23rd August 2010 – Leaving the Pakistani network because of lack of ambitions, quality and TRUE commitment

Summary of the script today



22nd August: Leaving the Pakistani network because of lack of ambitions, quality and TRUE commitment
  • My father survived from being dissolved because of my faith and the decision from the Council to enter my soul re-distributing our energy to help him.
  • Dreaming of Obama finding people committing “high treason” and covering up when he wants to check the finances of the country.
  • At the meeting with the “leaders” of the Pakistani Network I did my absolutely best presentation speaking of the importance of doing our absolutely best work working on a long view and not only on a short view as most people do. The network had different attitudes on this, but mainly they saw limitations instead of opportunities and because of a strong leader not agreeing with me, they decided to focus on a short view because as the leader said “voluntary work is always on a short view” (!) and that “work on a long view is ALWAYS paid, otherwise it is totally impossible to do” (!!) and this is how it NORMALLY is in this network but what they did not fully understand was that I was able to change this to get THOUSANDS OF VOLUNTEERS WORKING ALL OVER THE WORLD on a long term view, which could save and help 1,000 times more people – or even more – than what they will now do. I had no other choice than to leave the group because of different ways of thinking and working but I wished them all the best and we agreed to “stay” in touch. How many of the Network would have liked me as your leader instead of the present?
23rd August: Tanwir reporting the feelings of the disaster of Pakistan – while Danes are “too busy” with “other priorities”! I received only ”some” negative energy from the Pakistani network after leaving them giving me only “some sufferings”. Without extraterrestrials removing negative energy given to me, I would be dead. Will the Commune and doctors officially declare me as “crazy” without understanding my scripts because they believe that I simply cannot be the Son of God (?) and Tanwir reporting the feelings of the disaster of Pakistan – while Danes are “too busy” with “other priorities”!


22nd August: Leaving the Pakistani network because of lack of ambitions, quality work and TRUE commitment

Dreaming of Obama finding employees committing “high treason” and covering up when he checks the finances of the country

I am starting to get better sleep at night without being woken up and even though it still does not feel normal I can tell you that it means very much to me.

In a dream I was together with Obama at his administration. He showed me some papers with names and codes of employees following a survey explaining that the code 400, which several employees had received was for “high treason” and he said but still these employees were “pardoned” by the system because of many years of loyal service – their wrong behaviour had become accepted. I see Obama going through the money balance opening a door, which no presidents have done before him and the system tries to cover up and I see resistance coming from lawyers. The wrong system is protecting itself. In the hall I am looking at old file boxes from Danske Bank Freeport branch, inside of them I see some of my old cigarette packages – I don’t smoke anymore – and we know this is another dream which should be self-explainable. When I woke up from the dream at 7.30 I was told that “we started the fire in our community accepting people doing unjust” and of course you shall never accept people doing unjust and simply showing you that WRONG in combination with HABITS mean that people start thinking what is really wrong become right and we know it should be simple logic for people to understand but unfortunately it is not.

This morning at the bathtub I almost felt relaxed without or only with little suffering and we know from time to time you still use the “cold” as a weapon which you do right now when this is written but to tell you the truth I am really not cold only when I receive negative energy and when the Council or myself (!) decide to release this negative energy through this cold and we know let me say that the sneezes are deeper than from a normal cold and that I feel the red colour inside of me when I do it but it is really nothing to speak about because here it was my father coming at the left side of me bringing flowers and we know this is really the strength of the light inside of me – see next chapter.

At the bathtub I was thinking – as I have been thinking the last couple of days – that what I look forward to and here more than ever in my life is when the Council will start to receive the same spiritual voice as myself and we know MYSELF really and we know so they will understand me once and for all meaning that I will receive all of their support and positive energy instead of the contrary – this will take away my suffering and just maybe some of you have understood at least some of the nightmare I have gone through, which is still with me.

My father survived because of me

In continuation of the story from the other day, where Joseph actually would have dissolved (!) but where all of us survived because of my FAITH, I was told that the Council had seen this coming and this made all of them decide to enter my soul as my soul (!) to redistribute the energy between us so he would survive and this is really the story of how my father almost killed himself through the extreme negative energy he sent to me but because of me he survived himself – do you see?

Yesterday evening Joseph tried to argue and ask politely to leave me but we know my answer was very clearly NO because here we are all for one and one for all and what this was about was really to say that in the future you will still always be visible to God and we know maybe I should say the spiritual world and so it is.

Bob the man and Prince the artist!

And we know we really have ”so much things to say” and we dont like to ”waiting in vain” for ”one love/people get ready” and we know just BOB THE MAN PLAYING RIGHT NOW ON MY HEADPHONES and we know “JAMMING” is certainly one of my top favourites of his MANY fantastic songs and we know he is somehow very good when I listen to him on the headphones but when I come to a bar and we know listening to Bob on the speakers with people around me, then his music is suddenly the ABSOLUTELY BEST MUSIC to listen to and we know bringing warmth and good feelings simply because of the music and this is still how it is here and we know thinking of the sorrow band my old class mate Søren wore when Bob died in 1981 and of course all of the times I was listening to Bob together with Fuggi when we were teenagers and we know WORLD CLASS it was and still is.

I woke up with the incredible song “nothing compares to you” written by Prince and performed by Sinead O’Connor and the lyrics “where did I go wrong” and we know here simply to say that this was one hit made by Prince which was close not to become a hit and we know Camilla’s and my old “love song” from the evening when we met in 1994 and had our first dance together was “the most beautiful girl in the world” which was an example of a song, which Prince used to tell the world that he could do a no. 1 hit at anytime which he then did with this song and we know have you waited all of this time Prince to come back on top of the lists (?) and we know the idea is really for the world to find AMAZING HITS ON SEVERAL OF THE MANY ALBUMS OF PRINCE and we know which the world could not find time to listen to, enjoy and make hits of and we know simply because he has made so much music that people could not follow his pace and yes my boys as a symbol of my many pages of writings because how difficult is it my world to read and understand all of my pages and we know to extract the messages and we know really saying more of the world than me and so it is here – and let me say that Fuggi and I enjoyed listening to your four latest albums, Prince, when I visited him the last time giving him these on CD’s and we know he did not have 20TEN yet – an album I am starting to get to learn and appreciate and we know THE POTENTIAL IS MUCH MORE – and the others he only had on MP3 of course!

Today I received an email from my good friend Kirsten C. who said that she was sad of my writings of her lately and that I could just contact her and we know I replied that I was happy to hear from her again and that when people don’t contact me as promised my thinking is that they have regretted – which gave me very much pain in a very difficult period – but now we have agreed on seeing each other on Friday and we know focusing on the positive and not the negative because lack of communication hurts people and here were two new examples.

I was also thinking this afternoon that I have written the objective truth about people – they are free to correct me if I have made mistakes – which is simply totally impossible for many people to accept (!) and we know giving them the same “medicine” as they believe is accepted when they speak behind my back to other people and we know the difference is really that I have told the truth about them and they have told wrong and misunderstood stories about me and we know of course “killing me softly” they were and yes this is of course ONE OF MY VERY BIG FAVOURITES TOO.

Leaving the Pakistani network because of lack of ambitions, quality work and TRUE commitment

Today I went with an attitude to do my absolutely best at the meeting with the Pakistani network to discuss my memo and my suggestions of an ambitious vision and professional organisation and structure. Before leaving home I had decided that if the network would decide not to formulate a clear and ambitious vision followed by a project description including clear tasks and responsibilities of every group I would not believe that the network has what it takes to work professionally to get the best possible results and we know to help and save as many people the absolutely best way possible.

When I arrived five minutes before the meeting was to start Inaam from my group – one of many people I like very much here because people are kind, outgoing and show initiative – smiled and told the others about my experience with Kenyans and my goal to do the same with them: To start on time! (which we did today). So you can do this with all people really without resistance and only with smiles when you do it the right way. It is quite easy to change the “culture” or “habits” of people if they understand, know you mean positively and decide to follow you.

I had expected that we would be the seven group leaders at this meeting – before the big meeting was to start one hour later – but I believe we were approx. 12 and Omran, who is the “administration manager” or the same as the “General Secretary” as he told us at the last big meeting – I like him very much too also because he is a very good communicator and leader of meetings in fact letting all people speak and decide as a team – and we know he introduced the meeting and asked me to introduce my memo, which I then did explaining to them that this was about a choice they had to do, if they wanted to work on a “short view” as most other people do without working deeply with the ideas and without getting the best results or if they ALSO wanted to work on a “long view” with the absolutely best quality to help maybe 1,000 times more people or even more and I gave them two examples to work on a long view, which I believe all people understood were good ideas: 1) Produce TOP-PROFESSIONAL “reality documentaries” of 3-5 families week by week to broadcast on the Internet getting many millions of viewers and from here on television too to “open the heart” and wallet of people and 2) let the 40,000 Pakistanis in Denmark work directly for the network as ambassadors in the companies they work for to bring a few lines and the link to the Support Pakistan website on thousands of Intranets of companies to expose the message to maybe 100,000’s of employees daily, hold morning meetings, do collections etc. and we know these are examples to create a continuous awareness of the disaster and funds too and as I said this is all about the ATTITUDE OF THE PAKISTAN NETWORK THEMSELVES, if they expect to work 2-4 weeks with “here and now” solutions like most people or if they really want to work “deeply” for maybe 5, 10 or 20 hours per week for 6 months, one or two years and we know I decided to do my absolutely best and most convincing presentation speaking for maybe 10-15 minutes (!) after I had produced the best possible memo the other day – which most of them had read before the meeting – considering that I only had one day to do it, no energy but some of the worst pain ever and we know Stig BECAUSE WE KNEW WHAT WAS WAITING ON YOU TODAY and let us say because of the “WRONG ATTITUDE OF PEOPLE” and this network is no exception as you will understand from some of the comments from the NICE people attending the meeting, which I of course have written down exactly as they were said:

One agreed with me talking about the need of working on a long view in Pakistan after the other NGO’s will leave and we know saying that the more structure of the group work the easier it is to get people working for the group – creating a clear understanding – and the more trust we will receive from the business life.

Another said that we have a maximum of one month to do this work and that our efforts hereafter will not make a big difference – because “we are not enough people to change the big picture” and therefore we should consider entering a larger organisation hereafter and we know an example of a man not listening to my words of activating the Pakistani Network in Denmark – MANY MORE IDEAS COULD BE DEVELOPED and we know WE COULD GENERATE MANY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD WORKING FOR THIS CAUSE ON A LONG TERM VIEW if we would only start it – and a man not seeing the opportunities but instead the limitations and we know WRONG it is – unfortunately many people are like this today and he succeeded getting other listening to him.

Another person was inspired by him and said that “if we work on a too long view, the air will leak out of the balloon” and that “this is too big for us”, “we should focus on here and now” and “how much can we really do on a long view” and again a sceptical and negative view not seeing or believing in our potential is what you see.

One said that maybe we could get 100 persons working for us now and after one month 15 would still be back and we know he was trying to say that we could work both on a short and long view really (!) but Omran decided from here to comment and he said that “if you can still get 10 people to work for us in one month, you will be world champions” and we know he has “much experience” doing work like this as he told the group and “in his experience” (!) “voluntary work is always on a short view” (!) and that “work on a long view is ALWAYS paid, otherwise it is totally impossible to do” so his conclusion was that we need to help “here and now” and that “others will have to do the work on long view” because as he also said “everybody has a civilian life next to this” and therefore we should let “the experts” do the work on a long view and he was talking about someone specific and I asked him who he was thinking of and we know he told us about five “experts” from the Danish Refugee Council and we know who are “some of the best experts of the world” as he said and I am really wondering if they know more about Pakistan than the Pakistanis of this network and if they have better professional skills than what this network have/had when I was also still part of it?

And from here Omran had influenced the group so much that even though some of the group followed my ideas and tried to speak for them – which could easily have become the outcome if not for Omran – the attitude was mainly to work on a short view and this is really the story about how the majority was wrong and here because the majority decided to listen to the “official leader” and “originator” of the network instead of me because if Omran had taken the same standpoint as I and supported me, we would all have met on my suggestions so this is my gift to you Omran – this is how strong you are together with your countrymen respecting you but let me say that YOU ARE VERY WRONG (!) and that “your experience” is really only based on how you normally work (voluntarily) and we know as most people of the world SADLY do today – thinking of NGO’s in general (!) – because only when you work in detail using all necessary resources you will be able to work PROFESSIONALLY and we know this is simply the difference from saving and helping millions of people in Pakistan originating from this meeting and this network but because people have a “civilian life” with “other priorities” and therefore NOT showing TRUE commitment, they are not willing to give 5-20 hours of work per week which is what I asked for to help some of the people suffering the most in the world today – their own countrymen – and we know I was willing to do this myself but and we know Usman – the top “leader” of my group and my leader too, I think (!!!) – also believed it was “impossible” to get people to work voluntarily for more than 2-4 weeks and we know I am thinking of the attitude of LTO here working voluntarily for months and years for the poor in Kenya and I was thinking about the opportunities if the Pakistani network decided to follow my ROAD and we know TO MOTIVATE PEOPLE WORKING BOTH VOLUNTARILY AND PROFESSIONALLY ON A LONG TERM VIEW and we know I had ONE single meeting with my group and you can ask them if they would be willing to follow me and my strategy if I was in charge of this project but you know as Omran also said in his speech “I am not skilled organising and working with structure” and my dear friend if this is the case, why have you put yourself in charge of this network as the “general secretary” (?) and we know you have asked people of their competences to find out what they can work with but are you sure that you yourself are the best man working as the “general secretary” when you don’t have the required and necessary competences (?) – and how many of you from the network would have liked me as your leader instead of Omran (?) and we know I had truthfully NO ambitions at all as I wrote in the memo but after the meeting today I found out that ANOTHER LEADER WAS VERY MUCH NEEDED (!) – and we know here my readers you see another example of the consequences of different LEADERSHIP AND SKILLS and the potential outcome and we know all of us WE ARE STILL HERE as some members of the Council say and we know I DON’T HAVE A WRITING CRAMP RIGHT NOW but let me say that here you have seen an example of SELFISHNESS and a lazy attitude (!) of people not wanting to work more than a few weeks for their countrymen in despair (!) and because of this my dear friend Omran, you are responsible for the continuous suffering of MANY Pakistani people and we know you also said today that you have been “blocking” ideas from a participant of the network because of your own lack of resources when you spoke to him on the phone and we know just maybe because you don’t work with the basic organisation and tools required and this is how it is when I have decided to simply write the truth objectively again and we know “I’ve got no strings” and Pinocchio is what I am thinking of here and MADE FOR THE OCCASION IT IS TOO (!) and my dear friends I HAVE DECIDED AGAIN TO WRITE THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH AND CONCLUSION WITHOUT ANY INTENTION TO HURT ANYONE as I do hope you will understand – because who will hurt because of this: Omran or “thousands and potentially millions of Pakistani people” (?) and Omran this is the difference of having God on your side, which was really what you rejected, and we know even though I gave you my absolutely most positive words saying twice (!) that I like all of the people from this network very much and wish you the best of luck but that I could only leave the network because if you work on a short view with “here and now solutions” – without thinking deeply – I may “disturb” you when my nature is to do my absolutely best work and we know ALSO to work deeply and on a long view and I do hope you will remember that these were my words because as I also said there is absolutely nothing negative in this, and Omran and Usman you were kind to say that you would like to still be able to call and write me and as I told you all of course you are very welcome to do this and we will see how many of you will actually do this – and finally let me say that Tanwir was not here today, he has been in Pakistan for some days now to witness the disaster – paid by TV2 news and we know ANOTHER OPENING TO WORK ON (!) – and Tanwir I am now out of your network and what do you think of this (?) and that it happened while you were away? Would you have decided to act differently compared to Omran and the group?

The network also decided NOT to use my structure and action plan because they only work on a short view (!) – they would have used it if they were going to work on a long view and I am really thinking how many of you believe this was the right decision to take because I saw in several of you that you liked my ideas? I decided to leave the group before 15.00 shaking the hands of all people, saying nice words and giving smiles

What I also like is that this group of Muslims have decided to work together with DanChurchAid – a Christian organisation – and that one of the members today had a church bell as the ring tone on his mobile phone (!) and we know “loosing my religion” – thank you REM, you are also on my Top 100, this song is playing on my headphones while writing this – is my thought here because in the future there will be no Muslims or Christians or other “religions”, there will truly be ONE GOD AND ONE PEOPLE and we know I have here chosen voluntarily to be together with Muslims focusing on their positive sides as humans and we know not as many Westerners do when they talk about “extreme Muslims” as at least some of the VERY NICE people of this network is considered to be and we know Tanwir is one of them and all I can tell you is that I know Tanwir as a warm and caring person with a VERY BIG HEART, somebody who is very special to me and we know because this is his personality and here you see an example of what he is truly about: Helping other people and how many of the Danes knowing about Tanwir and his “extreme views” today believe that he is such a person (?) and we know MISUNDERSTANDINGS grow when people focus on the negative as you may understand by now.

To end this chapter I will give you “she’s a rainbow”, which is among the top 3 of my favourites of Rolling Stones – playing right now on my head phones – and we know MUSIC DOES NOT GET BETTER THAN THIS (!) and this is my feeling also in relation to the Muslim network and the poor victims of the disaster in Pakistan. My family and friends were responsible for this disaster to happen and the Muslims here were responsible for God not to work directly on their side to help the absolutely best way possible even though I send all of my positive thoughts as I have done now for a long time also meaning that the United Nations decided to intervene to collect more funds as I was told the other day.

23rd August: Tanwir reporting from the disaster of Pakistan – while Danes are “too busy” with “other priorities”!

“Some” negative energy from the Pakistanis – extraterrestrials helping me to survive

Late yesterday afternoon and evening I started receiving more negative speech from the Devil, who is still with me even though we are packing him down – in my right little toe (!!!) –hoping never to be forced to use him again and we know simply because of “some” negative energy coming from the nice Pakistanis and it continued this night where I was given a “light“ dream of “sexual temptations” – which I have not had for quite some time now – and we know simply to say that “it could be much worse” and that our plan to leave as positively as possible from the Pakistani network actually succeeded and this is how it is.

Late yesterday I was given the experience for maybe a quarter of a second of how my heart rhythm would be if extraterrestrials – I felt them – did not help me removing negative energy from me and we know MY HEART WENT CRAZY (!) and this would kill me in a matter of minutes I believe if the negative energy was not taken away from me – you would kill me because of your misunderstandings – and I was told that Obama has been with me too all the way so without your help Obama I would probably also have been taken by the Devil and so it is my friend.

People afraid of the unknown thinking that I am crazy

This morning I was thinking that another reason why some family members and friends did not answer my email from approx. the 1st August may simply be that they are scared of the unknown and we know with an attitude that then it is better to be “on the safe side” meaning that they will not give an answer and we know people have tendencies to run away from what they believe is “different” from “normal” and we know or “extreme” as some may think of me and we know this gives me again the idea that this is more or less the same as people not believing in me but believing wrongly themselves that I am crazy and here I also get a feeling about the Commune as well: Is it so easy that the Commune will officially declare me as “crazy” because of declarations from doctors, who don’t know me but thinking that “something must be wrong with that man when he believes he is the Son of God” and we know without reading and understanding my scripts and we know of course Helle has this opinion but this is nothing new you know.

Extreme changes and nobody knows my true competences!

Some days ago I thought that I would start working for the Pakistanis – as a consultant or for many hours if I would receive more energy – and maybe even speaking to the Commune about this as my “activation” project (!) and now I don’t know what I will do in a few days from now – will the Commune decide to send me to the Park to work or will they decide to declare me incapable to work because of a “mental disease”?

This is about extreme changes of my life as usual and we know DO YOU SEE THE PICTURE HERE OF PEOPLE TAKING WRONG DECISIONS NOT UNDERSTANDING AND NOT USING MY TRUE COMPETENCES and this is both when it comes to the Pakistani Network, the Commune and ALL OF MY FORMER EMPLOYERS (!) and can all of them really be wrong Stig where you are the only one who is right (?) and we know surely you will then logically be the one who is crazy (?) and we know my dear friends THE CASE IS SADLY THAT I AM RIGHT and I am very sorry to say that this is the name of the game of the world today when people cannot or will not understand other people and here not understanding or using my true competences. THIS IS HOW DEEP THE MISUNDERSTANDINGS GO TODAY – DO YOU SEE?

The trunk of my tree is becoming thicker to protect me

For days and weeks I have received higher and higher cracking sounds and they have become now not only cracking sounds but clear cracking sounds from a the trunk of a tree surrounding me with myself in the middle and I feel the Council around me when this happens – often it is when I lie in my bed – and we know the sounds come from different places around me and yesterday evening I was also told that we are making the trunk of the tree thicker and this is really what we are doing at the moment to protect me more and more and we know to leave out the Devil and of course this still requires that I follow all of my old rules and we know I still have many temptations of doing what is WRONG so the coat of the Devil is still around me but I have seen it starting to being taken off and removed away from me – into my right little toe and we know I am not joking here (!) because this is really how it is.

Tanwir reporting the feelings of the disaster of Pakistan – while Danes are “too busy” with “other priorities”

Tanwir is as mentioned earlier in Pakistan at the moment witnessing the tragedy of the people suffering immensely and he is writing posts daily on Facebook, which I follow and I have decided to share one of his posts with you for you to understand the kind soul of Tanwir and to give you a human picture of the disaster:

Tanwir: Er kommet tilbage til Islamabad. Har lige spist aftar (ramadan-måltid), men har slet ikke lyst til at putte noget som helst ned i min mund. Mine tanker er fuldstændigt fokuseret på det måltid jeg så børnene spise i en telt lejr i Dera Ismael Khan. Jeg ved ikke hvordan jeg skal beskrive det, men forestil jer 10 snavsede underenærede drengebørn i alderen 5-7 år i ført salwar kameez og hvide huer. De sidder tæt i en rundkreds i teltet på et stykke grønt plastik. Flyerne sværmer ivrigt omkring maden og små frøer hopper rundt. De sidder alle samlet om en blik tallerken med noget meget vandet rød sovs som de dypper tørre brødstykker i. Da jeg kommer ind i teltet rejser de sig alle sammen og stiller sig i kø for at hilse på mig med hånden. De siger jeg skal sætte mig med dem og spise aftar, jeg forsøger at holde mine tårer tilbage og prøver at tvinge mig til at smile. Tanken om mine måltider i Danmark gør virkelig ondt. Jeg sætter mig ned sammen med dem og tager et mindre stykke brød. Brødet er knas tør. Mens jeg spiser prøver jeg at diskret at få øjenkontakt med de forskellige børn. Samtidig tænker jeg på det glimt i øjene min egen søn har. Trods den fysiske elendighed virker de ikke traumatiserede. Da jeg får direkte øjenkontakt med en af drengene kigger han på mig og fniser.

I understand your feeling of feeling hurt of your own meals as I have done too many times when eating here and thinking of Kenya and I decided to send Tanwir this short reply and we know do you believe this is WRONG?

Stig: Tak for dine LEVENDE historier, Tanwir. Enhver, der læser dette, vil blive rørt og jeg kan kun anbefale, at I bygger hjemmesiden over sådanne historier/videoer for forhåbentlig at vække følelser, sympati og gavmildhed i danskerne – hvis ikke de har "for travlt" med at spise flæskesteg, drikke rødvin og se fjernsyn, som de fleste nok desværre har.


My energy is still increasing and I am gradually coming back to normal even though I am still ”much below normal” and my right angle still gives me immense feelings of dissolving and this is the REASON why I feel as I do handicapping me much (!) – and this is really to tell you about how Joseph/my father is doing at the moment and what would happen if I decided to let him leave me and the energy from all members of the Council, which is the reason why he is surviving and we know this is how it is.

And we know is the Sunday Times from yesterday right this time that “the Stig” of Top Gear from the BBC show is really the racing driver Ben Collins and we know Stig the timing for the TRUE revealing of who “the Stig” is, is certainly better than ever.

Today I called the plumber to explain him that I had no intentions of returning the invoice to him but that I meant to send it to Poul-Erik and before I had finished, he interrupted me (!) and started speaking and we know to cut a long story short really he had contacted Poul-Erik himself and it showed out that the address I had on Poul-Erik is not where he lives today and this was the TRUE reason why the invoice was returned to the plumber and we know the plumber has now sent it to Poul-Erik and yes Stig you don’t like when I put WRONG words in your mouth as I did two days ago blaming the postman for the mistake and we know the mistake was my own not knowing that I had an old address of Poul-Erik and this is how it is.

I have not heard from Meshack and NO ONE has decided to HELP him with money!

And we know I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM MESHACK OR ANY LTO TEAM MEMBERS since the sad news from Meshack the other day and I have not heard from anyone who has decided to STAND FORWARD and to HELP HIM and we know you are welcome to write to him directly without the need to stand forward or to do it through me even though you would make me happy to decide both to help him and stand forward and we know another example just saying that people have not started to change yet even though some of you understand me! And my thoughts have been going to both Meshack and the team and we know thinking for “how long” the guards of Meshack can continue to steal away his freedom by guarding him personally and we know I asked the LTO team to look after Meshack the best way possible and my dear friends this is not easy when you have nothing left for yourself.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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