24th August 2010 – First I received the WORST negative energy ever, later healing energy reduced my dissolving

Summary of the script today



First I received the WORST negative energy ever, later healing energy reduced my dissolving
  • Yesterday evening I went through the WORST negative speech ever with threats and feelings of a “German historic leader” to take me over.
  • My weapon is NOT to oppose the system but to write about it even though the system of the Commune and doctors could potentially give me very negative feelings because of the prospect to be declared officially crazy because of their misunderstandings and strong voices not listening to others than themselves.
  • Dreaming of a Danish merchant still symbolising NORMAL LIFE to come to all and Pakistanis not being able to cook on a street market.
  • At the meditation and healing today at the Theosophical Fellowship my pain and dissolving feelings immediately vanished/reduced and I came through negative energy built up inside of me to reconnect with my spiritual self after the extreme negative energy sent to me yesterday.
  • Meshack is still kept as a prisoner by his guards and his situation is getting worse day by day. He asks for a LOAN from my readers to help his desperate situation. WILL YOU PLEASE HELP HIM – and contact him? I am not able to help myself.


The WORST negative speech ever with threats of a “German historic leader” taking me over!

All yesterday evening I received what is the maximum of the worst negative speech ever – together with other examples and we know like the weekend recently when my family was together sailing speaking about their misunderstandings of me behind my back – and here throughout the whole evening I had to CONSTANTLY REJECT THE MOST NEGATIVE SPEECH and NEGATIVE FEELINGS you can ever imagine and this is to constantly tell the Devil PRESSURING all of his negativity and “theories” on me that this is WRONG and what is RIGHT to do and we know without going into detail I had to use all of my rules that I will accept nothing negative and no sexual sufferings etc. and we know it was so STRONG and TIRING that I felt and saw let me just say here “a German historic leader” threatening to take over my personality and we know this is how it is when the Devil is fed with the strongest and worst negative energy and we know where does this come from (?) and of course when my father and his wife Kirsten lose their tempers because of me and we know Kirsten is born with the WORST temper imaginable (!) and we know as a part of the story but of course I like Kirsten very much and almost always focus on her positive side and so it is. And I was shown my father as Darth Vader from the movie Starwars and we know here his darkness was at its worst and we know just thinking that he would have been dead if it was not for the decisions I and the Council have taken to make him survive.

My weapon is NOT to oppose the system but to write about it

As part of this EVENING, which was impossible to come through because of its constant wickedness and threats I was also forced to think about the meeting with the Commune tomorrow because when you are normally very committed as I am it can be difficult just to lay back and accept everything which the Commune will decide on my behalf me because of their misunderstandings and tyranny and we know but gradually I came to this understanding – MY WEAPON IS NOT TO OPPOSE THE SYSTEM WAKENING NEGATIVE FEELINGS AND THE DEVIL INSIDE OF ME BUT TO ACCEPT IT AND TO WRITE ABOUT IT TO KILL THE DEVIL (!) – because there is NOTHING I can do to make Helle understand (!) and even less if the doctors should be wrong in their declarations of me too – because of course Helle will believe more in “authorities” instead of the man she speaks to, who she actually knows better than the doctors without knowing me at all, really the same as the doctors you know (!) – and we know this was the MOST EXTREME because can you think just how uncomfortable it is with the prospect to have a system declaring you officially crazy not using SIMPLE LOGIC and not understanding anything else than their own voice and “belief” and we know this was part of the extremity yesterday and when this is written this morning the Devil is nice again – like the bull Ferdinand smelling flowers and we know we have used him much in visions lately but the first time I write of him here I believe and we know yesterday Ferdinand was the most dangerous bull imaginable losing his temper again but this morning he is calm because nobody is feeding him as extreme as yesterday and therefore here he gives me a nice bouquet of white flowers and so it is.

And I am thinking of my right angle, which stills gives me feelings of dissolving and it is such a strong feeling which is spreading all over my body and we know which is disabling me so I can only work a few hours every day – and my way back to life is really to recover, this is the balance these days – and what will happen if the Commune will send me to work at the Park again (?), will I be able to do this (?) and we know also thinking about the healing from the Theosophical Fellowship, which I have decided to visit this afternoon – will this help me to recover more quickly (?) and we know I am thinking of you here Pia too because you and your husband Peter said you would come back to me after three weeks more than three weeks ago and we know I would love to see you and love to be healed by the very strong energy coming through the masters using Pia as a channel too.

Dreaming of a Danish merchant still symbolising NORMAL LIFE to come to all

Because of the extreme negative energy given to me yesterday evening I had a very restless night where I slept badly and was woken up many times with a few dreams too:

  • I watch Rolling Stones playing the whole summer on Swedish television. Later I am giving messages from diseased people and one of them is from the Danish big merchant Otto Mønsted giving me an important code of two times four digits and I am to read the pictures, which will come.
  • Nice music and Sweden is still JOY and HAPINESS coming to me and the television is an old symbol of the Devil, but his symbols have been lifted so this is now without importance. The merchant is about bringing normal life and we know which I have been thinking of lately and the rule is STILL to bring NORMAL LIFE TO ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD TO ENTER MY FUTURE KINGDOM!
  • I come to a street market, where Pakistanis are cooking however the rice is too little and still frozen after being heated up, there are no potatoes and one chef in the kitchen is preparing meat, but the other chef wants to throw him out without having prepared any meat himself.
    • And this is really what happens when you don’t work with your absolutely best quality and structure to help people, which the food is a symbol of and you may guess who the two chefs are and we know now there is only one chef left in this network of Pakistanis after a Dane decided to leave.
  • I am one of three people who have been dismissed from Danske Bank and we receive a nice email from one of the managers of the bank who wishes us the best luck bringing out open sandwiches, and it makes me happy that he thinks of us. I have started working for Kim S., I am almost done with the work, there is almost nothing left even though it may seem so and I see two sets of stereo systems with very big speakers at the office, which I am about to set up.
    • When I woke up it was with the message that working with Kim is to IMPLEMENT normal life to the world.

    This morning I was thinking that the day when all people who have been following me the last months will TRULY understand me and who I am you will start to read and understand my scripts with other eyes and glasses – and we know then you will understand how you should have read the scripts from the beginning focusing on understanding and not on misunderstanding! There is a very BIG difference you know.

    And we know I have not followed the statistics of rain in Denmark or Pakistan recently but all I can say is that it is still raining much in Denmark and we know the connection to the suffering of Pakistan is still there.

    Today – according to my action plan – I updated two of the chapters on my homepage due to the new information from the other day that we will “gradually” and not “instantly” enter into the light before the judgment.

    Receiving healing energy bringing me back to my spiritual self

    This afternoon I went to the Theosophical Fellowship in the centre of Copenhagen and when I entered their beautiful room at an old and beautiful building immediately I felt POSITIVE ENERGY coming to me and we know almost as thick to cut and we know with pictures of Buddha, Jesus etc. hanging on the walls, nice and gentle music playing and really the message that they are combining people with love and understanding instead of spreading people in different religions not understanding each other and we know I liked what I saw and I liked what I heard and immediately I felt that the energy started healing my right foot and angle and we know it did not take long before the dissolving pain and feelings completely vanished and we know at 16.00 we started a meditation, we were only four people – Inger, the teacher, me and two ladies – and we know at the meditation again I felt the positive energy coming to me but first I had to come through negative energy, which was built up inside of myself and we know to return to the connection of my true inner self and we know this is WHAT I WAS SHOWN and what this was also about today – to re-connect with my inner self once again and we know because of the extreme negative energy given to me yesterday – and this is really how it is here and we know feeling my father as young, full of energy and in a good mood I am here and we know this is what we are approaching but to tell you the truth we are coming from the absolutely last piece of life possible and we know during the healing, which Inger gave each of us afterwards Virgin Mary started coming to me as 117 small pieces from here, there and everywhere and we know this is part of the re-assembling and really the start of re-assembling my friends because we are all living at the Council where we should all be dead and this is HOW IT IS Stig isn’t it and we know these are the words you give me so this is what I write and so it is – and after the healing where Inger really did exactly as she said is her purpose and what I asked her to do, to bring me closer to my spiritual self, I thanked her very much and we know giving me the feeling that this is what I need to do more of to REALLY come back to energy so we will have to see if I can find other events to attend and I will certainly come back here next week.

    This is how it is to be the Council – we need positive energy like everybody else and when we receive as extreme negative energy as we have received from others through you Stig, we truly suffer as you “understand” and still thinking of you Paul from Stansted I am.

    Later I was given the feeling – almost constantly – of a boot, which is now back on my right foot “protecting” me and we know “a little bit” and this is not just any boot but the boot of my mother’s late adoptive mother and we know who is also “alive and kicking” (!) as she would like to say here and we know HI PETRA and thank you grandmother for helping me too.

    And after searching the Internet this evening I found another place in Copenhagen offering FREE healing tomorrow evening, which I just may attend too and we know so now it seems like I can receive enough healing 1-2-3 times per week to receive the energy I need to return to life really and we know making me think that I will not become disabled because of the extreme negative energy I have received from the physical being of Joseph – and others too – and we know making it possible for me to work in the park or any other place for that matter and so it is.

    Meshack is still a prisoner and doing bad

    Today I was happy to hear news from Meshack again but very sad to hear that he is still a prisoner and that he is doing bad and we know Meshack as you may understand there is a connection between how I am doing and how you are doing because you are so close and so special to me so I get the feeling that when I will start to feel better, it will also come to you and this is what I am praying and hoping for you too and we know for you to remove the Devil from Meshack and to help him come out of this situation because I do believe that he has now been put in a situation to tell the world that my readers still don’t have what it takes to help him by sending money and we know I brought your entire email some days ago where my readers could read your offer to repay a loan – not a gift – and I am sure that you are convinced that you will be able to repay the loan – which you can agree on directly with a potential person contacting you – but to tell you the truth I don’t believe there is any difference between people here wanting to help you with a gift or a loan because of their “other priorities” you know and lack of TRUE compassion and we know I don’t think that anyone will contact you BUT I SURE HOPE THAT I AM WRONG (?) and if this is the case I kindly ask my readers to offer Meshack a loan and to agree with him on the repayment terms and Meshack if you put your hand on your heart do you think there may be a risk that you will not be able to repay the loan (?) and we know I am sure that you WANT to but I am thinking of “other people” before you thinking the same when they have borrowed money where they found out that the reality was different to what they hoped for. Will you my dear reader please prove me wrong and contact Meshack directly offering him a loan through itumomitiso@yahoo.com. Thank you.

    Here is his email from today:

    Hope that you are okay. I only came to the mail today because my situation is geting worse day by day. Thank you for the request which you had made in your scripts for people to help me but unfortunately no help which has come to me . I had requested a direct approach from your friends because as you can recall, you have done this many times through the scripts and no one decided to help all of us and this is the reason i had requested help in form of a loan which i had promised to refund. I am still separated with my family and still under guard which i prefer than to be jailed where i will loose my freedom like communicating with you completely.

    God bless you,

    And again because of Meshack I am publishing this script 1-2 days early compared to my plan and we know maybe in vain but just maybe someone out there would like to help my dear friend Meshack (?) and if you IMAGINE yourself in an opposite but similar situation, would you be happy to receive help from Meshack while being in more despair than you can ever imagine (?), which I am sure he would give you and would you be sad if he didn’t care of you at all (?) – and what do you think is the feeling of Meshack right now of you (?) and just thinking I am.

    About Stig Dragholm

    I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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