15th August 2010 – The world economy has NOT collapsed because the Council has been in control of IT trade systems

Summary of the script today



13th August: The world economy has NOT collapsed because the Council has been in control of IT trade systems
  • I am still climbing down the mountain, Virgin Mary was the first to be freed from the Devil, which is what Joseph is going through now. Dreaming of Top Gear brutally smashing cars as symbol of my suffering because of family and friends, the Devil converting to a man of light, a space probe of the Devil falling down because it lacks fuel and an African woman not believing in me.
  • The spiritual world has been reversed back to normal in relation to the physical world meaning that when I before suffered to bring energy to the other side, it is now reversed so when I feel much energy physically I do the same spiritually.
  • The Council has decided to be in control of the IT-systems trading stocks, currency etc. of the world – which mankind is not (!) – meaning that the world economy has not broken down leaving lawless conditions and a “rotten life” to all people as a consequence because I have not lost a set to the Devil.
  • Yesterday it rained almost like a “monsoon” in Denmark as a symbol of the continuous rain and floods of Pakistan, where people are becoming desperate – without food, drinking water, shelter etc. – while our governments here “exempts” us from individual responsibilities so we can continue living our lives in luxury without caring or being “distracted” by this great disaster. YOU CAUSED IT AND NOW YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT IT!
14th August: Meeting with a Pakistani network to start helping the victims of the flood catastrophe
  • Dreaming of Bono as my symbol of freedom, family/friends receiving my email will be the first “special friends” to be woken up, lifting all symbols of the Devil.
  • I met with the Pakistani network, which will build a website on the flood disaster in Pakistan to increase awareness of the disaster and to raise funds to help the victims. I decided to join because they will do everything voluntarily outside existing NGO’s.
  • I met with Fuggi – another VERY NICE meeting now as “best friends”. Fuggi believes much in the “substance” of my books but not in the structure (!) as other people too and “I could do so much better” if I changed the structure to make people read (!) – not understanding that I have written deliberately as I have, that ALL stories connect and that it is showing the world the hesitation and sceptical attitude of my family and friends NOT spreading my story to the world through the mouth to ear method. We healed each other, which gave me more energy and Fuggi a feeling of “more lightness in his head” – and he really also healed my heart as I did to him too as a channel for his diseased father coming through to me. Later Rommel told me that I as Stig am the super-structure of the Council and that they will have to follow my decisions.
15th August: A new cloudburst in Denmark is NOTHING compared to Pakistan but it receives much more attention and help!
  • Yesterday evening and night we had a new cloudburst in Denmark almost setting a new record of rainfall in Denmark. The rain and “very small” floods “annoy” few people in Denmark but it has made the FEELINGS of people and media come forward bringing BREAKING NEWS on television and making people, companies and the state/communes help instantly because this “concerns us” – but the MILLIONS OF TIMES WORSE DISASTER IN PAKISTAN where people have lost everything and are fighting for their lives does not get the same attention of money – THIS IS SCREAMING TO THE HEAVEN!!!
  • I slept better today because of the healing energy from Fuggi yesterday and in a vision I was together with the Devil as Joseph in Helsingør – the city of light – and in the beginning he wanted to destroy everything but at the end he did not want to leave knowing that he will enjoy living there when he feels better. And finally I am beginning to be able to look at nice looking ladies as look at all people – because the strength of the Devil is decreasing.


13th August: The world economy has NOT collapsed because the Council has been in control of IT trade systems

Virgin Mary was the first converting from the Devil to the light and Joseph is now doing the same

Yesterday evening my pain was approx. 50 percent of its maximum with a lot of negative speech and we know still the after-effects of publishing the verdict script and a new script yesterday, which is “concerning” people when they see my Facebook posts and the truth is that this is COMMUNICATION and this is what is my weapon against the Devil so therefore we are still climbing down the mountain and I was told that we are now near 6,000 metres on our way down to 5,000 metres – and Virgin Mary was the first to be freed from the Devil – do you remember the events of the Johannes Møllehave sermon in Virum Church and the Midsummer Evening as examples (?) – and at the moment it is Joseph who is becoming liberated from the Devil and this is really it and I was told that what my “special friends” will be used for is simply to teach mankind about my books and we know the rules to enter the Kingdom of God and of course before he will join us so to say – as mentioned before and we know no changes to this really but always nice to receive confirmation.

Dreaming of Top Gear brutally smashing cars as symbol of my suffering because of family and friends

Tonight I was dreaming about the BBC television show Top Gear testing cars by smashing them as a symbol of my suffering because of the truth I have written about people. In the dream I heard “common we have shown you all” and “dig out dirt and more dirt” and I see Jeremy testing, smashing and brutalising cars and he reads about how other car testers do the same to become inspired and we know another symbol to show you just how BRUTAL my family and friends have been to me without even knowing it – and I am thinking here of the many PLAYS the spiritual world play for millions and billions of people when they dream and we know like this for example.

This night and also immediately after publishing my verdict script the other day the PHENOMENAL song “badman’s song” by Tears for Fears was played to me and this is the song the Devil has chosen to say that he is converting from a badman to a man of light and we know tonight he song his own lyrics to the song “I would die for you” – not Prince here – and “break up all of you” etc. and he told me that the name of the phase I am going through now – the phase of understanding – could also be named “the phase of the Devil dying” and so it is – and I do LOVE THIS SONG WITH ALL OF MY HEART including the lyrics for example: “When the light of the world put the world to right”.

I was also dreaming of a space probe, which people send up and I am told that it will fall down, which it does and it makes the people sending it up unhappy and I see a bus driving away and we know I don’t know exactly what this is about other than the bus driving away is the symbol of “making love” and we know what is the space probe my dear friends and eeehhhhh WE HAVE NOW ALL GROWN VERY MUCH AND I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE IT A TRY and let me see – I hear, feel and see the soul of let me just say a well known black man to me from Kenya who is on the RIGHT track and this goes to all of my friends there – and let me ask Jeanne what is this about (?) – I try not to speak to the souls of living people in my scripts you know and “primarily” that is – and my dear friend a space probe is something which cannot keep it self up without fuel and here it is just saying that YOU AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU ARE NOT WITH ME ANYMORE and we know THE DEVIL DOES NOT RECEIVE FUEL FROM MOST PEOPLE right now and this is really why the space probe falls down and thank you Jeanne and of course I could only ask for her without knowing it in forehand because once again I am right now playing and listening to the AMAZING ARCHITECTURE & MORALITY CONCERT BY OMD with a reference to her of course (!) and so it is and we know Stig you were in the bathtub again this morning and we know still maybe 10 percent cold and thinking that this is truly a “cold play” or even “coldplay” as I listened to maybe for one hour through VH1 this morning and so it is and yes Coldplay I like your style of music very much and you have made 4-5 songs, which I really like much but somehow your music does not catch me as much as many other bands playing within the same genre.

I also had a dream of a poor African woman asking me how much cake I would like to have saying that she was going to have herself and she “tempted” me to accept three pieces and after I had accepted she said that she would “reveal” me and really the story here is that she does not believe I can be the man I am when I am living in “luxury” (?) as a man accepting three pieces of cake is according to her mind considering how millions of poor people in Africa lives and this is how different the world is today – the difference between rich and poor countries, which really should have been unacceptable to all people – and I am wondering who in reality this dream is about giving me sudden pain in my left foot when I write this and we know I just received the feeling – her spirit – and I am not going to reveal her, one month ago I had simply written what comes to me and this is another example of the difference from “then and now” and we know thinking of VH1 still we are here.

The spiritual world has been reversed in relation to the physical world – now the more energy I receive physically, the better

This morning I finally understood the connection between “good” and “bad” energy in this phase and we know for a long period of time – in the old phase – the idea was to let me suffer as much as possible because this brought energy to the other side to find the entrance to God really and we know thinking about REVERSING the world which is not quite easy which this time Mary Magdalena is telling me and we know you saw it the other day when Joseph and Virgin Mary changed sides of me and we know coming home is also what this is about and I was told that the energy or the spiritual world in relation to the physical world has now been reversed back to normal which NOW simply means that the more energy I receive and the better I feel as a physical being the better we also feel spiritually and we know this is really what the climb down of the mountain means.

The other day the Devil tried to speak so negatively to me that I was “this close” to send him to the “boarding school” of “Fulton” to be trained and disciplined but I did not – even though he was on the edge – and he has now told me that he likes much better to be with me to be trained by me and that is of course very nice of him to say and we know he is starting to become more intelligent and starting to remember better when he speaks of “good behaviour” (!) and so it is.

The world economy has not broken down because I have not lost a set to the Devil

For some days I have heard the Council telling me that no man on earth is in control of the IT-systems of the world, which is really controlling the world economy – trading stocks, currency, raw materials, food etc. – and we know this morning at the bathtub the “revelation” came to me because the only reason why the world economy has not broken down already is because the Council has been “enough” in control of these IT-systems to make sure that the world has not collapsed economically and we know IT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A PRETTY SIGHT FOR ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD IF THIS HAD HAPPENED and we know can you imagine what kind of distress and lawless conditions this would bring people all over the world and we know the only reason why we are still up and running economically is really because I have decided not to lose a set or a ball to the Devil because this would be one of his weapons to DESTRUCT the world and mankind!

“Monsoon” rain in Denmark as a symbol of the rain and floods of Pakistan

And we know Stig yesterday evening and throughout the night IT RAINED A LOT IN DENMARK and some places it gave the normal rain of one month in just one day – 50 millimetres or even up to 100 millimetres a few places – flooding some basements and we know Stig I am thinking how it is when rain simply continues to pour down for many days in a very poor country making rivers flood etc. and we know just trying to imagine a life where everything is flooded making millions homeless without food, lack of dry land for tents, lack of clean drinking water, lack of sanitation facilities, severe sicknesses and of course lack of security, which this brings too and we know Stig it only takes a few days to destruct what people have built for years and WHERE IS THE HELP TO COME FROM (?) AND HOW CAN YOU DISTRIBUTE IT QUICKLY TO MAKE PEOPLE SURVIVE HERE AND NOW (?) and we know in Denmark as example we have a “system” and of course Søren Pind – the aid minister – has promised to give 50 million DKK to help but I am thinking HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FROM HIS DECISION UNTIL THE DAY WHEN THE REFUGEES RECEIVE FOOD AND NON-FOOD ITEMS TO MAKE THEM SURVIVE (?) and we know one week, two, three or four (?) and we know while people lose more and more hope and becoming desperate and this is how it is and we know WHY DON’T YOU HELP DIRECTLY FROM PERSON TO PERSON TRANSFERRING MONEY FROM “RICH” PEOPLE TAKING RESPONSIBILITY TO THE PEOPLE IN DISTRESS (?) and we know just an idea of course but we know we have a government to “take care of these things” and we are 5 million people in Denmark meaning that the Government “on our behalf” has decided to give 10 DKK per person and we know “helping” people here to “help” because they of course themselves “too busy” and we know with “other priorities” so now this situation in Pakistan will also soon become “old news” and we know which is “boring” us (!) – just like my scripts on Facebook for many people – and we know because people have a “life to live” – work, family, friends, golf, holidays, new HD televisions and so on you know (!) – and this is how the world is today and while the world don’t truly care and are busy with their own lives these people of Pakistan can continue to “rot” and we know THIS IS ALSO ANOTHER EXAMPLE TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT YOU TRULY ARE WITHOUT CARE AND COMPASSION TODAY and we know making Virgin Mary very sad and almost destroying her solely because of this and we know CARELESS PEOPLE FORCED US TO MAKE THIS DISASTER AND THE SAME CARELESS PEOPLE DON’T GIVE THE HELP REQUIRED TO HELP THESE NICE PEOPLE TO SURVIVE AND TO RE-ESTABLISH THEIR LIVES and THIS IS ALSO WHAT IS BRINGING THE WORLD DOWN and why we are now at the “end times”.

The number of visitors to my website and library is NOT impressing!

Maybe you would be interested to know that the count of total visitors to my website since the 15th February 2010 is 2,730 at the moment and according to my experience this means that approx. twice as many have visited the different pages of my blog and we know my library at www.mediafire.com/stig has the following statistics at the moment:

Book 1: The different documents have been downloaded between 10-24 times.
Book 2: 10-21 times.
Book 3: 2-3 times.
Clairvoyances: 2-10 times.
CV: 9-19 times.
My view on NGO’s: 0 times!
LTO newsletters: 5 times!

So we know the conclusion based on the statistics alone is really that THIS IS NOT IMPRESSING WHEN THE NUMBERS COULD AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN MANY MILLIONS (!) and it is NOT EASY to make people start to read and understand my story and we know THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY OF THE WORLD (!) and really because people are sceptical, lazy and “too busy” with “other priorities” but of course you know this by now.

Running again with new lung problems?

This afternoon I decided to run again and this time approx. 3.8 kilometres without stopping and I was really not motivated as usual and was close to stop again just after starting but you know I “decided” to carry on, it was a LITTLE bit easier to run today but the last kilometre I was given breathing problems from and “pressure” on my right lung – but I kept on running because I was NOT concerned – and we know not very nice it was and my attitude is that I don’t believe my father has read my script of the verdict and the chapter on him potentially making him feel down and I believe that this experience therefore is a play and nothing more than this and even if he should have read the chapter, the rule is still for all of us to survive and we know to share the energy present in the Council with my father physically too and we know the rest from here is really “piece of cake” and so it is – and also thinking that this is really Joseph himself doing this as example as part of his “defence-system” as the Devil resisting to be overtaken by the light the same way as I also today and yesterday felt my right angle potentially dissolving again giving me ANXIETY all of the time and so it is – thank you Joseph for sharing this with me, I like it very much when you communicate and we know WHEN YOU TELL THE TRUTH and so it is.

I have not heard from the Commune yet!

We are coming closer to “the middle of August” where Helle from the Commune “promised” to invite me for a new meeting but so far I have not heard from her and I am thinking if the declarations from the “doctors” have arrived and if she has decided what she wants to do – or if I am waiting to hear from her simply because of bureaucrazy and we will have to wait and see.

Paparazzi photographs are still “killing” people

Today I heard Bubber on TV2 mentioning “paparazzi” and it made me think of the day in 1997 when Princess Diana TO TEST THE WORLD was killed because of paparazzi photographers chocking everybody and the whole world was mourning and we know BUT DID THE COLOURED MAGAZINES CHANGE ETHICS AND MORALE and we know started to respect the privacy of all people (?) and we know sporadic tries here and there but no because the hunt for sales and people in practise LOVING to read about “gossip” including all pictures of the stars close up mean that the paparazzis are still “killing” people and we know removing their privacy and we know WE DON’T LIKE THIS and thank you Joseph and we know also the other members of the Council who have started to convert a little bit from the darkness to the light because of my books but you know my friends WHEN I HAVE CONVERTED THE REST OF JOSPEH IT WILL BE YOUR TURN NEXT and then one day we will have ALL EIGHT MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL ALIVE ON EARTH AND ALL BELONGING TO THE LIGHT and this is what dreams are made of my dear son as both Virgin Mary and Joseph say to me here concurrently.

Teaching the Devil

This evening I was teaching Joseph – acting as the wise guy giving me comments as such most of the time – that he was to stop being negative, know-all and impatient and we know we repeated that most of the evening and on top of this he was HAPPY for me to teach him and so it is here (!) and this evening I had short moments of seconds here and seconds there where I did not feel pain almost like a “normal” person feels all of the time – and a RELIEF it was.

It is almost impossible for people being “in charge” to change behaviour

And finally today I was thinking that it is almost impossible for people who are used to be “in charge” – to decide and to control other people – to change behaviour because they simply become addicted to such a behaviour and we know it is not very different to people being addicted to smoking etc. and I have seen it myself when writing this book because it had become a habit to write about what I see including WRONG behaviour of people herewith disclosing them and we know to tell people “don’t do this, but that” and we know I have simply gone through a new “detoxification” in this phase deciding that I don’t want to disclose people anymore but you know when I have met bad behaviour, it has been a TEMPTATION every single time to disclose it but you know the more you follow a decision to change – as I have done more and more – the easier it becomes and this is really my message to people who are used to DECIDE WITHOUT LISTENING TO AND UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS OF OTHERS that this is what you must do. CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOUR FROM A “DIRECTOR” TYPE TO AN OPEN PERSON WHO LISTENS TO AND MOTIVATES IN STEAD OF TYRANNIZING PEOPLE – and we also have much humour here which is normally not written in the book but just after writing this chapter I was shown Leonard Bernstein “directing” and we know and asked if this is what I mean of people “directing” others and we know SMILING we are but no Joseph not quite at least not when he is “directing” people as part of directing a symphony orchestra and so it is.

14th August: Meeting with a Pakistani network to start helping the victims of the flood catastrophe

Dreaming of Bono as a symbol of FREEDOM

A night where I slept somewhat better than the nights before – which really were bad – and where I had “one” dream of having had Bono from U2 living in our house, we have cleaned up and almost everything is fixed and I tell him that I would be happy to drive him home – and here Joseph shows me “the edge” and asks me if it isn’t correct that he is part of this band too and Joseph you are right and Joseph we are moving further and further away from the other meaning of “the edge” and we know he still has the Devil influencing him, which also was the reason why he showed me this and we know I will not continue writing about all of your comments my friend – but I sense some hesitation with Bono who is not really answering the question. Later I meet Jack and I repay him some money he has put forward for me for a hair cut and I see a giant crowd further ahead of us and the crowd is for a U2 concert and I notice that Bono is the person on earth today who best handles a big concert crowd like this – and this also made me think that beforehand it was FREDDIE the man from Queen who was the best in this “discipline” and here I would say ever (!) and we know I WAS VERY IMPRESSED BY HIM WHEN HE HAD ALL PEOPLE ON WEMBLEY as example FOLLOWING HIM ON STAGE – and when I woke up from the dream I understood that Bono is a symbol of FREEDOM to me and I was told “every Friday” and “freedom” and we will have to wait and see what this means.

This morning my “cold” is still with me and we know it represented LTO not working with an action plan but it is still here and we know I was told this morning that it also represents “suffering” really giving to you by friends and family and we know I could have decided to spread it differently – here the Voice of Vrillon speaking who is with me almost daily – but this is what I decided to do and fine by me, I am happy for your help.

Family and friends receiving my email will be the first “special friends” to be woken up

I was told that the family and friends I have sent the email to around the 1st August will be the first “special friends” who will be woken up starting their mission to teach the world and we know we could have done this much sooner if you had decided to read, understand and believe in me a long time ago!

And the balance when sending these emails was that the fewer I sent the email to the more difficult the next phase would become and the more I sent the email to the greater the risk was that I would not be strong enough to handle all of their negative thinking and emotions being returned to me through the Universal principle – but I could only do as I did when using SIMPLE LOGIC.

Lifting all symbols of the Devil

This morning I was asked by Joseph if he can keep a model of an aeroplane and also a boat – old symbols of the Devil – and my answer was that he can keep all objects he wants to and that all symbols which I have written about in my books as symbols of the Devil HEREWITH ARE LIFTED because this is what they were, symbols and nothing else because of course I think that planes, boats etc. are fine so please go ahead my friend to keep what ever you want BUT PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THEY NO LONGER REPRESENT THE DEVIL (!) – and we know I don’t mind positive or objective symbols but NO MORE NEGATIVE symbols!

Meeting with a Pakistani network to start helping the victims of the flood catastrophe

This afternoon I went to meet Tanwir and his network group of people who have volunteered to help the victims of the flood catastrophe. We were approx. 12-15 people present, where I was the only Dane among Pakistanis living here in Denmark and I wonder why I am the only Dane of Tanwir’s large network which has volunteered for this work – at least of the people I have met so far.

Tanwir had asked me before the meeting to prepare ideas in relation to initiatives towards the business life and I had given it some thoughts but I also felt the need to receive more information on their ideas before working in a greater detail with the ideas.

Tanwir and a friend of his presented convincingly their ambitious ideas to build a new website with information on the catastrophe etc., personal stories of victims because they understand that this is appealing more to people and the media than “statistics” and the opportunity to send funds both as private individuals and businesses etc.

The reason why I have decided to join this initiative is that they have decided to do all work outside existing NGO’s – which they believe have too many costs (!) – and that they work as volunteers as I will do too and we know of course also because today it is STILL impossible to help directly from person to person transferring money to the victims directly because nobody has yet set up such a facility, which will also be beyond our resources for now.

I believe in these people because of their ambitions, experiences and backgrounds and that this initiative may not help here and now but on longer terms and we know just maybe the situation in reality is that there are many NGO’s helping here and now and that initiatives like this one can help on longer terms because the need will not disappear when most of the money and NGO’s will disappear when this disaster will not longer be “interesting” to the world.

They decided that they would like me to help on initiatives in relation to businesses – for example via email and telemarketing, which Tanwir knows that I have experience in – and I mentioned a couple of ideas of linking to the intranets of companies with some kind of relation to Pakistan – ownership, subsidiaries, export or import – to this new website and that companies for example could double up what employees will contribute and we know also that this website could bring “reality stories” of the victims and follow the development of families week by week and to have the media bring these and we know also on a Youtube channel and we know I was thinking of doing this with an appeal to the whole world but so far their ambitions are limited to Denmark so we will have to see what will happen and what we will be able to carry out with limited resources.

They had many very good ideas themselves and they have been in contact with Pakistan media to produce the stories and much more.

Visiting Fuggi, healing each other and he believes in the substance of my books

From this meeting I went to visit Fuggi and as usual we had a VERY GOOD EVENING together and now as “best friends” as I told him I had written in my script on the verdict of family and friends the other day.

I did not want to speak much about my books in relation to a new economical system etc. because I have now done this some times and I really felt the need just to relax together with Fuggi instead of explaining and being committed about these subjects and instead Fuggi told me that he agreed with me that it is WRONG that the Commune restricted my freedom of speech and he is happy that I have appealed their decision and we know at the end of the evening he told me that he does believe that the substance of my books is what Dalai Lama could have written (!) but that he believes that the structure of my books should be different (!) because it is a shame that only 2,700 have visited my website since February – many are the same people coming back – and we know but Fuggi does not believe that I am the Son of God as he said and we know so he really concluded the same as what Kim S., Preben and we know my mother’s husband John have done before and that is that I could bring very good stories to people if I just did it differently (!) and we know I also tried to explain Fuggi that it is DELIBERATE that I have done as I have to say that I am right and all of you thinking like this are WRONG (!) and we know that the stories about who I am and all of the spiritual communication including dreams – which Fuggi said he does not read much of – is “distracting” people and we know people can understand the SIMPLE LOGIC of the subjects of the books and we know but not about the SPIRITUALITY and WHO I AM and simply because of themselves and their STRONG voice saying that “this is impossible” and we know this is how it is and yes Fuggi PLEASE DON’T BE IN ANY DOUBT THAT MY BOOKS WILL BECOME THE MOST READ OF ALL BOOKS IN HISTORY (!) and that the world has now received a long period of time to REACT and to PREPARE the Judgment, which they have not done because of my family, friends and other visitors to my website NOT UNDERSTANDING THE IMPORTANCE OF MY MESSAGES FULLY AND NOT SPREADING THEM TO PEOPLE AS I HAVE ASKED YOU TO DO and just for you to know my friend.

I had decided in forehand to ask Fuggi if he wanted to do “an experiment” healing each other – because I could certainly use the energy to re-assemble and I thought that he could do the same because of his physical size – and I was almost sure that he would accept because he believes much in Yoga, meditation, martial arts etc. and we know so this is what we did and he started healing my heart chakra with a hand on my breast and another on my back and we know I felt the energy coming immediately to my heart and my left side – however not as strong as when Kim from the property did it when I had an even greater need – and nothing came to my right side, so Joseph you are alright really (!) except from a energy stream pointing up from the right side of my neck into the air in a 45 degree angle approx. half a metre long and we know this is also how we feel energy waves here and I also felt the dark energy of Fuggi very clearly – I felt it exactly as it is written as DARK energy – and we know THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN MY HEALING RULES TO BE TRANSFERRED but instead I said after some minutes that I wanted the energy to ELIMINATE THE DEVIL IN ME and we know I pointed it to the right side of my body and so it is.

And from here we changed sides and I started healing Fuggi and he said that he FELT my warm hands and that he started feeling more lightness in his head but on the other hand when he started thinking of this analytically he could also find other explanations so his conclusion was that he did not know what to believe in really and we know I did not tell Fuggi this because he is not yet a strong believer of my spiritually but Fuggi when I mentioned the picture of your diseased father on your bookcase when I healed you it was simply because your father was with me – I felt him with me, saw him as you see people in dreams really and he gave me a few words too – and he was the one telling me about your overloaded heart, which I told you about and which your father (!) through me healed you for and we know encouraged you to start “going to healing” as I also suggested to you and we know BECAUSE IT IS GOOD FOR YOU MY FRIEND and at least we agreed that we will now heal each other every time we meet and I also told Fuggi about the Theosophical Fellowship in Copenhagen with free meditation and healing, which I will visit next week, so maybe he will also become motivated to go there and of course we will have to wait and see.

Earlier in the day I had been told by the Council that this healing would bring the Council closer to each other and I was shown a vision where a needle with a white thread spins around an object several times making the white thread stronger and stronger – and after I left Fuggi this evening Rommel came to me saying that I as Stig is the superstructure of the Council and that my decisions are what will bind the Council and we know I was told this because Fuggi and I are now closer to each other and we know we have started a new energy circle based on light alone and so it is.

Fuggi was very kind saying that he reads my scripts and always look eagerly forward for the next script to come so here is another example of a friend – just like my LTO friends in Kenya – who has decided to include my scripts as part of their everyday and we know the difference is really that LTO believes in me and who I am because they have a strong faith and that Fuggi focuses on the “substance” of my scripts not believing in me spiritually – because he has a strong non-faith really – and we know do you see a pattern here (?) and we know all family and friends could have DECIDED to do the same reading my scripts as part of their everyday including ALL of the scripts to give them faith and we know to spread my scripts to first hundreds, then thousands and then millions of people – as the ring of a lake – so we could have started preparing for the Judgment several months ago and we know I DON’T LIKE WAISTED TIME BECAUSE OF MISUNDERSTANDINGS AND DISBELIEF and this is what is the case here because of the reactions and disbelief of my family and friends!

So we know now Fuggi and I are looking very much forward to seeing each other again as we told each other, which however will have to wait 1½ month because he is now going back on high school to lose weight again – since coming home the last time months ago he has gained 10 kilos of weight and we know “motivation” and “energy” comes to you in different ways Fuggi and you will get the answer to this one yourself “some day soon”.

After the healing I felt more than anything that I had received new energy making me less tired – even though I could not help yawning this evening because I was tired and we know so you could see yourself Fuggi that this is what I am and have been for years now but we know it is starting to become better also thanks to you my friend this evening.

I have decided to write this chapter longer than expected because Fuggi knows of my writings, accepts to be included and because the chapter does not disclose Fuggi in any way.

15th August: A new cloudburst in Denmark is NOTHING compared to Pakistan but it receives much more attention and help!

A new cloudburst in Denmark is NOTHING compared to Pakistan but it receives much more attention and help!

Yesterday evening and night we had a very heavy to say the least (!) rain, lighting and thunderstorm over Copenhagen and North Zealand and we know I had expected this coming as a new CLEAR symbol of the Pakistan rains and floods and we know simply because of my meeting with the Pakistanis today and we know in my part of Denmark – North Zealand – the rainfall was measured to approx. 100 millimetres in one day and we know locally in Hørsholm it was as much as 167 millimetres, which is 2 millimetres from the rainfall record in Denmark from 1931 and really just to tell you that this was “completely mad amounts of rainfall” as they said on TV2 news and we know flooding many basements, roads, tunnels etc. and of course this is “BREAKING NEWS” in Denmark making the BIGGEST HEADLINES ON TELEVISION AND NEWSPAPERS and we know because this is now “part of our lives” but really only “annoying” a few hundreds or thousands of people but “completely unique – never seen before” it is, therefore really, and several of my “friends” on Facebook reacted on it and we know one wrote this:

“Det var mindre sjovt at køre ad strandvejen og gennem Hørsholm i går. Muligt det er rige kommuner, men deres kloakering stinker.”

And we know Stig my thoughts were that none of these my “friends” reacted on Facebook because of the DISASTER in Pakistan, which is “millions of times” worse than this “event” in Denmark and covering an area 10 times bigger than the toral area of Denmark (!) and as many as 15-20 million people (!) where people have lost their homes, livelihood and are starving, dehydrating, dying from cholera etc. and we know the media here has of course written about the disaster in Pakistan but this “unpleasant event” in Denmark – which the sewers took most of (!) and which is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING COMPARED TO PAKISTAN – is BRINGING ALL FEELINGS FORWARD IN PEOPLE and we know MAKING THEM SPEAK AND REACT INSTANTLY and HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST THE DANISH COMMUNITY TO HANDLE compared to the amount we have sent to help Pakistan (?) and we know when you look at the total costs of the state/communes, insurance companies, companies and private people and we know SIMPLY PAYING WITHOUT HESITATION because this is concerning their own lives but the millions of people suffering and fighting for their lives in Pakistan can simply “rot” because “we have the state to take care of this” and “it is no concern of mine” and we know – DO YOU THINK THERE IS A REASONABLE PROPORTION HERE or that IT SCREAMS TO THE HEAVEN?

Dreaming of a football match I am not taking part in

Tonight I was sleeping better and today I feel less tired than yesterday and for a long time really – thank you Fuggi – but unfortunately I feel the negative energy coming back to me from people doubting me and what is worse and this also goes to you Fuggi (!) and we know all family and friends really sending out this kind of energy to me.

I had a dream of Columbia and Chile playing a football match where one team has had two goals overruled and I see the ball being kicked on the crossbar and the commentator is saying that this is not popular and more and I am really feeling that I AM NOT PART OF THIS GAME ANYMORE and so it is.

I woke up with the song “faith” from George Michael and first I heard “You gotta have faith” sung many times and later it was changed to “I gotta have faith” and we know this is really what I am showing and so it is.

A vision of being in the “city of blinding lights” with the Devil looking forward to living there when he feels better

This morning when sitting in my bathtub again – I like this very much as you understand (!) – I was shown a vision where I brought the Devil in the process of converting and we know Joseph to Helsingør – the city of light – and Joseph acting as a child felt the Devil coming to him strongly and he did not want to be there but we know you gave him freedom to be together with you, the city was empty – no people have arrived to my kingdom yet – and in Toldkammeret he could not control himself so he started destroying the content but afterwards the light side of him took over and he cleaned up and apologised, from here we went to “Dansebrønden” – a very special place to my mother – to look at the beautiful flowers, which the Devil however did not notice at all (!) and from here we continued to the Kronborg castle and we know even though the Devil all of the time said that he wanted to leave Helsingør, and here I left the vision and maybe one hour later I was surprised to receive a new vision continuing this story because now he was tied up by a guard outside Kronborg – where I left him you know – and we know I took him with me and the end of this story was that he told me that now he did not want to leave this town, that he will be happy living here when he feels better and that he knows that a life in light is better than that of the darkness destroying all including himself and this is really how it is.

Working on members of the Council

I also received the information that “THE FIVE” which I have received as a symbol for approx. a month now means the two souls of me Virgin Mary and Joseph, my mother, Fuggi and Paul and we know as members of the Council and these are the “cones” we are working more on than anyone else as I am told here – and I was told that because I have converted Virgin Mary and am converting Joseph from the darkness to the light it simply has the positive effect that the “unfortunate events” of the world now will start decreasing and we know as an example I was told that this also includes less “accidents” at hospitals, which is not totally controlled by doctors and technical equipment but we know ALSO BY ALL OF US.

Becoming more involved with the Pakistan project – how will the Commune react to this?

Today I received a call from one of the nice Pakistanis from the meeting yesterday – which I had to leave before it was finished as I had informed Tanwir of in forehand because I had to make my agreement with Fuggi – and he said that our group working on initiatives towards the business life in Denmark consists of four people and we will meet on Tuesday at 17.00 and we know I had to cancel my planned visit to the Theosophical Fellowship on Tuesday – I had NO appointment with people (!) – and we know making me sad to suffer missing a chance for healing (!) and they also gave me an option meeting on Wednesday at 17.00 but this was totally impossible because at this day and time I will meet Paul and you know my saying “always keep your first agreement”.

Later Tanwir called me and he would like to involve me in other groups to work interdisciplinary and in the co-ordinating group as well, which I accepted, and he said that the first website may be up and running in eight days from now. And I am now becoming more involved in this project by people having much confidence in me and I am wondering what Helle from the Commune will say to this – will she accept that I do this work potentially helping MANY people in Pakistan or will she believe that it will be “better for me” to do “work” in the park without any importance other than a waste of time and we know maybe another “difficult” decision for Helle and we know what do you think my dear reader (?), was the work in the park more important than the work of my books when I went there in November 2009 and do you do believe that the work in the park is more important than helping the victims of Pakistan and how difficult is such a decision for you?

I am still waiting for the lady meant for me

I am starting to be able to look at “nice ladies” like I look at all other people because I have told the Devil now thousands of times that I just want to be able to look at and speak to nice looking ladies exactly the same way as everyone else and this is now what we are starting to do and we know it took much to come to this point – to convert Virgin Mary and to almost have converted Joseph too and so it is.

And I was told if I want to look for a girlfriend out there or if I will wait on the lady meant for me and we know not an easy decision to take but we know I am waiting and will continue to wait until the 1st January 2011 where I will think again if we are not together before this time and we know I will not take any “love-initiatives” at all in relation to her but simply wait to see what will happen. And we know this is my destiny really – I am sure that another choice would not be good for me and the world!

I will now write less and expect to hold a break of one week or more

And finally today let me say that I AM MORE TIRED OF WRITING THAN EVER BEFORE AND THAT IT IS REALLY TIRING ME EXTREMELY – AND MAKING THE DEVIL HURT ME VERY MUCH AND ALMOST MORE THAN THIS WHEN I FEEL LIKE THIS – SO I WILL REDUCE MY WRITINGS OVER THE COMING TIME and we know I may hold a break of one week or more before you will hear from me again and I will only write the most important information from here to be sure to come through tiredness too and we know please understand that writing is part of my SUFFERING too and only when I feel better generally I will be able to reduce my writings and this is where the balance is Stig and this is now also a part of the plan we know TRYING to change my habit of writing as much as I have now done almost every single day since the 1st May 2009.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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