19th August 2010 – Guards stealing Meshack’s freedom, making him ill and forcing him to send away family and children

Summary of the script today



16th August: I had one of the WORST days ever yesterday because of the Pakistan disaster and my family!
  • I had one of the WORST days ever yesterday where I only came through because of FAITH and my rules of being protected – because of our distress of the Pakistan situation and my family, who were together the previous weekend without me transferring negative energy to me, which could have killed me again.
  • Dreaming of a charming extraterrestrial and Lars setting up his computer through me to connect to the world.
  • I should have become the Devil because of negative energy of family and friends and they would have saved me and the “rest” of the world when they found out.
  • My rules AND behaviour will be the guideline for the light and inspiration of people in the future.
  • A positive answer from a friend turned negative when she found out that she is also mentioned in my scripts.
17th August: Starting the work to help Pakistan as facilitator for our group
  • In a vision Joseph acting as Darth Vader decided to leave Hell to follow me to Heaven because of my actions.
  • I started the group work to help the Pakistani victims of the disaster and the challenge will be to see if I am able to teach the management and all groups of the necessity of structure and organisation when people are thinking of doing things “as quickly as possible” because they are eager to help here and now.
  • My soul is gradually growing from two members of the Council to all members (!) – talk about “science fiction”.
18th August: I asked the Council to reduce my maximum pain to 50 percent because of immense sufferings lately
  • I did the first action plan for the Pakistani group today and I wrote a memo of five pages to the management with my suggestions for an ambitious vision helping millions of people instead of only a few and to build the project work in all groups on the same foundation, organisation and tools.
  • I gave the Council a NEW RULE to reduce my maximum sufferings to 50 percent of the present level lately because of too immense sufferings.
19th August: Guards stealing Meshack’s freedom, making him ill and forcing him to send away family and children
  • For quite some time I have gone through a phase with almost no energy, reduced will power and extreme pain, which has been unbearable and the reason has been Joseph turning inside of me because of the email from my father, which I published.
  • My dear friend Meshack has been taken away his FREEDOM from personal guards of the loan company in Kenya making him seriously sick, forcing him to send away his family and to send back the children on the streets. DOES ANYONE OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS HAVE THE HEART TO HELP THIS MAN AND HIS DEAR ONES WITH DKK 10,000 (???) considering that many of you have just spent DKK 10,000 – 50,000 on summer holidays? This is part of the verdict of the system to just, honest and nice people working their best not helping them but forcing people because of the nature of the system. Stop this!


16th August: I had one of the WORST days ever yesterday because of the Pakistan disaster and my family!

I had one of the WORST days ever yesterday because of the Pakistan disaster and my family!

Yesterday was one of my worst days ever (!!!) because I had NO energy to write and I started receiving negative feelings, thoughts, resistance and tiredness doing this job and negative feelings are what feed the Devil THE ABSOLUTELY WORST making me BURN FROM INSIDE OUT and therefore he gave me most of the day and the beginning of the night such a rough time physically and mentally that I will say that the attitude “I gotta have faith” as predicted yesterday morning was exactly what I needed to have and we know NO DETAILS other than I was dying for hours, I felt the life energy leaving me many times and FAITH here means that YOU CAN NOT HARM ME BECAUSE OF MY RULE THAT I AM THE MOST PROTECTED (!) and we know the rest is just “acting” no matter how bad it feels (!) and IT TOOK A LOT TO COME THROUGH THIS DAY and why was it so bad (?) and we know because of our distress of the situation in Pakistan – RAIN MEANS PAIN both here and in Pakistan – and we know Stig really because my mother, John, Sanna and Hans were together with Hans’ brother Lars and his wife Kirsten sailing this past weekend and we know when people don’t understand, speak of and we know don’t behave as they should it transfers negative energy directly to the Devil TORMENTING ME SO MUCH THAT PEOPLE CAN NOT EVEN DREAM ABOUT IT and again I would be dead without my rules and will power and so it is my friends.

Dreaming of a charming extraterrestrial and Lars setting up his computer to connect to the world

In dreams I was shown a plane crashing, newspapers out in the rain, light, an UFO and an extraterrestrial made of plastic, 12,000 years old full of love and charm – and my old friend Lars says that my burger is chosen as the best burger in Copenhagen and he will set up his computer in my place and I will connect it to the surrounding world through a special modem and we know it should be possible to understand these dreams without the need to explain them and please remember dear Council members that the symbols of the Devil are lifted and that I don’t believe I will write of them again!

I should have become the Devil before the Son of God!

Yesterday I was told that all of the Council members are in the process of being transferred to me like wine being poured onto a big wine storage tank – this is why you have given me a taste of stainless steel for days now – and we know when this is done, at the end you will spread us to the world.

Today I was told that the idea of the Council was that I should have become the Devil because of the dark energy transferred to me from family and friends living a life in luxury, some in lust and without TRUE compassion and when they would gradually understand that I am indeed the Son of God (to be) but disguised as the Devil because of themselves I would gradually become good again and we know one day the Son of God – and this was our TRUE plan as the Council tells me.

My rules AND behaviour will be guidelines for the light and herewith the inspiration of people in the future

I was also tempted to start looking at the beautiful ladies on the street today because I know that the Devil cannot kill me or give birth to himself because of my rules but we know I decided NOT to do this but still to accept the great pain given to me and I was told that this decision together with my rules and my behaviour will become the “template” of the light which we will bring to people in the future and we know so we will NOT become distracted – thinking of Paul McCartney every single time I write this word – just because a beautiful person walks by.

A positive answer from a friend becoming negative

Today I received an email from my good friend Lisbeth who has now found out that I have written about her in my scripts too and we know she asked me to shorten her name in the scripts only to Lisbeth or simply a “friend” but I declined in my answer to her because what is written, is written and I encouraged her to focus on the positive in our friendship and I wonder if this will make her change her decision to see me – she was one of the most positive to see me again around the 1st August, will she now become negative because of “selfish interests” before she will be become positive again when she will start to understand the full picture of my scripts (?) – and will she answer my email or ignore me (?) – and we know I have felt and resisted her negative energy on top of others as well coming to me today and so it is – and lately I have seen other people which I have not written about in my scripts who first of all have decided to focus on their own selfish interests when reading my scripts without trying to understand the big picture and this is really disappointing because it is not them as individuals, who are interesting but the story and we know they will find out one day soon.

And we know I did not write in my verdict that I have suffered more than any of the people I have written about in my scripts, who feel hurt, have negative feelings of me and spoken behind my back and this is on an individual basis and we know take Lisbeth as the example because how hurt do you feel Lisbeth because of my writings (?) and we know not understanding that you would accept my writings if you understood my scripts so the story is that you are hurt because of your own decision not to read carefully in order to understand me and because of your NEGATIVE FEELINGS, which are transferred directly to the Devil, you are making me suffer more than yourself so the truth is that I am really taking your sufferings directly and this one goes out to all of you who have had similar feelings like Listbeth’s and yes my friends you can put all of your (extreme) feelings on top of each other and I have received all of this through the Devil and just for you to know of course.

For a matter of good sake I have not yet heard from my good friend Kirsten C. even though she promised me to do so twice two weeks ago, so this is really to give this additional information to my verdict that there may be people who have given me a positive answer, who would have given me a negative if they had known about and we know read my scripts on themselves, that there may be people who thought they could handle seeing me again but their feelings of me were too overwhelming and I am also thinking here just how many of you believe you would like to get more time to start reading and understanding me before you will come back to me answering my email (?) and we know Stig so far you have had more than half a year to read and understand and still some of you believe you need more time because you have not yet prioritised reading my scripts???


Finally today I received an invoice of DKK 618.50 before VAT and DKK 773.13 after from the plumber and he has calculated materials of DKK 161 and 1.5 hourly wage of DKK 305 and we know Stig simply wondering how he could write 1.5 hours on the invoice when he was only here 35 minutes – approx. 1/3 of the time – and we know do you think it is fair that the customers will pay salaries for the transportation of this size for craftsmen and well I DO NOT because we know Stig first of all if the craftsman was from my city it would have saved us from all of this transport and secondly the craftsman could simply be better planning and we know decide to meet me as the first or last customer of the day or to be sure that he would also have other customers to meet before or after visiting me and we know this was simply to say that THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME and we know SOMETHING I DON’T LIKE and so it is and from here I will send the invoice to Poul Erik for him to pay.

17th August: Starting the work to help Pakistan as facilitator for our group

Today I send my thoughts to Ole, my mother’s diseased ex-husband because of YOUR BIRTHDAY OLE and this is how it is when you like people very much and we know looking forward to REALLY speaking to you again Ole I am!

Yesterday evening POLLE was with me as he has been from time to time throughout the last months really and we know never left me he has and he said that I am now on my way down to 4,000 metres and I was given a vision where I was visiting Joseph acting as Darth Vader from Starwars at his home and we know IN HELL and of course he tried everything to KILL me but NO YOU CANNOT KILL ME and we know surprised he was to receive my visit and it was simply to ask him if he prefers to stay at his home in Hell or to come with me to the other side and I gave him a FREE CHOICE and he said that he wanted to bring many of his tools and I said that if he did they would simply disappear when coming to the other side because of the strength of the light and we know from here he decided to come with me and yes Stig WE ARE MOVING FROM HELL TO HEAVEN BECAUSE OF YOUR ACTIONS and we know so it is – and this morning I was shown the Devil shortly returning back to Hell simply because of all of the negative energy which he has received lately but yes WE ARE NOW BACK AGAIN and so it is.

I had a quiet night and was dreaming of family and friends standing on a much steeper hill than I.

And we know this one could really be MORE THAN DIFFICULT (!) if I decided to focus on that I am a man not existing (!) – I don’t have my own soul yet – and that my destiny was to go through the worst HELL taking on the Devil and all of his DREADFULL tools making me and the world bleed and and we know what I have gone through has been “bad” but just thinking of what could have been if … and we know this one requires IMAGINATION for you to think about how it is to be in this situation really – which could potentially be the worst.

Starting the group work to help Pakistan

Today we had the first meeting in our group work on initiatives towards the business life to help Pakistan. We were a total of 8 people and I was asked to become the leader of the group, which I declined because I wanted to focus on the teamwork – to secure that all people and their ideas will feel valued – and instead I became the “facilitator” because of my experience and knowhow.

The meeting should have started at 17.00 but started first at 17.25 and we know soon they understood that I mean business working with structure – an agenda, action plan and time management meaning that the next meeting will start at 17.00 the next time and we know they understood this so much that they encouraged me to visit Pakistan to teach their government this practise and we know when I can teach Kenyan’s time management I can teach Pakistanis the same and we know because it is only a decision to come on time and normally if you are late it is a bad excuse.

The challenge in this project work is really to get ALL OF IT – and not only my group, which is one of seven – structured and organised as well as possible and we know to be sure that QUALITY is prioritised as much as “AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE” because people are so committed here that they simply want to help here and now – and this is what I have started experiencing and we will have to see if I will be able to make these nice people understand the necessity of this.

I have decided not to tell the network about my book and myself in a greater detail but of course if someone should be interested to find out more information on me, they will be able to find my website and the question is really that if someone does this, will they then decide to exclude me from the work or will they be happy to have me working with them?


After the meeting I was shown MUCH WINE being poured onto me and I felt Mary Magdalena inside of me stronger than ever and we know we are all coming to you my friend and this is really how it is here – so the feeling is that my “soul” is growing from two persons to eight really and we know gradually and speak of “science fiction” here.

On my way home from the meeting in Copenhagen to Lyngby by train I was met by two controlling ticket inspectors – they only come to control every now and then – and since I am still saving money on train tickets I was fined and we know by DKK 750 so now I have total fines of DKK 1.250 including the one to the Police, which I have so far decided that I am not able to pay and we will see how long this can be prolonged … J.

It gives me much pain that I cannot meet a nice woman until the day when I will be “released” from the prison of the Devil because the truth is that when I am simply myself as today I get the attention of people and we know including nice young ladies – which I could look at again today without very big problems – but the truth is still that if I was to meet one of these nice ladies they would become in jeopardy because of the light I bring as mentioned before and so it is my boy.

Today and especially this evening my pain was up to 100 percent of the maximum pain and it was this evening almost not possible for me to come through because of CONSTANT, VERY STRONG and NEGATIVE speech of the Devil and we know fed by two persons of my family and guess who?

18th August: I asked the Council to reduce my maximum pain to 50 percent because of immense sufferings lately

I had an almost alright sleep this night and my cold has for days now been between 0-5 percent and is really now just one of many tools to make me suffer when necessary.

I was dreaming of taking the train to Helsingør first and afterwards to Danske Bank, Free port branch and we know not much more because I have decided to reduce my scripts as much as possible these days because of lack of energy, much pain and because I am also starting to become more involved in the Pakistani network and today I did the first action plan after our group meeting yesterday and I will try to see if I can inspire the management of the project to create an ambitious vision helping millions of people instead of only few – through top-professional “reality documentaries” etc. – and to establish the work of all groups on the same foundation of group decisions, action plans, agendas, group descriptions and a total project description would be nice too and we know I can only give my recommendations, which I did in a memo of five pages and then we will have to see what happens when I expect we will meet in the weekend to discuss this. I am very happy to see people in our group being very committed, taking initiatives and we know so therefore I have decided that I will not work as I have done most of my career – very often doing most processes from A-Z myself – but really primarily brining in my experience when needed, structure and organisation.

This morning when my pain started to return I had to tell Joseph and the Council as a NEW RULE (!) that you put too much pain on me yesterday, which was almost bringing me down, and therefore I asked you to reduce the maximum level of pain to below 50 percent (!) and to seek relief around the world – sadly (!) – when you need to do this and we know the pain is simply coming from let me hear “my closest family, whom I am not in contact with today” and so it is.

I was very happy to meet my old friend Paul this evening again – it was really very pleasant indeed as it is normally when we meet giving me the feeling of “very good friends” again – and I have promised not to write on the content of our conversation, so therefore I will not, but I will only say that I do look forward to seeing you again, Paul J.

And we know for “some kind of reason” (!) it is still raining as much as never before in Denmark and this time in Jutland, where Billund have received 131 milimetres of rain in one day.

For a matter of good sake I can say that I did not receive a reply from my dear friend Lisbeth and we know sad she is for what I have written so instead of easing my pain you are an example of one friend putting more wood on the fire and so it is.

19th August: Guards stealing Meshack’s freedom, making him ill and forcing him to send away family and children

My pain has been “unbearable” to come through lately

Yesterday afternoon and especially evening before going to bed my pain decreased to what was “acceptable” and “bearable” and we know for the first time in a long time (!) and we know thinking that it will now become easier to come through and we know I have not yet really felt that I am climbing down the mountain because the pain has been as severe as it was on top of the mountain and we know even higher than this in fact and we know some days ago we told you that Joseph had turned around inside of me because of my father’s reaction to me and we know Stig because I published his email and we know this is simply why I have had the feeling to be killed – my soul and live energy leaving me – and this is almost constantly for quite some time now and really not a very nice feeling to go through and we know on the edge of giving up without giving up and we know only because of what is left of my will power and this is how it is – not very nice to say the least. And I was told yesterday that now Joseph is returning home and let us say returning in this respect is simply to say that I have decided to come back to you Virgin Mary and you Stig as my old self and we know without the Devil and let me say that this has been as “bad” for me as for you and we know here I receive the feeling of “us all” and this is how it is.

Today on Facebook I was more than surprised to see that my old very good friend Britt now “for some kind of reason” is back as my friend positing messages also for me to see after she cancelled me as a friend months ago (!) and we know I just checked if I was right looking through “old” lists of my Facebook friends, which I have saved, and TRUE it is – she was NOT my Facebook friend for months but now she is again and we know she did not send me an invitation for me to accept, which is how this works normally and her post simply said “I’m back!!!!!” and we know remember the movie quotes of Arnold “I will be back” and “I’m back” (?) and here really saying that Joseph is now back again and we know making let me just say “very small miracles” compared to what will come and so it is still here.

Today my pain is still feeling severe and I have almost no energy and only reduced will power to do this work but I am still completing my action plans on a daily basis and we know I am doing everything I decide to do with my best quality – considering the time I have available – also going through this period.

Meetings with family and friends are part of the “understanding phase”

Today I was told that the verdict of family and friends I have written and the meetings I have started with some family and friends are part of the phase of making people understand – the phase which the Council really was expected to carry out as physical beings on earth but as you know from before I have decided to do their work – and so far we are doing fine all of us in this respect because there are people thinking “can it really be that Stig is simply telling us the truth” and yes my dear family and friends. I AM 100 PERCENT LOYAL TO WHAT I HEAR SPIRITUALLY AND I ONLY WRITE WHAT I AM TOLD and of course some of it is right from the light and some is wrong from the darkness where you yourselves my family and friends are the direct sources feeding the darkness (!) – and besides this I write my normal words as Stig without direct spiritual contact and this is really it as I have tried so hard for months to explain to you.

And if I have not written this before: The worst I know is to speak negatively behind the backs of people – I NEVER DO THAT – and writing openly about people without their knowledge not only makes some people sad when they have something to hide that is and when they don’t know the full picture of why I have done as I have, it has also gone far beyond my own personal limits making me hurt very much myself simply writing in a way I would never behave and we know this is how it is.

Guards stealing Meshack’s freedom, making him ill and forcing him to send away family and children

Today I was happy to hear from my friends David and John in Kenya again, who are both coming through despite of money problems as usual and what this brings – thank you both of you – but I was VERY SAD to hear the news of my friend Meshack and we know because this is truly VERY IMPORTANT I have decided to share his email to me with you my readers below and again I can only ask if you have it in your hearts to help this man from his serious illness, to release him from his guards (!) to give him back his freedom, to reconnect him with his family and the street children, which he has done everything in his power to keep together but which he has now been forced to let go and we know I am asking for something like 10,000 DKK which will help him here and now with all of this and my dear family and friends most of you have been on summer holidays to enjoy yourselves where you have had no hesitations to spend maybe DKK 10,000 – 50,000 and I am asking you again: Does anyone have the heart to help this very poor family in Kenya – many of you have the bank accounts and can help without suffering yourself if you only decide to (!) – or do you believe that this is simply to much to give and instead you would rather use the same money to buy some new luxury items for yourselves (?) and here I am thinking of the beautiful song “anyone who had a heart” by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Please show Meshack and his family your true heart and willingness to help – send him or me an email, see our email addresses on my website – and again I am fearing that NO ONE WILL HELP and what I am showing you is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE DYING DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES AND NOBODY CARES and still you think that you are people with compassion?

Here is his email:

"The world has has been unjust to me"

Hope that you are okay.  To my side am not okay and am seriously ill. To start with, i printed the scripts and i only give them to those who are willing to read and ask questions positively. Thank you for your feed back about the report of the doctor.

Since Monday, have been a man under siege from the Sacco because they have sent sentries to guard me in my place not to escape because of the debt and i am only allowed to move a radius of 50 meters and this has escalated my health and today i was taken for medical check up and diagnosed to have developed blood pressure.

Yesterday i was forced to sent back my children to street again and God forbid let me not be judged for this because it is not my fault and to add to this i allowed my wife to go back to her parents because i cannot allow her and my daughter to go through what am going although she was resisting but i promised her that things will be back to normal soon and will take her back. Just imagine a man without nothing and living in tent with abject poverty being taken all through this and the empire of a ministry which he had started crumpling in a week.

This is the situation i am in right now and my feet have began to swell and i have been advised to be going to a thermal massage machine which has healing effect to release the pressure in my body but which i will have to pay.

Today the guys from the sacco came and told me if i want my freedom back i should pay them 120,000 shillings and they will give me a grace period of six months and half my debt of 700,000 thousand which i was very happy to hear but i told them i cannot afford it but they could hear non of these and i told them i live on a good will of my friend abroad.

This is my personal appeal to you although i know you do not have the money but if any one including your friends can be able to loan you on my behalf i would be very happy and promise to repay the cash in four  months time because am ready to do odd jobs including washing toilets and collecting scraps to raise this cash and to repay and this is the road i am ready to take to get back my freedom and take my family back to me.

Remember while you were in Kenya i never asked you for cash to pay these debts which i had but now i am forced to because you are the only one i can turn to because frankly speaking i am now desperate than any other time in my life and am a prisoner and i hate to be guarded as a terrorist and as i am writing to you, the guards are just at the door to escort me back in my place once am done with this. This is a case of a poor man being judged for who he is not and i hope one day these guys will be able to tell the world why they exposed me to such embarrassment and may the Lord whom i serve judge them as he wishes because this is only my prayer.

Please if their is any help let me know so that i can give them my feed back sand be left alone to start reorganizing myself once again and in case you don hear from me either tomorrow, you should know my health has worsened and i will not be able to walk.

   I remain hoping to hear from you if God wishes,

And Meshack here my TRUE feeling is that I FEEL HURT TOGETHER WITH YOU with SO MUCH SADNESS because of your situation, your illness and that you were forced to send away your family and the children to the streets and all I can say is that what your guards are doing in Kenya is the worst you can do to a man to REMOVE HIS FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT and also speech, when you are imprisoned as you are and we know DO YOUR GUARDS HAVE ANY LEGAL RIGHTS TO DO AS THEY DO (?) and we know no matter what the law in Kenya says I say to you: DON’T EVER HURT A MAN AS MUCH AS THE SYSTEM IS HURTING MESHACK HERE AS AN EXAMPLE and we know Stig we have started the verdict of the system towards “honest men” and let me here say one of the TRULY nicest persons I have ever met – NO Danes are even close to his league today, you are worlds apart – and this is to say that NEVER LET A SYSTEM TYRANNIZE YOU like this and what they are doing is terrorising and sending a man, his family and children into a terrible and desperate situation and we know with the potential to kill them because they prioritize money over people and CAN YOU SEE JUST HOW “BAD” THIS IS (?) and we know BUT ONE OF MY BASIC RULES FOR YOU MY COUNCIL IS NOT TO KILL ANY OF MY “SPECIAL FRIENDS” SO PLEASE DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST TO HELP MESCHAK AND HIS FAMILY because they have important tasks to help the world in the near future to come.

And Meshack I don’t know what will happen from here but please believe me that because I have decided to take the most extreme road to show the world just how rotten it is and because you are still following me, you are going through this too to teach the world to change. I am appalled to see this and I am thinking about you Elijah – are you going through the same (?), please communicate with me.

I decided to publish this script today because of the email from Meshack and my cry out really to the world to help and we know when I work for the Pakistani Network my thoughts are still with the refugees of Dadaab now suffering more than ever and we know I am thinking that no one have truly done anything to REALLY change the situation of Dadaab now for more than 20 years and here you see the example of Meshack left to his own devises in the most terrible situation and we know LOOK AT MANY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD in the same situation not knowing what to do other than suffering immensely and dying and TO ALL “RICH” PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: CAN YOU IMAGINE THE IMMENSE PAIN YOU ARE GIVING THE WORLD INCLUDING THE SPIRITUAL BECAUSE OF YOUR BEHAVIOUR (?) – you are the ones bringing the world and the Universe to its knees because of your behaviour, which you have decided is “normal” and “alright” and we know this includes my family and friends and my self before I started to change and we know the worst is that people of today cannot see or understand this even though people tell me that I am telling them what is simple logic and “we should really do this” – THIS IS “BAD” and we know Michael is here constantly when writing this word and thank you my friends and almost crying he is too – but the attitude is “what can I do alone” and therefore NOBODY DOES ANYTHING TO REALLY CHANGE THE WORLD (!) and we know SOMEONE HAS TO START THE CHANGE AND THIS IS MY MISSION and we know THE WORLD WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW AND WE KNOW STIG I HAVE GIVEN YOU THE ORDER TO WAKE UP MY SPECIAL FRIENDS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE because we are running out of time to save all people of the world, which is still my mission. I WILL ACCEPT NOTHING ELSE!


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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