “dissolving” me including the constant negative speech – nice (!) – this was “confirmed” when my computer after going into sleeping mode was NOT woken up again (!) immediately with distinguished and different moves of the fan (!), which it normally does many times every day where I normally receive a FEELING or WORDS exactly when this happens and the explanation of the strong Devil for some time is really because my mind and fear has been exploited – together with lack of positive healing energy – and I have asked him to leave me ENTIRELY and in fact for days we have said ”close down the Devil” – or the “nasty trash” thinking of the Spiderman movie and because THE DEVIL HAS NO SOUL (!) – because this is really the play we are playing at the moment and we know USING ALL OF MY WILL POWER TO BREAK DOWN THE POWER OF THE DEVIL (!) and so it is and we know Stig what is the ”exercise” really about these days (?), is it to send emails to ALL of your network as ”a voice” has kept on asking me “kindly” to do giving me many names to remember and we know WHAT IS THE PURPOSE REALLY (?) and we know for me it is to send emails to the friends I would like to see again at the moment and therefore I will simply do this and NOT contact all of my network because this is SIMPLE LOGIC to do and we know not easy when “a nice voice” of the Devil has been working against me all of the time but where there is a will, there is a road.

Some days ago I met my old very good friend Kirsten in the local supermarket and we agreed that I would call her for us to meet again and we know which I did this Tuesday but I have not heard from her yet and this is not how Kirsten would normally behave, so we will have to see if she will be put on the plus or minus list of people who will be able to ignore my scripts and simply focus on me as their old friend because as you might know now: I am exactly the same man as I have always been and we know nothing here has changed but maybe something has changed inside of the mind of my “friends” when they think of me because of my scripts (!) and this is really the only thing, which has changed and what I will show you. So I will write to more friends etc. in the coming days and give you the result of this exercise next week including the verdict of my friends on me.

Dreaming of a WRONG dream of joy and happiness!

  • Tonight I had a dream where I was a new employee in a investment management company in Malmø, Sweden, where young employees were working hard and focussed only focusing on making money and doubting if I had what it takes because of my age to be successful. The only thing which this was about was MONEY and SEX. After work I visited very exclusive shops.
    • This is simply a dream to say that money and sex is NOT what makes joy and happiness and this dream is located in Sweden and we know this is WRONG because Sweden is still a symbol of joy and happiness to me and we know I am 44 years old today and I can work with the same or higher pace as “young” employees of 25-30 years and we know WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS and we know BRING ANYONE and I will be quicker and better than them and we know I am only writing the truth objectively here and nothing else – no bragging because I can equally as easy tell when I am not the best for example I am one of the worst musicians which Fuggi easily can confirm (!) – as some people in Acta in Norway as example will know and we know simply to say that when you grow “older”, you will not become slower and we know actually you will “never miss a beat” – and I am sorry Kaiser Chiefs I forgot to mention you in my latest top list and we know you are approx. at place no. 10 at the moment and this song is only one of many of my favourites – if this is what you decide to do and we know I do believe that you should be able to continue doing this in your fifties and maybe also in the sixties and probably even in the seventies and we know we will have to see some day but we know Stig maybe this will become difficult because I will “never get old” and we know just a Bowie favourite of mine and a feeling too.

Writing to family members and friends

Today I wrote to 13-14 family members and friends – and I will continue tomorrow and I will publish the final template of my email here ASAP but I have decided not to publish the answers I receive and I do hope that my friend sending me this line will understand why I decide to bring it anonymously because the line is ”I am happy to see that you have received a more positive attitude towards other people” (!) and we know Stig this is what I have said before: If you only skim my scripts, people will believe that I am negative towards people not understanding that my “attitude” towards people is ONLY POSITIVE (!) and that it is to show the behaviour of people for all to understand in order to improve and that it is NOT to annoy anyone and we know actually as I wrote in my email to this friend too (!) and we know IT IS ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF UNDERSTANDING because understandings make people happy and misunderstandings make people unhappy – like I became here – and we know as some people mentioned in my books have become too because they have MISUNDERSTOOD the purpose of my scripts really and we know if they had DECIDED to read and understand ALL WOULD BE WILLING TO “SACRIFICE” THEMSELVES TO HELP THE COURSE and we know Stig THIS IS REALLY NOT THE EASIEST MESSAGE TO GET PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO AND UNDERSTAND but this is STILL the truth!

I also decided to write an email to my father and Kirsten DESPITE OF ALL and it was NOT the easiest thing I have done in my life but I decided that I will give them the same information as others and that if they will decide to be truly open, I should be happy to see them again because this is my TRUE feeling and when we have not been seeing each other most of our lives it has been a pain for us and so it is – but I don’t expect that my email will mean that we will start seeing each other again yet but the OPTION is there – and when I wrote this I listened to “Shangri-La” by ELO and we know when I listened to it I thought that this is my favourite song by this my no. one band and we know but it is probably among top 10 and we know Virgin Mary told me that she has inspired Siouxsie doing the most fantastic music and here it is: I JOSEPH HAS MADE JEFF and we know difficult for the Devil to speak to me but now he knows that I am trying AGAIN to contact him/my father and this is why he is breaking out of his role to tell me that he is proud of me – thank you – and I have tears running down when writing this because THE TRUTH IS THAT MY FATHER AND I LOVE EACH OTHER but that we have been PLANTED on earth with communication problems which are IMPOSSIBLE to solve in order to teach the world of how important communication is (!) and we know did I write that Joseph is INSPIRING Jeff to do his music and we know I also wrote some time ago that Jeff is inspired by extraterrestrials and we know instead of either/or it could be both/and and we know thank you Lars G. for always saying this because you are of course right that most people very often have difficulties to understand that TWO THINGS CAN BE TRUE AT THE SAME TIME and here I am just hoping that this is the light speaking of Jeff to me and not the darkness – and HOW CAN IT BE TRUE THAT I BOTH WRITE TRUTHS OF THE LIGHT AND LIES OF THE DARKNESS (?) and we know not very easy for people to understand if they have decided NOT to understand and we know we will have to see how my father will understand my email.

Visiting Inge and Ove with MUCH JOY AND HAPPINESS 🙂

This evening I was VERY HAPPY to visit my aunt Inge and her husband Ove and we know I liked their company and the dinner VERY much indeed – also thank you for being open and understanding the simple logic of how people should behave, to be “schooled” and that you need to give before you can enjoy, a new equal community system without “national governments”, banks, money, poverty and profit and we know “more than this” and we know really some of the basic ideas of my books and to see with your own eyes that I am the same Stig as always, that I don’t speak of my “spirituality” if you don’t understand it and we know Stig actually we still speak some of the words when you speak of behaviour, systems etc. but of course people don’t know and we know a little bit more complicated it is than just to switch us on and off even though this is the effect because we have different levels of how much or little we speak through your mouth and so it is.

Simon Powell from X factor do as I: Tell people directly when they act AWFUL but only to HELP!

Instead of buying a flower – I don’t have much money – I brought ILLEGAL (!!!) music on CD by Susan Boyle, Leonard Cohen, Etta Cameron and Hayley Westenra to Inge and Ove and when we listened to Susan Boyle we spoke about her AMAZING story – and we know Stig first Paul Potts and then Susan Boyle and I have probably written about my old thought before of “talents which should have been discovered”, which we then made sure were discovered as examples given to the world – and FINALLY you gave me the FEELING to understand the TRUE role of Simon Powell – the inventor and “judge” of the music competition X factor – and better late than never because of course it is the same as Gordon Ramsey and we know he tells straight out SO PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND if they are not able to sing and we know as many people believe they truly can but when it is many times SO OBVIOUS THAT ALL CAN TELL INSTANTLY that they sing directly false or don’t have a tone in their life and we know how many times have you seen people becoming unhappy, angry, sad or almost breaking down on television when they are told the truth and we know this is really to tell the same story: PEOPLE VERY OFTEN HAVE A WRONG PICTURE OF THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE BETTER THAN WHAT THEY ARE OFTEN BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE DONT HAVE THE COURAGE TO TELL THEM THE TRUTH AND INSTEAD THEY WILL PLEASE PEOPLE TELLING THEM A LIE THAT “YOU SING BEAUTIFULLY” as example and we know DO YOU BELIEVE THIS HELPS PEOPLE OR DECEIVES PEOPLE (?) and this is essentially what it is about when a world does not understand the truths about themselves or others and we know when people don’t do what it takes to avoid misunderstandings. This is truly what Simon Powell and Gordon Ramsey as examples tell people straight out and we know as a preparation of what I am telling people in a lesser or higher degree in these books: YOUR BEHAVIOUR AND WORKING MORALE IS AWFUL – YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS AND YOU MUST IMPROVE!

Today the Devil has given me approx. a level of suffering of 50% of what he did before it almost stopped briefly and this evening I decided to tell Virgin Mary and Joseph that they are free to give me any kind of suffering WHEN IT IS NECESSARY (!) – you know because of the “universal rule” – but that I will NOT accept sexual sufferings and negative speech under no circumstances and we know this meant that they started “relaxing” somewhat because I really removed a pressure from them because when they NEED to make me suffer it is as mentioned BECAUSE OF THE UNIVERSAL RULE (!) and now when I accept it – “come on give me the best you got – when you need to” as I say and we know with a smile – it gives more “room” on the other side and we know the goal is still to completely throw out the Devil – and the “give before you can enjoy” part mentioned earlier was really also a message to me saying that I will “soon” be able to enjoy after I have been giving all of my life and so it is – another nice day here at the bank planning “normal life” and we know thinking of bringing some money to Elijah tomorrow and I wonder if the team managed to give him some today to help his family here and now.

30th July: The Council was dissolving to escape the anger of the Devil and is now starting to reassemble

Dreaming of whistling off the match against the Devil

Again today I slept “almost alright” but still I feel some tiredness and we know all of us and here are a couple of dreams:

  • Virgin Mary whistles off a handball match, the museum of the farm is now open to my family.
    • This is the final signal of stopping the fight against the Devil and to invite my family inside of the house of The Council.
  • I see the band Toto playing a concert, they are famous all over the world and there are two front singers – a man and a woman – and both of them are famous too. I see that the guitar player and the bass player stand very close together so they are very difficult to separate and the guitar player is playing on the back side of the horse so tough that it is hurting the horse.
    • What I believe here is really that this is the Council playing – Toto was a favourite band of mine in the eighties and nineties – and that the guitar and bass player united is me and that the guitar player is Virgin Mary and we know playing this game so tough that we are all suffering, which the horse is the symbol of.
  • I see that we have lost much wine but that we have now received six new bottles of “average” quality and that more will come in one week. And I received the FEELING that all we are doing now is training until they day when we will truly enter the light.
    • The lost wine is a symbol saying that the Council have needed to INVENT A NEW WAY TO SURVIVE because of my decision NOT TO BRING THE DEVIL ALIVE – and we know AT JUDGMENT DAY (!) which is really a “completely crazy angle to shoot from” – and the reason why I have had the STRONGEST feelings of dissolving is because THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN FORCED TO DO AT THE COUNCIL to avoid the best way possible the anger and the force of the darkness – the Universal rule here my friend – and we know only now we are starting to reassemble because of what you are doing contacting and starting to see family and friends and we know who are bringing energy to us – so far I have received three “positive” answers on my emails from yesterday and one negative – and we know Stig this is NOT the easiest way to do things but this is how we have decided to do it thinking that this is the best way to come home and we know IMPOSSIBLE it is really and we know you have told us HUNDREDS OF TIMES “I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO – YOU SIMPLY MUST DO IT” and this is then what we do.
    • We know WE STILL RECEIVE NEGATIVE ENERGY from people not understanding me and not having the courtesy to keep quiet about me but instead speak to others behind my back about me in a way they would never speak directly to me and we know which could be something like this: “We are so sorry about how he has turned out”, “he is wasting his time writing thousands of pages, which cannot be used” and “he should really get a normal work” and what is worse (!) and we know of course only based on the misunderstandings of people themselves and we know MAKING ME VERY SAD THAT PEOPLE FIND IT IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP SPEAKING BEHIND THE BACKS OF PEOPLE – why is this so difficult for you (?) – I can tell people one minute how wrong this is and two minutes later the same people starts speaking of other people to me behind their backs – I simply don’t get it!

Sending money to Elijah

After my bath and Yoga today I was excited to see how much I would receive net after taxes from the Commune. The last time when I received money I was surprised that no taxes were deducted and we know because my tax card says that the first DKK 42,900 of the year will be without taxes and income above this will be taxed by 36% and now when I am looking again I see further down the card that I am actually allowed an income of DKK 48,023 before paying taxes and we know today I received DKK 4,044 net and the first taxes have now started to be deducted – a total of DKK 168 – because my total income of the year is now DKK 48,490, so what I can learn from this is to have a better look next time – I thought I knew but I did not!

But at least I have received more money this month than expected and because of this I decided today to send Elijah and his family a total of DKK 1,170 gross – instead of DKK 500, which was the amount I expected to send – and we know DKK 1,170 would be 16,525 Kenyan Shillings if there were no charges or deductions of the rate but because of this the amount was only KES 13,645 and so it is – so now all of you at LTO know what I have sent to Elijah and what I encourage all of you to do is to be TOTALLY OPEN AND HONEST ABOUT YOUR INCOME SITUATION WHEN YOU SPEAK TOGETHER AND WHEN YOU AGREE ON HOW TO SHARE MONEY AND HELP EACH OTHER.

And I am also thinking here of how many people in Denmark and the rich world who believes that you can send 100-200 DKK to a poor African and then this should provide food and clothes for one month and we know try to look at the food prices at African markets and supermarkets and you will quickly find out that this is an illusion – and you may think that when food prices of the world have increased that this is the same in Africa too because of world food prices and so it is.

Sending more emails to friends

Today I sent emails to more family members and friends – approaching 40 in total I am – after having updated and improved my template once more so I am now satisfied with how it looks and I have decided to bring it here because it will not disclose any people and because it will bring value to my story. Here it is – and individual people may have received a little bit different emails with different beginnings or endings – and next week I will bring the “verdict”.

Kære “ven”,

I disse dage sender jeg mails som denne til familie og venner, efter at jeg har levet en tilbagetrukket tilværelse, siden jeg offentliggjorde mine skriverier den 1.2.2010. Budskabet er helt enkelt, at jeg er nøjagtig den samme Stig, som jeg altid har været – der er INGEN forskel – og at jeg håber på, at vi kan ses igen, fordi jeg holder meget af dig som MIN GODE GAMLE VEN!

Jeg har valgt at offentliggøre alt om mig selv på internettet – http://stigdragholm.spaces.live.com – siden den 1. februar, og man kan i virkeligheden kun forstå mig, hvis man bruger sin logiske sans uden at have forudfattede holdninger, fordomme og negative følelser samt ved at

  • læse mine bøger omhyggeligt,
  • forstå, at jeg har haft spirituel kommunikation siden 2004 først med visioner (som drømme blot i vågen tilstand) og kraftige ”følelser” og siden 2006 med direkte kommunikation på samme måde, som når to mennesker taler sammen,
  • forstå, at jeg både har modtaget sandheden fra "lyset" og bedrag fra "mørket", som er givet til mig på grund af, hvordan andre har betvivlet eller opført sig i forhold til mig (!), og
  • forstå, at jeg som Stig ALTID loyalt fortæller sandheden – uden undtagelse (!) – fordi det er dét, jeg er om.

Jeg har på mere end 2.000 sider valgt at skrive om mine hverdagsoplevelser som grundlag for mine anbefalinger til, hvordan man i virkeligheden får et bedre liv. Det gælder i forhold til ”systemer”, hvor jeg har brugt kontanthjælps- og aktiveringssystemet som ét eksempel på, hvordan systemer i dag fungerer uden simpel logik og hensyntagen til menneskers unikke behov, jeg har beskrevet et helt nyt og retfærdigt samfundssystem, hvordan man fordeler verdens ressourcer ligeligt for at fjerne al fattigdom og nød, hvordan man forbedrer arbejdskvalitet, disciplin og effektivitet, som vil skabe et godt liv for ALLE og hvordan vi som mennesker bør kommunikere og behandle hinanden for at undgå lidelser og i stedet skabe GLÆDE og LYKKE, som jo er dét, alle ønsker.

Jeg har indtil for nylig skrevet meget direkte om mine møder med mennesker, kolleger og systemer, fordi det er den bedste måde at få mennesker til at forstå, hvor grelt det står til i dag og hvor man bør forbedre sig – på samme måde som når Gordon Ramsey i TV taler meget direkte til ”dovne” restauranter med dårlig kvalitet og adfærd for at få dem til at forstå og til at forbedre sig. Jeg har nu færdiggjort mine beskrivelser i forhold til privat adfærd – og vil objektivt færdiggøre mine oplevelser med ”systemet” over den kommende tid – og det betyder, at de mennesker, jeg nu igen møder privat vil blive mødt af min normale "diskretion", som er mit naturlige jeg, fordi jeg ikke længere vil referere fra private møder og mails.

Nogle mennesker, som ikke har forstået mine skriverier – på grund af manglende tid, tålmodighed og/eller evne eller vilje til at forstå – er i deres eget sind blevet "bange" for, om der skulle være "noget galt med mig" og sandheden er, at jeg er den samme, som jeg altid har været. Der er INGEN forskel i den måde, som jeg tænker, taler, lytter og griner på i dag i forhold til tidligere – jeg kan slå det spirituelle til og fra i mine samtaler, som jeg ønsker, selvom det altid er til stede – og det har således alene været folks "unødvendige bekymringer", som har taget "magten" fra dem og givet dem "misforståelser" om mit velbefindende.

Jeg har valgt, at jeg ikke vil tale om spiritualitet så længe, folk ikke tror mig men gerne om alt muligt andet, som normalt indgår i en samtale og også objektivt om emner, som indgår i mine bøger – systemer, arbejde, menneskelig adfærd m.v. – hvis dette falder naturligt og så vil man forstå, at mine holdninger udtrykker simpel logik, som de fleste umiddelbart kan erklære sig enige i, men som desværre ikke er sådan, at verden i dag fungerer. Det er sådan set derfor, at jeg har skrevet mine bøger – for at vi alle kan få det bedre ved at gøre det, som er simpel logik at gøre!

For god ordens skyld gør jeg opmærksom på, at jeg INTET har skrevet med et formål om at genere mennesker – det er ikke mit ærinde – og at jeg kun har skrevet sandheden 100% objektivt for at hjælpe mennesker til at forbedre sig for at vi alle kan få det bedre. Man kan vælge at læse og forstå mine bøger, og så er det givet, at alle vil være villige til at yde sig selv som ”offer” for at hjælpe og man kan vælge at misforstå mine bøger ved ikke at læse grundigt og i stedet blive drevet af en ”retfærdighedsfølelse” – særligt hvis man selv er omtalt i bøgerne – af, at det er forkert at blive beskrevet, som jeg har gjort, selvom jeg kun har skrevet sandheden på grundlag af min ytringsfrihed, og hvis man mærker denne følelse, så er det et udtryk for, at man drives af negative følelser, at man fokuserer på sig selv uden at forstå den rette sammenhæng og at man reelt ikke evner tilgivelse.

Nogle vil måske ligefrem tænke, om man kan stoppe mine skriverier på internettet, hvortil svaret er, at det kan man ikke. Internettet er bygget på FRIHED, mine bøger er allerede downloadet og cirkulerer mellem mennesker og de kan dukke op tusindvis af steder på nettet uden mulighed for kontrol blot fordi, man måtte være uenig eller ”forfængelig” – på samme måde som det er umuligt at stoppe udbredelsen af fri musik og film på nettet. Jeg tilbyder dog personer, som er omtalt i mine bøger at komme til orde med FULD OG UBEGRÆNSET YTRINGSFRIHED via min blog, hvis man måtte ønske det.

Jeg håber, at du vil fokusere på vores altid gode og hyggelige samvær, at jeg er den samme Stig, som jeg altid har været, at du vil ”glemme” mine spirituelle kontakter, hvis det er nemmest for dig, men du er naturligvis også velkommen til at spørge – jeg vil dog være tilbageholdende, hvis ikke du tror på mig – og det er derfor, at jeg siger til dig, at det skulle glæde mig meget, om du fortsat har lyst til at ses og at jeg vil glæde mig til at høre, hvordan du har det og hvad du laver.

Jeg refererer som nævnt ikke længere fra private mails eller samtaler bortset fra, at jeg helt kort og objektivt vil meddele, om familie og venner fortsat ønsker at se mig eller om folk er for ”påvirkede” af mine skriverier, så de ikke længere betragter mig som familie eller ven.

De venligste hilsener fra

In one email only I decided to write these paragraphs – together with a request to focus on communication and our friendship instead of confrontation – instead of the third last paragraph in the email above and the reason is simply because one manager and his lawyer recently have had a look at my linkedin-profile, as I can see from the site:

Hvis man ønsker konfrontationens vej, så har man to muligheder:

1. Man kan forsøge at stoppe mine skriverier på internettet, men så skal man vide, at det er der tusinder, der har prøvet på før i anden sammenhæng uden succes – tænk blot på musik- og filmindustrien, som ikke formår at stoppe musik og film på nettet, selvom de gør alt, hvad de kan. Nettet er FRIHED, som INGEN kan regulere og mine skriverier ligger i dag tre offentlige steder, de to har jeg ”åbnet” for alle og det tredje kan jeg åbne for i morgen om nødvendigt, ligesom der findes tusindvis af andre både offentlige og "hemmelige" steder, som jeg kan åbne – hvilket jeg vil gøre kontinuerligt med AL MIN ENERGI om nødvendigt – som medfører, at andre ikke kan stoppe min ytringsfrihed blot fordi, man er ”uenig” eller ”forfængelig” og endelig er der også det at sige, at mine PDF-bøger fra mit offentlige bibliotek allerede er downloadet og cirkulerer mellem mennesker, så budskabet er: Man kan IKKE stoppe mine skriverier på internettet.

2. Man kan anlægge sag for ”ærekrænkelse”, hvis man mener, at jeg krænker folks ære ved at BRUGE MIN YTRINGSFRIHED til at fortælle sandheden, og hvis man vælger denne vej, så vil man skulle tale om sig selv og indholdet af mine skriverier i en offentlig retssag, som blot vil medføre en endnu større interesse fra mennesker. Hvis man mener, at jeg ikke har fortalt sandheden objektivt blot ét sted, er jeg villig til at lytte og bringe supplerende kommentarer som berigtigelse. Og for at forstå det fulde indhold af mine bøger, skal man læse op mod ca. 2.000 sider som forberedelse og vælger man at gøre dette, vil man forstå, at jeg taler sandheden og så vil man automatisk søge konsensus i stedet for konfrontation og dermed ikke anlægge sag – det er sammenhængen!

After working with the script and emails to friends I started running at 17.00 and we know not feeling very motivated again but “some parts” of my body are starting to become more “motivated” and so it is because when I started running my head and the top of my breast was motivated (!) but the rest including my legs and feet were still not “motivated” at all and we know hurting and feeling “wrong” simply but despite of this I ran 3.5 kilometres without stopping and if my right stomach did not start to “hurt” at the end of the run I could have continued so we know at least parts of me are becoming in a better shape and we know not the easiest I have done in my life when my souls (!) are struggling to become reassembled and we know the hurting of the lung was to say that my running is giving energy to another physical part of my second soul to avoid this happening for her!

And we know Stig ending another fine day working and we know “ain’t gonna sweat for you, If you’re lazy” but “let’s work, be proud, stand tall, touch the clouds” and “kill poverty” and we know ANOTHER FANTASTIC SONG BY MICK MY FRIEND, which I am listening to right now again and we know it is always nice to have a HAPPY song when going to work and when going to work efficiently and it might as well be this one – FANTASTIC IT IS J.

This evening the suffering – the “dissolving” and negative speech of the Devil – decreased to approx. 25 percent of when it was on its maximum because my emails to family and friends give a better understanding for some, they should know I care very much for them and for others it is still “difficult” to understand and control their feelings. Of the approx. 40 on my list I expect that I may not hear from and at least not see most of them in August and we know Stig this is “the balance” I decided for because how much money should I send to Kenya, how much should I give to Poul-Erik, how much should I keep myself for food etc. and how much should I “reserve” to see family and friends including transport and I do believe that I will be satisfied with what the balance I have “guessed” and done – at least I did my best and this is what counts.

This evening I was also giving the very STRONG feeling and thought “what if my suffering and pains will continue for two more years” (?) and “will I be able to handle this” (?) and the TRUE answer is that I will not (!) but still I decided to think that this was a thought planted in my head (!) to make me suffer and to test me and we know Stig THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE TO WHAT I CONTINUE DOING – other than to lie down and accept the Devil to do what he pleases but we know I WILL NEVER DO THAT – so therefore I could only say that I WILL CONTINUE NO MATTER WHAT because this is about SAVING THOUSANDS, MILLIONS, BILLIONS and ULTIMATELY THE WHOLE PLANET AND THE UNIVERSE and because of this decision – which was still not easy to take thinking of the extreme sufferings I have gone through (!) – the suffering further decreased!

I was also told that this phase is extra difficult to go through because this is what will make Virgin Mary survive and this is not how the game was set up originally and we know all of us Stig this was not the original mission of Virgin Mary which we have seen coming for “thousands of years” and Stig MY MISSION WAS TO PLAY THE DEVIL INSIDE OF YOU and we know TO BE TERMINATED and LATER TO BE BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE AGAIN IF THE UNIVERSE WOULD SURVIVE and we know BUT NO YOU DECIDED THAT YOUR LOVE TO YOUR MOTHER IS SO STRONG THAT YOU HAVE NEVER ACCEPTED TO HAVE YOUR NIGHTMARE CARRIED OUT – fought with your life constantly to avoid it – and Stig THIS IS WHY THE PAIN IS EXTREME FOR ALL OF US BECAUSE THIS IS TRULY NOT A POSSIBLE RESULT OF THE GAME BUT STILL THIS IS THE RESULT BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR DECISION AND WILL POWER AND THIS IS WHY WE HAVE ALL FOLLOWED YOU and so it is.

This evening I had both the spirit and the Voice of Vrillon with me – a strange but very NICE and POSITIVE feeling – and he was really saying THANK YOU ON BEHALF OF THE UNIVERSE TO ME and he is right now giving me extremely positive feelings and almost tears in my eyes and really of gratitude and thank you all of my friends as I normally tell them when I leave them after looking up on the sky and we know hoping to invite you for a nice dinner some day and I have no idea what you eat and drink if you do this at all but I am looking forward to meeting you and we know also with some “excitement” to say the least because how do you look like and how will we communicate but we know LOVE IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE and you have probably a LOT TO OFFER ALSO ON MUSIC AND CULTURE AND MUCH MORE AS EARTH DO TOO and we know to share between different worlds and not only between different countries of earth and we know maybe there is another Jeff Lynne or David Bowie out there “somewhere” and looking forward to hear how music of other worlds sounds like and if we like this with our “codes of love” and so it is.

Also this evening I was thinking again about which “verdict” first the doctors and afterwards the Commune will reach on me maybe in August and we know the story is probably also here that I have done everything I can to make the system understand but instead of listening to me they will decide on another “foundation” based on misunderstandings and we know from people really not knowing me (!) but we will have to see but I write this today because it annoys me and because I am thinking about my response if the Commune will demand me to take medicine – disabling me (!!!) which in this case will be the TOTAL JOKE but we will have to see – and we know it will be illegal to hospitalise me and if they cannot do this, the logic is that it should be equally as illegal to demand me to use medicine and we know just trying to think what is SIMPLE LOGIC in my response to the worst case scenario and we know I am not done with this yet but this is where I am today because if they demand this HOW WILL THEY CONTROL ME IF THEY CANNOT HOSPITALISE ME (?) and we know it will be “exciting” to see what the system will do and how they will react to my response and we know I am willing to go all the way to the extreme end “provoking” them to hospitalise me against the law (!) if necessary because if they do this, I will simply write about it and be “released” shortly thereafter because I know the system obviously better than they do themselves!

31st July: Bloodthirsty jackals WRONGLY misunderstood and judged Helle Thorning Schmidt

We know GOODMORNING TO YOU TOO and FISH IS ON MY HEADPHONES NOW and we know not fish in that respect but in that (!) and we know a “misplaced childhood” it is and ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ALBUMS TOO and we know it is so close in style to Genesis and still so different it is and love them both I do and so it is.

Bloodthirsty jackals WRONGLY misunderstood and judged Helle Thorning Schmidt

Yesterday Helle Thorning Schmidt – the leader of the Danish Social Democratic Party and candidate to become Prime Minister – WRONGLY were forced to break her holiday to come home to Denmark to “satisfy” the bloodthirsty jackals of the media and political opponents who had almost given her the VERDICT that she had failed and was UNRELIABLE (!) because she has given a little bit different information to different authorities and media of exactly how many weekends her husband is spending in Denmark while he is working in Switzerland – the question is still where her husband will have to pay taxes and this is what this country now is spending time on instead of working (!) and we know I have not forgotten about the foreign minister Lene here too – and it should have been obvious for all people that she had absolutely no intentions of lying or to benefit herself – on the contrary in fact – but still on front of many newspapers and from political commentators and opponents on television the verdict from a majority of people was that she had DELIBERATELY cheated to benefit herself – people were GUESSING without knowing (!) – which people described as “unfortunate”, a mess, that she has lost confidence and some even said that she is “deeply unreliable” (!!!) and we know a pole said that as many as six of ten Danes thought she was unreliable (!) and we know the public was led by the media and political opponents – instead of thinking themselves – thinking the worst of Helle and deliberately misunderstanding her to benefit their own courses instead of doing everything to listen to and understand her and we know HERE YOU HAVE ON A GOLDEN PLATE AN EXAMPLE OF THE MEDIA AND POLITICIANS WORKING AS THE WORST TOOLS OF THE DEVIL and we know when you see Helle speaking about this case do you believe she tells the truth or that she is lying (?) and we know Stig IT SHINES THROUGH HER THAT SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH and still many people cannot see or understand this and again here you see people not being able to understand and instead they wrongly blame Helle for almost anything – her “crime” was that she was not 100% percent accurate in one email which she has “admitted” – and we know this is how the OPPOSITE GOLDEN RULE is used in practise and we know PEOPLE CANNOT SEE OR UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE THE ONES WHO NEED TO CHANGE AND NOT HELLE and we know IT WAS WRONG FOR THE MEDIA, POLITICAL OPPONENTS AND THE PUBLIC TO MISBEHAVE LIKE THIS MAKING IT NECESSARY FOR HER TO BREAK HER HOLIDAY FORCING HER TO DO HER ABSOLUTELY BEST TRYING TO MAKE HER SELF UNDERSTOOD BY PEOPLE WHO REALLY BEHAVE VERY WRONGLY AND SHE WAS FORCED VERY WRONGLY TO APPOLOGISE TO THESE SPOILED AND BLOODTHIRSTY PEOPLE WHO ARE TRULY THE ONES WHO SHOULD APPOLOGISE TO HELLE FOR THEIR BEHAVIOUR (!) – which they cannot see and we know exactly as what you have seen in my books too with systems and people and what I will tell you also over the coming weeks when people and the system have passed on their verdict on me and we know most of them wrongly without knowing that they are the ones who don’t understand and THIS IS VERY SADLY THE NAME OF THE GAME TODAY and we know Helle succeeded to turn around the “hysteria” of the public opinion at least today because she is a very strong communicator and trustworthy, which the public opinion is not and as people said “but it will be very unfortunate if more cases like this will show up” (!) and we know journalists and political opponents will continue to do their filthy work doing their best to find more “incriminating” material on her, which can help newspapers to sell more papers – and here it was the newspaper BT finding this story and we know I HAVE TOLD YOU ABOUT BT BEFORE AS THE SYMBOL OF THE DEVIL WHEN IT COMES TO THE MEDIA and therefore (!) – or another political party to benefit at the next poll or even election because this is ALSO how you “win” in politics today and do you like a community like this or do you think that it STINKS?

And do you see a pattern of Danish politicians being “forced” to break their holidays because of a WRONG public opinion and we know of course they are suffering these politicians – and we talk about several politicians in Denmark you know – also as a preparation to open them up spiritually as my coming “special friends” and we know this is really the final verdict and so it is.

Dreaming of setting up my new computer and climbing down the mountain

Tonight I was dreaming about Kent from Aon who was about to set up my sound and video system files of my new computer – my future self – and he was looking if he could use the files I have installed my self without coming to a conclusion and when I woke up it was with the beautiful song “heaven” by Bryan Adams – I love many of your songs too Bryan – and the lyrics “we’re in heaven, and love is all that I need”.

This morning I was told that I am now at an altitude of approx. 7,000 metres on my way down from the 8,848 metres top of Mount Everest – remember the dream from the other day (?) – and my feeling this morning is that approx. 10 percent of the feeling of dissolving and negative speech trying to tempt and cheat me (!) is left and what we are really doing here is to let the light and darkness meet in agreement and we know I received plenty of ideas this morning while sitting in the bathtub of what I will write when I have the result of the “verdict” of people on me and these ideas were really given to me by the darkness coming closer to the light and here Joseph starting to show his true self and so it is here.

And the feeling this morning too, which is only becoming stronger and stronger is that I am as long-termed tired of continuing to write as you can imagine, “write and write” and we know Stig I am glad you gave me “blind-script” and a “good pace” as a gift but still it is really not very easy to continue writing and we know this is again about the will exceeding the desire to relax and so it is.

The verdict of my father: You are “sick in your mind” and a “poor son”!!!

Today was also the day when I received the “verdict” from my father and we know I will not bring his email here which I have promised but I will shortly and objectively write that his verdict BASED ON HIS LACK OF UNDERSTANDING is that I am “sick in my mind”, “occupied by religious fanaticism” and that I should “seek professional help before it is too late” and the true verdict is that he cannot remember when I have made him happy and that I have been a “poor son” to him (!!!) and we know I was hoping that he would focus on the positive in my email, which is what I asked him to do, and maybe that he would even to me and yes Stig YOU WERE WILLING TO LOOK AT THE POSITIVE IN YOUR FATHER AND KIRSTEN ONCE AGAIN AND TO TRY SEEING THEM AGAIN and we know I was thinking that I have just had a FANTASTIC and HAPPY dinner with Inge, his sister, and Ove, who were very kind to say afterwards that it was “lovely to see me again” and that they were happy that we spoke about “serious and not superficial subjects” and that we were also laughing and we know I thought that maybe my father would understand this either when speaking to Inge or when reading my scripts – if he does read – and I know how can his sister be very HAPPY with me and how can my father at the same time be very UNHAPPY with me because I AM EXACTLY THE SAME PERSON and THE ONLY ANSWER IS LOGICALLY THAT IT IS BECAUSE INGE AND OVE ARE OPEN AND POSITIVE and that MY FATHER AND KIRSTEN ARE CLOSED AND NEGATIVE! DO YOU SEE AND UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE and do you understand that THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE CANNOT SEE THEMSELVES because if I was to ask my father: Are you open and positive (?) – do you think he would answer yes or no (?) AND THIS IS THE SOLUTION: PEOPLE CANNOT SEE IT THEMSELVES AND THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND!

Do you believe I became very happy or very sad to receive this message from my own father and we know you have guessed right: MISUNDERSTANDINGS MAKE PEOPLE UNHAPPY and here you see how JOY and HAPPINESS IS TAKEN AWAY FROM PEOPLE FOCUSING ON THE NEGATIVE WITHOUT LISTENING AND UNDERSTANDING and we know this could really also bring me down but no I have decided to understand that this is part of the game I will have to go through in the phase at the most nasty route in the world and we know I have tried this so many times now so I know the extremely bad feeling and we know this is not the only one of its kind I am expecting from the emails I have sent out these days where my message really was that I CARE FOR ALL OF YOU AND WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU AGAIN – and these emails are also helping the Council to do the last and we know final preparation of these my “special friends”.

Writing a recommendation telling the truth instead of a WRONG and too positive picture

Martin from Eurobooking at Costa del Sol in Spain sent me an email asking me to endorse his work at his company Eurobooking and we know all of us PEOPLE WILL ASK PEOPLE THEY KNOW “can you please recommend me” hoping that this will help them to receive more business and we know a better image and if you look at the millions of recommendations of Linkedin alone, how many do you believe objectively tell the truth and how many do you believe tell a WRONG and far too positive picture because “I really like this person a lot and I would like so much to help him or her” (?) and we know DO YOU SEE THE PICTURE HERE – also a message to me that my own true picture is coming closer – OF PEOPLE PLEASING EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF TELLING THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH – if they can understand it (!) – MAKING PEOPLE THINK WRONGLY ABOUT THEMSELVES and this is really why Martin was INSPIRED to ask me this question and this is why I decided to write my “recommendation” because it is simply the truth – his company did fine in 2006 and poorly in 2007 and Martin was not the reason of any of these results because he did not take part of the daily work as you can read from my recommendation here, which is now online at linkedin unless he may decide to cancel it if he does not like it and if linkedin gives this option.

I met Martin as the owner of Eurobooking in 2006, when the insurance company "Fair", which I worked for at the time, hired his company to sell "meeting bookings" on the telephone with our insurance agents. Martin did not participate in the daily work with us but he arranged and signed the contract. His team leader at the time was VERY DEDICATED and the team did a fine job living up to our expectations.

In 2007, I was working for an investment management company and we had a similar interest in selling "meeting bookings" on the telephone. Again Martin took care of the contract and was not involved in the daily work. It was now a new team leader, a new team and the "product" was more complicated, but if the new team had shown the same attitude as the old team leader and team with a true eagerness to learn and will power to do their absolutely best, I am sure they would have done better. This time around I was not happy with the results and we decided to stop the co-operation because of this and because his team leader misunderstood me, which could have been saved by Martin if he had decided to trust in me telling him the truth, but he decided wrongly to trust in his team leader.

My recommendation is that this company can be used if you are certain that the team and management is dedicated, that training, reporting, follow up meetings and actions work 100% optimal and simply if they do their absolutely best in every respect.

I know Martin as a nice, friendly and social person, who I like very much – and would like to see again – and if he is still not taking part of the daily work of his company, my recommendation is for him to do so to make sure that the company continuously work with the absolutely best QUALITY IN EVERY DETAIL, with the BEST EFFICIENCY, right values and code of ethics under the skin of all employees as the basic foundation and that it also will continue to DEVELOP all of the time according to the needs of clients.

At the end of the day I was happy that emails with my good friend Kirsten resulted in her to accept seeing me again and we know my argument was NOT to focus on where we disagree but on where we agree – most things you know – because UNDERSTANDINGS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY and MISUNDERSTANDINGS MAKE PEOPLE UNHAPPY and so it is. Furthermore Preben, Lisbeth and Paul has also decided to see me again and JACK HAS DECIDED THAT HE WILL NOT (!!!) and still I am waiting to receive more answers IF I will receive more answers?

Today I also sent my email in English to Karen and Denis as the last on my list today and IT WAS NOT EASY TO DO BUT I AM VERY HAPPY THAT I DID BECAUSE I WOULD TRULY LOVE TO SEE BOTH OF YOU FOR US TO UNDERSTAND INSTEAD OF MISUNDERSTAND and we know will they send me a reply – I am not sure.

About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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