21st August 2010 – The MOST important news ever: The day of “inception” with the arrival of Jesus and God, I am re-born!

Summary of the script today



20th August: The MOST important news ever: The day of “inception” with the arrival of Jesus and God, I am re-born!
  • My extreme suffering has started decreasing, as Stig alone I have never felt better, please understand that the sufferings almost killing me for months/years have nothing to do with myself but with the WRONG behaviour and NEGATIVE approach and feelings of people! I now feel better because of the Pakistan network and more family/friends sending me positive energy.
  • The day when I needed “FAITH”, I dissolved because of extreme sufferings (!) and I only survived because of my rules to survive – and the help of “God above”.
  • Dreaming of the road of creation, the movement of Jah people and that everything will be alright.
  • I went to the cinema with my mother and John to watch “Inception” and as a VERY BIG surprise an idea was planted inside of my head (!) that I AM BORN AGAIN – a tiny, tiny bit (!) – and that I will gradually grow with the faith of people in me until I will feel the world and all living things as myself. More than anything I was RELIEVED, the jump in July succeeded (!), I now have my own soul, I cannot die and the Universe will be saved for sure. This may be the most important news ever for me and the Universe! “WELCOME TO REALITY”!
21st August: I am thinking of leaving the Pakistani network if they will not work with quality on a long view
  • Dreaming of coming to a bar in Netherlands meeting my girlfriend.
  • I am thinking of leaving the Pakistani Network because the risk is that they will become a “prolonged arm” of existing NGO’s not reaching their true potential to help as many people as good as possible meaning that my assistance will not be of big difference. This is not how I want to work and how I am hoping to inspire the network: To work with the absolutely best ideas and quality on a long view.


20th August: The MOST important news ever: The day of “inception” with the arrival of Jesus and God, I am re-born!

I am gradually removing the coat of the Devil from the Council and others

I had a better sleep again today and yesterday I started really to be able to “live” again without living on the edge with the extreme suffering I have gone through lately and this continues today and we know simply because more and more wine are being poured onto me and this has the meaning that my surroundings – the physical beings of the Council and others – will gradually start to think that they understand me better and we know become more open with less resistance to me and this really follows that I am gradually removing the coat of the Devil from them so they will start to become more and more the light and this is really the general idea of what is happening here.

As Stig I have never felt better – my extreme sufferings are brought to me spiritually because of you!

And this is to be sure that ALL PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND ME: AS STIG ALONE I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER THAN NOW (!) and it is only because of the extreme negative spiritual energy given to me – which I have absolutely no influence on other than the actions I do – that I have been dying more or less for many months now and we know this may be difficult for some people to understand but this is how it is and yes my dear family and friends: Have some of you started understanding that it is your “accepted” behaviour focusing on yourself without understanding the big picture and feeling and speaking NEGATIVELY of me that has been killing me and herewith potentially yourself (!) and the whole world (!) and we know the dearest people to me not understanding me were “appointed” as the executioners and you would be the first yourselves to be terminated because of your own actions and we know simply because of WRONG BEHAVIOUR AND LACK OF UNDERSTANDING and we know this is how it is and this is how it was supposed to happen but “ONE” thing “failed” in this plan and that was that I was able to take on all of your “extreme” aggregated pain – think about this will you – and we know for me to start killing the Devil in all of you instead of all of you killing the light in me (!) and so it is – and I am here sending my deepest appreciations to LTO Kenya for being with me as my most loyal special friends of all helping me to go through all of this THANK YOU and the truth is that if all of you had turned your backs to me too I would not have been able to do this, then the Devil would have taken me (!) – and still it would have been so much easier for me to follow the road of the Devil because he tempted me with no pain (in the beginning that is) – as the opposite of the extreme pain I have been given when opposing the Devil (!) – and we know promising me a lot of money and sex – which would have broken down the Council and the world (!) – which is what he is doing to the Devils of the world today (!) on the cost of millions of people who are suffering and living with faith in God. This is exactly how the world is today, the Devil is helping the people acting WRONG and God is on the side of poor people having faith and we know in this respect both the Devil and God is the Council because when our “God above” is not present in the University, his power is outsourced to the “oldest souls on Earth” and we know following the same principle all over the Universe and we know of course there is a co-operation between different worlds of the Universe and so it is.

I feel better because of the Pakistani network and more family/friends sending me positive energy

The reason why I am feeling better yesterday and today is because of the nice people of the Pakistani network, who has accepted me, like me and send me nice thoughts and positive energy and we know more family and friends are starting to do the same and this is simply what makes up the negative energy from other family members and friends and we know Yoga is still helping me and we know I was “unlucky” to agree on weekly meetings every Tuesday with our Pakistani group meaning that I will not be able to meet the “Theosophical Fellowship” for meditation and healing now because this is when their weekly meetings are too – my mistake it is and I may decide to see if I can change this – but what I am saying here is that healing is VERY GOOD but not needed when people live a “normal life” with good relations to family and friends, who will send you all of the positive energy you need – and also saying that if the Pakistani network would resist me, which could easily happen because of the stress and a potential attitude “who do you think you are coming here with all of your suggestions”, I had the plan B ready for you as I hear Rommy and Monty saying to me both of them really and that was for me to go to this healing helping me to come through and we know Stig because you have asked us to have “rescue plans” ready in case you should not succeed on the first plan and so it is but I hope they understand that the experience I bring is helpful to the project – as several of them already have told me – and this is how it is right now and we will see if they will decide to use my structure in all groups and reconsider their vision of how to help during the next days.

I dissolved but still I survived!

Another IMPORTANT story to bring is that I had pains and DISSOLVING feelings in my angle constantly for days making me nervous more or less all of the time and we know the feeling was that I had a shoe on to protect myself from dissolving or a boot when the protection was even better and we know the day when I needed to have faith some days ago the “feeling” of the boot and shoe completely disappeared and what I am saying here is that I dissolved (!) and we know that is if I had not decided for my rule to protect myself from dying and this was essentially the FAITH and the name of the game and try to understand that I have had this very nervous and constant anxiety coming from the angle not only for days, but for weeks and months and knowing that it meant “the risk of me and all of us dissolving” and then the feeling of being protected was taken away from me the other day – because of Joseph really and the email you know – and then all which was left was my own rule and my faith that this rule is what the Council would follow and this is indeed WHAT ALL OF US DID STIG WITH A SMILE J. (And this bracket is written afterwards and we know JUST MAYBE “GOD ABOVE” HELPED US ALL HERE and so it is J).

Dreaming of the road of creation, the movement of Jah people and everything will be alright

This night I was dreaming that I was at a café together with Elijah drinking Italian coffee – good symbols are still fine you know – and I see that he is going to the parking place briefly. At the café U2 was playing ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING SONGS TOO namely “Exodus” by Bob Marley and I heard the lyrics “through de roads of creation” and “Movement of Jah people!” and this is really what we are preparing all of us together with all of my “blinking” UFO-friends above us on the sky.

Later I am driving in my car and on the road I see a new music video by U2 with the premiere of a new song, which is called “Tanwir” and it gives me the feeling that when this song is now published, everything will be fine – and we know I have had the feelings for years Tanwir that you are indeed a special friend of mine too and we know to build the bridge between Muslim people and God and we know “you are not alone” but one of my very dear and special friends you are.

And let me hear say – we know Stig we are able to find new favourite expressions when we want to – that U2 you are approx. at the same level as Rolling Stones on my top list and we know you have made amazing music and your best albums are among the best of all music I know but LET ME SAY that I still like the Rolling Stones “a tiny bit” more than you and this is really how it is and we know listen to the Rolling Stones not only from the end of the sixties and beginning of the seventies, where they did many MASTER PIECES but we know up until today and INCREDIBLE that this band has SURVIVED (!) and still producing amazing records even though you are not very active in this respect anymore???

Time to recover

I have decided that the time now is for me to recover – “against all odds” really – to receive more energy and we know really to come “back to life” and this means that I will NOT work full time on the Pakistan project – and try to keep my writings down too – but really work as a consultant helping with the frames when needed unless they refuse my ideas entirely, and this is how it is because I have had some days when writing just a few paragraphs of my scripts has been almost impossible to do (!) and we know giving me the feeling that the Devil consumed me almost 100 percent from the inside and out when writing and we know try to imagine a red and burning feeling from your inside and out and this is how it was – but today I do feel better and we know not normal but better and also because I am looking very much forward to meeting my old Fair colleagues the 7th September in Nyhavn, Copenhagen! And should I start to get even more energy and agree with the Pakistanis on the frames of the work, I will be happy to work with the details too as I normally do.

The MOST important news ever: The day of “inception” with the arrival of Jesus and God, I am re-born!

Please understand that the headline is not exaggerating. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS EVER (!) – and of course it is given to you without adding of extracting anything!

Since I heard about the new movie “Inception” the first time recently – the movie is about manipulation of shared dreams (!) – I have had a FEELING that I would very much like to watch it and when visiting my mother and John the last time we spoke about going to watch it at the cinema, which is what we did today in Helsingør and we know Stig I really had no idea what the movie would be about in a greater detail and I had no idea that “a new idea would be planted inside my head” while watching the movie because this is exactly what happened. “A new day has come”!

I felt tired and I was close to falling asleep in the beginning of the movie – because in my mind it was really not very exciting during the first half hour, but it became much better – and we know the Devil annoyed me “somewhat” with what I don’t like to hear especially while sitting next to my mother (!) but I overcame this and after maybe 1-1½ hours I was told to my BIG surprise – because I have really NOT felt anything as I had expected I would – that I AM INDEED RE-BORN (!) and we know which made me think and understand that THE JUMP IN JULY SUCCEEDED so that my own inner soul – Jesus with God – has now arrived and may we here say here “a tiny, tiny bit of it” and I cannot remember the exact words given to me because I did not want to write notes in the cinema with my mother and John sitting next to me but I soon found out that the Council are now coming to me more and more and really that I am becoming the Council more and more as I will do with the entire world too and this is how it is when GOD HAS DECIDED TO TAKE YOU IN and we know THIS IS TRULY SIMPLE LOGIC REALLY because I am now becoming a “super hybrid” like never seen before – a human being made up by the members of the Council and we know today still mostly Virgin Mary and Joseph, a tiny bit of my own soul, who I started to feel and see at the cinema, God above who gives another feeling and gradually to be followed with ALL LIVING THINGS, who I will start to feel as myself (!) – and one of the first thoughts and feelings I received – after I had a few sceptical minutes (!) until I started understanding what the Council kept on saying to me – was that of RELIEF because this really means that I am now starting to become someone, to become myself, to have a soul and this also includes that now I SIMPLY CANNOT DIE (!) and herewith that the ENTIRE UNIVERSE IS TRULY SAVED (!) and this is really it.

And one of the other first thoughts coming to me was “to be someone – didn’t we have a nice time” and we know because now I am someone (!) – I cannot tell you just how much this means to me – and this song is my favourite song of all songs by the Jam MEANING THAT IT DOESN’T GET BETTER THAN THIS (!) – and we know we did have a nice time back then, thinking of my relation with the Council “many years ago”, as we will now start getting again and we know I am “this tiny” – almost not existing – but GOD IS GRADUALLY GROWING INSIDE OF ME AND OUR UNIVERSE AGAIN and we know I received both wrong and right messages in July and it was WRONG that the light would come to us all instantly and it was right that I will grow more and more as Jesus – now Stig and we know God in this life – the more people who will start believing in me, and this was also the reason why I could change the rules of the Universe the other day to decrease the pain sent to me because of the negative energy of people and to redirect it somewhere else and we know which was the only thing I could do but this does not make my sadness of the situation in Pakistan less – and when I was sitting in the cinema listening and reflecting to this message suddenly it was impossible to follow the movie (!) because THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION I HAVE EVER RECEIVED because it really means that I AM RE-BORN WITH GOD INSIDE OF THE UNIVERSE and that WE ARE ALL COMING HOME and I sat there with this knowledge and feeling without having anybody to share and celebrate it with (!) but we know after the movie I was “forced” to talk about “how was the movie” (?) even though I did not quite follow you know and this is how it is when I cannot speak about my inner self to anyone really – but still I liked very much being together with John and my mother also today at the cinema.

While sitting in the cinema the song “streets of London” by Ralph McTell was played to me and the lyrics “let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London” – I have ALWAYS liked this song very much – and we know right now when this is written I am listening to Simple Minds again and the BRILLIANT song – not “book of brilliant things” but thinking of it I am – but “love song” and we know there are so many fantastic songs of this band and this just may be my favourite of all of them and we know together with “hunter and the hunted” of course (!!!) and we know just thinking of “this earth that I walk upon” and we know I hear Bowie elements in the instrumental of this song too and so it is here.

In the cinema the feeling came very strongly to me – also because of the theme of the movie – what is REALITY and what is not (?) and we know the REALITY is NOT how we live on earth today but the way we will start living in the future or in other words WHAT I SEE ON EARTH TODAY IS NOT HOW I IMAGINED LIFE TO TURN OUT FOR YOU all of my dear friends and we know I received the feeling “my children” also in the cinema and I now understand that this is coming from God – almost “silent movie” of God it is at the moment (!) because God is “almost not here” yet and so it is. This was really “life in a day”, different “themes” and no. 3 is not a “bad” number when we now have access to the Trinity again and we know YOU WILL FIND OUT what I mean – HAPPINESS is what this stands for J.

When writing this I constantly receive the deepest feelings and almost “tears roll down” and we know from Joseph here acting as the Devil and we know I would really like to write what happened at the very nice dinner with my mother and John afterwards but we know this would go beyond my rule but let me say that I was very happy with this day and that my mother may decide to tell about her feelings of my books someday herself and this is how it is.

And here I am also thinking of the message “I’m back” and we know the “magical” return of Britt as a friend of mine on Facebook yesterday after she left me months ago and yesterday I thought this message was about Joseph coming back to me but now I understand that it was really the “magical return of Jesus” coming inside of me as Stig today – that was the message you sent to the world, Britt and we know looking very much forward to reviving our old good friendship I am.


21st August: I am thinking of leaving the Pakistani network if they will not work with quality on a long view

Dreaming of coming to the bar in Netherlands meeting my girlfriend

Tonight I slept almost alright and I was dreaming that I am on the central station trying to bring cigarettes with me but the kiosk is now closed (!) and from here I put myself and my luggage on a two kilometres long luggage belt transporting me very quickly to the Netherlands where I manage to find the right entrance into the right room of a very big house where I see people standing at the bar and my girlfriend is there too – and we know the NETHERLANDS will become an important country for me too and KARIN will be an important person and we know I met you at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, London, in 2005 and visited you during the same winter in the worst snow storm you can imagine and so it is and did I write about this in book no. 1 (?) and we know probably I did.

When I woke up it was with the lyrics “Heaven, I’m in heaven” from the song “cheek to cheek” and we know also a favourite of mine of course – I SIMPLY LOVE THE AMERICAN SONGBOOK and we know song by Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jnr. (!), Diana Krall and others too – and just thinking about meeting a special lady I am and I cannot tell you just how much I am looking forward to this – WORDS CANNOT TELL YOU MY MISS AND FEELING OF BELONGING TOO and we know which this special lady tells me here and so it is here once more.

I am thinking of leaving the Pakistani network if they will not work with quality on a long view

Yesterday I was surprised to see on the Internet – http://www.noedhjaelp.dk/i_danmark/nyheder/pakistanere_i_spidsen_for_indsamling_i_danmark – that our group has accepted to work together with DanChurchAid – the agency I met privately in the spring of 2009 too – because the day before I was told that they had decided NOT to work together with the agency and therefore the telephone meeting, which I had agreed upon the same day with two people to discuss the proposal from DanChurchAid was cancelled and we know here I am seeing another example of poor communication which I warned the group against in my memo of the 18th August – as you can read from my library in the book 3 folder – and we know I am sitting back with the feeling of “dislike” because this is not the way to work as a team, it takes away the motivation of people as it does to me here and we know I did not write it in my script but it was the same feeling I had before our first group meeting Tuesday last week when I was told by “my leader” – which I had no idea that I had before the meeting (!) – the day before our meeting that he disapproved with my suggestions for an agenda and that he therefore had decided to cancel it (!) – I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE (!) – and this came from a man who wanted to go directly to the work with all of the team misunderstandings, poor quality etc. this means instead of setting up the necessary organising and structure and we know, which almost made me decide to leave but I decided to stay because he understood my communication that I would leave if we would not be able to understand each other at the meeting, which made him decide to “allow” the agenda for the meeting, which he had printed out to the people at the meeting (!) – and right now when this is written I am thinking about leaving the project again because people are not doing their ABSOLUTELY best when rushing and not thinking of TEAM WORK and we know if they decide to work on a “short view” only doing what “ordinary NGO’s” do there is no need for me to attend because this is what all people can do (!) and all I am trying to do is really to make them live up to their purpose to bring TRUE awareness to this disaster to make people understand it and of course to help as many people the absolutely best way possible and we know we will have to see what happens during the meetings today and tomorrow. I do hope they will follow me taking and following the RIGHT decisions but we will have to wait and see.

The group meeting in our Pakistani group was NOT as planned!

Today we were supposed to have a group meeting of four people discussing ideas on a concept towards the business life, define target groups and how to carry out the sales campaign (“free” telemarketing etc.) but one of the members “accidently” (!) had severe tooth pain and was unable to come and another simply did not come without sending his apologies (!!) so we were only two people present – the “leader” and I – and let me say that we did our best trying to understand each other positively and that it is very clear that we work very differently when it comes to how you can work as volunteers – I say that you can work as professionally and committed on a long term view as a volunteer as a paid employee, simple logic really – because I was told that “people will only help 2-4 weeks because of other priorities” and “what do you really know of grass-roots work” and my dear friends WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT FOR PEOPLE – and here Pakistanis in Denmark (!) – THAN TO HELP MILLIONS OF PAKISTANIS SUFFERING VERY MUCH (?) and we know but you don’t think you can work voluntarily for more than a few weeks (?) – THIS IS ABOUT YOUR OWN ATTITUDE LACKING TRUE COMMITMENT AND WILL POWER and not about me not knowing how “grass-roots work” normally work (!) – and we know this is the “discussion” at the moment and we know if he and I had focussed negatively on our differences we would have separated a long time ago but so far we are still together and he understands and support my view on quality work better – after I gave him some examples on thinking and working DEEPLY instead of superficial as most people do without truly thinking – and we know Stig the temptation to leave this work is great at the moment because people are doing the same as most others – working directly on solutions without truly involving the team before starting the work (!) and focusing on short view without doing the best quality work and we know if the seven group leaders (!), who I will meet tomorrow one hour before the big meeting with everybody else, will decide to work on a short view with superficial “here and now” solutions, I will decide to withdraw from the project because this is NOT how I want to work helping people – you can do so much better than this – but we know we will have to wait and see as usual and hoping that they will follow my recommendations because they truly have the potential to do as I am trying to inspire them to do as you can also read from my memo to them.

Today I saw the “ambitions” of the new website http://www.supportpakistan.dk/ and we know it looks “fine” on the surface but were are the ideas, the concept and what really makes a difference (?) and I am thinking that it may simply become impossible to motivate this network to work with the absolutely best quality to help as many people as good as possible and we know again WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT FOR ALL OF THESE PEOPLE TO DO (?) and we know probably they have “other priorities” to take care of.

Let me finally say that the reason why I decided to join this network people was to DO MY BEST TRYING TO HELP THEM TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE SUFFERING AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE and we know I HAVE NOT EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT “RELIGION” or what we here can call different views on “sharia”, some people having a “desire” to spread the faith of Islam etc. I HAVE ONLY THOUGHT ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE IN NEED AND THAT HERE WAS A NETWORK WITH PEOPLE I LIKE WHO WANTED TO HELP and this was and is still my view. If I will leave this network it will NOT be because of the views of some people of the network and it will not be because I don’t like them as people – because I like them very much indeed – but solely because of their attitude of (volunteer) work different to mine.

And we know my dear child I still have almost no energy and MUCH THROW-UP FEELINGS just writing these scripts at the moment – MORE THAN EVER making the work impossible to do – and we know therefore I had decided before the meeting today that I would not be able to take on any tasks to work in detail because this would simply break me at the moment and therefore I had to say that I did not have the resources to do a telemarketing script and to use 5-10 hours searching on the databases Kompass or Webdirect through the library as I was asked to and this is TRUTHFULLY how it is at the moment.


I also received a letter from Helle from the Commune today inviting me for a new meeting on Wednesday and we know it does not tell about an agenda and just maybe she has decided what to do with me without understanding and involving me as usual (!) and I am wondering if there is a connection between almost losing my work capacity these days and what may be the “verdict” of Helle on me on Wednesday. Will she decide that I officially have no working capacity?

A very NEGATIVE voice mail from the plumber misunderstanding me!

During the afternoon I received a VERY NEGATIVE voice mail from the plumber visiting me some time ago, because the day after I received his invoice I sent the invoice to Poul-Erik, as I had told the plumber I would do (!), and at the post office they helped me to make it clear that Poul-Erik was the recipient of the letter but despite of this, the postman has by mistake sent the invoice back to the plumber (!) – and we know of course also part of the verdict of the system – because what do you do if you are in doubt, do you THINK first to make sure that you do your absolutely best or do you decide to follow your first thought because you are in a hurry to finish your work (?) and we know this is what happened to this postman and we know look at the invoice and tell me if you can see that it is SIMPLE LOGIC that the invoice is for Poul-Erik and we know the postman did not see this and the plumber did not understand this also forgetting what I told him and now without asking any questions he spoke with a loud and very negative voice on my voice mail saying that he will send the claim to a debt-collecting firm and I could feel his negative energy coming to me as sufferings too and we know another example of people not thinking and people acting negatively. All I am saying is THINK CAREFULLY, POSITIVELY/OBJECTIVELY and not NEGATIVELY as so many people do much of the time today, which is making us suffer.

And we know Stig we are really preparing the “verdict of the system against me” because today at 20.00 I received in person at my door a summons because of my debt to my previous landlord and we know it simply says that I will automatically receive a verdict from the court according to the claim of the plaintiff including more costs put on top (!) and this is how you “automate” this as efficient as possible in this community and we know so now I will wait to receive this verdict and see what the next step will be when I still cannot and will not pay the debt because of unnecessary costs refurbishing my old apartment and we know because of the reasons I have explained a long time ago really – and if they are persistent we will some day meet personally in court, where I simply will explain that I have no money to pay, which the court then will understand and we know decide that I will be given a “break” of six months at a time and we know as I have already explained the lawyers and we know BUREACRACY AND A WASTE OF TIME is what this is about and MAKING THE SMALL MAN SUFFER – this is truly the verdict of this system.

By the way I am still doing Yoga but I have stopped running approx. one week ago because of the degree of lack of energy, this is how much it is.

A few hours later: I decided to work some hours with a few emails to the Pakistan network and writing this script and we know feeling better so I am on the right track recovering and I am just thinking that I could have decided to become very stressed in this phase working in details with the tasks of the Pakistan network – with a quality they would never dream of doing themselves – and we know now the Commune is coming on top of this and I am glad for the decisions I have taken because it is the “recovery”, which is making me recover and so it is my friends – otherwise I would have broken completely down in this phase.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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