9th August 2010 – The Council could have dissolved but are now re-assembling through human contact and healing energy

Summary of the script today



7th August: The Devil is fighting for his life when being eaten by the light I received STRONG negative speech from the Devil fighting for his life when being eaten by the light, dreaming of being at the light of the boat of the Devil (!), TRUE and POSITIVE feelings of Italians, removing money as a tool of the Devil, still dragging the world forward and in the future you will be happy to share in stead of hiding your knowledge. I was also doing a new COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE RUN to show you that it is possible when you decide to do it and I went to the barbecue party of the property speaking of philosophy and spirituality with new friends.
8th August: An elevator of pure gold and light and the plane of the Devil cracking apart A quiet day with positive visions of an elevator of gold and pure light and clearer symbols of creation and “normal life” than ever before. Dreaming of the plane of the Devil breaking apart because of the heavy gold and my very great need to be together with a nice girlfriend bringing me love and support.
9th August: The Council could have dissolved us all but are now re-assembling through healing energy
  • Winning the football match by 5-0, I am hurting when the Council becomes re-assembled, dreaming of hunger in Kenya, the new album of Jeff Lynne saying that I have decided not to go all the way with the Commune and the Council as the controllers of the ferry who could have decided to split the car into atoms – i.e. dissolving all of us completely because of the resistance I have met.
  • The Danish racing cyclist Michael Rasmussen was about to win Tour de France in 2007 but was thrown out and has been kept out since because of “other interests” of the race.
  • For months and years in fact I have had a VERY STRONG HOPE that people would start to understand and support me showing happiness instead of the misunderstandings and negativity of today also to replace the unbearable pain which they give me very directly through the Devil with feelings of “good vibrations” making it possible for me to start living a life as a “normal man” without extreme pain.
  • I had not thought about receiving healing before now, which could and should have killed me if I had not made the rule that we will all survive and that I am myself to be protected the most. Kim healed me today and I felt the energy coming to all of my left side and to my heart, which has suffered because of all negative energy I have received from other people giving me more small heart attacks lately. Virgin Mary said it was SAVING to receive. Healing is what kills Devils and helps me to make the light and the darkness agree here at the end, which we thought would have required an whole “army of lovers” and not only “one” to do.


7th August: The Devil is fighting for his life when being eaten by the light

Yesterday evening for a couple of hours I received strong negative speech from the Devil again trying to make me speak like him but NO WAY and this time he was speaking from my right side meaning that the light is now eating the darkness, which I believe will take some time to do as usual (I also have the final verdict of the system to write you know) – and this was really the reason why he was speaking so strongly because of his fight for his life – and when I say that “we will agree” it means that both Joseph and Virgin Mary will be released from playing the Devil and that both of you will survive and yesterday I said that my wish is to be with you inside the true light before you will leave me as my souls to be overtaken by my true inner self and we know so it is. And after a couple of hours the speech of the Devil started decreasing again.

The last days you have as so often before – maybe ten times per day – woken my computer from its sleeping mode, which normally is a symbol of “disturbance because of others” but yesterday you decided to let it stay in sleeping mode all evening when I was watching television and we know this made me think “fine, then I don’t have to shut it down before going to bed” – as I have started doing because you simply wake it up and it annoys me when I am going to sleep because of the noise it makes – and what happened yesterday (?) and of course two minutes after I had laid myself at bed you woke up the computer – and I could have told myself that you would do this of course – so I decided to stand up to shut it down and this is how life is here!

Tonight I had many small “dreams”, which I did not write down but a few made it:

  • I am lying on the sundeck on the Copenhagen-Oslo ferry in my shirt sleeves, I am going to lie there some time, there is no gangway, but people use the stairs in stead.
  • A sign of more suffering but still I am in the light of the ferry, which is a symbol of the Devil and we know a little bit of both is what you see here.
  • My Italian suits are insured – nobody expects any damages to them.
    • A good dream of being dressed with joy and happiness – see some chapters on television of Jamie Oliver in Italy and you will understand why I like these people so much when they smile and hug each other not being afraid to show compassion and TRUE and POSITIVE feelings and we know but please control your negative feelings will you (?) – which we expect no damages to.
  • I am the manager of Henning W. and he is pressuring me much to give him a salary increase and he lets me know that he has received other offers which he needs to reply on before Wednesday, which makes me feel bad.
    • Imagine a life without pressure given by the employee as here or by the employer using the salary or other “tools” as the weapon of pressure making people unhappy – and think of a life, where you will remove money as a tool of the Devil.
  • I am standing in the yard in front of the gate leading out, I have a small car placed in front of it too, there is snow all over, a big truck is driving on its way out and it almost hits my small car, but I manage to move it before the truck will break it. The truck drives out and I follow and when I come out I meet Fuggi but I cannot find my two attaché cases and after I have looked for some time I find one of them next to the truck, it includes an old ring binder from DFM of HR concepts etc. also from when I was working for Fair and Aon and I see Evy “borrowing” the ring binder without my knowledge copying the concepts – making me angry – and I meet several people in this dream including Niels de Bang being very happy sitting at my desk.
    • The truck is still the world I am dragging too and we know the economy of the world is still not broken down, the world has still not melt down – however VERY HOT in Russia these days – and most people are still living “as usual” however difficult for very many.
    • This is also to say that in the future all people will be HAPPY to share good ideas instead of hiding and keeping your knowledge to yourself because “this gives power” as I saw especially when I was working for DanskeBank-Pension – and also to say that people in the spirits are happy for what I am doing making me happy too.

    Today I was very tired again but I still did the final part of the third edit of my chapter on the verdict taking a total of four hours (!) – both editing and improving chapters with new ideas – and I expect that I will also give it a last forth edit before publishing it on Wednesday next week according to my plan.

    When I worked on the third edit of the verdict chapter I listened to Genesis again for the first time in maybe 1½ years and we know I had almost forgotten just how amazing they are too and we know “you are no son of mine” is what started this little revival and I do hope that ”Jesus he knows me” otherwise we may be in trouble you know and just maybe he will soon arrive showing his “invisible touch” to save this “land of confusion” and so it is – and as a matter of good sake IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE AGAIN TODAY TO DO THIS SCRIPT AND THE EDIT BECAUSE OF TIREDNESS BUT I DID IT BECAUSE I DECIDED TO DO IT.

    I did all my action plan today “ride on time” and we know really helping me to make the BLACK BOX “MOVE OUT” which is what I since this morning after hearing Dennis on DR4 radio, which I liked MUCH – and the late KIM SCUMACHER too and yes you made it to the scripts anyhow my friend Kim and we know feeling him here because Dennis played Kim on the radio and we know HE WAS THE MOST TALENTED RADIO HOST OF ALL TIMES IN DENMARK and we know CELEBRATED HE IS TO THIS DAY and he was gay, had a lover not in Japan but at Danske Bank where I was working and we know sadly died of AIDS 20 years ago and I was thinking of RADIO as the symbol of spiritual communication and Danske Bank as the symbol of “normal life” and that KIM JUST MAY GIVE US A HAND ON THIS and we know here I see him lifting a suit case and we know NO I AM NOT ON THE TRAIN BECAUSE I AM THE TRAIN and that is right ALL OF US ON THIS SIDE DRIVE THE TRAIN AND ALL OF YOU ON YOUR SIDE RIDE THE TRAIN and this is how it goes when the spiritual world is happy and we know the “situation” is really that I heard THE MOST FANTASTIC SONG BY YAZOO on the radio and what I believe must be one of the absolutely best songs of its kind and all day today I have used the words from the song “move out” to the Devil and we know THIS IS THE “SITUATION” AND HE KNOWS IT: MOVE OUT!

    And this was helped because of my decision to run and we know I AM NOT WORRIED ABOUT MY LUNGS AT ALL and I was on the edge if I had energy at all to run today because of tiredness and because of this I was not motivated at all so we know it was very difficult to start running around Lyngby Lake – running to the left from Havnehytten – and we know almost impossible to make it to the “big” bridge always half way through and thinking that I will try to make it to the next bridge through two very small “bays” and we know made it (!) and from here okay lets take one more “bay” to the next bridge and made it too even though it felt impossible (!) and okay lets see if I can make it to the next bridge where I stopped the last time when I ran the longest without stopping and really feeling impossible to do today but I made it too (!) and from here I thought okay lets make it up to the “corner” and made it too (!) and we know from here I had what I believe is 600-700 metres home and we know completely impossible to do BECAUSE OF ALL OF THE PAIN AND THE PHYSICAL RESISTANCE I RECEIVE FROM THE DEVIL WHEN I RUN and we know today including stitches and speech about the “wicked man” from the script of yesterday – not nice hearing you know – and then I made it all around the lake and really with the motivation that I wanted to give this proof to the book that even though it is IMPOSSIBLE TO DO WHEN I LIVE LIKE I LIVE ALSO AT THE MOMENT IT IS POSSIBLE IF YOU DECIDE TO DO IT and we know when running I was told that the staying power needed for ME to do this small run is still the same as what Contador did at Hautacam in Tour de France and to tell you the truth I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT SURE THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO DO THIS AGAIN feeling like I feel today and we know the lake is approx. 4.5 kilometres and for me it is the easiest to run indoors, hereafter on asphalt outdoors and the most difficult is to run on a sea or would path as today but I DID IT – and I was told by Virgin Mary that this means that she will not need to make me suffer as much as she would have had to do otherwise and again because of the pressure on her.

    Later I was told that “due to the circumstances” the feeling of my mother is the feeling of a lady above 80 years of age – she is 70 – but still I am the one feeling the “oldest” and it is also in this respect you should evaluate my running’s.

    Meeting new friends at the garden party of the property

    This evening I went to the garden party of the property together with 30 people (out of 120 apartments!), which I was very happy to do. At the table I received two new friends, Jesper and Kim, simply because we spoke very well together for several hours and liked each other’s company and we know I was happy just to be myself as Stig – because I have a need to be together with people as a completely ordinary man as everybody else – and here together with people not knowing the truth about me at least not yet even though I also spoke of my books and answered ONE person only that my books are available free on the Internet and the evening meeting new friends made me think about the before and after syndrome of people and we know what they think of me before – mostly positive – and after knowing about me and my website – mostly negative – and here I was just “a face in the crowd”.

    We had a long talk on “philosophy” and also “spirituality” because we had this interest in common, Kim is interested in Eastern philosophy and practises healing – I will visit him on Monday to receive FREE healing to receive more energy for my build-up – and I did not speak of my own spirituality but of spirituality in general as he did too and I found that we understood and could agree on most if not all subjects – this is what makes friends – and one subject I liked to speak with them about was of the importance always to love human beings more than material objects, which many people today often “forget” until the day where they may experience a serious disease or a near death experience making them understand and hereafter appreciate every day more intense and we know Stig what is the matter doing this every single day already, to prioritise true and intense friendships with good communication leading to happiness like we experienced this evening?

    Earlier in the evening I spoke to one person who could ONLY speak about himself answering my maybe 50 questions to him without asking me any questions at all, which made me sad to see because people will lose interest in persons like this and it makes his own life poorer. I also spoke to another person, who was really “not present” because she did not focus on me in our conversation, she was not very interested in answering my questions, she let her thoughts and concentration “slip away” to everything else and have you ever had a conversation with a person who you can see and feel does really not listen to you while you speak (?) and we know this is what I experienced here and again making me sad, loosing interest in her and so it is.

    I also learned this evening that the story I was told and brought some months ago about Hans Bjerg Pedersen in relation to the football club of Lyngby was not true – it was “gossip”, which I believed was true. I am sorry.

    8th August: An elevator of pure gold and light – and the plane of the Devil cracking apart

    This morning again I was very tired and I had agreed to be on the team cleaning up this morning from the party yesterday so even though I was actually too tired to do this I decided to meet at the agreed time 10.00 precisely with two others of the property and it took 25 minutes to do the clean up and afterwards I decided to go home again to RELAX because of my tiredness and to wait doing my final edit of the chapter of the verdict one or two days and we know Stig so it is.

    When I laid myself to sleep yesterday after the party I received many positive visions and the first was of Virgin Mary at a giant sports hall with people doing gymnastics followed by myself coming to an elevator made of gold where the inside is PURE LIGHT but when it starts moving up I am still not quite inside of it yet and it gave me a feeling that this is the elevator, which will bring me to my true inner self and I was told that this access will now become easier because of my build-up because of good relations with people at the garden party. I was also shown “everything” as yellow, which was “eggs all over” and I saw it inside a supermarket too so really it was more clear symbols of “creation” and “normal life” than ever before.

    In a dream I was shown a big wing being assembled on the body of an aeroplane. The wing contains both people and luggage – and the luggage includes gold which is very heavy and hidden as gunpowder. The wing is not of the same brand as the aeroplane and really therefore not fitting entirely, it is unstable and the weight of the gold makes the wing crash into the body of the aeroplane making the people working there escape to the end of the plane. The plane is at the airport on its way to the take off lane and on the ground a Mafiosi tries to bribe an employee to allow the plane to take off, however he does not receive approval because he is looking suspicious and speaks unclearly – and really a dream saying that we have hidden the “gold” and we know the light inside the Devil and that the light is now so strong that the Devil is breaking apart – a “cracked actor” as you might say – and that the plane cannot take off.

    I also had a long dream of a beautiful woman I know, who understands me as a person including the spiritual side of me and who would like to make love to me and be together with me and we know all of this, which I miss more than you can ever imagine and when I woke up from the dream I knew that there is nothing I can do. Even though I had a “normal” evening yesterday where we could have continued going to party in town with the prospect of meeting a nice lady I know that this is not part of my destiny and that I will have to suffer very much being alone – as “old” readers will know from my experiences the last years where I have NOT been allowed to meet a nice lady (!) – until the day where one special lady who is meant for me will be free and will start to really feel her love in me so strongly that we will start to see each other again and we know I don’t know when this will happen – if it will be before or after my “great transition” and my guess is that it will be after and so it is.

    Today I was SO TIRED that I took a nap for the first time in a long time and first at 17.00 I felt that I had “recovered” so much that I would probably be able to do my scheduled Yoga, which I then did and by the way the “cold” is now somewhat stronger today and we know maybe 10-25 percent of a “normal” cold and I wonder if you will turn this up or down the next days and if the healing tomorrow will make you decide to remove it and so it is here.

    I had a couple of hours, which was a pain to go through – because of negative feelings of family – and later in the day it became better, it was loosening up and I saw all the darkness around me and told that it is family and friends who have created the worst Hell I have gone through and that the reason why I feel it better most of the day today is because of more people thinking positive thoughts of me today because of the party yesterday.

    9th August: The Council could have dissolved us all but are now re-assembling through healing energy

    Yesterday evening I was told that the result of the football match of this phase is 5-0 and not 5-2 as in a dream some weeks ago – where 4-1 in a later dream gave me the feeling “on the way to 5-2” – and I tell you that this was (is) NOT the easiest to go through and we know extremely difficult and so disgusting as I cannot tell you and we know potentially we know so evil as I can not even imagine.

    For short periods at the garden party and with the hair dresser as examples I have received a strange and very uncomfortable “pain” under the skin of my face, around, inside and behind my nose, neck and throat and in between this area, like a burning feeling making sinking difficult and painful, tasting blood and almost like “putting something back in order which is not there” and we know it hurts to become re-assembled, which is the process we have started, which this pain illustrates – and yesterday I was shown and also “felt” that my feet and the first part of my lower legs have started to receive new skin not to replace the existing because there is none (!) and it was a good feeling but still I am thinking that there is much left and so it is.

    And when I went to bed yesterday evening I heard two VERY HIGH cracking sounds and I was shown a green chest opening and I was told “you have no idea how great it is to come out from an almost not existing condition”.

    I was dreaming of hunger in Kenya and people stealing and committing crimes to get food – and I saw very little money including a coin from North Korea as a symbol of their immense suffering too – and we know I REALLY SAW A COIN FROM KOREA AT THE RURAL VILLAGE IN KENYA WHEN I WAS THERE!

    I dreamt of the new album of Jeff Lynne – and yes I am one of the people who for months have been following news on the Internet about when this will come out and we know when you haven’t heard new music from your favourite artist for almost ten years you are of course eager for it to arrive and we know who will be the first to tell “here is the news” (?) – and in the dream the album is called something like this: “A motorcycle does not want to go longer than this and that is too bad” and this is both a reference to the English speaking man at our garden party and his amazing looking old Danish Nimbus motorcycle and here also saying that I have decided not to go all the way to the end with the Commune IF they should decide to demand me to take medicine (!!!) and we know I have no problems telling people straight out a NO when they do WRONG things but here I really need to survive, which is the same for LTO I am helping and we know the important part here is the VERDICT of the system of me based on their own misunderstandings and for me to write it and so it is.

    In another dream I am driving with Sanna and Hans in a car together with Bettina and Mette through the ticket sales of the ferry and if we were only three we could use a discount ticket but since we are five we need to pay full price and Sanna says to Hans that the controllers will probably not open the trunk to check but if they do they will split the car into atoms – and I cannot remember what the answer is – but we are on our way to the summer house all of us and Hans is annoyed telling me that we will only be there for four hours, which he believes is not worth while and I look at the calendar and find out that we will actually be there for four full days – and we know really saying that the Council could have decided for all of us to dissolve totally because of the resistance I have met and gone through but not according to my rules it is!

    For a long time I have been inspired to write about the Danish racing cyclist Michael Rasmussen – also today, so here it is – who was about to win Tour de France in 2007 before he was thrown out of the race because of doping and we know since then it has been totally impossible for him to come back to the sport – even though other cyclists have been “allowed” to come back after doping – and we know with the strong resistance of the managers of the sport itself and do I hear “interests” and “money” and “strong support from sponsors” here and we know “NO WE DON’T LIKE MICHAEL RASMUSSEN BECAUSE HE WILL NOT BE THE BEST MAN TO SATISFY ALL OF OUR INTERESTS” and we know not easy when you are the best cyclist of all who could have won the Tour de France and we know Stig “maybe he still could” and he has now been banned by the sport for the last three years and he has kept himself in shape ever since and we know waiting for his chance to come again and will Bjarne Riis have the courage to take him on his team and we know after Michael now has received a sponsor making it FREE for Bjarne (!) to get Michael – one of the best cyclists of the world (!) – cycling for his team and we know HOW VISIBLE IS IT THAT THIS SPORT IS AS ROTTEN AS MOST BUSINESSES IN THE WORLD when it is “difficult” hiring one of the best cyclists for free (?) and we know just wanted to say that really and thank you guys.

    At the garden party when I spoke about Gordon Ramsey to Jesper and Kim and his direct approach to make restaurant owners and employees understand their poor quality and often behaviour too, which often makes these people very sad or angry – uncontrollable feelings – before they will change on a plate starting to understand, change and become very happy with Gordon, I had the feeling that this is exactly the same which will happen to me when people will start to understand me – a feeling I have had before in other connections – and this is what I have been looking forward to for a very long period of time and we know at least from the 1st February because when people will start to show me understanding and happiness instead of you know abandoning me, behaving negatively and wrongly speaking behind my back I will just become a “normal man” without the DIRECT PAIN given to me by the Devil, which they causes and which is still with me every single second of the day and we know looking very much forward to start receiving some true human understanding and support with NO PAIN after going through Hell for years.

    Today I decided to do the fourth and final edit of my chapter on the verdict to be published on Wednesday – spending three hours on this and we know improving the quality even more and we know Stig this is as good as it gets with four edits and this is where I will stop but it can potentially improve even more with 10 or 20 edits and so it is – even though today is also one of those days where I really don’t have the energy to do work like this – and we know it is really like “another day in paradise” here and mostly because of the POSITIVE FEELINGS I receive from music and here Phil Collins, whom I am listening to now and from in my opinion his best album ever – AND A FANTASTIC ALBUM IT IS – and I enjoy very much many of your songs not least “in the air tonight” and we know OF COURSE ALSO YOUR DRUMMING (!) and I am thinking that MUSIC IS A HEALER TOO and we know do you then see the problems with your CD-player in a new light (?) and so it is.

    Receiving SAVING healing from Kim helping us/me to re-assemble

    Today met Kim from the property as agreed to receive healing and I had decided to give him two homemade CD’s with the hits of Leonard Cohen and Fleetwood Mac, he did not have music with these bands so I hope he will enjoy it as much as I and we know all of us Stig YOU HAD NOT THOUGHT OF THE OPPORTUNITY TO RECEIVE HEALING BEFORE NOW – the last time was approx. four years ago at Pia and Peter, where the Devil asked me to stop as Peter probably recall because he did it physically rising up and back then I did not know it was the Devil, but I figured this out here – and we know WHICH COULD HAVE AND ALMOST SHOULD HAVE KILLED YOU and we know again because of negative energy of others brought to me BUT WE KNOW IT DID NOT HAPPEN BECAUSE OF THE RULE I HAVE SET UP THAT WE MUST ALL SURVIVE and that I AM THE ONE TO BE PROTECTED THE MOST and therefore my friend and we know you have tried to let me write some times that the BIG pressure could have been so immense on me that it would have made me and all of us dissolve and we know but I have really not written it directly before you gave it to me in the dream this morning and we know the reason is as mentioned the RULE YOU HAVE SET UP WHICH WE SIMPLY HAD TO COMPLY WITH and my friend HAD YOU NOT DONE THIS, WE WOULD ALL HAVE BEEN EXTINCT NOW and this is how it works.

    Kim decided to heal my heart and solar plexus chakras because I told him that I have no diseases but that I was looking to receive more energy and he started putting his hands on the top of my chest and my back and immediately I felt his warm hands and the energy floating through him over to me and we know this is what happens when people “heal” each other – or TOUCH EACH OTHER and we know IT WORKS THE BEST WHEN PEOPLE HAVE WARM FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER herewith saying that partners, parents/children, good friends etc. really HEAL each other with the best results when they touch and bring energy to each other, this is simply how it works – and I was surprised that I felt the energy coming very directly and physically to my heart and while I thought of it, it was really not a big surprise because 1-2 weeks ago you showed me visions which I did not write down where you took out the heart from my body and placed it “outside” and you have started given me more of these “small heart attacks” too, which I have written about before and we know symbols saying that I WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD IF I HAD NOT DONE MY BEST TO AVOID IT as mentioned before (!) and while I received the healing energy Virgin Mary told me that it was SAVING to receive and we know after some minutes feeling the energy in my heart, I also felt it coming to the left side of my body, my arm, my shoulder and the leg and we know Kim said that it was my female side and we know but in my case this is Joseph and we know healing him and giving him light and so it is. And when the healing ended I was shown a vision of a big dark heart which I really felt was LOVE but coming from my inner selves struggling to stay alive and so it is. Thank you Kim and he will now go on holiday so I hope I will be able to receive more healing from Pia – who is a reiki healer – and Peter when I will meet them again and maybe from others too and we know I have a couple of thoughts to follow up on in this respect and we know simply trying to reach an existence of a “normal man” I am.

    Later I was told that HEALING IS WHAT KILLS DEVILS and this is why I felt all of the energy coming to my left side really to kill the Devil (!) and we know of course to keep the light of both Joseph and Virgin Mary. Later I was shown that I am now receiving skin further up my legs and also on the side of my body, this is how much healing means. I was also shown the Devil trying to row a row boat on a river where there is now only water puddles left making him stuck so he could only look up at the bridge where I have free access crossing and we know the river is not any river but THE NILE IN EGYPT which I have not written much about before if anything (?) but for years I have been told about the Nile and my mission has really been – symbolic – to cross the Nile and to return and we know I AM NOW RETURNING HOME with the Pyramids as my goal and this is how this fits together and we know many crocodiles in this river and many of them could have killed me, many of them attacked me but I escaped them all and we know Stig this is what you/I did alone making the light and darkness agree here at the end (!) and we know WE THOUGHT THIS WOULD REQUIRE AN “ARMY OF LOVERS” TO DO but this army consisted of one man facing the big army of the Devil – and HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE RESISTED ME AND HAD NEGATIVE THOUGHTS OF ME and then you can count yourself as part of the army of the Devil which I have FACED single handily BUT WITH THE HELP OF VERY FEW PEOPLE IN KENYA – and this is exactly how it is, the strength of one man against the strengths of how many people?


    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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