11th August part I – The verdict of family and friends: 2 out of 3 have abandoned me because of WRONG negative feelings!

This is part I of II of the script of today.

Summary of the script today



The verdict of family and friends: 2 out of 3 have abandoned me because of WRONG negative feelings!
  • I sent emails to family members and friends with the message that I AM STILL THE SAME PERSON AS EVER and I asked positively to see all again, which all people in a perfect world of “positive vibrations” should be able to accept. The verdict of my family and friends: 38 percent accepted to see me again, 15 percent declined and 47 percent SIMPLY IGNORED ME.
  • This means that the inability to understand my books including negative feelings and/or disbelief in me were stronger for most people than their positive feelings to me as their family or friend!
  • The message is that people cannot communicate, they misunderstand and ignore people and have problems apologising and forgiving, which makes family relations and friendships break apart causing pain instead of happiness. Most people are “cautious” instead of being truly open and positive and they cannot understand or accept that they personally have these problems relating to other people but my story and verdict shows differently!
  • It has been TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to make MOST people understand me because people WRONGLY believe they know better, don’t care, don’t believe they need to read to “know” that I am NOT the Son of God (!) and/or don’t believe in my communication with Virgin Mary etc. bringing discomfort to some believing that this is “pure invention”. The problem is not me but YOU who are totally DEAF when you only listen to your own sceptical voice, when you are lazy and don’t have faith!
  • For years almost no-one have asked me OPEN questions to understand me with an open heart. How many of you have decided to ignore me but have talked about “the story of Stig becoming crazy” behind my back to others – most of you (?) – and how many of these have decided to believe in this “gossip” instead of reading or listening to me to get “both sides of the story” (?) – also most of you?
  • I had “bad feelings” to contact people because of their bad behaviour, ignorance of me and not helping when I had no food but I decided to focus on the positive of ALL 45 people (!), who I would all like to see again, but 28 of these could not overcome their misunderstood “bad feelings” of me!
  • What made me the most unhappy is that people close to me for years could have talked to, understood and supported me but instead they showed anger, concerns or disbelief in me or even cut our relations at the same time as I went through the worst suffering in history, dying and dissolving in front of their eyes for them to read and understand on a daily basis – if they were not too “busy” doing “more important” things. I HAD NO-ONE TO TALK TO GOING THROUGH HELL AND I HAD NO GIRLFRIEND WHO COULD HAVE SHOWED ME LOVE AND SUPPORT – people had “other priorities”.


The Verdict of family and friends: 2 out of 3 have abandoned me because of WRONG negative feelings!

Between the 27th July and 2nd August I sent my email to family and friends – the email is included in the script of the 30th July – with the message that I am still the same person as ever, that I care much for them and that I would like to see them again meaning that ALL PEOPLE ON THIS BASIS SHOULD BE ABLE TO ACCEPT SEEING ME unless of course that my scripts have “influenced” them too much giving them more negative than positive feelings to me. These are the results of my “pole” – and if more answers should come after the publishing of this script I will let you know:

Positive answer
Negative answer
My mother Lona and John *
My sister Sanna and Hans
Nephews Tobias and Niklas
My father Peer and Kirsten
My aunt Inge and Ove *
Mette and Jesper
Bettina and Søren
Elijah *
Kim S.
Kirsten C.
Pia and Peter
Fuggi *
Lotus *
Christian E. and Torben
Søren H.
Karen and Denis
Rikke H.
Peter A
Martin B.
Total: 45
Percentage: 100%

* A total of 7 family members and friends did not receive my email because they had already accepted me a few days before I sent the email. Kirsten C. sent me a “positive” answer but has not contacted me again as promised two times meaning that her true answer may in fact be negative.

I could have decided to send emails to more people I would like to see again – including old friends, whom I care much for too but have not seen for a long time – but these are the ones I found it LOGICALLY to write to at the moment with a few being “on the edge”.

Please notice that a total of 62 percent as per today – which may increase or decrease over the coming days – have either given me a negative answer or have decided to TOTALLY IGNORE ME without answering at all – which most decided to do herewith showing very bad behaviour (!) – and this is from family members and friends, who I normally enjoy being together with as I believe they normally do with me too and we know Stig one day a friend, the next day apparently not and this is because PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND MY SCRIPTS AND DON’T BELIEVE IN ME GIVING THEM “MIXED EMOTIONS” OF ME AS RESULTS and do you believe people become happy or sad when family bonds and friendships break because of misunderstandings (?) and you are right, they become sad as I did very much here too because of all people who have decided to abandon me and we know simply because their ORIGINAL WARM AND FRIENDLY FEELINGS TOWARDS ME HAVE NOT BEEN STRONG ENOUGH TO DEFEAT THEIR NEGATIVE FEELINGS TOWARDS MY BOOKS, MY “CLAIM” OF WHO I AM AND/OR MY STORIES ON THEM PERSONALLY!

I said clearly in my email that I am exactly the same man as always and in a perfect world, people would have read and understood the positive messages of my books with happiness and “good vibrations” as a result (!), which would have made ALL family members and friends WITHOUT EXCEPTION accepting to see me again but here you see the results of people not carefully reading my books and people reacting to my email differently based on their INDIVIDUAL FEELINGS making many take WRONG decisions. One friend said “I consider you simply as the Stig I know” and another who could have decided to do the same said “there is no foundation to keep us together” and THIS IS NOT BECAUSE I AM DIFFERENT BUT BECAUSE PEOPLE MISUNDERSTAND, REACT DIFFERENTLY AND IN THIS SITUATION MANY DECIDE TO LISTEN TO THEIR OWN STRONG AND WRONG VOICE OF “CONCERNS” and something, which is VERY POSITIVE herewith becomes VERY NEGATIVE in the mind of many.

In my email I wrote directly that I would write if family or friends no longer will consider me as family and friend if they are too “influenced” by my writings and I wonder how many of you have decided to overcome your feelings of “throwing up” sending me a “positive” answer because you did not want to stand out in my scripts as a friend abandoning me (?) – and if there are some who have decided to do this, the negative verdict of my family and friends is still clear.

Here are some quotes from the answers I received, which I have decided to bring anonymously to bring value to the story, which I hope all people will understand and accept because this should not disclose or offend anyone – and we know Stig you had not anticipated this scenario coming and I know that this differs slightly from the rule I originally set but this is the best balance I can decide on today considering both people and the story and I am in no doubt that this is right to do and we know it really makes me sorry that I need to think like this having to even “consider” negative feelings of people acting wrongly – therefore – and I do hope that no people will believe that I have “disclosed” them since I set this rule in July even though there may be 2-3 situations on “the edge” in my own mind and we know I am gradually “improving” until I am sure that I will keep this rule 100 percent and so it often is when you have started receiving a habit, which you have decided to change and are in the process of changing but again where there is a will, there is a road because you as a person are stronger than your thoughts and your habits, which will change gradually when you decide to be strong.

Positive replies:

  • “I would love to see you again – I have NO prejudices against you or what you do, which I respect fully and I consider you simply as the Stig I know.”
  • “Let us meet soon” and “love from your old friend”.
  • “We will be happy to see you and to become united again”.
  • “Lovely to hear from you and we look forward to seeing you again”.
  • “Of course I still want to see you. I have never believed that something was completely wrong with you.”
  • “I have never had and will never get problems to be together with you.”
  • “Certainly I would like to see you again”.

These are examples of people where WARM FEELINGS OF FRIENDSHIP SHINED THROUGH and were STRONGER than their negative feelings of me – thank you very much for making me happy J – but on the other side I have not met one single family member or friend yet who believes in me and my spirituality also making me sad at the same time.

Positive replies with reservations:

  • “You may believe who you are, which I respect fully but I don’t believe in Judgment Day … (and more). If you want to see me on background of what I believe in, it is okay with me.”
  • “It will be a pleasure to re-establish our connection” and “as you can imagine, it is very difficult to believe in your major ideas. But even if I am wrong, and you correct, it is much more difficult to write to you, as I am writing to the Son of God. I am just simple human.”

These are examples of friends having different feelings (primarily) not believing in me but they decided to let the warm feelings shine through so much that they answered me, which I followed up on positively focusing on our friendship and that I am simply “the Stig” as always instead of letting the few things we disagree on destroy our friendship and we know thinking that in the future it should be possible always to come to an understanding when all will be better to listen and understand but here the understanding is that we “fully respect your attitude” and that “we agree that we disagree on this” and instead let us focus on what makes us happy: Our friendship. This is to have a positive and not negative view on life and it is not the same as saying that you should avoid communication on difficult subjects – this would be WRONG you know – but here it is to say that it is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE for us today to come to an understanding and again not because of me but because of people and therefore the only thing I could do was to focus on the positive in our friendship.

Please notice reply number two, which is from a VERY HONEST MAN writing positively/objectively from the heart what he feels – not always you see that today (!) – which here is that he does not believe in me – this is his FEELING – BUT WHAT IF IT IS CORRECT THAT I AM THE SON OF GOD (?) as he writes and this “doubt” is coming to him because of HIS LOGICAL SENSE BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TRUSTWORTHY AND THAT I “MEAN BUSINESS” WHEN I HAVE WRITTEN MORE THAN 2,000 PAGES SERIOUSLY and just maybe some have understood my message that I AM WRITING WHAT IS SIMPLE LOGIC FOR ALL OF US TO DO AS BASIS OF THE FUTURE NEW ORDER OF THE WORLD and so it is.

Negative replies:

  • “At the moment I feel that we are in two different worlds and there is therefore no foundation to keep us together”.
  • “I don’t want searches on the Internet leading to descriptions I have not had any influence on myself”.
  • I am not angry or anything else, I have only chosen to sort out the things in my life, which drain me from energy, so please respect this.

These are examples of negative answers where the NEGATIVE FEELINGS OF PEOPLE UNFORTUNATELY WERE STRONGER THAN THE WARM AND FRIENDLY FEELINGS and we know SOLELY BECAUSE OF THE MISUNDERSTANDINGS AND NEGATIVE VIEWS ON MY SCRIPTS and again DO YOU BELIEVE I WAS HAPPY OR SAD TO RECEIVE THESE ANSWERS (?) and do you believe that these people were happy or sad deciding not to see me again (?) and SAD is the name of this game and we know because they have decided not to use the care and time to read and understand me and we know for some also holding a grudge against me because of my writings – again because they don’t read and understand – and therefore without the HUMAN DIGNITY TO SACRIFICE FOR A HIGHER COURSE TO HELP US ALL and I am also thinking that I COULD HAVE SPENT MUCH TIME WITH SOME OF THESE PEOPLE WHICH COULD HAVE CHANGED OUR LIVES MAKING US ALL HAPPY (!) and I now hear two voices from the Council confirming this and we know Stig MANY FEELINGS COMING HERE and tears rolling down because of this and so it is.

I received the most negative answer from my father, which is not included in this chapter but I have decided to break my promise not to disclose people one last time (!) to bring his answer in chapter 11.2 simply because it brings MUCH value to the story and because his answer came as a complete surprise to me.

Most people cannot TRULY understand and communicate – but people WRONGLY believe “of course we can”

I can only imagine the FEELINGS and potential answers of the largest group of people simply IGNORING me making me the most unhappy because I don’t know when they have decided not to communicate but these may be some of their negative feelings:

  • Hostile and negative feelings towards me because of their disbelief in me and opposition to my stories on people,
  • “He will not be able to stop talking about himself as “the Son of God” etc. if I meet him” – but did you notice in my email that I have decided not to speak about my spirituality if you don’t believe in me, so how many of you decided to “guess” on this?
  • “What if he is really the one because I am simply a human” (?) making people afraid to see me instead of happy.
  • Some would maybe have decided to see me if I had sent them a short text message without explaining my story!

What I am thinking here is that “shiny happy people” LOVE TO COMMUNICATE and that people of the darkness don’t and my dear friends PEOPLE IGNORING ME IS THE LARGEST GROUP (!) and we know HOW DIFFICULT WOULD IT BE FOR YOU TO SEND ME A SHORT ANSWER (?) but this is HOW THE WORLD IS TODAY BECAUSE OF THE IMMENSE STRENGTH OF THE DARKNESS: MOST PEOPLE DON’T COMMUNICATE PROPERLY and as often before it is because of LAZY and SPOILED people not understanding correctly – and here also some people who may feel HURT without understanding the true picture because if they did they would not feel hurt (!) – and we know BAD BEHAVIOUR IS WHAT THIS SHOWS and I can only think why did this or that old good friend not send me a reply and we know giving me a feeling of SADNESS again and we know HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE TO UNDERSTAND AND BEHAVE CORRECTLY (?) and my dear family members and friends: ALL OF YOUR NEGATIVE FEELINGS AND RESISTANCE TO ME ARE SELF-INFLICTED because you have not been able to understand and to control your negative feelings – this is what you have showed the world and of course if I was to ask all of you if you are able to understand and communicate (?) and if you are able to control your negative feelings (?) all of you would answer “YES OF COURSE I AM” WITHOUT BLINKING (?) and we know THIS STORY TELLS DIFFERENTLY – do you see?

This is how people one day can be a close friend or family member and the next day the same person is about to throw up thinking that it is because of you but in reality it is because of the misunderstanding of him- or herself without the person realising it.

And you might think that the closest family and best friends would be the ones who would be the first to accept me and welcome me back (?) and I am glad to say that this is what my mother and John did as the closest family and Fuggi as a close friend but it made me VERY SAD to see that VERY CLOSE FAMILY MEMBERS AND BEST FRIENDS ALSO ABANDONED ME – and today I give Fuggi the predicate as “my new best friend” because of his open and warm welcome of me and what was my best friend many years ago who I thought potentially still would be the same today is now sadly no friend of mine anymore, not because I don’t want to see him but because he has now also abandoned me – and please let me repeat: I ALWAYS THINK OF THE POSITIVE QUALITIES OF ALL FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT I ALWAYS REMEMBER OF PEOPLE – I have a tendency to forget the “negative” – and I am only sad that you have not been able to understand me and that so many have not been able to take the right decision to accept seeing me again – and please understand that the comments today ARE OBJECTIVELY MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS BECAUSE OF YOUR DECISIONS.

People don’t show JOY and HAPPINESS

In most people today I don’t see and don’t feel their TRUE warm feelings, joy and happiness, which makes me very sad – as it makes me very happy when I see it in some people. Instead I see and feel sterile and “cautious” people with only little or no compassion and smiles often with a negative view of the world and we know people who have been taken away their POSITIVE emotions and JOY simply because this is the path they have chosen themselves – and we know the path of COMPLETE CULTURES (!) – and we know THE MORE FAITH YOU HAVE AND THE MORE HAPPINESS YOU DECIDE TO SHOW, THE MORE WILL BE BROUGHT TO YOU and vice versa – it is up to you to decide (!) – and let me say that all of the NEGATIVE FEELINGS AND MISUNDERSTANDINGS TODAY ARE KILLING ME AND THE WORLD and we know LITTERALLY!

It has been TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to make people understand me. You hurt because you are deaf and believe you know better!

For Simon Powell in X Factor it is OFTEN COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT THEY TRULY CANNOT SING (!) and he can tell them 1,000 times and still their own voice is so strong that many people don’t want to listen and believe in him even though he is THE PROFESSIONAL and they are the “wise guys” thinking/hoping they are skilled and this is the same you see here: I have explained MANY times about my self and my purpose, which should be EASY FOR ALL TO UNDERSTAND if only you read my books carefully without having prejudices but because this is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE for most people to do today it is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to make you understand me even though I do my absolutely best. How many of you TRULY understand me and have faith in me today (?) and the answer is NOT MANY (!) and ALL OF YOU WOULD HAVE HAD FAITH IN ME IF YOU HAD SHOWED THE ATTITUDE OF A TRUE CARING FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND WORKING WITH A BETTER QUALITY/DISCIPLINE SHOWING A TRULY OPEN MINDSET WHICH INCLUDES KEEPING BACK YOUR OWN STRONG VOICE HIDING THE TRUTH FROM YOU AND POLLUTING YOUR SURROUNDINGS (!) – and this is TRULY the reason why most people have negative feelings towards me making them sad and almost killing me: Because of themselves!

OUR FEELINGS OF BEING HURT AND SAD ARE THE SAME – but the level of suffering is different where most people have been able to understand their own feelings without understanding mine – BUT BECAUSE THIS IS THE REVERSED WORLD (!) WE ARE HURTING NOT BECAUSE OF MY WRITNGS BUT BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND AND BECAUSE PEOPLE “FEEL” – which sadly is the same as “THEY ARE TOTALLY SURE” (!) – THAT THEY ARE RIGHT AND I AM WRONG where the truth is that PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY DEAF AND THINK THEY KNOW BETTER WHEN THEY ARE REALLY WRONG – this is the “wise guy” in action and it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to SHOUT most of you up. Do you see?

How many of you have thought that you don’t need to read my books to “know” that I am wrong because it is simple logic to you that it is TRULY IMPOSSIBLE that I am the man I say I am (?), which is truly the same as saying that you don’t take me seriously and this is really what many people who feel superior do to people they undervalue and we know this is DISRESPECT and arrogance/pride, which I don’t like to see – and how many of you have simply not read anything because you don’t care and don’t show any commitment?

How many of you have decided NOT to read carefully herewith NOT understanding the SIMPLE LOGIC of my books because they include spiritual communication with Virgin Mary, Joseph, John Paul II, Mary Magdalena, Nostradamus, Jeanne D’arc, Montgomery, Rommel and others (?) and we know, which you don’t believe in and resist, which may have given you feelings of discomfort and thoughts that this must be my pure invention (?) – why should I invent (?) and we know Stig YOU SIMPLY DON’T HAVE THE IMAGINATION TO “INVENT” ALL OF THIS SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION INCLUDING DREAMS AND MUCH MORE – and how many of you have started to understand that I AM TRULY WRITING THE WORDS AND FEELINGS I RECEIVE FROM THE SPIRITS OF THE COUNCIL AND OTHERS 100 PERCENT LOYAL (?) where some communication is the truth of the light and some are lies of the darkness and that YOU YOURSELF ARE THE SOURCE OF THE DARKNESS BECAUSE OF YOUR DISBELIEF AND BAD BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS ME? Do you start to understand just how difficult it is to make you understand me, when most of you are caught in a bad ring of misunderstandings and disbelief, which nourish the dark side of me bringing wrong stories in my scripts for you to read and “evaluate” with your own “personal and sceptical filter”?

And I am thinking how many of you would have decided to read and understand me if I had done “normal memos” INCLUDING MY RECOMMENDATIONS BASED ON SIMPLE LOGIC divided into different chapters of for example the Danish unemployment system, working morale and behaviour without any spiritual communication at all (?) – and we know I have understood this argument before and what it is saying is that PEOPLE CAN EASILY AGREE WITH MY SIMPLE LOGIC WHEN THEY READ OR LISTEN TO ME BUT NOT IN MY SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION – where all of this comes from (!) – AND IN HOW I SAY IT AND IT MAKES SOME PEOPLE SAD THAT I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE THINGS FOR THE BETTER BECAUSE OF THIS (!) – and the truth is that I WRITE THIS THE ABSOLUTELY BEST WAY and OF COURSE IT WILL IMPROVE THINGS and we know THE WORLD IN FACT and the fundamental problem of many people is that they don’t show commitment, are lazy, don’t have faith in God or at least not faith in the “spiritual communication” I receive and we know do you see the contradiction: PEOPLE CAN EASILY UNDERSTAND MY SIMPLE LOGIC BUT MOST PEOPLE CANNOT UNDERSTAND MY SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION and do you think this is because of me or yourself (?) and yes you are right – IT IS BECAUSE OF YOURSELF, YOUR FEELINGS AND YOUR LACK OF FAITH.

Lack of communication and understanding is one of the main sources of suffering in the world!

I have given you myself as AN EXTREME EXAMPLE of the effect of misunderstandings – negative feelings and suffering with family relations and friendships breaking apart followed by physical suffering because of the “negative energy” people spread spiritually to each other – to tell you that THIS IS ONE OF THE MAIN SOURCES OF SUFFERING OF THE WORLD TODAY and my message is as I have written throughout my books: DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO LISTEN TO AND UNDERSTAND PEOPLE instead of primarily listening to your own strong voice, which as you have seen here can make people decide to do nothing (!) if they don’t understand and if they dislike or disagree with people, which is the same as deliberately cutting relations without wanting to communicate – NEVER DO THAT (!) – and not understanding that you are often the problem yourself.

All of you could have decided to ask questions with an OPEN MIND doing your absolutely best trying to understand me as objectively as possible without listening to your own strong and sceptical voice and when this is written I can only think of Kim S. and Preben asking me several open questions – understanding my objective goals better than anyone but without a direct understanding of me spiritually other than what the objective understanding may make them think of me spiritually (!) because the true key of a full understanding is to READ MY BOOKS CAREFULLY WITH AN OPEN MIND, which they have not yet prioritised – and we know because they have the combination of friendly feelings and are used to ask questions in their jobs and asking questions, listening, understanding and reflecting is what makes the world go around and we know this is how it is, this is what makes me and all people happy and vice versa what makes me sad when most people don’t – as most people in my case here – when they don’t understand and when they because of this take WRONG decisions – and instead of re-connecting with ALL family and friends I have here seen family members I have always known and friends I have known for up to 30 or 35 years deciding to abandon and “forget” me (!) and can you understand how sad this makes me feel (?) and we know they feel sad too, but they could have acted differently doing “the right stuff” to understand and behave correctly as I have taught you in my books.

I am thinking HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE DECIDED TO IGNORE ME BUT HAVE STLL DECIDED TO SPEAK WIDELY ABOUT ME BEHIND MY BACK TO COLLEAGUES AND FRIENDS INCLUDING YOUR NEGATIVE FEELINGS AND “VERDICT” THAT I MUST BE CRAZY (?) and we know DO YOU THINK THIS STINKS (?) AND DO YOU KNOW HOW SAD IT MAKES ME FEEL (?) and we know REALLY VERY “BAD” BECAUSE THIS IS THE MAIN REASON WHY WE ARE ALMOST BLEEDING TO DEATH and here it was the voice of Virgin Mary. This is how the Universe is working – negative emotions and behaviour of people towards me bring negative energy to me feeding the Devil directly and my dear friends I have explained this connection many times since I published my scripts the 1st February that you are almost killing me – which you also almost did here in July/August – but you have not yet understood this connection and therefore you have decided to continue to speak negatively of me because this is how you normally behave (?) and I am also thinking here how many of you have “begun to understand” that I just may be right after I sent you my email bringing more understanding to you?

I am thinking how many people can say that “I heard it through the grapevine” – A BIG FAVOURITE OF MINE WHICH IS NOTHING LESS THAN MONUMENTAL (!) – and we know “the story of Stig becoming crazy” of course and HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE DECIDED TO BELIEVE IN YOUR FRIEND TELLING YOU THIS “TRUTH” (?) and how many of you have decided to read my website/books or to contact me to listen to “both sides of the story” (?) and we know I think of both family, friends and ex-colleagues “gossiping” about me without understanding me thinking they tell the truth but in reality they tell lies because of their own misunderstandings and therefore HURTING ME TREMENDOUSLY and my dear friends you are right: I NEVER SPEAK “GOSSIP” OR “NEGATIVELY” OF OTHER PEOPLE BEHIND THEIR BACKS – NEVER (!) – BUT PEOPLE I MEET OFTEN DO THIS WITH OTHERS MAKING ME BELIEVE THAT THE NEXT DAY I MAY BE THE ONE THEY WILL SPEAK NEGATIVELY OF WHEN THEY MEET NEW FRIENDS AND WE KNOW STIG THIS IS SOME OF THE WORST I KNOW OF – truly! – and why my books have been a PAIN to write as you may understand?

And as I have written before in my books – you are “crazy” if your thoughts deceive you making you believe that what is WRONG is true (!) and when almost all of you believe or have believed that I am or was crazy it is really the same as saying that MOST OF YOU ARE/WERE CRAZY (!) – this is the reversed world, do you see or is this “too far out” for you to understand today?

How many of you “fear” me and my writings because of your own misunderstandings?

I am thinking how many of you are “afraid” of me, maybe even thinking “what will he be capable doing”, feel DISGUSTED and almost throwing up just to receive my “positive email” (?) because of your attitude that I MUST BE MAD BECAUSE I “THINK” I AM THE SON OF GOD and because you don’t like what you FEEL are “negative” writings in my books?

We know I have explained many times of “misunderstandings” and uncontrollable negative feelings and please know that I ALSO had the same feelings when writing to many of you because of your bad behaviour, speaking behind my back and not helping me/us when we had nothing to eat but that I decided to focus on the positive in you when I wrote to all of you – as I asked you to do in me – and that I have decided to see all of you again despite of these “negative feelings” including an uncertainty and nervousness about how you would react to me when meeting again because of potential STRONG FEELINGS AND DESIRES to speak about my “negative writings” or maybe to try to “help” me because of your own misunderstandings, which did almost bring me down too (!) but most of you have decided that you cannot overcome to send me an answer and cannot bear to see me (?) and we know I have overcome a MUCH stronger feeling with up to 45 people but 28 of you could not overcome this feeling with ONE (!) of your good family members or friends because of your “strong” negative feelings to me (?) and we know this speaks for it self really.

How many of you are afraid of the publicity my books will get if you are mentioned (?) and how many of you MAY fear that the whole world will read about you IF I REALLY AM THE ONE I AM (?) and we know SOME OF YOU HAVE THIS FEELING TODAY and may I just add here: If you are afraid of my writings on you it is because you have something to hide, something which you are not flattered about, which you know is WRONG because if you had nothing to hide – as Meshack does not as an example – you would not fear my writings, do you see?

What I see here are people who are afraid without being able to “sacrifice” themselves to help the world and people who still hold a grudge against me even after receiving my email, which really is the same as people who don’t have a true ability to forgive. I have offered people mentioned in my books FULL AND UNRESTRICTED FREEDOM OF SPEECH THROUGH MY BLOG BUT NONE OF YOU HAVE DECIDED TO USE IT EVEN THOUGH YOU TODAY MAY DISAGREE WITH ME STRONGLY OR SIMPLY HAVE FEELINGS OF VANITY BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE TO BE MENTIONED and DON’T UNDERSTAND “THE BIG PICTURE”, which is often how the world works today – people focus on small details without understanding the true connection and the bigger picture.


All negative answers and ignorance made me very SAD

I cannot think of anything else making me more SAD than when people misunderstand me, take WRONG decisions and wrongly think and speak negatively of me – and here I have done EVERYTHING I can to make people understand – and when friendships and family relations break because of this and we know IT IS HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD ALL OF THE TIME and we know Stig PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO UNDERSTAND AND NOT TO HOLD A GRUDGE AGAINST PEOPLE as some people today can continue doing for years without taking the initiative to communicate to eliminate the misunderstanding or “controversy” including to apologise if they have made a mistake or to forgive people who have made mistakes and we know COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY so please use this “tool” the best way possible.

It made me very SAD that I had to be the one contacting and trying my best to re-establish connections with most family members and friends, who wrongly decided not to see or communicate with me since I published my scripts the 1st February – nobody except from my mother/John, my aunt Inge, my friends Fuggi and Lotus and my ex-colleague Janne decided to contact me for six months – and who did nothing to help us when I and LTO suffered with nothing to eat even though some of you have SO MUCH MONEY that you could easily have helped us out without feeling a change yourself – except from my mother/ John “helping” to pay one month of rent which however was against my wish – and the result that most ignored me for six months and that two out of three of all family members and friends now have decided not to see me again makes me think that THIS IS CERTAINLY NOT HOW FAMILY OR FRIENDS SHOULD ACT WHEN A PERSON IS DESPERATELY IN NEED (!) – which I still am because of all the negative energy you send to me – and it was also a very difficult feeling that these were the self-same people – at least some – I needed to re-establish good and friendly connections with because this was required to make me and the Universe survive – to bring me POSITIVE HEALING ENERGY to equalise or at least remove parts of the negative energy given to me from others potentially killing me.

It made me very sad to see people totally ignoring me because of the friendships and close relations I have had and believed that I still would have with these people and we know at least some had A BIG RESPECT OF ME AND MY OPINIONS – this is as close to the truth I can come – apparently until they started seeing my spiritual side and WHO I AM because now these people have totally vanished from my life (!) and this is how easy it is for some people to change from one day seeing me as “something special”, which they can “benefit” from to the next, where I am “almost less than nothing” and as you know I am still the same as always so the only thing, which has changed is the view of people on me because of my books and “claims” and so it is – the before and after syndrome.

I have seen signs of some people starting to treat me differently than what they normally do – because they may think I am a “freak” or maybe I am truly the one (?) – and what makes me happy is when people simply treat me as Stig as they have always done and we know there is no need for you to change because of who I am – please see me as the same Stig as always (!) – but of course many of you may still learn a thing or two about how to improve your communication and behaviour from reading my books.

It has made me very sad that people VERY CLOSE TO ME FOR YEARS HAVE KNOWN THAT A “SPIRIT” IS WORKING INSIDE OF ME because I have let them see it – through movements of my eyes and “direct speech” to very few as I have written about before in book no. 1 – but still they have difficulties understanding “the truth” and we know especially the part of receiving both THE TRUTHS of the light and LIES of the darkness and we know Stig IT IS EASY TO UNDERSTAND IF ONLY YOU DECIDE THAT YOU WANT TO – and we know RESISTANCE TO THE UNKNOWN and TO CHANGE are BIG factors here – and this is what has caused me the most pain of all and I might add simply because I have undergone this NIGHTMARE without having anybody to talk to, who would listen to and understand me – a need we all have – and I am thinking if you can imagine how it would feel like if you were VISIBLY sick and dying from a cancer or another terrible disease, if you were constantly in the worst pain, if people did not believe in you and instead behaved badly, did not help you when you needed it the most, reacted and spoke negatively of you behind your back and even decided to cut relations with you because they “feared” your “disease” or did not believe in you – and my dear friends THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME FROM ALMOST ALL PEOPLE (!) – and we know Stig NOBODY HAS BEEN ABLE TO SIMPLY TALK TO AND UNDERSTAND ME BECAUSE OF THEIR OWN LIMITS and we know at the same time as I have gone through the worst suffering any man has ever gone through, dying and dissolving through the biggest drama in history and we know all of these people had my story served directly in front of their eyes to read and understand but no – you were too sceptical, “busy” or lazy to understand and instead you thought that I was CRAZY (!) and I could do NOTHING than to witness your disbelief, “concerns”, “shame of me”, “angriness” and you telling me “advises” on what I really needed to do! And I am thinking that I had “NO WOMAN, NO LOVE” – no girlfriend/wife – to be with, love me and understand me as I would do to her and we know all of us here what SADNESS is all about and “other priorities of people” and THIS ONE TAKES THE PRIZE OF ALL!

And even though I am happy that some family members and friends have accepted to see me again it makes me VERY SAD that NOT ONE SINGLE OF THESE – except from LTO in Kenya – HAS BEEN ABLE TO SAY: I HAVE FAITH IN YOU, I WILL HELP YOU AND SUPPORT YOU and also showed a TRULY openness to hear about my spiritual side – Pia and Peter are the ones coming the closest here but I have not seen you much because of what I have gone through. AND I REPEAT: NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON HERE HAD THIS “POWER”, which ALL should have had if all had decided to understand me and THIS TRULY MAKES ME SAD.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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