6th August 2010 – Kenya ratified a new constitution without violence because of the faith and support of LTO!

Summary of the script today



4th August: Joseph is almost breaking apart like a moving statue, running is life giving elixir for Virgin Mary
  • Yesterday evening my suffering continued with 25-75 percent of the maximum level but it should logically start decreasing more. Lately I have had visions and strong feelings of spirits behind my back threatening me and two days ago Joseph gave me the key to shut down the Universe if I was not able to take some of the worst suffering I have ever had.
  • Dreaming of the Devil going to meet James Bond, Jesus will return twice, leading 4-1 in football and “good” Champagne is poured even though I am not completely finished with the work. Today I ran almost five kilometres, Joseph showed me that he is almost breaking apart when moving and every time I run it is impossible to do (!) and at the same time it is life giving elixir for Virgin Mary.
5th August: I had an awful feeling of my souls leaving me and the Council had to change shape to survive
  • Yesterday evening my feelings of dissolving, being constantly nervous and uncomfortable including negative speech continued – and the same did my confidence to resist this.
  • During the night I had AN AWFUL FEELING of my souls (!) leaving me – this is the courage I need to show the day when I will be replaced with my true inner self. The Council had to change shapes in order to survive, which was basically impossible to do.
  • The Devil is cracking apart like the character in the Terminator movies and the story of President Nixon who unsuccessfully tried to use an atomic bomb over Vietnam – stopped by the Council – and used here as a symbol to say that we will not ignite the bomb to eliminate the world and the Universe.
6th August: Kenya ratified a new constitution without violence because of the faith and support of LTO!
  • Yesterday evening first my right lung and later my left lung started giving me less breathing capacity – I have had no problems breathing before now, which is again only a part of the game because this can come and go within a split of a second and after some hours it left again.
  • Dreaming of creation taking a long time and that it is connected to my computer and flying a sprint as a symbol that I am doing my absolutely best. My computer screen has DISSOLVED 7-8 times lately as a symbol of the Council dissolving at this phase before re-assembling – and the reason is because we cannot give birth to the Devil because of my rule not to accept this.
  • Meshack finished his job as a presiding officer at a polling station of the Kenyan referendum on the new constitution. He used my lessons, his own ideas and communication skills to lead meetings and I was happy that his station was the first to announce the results with NO incidents and with all people agreeing for the first time. The constitution was ratified and there was NO violence, which was ONLY possible due to the continuous faith of LTO in me, which made the spiritual world – your spiritual selves (!) – influence your leaders and population to make this reality as a symbol of a coming new world constitution before we will enter our new future world. Will David and John be able to communicate with me as directly, honestly and openly about their own performances too?
  • I received healing energy from a nice hairdresser easing my suffering, which made the Council tell me about my combination of Virgin Mary and Joseph, who has lived before as a historic wicked man bringing Hell to earth – the same wickedness, which could have brought you the worst nightmares of Judgment Day through me terminating most people on Earth – but no: I WOULD NOT LET HIM OVERTAKE ME!


4th August: Joseph is almost breaking apart like a moving statue, running is life giving elixir for Virgin Mary

Yesterday evening I was surprised when the suffering continued with a level of 25-75 percent of the maximum and the only reason I can see is that I am not yet completely finished with the chapter on the verdict and that some people out there may still have some negative feelings to me after receiving my email now some time ago even though these feelings should logically be at a lower level now and the Devil still “indicates” a cold with sneezing and a feeling of having slight fever in my body without the sickness truly breaking out and yesterday when he gave me these symptoms he showed himself as sad saying that he now has to stop doing this but this morning he still gave it to me and at the moment I am really not sick or well but in between and we will have to see if he will give the sickness to me fully or take it away fully – normally I never have symptoms like this for several days without the sickness breaking out.

Maybe 3-4 days in total over the last couple of weeks I have been shown visions and received VERY STRONG feelings of SPIRITS BEHIND MY BACK THREATENING ME AS BIG AS MY SELF and we know the feeling is SO STRONG that the normal thing would be to look around but we know this would only motivate the Devil to continue so I have not done this at all but not a very nice experience too.

Two days ago when I was on top of some of the worst sufferings I have ever had Joseph – or my father in the spirits acting as the Devil – came to me and TRUST ME to see the Devil and feel him all over my body is LIKE A FIRE if you can imagine just how awful this is and we know he was saying that he has the power to switch off everything – the Universe you know – if I preferred this because of my strong suffering and we know HERE I WAS ON THE EDGE and HERE LIFE IN IT SELF WAS ON ITS EDGE and I could only refuse him and we know this experience in itself was AWFUL.

Tonight I had a short dream where somebody asked me if it isn’t James Bond driving down to the right in his new movie and this someone said that he does not know James Bond – and I can only see this as a comment from the Devil and we know YOU WILL GET TO KNOW HIM ALL OF YOU.

I am in a house where Helene – the diseased mother of my brother-in-law – looks at my door and she says that Jesus will return twice and my mother says that this is true and I wonder what this is about Virgin Mary (?) and we know STIG YES I AM HERE AND WE KNOW AND I KNOW AND YOU KNOW WE ARE ALL HERE and it was not Virgin Mary answering you but it came from your left arm and we know the feeling was that this is the side where Joseph is “living” inside of you and my dear friend and now the vision moves to the right and in a bow outside towards the left and we know this is what we do let us say “much of the time” which I don’t write down and the answer is that you will return twice and we know Stig the first time was as Jesus after Moses and we know the second time will be as “Stig” when your true inner self will take his place inside of your body and we know Helene is here too and we know Stig how are you doing and let me say that I am not really here very much but I have been invited and it takes a split second for me to arrive because even though I am not here I am here all of the time because the afterlife is here there and everywhere and so it is thank you Helene and we know she has a lot of feelings for her sons but when they don’t believe in me I will not bring much of it here just saying thank you to Helene too.

Later I had some dreams of sexual nature which I have had the last couple of day – the force of the Devil fed by family and friends you know – and I dreamed that Helsingør leads 4-1 in a football match against Nordsjælland and Helsingør is still the city of the light so this was a positive dream.

And we know Stig you slept a little bit better tonight but because of the “half sickness” you don’t feel very strong when you have decided to start working on the first edit of the chapter on the verdict and so it is – and at the end of the night I dreamt that Champagne was poured up but I got the feeling that it was too early because we still have work to do and furthermore the mousse of the Champagne told me that it was “good” Champagne but not of the absolutely best quality and we know I am going to improve the quality of the chapter today.

Today and yesterday I have heard a voice telling me “I am sorry” and the only answer I can give is that “please don’t apologise because I understand that you have not been able to do anything else than what you have done” and we know IF IT WAS POSSIBLE TO ACT DIFFERENTLY WE WOULD ALL HAVE BEEN HAPPY TO DO SO and we know Stig YOUR DECISION TO DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST UNTIL THE END HAS MEANT THAT YOU HAVE PUT ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS THROUGH AN ALMOST NOT EXISITING OPENING FROM OUR WORLD INTO THE NEXT and we know I don’t know what this mean other than what you say but this is what Polle – John Paul II – has tried to tell me the last couple of days and now it is also included here.

During the day when I did the first edit improving the quality of the chapter of the verdict I received many visions of temptations of the Devil being thrown away and we know most of them of sexual nature and so it is.

And when I was doing the work I listened to Paul Weller solo and his former bands Style Council and The Jam and we know Paul has been “difficult” even for me to “get to learn” for MANY YEARS even though I have learned MUCH of your music and some I like, some I “almost love” but it is STILL not the same feeling as the old band the Jam and we know “Down in the tube station at midnight”, “To be someone”, “Going underground” “Start” and “that’s entertainment” are my absolute favourites and we know IT STILL DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS but we know Simple Minds, Siouxsie and the Cure have done even more songs I like and so it is. And Stig listening even more and we know THE HITS OF PAUL WELLER SOLO HAVE NOW BEEN “IMPLEMENTED” AFTER YEARS OF PLAYING AGAIN AND AGAIN so NOW THEY ARE ALSO ON YOUR ABSOLUTE TOP and “we knew it” – this was not the easiest transformation but I am the “changingman” too so from here it is really “come on, let’s go” as some of your FANTASTIC SONGS are called and we know I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT DREAM OF THE JAM MONTHS AGO (the dream of the gold in the safe) AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE – I STILL FANCY PAUL’S MUSIC but let me say “kick out the style, bring back the Jam” because “anything is possible sowing the seeds of love” really J.

And we know Stig JUST AS A MATTER OF GOOD SAKE – every time I open an email from family or friends replying on my email I feel nervous about their answer because will they be negative or positive and still to this day every time I publish a script I feel nervous if “everything works” and every time I open my website I feel nervous if it still works (!) but you know AT THE SAME TIME I also feel very confident in all of these situations simply saying that I HAVE TO COME THROUGH, “WE WILL CONTINUE” (“jeg bliver ved”) AND “ONLY GOOD THINGS” and we know THIS IS REALLY HOW IT IS – two sets of feelings.

Today I wrote this script and I did approx. five hours of editing of the chapter of the verdict (!) and we know the chapter is improving in both structure and quality and the second edit will be done at least before the end of this week and we know plenty of time before it will be published next week and so it is.

During the day my “cold” completely vanished so it will be exciting to see if it will come back for example just before I will do the second edit of the verdict and we know instead I received an uncomfortable pressure on my breast but I also had some minutes where I was relaxing with NO PAIN AND NO NEGATIVE SPEECH AND WE KNOW NO SPIRITUAL SPEECH OF ALL (!) and we know can you imagine how it feels like to have “CALM” after constant having had the experiences for years that “someone is driving around inside of my head” and we know inspired by one of the songs of TV2 and cannot remember which one it is at the moment.

I have received MANY “encouragements” to write to my father and Karen again to do even more trying to motivate them to understand and to see me again but we know I also thought that the more I do the worse it may become and we know at least for the time being with the risk that we will further reduce each other’s energy because of these misunderstandings even though we love each other much and should be able to BRING EACH OTHER ENERGY because this is the TRUE feeling I have of both – and we know I BRING ENERGY TO KAREN THROUGH MY POSITVE THOUGHTS OF HER AS I DO TO MY FATHER AND MOTHER TOO as explained earlier – and the decisive thought was that I WILL SEE THEM SOON AGAIN UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES and we know they believe that this is GOODBYE TO STIG but it is actually ALMOST “HELLO MY OLD FRIEND” AGAIN – but the inner side of me will be MY TRUE SELF but I wonder if anyone can tell – and so it is Mary Magdalena is also here but we know only spiritual and so it is.

After doing my work today I was still so tired that I mostly wanted to take a nap but I thought that it would be better to run again – because I know I will always feel fresh after a run no matter how tired I am before running (!) – and just before I started Joseph showed himself in front of me as stiff as a statue almost breaking apart when moving because this is how difficult it is for him to enter my body and we know Stig without the Devil and this was also how I felt when I started running – stiff all over with legs not very willing to move but we know one step at a time and trying to find some kind of rhythm, which I did and I stopped the first time at Aldershvile Slotspavillon and we know I ran/walked around both lakes with a total distance of 9.3 kilometres with a total distance of running of 4.9 kilometres and we know it was not possible to do but I decided to do it and EVERY TIME I RUN I AM TOLD THAT THIS IS LIFEGIVING ELIXIR BY VIRGIN MARY and so it is because my suffering gives her energy on the other side.

5th August: I had an awful feeling of my souls leaving me and the Council had to change shape to survive

Yesterday evening the level of the Devil was at 25-50% – still the dissolving feeling making me constantly uncomfortable and nervous – and nervousness and anxiety is the feeling I am kept in and we know more or less and doing my best to show all of my confidence without being afraid I am but the Devil is strong often turning up the volume after I have done my best to eliminate the suffering – and the negative speech which is really very difficult to bear listening to and to keep on constantly rejecting – and my cold symptoms returned – they can come and go within a split of a second as I have written about somewhere before – but I also heard “we will come to an agreement” many times and we know the light and the darkness as mentioned earlier.

I was happy to see that my favourite Danish football team FC Copenhagen succeeded qualifying for Champions or Europe League yesterday evening and we know the commentator on television said “it is pure Tivoli at the moment” because of the kick and rush football and we know just a small positive message about TIVOLI – the garden of Eden – which made me happy to hear.

For some days I have looked forward to sleeping because this has been an “escape” from my life awake and really the only time where I have been able to “relax” and for days I have had that old feeling “oh no not me” – but maybe Susan (?) – and “oh no those kind of sufferings” coming to me every morning.

During the night I had what I can only say was AN AWFUL FEELING because the souls (!) inside of me – Joseph and Virgin Mary – were leaving me, which was the same as life leaving me as an empty and very dead shell, and with a feeling of a “loud bang” coming, where after my true inner self will come back and I was told that my sufferings still create energy on the other side and here I HAD THE FEELING THAT I COULD NOT BE PHYSICALLY ANYWHERE – this is how it feels when your soul(s) leave you – and that this is the courage I need to have and the energy which needs to be present the day when my souls will leave me for my true inner self to return and we know basically a positive story but let me tell you that the feeling was truly not very nice and I hope that someone else – my true inner self – will “take on me” the day when Joseph and Virgin Mary leave me and I am sure that it will be an a-ha experience and yes Birgitte, I love A-ha as much as you do!

And after this it was also time to “sing a song” – thank you Earth Wind & Fire one of MANY fantastic songs of yours – and it was “all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree” by Fools Garden and the message is really that isolation is not good for me as mentioned earlier – potentially killing me – but on Saturday I will go for a barbecue party at the property here, on Wednesday I will see Kim S. and Preben, next Saturday it will be Fuggi, the Wednesday after Paul and we know Kirsten, Lisbeth and Pia/Peter have all promised to set up dates too – and more are probably coming – and we know I will probably also go to Brede Park to work again meeting some of the nice people there sometime in August – and I will probably continue seeing my mother and John on a weekly basis, however they are on holiday in Sønderborg this week – so I am doing my best to come out of the isolation ALSO TO RECEIVE POSITVE HEALING ENEGY OF PEOPLE WHO LIKE ME and we know so because I have not seen many people yet it is probably difficult at the moment for “us” and this is what I was told during the night but when these lines are written I don’t feel much negative energy so I wonder if things are as bad as I am told and we know I really also “always look on the bright side of life” and so it is and I wonder if things will not become even better in “SEPTEMBER” and we know EWF long time since I heard your music and now you are playing again on the headphones here and this song is the best of all of your songs and we know I still remember “the best of Earth, Wind & Fire” from 1978, which Sanna had on a cassette tape and we know without her interest in this AMAZING band, I would probably not have got to learn it – TRULY FANTASTIC they are – and it gives me the “feeling” of the seventies and we know like you can feel a “culture” and we know the FEELING is simply there – somewhat different for me you know – and “that’s the way I LIKE IT” as another sunshine band said.

The night continued with a dream that a cell needs a minimum of two calories to survive but that I/we have been down on one calorie making the cell “change shape” – which really was not possible in order to survive – and now we are about to being built up again and we know Stig the night also included a “fantasy” – also one of the best songs of EWF – and really because the Devil is pressuring us to do this to get relief and so it is.

In another dream I was finishing a large construction on the island of Amager at 23.00 and from here I drove back home to Helsingør and the next day I have to come back to work. Finally I was at a big party where all people believe that I am crazy and during the night I was also told “we are all about to die but don’t know it” and we know not a nice message to receive and this is what we will stop of course.

This morning I was TIRED again because of an AWFUL night both because of lack of sleep and “difficult” experiences and messages but you know I started with a long bath and continued with Yoga even though I had not much physical strength and we know it made me feel better and then I simply started working on one task after the other on my action plan until I will finish and THIS IS WHAT IS CALLED DISCIPLINE and we know DOING IT WITH MY BEST QUALITY AS USUAL and so it is and we know Stig the writing of the script is no. two task after Yoga, putting my clothes in order is no. 3, going to the library to return a CD on time is no. 4 and the second edit of the chapter of the verdict is task no. 5 even though my deadline of this is first at the end of the week and we know Stig at 11.50 I received a few symptoms again of the cold – which is there sometimes and really not there at other times depending on the Council really – and we know the symptoms including some sneezes returned as expected before doing the 2nd edit and so it is.

And this was the end of the script at least this morning so I can only say “let’s groove tonight” on our way home to “boogie wonderland” because YOU MEANT AND STILL MEAN A LOT TO ME and we know EWF WERE BIG IN THE SEVENTIES AND BEGINNING OF THE EIGHTIES and no I never made to see you live in concert and yes I wanted to see you many times but never got around to it but maybe someday I “got to get you into my life”.

Later at the library I was told that when I saw Joseph moving with big difficulties as a statue the other day it was actually a picture of the Devil cracking apart like in the Terminator movies, where the “bad guy” cracked because of freezing and I was also told that the final stop to the BP Oil leak is another symbol that the days of the Devil are over and we know here it is still approaching an end and so it is.

Later in the day I was told that we all would expect Virgin Mary to be brought back to life – if she was terminated and I was disabled physically – after the arrival of your true self and we know but we did not want to tell you just in case – part of the game you know – and I really had decided that I did not want to write this because of its negativity but okay reporting we are so here it is: Joseph talked about Nixon and an atomic bomb over Vietnam WHICH DID NOT IGNITE and we know HOW MANY OF YOU KNOW THIS STORY (?) – we could not accept an atomic bomb to be used – and we know Joseph could have used this story as his cover to blow up the world but now it is actually meaning the same: WE WILL NOT IGNITE THIS BOMB MY DEAR CHILD.

And we know after a new power shortage – this time only in my apartment which I fixed replacing the fuse – making me somewhat nervous that I would have wasted money to fill up my freezer with the cheapest meat etc. I could find – the nervousness has been the name of the game you know – I succeeded doing the second edit of the script on the verdict and we know it takes longer to write than normal and today I used maybe 4½ hours improving the quality but I still need 1-2 edits before it will be finished to my satisfaction.

6th August: Kenya ratified a new constitution without violence because of the faith and support of LTO!

Eeehhh “what’s going on” (?) and we know just another new day and another new script where there “ain’t no mountain high enough” and really because there “ain’t nothing like the real thing” and we know MARVIN GAYE is also a STAR in this home and we know number one on my soul list he is and we know there are other bright stars on this heaven too but MARVIN IS no. 1 – but eeehhh what about Sade and we know another ball game she is in but we know Marvin I know your music is considered of even better quality than the music of Sade, but it is TRUE that she is something special to me so Marvin no. 2 you are now after Sade (!) and okay I will bring it here because a couple of times lately you have given me the song” something” with Lalah Hathaway and we know A VERY NICE SONG RECOMMENDED TO ME BY PHONOTEKET IN HELSINGØR APPROX. 20 YEARS AGO and we know “hat away” is really the message and the same as saying “the Devil away” because the hat has been one of the symbols of the Devil for years – especially in visions around 2005/06 – and we know so also positive symbols here.

Yesterday evening I suddenly begun to feel a decreased breathing capacity first in my right lung – and later also in the left lung – and the message is really that I have not had problems breathing until now neither when running nor when sneezing and here I received this experience to give you this message and also to give me more nervousness because of the pressure on the other side and was it now the Council doing this again as part of the suffering I receive because of other people behaving wrongly and negatively towards me (?) and could I be sure that it would simply pass (?) or could there be a risk that I would become hospitalised with a clapped lung as my mother did last year (?) and I decided that this was just another game because how difficult can it really be at the moment (?) because I have received several positive answers to my emails and the negativity some people have had when receiving my email must have stopped or decreased much now and we know I generally feel better but still you give me experiences like this and discomfort most of the day and now also more during the nights – and furthermore I HAVE SET THE RULES FOR THE COUNCIL, which includes that NONE OF US WILL COME OUT OF THIS WITH ANY INJURIES and also that I don’t want to receive sudden very big pains but that you can do (almost) whatever is needed and we know to spread the pain really and after a couple of hours the lung “problems” stopped and it is the same story as the cold, it can come and leave within a split of a second and we know not many people experiencing “diseases” like this as I do and so it is and I really don’t want to become “disconnected” and we know SIMPLE MINDS you are the band I am listening to the most at the moment and we know the zero’s was truly NOT your worst decade – as I am sure many believe – because SOME OF YOUR MOST AMAZING SONGS – like this one – ARE FROM THIS DECADE and we know Marvin and Sade are very good, but this is like being on a completely different planet – EXCELLENT! – which we will come to after we have been “waiting at the end of the world” and we know I found this album too in flac quality on the Internet and we know a special story it has and MANY MORE NEW SONGS TO GET TO LEARN – including your solo album too Jim and we know other artists could learn from your regular production of new albums J.

I was dreaming that I am staying temporary with a friend and I say that creation takes a long time while I am cooking the creation on the stove and I see that the stove is connected directly with my computer.

I meet Sidsel at a service station and I decide to show her that I can float in the air, which impresses her but she can fly too – however not at the same level as I – but well enough for both of us flying a sprint as quickly as we can to buy five pieces of “Ritter Sport” chocolate and so it is and this is basically a positive dream that I am flying better and quicker than ever but we know the Devil is here too bringing “nice ladies” and much “chocolate” as a symbol of selfishness, which I will have to decline and we know both temptations really – and we know a symbol of what I am doing at the moment doing my best work together with the company of the Devil.

In other dreams I was helping Sanna and Hans to move from Snekkersten to a new house and that I am dead tired – and that Morten J. did a fine presentation using many sheets and he and his assistant have brought a fine cake for all.

I am still dreaming and receiving speech and visions of “sexual nature” but let me say that even though they are very unpleasant they are not very “convincing” because I have rejected all of this as the head rule: THE DEVIL WILL NOT BE BORN THROUGH ME (!) and we know not easy to keep to say the least and this is really why we are DISSOLVING because this is what was the “logical answer” according to the Universal rule to return what man send to the Universe and we do this with happiness but difficulties my friend and we know I receive different feelings here first of SADNESS and next of ANGRINEES and we know from two people on earth very close to me because of their feelings to me at the moment and you know entirely because of their own misunderstandings of course.

This morning when I turned on the computer it started with a dissolved screen which made it impossible to see other than some dots here and there in different colours and mostly a dark screen and we know the only thing I could do was to turn the computer off and on again and then the problem was gone and we know this is the first time I write this and first this morning I understood why you have done this especially the last two weeks and we know maybe 7-8 times in total and of course to show the world that we have decided to almost dissolve going through this phase – and of course it is also a part of the game to bring me nervousness because will the computer or screen break down or will it hold (?) – I guess it is the screen you are manipulating with but I really don’t know – and what effect will this have to my work and we know therefore I regularly upload my updated work files to my online temporary work library and this is not on www.mediafire.com but www.google.com and so it is and really to enable me to continue working from the library in Lyngby if my computer should stop working and so it is.

Another small story is that I have been given many “temptations” to finalise and publish my chapter on the verdict as quickly as possible because we know this will make the darkness and light agree probably meaning less suffering as a consequence and we know but the solution is to do this the best way possible with my best quality on basis of simple logic too and we know Stig the logic is to wait until the holidays of all/most people will be over and we know René is ending his holiday this week, which normally is the last week of holidays for people holding a later summer holiday here, and also because it fits fine to finalise this chapter before “the middle of August”, where Helle from the Commune “promised you a miracle” as I was about to say – and that is if she will start LISTENING to me instead of herself and the doctors because what will they be able to tell when they truly don’t know me and only have a few old journals to look at including their own misunderstandings (?) – and we know she promised to come back in the middle of august and this is why we are still in the “middle of the road”.


Some time ago I said that I will not bring more emails from LTO Kenya unless they are “very important” and this is what this email from Meshack is because it gives you the result of the referendum of the Kenyan people ratifying the new constitution and we know this is an example belonging to what I and Svend Gehrs call “a completely crazy angle to shoot from” and we know to be able to score under these circumstances and here I am thinking about such a “sensitive” subject as a new constitution in a country where a recent referendum caused violence and killings all over the country and we know from the same people not being able to control their negative feelings and here is the report from Meshack – thank you VERY MUCH for sending it to me Meshack and for the details included, which I LIKE VERY MUCH TOO:

Hi there, my hope and trust that you are okay and the same is with us here. As i had told you yesterday i finished my work which i can tell you was the most challenging i had ever done in my life but which i completed successfully to the surprise of my seniors because i did more than i was expected and my center was the first one to announce the results with no spoilt votes and deputed votes and without any incidence like voter bribery or intimidation and this is due to successful meetings i held with all prior to voting because first i had to establish house rules with voters and clerks and my deputies and this materialized to a successful voting and i owe you for this because of your teachings even the party agents who are known to be rude during voter counting actually thanked me and told me this was their first time in many years to agree in general and i was indeed very happy and i will reserve all what i learned to replicate it to other areas because learning is a continuous process because when you came i had no idea of taking a meeting but when you induced me to your teachings, i started learning slowly despite the opposition i had but now i have graduated to the best level.
Generally, the voting in the whole country was very peaceful and successful and we have to thank God for this because we were fearing the worst might happen but Kenyans are celebrating and the losers have accepted the defeat which is uncommon to many countries in Africa and a new dawn has started and the challenge is now for the leaders to take us through the transition period because passing it is different from implementing it and we can only pray that our efforts will not be in pain.

Now we are back to our normal routine but be sure that what i was doing was part of our work with you because i was practicing what i learned from you to a National duty and your teachings were not in vain.

I hope David and John will give their feed back to you because i was in the same constituency with John and he also did a wonderful job and i can tell you that you should be proud of yourself because i think you are the only Dane getting what had happened from presiding officers directly from Kenya and this is to show our appreciation too you for what you have been able to do to us and we look forward to continue with the same spirit during our hard time and good times together.

God bless you so much and tell your friends that your coming to Kenya was not in vain because it has contributed to the success of the referendum.

           Kind regards,

First of all I would like to say thank you Meshack for your kind words and what I am thinking here is that I only taught you what I believe simple logic and that I am happy that you decided to listen to me and to implement this when you had a good opportunity and what I have brought to you is structure and you are yourself responsible for the fine results carrying out the work meaning that your station WAS THE FIRST TO ANNOUNCE THE RESULTS, that you had NO negative incidences and that all people at the station AGREED, which makes me VERY HAPPY to hear – I ALWAYS LIKE PEOPLE UNDERSTANDING AND AGREEING (!) – and we know YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS IF YOU PREPARE YOURSELF, DO YOUR BEST and USE CLEAR COMMUNICATION FOR ALL TO UNDERSTAND and this is where your NATURAL TALENT TO COMMUNICATE CLEARLY AND WITH CONFIDENCE SHOWS – and this goes to all LTO members – because without this it would be difficult for you to do a job like this so well and it is really saying that YOU ALWAYS NEED TO PREPARE AND DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST as you did here. VERY FINE JOB MY FRIEND.

I told you my dear friends some months ago that what you do will have a direct effect on events of your country – do you remember (?) – and this FINE RESULT is really to tell ALL OF YOU Meshack, David, John and Elijah that YOU DID YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST IN THE MOST DIFFICULT TIMES and because of this and your faith we are still in contact, still communicating and you are still with me – and this is why THE SPIRITUAL WORLD decided to help the people of KENYA to make this IMPOSSIBLE dream of many of your country to come through – do you remember Elijah our talks last year where you told me several times for how many years the politicians of Kenya have promised to prepare a new constitution without results because no-one had the courage to do it (?) – this is how it works and my dear friends LET ME SAY THAT YOU HAVE HIDDEN POWER because you did your best in the physical world and your own inner spirits (!) did the best in the spiritual world INFLUENCING YOUR LEADERS TO BRING FORWARD THE CONSTITUTION, TO SECURE ITS RATIFICATION AND TO SECURE NO VIOLENCE. THIS IS WHAT YOU DID AND ONE DAY “NOT LONG FROM NOW” YOU WILL COME TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT WAS TRULY YOURSELF – working from the spiritual side with the powers you posses there – WHO WERE RESPONSIBLE TO DO THIS JOB BECAUSE OF YOUR ATTITUDE IN PHYSICAL LIFE AND I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW HAPPY THIS ME – FANTASTIC JOB, VERY WELL DONE!


And lastly let me say that I would be very happy for David and John to communicate with me as direct and honest as Meshack did here and we know I AM NOT CRITICISING YOU but helping you when I say that often you are too “reserved” or undervalue your own contribution and what this is about is to tell objectively exactly what happened including the results of your own performance and we know TO DO IT ACCURATELY WITHOUT OVER- OR UNDERVALUING YOURSELF and we know DO YOU THINK DAVID AND JOHN YOU CAN DO THIS – CAN YOU?

I was also happy to receive an email from John today – thank you my friend – and among others he wrote: “We have a new constitution after majority of Kenyans ratified the constitution through thr referedum on 4th. The electoral commission declared the results last night and we are all happy because the new document has good laws which will benefit the common man” but I understand from Meshack that you also did “a wonderful job”, John (?) and I would be SO HAPPY IF YOU WILL TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID AND WHICH CONSEQUENCES IT HAD and we know this is probably difficult for you to write because you are not used to communicate like this BUT AS YOU KNOW JOHN I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE TRUE MAN INSIDE OF YOU NOT HIDING BEHIND THE FAÇADE OF A “GENTLEMAN” ALL OF THE TIME because being a gentleman is very fine but I would like you to communicate to me DIRECT, HONEST AND OPEN and this ALSO INCLUDES ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN PERFORMANCE – and please SIMPLY TELL THE TRUTH WITHOUT ADDING OR WITHDRAWING ANYTHING because THIS IS MUCH BETTER THAN OVER- OR UNDERVALUING OR HIDING YOURSELF and simply because it makes people understand the truth instead of letting people guess, which is difficult for most people to do, you see?

Receiving healing energy from the hair dresser and the story of a historic wicked man, which I have refused to overtake me!

And we know Stig writing the script today and starting a third edit of the chapter on the verdict is really not the easiest work I have done because of much tiredness again today and the long-term effects of continuing to write, which is now hurting very much and almost – but only almost of course (!) – impossible to do.

This afternoon I decided first to take out some money at Jyske Bank and we know I JUST LOVE THEIR COFFEE MACHINE – but very often you forget to put milk on it (!) – and IT SAVES ME FROM GOING TO A CAFÉ and we know NOT QUITE NORMAL THAT BANKS HERE OFFER FREE ITALIAN COFFEE OF THE BEST QUALITY (!) and from here I decided to visit what may be the cheapest hair dresser in Lyngby next to the station and the large computer shop, where I was very happy to receive a haircut of 140 DKK by a very nice Iraqi man and we spoke very well together – he asked me what I did and I explained shortly about my writings and I received his story about his writings of poems and really a part of his life story and we know I liked him and he liked me and this was LIFE ENERGY BROUGHT TO ME AND MY SPIRITUAL SELVES you know and Virgin Mary told me that this will enable us to “handle much more” and she said that she knew that she was a pain for me to listen to and we know afterwards I felt that Virgin Mary started relaxing more without putting a pressure on me constantly because of the pressure she feels herself constantly and I now feel her in a bigger room where the walls are not pressuring her so immensely as before and we know this is ALSO the meaning of human contact to me at the moment and I am really thinking of friends who would like to see me but have not yet come back – cold feet (?) – making it more difficult for me to come through and we know so it is.

During the haircut I was also told that my present combination of Virgin Mary and Joseph has lived before as a well known man of wickedness WITH THE GREATEST SADNESS IMAGINABLE – because of the Universal rule of mankind receiving what mankind gives – and we know I have decided that I will not give you his name today and that it may come out later but I will tell you that this man was not wicked as young but that his destiny was to show Hell on Earth as my destiny was too and that it was expected that I should try to write as much as possible of the light in my books before the darkness would overtake me and we know Stig it was NOT expected that I would be able to ENDURE THIS KIND OF SUFFERING EVERY DAY FOR YEARS and we know TO LIVE A LIFE ON THE EDGE OF LIFE ITSELF AND THE DARKNESS WITHOUT IT OVERTAKING ME and so it is but we know I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and I have my RULES – therefore.

Later I was told that because I have now been told this story, the Devil has thrown away this card too and we know Stig THIS IS NOT A POSSIBLE ROUTE ANYMORE! The planned “game” was that I would be taken out of the football match with an injury – when the Devil would overtake me and likely terminate Virgin Mary – and then the Council and other “special friends” would be woken up with the mission to help me and the world from bleeding to death but now it will become a celebration of victory for all of us instead.

I had no cold or lung problems today except from a little bit of cold symptoms this morning before starting the new edit of the verdict chapter – and then it SUDDENLY disappeared and so it is and right now I believe it is unthinkable that you will let the cold break out fully and isn’t it a “wonderful world” and so it is.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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